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									Tea Drinking
Did you know how to drink a cup of tea or coffee? Or for that thing any of the favourite drink? Today
you will ask: What type of a question would be that? Surely all of us know how to drink a cup of tea!
Well, I am worried you do not. Yes, that’s what we said: You do not know how to drink a cup of tea.
And mind you, we are saying this seriously; it is not just a storm we are creating in a teacup. So
permit me explain.

When we say that you do not understand how to drink a cup of tea, we mean that you do not
understand how to drink it correctly. You will be not drinking it mindfully. You are not experiencing
the tea and the entire process of drinking it. You are not living in the present. You are going to be
not present from moment-to-moment as you drink tea. You are going to be unmindfully and
forgetful of the tea. Even as you drink, you mind flits here and there, preoccupied with thoughts
about yesterday or tomorrow, thinking and thinking and thinking; brooding or mulling over
something or other; planning or worrying; being everywhere except being within the present with
the tea! Living in this way, you will be not living within the present, within the second, and you are
therefore missing a lot in life.

That’s how we commonly live. We wear ourselves out through a lot of unnecessary thinking, worry
or anxiety. Our mind is everywhere except inside the present. If we do not know a straight-forward
thing including drinking a cup of tea, how well then can we reside our life? Yes, everything we are
speaking about here is mindfulness, living inside the present, within the second, experiencing it fully.
In that way we really reside, lightly, cheerfully and merrily. A significant superfluous cares and
worries simply fall off the shoulders when we live perfectly inside the present. Recall the saying: The
best guarantee for the long term is to reside perfectly in the present?

If we can reside more within the present, we’ll be more live and delicate to what is happening in our
mind and body and all around us. We’ll be able to stay cool and reply with natural wisdom to the
complicated circumstances we often meet in life. In reality, life will become much more straight-
forward and simple, shorn of unnecessary complications. Living in the second is really a great way of
living. It can make life that much lighter and breezier. Unnecessary sufferings can be avoided while
unavoidable ones can be experienced mindfully with wisdom, these there is not an emotional
turbulence or disturbance. Eventually we might become wiser and wiser, learning better and better
the nature of existence, the nature of impermanence and insecurity and just how to live with it. And
more, to transcend those restrictions and go beyond to the liberation of the mind from all suffering,
to the coolness of nibbanic bliss.

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