Service Tax Calculator by maneeshchoudhury


									Notes: 1) please read the intro sheet and after u use 2) fill only yellow box amount .

ABC COMPANY LTD                                            PERIOD :      March-09

                                                DUE DATE : 05-09-08.          11
BILL AMOUNT            389815                   PAY :        4/11/2009

PAYABLE S.T.                    CENVAT CREDIT              NET PAYABLE              INTEREST            TOTAL

SER            20355     100 SER.          100 SER.                        20255         11
EDU              407       2 EDU             2 EDU                           405               DAYS      TOTAL
HIGER            204       1 HIGER           1 HIGER                         203                         WITH
TOTAL          20966     103 TOTAL         103 TOTAL                       20863 INTEREST             82     20945

          1   Service tax calculation its easy now. Its easy bifercation of service tax and edu cess and high. Cess.
          2   Interest calculation
          3   all data in one sheet (its easy for preapre ST-3 Return)
          4   u have knowledge about the gross and net payament of service tax and also interest and payment date.
          5   its new and advance.
          6   if service tax rate change it does not effect this calculator over all. Because higher and edu cess are same 2

How to use

                          only yellow box in u have enter amount / date/ name

              if u enter amount all calculation carried out by that sheet.

          1 suppose u received RS. 1000 as service tax. =                    enter amount in Payable S.T. Total Yellow Box
          2 suppose u paid RS. 50 as Cenvat credit.     =                    enter amount in CENVAT. Total Yellow Box

              cenvat credit i.e: telephone bill, mobile bill payment , other payment (only service tax and edu + high amount)

How to use : with saral and deep knowledge


my billing details                                          1        issue bill to the party/ client

              xyz                                                            if u received that bill on 15/04/2009 from u r client
party : abc               bill : 11/04/09         total amt
                                                                             1) enter only the service amt in payable S.T. yellow box
service provide                                           10000

sevice tax @ 12.36%                                       1236

                          total billl                     11236

                                                            2 payment of service tax by way of cenvat
consulting service                                                           if u paid to the mobile co./ telephone and other
party : xyz                                       total
service charges                                            400               2) enter the service tax and Edu.+ Hig. Amt in CENVAT T

service tax                                                 49
Total   449
cess and high. Cess.

terest and payment date.

her and edu cess are same 2% and higher 1%

ble S.T. Total Yellow Box
VAT. Total Yellow Box

ce tax and edu + high amount)

party/ client

on 15/04/2009 from u r client

ice amt in payable S.T. yellow box

tax by way of cenvat
 co./ telephone and other

ax and Edu.+ Hig. Amt in CENVAT Total in yellow box

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