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					                                      Scholarship Information
Updated: 1-9-12

There are two basic ways to apply:

One, go to the Financial Aid Office and fill out the University Scholarship Application as well as the Free
Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA). While there, check the list of currently available outside
scholarships as well.

     Financial Aid Website:
     Scholarships specific to College of Agriculture, Food and Environmental Sciences:

Two, go to the Horticultural and Crop Science Department website at for a list of
available scholarships and a copy is posted on the Horticulture & Crop Science Department office
bulletin board located on the second floor of Building 11, Cal Poly State University.

             To IMPROVE your chances, fill out application completely, accurately, neatly
                                 AND follow these guidelines:
1.   Order transcripts from all colleges/universities you have attended. This may take some TIME, so do it first!
2.   Some scholarship committees look favorably upon employment in the industry and activities showing achievements in
3.   Does your ACADEMIC GOALS STATEMENT fit the scholarship organization? (If applying to the nursery industry for
     a scholarship your goal should not indicate landscape architecture, retail florist, etc.)
4.   Applications must be TYPED (or CLEARLY PRINTED). LETTERS OF RECOMMENDATION. If you need two
     references, consider requesting three references so you have at least two. ALSO, they must be current letters on
     official stationary. It would be best if at least one were a Cal Poly EHS instructor.
5.   REVIEW YOUR APPLICATION with your academic advisor before mailing.
6.   Be sure to SIGN your application and put POSTAGE on the envelope.

                                                SCHOLARSHIPS 2011-12

deadline, apply - there may still be funds available.)

Name of Scholarship                                                              Specialization Required           Number   Amount
                                                                                 & Financial Aid website
Catherine Adams (March 2)                                                        EHS Majors                          4          600

Arnold D. Haskell Fund (March 30)                                                EHS Major                                  17,000
Scholarship Sherman Gardens                                                      Contact HCS Dept. office

Douglas Baylis, FASLA Env. Horticultural Science Memorial (March 2)              Public gardens/ arboretums

Max & Verga Foster Memorial Scholarship Applications can be picked up in the     Any major in College of             1      $14,000
Dean’s Office, Agricultural Sciences CPSU Building 11, room 211. Deadline 4:00   Agriculture
PM, Friday, April 8)                                                   

ValleyCrest Companies Academic Award in Honor of Robert Scofield                 EHS students                        1      $   500
(March 2)                                                              

Name of Scholarship                                                                 Specialization Required           Number   Amount
                                                                                    & Financial Aid website
Walter Wells (working scholarship supervised by faculty, $500 per quarter      2      $ 1,500
(March 2)                                                                           aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm

Woody Frey Scholarship (March 2)                                                    Cal Poly EHS students with          1      $   300
                                                                                    interest in California native

Wilbur-Ellis Company Howard M. Barnett Memorial Scholarship               
The Wilbur-Ellis Company Howard M. Barnett Memorial Scholarship supports            aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
sophomore, junior, and senior students majoring in Crop Science.
(March 2)                                                                 
Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation Scholarship(March 2)                       
The Woodward/Graff Wine Foundation Scholarship supports junior and senior Wine
and Viticulture majors.                                                   
Wes Conner Award                                                          
The award recognizes a junior or senior student pursuing a Bachelor of Science      aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
degree in Environmental Horticultural Science who have also contributed to the
beatification of San Luis Obispo County through work on a senior project, special
problem, internship, volunteer community service, or gainful employment on or off   cholarships/CAFES.html
campus. (March 2)

Tony and Janet Marino Scholarship                                         
The Tony and Janet Marino Scholarship supports students majoring in Wine and        aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
Viticulture. (March 2)
Name of Scholarship                                                                Specialization Required           Number   Amount
                                                                                   & Financial Aid website
Scott Laboratories, Inc. Scholarship                                     
The Scott Laboratories, Inc. Scholarship supports junior and senior wine and       aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
viticulture majors with a concentration in enology. (March 2)            

Robert J. Newell Memorial Scholarship                                   
The Robert J. Newell Memorial Scholarship supports junior and senior Crop         aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
Science and Environmental Horticulture Science majors, recipients must attend the
California Plant Health Association dinner. (March 2)                   
Orange County Wine Society Scholarship                                   
The Orange County Wine Society Scholarship supports agribusiness and fruit         aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
science majors with an interest in a career in the wine industry. (March 2)
Harold G. Bradshaw Scholarship                                           
The Harold G. Bradshaw Scholarship supports students majoring in Crop Science.     aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
(March 2)
Gerald H. Fairbairn Scholarship                                          
The Gerald H. Fairbairn Scholarship supports students who have demonstrated an     aid/types_aid/scholarships.htm
interest in activities related to the Crop Science major, Cal Poly, and the
community. (March 2)                                                     
Others may be available this year for students - please check the
Financial Aid website and office.
upon donor and may vary from year to year. Many applications are now on the donor's web site. You must check
each application for details and deadline. Tentative Deadlines are in parenthesis. (Unless otherwise noted,
scholarships are open to all HCS students.)

    Name of Scholarship              Web Address & Contact Information                 Specialization Required          Number     Amount
   America Institute of Floral         Contact Melinda Lynch, HCS Department                Floriculture students                    varies
  Designers (Retail Floriculture)
   American Floral Endowment              Plant Production,          varies      varies
   Multiple offered. Deadline                    scholarship-programs                         Retail/Wholesale
           MAY 1, 2012
 See Virginia Walter in the HCS
 Dept for additional information.
  American Society of Agronomy contact: Brad Hanson           California Resident         varies     $1,500
        Year 2011-2012                         ASA scholarship committee
  American Society of Agronomy                         Soils, crops, agronomy, or      varies      varies
   Check each award listed for                             closely related sciences
     application deadlines.
                                     Questions: Leann Malison, Program Manager
                                                    (608) 268-4949
  American Society of Agronomy,                     Crop production, plant science    varies      $750
        California Chapter                                                                    or soil science.
Annie’s Homegrown(Dec 15,2011)                 Sustainable & Organic Ag        Varies    $100,000
     Applied Insect Ecologists            IPM students             varies   $750/ $1,500
      Foundation ( Nov 25)             Contact: Bill Rothfuss or director
                                                      (559) 761-1064
 Arnold D. Haskell Fund (Mar 30)                 HCS Department office                           EHS Major                          $17,000
Associated Landscape Contractors       Contact Dave Hannings, HCS Department                                                         $250
           of America
  Association of California Water                                Clair Hill Scholarship Feb 1      varies     $3,000
   Agencies (Feb 1 & April 1)       scroll to bottom of page to scholarship            Stephen Hall Scholarship Apr 1
Name of Scholarship                   Web Address & Contact Information                Specialization Required           Number     Amount
    Association of Floriculture      One time professional development opportunity       Horticulture or related field    varies   Short course
      Professionals (OFA)                to attend the 2011 OFA Short Course                                                           2011
        Deadline: Feb 1                                                                  registration,
                                                                                                                                   meals, 1 year
Barona Sustainable Environment           Contact: 619-443-2300, Ext. 3388 or            Horticulture or related fields    varies     $1,000-
 Scholarship (deadline July 15)                                                                            $2,000
       Online form only.                        Scholarship Program
 Bedding Plants Foundation, Inc.                                         varies      varies
    (Multiple dates) On line                  der_Graduate/Scholarships.htm
CA Seed Assoc (CSA) (Dec 15)                                                                  varies      varies
 Cal Poly General Scholarships    varies      $1,000
       Multiple available                                 ral.html                                   aid/
                                                                                         Visit Cal Poly Financial Aid
                                                                                                website above.
California Agricultural Production           Agriculture/Horticulture       varies    $2,000 &
 Consultants Assoc. (May 13)                                                                                                         $3,000
California Assoc. of Nurseries and                               Specific criteria
 Garden Centers aka CANERS                        "scholarship button"
             (May 31)

California Farm Bureau (March 1)                   General                varies     $2,000 -
           Apply online.                                                                                                              $2,750

California Landscape Contractors select education -                                          varies      varies
      Association (April 15)                 >scholarship (LEAF scholarship)
California Landscape Contractors or         Landscape or related field       varies      Varies
Assoc. San Luis Obispo Chapter
            ( Sept 30)
   Name of Scholarship              Web Address & Contact Information                Specialization Required           Number     Amount
  California Park & Recreation go to Resources ->                                                      varies
        Society (Oct 28)                             scholarships

California Weed Science Society or Rob Wilson            Weed, invasive plant mgmt.        varies     $2,000
California Women for Agriculture                         Women from Monterey, San           varies    unknown
            (CWA)                                                                    Benito or Santa Cruz County
 Canadian Golf Superintendents                                                       varies     varies
        Assoc.(Nov 30)                              800-387-1056
 CAPCA Monterey Bay Chapter                                            varies     varies
 Central Coast Young Farmers &               Scholarship Chairperson                           Agriculture              varies     varies
     Ranchers Scholarship                         831-751-3100 or
            (May 31)            
    CCGGA – Central Coast                                   Applications online           varies     varies
  Greenhouse Growers Assoc.                    email:
          (April 15)

  Charles P. Lake Rain for Rent                                      varies     $1,500
           ( April 29)                                    htm

D. Marlin Brandon Rice Research       Email for application:    Students pursuing careers in       varies     $2,500
  Memorial Fellowship (July 1)                                                       rice production science and
 Diablo Women's Garden Club,                    Email for application:                Horticulture, landscape, and      varies     $500 to
       deadline (April 15)                           architecture fields.                    $2,000
Farm Bureau of San Diego County select Ag in the      San Diego country resident        varies   $500-$3,000
          (April 11)                          classroom -> scholarship
   Future Farmers of America  search scholarships               College level                1        $1,000
Flower & Plant Association – San                       Horticulture, So Cal ,San        varies     varies
    Diego County (April 30)                                                                 Diego resident.
Garden Club of America (Multiple                   Horticulture, Medicinal Botany,    varies     Varies
          deadlines)                 Connie Yates email:                      etc.
                                                    Tab: outreach
Name of Scholarship                     Web Address & Contact Information                Specialization Required            Number        Account
  Golden Opportunity Scholars                   Agronomy, Crop and Soil           varies      Expenses to
      Institute (April 15)                                                                        Science                                  Annual
                                                                                                                                         Meeting only.

   Golf course Supt. Assoc of          or e-mail:                Turf Management               varies      Up to $1,000
      America (11 different                  
scholarships/deadlines) (GCSAA)
 GPN/ Nexus Intern Scholarship                     Contact: Tim Hodson                        Horticulture related              1           $3,000
      Deadline: ( Oct 25)                       Email:
    Hispanic Scholarship Fund                                                                    varies        $1,000-
             (Dec 15)                                                                                                                      $3,000

Horticultural Research Institute (on search scholarship application      Calif. college/univ. students      varies         varies
         line) many offered.                                                                           only
Imperial Valley Vegetable Growers  Contact them directly.           Imperial Valley Ag student        varies         varies
    Association (Ed McGrew
   International Plant Nutrition                       Plant Nutrition; management         varies         $2,000
       Institute ( June 30)            online application only                                 of crop nutrients

    John J. Parsons Memorial                    California Grain Foundation                  Agriculture Production             1           $1,500
       Scholarship Oct 15                      Email:
    Joseph Shinoda (Mar 30)            Contact: Virginia Walter or        Floriculture students          varies         varies
     Landscape Architecture                                          Landscape                 varies         varies
      Foundation (Feb 15)
 Lawn & Landscape (GIE Media)   Contact:         Horticulture, Environmental           2           5,000
          (April 15)                     Chuck Bowen email: or call       Science or related fields in the
                                                       (330)-523-5330                           green industry
    Louis H. And Stella Soares               CPSU, Bldg 11-211: Forms available                                              varies         $2,500
Monterey Bay Chapter CA.Assoc.              Contact: Lisa Rulison at 831-475-5314          Resident of Santa Cruz,           varies         $6,000
     of Nurseries & Garden                                                                  Monterey, Santa Clara
       Centers(March 31)                                                                 (so.part), San Benito County
 Monterey County Farm Bureau                                                varies          $500
           (May 31)

Mosmiller Intern Scholarship See                 American Floral Endowment               Greenhouse Production, floral         After        $2,000
 Virginia Walter for additional           retail & wholesale            internship
       information. Oct 1                           scholarship-programs
Name of Scholarship                   Web Address & Contact Information                Specialization Required           Number     Amount

  Northern California Botanists                        Botany, plant ecology, plant      varies     $1,000
       (NCB) 2009-2010                                                                       focused program
          (March 31)
    Northern California Turf &       Email Contact:                                        varies     varies
       Landscape Council
   Orfalea Family Scholarship              Any major                varies     varies
Pacific Seed Association (April 1) Contact directly.                                       varies     $1,000

     Paul Ecke Jr. MS/Ph. D      American Floral            Horticulture and related fields    varies     $8,000
      Scholarship (Feb 1)                          Endowment

Perennial Plant Association select Education    Horticulture and related fields    varies     $1,000
            (March 2)                                ->scholarship

Pesticide Applicators Professional Contact directly         Pesticide application          varies     varies
             Assoc.                    call Judy Letterman 831-442-3536 or
 Rain for Rent-Charles P. Lake        Forms available at College of Ag Dean’s office                                      varies     $1,000
           (April 29)                                    Or online
 RECANGC (Redwood Empire                                          Horticulture              varies     varies
   Chapter of Calif. Assoc. of
 Nurseries and Garden Centers)
    (May 31) Formerly CAN
   Ronald S. Knight Memorial                Contact:               Agriculture or Ag related        varies     $2,000
   Scholarship Fund (April 23)
    Rotary (Deadliness vary)                        Check web sites                                                       varies     varies
Sacramento County Farm Bureau                       Agriculture related           varies     varies
           (April 1 )
    Saturdaze Nature Journal      Undergrad SLO or Santa           varies   $2,000 (and
     Scholarship (June 15)                                                                  Barbara Counties                        $500.00 in
   Name of Scholarship                 Web Address & Contact Information                Specialization Required         Number     Amount
SLO County Farm Bureau Women          varies      varies
     Scholarship (March)                                 hips.html
Sonoma County Fair Flower Show Search scholarship        Agricultural related careers    varies     $1,000 -
     Scholarship (May 29)                    applications available Feb 2012                                                         $2,500

  Stanley Strew Education Fund    Contact directly       Pest Management Industry        varies     $2,000

  Syngenta Almond Scholarship              Agriculture Majors           one       $5,000
          (August 31)

         Syngenta                             Enrolled 2011/2012 academic      Two      $7,500
   Glenn Goldsmith Breeding             or call Syngenta Flowers at # 800-344-7862                  year
    Excellence Scholarship
             And                                     or #408-847-7333
  Goldsmith Seeds Floriculture
    Business Advancement

  Temecula Valley Wine Society                             California Wine Industry       varies     Varies
(Applications only accepted for the                Search Scholarship
 month of October with deadline of
             Oct. 28)

The Tree Research and Education                                 Commercial Arboriculture         4        $2,000 -
 Endowment Fund (April 1 & May                                                                                                       $3,000

  TOCA ( Turf and Ornamental      Search “Contest” tab                   Green Industry            varies     $2,500
    Communicators Assoc.)                          Contact directly or                        Communications
  Application deadline March 1
                                             Den Gardner, Executive Director
United Negro College Fund(many                                    varies      varies

     Ventura County Chapter              Contact: Jane Delahoyde (805) 487-6867
 California Assoc. of Pest Control            Email:
        Advisors (June 10)
   Name of Scholarship              Web Address & Contact Information            Specialization Required         Number       Amount
 Vic & Margaret Ball Internship    Horticulture & Floriculture,     Award      varies
              Oct 1                            scholarship-programs                commercial production.           after
 See Virginia Walter in the HCS
 Dept. for additional information
Woodward/Graft Wine Foundation                http://www.woodward-                                                varies        varies
                                          Contact directly #707-935-2102

Application forms for the above scholarships generally are available through the Department Office or faculty
member listed

   Name of Scholarship            Web Address & Contact Information           Specialization Required       Number       Amount
            Al Can                                                                 EHS Club Member           varies       varies
  Pi Alpha Xi (PAX)-Howard C.
                                                                                     PAX member              varies       varies
       Brown Scholarship

For additional information, visit the Fees and Financial Aid pages in the Cal Poly catalog,, visit
the Financial Aid Office,, and check the Horticulture and Crop Science bulletin

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