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					                                          The Shofar
                                        Shaare Tefila Congregation
Celebrating our 58th year                                        Vol.57 # 1                                  Elul/Tishri 5768/5769

                   FROM OUR PRESIDENT                                                     FROM THE RABBI’S STUDY…
                             I am writing this column mid-June                                     Being in Israel * Jonah Layman
                   because it is due July 15th and the closer that                                 Though you are reading this at the
                   date approaches the more overwhelmingly                                end of August, I am writing this in the mid-
                   busy I will be, as Jack and I are preparing to                         dle of July in the apartment in Jerusalem that
                   move to Brookeville mid-August (and we                                 Lenore and I rented. We feel so blessed that
                   are to be in Vermont visiting our grandsons                            we have been able to spend such quality time
                   the first week of July). But, as my kids say,                          together in the land that we both love dearly.
                   TMI (too much information). I just want to                             I have begun my second year of study at the
explain why you are not getting the lowdown in this Septem-           Shalom Hartman Institute in a program of intensive Jewish text
ber article.                                                          study geared for rabbis of all denominations from North Amer-
          Thus I would like to discuss the recent article in the      ica. We are 26 rabbis ranging in age from 30-60, men and
Washington Post’s Health section about faith and health. I            women, newlyweds and grandparents, yet we all have this in
wrote about this subject over 10 years ago when I was Sister-         common: we love Israel and the Jewish people.
hood president, and recent studies are just confirming what                     I can’t share with you enough how valuable this sab-
was reported that long ago. There is much more interest in            batical program is for me. I love being your rabbi. I cherish our
religion and/or spirituality than years ago. To illustrate, be-       relationship and our commitment to make Shaare Tefila Con-
tween 1965 and 1999, one study found that there were 1,950            gregation as warm and Jewishly nurturing as it can be. It takes a
abstracts dealing with the subject. But between 2000 and              lot of energy to do that and I need to recharge my spiritual bat-
2007 alone, 8,719 published abstracts concerned the subject.          tery. Israel has been an integral part of my Jewish identity since
The evidence of these studies is that there is considerable           I was 6 – when I first visited with my parents. The sanctity of
proof that religion and spirituality confer health benefits and       the land and holiness of Jerusalem combine with my passion for
lengthen life spans. The Centers for Disease Control and              Jewish learning to make this experience be as blessed and re-
Prevention performed a national survey and found that, dur-           warding as possible.
ing an 8-year period, people were 1.87 times more likely to                     As a result, I come back to you ready to share what I
die if they didn’t attend religious services (75 year life span       have learned. When my spiritual energy is restored, I have more
versus 83 years for those that attended more than weekly).            to share with you. There could be new classes for me to teach,
My theory is that who has time to indulge in unhealthy habits         new ideas to share and preach, and new programs to work on
or go hang gliding if one is attending services too frequently,       with our wonderful staff. As a result the Hartman program en-
but maybe I shouldn’t say that out loud. Another study, done          ables all of us to grow and learn together.
in Israel, looked specifically at Jewish observance, and lo and                 I once again thank Bess Teller and the congregation
behold, the religious groups had a lower mortality rate, and          for this tremendous opportunity. I hope that your summer was
that’s for all deaths (which supports my theory of bungee             even half as fulfilling and enriching as mine. I look forward to
jumping versus davening). A 2003 study suggests the basis             beginning another year with you.
for these differences might be that meditation (prayer and
concentration) might positively alter brain and immune func-          With wishes for a happy and healthy new year.
tions. Which goes along with David Myers, author of “A                Rabbi Jonah Layman
Friendly Letter to Skeptics and Atheists,” who says “Actively
religious people are considerably more likely to report that          your marriage (I’m keeping this rated PG) and you’ll live
they’re more happy than non-religious people…Religion is a            longer, and besides, you’ll be with your community who is also
communal experience that helps provide hope and motivates             not on the ski slopes. It’s a win-win to me.
healthy living.” And from a June 2008 Wall Street Journal                      Call me, write me, give me your ideas, your sugges-
article, I read about an Institute for American Values report         tions and of course your compliments.
that “Religious faith is linked to happier marriages, fewer
divorces…and a more involved style of fatherhood.”                    Bess Teller
          So here’s my tie-in with Shaare Tefila. If you vol-         301-384-6858 240-441-7132
unteer on a committee, come to services, attend a program   
and go to adult ed classes, you won’t have time to jeopardize

                               Great Shaare Tefila programs—more information inside!
        College Moms—Page 2                                          Selichot & Tashlich on the Lake—Page 7
        High Holy Day Times & Locations—Page 8                       Shabbat Under the Stars—Page 9
                    Dear Achayot (Sisters),                                          COLLEGE MOMS
                             Sisterhood is off and running with                   TRY US, YOU’LL LIKE US!
                    many great activities for the coming year.
                             Do you like to read? We have a                  The College Moms (a Sisterhood Committee) are
                    book club that reads a lot of interesting       back and ready to nudje. Oops, we really don’t mean to
                    books. Thanks are due to Kitty Atkin for        nudje, we just want to help keep your college student in-
                    hosting the June meeting and to the re-         volved with Shaare Tefila. If you sign-up your college stu-
                    cently departed and much missed Lois            dent, free of charge, we will send him or her ‘goodie’ pack-
                    Stuppel for bringing the nosh. Our next         ages for Hanukkah, Purim and Pesach. Also, we will provide
 meeting is Wednesday, September 10, and we will be reading         each student with The Shofar (the new name for The Tower).
 “The Book Thief” by Markus Zusak. The book is available at                  How do you get this great and free service? Just
 the Montgomery County Library.                                     completely fill out and mail in the form below and your stu-
           Need clothes for the holidays? Join us at Chico’s in     dent will be enrolled. Because students often change their
 Silver Spring, on Sunday, September 14, and shop till you          residences we need you to re-enroll them every year. Noth-
 drop. Thank you to Sharon Kaye for arranging this event.           ing could be easier.
 Mark your calendars for Monday, October 27, and join us for                  Zella Shabasson Rosenberg, Chairperson,
 the annual paid up membership dinner. We have a great                       College Moms Committee (301-384-1231).
 speaker, Marian Feinberg, one of the authors of Hear Her
 Voice. This program will also be of interest to our Junior
 Sisterhood members .
           I hope you received your membership mailing with                  COLLEGE MOMS FACTS FORM
 our renewal and dinner reservation, calendar, and other fly-
 ers. If you did not receive it please call me and I will have it   STUDENT’S NAMEXXXXXX      XXX _____
 sent to you.                                                       CAMPUS ADDRESS ________________ ____
           November is the Women’s League Convention in
 Detroit. All sisterhoods have been asked to donate hats and        X     XXXXXXXXX____________________
 scarves to be given to Detroit’s needy this winter. Thank you
 to Claire Finkleman for donating hats and scarves that I will      NAME OF SCHOOLXXXXXXXXXXX _____
 bring.                                                             YEAR IN SCHOOL X ___________________
           Thank you to everyone who helps with Kiddush set
                                                                    DATE OF BIRTHX__________________XXX
 up and clean up.
           And as always buy scrip, it is our biggest fund          FOOD ALLERGIESXXXXX       XXXX XXX
 raiser and allows us to give between $5,000 and $10,000 a          XXXXXXXXX_________________________
 year to the synagogue.
          L’shana Tova Tikatevu,                                    PARENTS’ NAMESXXXXXXXX ________
          Deborah Letow, President
                                                                        SEND TO:    ZELLA SHABASSON ROSENBERG
                   ADULT EDUCATION                                               17 FALLING CREEK COURT
      COMING SOON TO A LOCATION NEAR YOU!                                        SILVER SPRING. MD 20904
          The newly formed Shaare Tefila Adult Education                                        OR
committee met for the first time this summer and the ideas as                       ZELLA@JOETHECAT.COM
smoothly as the iced tea we drank to stave off the summer heat.
You never know what you might learn- mysticism, history,
                                                                              LIKE TO HELP?    CALL 301-384-1231
music, comedy, cooking, prayer, text study, Hebrew and con-
gregational “ Big Reads” are all under consideration.
          Keep watching this space for news about the final
choices. With a variety of teachers and topics, we are sure you
will find something interesting. See you in class!
Adriana Sandler, Adult Education Chair
                                                                                          THE SHOFAR
                                                                                    Shaare Tefila Congregation
                     A HUGE THANK YOU                                                 10881 Lockwood Drive
                 FROM FRANCES BERGER                                                 Silver Spring, MD 20901
 For all my friends, neighbors, and family and my Shaare Te-
 fila Family: Thank you so much for your expressions of sym-                         Vol. 57. No.1 September
 pathy, the visits, cards, calls, and donations to various chari-                    Published 10 times a year
 ties in memory of my beloved brother, Joseph Pinczuk.

REMEMBERING A NAME                                               KITCHEN CAPTAINS
          by Saul Cohen                                                    From Ethel Levine
          I was born one week before my maternal grandfather               Sisterhood would like to send out our compliments
died. His name was Shalom and his English name was Sam-          to the Kitchen Captains and Shoppers who manage to make
uel. My parents were understandably very happy when I ar-        the Shabbat Kiddush so pleasant and tasty. The Captains are:
rived even though the Zeyda I had never met died a week          Holly Schotz, Betsy Morgenstern, Elaine Stein, Charlotte
before. My mother told me that I was given the English           Potosky, Adriana Sandler, and Rita Rubinstein. The
name Saul because Sam Cohen sounded too Jewish. Can you          Shoppers are: Barbara Kahn, Vivienne Auerbach, Rita
imagine that?                                                    Frydman, Stephanie Buckberg, and Marlene Sandberg.
          Among Ashkenazi Jews, there is a tradition to name     Thank you ladies, for making this aspect of shul life so
children after the deceased. When a loved one’s name is car-     heymish!
ried on, it suggests somehow that the essence of the person is             We are going to need another volunteer, starting in
also being kept alive. This can be a source of comfort and       the third Shabbat of September, to shop for the kiddish. Un-
consolation. We can name people after those who’ve passed        fortunately, Rita Frydman will no longer be able to continue
away, but there are other ways to remember the dead, the         in her previous role. We will miss her, and thank her for hav-
most characteristically Jewish of which is by giving tzedakah.   ing been a great Shaare Tefila Shopper for all these months!
One way we can keep our loved ones alive is through contri-                Please contact Ethel Levine, asap, in order to volun-
butions in their memory. We can help assure that the name by     teer for this wonderfully rewarding position. We'll contact
which our loved one was known remains a good name. And           you early in the week of your shopping trip, with a short list
we can recite Kaddish in their memory.                           of needed items, which you will deliver to either the Bresler
          At Shaare Tefila, as in most congregations, we can     House or the site of the Shabbat service, before Friday of that
honor a memory by dedicating a Siddur, a Chumash, a Yahr-        week. Of course Sisterhood will reimburse you for your pur-
zeit plaque or making a monetary donation. Many a Shabbat,       chases. Please save the receipts and submit them in a timely
someone comes up to me and exchanges a prayer book that          manner.
my family has dedicated. I do the same thing. It makes the                 We look forward to hearing from one of you out
service more personal. We pause and reflect upon our losses      there in our reading audience. In this manner, we will be able
because, when one has suffered a loss, memories of the de-       to begin the New Year with a full slate of wonderful volun-
parted are dear to us.                                           teers. Our congregation will contentedly sing your praises on
          Our congregation still has many prayer books with-     a weekly basis, mouths full of cookies and soda!
out dedications. We also will have Yahrzeit plaques in a spe-
cial place in our new synagogue. This is a way to honor
someone who is alive or passed on. Often we want to give a
gift to a parent or grandparent, but they already have
“everything”. Sometimes we want to recognize a teacher or
friend who has done something kind. There is no better way
to express your gratitude than with a donation of a prayer
book. When our children or grandchildren see the tangible
results of the donations we have made, this certainly becomes
a source of discussion. Please consider this dedication and
contact the synagogue office at 301 593 3410 X1104.

                                                                          The deadline for the OCTOBER SHOFAR
                                                                                      is September 1st!
                                                                                 Please send a Word file to:
                                                                            ENJOY YOUR SEPTEMBER ISSUE!

                    We Wish you a Happy, Healthy & Prosperous 5769

   Rabbi and Mrs. Jonah Layman & Family                   Betsy, Gary and Rebecca Morgenstern
   Cantor Emeritus Gershon E. & Susan D. Levin, Dahlia,   Harriett & Ed Neufeld
         Noam, Mindy & Molly, Olivia and                  Ruth Sragow Newhouse
        Martin, Phui Ling and Cameron Long                Anita Okrend
   Cantor Wendi and Gigi Fried                            Joy and Art Podolsky
   Rabbi Tirza Schmelzer-Covel & Albert Schmelzer         Marilyn Pontell & Family
   Jill Goldwater & Steve Prensky                         Sylvia Adler Potash & Family
   Rose Halpern & Family                                  Maurice and Charlotte Potosky & Family
   Wendy, Richard Steven & Shira Abraham                  Jerry and Micheline Rosenthal & Family
   Morton & Rayna Altschuler                              Rita Rubinstein and Family
   Frances Berger and Family                              Andy and Marlene Sandberg & Family
   Michael, Susan, Randy and Craig Binder                 Adolph and Helen Sandler
   Herbert Block and Esther Diamond                       Alan and Adriana Sandler
   Sadie L. Blicher                                       Helen and Henry Sandler
   Benjamin and Claire Bochenek                           Zisel and Lydia Sansanowicz & Family
   Ruth and Albert Bordow                                 May and Norton Savage
   Arthur Bresler                                         Meryl Schaffer
   Judy Bresler                                           Shelley and Marvin Schneider & Family
   Carol and Morton Brody                                 Sid and Sue Schwartz & Family
   Rhona, David, Sharon and Amy Byer                      Charlotte and Lionel Shapiro & Family
   Alvin Cherrnay                                         Ralph and Ecille Shapiro & Family
   Sherry and Saul Cohen & Family                         Dave and Peggy Slade & Family
   Jeanette Diamond                                       Robert and Helen Solomon
   Jay and Joyce Feinstein & Family                       Elaine and Harold Stein
   Barbara Fink                                           Bill, Ben, Dan and Zack Sumner
   Zelma and Jules Fink & Family                          Joe Sumner
   Mildred and Irving Flyer                               Ila Swartz & Family
   Selma and Arthur Frager                                Evelyn and Norman Tavan
   Fran and Charlie Futrovsky & Family                    Bess and Jack Teller & Family
   Frank Gantz & Family                                   Irving and Janet Torchinsky
   Manny and Biddie Ginsburg & Family                       Marilyn and Howard Politzer,
   Ros and Lee Goldberg                                       Shirley, Lisa and Gary
   Rosalie Goldman, Philip, Elaine & Susan                  Linda and Chet Katz and Martin,
   Louise Goldstein                                           Joanna and Josh Rubin
   Joan Gould & Family                                      Susan and Elliott Prissman and Bonnie
   Hy and Cilla Grosberg, Daniel & Dara                     Sally and Yossi Schtevie, Annie, Jacob,
   Ruth and Martin Gutstein                                  and Helly
   Audrey and Bob Haber & Family                            Joyce Torchinsky and Joseph
   Barbara and Bill Harkaway & Family                       David and Laura Torchinsky, Shira and Rina
   Lee, Lisa, Cara, Max and Frankie Hedgepeth               Annette Torchinsky and Alexander
   Dorothy Kaufman                                          Jay Torchinsky
   Dennis and Sharon Kaye & Family                        Zelick and Carol Waganheim
   Fran, Stan, Jason, Lauren & Hariel Kensky              Lionel and Eileen Weinstock & Family
   Bernice V. Kisliuk                                     Daniel M. Weiss
   Ricardo and Marianne Kleiner & Family                  Betsy and Herb Wolk & Family
   Al Kliman                                              Lois and Ken Zajic
   Arnell Kudysh                                          Sharon, Marty, Stu and Renie Zitomer
   Clarence and Gilda Kuritzky                            Harry and Jeanette Zubkoff
   Fran and Julian Leidman & Family
   Marvin and Sylvia Levy & Family
   Joan and Milton Lichtman & Family
   Irving & Florence Gersuk Lipsky & Family
   Sylvia S. Love
   Liane Lunden & Family

               KAREN’S KORNER…..                                 memorable moments, as they document his milestones in the
                                                                 Women’s League Welcome to the World baby book. Mazel
               Welcome to our newly renamed shul bulletin,       Tov to the Goodmans.
               The Shofar, and my inaugural column so                      The Levine family, Ira and Ethel, proudly announce
               you’ll always be “in the loop” on what’s hap-     that daughter Rachel graduated from the University of Mary-
               pening in your Shaare Tefila community.           land in May, with an undergraduate degree in Geography. She
                                                                 began work almost immediately, as a cartographer for the Cen-
I’d like to start off by extending a hearty Mazel Tov to our     sus Bureau in Suitland, MD. Brother Daniel will continue with
new Executive Board!                                             his junior year as a Kinesiology major at the College Park cam-
          President: Bess Teller                                 pus.
          Chairman of the Board: David Ronis                               Shelly and I are proud to announce that our daughter
          Administrative VP: Cilla Grosberg                      Stacey has graduated with her Masters of Art degree from the
          Financial VP: Michael Auerbach                         University of Central Florida, and after 7 long years, (and lots
          Religious VP: Ben Meltzer                              and lots of airline tickets!) she has returned to the D.C. area and
          Relocation VP: Wendy Abraham                           is enjoying working for a company in Washington that special-
          Education VP: Amy Schwartz                             izes in media/public relations. We are thrilled that she now lives
                                                                 only a 30 minute car ride away.
We are also fortunate to have Elaine Stein as our Treasurer,               Get well wishes go out to Helen Sandler, recuperating
Saul Cohen as our Financial Secretary and Janene Ellis as        at home from surgery, and Charlotte Potosky, also recuperat-
our Recording Secretary.                                         ing at home from knee replacement surgery. Charlotte, I can
          I heard from Florence Lipsky, the former editor of     truly say “I feel your pain!”
the “They’re Saying” column in the Tower. Irv celebrated his               Wedding bells are in the air!!!!
91st birthday on July 15th, and Irv and Florence will cele-      Saul, Sherry and Seth Cohen are proud of the youngest
brate their 66th wedding anniversary on September 30th.          Cohen, Bret, who graduated in May from GW Law School and
Florence celebrated the 4th of July with a real bang; decorat-   was selected to the law honorary society, the Order of the Coif.
ing and riding in a car for the annual Leisure World parade.     In addition to that great news, Bret recently became engaged in
She was happy to see fellow congregant Gerry Sommer              May to Rebecca Nijinsky, daughter of Sophie and Gordon
walking alongside her, waving an American flag. Speaking of      Novinsky of Ellicott City, Maryland. Rebecca is an accountant
the Sommers, Joni retired after 41 wonderful years with          in Bethesda, MD. The happy couple plan to wed in the fall of
Montgomery County Public Schools, most recently at Drew          next year.
Elementary. The staff toasted her with a lovely party at The               Mazel Tov to Ravid Tilles, son of Andrea Tilles, of
Inn at Brookeville Farm. Gerry and Joni traveled on the          blessed memory, and Paul Tilles, on his engagement this past
Queen Victoria to the Mediterranean in August, and will be       June to Yaffa Garber. Yaffa grew up in the Boston area and
off to Australia, New Zealand and Fiji for a month in October    graduated from the Joint Program between the Jewish Theo-
and November. Those two sure know how to have fun!               logical Seminary (JTS) and Barnard College. She currently
          Fran Kensky wrote to tell me that Hariel graduated     works as a Life Cycle Coordinator for a synagogue in Manhat-
from Blake High School and will attend Towson University         tan. Ravid is starting his second year of rabbinical school at
in the fall. Jason and Lauren just returned from their sum-      JTS. They first met in high school through USY. Yaffa was the
mer jobs in Texas, selling educational books for the South-      Regional President of the NERUSY Region at the same time
western Company. Jason plans to treat himself to a month         that Ravid was the Regional President of the Seaboard Region.
long vacation in South America this fall. Belated birthday       They lost contact for a few years and then reconnected at a
wishes to all American baby Fran (born on the 4th of July!)      USY International Convention 2 years ago. A Summer 2009
and hubby Stan on July 24th.                                     wedding in Boston is being planned.
          Marilyn Pontell chaired our Anniversary Shabbat                  And lastly, Cilla and Hyman Grosberg , and Karen
on June 14th for our April/May anniversaries. It was a won-      and Shelly Radnor, along with the Grosbergs’ son Daniel and
derful morning, hearing and chuckling over “how we met”          our daughter Stacey are absolutely delighted to announce the
stories. The ladies all loved their beautiful wrist corsages.    engagement of Dara and Steven. We wish our children all the
Thanks go out from Marilyn to her great committee, Deb-          best and they are so blessed to have the foundation of two won-
orah Letow, Meryl Schaffer, myself and especially Cilla          derful families (OK- so we’re a little biased!) and a community
Grosberg for not only her hard work and support, but for         like Shaare Tefila who love and support them. May they con-
making the beautiful certificates, and daughter Dara for buy-    tinue to love, respect and grow strong as a couple and individu-
ing the frames. Also, Fran Kensky and her committee pre-         ally. Wedding plans will wait for Dara to graduate, sometime
pared a lovely Kiddush. Remember, many hands make light          in 2010/2011.
work! Yasher Koach to each and everyone who helped make                    Don’t forget to buy scrip and Israeli products at least
this a morning to remember.                                      once a week. Email me at or call, and share
          We have a new baby in our Shaare Tefila family!        your news. Love to all, and see you in shul!
Elijah Goodman (aka “Eli”) joined his parents, Laurin and                  L’Chayim
Bryan, as well as his proud big brother, Jordan, last spring.              Karen Radnor
The Chesed committee hopes his family will highlight many

HUMOR CORNER                                                     Happy Birthday to our Youth!
Susan Goldsamt
                                                             July, August and September Birthdays
At the banquet of their 50th wedding anniversary,          Joshua      Akman          Alycia      Levy
     Moishe was asked to give his friends a brief ac-      Gavi        Bandler        Joshua      Lieberman
                                                           Shoshana    Bandler        Benjamin    Mellman
     count of the benefits of a marriage of such long
                                                           Jonathan    Bonnett        Samuel      Paynter
     duration.                                             Rachel      Borczuch       Talia       Plotkin
"Tell us Moishe, just what is it you have learned          Jonas       Buckberg       Zachary     Plotkin
     from all those wonderful years with your wife         Amy         Byer           Alexander   Popeck
     Molly?"                                               Max         Carroll        Kyra        Rosenthal
Moishe responds, "Well, I've learned that marriage         Carly       Epstein        Hedi        Sandberg
     is the best teacher of all. It teaches you loy-       Alex        Federman       Anna        Sapcariu
     alty, forbearance, meekness, self-restraint, for-     Mark        Federman       Daniel      Scher
                                                           Naomi       Feldman        Rachel      Schindler
     giveness-- and a great many other qualities you
                                                           Daniel      Froehlich      Lindsay     Schneider
     wouldn't have needed if you'd stayed single."         Sergei      Goldstein      Jacob       Suddleson
Thanks to Art Berlin                                       Aaron       Gross          Rebecca     Temkin
                                                           Beth        Hagler         David       Temkin
THE BIBLE                                                                             Gary        Weiser
                                                           Brian       Kaye
A father was approached by his small son who told          Seth        Kolmaister     Victoria    Yedlin
    him proudly, “I know what the Bible means!“            Ian         Krussman
His father smiled and replied, “What do you mean,          Eytan       Layman
    you 'know' what the Bible means?”                      Nathan      Lefler
The son replied, “I do know!”                              Austin      Levin
“Okay,” said his father. “What does the Bible mean?”       Emily       Levy
“That's easy, Daddy...” the young boy replied excit-
    edly, “It stands for
“Basic Information Before Leaving Earth.”
Thanks to Margaret Gitelman                                      And an Especially Happy Birthday to
WISE ACRE                                                                   Phil Rolnick
Waldman wasn't feeling in the pink, so he went to                 Who turned 99 on August 31, 2009!
     Dr. Schwartz.
"Do you drink?" asked the doctor.
Maybe a quart of Kosher wine-every night."
"And smoking?"
"Four packs a day," said Waldman, coughing.              David replies, "Of course he does. You guys tell him
"Listen. .  . if you want to live much longer you have       everything!"
     to quit the drinking and smoking-right now!" said   Thanks to Susan Goldsamt’s friend, Verna Rosenzweig
     the doctor sternly.
Without a word, Waldman dressed and turned to            GOOD NEWS AND BAD NEWS
     leave.                                              Ben goes to see his doctor because he isn't feeling too
"Excuse me," said the doctor, "but you owe me fifty          well. After examining him, the doctor takes some
     dollars for my advice."                                 samples from Ben and asks him to come back the
Excuse me," said Waldman, "but who's taking it?"             following week for the results.
Thanks to May Savage                                     When Ben returns, his doctor tells him, "Well, I have
                                                             some good news and some bad news. What do you
CHILDREN                                                     want to hear first?"
Two five year old children, one Jewish and the other     Ben replies, "Let me know the good news first."
    Catholic, are playing in the sandbox.                "Okay," says the doctor, "they're going to name the
Sean says to David, "Our priest knows more than              disease after you."
    your rabbi!"                                         Thanks again, Verna

                                              Saturday, September 20, 2008
                                             B’NAI ISRAEL CONGREGATION
                                                      Rockville, MD

      9:00 pm     Dessert Reception
      9:30 pm     Community Havdalah Service
      9:45 pm     Presentation by Dr. Robert Harris, “What’s In a Blessing? A Close Reading of Genesis 24:1”
                  Starting from the biblical verse, “The Lord had blessed Abraham in all things,” Rabbi Harris explores a wide
                  range of views from our medieval sages about what constitutes a life of blessing.
    10:45 pm      Selichot Service and Address by Chancellor Arnold Eisen, “Returning to the Path of Mitzvah”

 Robert A. Harris is associate professor of Bible and chair of the Bible Department at The Jewish Theological Seminary, where
 he teaches courses in biblical literature and commentary, particularly medieval Jewish biblical exegesis. A
 graduate of the joint program between JTS and Columbia University, Rabbi Harris received his BA in ancient
 studies from Columbia and a B HL in Talmud from JTS. He also earned an MA, Rabbinic Ordination, M Phil,
 and PhD in Bible from JTS. Dr. Harris has served as a rabbi in several congregations in the United States and
 Israel, and he is a popular lecturer at congregations and in the Meah Program of Hebrew College in Boston. Dr.
 Harris and his garage band, Shake Rabbis and Roll, have recently completed a second rock and roll album, Keep
 Your Day Job. He has also appeared several times as a standup comic at New York’s Stand Up, New York!
 Club, where he was once voted “New York’s Funniest Rabbi.”
 Arnold M. Eisen is the seventh chancellor of The Jewish Theological Seminary. One of the world’s foremost experts on Ameri-
 can Judaism, Chancellor Eisen has worked closely for the past 20 years with synagogue and federation leadership around the
                   country to analyze and address the issues of Jewish identity, the revitalization of Jewish tradition, and the
                   redefinition of the American Jewish community. Chancellor Eisen received a PhD in the history of Jewish
                   thought from Hebrew University, a B Phil in the sociology of religion at Oxford University, and a BA in reli-
                   gious thought from the University of Pennsylvania. Before assuming his role as chancellor, he was the
                   Koshland Professor of Jewish Culture and Religion at Stanford University.

                             Rabbi Harris’s visit is made possible by the Marian & Harry Hinkes Scholar-in-Residence Fund at
                                                                    B’nai Shalom of Olney

                                           TASHLICH ON THE LAKE
                                                 A Shaare Tefila Tradition
                 Outdoor Shacharit (Morning) Service                            Sunday Morning, October 5, 2008
                              Tashlich on the Lake                              9:30 am to 12:30 pm
                                  Community BBQ                                 Lake Needwood

                               Join us for this meaningful morning program and BBQ.
                                       Cost is $6 per person to cover BBQ only.
                                      RSVP by September 26, 2008 to the Office
                                             TASHLICH ON THE LAKE
           Name: _________________________________                         E-mail: _______________________

      Number Attending: _____                                                  Amount Enclosed for BBQ: ______________

                               Questions? Contact Lisa Arber at, 301-570-8422

                                                      High Holy Days
                                              with Shaare Tefila Congregation
                       Locations are almost the same as last year—we look forward to seeing you there!

       Day                    Holiday                        Location                           Times
Mon, Sept 29         Rosh Hashanah I – eve         Einstein High School      Service 6:30 pm
Tues, Sept 30        Rosh Hashanah I – day         Einstein High School      Service 8:00 am
Tues, Sept 30        Rosh Hashanah II – eve        Temple Emanuel            Service 6:30 pm
Wed, Oct 1           Rosh Hashanah II – day        Temple Emanuel            Service 8:00 am
Wed, Oct 8           Kol Nidre                     Einstein High School      Service 6:00 pm
Thurs, Oct 9         Yom Kippur                    Einstein High School      Service 8:30 am
Thurs, Oct 9         N’eilah                       Einstein High School      Service 5:00 pm; Shofar 7:30 pm
Mon, Oct 13          Sukkot I – eve                Olney Elementary School   Service 6:00 pm
Tues, Oct 14         Sukkot I – day                Olney Theatre             Service 9:00 am
Tues, Oct 14         Sukkot II – eve               Olney Elementary School   Service 6:00 pm
Wed, Oct 15          Sukkot II – day               Olney Theatre             Service 9:00 am
Wed, Oct 15          Sukkot end                    Bresler House             6:30 pm Mincha; 7:10 pm Ma’ariv
Mon, Oct 20          Shemini Atzeret eve           Olney Elementary School   Service 6:00 pm
Tues, Oct 21         Shemini Atzeret day           Olney Theatre             Service 9:00 am
Tues, Oct 21         Simchat Torah eve             Olney Theatre             Service 6:00 pm
Wed, Oct 22          Simchat Torah day             Olney Theatre             Service 9:00 am
Wed, Oct 22          End of Holy Days              Bresler House             6:15 pm Mincha; 7:00 pm Ma’ariv

                                 A High Holy Day Message
                                       from Israel Bonds
                                        Jewish observance is
                              characterized by both words and
                              deeds. More than most religious
                              we have many rituals that accom-
                              pany and enhance our prayers.
                              The most interesting and mysteri-
ous of those rituals are the sounds of the shofar we make/hear
during our Rosh Hashanah prayers.
          Our parents initiated us to this sacred ritual and we,
as parents, must pass them along to our children. We must
also teach our children about Israel and show them how we
support and build Israel together with State of Israel Bonds.
          Our support for State of Israel Bonds enables the
Government of Israel to build up every area of its infrastruc-
ture, create new jobs and new industries, underwrite advances
in medical and scientific research, and maintain an ever-
growing network of industrial, agricultural, transportation,
communications and high-tech projects.
          Since Israel Bonds came into existence in 1951, syna-
gogues have been a vital and integral part of its campaign to
strengthen every area of Israel’s economy. In addition to the
investment capital they have produced, synagogue appeals
have forged an imperishable bond between congregational
members and their fellow Jews in Erezt Israel.
          Make a commitment during your congregation’s
High Holy Days appeal on Yom Kippur.
          May 5769 be a year of peace and prosperity for you,
your family and loved ones, and for the State of Israel.

                                  Our first community Shabbat dinner of the year…..
                                           SHABBAT UNDER THE STARS
                                              Friday, September 12, 2008
                                       6:00 pm Shabbat Service 7:00 pm Shabbat Dinner
                                               At the home of Lisa and Dovid Arber
                                       16600 Music Grove Court, Rockville, Maryland 20853
                                      Outdoors weather permitting. Indoors in the case of rain.

             Registrations accepted on a first come-first served. Limit of 120 people for the September dinner.
  Cost: $18Member/$22NonMember (ages 13+/adult)            $10Member/$12NonMember (ages 6-12)              Under age 6 (free)

  Prospective Members will be invited to this event. If you have any friends, relatives or neighbors to whom we should reach out,
                     please contact Stefanie Levy at or call 301-681-3388.

                                                RSVP up until September 8, 2008.
                             Send registration form and check directly to the office to hold your spot!

                                                 SHABBAT UNDER THE STARS!!

 Name: _______________________________                   E-mail: ____________________________
 Adults (13+) attending: _____________________ Children (6-12) ________________________
 Children under age 6: _______Total # attending: ________Amount Enclosed: _____________
 Please volunteer to help out with: _______set-up; _______ serving; _______clean-up
 I would like to be on the Monthly Shabbat Dinner Committee: ____yes ____no
                                         Questions, contact Lisa Arber:

                                    SHAARE TEFILA CONGREGATION DONATION FORM
Thank you for your interest in Shaare Tefila Congregation. Please complete this form and mail it along with your donation to: SHAARE
TEFILA CONGREGATION, 10881 Lockwood Drive, Silver Spring, Maryland 20901. Remember to enclose your check made payable
to: Shaare Tefila Congregation
Donor(s) Name & Address: ___________________________________________________________________________

In Honor of: ____________________________________              In Memory of: ____________________________________

Speedy Recovery To: ____________________________               Other:___________________________________________

Date: _________ Enclosed is my check for $____________            Please indicate Fund of your choice:
____ Education Fund                                         ____ D. Joseph Williamowsky Scholar-in-Residence Fund
____ Andrea Z. Tilles Memorial Chesed Fund                  ____ Martin S. Halpern Adult Education Fund
____ Building Fund                                          ____ Nathan Rubinstein Youth Fund
____ Cantor’s Discretionary Fund                            ____ Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund
____ Charles Futrovsky Endowment Fund                       ____ Siddur(im) - $36/each Book
____ Harold Fink Israel Quest Fund                          ____ Chumash(im) - $90/each Book
____ Sigmund Sachs Youth Religious Trip Fund                ____ Shabbat/Yom Tov Fund
Please Send an Acknowledgment Card to:
Name: ___________________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, and Zip Code: ____________________________________________________________________
A minimum donation of $15 is necessary in order to have an acknowledgment card sent. All non-member donors shall receive written ac-
knowledgement for donations of $15 or more. Shaare Tefila will acknowledge all donations of $250 or more by letter to the donor, in accor-
dance with IRS regulations. Please make checks payable to Shaare Tefila Congregation. All gifts are tax-deductible to the extent allowable
by law.
For Office use only:
Posted in Chaverware: ____________Put in Tower: ______________ (issue mo._______)Acknowledged:________

                                                   List of Tributes
                                                  Tributes From 5/1/2008 to 7/9/2008

BUILDING FUND                                                         Bret Cohen’engagement            Rita Rubinstein
Thank You To:                   Donor:                                Bess Teller                      Rita Rubinstein
Mark Kaufman                    David & Peggy Slade                   Bess Teller                      Robert & Audrey Haber
Sharon Zitomer                  David & Peggy Slade                   Bob Haber's 70th Birthday!       Robert & Audrey Haber
Ethel Levine                    David & Peggy Slade                   Jill Goldwater’s son’s wedding   Saul & Sherry Cohen

Speedy Recovery To:             Donor:                                In Memory Of                     Donor
Charlotte Potosky               Rita Rubinstein                       Joseph Pinczuk                   David & Peggy Slade
Charlotte Potosky               Joan Gould                            Aaron Kempler                    David & Peggy Slade
Charlotte Potosky               Harry & Jeanette Zubkoff              Beatrice Sandler                 Alan & Adriana Sandler
Charlotte Potosky               Marvin Roth & Harriet                 Cornelis Hartendorp              Alan & Adriana Sandler
                                 Steinhorn-Roth                       Pearl Gantz                      Alan & Adriana Sandler
Michael Sandler                 Manfred & Ann Loeb                    Pearl Gantz                      Arthur & Selma Frager
Holly Schotz' Father            Jesse & Deborah Stiller               Edythe Helfer                    Donald & Carol Helfer
Charlotte Potosky               William & Barbara Harkaway            Esther Kuritzky                  Shirley Borrok & Lynn Salberg
Charlotte Potosky               Robert & Audrey Haber                 Leizer Kuritzky                  Shirley Borrok & Lynn Salberg
Charlotte Potosky               Saul & Sherry Cohen                   Pearl Gantz                      Claire Goldman
Charlotte Potosky               Selma Rothenberg                      Joseph Pinczuk                   Jay & Joyce Feinstein
Charlotte Potosky               Zelick & Carol Waganheim              Lillian Davidoff                 Jay & Joyce Feinstein
                                                                      Israel Schlaffer                 Jay & Joyce Feinstein
In Honor Of:                       Donor:                             Anita Dekelbaum                  Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Maury Potosky’s Birthday           Albert Kliman                      Albert Bass                      Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Potoskys’ 58th Anniversary!        Albert Kliman                      Aaron Kempler                    Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Gutsteins’ 48th Anniversary!       Albert Kliman                      Grace Goldberg                   Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Loebs’ 60th Anniversary!           Albert Kliman                      Joseph Pinczuk                   Frances Berger
Finks’ 56th Anniversary!           Albert Kliman                      Arthur Berger                    Frances Berger
Slades’ 51st Anniversary!          Albert Kliman                      Yuval Levin                      Frances Berger
Lipskys’ new home                  Arthur & Selma Frager              Joe & Fania Pinczuk              Frances Berger
Mark Kaufman                       David & Lee Ronis                  Ruby Kaster                      Frances Berger
Steven & Shira Abraham's                                              Kopolowitz Family                Frances Goldstein
Wedding!                           David & Lee Ronis                  Estelle Sommer                   Gerry & Joni Sommer
Past President & Outgoing                                             Dorthy Sandler                   Henry & Helen Sandler
Board Members & Incoming                                              Mitchell Sandler                 Henry & Helen Sandler
President & Board Members in                                          Samuel Block                     Herbert Block
Recognition of their contribution,                                    Sheldon Gottheim                 Ilene Hillman
commitment & service               Gary & Betsy Morgenstern           Ben Jacobs                       Ira & Ethel Levine
Bess Teller                        Ira & Ethel Levine                 Jennie Mund                      Irving & Mildred Flyer
Mark Kaufman                       Ira & Ethel Levine                 Rose Gursky                      Irving & Mildred Flyer
Sue Goldsamt                       Ira & Ethel Levine                 Claudia La Covey                 Irving & Mildred Flyer
Steven Franklin                    Ira & Ethel Levine                 Minnie Cozier                    Irwin & Sophie Cozier
Mark Kaufman                       Joe & Amy Federman                 Isaac Hecker                     Lawrence & Ivy Hecker
Sara Zarny's Bat Mitzvah           Joe & Amy Federman                 Helen Schlagel                   Joe & Amy Federman
Bess Teller                        Joe & Amy Federman                 Solomon Schlagel                 Joe & Amy Federman
Rita Rubinstein                    John H. Green                      Pinchas Feldman                  Marvin Roth & Harriet Steinhorn-
Potoskys’ Anniversary!             Marvin Roth & Harriet                                                   Roth
                                       Steinhorn-Roth                 Rifka Feldman                    Marvin Roth & Harriet Steinhorn-
Ethel Levine & Sharon Zitomer Julian Rosenberg & Zella                                                     Roth
                                       Shabasson                      Chava Feldman                    Marvin Roth & Harriet Steinhorn-
Bess Teller                        Julian Rosenberg & Zella                                                  Roth
                                       Shabasson                      Ruby Kaster                      Julian Rosenberg & Zella
Loebs’ 60th Anniversary!           Lawrence & Ellie Alpert                                               Shabasson
Savages’ 65th Anniversary!         Leopold & Rosalynd Goldberg        Aaron Kempler                    Julian Rosenberg & Zella
Bess Teller                        Liane Lunden                                                          Shabasson
Rachel Levine's Graduation!        Jesse & Deborah Stiller            Edmund Oppenheim                 Julius Oppenheim
Bess Teller's Installation         Jesse & Deborah Stiller            Rose Winrow                      Liane Lunden
Bob Haber's 70th Birthday!         Maurice & Charlotte Potosky        Rose Friedman                    Lila Rosloff
Bret Cohen's engagment to                                             Sol Oshinsky                     Lillian Oshinsky
Rebecca Novinsky                   William & Barbara Harkaway         Moe Rosenberg                    Lionel & Eileen Weinstock
Maurice & Charlotte Potosky        Deborah Letow                      Albert Bass                      Manfred & Ann Loeb
Fran & Stan Kensky                 Deborah Letow                      Matilda Rubin                    Marc & Jacqueline Schick
Florence & Irv Lipsky              Joan Gould                         Irving Goldstein                 Morton & Ina Goldstein

Leon Nathanson          Morton & Ina Goldstein        Cantor Wendi Fried            Julian & Frances Leidman
Joseph Wagenheim        Morton & Ina Goldstein        Elyssa Sagall's Bat Mitzvah   Myron & Judy Sagall
Albert Bass             David & Peggy Slade           In Memory Of:                 Donor:
Aaron Kempler           David & Peggy Slade           Yuval Ron Levin z"l           Cantor Gershon & Susan Levin
Anita Dekelbaum         David & Peggy Slade           Lowell Fried                  Sharon Fried
Joseph Pinczuk          Maurice & Charlotte Potosky
Aaron Kempler           Maurice & Charlotte Potosky   D. JOSEPH WILLIAMOWSKY FUND
Joseph Pinczuk          Maurice & Charlotte Potosky   In Memory Of:             Donor:
Ida Gordon              Samuel & Selma Gordon         Pearl Gantz               Adolph & Helen Sandler
Esther Marzouk          Simon & Denise Marzouk        Albert Bass               Frederick & Betty Roberts
Aaron Kempler           William & Barbara Harkaway    Albert Bass               Joel & Diane Miller
Albert Bass             William & Barbara Harkaway    David Joseph Williamowsky Manny & Miriam Ginsburg
Joseph Pinczuk          William & Barbara Harkaway    Albert Bass               Manny & Miriam Ginsburg
Lillian Davidoff        William & Barbara Harkaway    Sara Berlin               Manny & Miriam Ginsburg
Sylvia Cherrnay         Alvin Cherrnay                Pearl Gantz               Manny & Miriam Ginsburg
Lena Borak              Alvin Cherrnay                Harryette Decklebaum      Manny & Miriam Ginsburg
Sarah Winer             Henry Winer                   Harry Dick                Paul & Sara Dick
Lena Hutt               Henry Winer                   Nachama Williamowsky      Paul & Sara Dick
Hyman Sandler           Perry & Ronna Sandler         Albert Sandler            Joan Gould
Fannie Rubin            Fay Rubin                     Albert Bass               Rita Rubinstein
Barney Blicher          Sadie Blicher                 Albert Bass               Saul & Sherry Cohen
Pearl Gantz             Sadie Blicher
Minnie Rock             Sadie Blicher                 EDUCATION FUND
Catherine Scher         Ila Swartz                    In Honor Of:                  Donor:
Ms. Rae's sister        Joan Gould                    Mark Kaufman                  David & Rhona Byer
Albert Bass             Joan Gould                    Ron Miller                    Jack & Bess Teller
Cousin-Mitchell         Joan Gould                    In Memory Of:                 Donor:
Ed Lyews                Joan Gould                    Ruth Horvitz                  Andrew & Harriet Horvitz
Pearl Gantz             Joan Gould                    Ralph Kaye                    Dale & Janice Kaye
Joseph Pinczuk          Rita Rubinstein               Lillian Davidoff              Jack & Bess Teller
Pearl Gantz             Rita Rubinstein               Joseph Pinczuk                Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Grace Goldberg          Rita Rubinstein               Pearl Gantz                   Milton & Susan Goldsamt
Sarah Sirulnik          Yetta Buckberg                Lillian Davidoff              Edward & Harriett Neufeld
Frieda Alpher &                                       Anne Malickson                Eric & Marcia Kanner
  Ernst Rothsechild     Norman & Deanna Alpher        Lillian Davidoff              Eugene & Joan Bardach
David Zukoff            Norman Hochman                Frieda Hutter                 Henry Hutter
David Kelner            Paul & Lenore Kelner          Lillian Davidoff              Jacqueline Hoffman
Ruby Kaster             Paul & Lenore Kelner          Rebecca Rosenblatt            Miriam Zeitchik
Harry Yolles            Penny Fraim                   Fannie Gimble                 Samuel & Selma Gordon
Joseph Pinczuk          Richard & Wendy Abraham       Harriet Jacobi                Eli Fleming
Mary Haber              Robert & Audrey Haber         Solomon Kaplan                Beatrice Kaplan
Clara Mellner           Robert & Audrey Haber         Rudi Kaufman                  Dorothy Kaufman
Pearl Gantz             Robert & Audrey Haber         Amy & Dana Ross'
Aaron Isaacs            Robert & Helen Solomon          Grandfather                 Joan Gould
Cecil Isaacs            Robert & Helen Solomon        Clara Blank                   Paul & Lenore Kelner
Lillian Davidoff        Roy & Michele Peck
Joseph Pinczuk          Saul & Sherry Cohen           HAROLD FINK ISRAEL QUEST FUND
Sam Kaufman             Saul & Sherry Cohen           In Honor Of:          Donor:
Anita Dekelbaum         Saul & Sherry Cohen           Bess Teller           Marvin Roth & Harriet Steinhorn-
Louise Zimmerman        Saul & Sherry Cohen                                    Roth
Pearl Gantz             Saul & Sherry Cohen           In Memory Of:         Donor:
Joseph Pinchuk          Shaare Tefila Choir           Lillian Davidoff      Barbara Fink
Gertrude Iskow          Sheldon & Denise Iskow        Joseph Pinczuk        Barbara Fink
Irwin Schiff            Sondra Herson                 Pearl Gantz           Barbara Fink
Albert Bass             Stan & Zelda Rosenthal
Henry Goldfine          Stanley & Sandy Feinstein     MARTIN S. HALPERN ADULT EDUCATION FUND
Bertha Wajsman          Victor & Lois Seigel          In Honor Of:          Donor:
Abraham Rice            Zelick & Carol Waganheim      Rabbi Layman          Alan & Adriana Sandler
Albert Bass             Zelick & Carol Waganheim      Israel Kimelman       Sylvia Kimelman
Julian Rice             Zelick & Carol Waganheim      In Memory Of:         Donor:
Pearl Gantz             Zelick & Carol Waganheim      Rose Douglas          Sylvia Kimelman
                                                      Lena Proctor          Sylvia Kimelman
CANTOR'S DISCRETIONARY FUND                           Shirley Goldfarb      Rose Halpern
In Honor Of:         Donor:                           Albert Bass           Rose Halpern
Cantor Wendi Fried   Alan & Adriana Sandler           Abe Goldstein         Rose Halpern
Ben Green            Dennis & Sharon Kaye

In Honor Of:                 Donor:                            In Honor Of:         Donor:
Deborah Letow                Marvin Roth & Harriet             Ron Miller           Jack & Bess Teller
                              Steinhorn-Roth                   In Memory Of:        Donor”
Victoria Yedlin’s Graduation Rita Rubinstein                   Pearl Gantz          Friday Night Dinner Group
Hariel Kensky’s Graduation   Rita Rubinstein
Julia Kraut’s Graduation     Rita Rubinstein
Bill Harkaway's Birthday     Rita Rubinstein                                ZICRONAM LIVRACHA
Grandaughter's Bat Mitzvah   Rita Rubinstein                    Condolences to:
Savages’ 65th Anniversary!   Rita Rubinstein
                                                                Bob Zimmerman and the Zimmerman family on the
In Memory Of:                Donor:
Natalie Beiser's Sister      Alan & Sheri Heller                  death Bob’s mother Louise.
Rose Kurland                 Milton & Susan Goldsamt            Frances Berger on the death of her brother Joseph
Tina Neufeld                 Rita Rubinstein                      Pinczuk
Sam Meerbaum                 Rita Rubinstein                    Helen Sandler (wife of Adolph) and the Sandler family
Anita Dekelbaum              Rita Rubinstein                      on the death of Helen’s brother Albert Bass
                                                                The Pohost family on the death of member, Ed Pohost
Speedy Recovery To:  Donor:                                     The Grosberg family on the death of their brother-in-
Charlotte Potosky    Jay & Joyce Feinstein                        law Aaron Kempler
                                                                Jules Fink and the Fink family on the death of Jules’
In Honor Of:                 Donor:                               aunt Rose Kurland
Miriam & Hedi Sandbergs’                                        Marvin Schneider and the Schneider family on the
 Graduations                 Jay & Joyce Feinstein
                                                                  death of Marvin’s sister Anita Dekelbaum
Rachel Levine’s Graduation   Jay & Joyce Feinstein
Ravid Tilles’ Engagement     Milton & Susan Goldsamt            Frank Gantz and the Gantz family on the death of
Chesed Volunteers            Frances Berger                       Frank’s wife Pearl
The Chesed Committee,                                           Larry Goldberg, Nancy Goldberg, George
  many thanks                Frances Berger                       Reinhardt and the Goldberg and Reinhardt families
Norton Savage's Special                                           on the death of their wife, mother and sister, Grace
  Birthday!                  Martin & Ruth Gutstein
                                                                Ros Goldberg and the Goldberg family on the death of
Gerald Stempler
 (Happy Birthday)            Sadie Blicher                        Mollie Singer, the wife of the late Judge Samuel
In Memory Of:                Donor:                               Singer, founding members of our synagogue, and
Ruth Passman                 Andrew & Harriet Horvitz             cousin of our member Ros.
Ruby Kaster                  Frances Berger                     Sonny Herson Gordon the death of her husband Mil-
Arthur Berger                Frances Berger                       ton
Yuval Levin                  Frances Berger
                                                                Ira Kolmaister, Simon Kolmaister and the Kolmaister
Joseph Pinczuk               Joan Gould
Aaron Kempler                Meryl Schaffer                       family the death of their mother and wife Ruth
Grace Goldberg               Rita Rubinstein                    May Savage and the Savage family on the death of
Lillian Davidoff             Norman & Lois Stuppel                May’s sister Ethel (Shulman) Dosik
                                                                May Savage and the Savage family on the death of
RABBI'S DISCRETIONARY FUND                                        May’s nephew Mark Wagshal
In Honor Of:                Donor:                              Alan Sandler and the Sandler family on the death of
Hyman & Cilla Grosberg      Joseph Gelman
Rachel Levine's Graduation! Dennis & Sharon Kaye                  Alan’s father Charles
Jonah Layman                Julian Rosenberg & Zella Shabas-    Norman Stuppel and Karyne on the death of their
                               son                                wife and mother Lois
Rebecca Nicole              Lionel & Charlotte Shapiro
Elyssa Sagall's Bat Mitzvah Myron & Judy Sagall
Our Shabbat Honor           Rabbi Robert & Ruth Layman
In Memory Of:               Donor:
Jacob Lichtenstein          Albert & Ellen Reinach
Betty Lichtenstein          Albert & Ellen Reinach
Melita Lichtenstein         Albert & Ellen Reinach
Yizcor & Frida Levin        Cantor Gershon & Susan Levin
Pearl Gantz                 Shelly & Bruce Goldin
Louise Zimmerman            Robert & Myrna Zimmerman
Anne Frank Newhouse         Ruth Newhouse
Henry Newhouse              Ruth Newhouse
Grete Newhouse              Ruth Newhouse
Lowell Fried                Sharon Fried

                                                              NON PROFIT
                                                             U.S. POSTAGE
                                                            Silver Spring, MD
                                                             Permit No. 403

                     The Shofar
              Shaare Tefila Congregation
                    301-593-3410 or

Rabbi……………………...Jonah Layman
Rabbi Emeritus....................Martin S. Halpern, z”l
President............................. Bess Teller
Executive Director……….. Jill Goldwater
Cantor……………………..Wendi Fried
Cantor Emeritus………….. Gershon E. Levin
Education &
Youth Director…………….Rabbi Tirza Schmelzer-
Editor-in-Chief……………Sue Schwartz
Editors……………………. Linda Schnapp
                                       Bess Teller
                                       Julian Rosenberg
                                       Jill Goldwater
                                       Mary-Margaret Bayo
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