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									                        Parish Schedule and                                                 From the
                         Mass Intentions                                                    Pastor’s Desk
SATURDAY November 26 Weekday                                     Advent is the beginning of a new year of grace
Mass       5:00pm    Harvat and Pribonic Family
                                                                 (2011-2012). Advent is a new season in the Church’s
SUNDAY     November 27 First Sunday of Advent
Mass       8:30am    People of the Parish                        life of prayer, our life in the Lord, as we focus on
PSR        9:40am    No PSR Classes                              watching for the Lord’s coming. This season begins
Mass      11:00am    Michael Kichurchak                          with our reflection of the Lord’s coming at the end of
MONDAY     November 28 Advent Weekday                            the ages. This first Sunday of Advent provides us
Mass       8:30am    All Souls                                   with advice for the proper posture of a disciple
TUESDAY    November 29 Advent Weekday
Mass       8:30am    Joseph and Anna Harvat                      waiting for Jesus to come: “Be watchful! Be Alert!”
WEDNESDAY November 30 Saint Andrew, Apostle                      (Mark 13:33). Open our hearts and…
Mass       8:30am    Special Intention
Devotions  6:45pm    Avila Prayers for Vocations                     Grant your faithful, we pray, almighty God,
Meeting    8:00pm    AA Meeting (Church Hall)                        The resolve to run forth to meet your Christ
THURSDAY December 1 Advent Weekday                                      With righteous deeds at his coming,
Mass       8:30am    Reverend Victor J. Cimperman                        So that, gathered at his right hand,
FRIDAY     December 2 Advent Weekday
Mass       8:30am    Susan Mitchell (Happy 65th Birthday)
                                                                     They may be worthy to possess the heavenly
SATURDAY December 3 Saint Francis Xavier, priest                                      Kingdom.
Penance    4:00pm    Sacrament of Reconciliation                      Through our lord Jesus Christ, your Son,
Mass       5:00pm    Stella Grudosky (31 year Anniversary)                 Who lives and reigns with you
SUNDAY     December 4 Second Sunday of Advent                              In the unity of the Holy Spirit,
Mass       8:30am    Dr. Stanley D. Oswiecinski
PSR        9:40am    Parish School of Religion Program
                                                                             One God, for ever and ever.
Mass      11:00am    People of the Parish                                              Amen.
Mass       5:00pm    High School Students                                                    (Roman Missal, 3rd Edition)

                Family Perspectives
Advent reminds us to be watchful and alert for the
Lord in our life now and to be ready for His promised
return. Prayer is necessary to do this. Weekly Mass
keeps families centered in the Lord and ready for
anything. The new Mass prayers, which begin today,
will naturally help us be more attentive. Carry this
                                                                 The Holy Father’s Intentions for December
attentiveness into family meals and daily prayers.               General Intention: That all peoples may grow in
Maranatha! Come Lord Jesus!                                      harmony and peace through mutual understanding
                                                                 and respect.
                                                                 Mission Intention: That children and young people
               General Intercession                              may be messengers of the Gospel and that they may
 That families will make time to pray this Advent season
                                                                 be respected and preserved from all violence and
   and be alert to the Lord’s presence in their homes.
                 Let us pray to the Lord.                        exploitation.

   Scriptures For the Week of November 27, 2011
Sunday       Is 63:16b-17, 19b; 64:2-7 1 Cor 1:3-9 Mk 13:33-37
Monday       Is 2:1-5 Mt 8:5-11                                  Emma Aguilar, Celia Bican, George and Dee Blower,
Tuesday      Is 11:1-10 Lk 10:21-24                              Dolores Bryan, Johannah Conner, Tom Gardner, James
Wednesday    Rom 10:9-18 Mt 4:18-22                              Ging, Tayha Hostetler, Bob and Kathy James, Mike
Thursday     Is 26:1-6 Mt 7:21, 24-27                            LaMarre, Carol Leach, Marca Kaplar, Marcene, Margaret,
Friday       Is 29:17-24 Mt 9:27-31                              Megan, Ashley Munoz, George Novak, Joy Rogers,
Saturday     Is 30:19-21, 23-26 Mt 9:35-10:1, 5a, 6-8            Dorothy Rogus, Andrew Sanford, Theresa “Tess” Slenn,
Sunday       Is 40:1-5, 9-11 2 Pt 3:8-14 Mk 1:1-8                Bruce Styles, Marla Sliwinski, Hank Symanski, Phyllis
                                                                 Todd, Sylvia Trecaso, Raymond and Margaret Wills....
    Remember to read and pray the Scriptures daily!
                                                                          O Mary help of the sick, pray for us!
                                                                          St. Joseph, St. Anthony, pray for us!
                                  November 27, 2011                          Fair Trade Christmas Bazaar
                                 1st Sunday in Advent               “Shop with a Conscience and Promote Fair Trade”
                                                                           When: Saturday, December 10th and
                            “Watch, therefore; you do not               Sunday, December 11th from 9am to 2pm.
                           know when the lord of the house         Admission is free. There will be a Raffle basket & Fair
                                     is coming.”
                                                                             Trade coffee & chocolate tasting.
                                       Mark 13:35                          Location: St. Mary’s Catholic Church
                                                                        (340 N. Main Street, Hudson, Ohio 44236)

   For the first time ever, Catholic ads are airing                          Gay and Lesbian Family Ministry
     nationally on Prime-Time Network TV!
                                                                  On Sunday, December 11, 2011 members of the Diocesan Gay-
Starting December 16, will
                                                                  Lesbian Family Ministry will gather for an Advent Prayer at St.
begin airing Catholic TV ads nationwide, inviting                 Mary-St. Bernard Parish in Akron, Ohio at 2pm. Father Norm
relatives, friends, and others to return home to the              Douglas will preside and Lisa Frey will offer the reflection. This
Catholic Church. Help now to usher in the largest                 prayer service will give all an opportunity to open their hearts
family reunion in Church history! Pray and spread the             for the Lord who is coming. The Ministry invites all to come
word by sharing this link with all Catholics you know:            and join us for prayer and for the following reception.
                                                                                      Spaghetti Dinner
                  Living with Benedict
                                                                  Buy your tickets now for the first ever Villa Maria
The Benedictine Monks of St. Andrew Abbey in Cleveland,
Ohio are inviting single men 18-45 years of age seeking to
                                                                  Community Spaghetti Dinner on Sunday, December
know God’s will for their life and vocation to participate in a   11, 2011 from noon to 4pm. The dinner will feature the
“Living with Benedict” weekend scheduled February 10-12,          Villa’s own sauce made from their farm fresh produce and
2012 (Liturgical Spirituality) and May 18-20, 2012                herbs and meatballs made from their Villa farm-raised
(Hospitality). For more information or to register, contact Fr.   beef. The dinner also includes a tossed salad, beverage,
Finbar, OSB at or at 216-721-5300, ext. 273.      and dessert. Cost is $6 for a large, and $4.50 for a
                                                                  small. Children under 7 eat free! Come for the Nativity
              Car Donation Program                                Display and stay for dinner. Take out is available.
Avoid the hassles and headaches of trading in or                  Tickets go fast so call today! For more info or to
selling your vehicle yourself by donating it to the               purchase tickets, please call 724-964-8920, ext. 3348 or
SVDP Car Donation Program. Proceeds from the sale                 email
will be used by the St. Vincent de Paul Society, Diocese
of Cleveland, in their charitable programs that assist the                 Catholic Charities Appeal 2011
needy and suffering. You may also be eligible for an              Mother of Sorrows Parish has reached 90% of amount
income tax deduction. To donate your vehicle; please              pledged ($17,140) by 79 of the members of the parish.
call: 1-800-322-8284, St. Vincent de Paul Society, USA            This represents 7 6 % of the goal set for our parish of
or visit                                     $22,532. Please remember to complete your pledge or to
                                                                  donate for the 2011 Catholic Charities Appeal. Thanks for
                  RESPONSE 2012                                   helping those in need!
How will you respond? Would you like to make a difference
in your community, the country, or the world? Do you want                                 Thank You!
to serve those in need and work for social justice? With          Thank you for your contributions to the Collection for
nearly 200 programs and thousands of opportunities,               the Catholic Campaign for Human Development! Your
RESPONSE 2012, the most comprehensive guide of faith-             generosity has laid the foundation for important systemic
based service opportunities is now available—and it’s free.       changes in low-income communities all over the United
Volunteers serve full-time for periods of one week to one
                                                                  States. Through CCHD and its beneficiaries, we
year or more across the United States and in more than 100
countries worldwide.         Summer and school break              manifest Catholic social teaching and carry our Jesus’
opportunities are also available. Our volunteers are from all     mission to “bring glad tidings to the poor. / proclaim
walks of life—from high school to senior citizens and every       liberty to captives / and recovery of sight to the blind, / to
stage in between. Positions are available for both single and     let the oppressed go free”(Luke 4:18).
married volunteers, including those with children. Contact
Catholic Volunteer Network to receive your free copy/copies                            November 20, 2011
of RESPONSE 2012. Please call toll-free at 800-543-5046 or
email You can also                 Sunday Offering                               $2,302.81
search        RESPONSE            2012        online       at         Catholic Campaign for Human Development          313.00
                                                                                 Thank you for your generosity!

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