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					 US Submarine Veterans Inc. (USSVI)                                                                                                                                    Volume 14, Issue 2
 Seattle Base                                                                                                                                                           March - April 2012

    Our Creed: To perpetuate the memory of our shipmates who gave their lives in the pursuit of their duties while serving their
  country. That their dedication, deeds and supreme sacrifice be a constant source of motivation toward greater accomplishments.
                        Pledge loyalty and patriotism to the United States of America and its Constitution.
                                                                                Meeting Recap                                           with a plaque and mug to thank him for
The Dolphin Brotherhood
                                                                                Here is a short recap of the most recent                his work over the past several years. We
                                                                                base meetings. You can read the minutes of              found out some information about upcoming
                                                                                each meeting on the Seattle Base website:               parades the Base will participate in and the
                                                                       A                dates for the Smokey Point Rest Area event
                                                                                copy of the previous meeting minutes is                 (July 9 - 10). We were also asked to fill out
                                                                                also available to read before each meeting.             a survey about Holiday Luncheon, see page
                                                                                                                                        6 for a copy of the survey and for a list of
                                                                                January Meeting                                         how you can make your voice heard.
                                                                                The January meeting was held a week later
                                                                                than normal, due the to snowstorm that                  The program for the evening was “Deep
                                                                                hit the area during the normal meeting                  Dives, Dives, and Angles that were not on
                                                                                time. We started off the January meeting                the Plan of the Day.” We were treated to the
                                                                                with the year end officer reports. Then                 stories when six boats found themselves
                          The Bi-Monthly Newsletter of the Seattle USSVI Base

                                                                                we held our Base Elections. The top three               in unexpected situations. The stories
                                                                                officer positions changed. You can read                 involved: NR-1, USS Wahoo (SS-565), USS
                                                                                the full results on page 3. We received an              Chopper (SS-342), USS Pompon (SS-267)
                                                                                update on the float and plans for future                during WWII, USS Seawolf (SSN-575),
                                                                                work. Additionally, Loma Taylor was at the              and the collision between USS Nautilus
                                                                                meeting to present a check to the Base for              (SSN-571) and the carrier USS Essex (CV-
                                                                                work on the float in Ted’s name (see page 2             9) during an ASW exercise. All the stories
                                                                                for more on this).                                      were interesting, including Keith Watson’s
                                                                                Because the business portion of the                     remembrance of the event on Wahoo. It
                                                                                meeting went long, we decided to post-                  was a good reminder of the dangers we all
                                                                                pone the program until February.                        faced during out time on the boats.

                                                                                                                                        The monthly meetings are always a good
                                                                                February Meeting                                        chance to catch up with shipmates. We hope
                                                                                At the February meeting we presented
                                                                                                                                        to see you at the next meeting!
                                                                                outgoing Base Commander Keith Watson

                                                                                Commander’s Corner
                                                                                By Doug Abramson, Base Commander

                                                                                                     Shipmates & Associates,

                                                                                                     Greetings from Arizona! It’s 83 degrees today with a light breeze. I want
                                                                                                     to thank Jim for his work on the float trailer and all the positive input
                                                                                                     from the rest of you. I was sure that would be the response. Once again
                                                                                                     thanks everybody. Say, did I tell you it is 83; oh, ya I did.

                                                                                                     I also want to thank Keith for running the February meeting. Ha! He
                                                                                                     thought he was done. I’ll be back for the March meeting. I have an idea
                                                                                                     for the program, but we will just shoot from the hip.

                                                                                      Ric Hedman will be presenting a program on the USS HOLLAND at the April
                                                                                meeting, should be fun and interesting, Thanks Ric. Did I mention it is 83 today?

                                                                                       On March 1st, we (Connie and I) are meeting with an old sub buddy. Ron Costa
                                                                                and I were on the Redfish 64-66. Then we are going to pick up our grandson Spencer
                                                                                                                    See “Commander’s Corner” on Page 2
Page 2                                                                                             THE DOLPHIN BROTHERHOOD

U.S. Submarine Force Losses                                          “Commander’s Corner” continued from page 1

March - April Losses                                     from Camp Pendleton for the weekend. We will
                                                         be going to Las Vegas for the NASCAR race the
Remembering our lost shipmates; thank you for your       8-11th. On the 12th we head for home.
service and sacrifice.
                                                                Just in case you wanted to know, its 83
March                                                    today, oh I told you that.
USS Perch (SS-176) scuttled on 3-Mar-1942, 30
miles NW Soerabia, Java. 60 crew were taken                      Keep in mind all of our lost shipmates and
prisoner, 52 survived the war. All crew survived         their families, give a prayer for all of our troops
sinking and were rescued by Japanese forces.             and their families throughout the world.
USS Grampus (SS-207) lost on or after 5-Mar-             Yup its 83 degrees.
1943, with the loss of 72 crew, when it was sunk in      Thanks,
the Blackett Strait or possibly in Vella Gulf.           Doug Abramson
                                                         Seattle Base Commander
USS H-1 (SS-28) lost on 12-Mar-1920, with the
loss of 4 crew, when it grounded in Magdalena Bay,                    “Lost Boats” continued from previous column
Mexico and was sunk in 9 fathoms while being             USS Gudgeon (SS-211) lost on 18 April-1944, with
towed off.                                               the loss of 80 crew, when it was sunk off Saipan
                                                         near Maug Island.
USS Triton (SS-201) lost on 15-Mar-1943, with the
loss of 74 crew, when it was sunk at 0° 09N; 144°        USS Grenadier (SS-210) scuttled 22-Apr-1943,
55E.                                                     after serious damage by aircraft near Penang. 61
                                                         crew were taken prisoner, 57 survived the war.
USS Kete (SS-369) lost sometime on or after 20-
Mar-1945, with the loss of 87 crew, when it was
sunk somewhere between 29° 38N; 130° 02E and             Donation from Loma Taylor
                                                         Loma Taylor, Ted Taylor’s widow, was at the
USS F-4 [ex-SKATE] (SS-23) lost on 25-Mar-1915,          January meeting to present a $1,000 donation
with the loss of 19 crew, when it foundered off          in Ted’s name to help out with the Base float.
Honolulu Harbor.                                         She also let us know that a family friend donated
                                                         $5,000 to the USSVI Scholarship Fund for a
USS Tullibee (SS-284) lost on 26-Mar-1944, with          scholarship in Ted’s name. See the article on
the loss of 79 crew, when it was sunk in operating       the next page for more information about the
area just north of Palau. One man was taken              scholarship.
prisoner and survived the war.

USS Trigger (SS-237) lost on 26-Mar-1945, with
the loss of 91 crew, when it was sunk in area 32°
16N 30° 40N by 132° 05E-127° 50E.

USS Pickerel (SS-177) lost on 3-Apr-1943, with the
loss of 74 crew, when it was sunk near Shiramuka
Light off northern Honshu.

USS Snook (SS-279) lost sometime after 8-Apr-
1945, with the loss of 84 crew, when it was sunk
near Hainan Island.

USS Thresher (SSN-593) lost on 10-Apr-1963, with
the loss of 129 crew and yard workers, when it was
sunk while on sea trials near Isle of Shoals.              Outgoing Base Commander Keith Watson
                                                         accepts the donation check from Loma Taylor
             “Lost Boats” continued in the next column
VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                Page 3

Announcing the Theodore “Ted” Taylor                  Seattle Base Elections
Memorial Scholarship Fund                             At the January meeting, the call was put out for
Pat Householder
                                                      nominations for officers. Since there was only one
                                                      nominee for each position a call was made for a
                                                      vote by acclamation.

                                                             The 2012 Seattle Base Officers are:
                                                      Base Commander - Doug Abramson, Sr. Vice
                                                      Commander - Art Thompson, Jr. Vice Commander -
                                                      Tim Floersch, Secretary - Bill Giese, and Treasurer
                                                      - Jim Harper.

                                                      The new officers, with the exception of Art, were
                                                      then sworn in by Pat Householder. Art was sworn in
                                                      at the February meeting.

Long time USSVI member Theodore Charles
“Ted” Taylor departed this life on Eternal Patrol,
September 4, 2011 at home in Renton, WA, with
no regrets or dreams unfulfilled.
        Ted joined the Navy in 1946 and became
qualified in submarines aboard the USS Carbonero
in 1948. He also served aboard USS Cusk (1947),
USS Tiru (1948-49), USS Cabezon (1950), USS
Entemedor (1950-51), USS Flying Fish (1952-53),
USS Sarda (1953-56), USS Amberjack (1956),              Pat Householder (right) swear in the new
USS Jack (1957-58), USS Compass Island (1958),                   Seattle Base Officers
USS Observation Island (1958) and USS Abraham
Lincoln (1960-63). Ted was a Electronics Technician   Our thanks to outgoing Base Commander Keith
Senior Chief (SS) when he left the Navy in 1966.      Watson for all the work he has done for the base.
        Always ready to help others, Ted spent
countless volunteer hours at the Seattle Veterans
Administration hospital offering comfort and cheer
to the hospitalized veterans there.
        To honor Ted’s lifelong commitment to
helping others, his wife Loma set up the Theodore
“Ted” Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund. A
$5,000.00 endowment was made by the family of
Eleanor Van Slyke in appreciation for the help and
friendship Ted and Loma provided her for almost
40 years.
        Ted was well known and loved throughout
USSVI and SVWWII, and his friends and shipmates
are invited to contribute to this scholarship to
be awarded in the name of “Taylor the Sailor”
(as Ted referred to himself) so that his name is
not forgotten and good works in his name are
continued on.
        If you can, please send your gift to
USSVCF and mark your contribution for the Ted
Taylor Memorial Scholarship Fund, PO Box 3870,          Outgoing Base Commander Keith Watson
Silverdale WA 98383.                                  (left) is presented with with plaque and mug
                                                          by Sr. Vice Commander Art Thompson
Page 4                                                                                    THE DOLPHIN BROTHERHOOD

Call for 2012 Nominations for National and             USS Clamagore makes her move...
                                                       Pat Householder
Region Elections
Pat Householder
                                                       Ex-USS Clamagore, the last surviving Guppy
In accordance with the requirement of our              III boat and a museum exhibit at Patriot Point
Constitution & Bylaws, The Nominations Committee       Maritime Museum in Mt Pleasant SC, was moved
Chairman, Patrick Householder, announces this          from her long time berth inboard of the USS
call for 2012 National Election nominations for the    Yorktown to a spot where the Coast Guard Cutter
following offices.                                     Ingraham had been moored.
1.  National Commander                                        To accomplish the move, the park was
2.  National Senior Vice Commander                     closed until Jan 28th and the pier accessing the
3.  National Junior Vice Commander                     ships had to be partially removed to haul out
4.  National Secretary                                 Clamagore.
5.  National Treasurer                                        The boat needs some serious loving care,
6.  NE Region Director                                 and will be closed for repair work now in progress.
7.  SE Region Director                                 The ‘Clam’ will be going to drydock some time in
8.  Central Region Director                            the not too distant future for hull repair work as
9.  Western Region Director                            well.
        The nominations for the Region Director        To see pictures of the move, visit Patriot Point
positions are included for convenience in this         Facebook page at:
        Any member in good standing may                Editor’s Note: Base Storekeeper Bill Giese has
nominate any other member in good standing             DVDs of a tour of Clamagore for sale.
for any elected National Office, provided that
the Nominee qualification for National Office
shall be in accordance with Constitution Article
XI Section 1 paragraph (b) and the nomination
is accompanied by a letter from the Nominee
indicating his willingness to accept the nomination
and willingness to serve if elected.

The prerequisite for National Office is that:
• A Nominee must be a Regular Member in good
   standing a minimum of thirty consecutive
• Nominees for Senior and Junior Vice-
   Commander must have completed at least two
   years as a Member of the Board of Directors.
   (This includes all District Commanders, past
   and present, who have met the two years in                            Clamagore ready for towing
   office requirement.)
• Nominees for National Commander must
   have completed at least two years as a voting
   member of the Board of Directors by the
   time they take office as National Commander
   (NC). (This includes all National Officers and
   the District Commander of the Year, past and
   present, who have met the two years as a
   voting member of the board requirement.)

        The term of office for all National officers
will be two years or until a successor is elected.
        The nomination must be received by Patrick
Householder, Nomination Committee Chair on or
by April 30th 2012 by email at householderp@ or by mail at 25003 SE 146th St,
Issaquah WA 98027.                                                       Clamagore at her new berth
VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                                Page 5

Rust threatens to mothball submarine
By Sam Spatter and Rachel Weaver, for Pittsburgh Tribune-Review

Lee Bookwalter knows it takes a special type of
person to serve aboard a submarine. The Navy
veteran spent five years aboard the USS Pargo in
the late 1970s and early 1980s.
        “It’s very difficult to explain to somebody
who’s never been on a submarine what the
camaraderie is like,” said Bookwalter, 58, of Plum.
He is a member of the Southwestern Pennsylvania
chapter of U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc., known as
the Requin Base. Now the organization’s namesake
is in need of repair -- maybe up to $2 million                     USS Requin at the Carnegie Science Center.
worth.                                                                    Photo by Justin Merriman,
        The USS Requin, one of the most popular                           Pittsburgh Tribune-Review
attractions at the Carnegie Science Center on the
                                                                  1990, educating thousands about undersea Navy
North Shore, is showing its age. The exterior of the
                                                                  life, service and technology from more than 50
World War II-era submarine, which attracts about
                                                                  years ago. Visitors can see everything from how its
160,000 visitors annually, has rusted below the
                                                                  crew submerged the sub, to how cooks used a tiny
water level, the elements gnawing several holes.
                                                                  kitchen to feed servicemen, to the cramped bunks
Science Center officials are quick to say there is no
                                                                  in which they slept.
danger that the sub will sink, and visitors are still
                                                                           Baillie helped oversee its voyage from
                                                                  Tampa, up the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, 20 years
        “But we want to correct the problem as
                                                                  ago. “It is the farthest a submarine has ever been
quickly as we can,” said Ann Metzger, co-director
                                                                  taken inland in the world,” he said. “It was no small
of the center. To that end, the Redevelopment
                                                                  task at all.”
Authority of Allegheny County on Friday approved
                                                                           Since then, 3 million people have toured the
a $125,000 grant from the Allegheny County
                                                                  Requin. Submarine veterans, some of whom served
Community Infrastructure & Tourism Fund to begin
                                                                  in World War II, work to keep it “as shiny and new
determining the damage. “We will use the funds
                                                                  as it was when it first launched,” Baillie said. A
to conduct an official maritime assessment of
                                                                  Science Center study conducted last year showed
the situation, as well as for engineering work, to
                                                                  the sub ranked among the top visitor experiences.
determine what needs to be done,” Metzger said.
                                                                  “It’s a chance to see and experience something
        Although the Navy annually inspects the
                                                                  really different and new,” Baillie said.
sub, moored on the Ohio River, it does not have
                                                                           Repairs could be made on a dry dock
money to conduct the assessment, she said, which
                                                                  at Neville Island. Baillie said another option is
may not occur until spring.
                                                                  to make the repairs in place by installing an
        Once center officials have an idea of
                                                                  underwater sea wall and pumping out the river
the scope and cost of repairs, they will begin
                                                                  water. That way, visitors could watch the progress.
fundraising, said Ron Baillie, center co-director.
                                                                  Baillie said there are no chemicals or unusual
Repairs could cost as much as $2 million.
                                                                  substances in the river affecting rust progress.
        The Navy launched the submarine on New
                                                                  Saltwater is far more damaging for the sub. “It’s
Year’s Day 1945. Commissioned as a standard fleet
                                                                  normal deterioration,” he said.
submarine in April before joining the Pacific Fleet,
                                                                           Bookwalter said fixing the problem is of
the Requin did not see active duty during World
                                                                  utmost importance to local submarine veterans.
War II. But the vessel was at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii,
                                                                  The Requin Base holds a ceremony each Memorial
when the war ended in August that year.
                                                                  Day weekend, during which members toll a bell
        Its journeys and missions took it from
                                                                  for each boat lost during service. “(The Requin is)
the Atlantic Ocean to the Arctic Circle and the
                                                                  basically our namesake,” Bookwalter said. “It’s
Mediterranean Sea before it was decommissioned
                                                                  gone a long way in helping veterans find us.”
in 1968. The sub served for training until 1971,
                                                                           Huey Dietrich, commander of Requin Base,
according to the Requin’s biography on the Science
                                                                  called the submarine a “living monument.”
Center website. Eventually acquired for display in
                                                                           “It is the centerpiece of Pittsburgh,” he said.
Tampa, the Requin has been in Pittsburgh since
                                                                  “People in Pittsburgh love it.”
Page 6                                                                                   THE DOLPHIN BROTHERHOOD

Holiday Luncheon Survey

The attendance at our annual Holiday Luncheon has been on the decline and our organizers would like
to have your input as to how to reverse this trend. Here is an opportunity to voice your opinions without
having to attend a USSVI business meeting. This short survey will be used to help make decisions about
the luncheon. Please answer the following questions. There is space at the end of the survey for you to
add comments and suggestions.

There are 4 ways you can respond to this survey:
1. You can filling out this sheet and mail it to:
       Karl ‘Dutch” Krompholz
       USSVI Seattle Base POC
       19841 142nd Ave SE
        Renton WA 98058-9444
2. You can put your answer in an email and send it to Dutch at:
3. You can call Dutch with your answers at (253) 631-5736
4. You can type the following URL into you web browser and answer the survey online:

Survey Questions
1) If you did not attend, was it because of:
        ( ) Cost ( ) Location ( ) Other (Please explain)

2) If you did attend, was the meal/price satisfactory?
        ( ) Yes ( ) No

3) Should we continue having the luncheon in the future?
      ( ) Yes ( ) No

4) Should there be a change in location?
      ( ) Yes ( ) No

5) If cost is a primary factor, what do you feel is a fair price? (The cost this year was $44 per person).

6) Please provide one or more items which would make you want to attend.

Please add any other comments or suggestions below, and we thank you for your contributions.
VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                  Page 7

British submariners honor crew of                              Paul Jevons, 52 and a veteran of 22 years
                                                       as a submariner in the Royal Navy, said he felt
Confederate sub                                        sorry for all the crews.
By Bruce Smith, Associated Press

Sharing a bond with those who fought beneath the             “It’s the early development of the
waves, a group of submariners from the United          submarine service. If it wasn’t for them, we may
Kingdom paused Friday to pay tribute to the crews      have never been in submarines ourselves,” he said.
of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley, the first
sub in history to sink an enemy warship.                       In the center of the grave site is a large
                                                       monument to one of the Hunley crews. Beside
        During a brief ceremony in a grove where       it, black cloth shrouded two more monuments of
the three crews are buried, 78-year-old Dennis         similar size.
Wade of the Portsmouth Submariners Association
placed a poppy wreath at the gravesite and then               Those are dedicated to the other two crews
saluted. The poppy is a symbol of courage and          and will be unveiled on Saturday, said Randy
sacrifice.                                             Burbage, a re-enactor and member of the South
                                                       Carolina Hunley Commission.
       Three other British submariners and a group
of Confederate re-enactors looked on.                         “It’s pretty humbling to be a descendent of
                                                       a Confederate veteran and realize the Hunley crew
       Friday (Feb 17) marked the 148th                and the mission it accomplished is internationally
anniversary of the Hunley’s ill-fated mission.         known and renowned and admired,” he said.
Two crews died while the sub was being made
operational. Then, in February 1864, the hand-                 The association has been sending a wreath
cranked Hunley and its third crew left from            to the Hunley gravesite since 2004 where the
Sullivans Island and sank the Union blockade           last crew was buried in what has been called the
vessel Housatonic off the Charleston coast.            last Confederate funeral. Lewis said the members
                                                       were glad they finally got a chance to visit the
       But the Hunley never returned from the          submarine and gravesite.
mission and, a dozen years after it was raised from
the Atlantic, the reason for its sinking remains
unclear. The historic vessel is being conserved at a
conservation lab in North Charleston.

        “To any submariner in whatever nation
there’s a brotherhood because they are subject to
the same type of intense training and operating in
the same conditions,” said 67-year-old Bob Lewis
of Portsmouth, who served in the Royal Navy
for 35 years. “It takes a special person to be a
submariner and not everyone makes the grade.”

     Prior to the ceremony, the association
members saw the Hunley.

        “Two crews lost their lives in bringing this
vessel into its operational state and when it was
in operation it was the first successful submarine       Dennis Wade of the Portsmouth, England,
combat mission,” he said.                              Submariners Association salutes after placing
                                                       a poppy wreath at the gravesite of the crews
      But would Lewis have gotten aboard the             of the Confederate submarine H.L. Hunley
Hunley as a member of its third crew?                     in Charleston, S.C., on February 17. The
                                                        black cloth behind him hides a new Hunley
       “I would like to think so,” he said. “The       memorial, which was dedicated the same day.
thing that drives a submarine is its crew and the                 Photo by Bruce Smith AP
team spirit that generates in that crew.”
Page 8                                                                                 THE DOLPHIN BROTHERHOOD

HMCS Corner Brook collision damage
CBC News

The damage done to HMCS Corner Brook last
summer when it hit the ocean floor was more
extensive than first reported, CBC News has
learned by obtaining exclusive pictures of the
        The Canadian navy admitted that the
submarine crashed off British Columbia in June,
but it never described the extent of damage or
released a photograph.                                        HMCS Corner Brook’s damaged bow
        “I was gobsmacked. I had no idea that this
                                                            and the submarine is ready for deep diving,
level of damage had occurred,” said Senator Colin
                                                            though the crew needs to undergo training and
Kenny, the former head of the Senate defence
committee. “That may explain why the navy took it
                                                        • HMCS Windsor has been dismantled in Halifax,
out of the water at night.”
                                                            with its refit years behind schedule and millions
        But Rear-Admiral Mark Norman, deputy
                                                            of dollars over budget.
commander of the Royal Canadian Navy, said
                                                                 The navy said HMCS Windsor is to undergo
on CBC’s Power and Politics on Monday that the
                                                        trials “in the coming months” and is also expected
damage is not as bad as it looks and the navy was
                                                        to be back in operation later in 2012.
not attempting to hide anything.
                                                                 Not one submarine is capable of firing
        “When you’re looking at your damaged car
                                                        a torpedo, however the navy said Tuesday that
in the intersection, and you can drive it home,
                                                        a test firing of a torpedo from HMCS Victoria is
you don’t really know how badly damaged it is,”
                                                        planned for the coming weeks and the submarine is
Norman told host Evan Solomon. “It is similar to
                                                        supposed to be operational this year.
a fender bender, yes. It just happens to be a very
expensive piece of equipment.”                          Repair costs unknown
        The submarine’s damage was described as         Norman said it is still unknown how much it will
“horrific” by Kenny, who said he worries about the      cost to repair HMCS Corner Brook, but it will return
state of Canada’s submarine fleet and about the 60      to full operational status.
sailors who were aboard. “I think the psychological              He also said the navy’s removal of the
impact of what can be described as a near-death         vessel at night was purely an operational move.
experience would have a profound effect on some         “There was nothing untoward about this
of these individuals. I hope they are getting the       whatsoever… it wasn’t even logistical; it was more
care and support that they need,” he added.             operational… you don’t want any waves shaking
        The submarine hit the bottom when it was        what’s going on.”
45 metres (around 150 feet) below the surface.                   He said HMCS Corner Brook was pulled out
The navy’s official board of inquiry blamed Lt.-        of the water at 4 a.m. for two reasons.
Cmdr. Paul Sutherland, the sub’s captain, for the                “The height of tide. This vessel here, which
collision. The navy released a one-page summary         you can’t really see, she’s in a dry dock there, a
of the board’s report on the accident. When asked       sinking dry dock, so we had to get her on top of
about the pictures CBC News acquired, officials         that at sea. So it had to be done when the depth of
would only say the damage is being assessed.            water was the right depth so this was done safely,”
        Kenny said the navy’s response was not          he said.
good enough.                                                     “The other issue was we wanted to make
Canada bought four used British subs more than a        sure there was no major traffic in the area. Any
decade ago and so far, it has spent an estimated        small movement… could have been serious as
$3 billion on the fleet:                                you’re… lifting 3,500 tonnes of submarine.”
• HMCS Chicoutimi was struck by a deadly fire                    Some familiar with the submarine say its
    just hours into its first voyage under a Canadian   pressure hull, the area in which the sailors are
    flag.                                               housed, may be heavily damaged and that would
• HMCS Victoria had a dented hull and was               mean the sub will never go to sea again.
    restricted from diving deep. The navy said                   “Canada needs a submarine fleet, and to
    Tuesday the dent was fixed several years ago        have this boat not be available would be tragic,”
                                                        Kenny said
VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                 Page 9

Kursk’s sister submarine to sail on special           Russia Nuclear Disaster Narrowly Averted In
missions                                              Submarine Fire
Barents Observer                                      By Guy Faulconbridge, Reuters

The Russian Oscar-II (Project 949AM) class            Russia came close to nuclear disaster in late
submarine Belgorod, which was supposed to             December when a blaze engulfed a nuclear-
replace the doomed Kursk, will be converted for       powered submarine carrying atomic weapons, a
special tasks.                                        leading Russian magazine reported, contradicting
                                                      official assurances that it was not armed.
        Belgorod was the last Oscar-II class                   Russian officials said at the time that
submarine in line from the Sevmash shipyard.          all nuclear weapons aboard the Yekaterinburg,
Construction started back in 1992, but was frozen     a Delta IV class nuclear submarine, had been
later in the 1990’s. After Kursk exploded and         unloaded well before a fire engulfed the 167-metre
sank in the Barents Sea in August 2000, work on       (550 feet) vessel and there had been no risk
Belgorod was resumed and continued until 2006         of a radiation leak. But the respected Vlast
when Russia’s defense ministry said no more           weekly magazine quoted several sources in the
funding would come. The submarine was then 80         Russian navy as saying that throughout the fire
percent complete at the time.                         on Dec. 29 the submarine was carrying 16 R-29
                                                      intercontinental ballistic missiles, each armed with
       Now, Sevmash once again have to brush off      four nuclear warheads.
the dust from Belgorod and continue the work.                  Neither the Russian Defence Ministry nor
                                                      the office of Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin,
       “Belgorod will be completed as a special       who has responsibility for military matters, would
project submarine. The boat will have many special    immediately comment on the report. A spokesman
tasks ahead of it,” Navy commander Admiral            for the navy could not be contacted.
Vladimir Vysotsky says to RIA Novosti. Vystosky                The fire started when welding sparks
does not elaborate on what kind of special missions   ignited wooden scaffolding around the 18,200-
the submarine will be used for.                       ton submarine at the Roslyakovo docks, 1,500 km
                                                      (900 miles) north of Moscow and one of the main
       The Russian Navy has several submarines        shipyards used by Russia’s northern fleet. The
for what it terms “special missions,” but             rubber covering of the submarine then caught fire,
information about them remains classified.            sending flames and black smoke above the stricken
                                                      vessel. Firemen battled the blaze for a day and
       The Project 949M class has a displacement      a night before partially sinking the submarine to
of 23,860 tons, a length of 150 meters (around        douse the flames, according to media reports.
490 feet), speed of 33 knots and crew of 118.                  Vlast reported that immediately after the
                                                      fire the Yekaterinburg sailed to the navy’s weapons
                                                      store, an unusual trip for a damaged submarine
                                                      supposedly carrying no weapons and casting doubt
                                                      on assurances that it was not armed. “K-84 was
                                                      in dock with rockets and torpedoes on board,” the
                                                      magazine said, adding that apart from the nuclear
                                                      weapons the submarine was carrying torpedoes
                                                      and mines as well as its two nuclear reactors.
                                                               The magazine said that if one of the
                                                      torpedoes had exploded it could have threatened
                                                      the nuclear missiles, leading to an extremely
                                                      dangerous nuclear accident.
                                                               Media reports of what happened at the
                                                      time of the fire were contradictory and foreign
                                                      journalists were unable to gain access to the high
                                                      security zone.
                                                               Russia’s worst post-Soviet submarine
                                                      disaster was in August 2000 when the nuclear
                                                      submarine Kursk sank in the Barents Sea killing all
                     Belgorod in drydock              118 crewmen aboard.
Page 10                                                                                       THE DOLPHIN BROTHERHOOD

                                    Base News and Information Page
Mark the Date                                               2012 Seattle Base Officers and Chairs
While these dates are still several months away, be     Commander:             Doug Abramson         360-652-9709
sure to mark them on your calendars so you don’t        Sr. Vice Commander:    Art Thompson          425-745-2223
forget. More dates will be posted as details become     Jr. Vice Commander:    Tim Floersch          425-745-6983
available.                                              Secretary:             Bill Giese            425-335-5990
May 19: Armed Forces Day
                                                        Treasurer:             Jim Harper            425-357-6485
May 28: Memorial Day
                                                        Membership Chair:      Tim Floersch          425-745-6983
July 9 - 10: Smokey Point Rest Stop Event
Sept 2 - 9: 2012 USSVI National Convention              Base Chaplain:         Andrea Geisler        425-702-2121
                                                        Chief of the Boat:     Ralph Sterley         360-568-4420
Birthday Wishes                                         Storekeeper:           Bill Giese            425-355-5990
Here is a list of Seattle Base member birthdays for     Webmaster:             Steve Shelton         206-526-1130
March and April. Be sure to wish them a ‘Happy          Newsletter Editor:     Dave Schueler         206-243-6784
Birthday and many returns’ the next time you see
them, offer to buy them a drink, and see if they
remember what year they were born.                                       Upcoming Meetings
          Robert Lange         Mar 5                     21 March Meeting
          Pat Householder      Mar 8
          Carrol Burlingame    Mar 8                     April
          Ray Stewart          Mar 8                     18 April Meeting
          Stephen Miller       Mar 11
          Robert Shirer        Mar 12                    Meetings are held at the Lake Washington VFW
          William Linn         Mar 14                    Post 2995, 4330 148th Ave Redmond WA 98052
          Larry Abbott         Mar 15                    The meetings start at 7:00 PM with social time in
          Peter Berkebile      Mar 15                    the lounge and meeting room before the
          Don Ulmer            Mar 16                    meeting.
          Romero Delarosa      Mar 16
          Schell Harmon        Mar 17
          Bob Haslan           Mar 17                   Newsletter Notes
          Seattle USSVI Base   Mar 23
          Ted Taylor           Mar 25                   I want to remind you that a full-color version of the
          Dennis Kerton        Mar 29                   current Seattle Base newsletter is available on our
          Andreas Benson       Mar 29                   website (
          Dale Ness            Mar 30
          John Mansfield       Apr 1                            If you do not need a hardcopy of the
          Ken Murray           Apr 1                    newsletter mailed to you or if you just prefer
          John McKeon          Apr 7                    reading the newsletter online, please let me or one
          Michael Bennett      Apr 9                    of the base officers know. You would be helping
          Joseph Doyle         Apr 9                    out the base by reducing the cost of printing and
          William Lightfoot    Apr 13                   mailing the newsletter.
          Pierre Bruneau       Apr 13
          Albert Cox           Apr 17                          Also, remember to check the Seattle Base
          Don Masoero          Apr 18                   blog ( for event
          Jan Stiffey          Apr 26                   updates and new articles.
          Eric Muller          Apr 27
          Wayne Barger         Apr 27                          Finally, if you have any comments, good or
                                                        bad, about the newsletter or if you have an article
                   On the Internet                      you would like to contribute, please feel free to talk
 Seattle Base Website:   with me about it. My mailing address is the return
 USSVI National Website:                  address for the newsletter or you can call me at:
 Ric Hedman’s Website:                 (206) 243-6784, or email at:
 Don Gentry’s BBS:
 Ron Martini’s BBS:                       Dave Schueler, Newsletter Editor
VOLUME 14, ISSUE 2                                                                                Page 11

     Welcome Aboard New Base Members                   Binnacle List: Tom Rice
 John Harrison         USS Skate (SSN-578)             Tom Rice, Seattle
 Robert Stapp          USS Andrew Jackson              Base’s longest
                       (SSBN-619)                      qualified member, has
                                                       been in the hospital.
                                                       His condition recently
Smokey Point Rest Stop Event                           improved enough to
                                                       allow him to move to
This year the Base drew July 9 and 10, a mid-          a nursing home and
week timeslot, for manning the coffee booth at the     we are all hoping this
Smokey Point rest stop. Once again, Steve Shelton      trend continues so
will be heading up the effort to man the booth. He     that he can return
will have more information and a sign-up sheet at      home soon.
future meetings.
                                                       Tom entered the
                                                       Navy in 1934 as an
Base Float Work                                        E-1 and retired as an
                                                       Lt Commander (O-4)
Jim Harper and Karl ‘Dutch’ Krompholz have been        in 1965. He qualified
doing some renovation work on the Base float.          in 1935 on the USS S-23 (SS-128) and served on
After removing the submarine from its cradles and      eight other submarines.
surveying the trailer, a decision was made to look
for a new trailer that can better handle the load.     Please keep Tom in your thoughts and prayers. He
The current trailer will being refurbished and sold,   can use your good wishes. If you would like to send
with the money going toward the purchase of a          him a get well card, you can reach Tom at :
new trailer.                                                Tom Rice
                                                        C/O Anderson House
A new trailer (shown below) was found on February           17127 15th Ave NE, Room #21
24 and purchased with consent of the Base                   Shoreline, WA 98155
Officers. Jim and Dutch will have an update for us
at the next meeting.                                     USSVI Member: Please cut out and attach
                                                         this note to your will or final instructions.
                                                             ** IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS **

                                                       In the case of my death, please immediately
                                                         notify the U.S. Submarine Veterans Inc.,
                                                       (USSVI) at 877-542-3483 or 360-337-2978
                                                       and give the person on duty the information
                                                         regarding my death, funeral, and burial
                                                        arrangements, plus who they can contact
                                                                 for follow-up and support.

                                                        Please ask them to contact my local chapter
                                                         Base Commander with this information as
                                                        well (they can look it up in the membership
                                                           records). The information can also be
                                                             E-Mailed to the National Office at:

                                                          Also, all members should provide Art
Calendar Recycling                                      Thompson, Membership Chair, with next of
                                                            kin information if not your wife.
Karl ‘Dutch’ Krompholz asked members to bring
any old submarine calendars to him at future             USSVI Member: Please cut out and attach
meetings, so that the pictures can be ‘recycled’ for     this note to your will or final instructions.
other purposes.
USSVI Seattle Base Newsletter
c/o Dave Schueler
10631 31st Ave SW
Seattle, WA 98146


                                 “No matter where you travel, when you meet a guy who’s been...
                              There’s an instant kind of friendship ‘cause we’re brothers of the ‘phin.”
                                            - Robert Reed, G.W. Carver (SSBN-656) -

Commander’s Corner ........................................ 1
Meeting Recap ................................................. 1
U.S. Submarine Force Losses ............................. 2
Donation from Loma Taylor ............................... 2
Announcing the Theodore “Ted” Taylor Memorial
    Scholarship Fund ......................................... 3
Seattle Base Elections ...................................... 3
Call for 2012 Nominations for National and Region
    Elections .................................................... 4
USS Clamagore makes her move... ..................... 4
Rust threatens to mothball submarine Requin ....... 5
Holiday Luncheon Survey .................................. 6
British submariners honor crew of Confederate sub 7
HMCS Corner Brook collision damage extensive .... 8
Kursk’s sister submarine to sail on special missions 9
Russia Nuclear Disaster Narrowly Averted In
    Submarine Fire ........................................... 9       New Base Officers being sworn in. Find out
Base News and Information Page ........................10              who your new officers are on page 3 and 10.
Smokey Point Rest Stop Event ...........................11
Base Float Work ..............................................11
Calendar Recycling ..........................................11
Binnacle List: Tom Rice......................................11

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