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									                                     Robert E. Fitch High School
                                                      101 Groton Long Point Rd.
                                                          Groton, CT 06340

                                                                                   December 2011 Newsletter
Our mission at Robert E. Fitch High School is to educate our students to become outstanding citizens equipped with
21st century learning skills. The faculty and staff collaborate with home and community to promote academic
excellence, personal wellness, and social awareness. We guide students into deeper cognitive awareness and
increased levels of understanding, and we encourage our students to use their individual talents to their fullest
potential. Our graduates are informed, responsible adults who respect diversity and value life-long learning.

Dear Fitch Community:                                                                 THE FHS WEB SITE
I would like to take this opportunity to wish all FHS students,
                                                                    Please visit the FHS web site for up-to-date information on
families, faculty and staff a happy, healthy holiday season.
                                                                    what’s happening at our school. The web site offers links
During this time of year, we have our annual coin drive for the     that provide information about all that Fitch has to offer,
Groton Food Locker. There are cans throughout the building          including the PowerSchool parent portal and information on
into which you can deposit your spare change—pennies
conunt!!!! Also, all advisors will accept donated, spare change.
                                                                    how to contact faculty and staff.
So please, please take a few minutes to collect all that spare
change around your home (or car) and donate it to our coin
drive. Each year, FHS is proud to make a donation to the
Groton Food Locker; as many of you can imagine, there are                            ********************
people in need who greatly appreciate the good work of our                           FHS Faculty
local Food Locker.
As we enter the month of December, we approach the half-way              In most cases use the teacher’s first initial and last
mark of the school year. Students, it’s important to do your             name followed by
best, save ALL of your work, and remember that mid-year                  Example:
exams are just around the corner. Parents and guardians, it’s            There are exceptions to this. If you have any questions
important to encourage your students to do their best, to keep           on an email address, please call the school at 860-499-
track of performance on PowerSchool, and to communicate
directly with teachers.

Once again, I wish you all a happy, healthy holiday season and
a great new year!

Sincerely yours,
                                                          JANUARY NEWSLETTER
                                                                OCTOBER NEWSLETTER
Joseph Arcarese                                                 SUBMISSIONS
Principal                                                    SUBMISSIONS
                                                 Please email submissions by 12/19/11 to
                                                 Sean McKenna, Assistant Principal

   Test Dates      Test           U.S. Registration Deadlines               THE FITCH PARENT
                                  Regular          Late
                                                   (a fee                  Please join us at a meeting!
                                                   applies)           •All meetings are held in the Fitch Library at 6:30•
   December 3,     SAT &          November 8,      November 20,
   2011            Subject        2011             2011
                   Tests                                            Thursday, December 15: TBA

                                                                    Thursday, January 26: Preparing you for
   January 28,     SAT &          December 30,     January 13,      College admission process--Freshman through Senior
   2012            Subject        2011             2012             years.

                                                                    Thursday, February 23: TBA
   March 10,       SAT only       February 10,     February 24,     Thursday, March 22: What is the CAPT test
   2012                           2012             2012
                                                                    and why is it important? Look at district to federal
                                                                    result trends.

                                                                    Thursday, April 26: Open; Coordinator
   May 5, 2012     SAT &          April 6, 2012    April 20, 2012
                   Subject                                          nominations.
                                                                    Thursday, May 24: End of year SRBI study;
                                                                    Coordinator election
   June 2, 2012    SAT &          May 8, 2012      May 22, 2012
                   Tests                                                              Please email us at
                                                           with any questions or
                                                                               to suggest a topic for discussion.

                    THE FHS SCHOOL
                  IMPROVEMENT TEAM:
            Please consider joining the FHS School
               Improvement Team or attending a
           meeting. To learn more, contact the chair,
                         Alex Smith at
                                                                                         DECEMBER 2011

 Black College Tour April 8 –
 14, 2012 – Open to all students
                            in high school
Program cost is $310 – (Includes transportation and hotel accommodations.) Schools
include Virginia Union University, Howard University, Spelman College, Morehouse
College, Clark Atlanta University, NC A & T State University, Winston Salem State
University and Saint Augustine’s College. Information and applications are available in
the Career Center.

      Juniors – Do you have a passion for
                   the sea?

 The Marine Scholars Program (UCONN-Avery Point) may be for you. There is no cost to the student to participate in
 the Marine Scholars Program. The program will provide high school juniors from the region with unique opportunities
 to strengthen their interests in Marine Science and/or Maritime Studies through faculty mentoring and exposure to the
 college learning environment. Up to ten qualified high school juniors are selected for participation. Interested juniors
 should ask a teacher or counselor to nominate them. Nomination forms are available in the Guidance Office and
 Career Center. The deadline to apply is December 9th. Students must have a “B” average or better.

              SENIORS                                     Senior Night at Three Rivers
                                                             Community College –
You should be working on scholarships now. The                December 12, 2011
Career Center has a booklet with scholarships.
Students may pick up a booklet, highlight the ones        Annual Open House at 6 pm.
they qualify for and go online and apply. This same       Pizza and soft drinks will be
booklet is on the Fitch High School web site. Go to                  served.
Guidance and click “Scholarships”. The same
scholarships are on Naviance. Go to “Colleges” and       RSVP by calling 860-892-5750 – First 300
scroll down to the “Scholarship List”. You may search
                                                                 reservations accepted.
by name, deadline or browse by category. Most
scholarships have an Internet link to the application
                                                         Come learn about: Student life, career
or if none, check the scholarship drawer in the Career
Center. Lots of scholarships are arriving, including      and engineering technology programs,
the Society of Mayflower Descendants in the State of     guaranteed transfer options, affordable
CT, Big Y Scholarships, Hood           tuition, financial aid and admissions
Sportsmanship Scholarship, Black
Engineering Council of EB, CASIA Scholarship Awards
for Children of Police and Fire Officials, and many,
many more.


  The FHS Music Department will give a concert on Thursday,
  January 19, 2012, at 7pm in the auditorium. Selections from
   the bands, choirs and orchestra will cover many styles and
 time periods. The concert will end with all ensembles joining
       forces to perform an arrangement of the Finale from
 Beethoven’s Symphony No. 9. The concert is free, so please
                             join us.
                                                                                DECEMBER 2011

      If you would like to know more about the Groton Board of Education policies, you can visit
      the district web page and link to the policy sites. Fitch High School will keep the Board of
      Education’s harassment and bullying policies posted to our web site all year long.


The annual New Haven College Trip will take place on
December 7th. Students will visit Southern Connecticut
State University and Albertus Magnus College. Seniors have
priority for permission slips, which are available in the
College & Career Center.

Students interested in electrical and plumbing careers
should see Mr. Medve in the Career Center.

                   An Easy Method to Purchase Yearbooks

We understand how busy life can be, so we’d like to make your student’s yearbook purchase
as easy as possible. That’s why we have partnered with Jostens, our yearbook printer, to
create a home-ordering program. Ordering your yearbook from home is quick and convenient,
and eliminates the need for your student to bring any money to school. Watch for your
ordering envelope, go to or call toll free (866) 282-1516 to place your
order today.

                Special Pricing till February 6th
                          February 6th all books $85.00
                   Please note that books will not be sold in school.

Shelly O’Neal-Kegler
Yearbook Advisor
(860) 449-7200 ext. 4815

                          Fitch High School Financial Aid Planning Night
                                       December 7th at 7:00
On Wednesday, December 7, 2011, the Guidance Department at Fitch High School will be
sponsoring a Financial Options Night at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium. (Snow Date 12/14/11) The
program will be conducted by Mr. Craig Breitsprecher, Financial Advisor, LPL Financial in Hartford.
This is not a sales presentation, but high value information that will benefit you. Please join us and
learn the following:

      How the financial aid system works and recent updates to the financial aid system

      Instructions on how to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)

      The primary sources of college funds

      What to expect in education loans

      Common pitfalls to watch out for

      Creative strategies for funding college costs

      How the Federal and State budget crisis will affect student aid

      Current market outlook and where to invest for college.

All parents are encouraged to attend but especially junior and senior parents.

Please contact the Guidance Department at 860-449-7261 with any questions.
                                                                       DECEMBER 2011

                                FITCH ROBOTICS
           Support our December 3rd Pancake
The Fitch Robotics team has come along a great distance in the last year. The 2011 season was
the first year the Aluminum Falcons created a robot that was contender at all of the six
competitions we attended.

On December 3, the team will host its 2nd annual Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser. This year it will
be at the Union Baptist Church in Mystic. A full buffet breakfast will be provided for only $8. There
will also be a silent auction and Basket Bonanza which will be an opportunity to pick up some
seasonal gifts.

This year the team is stronger than ever with over 30 student members and growing support in the
local business community. This year we have gained two principal sponsors: Applied Physical
Sciences (APS), a national company headquartered in Groton, has become a Partner of the
Aluminum Falcons, providing major funding and technical assistance for this year’s competition.
Another new source of major funding this year is from the Coast Guard Academy, which has a
long history of hosting and supporting robotics teams in southeastern Connecticut. Support has
also been received from Groton Utilities/Thames Valley Communication, SAIC, the Eastern
Connecticut Workforce Investment Board, the Groton Education Foundation, The Hillery Company,
Race Rock Associates, JCPenney, and Dominion Millstone.

The 2012 season begins on January 7 when the new game will be revealed. The team will have six
weeks to design a build a 120 lb robot that must perform yet-unknown tasks. The Aluminum
Falcons will land in New York City in mid March for the first 3-day competition, and then in
Hartford two weeks later for another 3-day event. Anyone can follow the team’s progress at our

  The Keyettes will be hosting a blood drive with the Red Cross on
  December 7th. Give the gift of life this holiday season! For more
       information, please contact advisor Karna Hopkins @

                       JANUARY NEWSLETTER
                Please email submissions by 12/19/11 to Sean
                McKenna, Assistant Principal

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