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Letter from CEO 110508 by huanghengdong


									     PO Box 788 Pleasant Garden NC 27313-0788 336-379-7135 (Direct) 866-9-MPH900 (tollfree)

                                                                                                                     From the desk of ELSAG North America
                                                                                                                               President & CEO
                                                                                                                                Mark Windover

                                                                            Thank you for your interest in ELSAG North America. Our license plate recognition
                                                                            technology solutions continue to set the pace for the law enforcement industry. In the
                                                                            coming year, our new, smaller and more nimble MPH-900 cameras will be supported by an
                                                                            even more robust Operations Center.

                                                                             ELSAG and our parent company ELSAG-Datamat, SPA, a Finmeccanica company, have
                                                                            invested a combined $38 million in Law Enforcement Technology R&D and into a major
                                                                            expansion of our North American market presence. Included in this investment was the
                                                                            opening of the ELSAG North America Manufacturing and Technical Center in Greensboro,
                                                                            NC earlier this year. We proudly manufacture our technology in the USA today.

                                                                            Our goal remains the same-- to support and grow the Automatic License Plate Recognition
                                                                            (ALPR) and Homeland Security Missions across all agencies in North America, with ALPR
                                                                            as standard issue equipment. This is a daunting task with nearly 18,000 potential law
                                                                            enforcement agencies in the U.S. alone, but hundreds of agencies are experiencing the
                                                                            benefits and results achieved from this technology.

                                                                            Fortunately, the growth of this technology as a crime fighting tool has been exponential
                                                                            over just the past 20 months. ELSAG’s Mobile Plate Hunter-900 (MPH-900) has earned
                                                                            well over 1000 deployments across nearly 500 agencies in 30 states. We believe that a key
                                                                            to the future success of this mission is the fact that every agency which becomes effective
                                                                            with our technology brings at least 3 more agencies into the fold.

                                                                            Interagency sharing and mutual aid between state police, counties, and local agencies have
                                                                            been an excellent accelerant for growth and has created a best practices approach. Often
                                                                            times, several agencies will deploy large numbers of ALPR units and combine efforts to
                                                                            combat a specific community public safety issue. These well coordinated deployments are
                                                                            highly effective and an excellent training ground for future growth of the mission.

                                                                            Most importantly, every week, the MPH-900 helps U.S. Law Enforcement Officers identify
                                                                            and apprehend hundreds of stolen vehicles and dangerous suspended drivers with this
                                                                            important and exciting new interdiction tool. In New York State, where over 200 agencies
                                                                            utilize the MPH-900, law enforcement officers track Stolen Vehicles, Stolen Plates, Missing

412 Clock Tower Commons Brewster NY 10509 845-278-5425(Direct) 1-866-9-MPH900(TF)
     PO Box 788 Pleasant Garden NC 27313-0788 336-379-7135 (Direct) 866-9-MPH900 (tollfree)

                                                                            or Wanted Persons, and Suspended and Revoked vehicles. These agencies work closely
                                                                            with the NY State Amber Alert Network to maximize the effectiveness of the ALPR tools on
                                                                            the street. Like New York, many states around the country have embraced the technology
                                                                            with extraordinary results. In Arizona, one officer’s effectiveness has soared in just 16
                                                                            months due to a combination of world-class police work and 1.1 million plates read,
                                                                            resulting in 100 arrests and 157 vehicles recovered.

                                                                            In early November, 2007 a young women was the unfortunate victim of a carjacking, bound
                                                                            and gagged in the trunk of her vehicle and was saved as a result of great police work and
                                                                            the MPH-900’s extraordinary technology. In October 2006, another carjacking was
                                                                            thwarted saving 3 young girls’ lives while capturing 2 serious felons that will be off the
                                                                            streets for a very long time. These are gratifying examples that energize the ELSAG team
                                                                            and our agency partners every day.

                                                                            Perhaps the company’s most interesting endorsement of the technology came when CBS’s
                                                                            hit Police Drama, CSI, featured the MPH-900 tracking and catching the bad guy. While we
                                                                            were happy to participate, we appreciate the real world public safety results that our
                                                                            partner agencies see every day.

                                                                            Best regards,

                                                                            Mark Windover
                                                                            President & CEO

412 Clock Tower Commons Brewster NY 10509 845-278-5425(Direct) 1-866-9-MPH900(TF)

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