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									                      Toledo Terminal U.T.U. Safety Meeting Minutes
                                  Comfort Inn - South
                              December 4, 2007 0900 Hours

D.J. Losiewicz        R.A. Miller           M.J. Obrock           L.J. Faunt             J.M. Bresler
R.A. Agoston          B.B. Thomas           W.J. Sterling         J.D. Gioffre            J.F. Shiple
M.B. Pietrowski       D.D. Parks

Safety briefing conducted by: L.J. Faunt

Safety Briefing;
Exits, Fire Extinguisher Locations, Dial 9-911 for Emergency Response, Send Emergency Response
Personnel to Address, Medical Concerns, CPR Qualifications, Evacuation Plan, To Meet at
Designated Area, Head Count, Trip Hazards, Rest Room Locations and Cellular Phones Turned Off
or Set To Vibrate-Only.

Old Business:

1. The north window in tower C needs to be replaced. We've been told that it is currently being built
   and will be installed as soon as it is done. UPDATE: Still has not been done after nine months,
   but the AFE are out and Bids are being taken to see who will get the contract to replace them.

2. The Double-Hung windows have been installed in the towers but need to be tinted to prevent sun
   and light glare. UPDATE: AFE is out and Bids are being taken.

3. If you have not yet received your duffel bag, see Larry Faunt. He is the only one handing these
   bags out because they are expensive and he has to account for each one.

4. It was agreed to that our January 2008 meeting will be held on the 2nd Tuesday due to the New
   Years day holiday on our usual 1st Tuesday So the January meeting will be held on January 8,
   2008 at 9:00am. at the Comfort Inn - South on Oregon Road.

5. New trash receptacles have been ordered for the leads. The ones that we do have out there are
   being used, so we will be placing more out their in an attempt to keep our yards clean. UPDATE:
   16 Trash receptacles have been placed in the yards.

6. Clean-sweep for Walbridge yard on Wednesday November 21, 2007 went very well. Thank you to
   all who participated.

7. Brake sticks are available throughout our yards and must be used. They are mandatory on the
   Chicago Division. If your location is missing a brake stick, report it to the yardmaster or train
   master so that it can be replaced. Nobody can order you to apply or release a brake without a
   brake stick. If you come across a car with a brake where the handle is located too high for the
   brake stick to be effective, then Get Permission to climb up and release the hand brake. If you
   are applying brakes and come across one of these cars, skip it and go on to the next car. All
   Locomotives are being retrofitted with brake stick holders and brake sticks during their quarterly
8. Need Stone for crossover rd. from Egypt to Walbridge rd. UPDATE: Done.

9. Need plastic mats for the floor in each tower to protect the wheels on the new chairs in the towers
   from getting stuck in the divots in the concrete. UPDATE: Still waiting.
10.Need one broom for each tower. UPDATE: Still waiting.

11.New "No Trespassing" signs will be installed at Latcha Rd. Crossing at the east bound east end
   and the police will be monitoring. Update: Signs have been installed.

12.Slogan signs along some of the access roads are faded and hard to read. RA Agoston suggested
   re-painting them next spring. UPDATE: Waiting for spring.

New Business:

1. As of December 4th. we have gone 415 days injury free here in Toledo.

2. Toledo Terminal will be having a catered cook-out on December 18th for going over a year injury-
   free. Dale's BBQ will be serving up New York Strip Steaks and baked potatoes from 1000 Dec 18
   - 0400 Dec 19 at the K of P Hall.

3. All present (listed above) watched the safety video for December 2007: "Holiday Safety."

4. Be Advised the FRA will be out handing out personal fines for rules violations. Don't get caught
   bending or disregarding the rules. Radio Rules and Shoving rules are big violations and you will
   pay a huge fine if not following the proper proceedures!!! The FRA has already been monitoring
   our radios..... If you are ticketed by the FRA, there is nothing your local chairman can do to help.
   Be fore-warned!!!

5. New orange HAZMAT books are coming out dated Jan-2008 and will be required to be carried by
   all crew members. The book is suppose to be easier to read and understand.

6. Spiked boots are in and available and REQUIRED to be worn when the snow flies. Make sure
   you have a pair now. As per. Division Manager Jeff White, If you do not have your spiked boots
   when required, you will be wrote up and sent home.

7. Debris between retarders at south end of Stanley Bowl yard needs to be cleaned out. (Coke,
   wood, etc...)

8. Need a skate in the utility truck to be used in the event of a train separation on the hill.

9. Need stone poured near the porta-potti at the utility shanty at Stanley Yard.

10. Swivel for windsock needs to be fixed at the EBEE

11. Yard K Car Inspectors only locking out one end of crossover when inspecting track (pullback 11 &

12. Light on Tower B by the landing by the rest room needs replaced or fixed.

13. Pullback 9 crossover (North End) is reported to be hard to throw.

14. New Uplander Vans are filtering into our area.

15. Access road to Stanley tower from East Broadway has excessive pot holes and needs attention.
16. The horse shoe needs to be graded and filled in again... it's getting pretty bad.

17. Crews need to make sure that when leaving cars in a track, that they are behind the yellow ties.
    This is a rule and needs to be followed.

18. Discussed "How to negotiate the activation failure correctly" hand-out. (See Attachment)

19. Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

The Next Toledo Terminal Safety Meeting Will Be:
Date:          January 8, 2008
Time:          0900 Hours
Place:         Comfort Inn South, on Oregon Rd.
Respectfully Submitted By:           D.J. Losiewicz

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