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									                           The Philadelphia Penn
         Association of Government Accountants – Philadelphia Chapter
     Volume 32, Issue 8                                                           February 2005

February 16th Luncheon
Meeting                                                   AGA AWARDS
                                                          For the latest AGA awards information go to
This month’s Philadelphia AGA Chapter meeting             National AGA web page, by accessing our
will be held on February 16th at Maggiano’s Little        Chapter’s web page at
Italy, 1201 Filbert St. Maggiano’s is located
directly across the street from the famous Reading
Terminal Market. The exquisite family style               IMPORTANT NEWSLETTER NEWS
luncheon at this famous landmark is a bargain at          Because just about everyone is now connected to
$10 for members.                                          the world wide web, we are posting the monthly
                                                          chapter newsletters to our web site
Rich Furlong of the Internal Revenue Service will We will also email a copy of
discuss current tax issues.                               the newsletter to those individuals that provide
                                                          their email addresses. If you want to have your
Make your reservations at prior           copy of the newsletter e-mailed to you, send your
to noon the Friday before the meeting to be               e-mail address to
included in the chapter’s reservation.

                                                          On March 2nd, the Chapter will be hosting an
The chapter’s Professional Development
                                                          audio conference. See page 8 for details.
Conference will be held on May 13, 2005.
Additional details will be provided at a later date.

                                                          SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATION DEADLINE
INSIDE THIS ISSUE                                         NEARS

1          Chapter PDC                                    Each year the Philadelphia Chapter awards one
                                                          $1,000 scholarship to a high school/college student
2          CGFM, National & Local AGA News
                                                          who is sponsored by a Philadelphia Chapter
3          Notice of Luncheon                             member "in good standing."
4          Chapter Activities
                                                          Visit the Chapter’s web site at
6          Chapter Officers                               to see the candidate’s application and submission
7          National Leadership Conference
                                                          All materials must be received by April 30, 2005.
7          Free CPE

                                                 The Philadelphia Penn 1
LUNCHEON MEETING PLACE                                        CGFM NEWS
The monthly luncheon meetings this year will be
held at Maggiano’s Little Italy, 1201 Filbert                 CGFMs Get Leg Up On CIA Exam
Street. Maggiano’s is located directly across the
street from the Reading Terminal Market.                      The Institute of Internal Auditors' (IIA) Board of
Reservations must be made by noon the Friday                  Regents has recognized AGA's CGFM
prior to the meeting. Make your reservations at               certification. Effective immediately, currently prior to noon the Friday before               registered and new CIA candidates who have
the meeting. Cost is $10 for members and $15 for              successfully completed the requirements for the
nonmembers.                                                   CGFM designation are eligible to receive
                                                              Professional Recognition Credit for CIA exam
                                                              Part IV. If you hold the CGFM designation, and
WELCOME ABOARD                                                are thinking of taking the CIA exam, one part of
Danielle Brown-Buzan has volunteered to be the                the four-part exam is completed.
Chapter Recognition Officer. As part of her
duties she will be reporting chapter activities to
the National Office.                                          NATIONAL AGA NEWS

                                                              For the latest National AGA News visit our web
AGA PHILADELPHIA CHAPTER                                      site at and link into the AGA
COMMITTEE MEMBERS NEEDED                                      National homepage.
The Philadelphia Chapter still has Directors’
positions available for the Membership and
Programs/Technical Meeting Committees. If you
are interested in filling one of the vacant positions,
contact Vince Gallo at (215) 814-5773 or at

On March 2nd, the Chapter will be hosting an
audio conference, worth 2 CPE hours, called,
“Key Reasons Why the Breakdown of Internal
Controls Contribute to Fraud.” The time is set for
2:00–3:50 P.M. The audio conference will be
held in room 415 at the Public Ledger Building,
150 S. Independence Mall West, Philadelphia,
PA. See Page 8 for additional details.

                                                     The Philadelphia Penn 2
                                NOTICE OF LUNCHEON


LOCATION:             Maggiano’s Little Italy                              DATE: February 16, 2005
                      1201 Filbert Street                                  COST: $15 non-Members
                      Philadelphia, PA 19107                                     $10 AGA Members

                      Maggiano’s is located across from the Reading Terminal Market.

TIME:                 Executive Committee Meeting begins at 11:15 A.M.
                      Pre-meeting refreshments are served at 11:50 A.M.
                      Lunch begins at 12 Noon

RESERVATIONS: Please make reservations at our web site, , by Friday, February 11,
2005, noon, to be included in our reservation with the restaurant. Please Call Dennis Zawacki at 215-861-
8576 for late reservations or to cancel reservations. Please leave your name, agency, and daytime telephone
number. If you need to cancel your luncheon reservation please call Dennis, this will help ensure that the
appropriate amount of food is prepared for those who do attend. Thank you for your cooperation.

SPEAKER:             Rich Furlong, Internal Revenue Service

TOPIC:               Current Tax Issues.

CPE:                  The training will qualify for one hour of continuing education credit.

                                   State Sponsor Numbers
Pennsylvania State Board of Accountancy Sponsor Number - PX-000052-L
New Jersey State Board of Accountancy Sponsor Number - CE-00547

                                           The Philadelphia Penn 3
                                        Chapter Activities

The executive committee met on January 5th and January 19th to plan for the upcoming Professional
Development Conference on May 13th. Topics discussed were potential guest speakers, presentation topics,
social activities, and other professional activities for next year were discussed. At the January 5th meeting
the committee voted to make a contribution of $100.00 to the American Red Cross to help finance the
Tsunami relief efforts.

Dennis T. Zawacki, Treasurer, reports the chapter finances for the current fiscal year from May 1, 2004 to
December 31, 2005.

   Balance Sheet
   As of December 31, 2005
      Cash in Bank                                           $13,156.61
      Total Other Assets                                        1,000.00
   Total Assets                                              $14,1566.61

   Income & Expenses
   Current Period – May 1, 2004 December 31, 2005
      Income                                                 $20,508.05
      Expenses                                                 20,213.32
      Net Income                                             $    294.73

                                            The Philadelphia Penn 4

December’s Tax Seminar, Internal Revenue Service instructors Richard Furlong, Jr., Richard Costow and
William Lee addressed Internal Revenue Service’s current hot topics. Emphasized were the Electronic
Federal Tax Payment System, Power of Attorney, Car Donations (big change here so check the new
regulations), Enforcement Actions, and more. Joan Trump then followed-up with an overview of the 1040
process and upcoming changes for 2005. Almost all of the 40 attendees were Certified Public Accountants
and the presenters received high marks on their evaluations.

                                       CHAPTER OFFICERS
              Office                           Officer                         Phone Number
            President                    Bob Peterson, DCAA                  215-861-4505 x 2027
        1 Vice President                  Paul C. Teti, HHS                  215-861-4505 x 2027
        2nd Vice President                      Vacant
            Treasurer              Dennis T. Zawacki, U.S. Attorney              215-861-8576
            Secretary                           Vacant
          Past President           Paul Sager*, City of Philadelphia             215-686-3497
                                    COMMITTEE DIRECTORS
           Committee                           Director                        Phone Number
     Bylaws and Procedures                Paul C. Teti, HHS                  215-861-4505 x 2027
          Web Master                     Bob Peterson, DCAA                     215-597-7457
         Public Service                         Vacant
            Research                            Vacant
            Education                     Vince Gallo*, EPA                      215-814-5773
          Membership                            Vacant
    Professional Certification           John Carlucci*, HHS                    215-861-4496
        Newsletter Editor                Robert Coyle*, DOL                     215-446-3720
             Awards                       Lisa Ferraro, HHS                  215-861-4501 x 2006
          Recognition                Danielle Brown-Buzan, DOL                  215-446-3705
            Historian                 Charles Hoeger, DoD (Ret)                 215-322-7190

                                    * CGFM

                                 UPCOMING FEDERAL HOLIDAYS

Washington’s Birthday, February 21, 2005
Memorial Day, May 30, 2005

                                           The Philadelphia Penn 5
AGA's National Leadership Conference

If you have not yet registered for the 2005 National leadership conference, this is your opportunity. The
conference will be held on February 7th and 8th.

With 14 CPE Hours and an Outstanding Technical Program—This Year's Program is Not to be Missed!
With the federal government’s emphasis on linking budgets to agencies’ performance, financial managers
are providing timely information that can result in better management and evaluation of federal programs.
Conforming with the new requirements of the President’s Management Agenda, working within strict
budget constraints and adapting to a constantly new changing environment are mighty tasks for federal
State and local governments face similar challenges—performance reporting is coming to the fore in these
arenas, and as always, officials are seeking ways to stretch their dollars farther than ever before.
There is no better place to get the knowledge you need than at AGA’s 2005 National Leadership
Conference. This year’s sessions include:
Will There Be Joy in Mudville? D.C.'s CFO Office Will Make the Call—Deputy CFO N. Anthony
Calhoun, CGFM, discusses financial implications of bringing baseball to D.C.
The Evolving Role of the CFO: What Will the Future Hold?
Enterprise Architecture
Homeland Security: The Challenges of Keeping Our Cities Safe and Managing How to Pay for It
The Presidential Election & Its Impact on Managing Government Operations
Identity Fraud, A National Nemesis (Status & Outlook for Prevention)
And many more!
The NLC is an extraordinary educational and networking event designed for government financial managers
by government financial managers. You will come away with a better understanding of how you can work
more efficiently and to better serve your agency and government.

Visit the National Office’s web site for additional details.

                                            The Philadelphia Penn 6
Need Free CPE? Join Us for the Chapter's March 2 Audio
Conference on Fraud
Looking for a convenient way to earn CPE hours? Here's a convenient, inexpensive educational
opportunity—AGA, in conjunction with NASACT and the National Association of Local Government
Auditors, is producing an audio conference, worth 2 CPE hours, called, “Key Reasons Why the Breakdown
of Internal Controls Contribute to Fraud,” set for 2–3:50 p.m. EST March 2. This audio conference will
describe how specific “soft control” failures contribute to internal controls not working as intended. It will
also focus on how “strong controls” can sometimes leave the door open to fraudulent activities. Included
will be specific case examples and suggestions that all accountability professionals can use to reduce future
frauds. John Hall, a private consultant and nationally known speaker, and David Hancox, CGFM, a state
audit director and nationally known speaker and author, will join forces to describe their experiences in
examining and lecturing on internal controls and fraud for many years.
The training is free for members and $20 for nonmembers. We are limited by space so the first 40 people
that sign-up at will get seating. The training will be held in room 415 at the Public
Ledger Building, 150 S. Independence Mall West, Philadelphia, PA. It is at 6th and Chestnut Streets,
directly across the street from Independence Hall. This is the same location that the December Tax Seminar
was held.

                                            The Philadelphia Penn 7

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