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					                            Palisades Presbyterian Church                                                             Announcements for Sunday, October 28, 2007
117 Washington Spring Road; PO Box 687, Palisades, NY 10964; Phone: (845) 359-3147                      Bulletins, Announcements, Sermons and More Online:
       Church Secretary: Rita Reid Office Hours - 9:00 – 1:00 P.M. Tues., Wed., Fri.            ***We have LARGE PRINT HYMNALS! Please ask one of the ushers to see what it looks like!***
            E- mail Rita:  Website:
                                                                                                Thanksgiving in Harlem: We are welcoming donations for all or part of the $24 needed for each
         Please stop by or call to arrange an appointment. Contact Ray for emergencies          turkey and all the trimmings. Please make checks out to Palisades Presbyterian Church, marked
                at any time, 914 682 3659. Ray’s                    as “Youth for Seniors” or simply “Turkey.” We need all checks no later than November 14.

                                                                                                People to People is the Rockland County food bank for whom we collect food in the narthex all
                    Affirmation of the Inclusiveness of All Members                             year long. The Saturday before Thanksgiving we extend our collection by going to the Stop and
                                                                                                Shop in West Nyack and asking customers to donate canned foods and other non-perishable
                                                                                                items. Last year, in just 6 hours, we collected over 1,200 pounds of food and $300. Sign-up today
Palisades Presbyterian Church continues its policy of ordaining its members based upon
                                                                                                to help! There is a sign-up sheet in the Parish House. Make it a family event!
their leadership qualifications and not their sexual orientation. Palisades Presbyterian
Church reaffirms its long-standing tradition that finds no reason – theological, ethical,                                                          th
                                                                                                Bronx Zoo School Trip! On Sunday, November 4 the Sunday School children, parents,
scientific, or cultural – as to why gay and lesbian people cannot serve as ministers, elders,   guardian, and friends are invited to a trip to the Bronx Zoo following worship. Sign up forms are
 or deacons. (See the full statement on the bulletin board.)                                    available in the Parish House. All are welcome! Car pooling to be arranged.

                                                                                                Committee Sunday! Please plan to join us on Sunday, November 4, 2007 for a special coffee
       Ministers                                                  All the People                hour. Committee members will be hosting tables with information on how you can become more
                                                                                                involved in the work and mission of Palisades Presbyterian Church. All are welcome. You do not
       Interim Minister                                           Ray Bagnuolo
                                                                                                need to be a member to get involved. So bring a friend and we’ll help you to find a way to serve!
       Music Director                                       Michael J. Shapiro
       Lay Reader                                                 Mercy Garland                 Membership & Friend Update: We are moving into the second phase of our updating the roster.
       Children’s Education                                      Kathie Tiitsman                If you have not been able to submit a membership/friend form – please expect a call from Rita
       Children’s Message                                         Ray Bagnuolo                  who will be happy to take your information over the phone or send you another form to complete.
       Ushers                                        Fred Griffing & Ann McKie
                                                                                                Hudson Valley Pride in the Pulpit Hudson Valley Multi-Faith Roundtable:
       Deacon of the Month                                        Margaret Allen
                                                                                                Sunday, November 4 from 2:30-6:30 P.M. See bulletin board for more information.
       Ride Deacon                                                Margaret Allen
       Coffee Hour Deacons                     Suzanne Shaw, Catherine Hooper                   Upcoming Dates: (Please post all dates on the calendars in the hall.)
       Session Representative to Deacons (October)                 Fred Griffing
       Deacon Representative to Session (October)               Richard Hansen                  11/6    Tuesday     Board of Elections use of Parish House 5:15 A.M. – 10:00 P.M.
       Pal Pres Editor                                                Ann McGill                11/11   Sunday      Deacon’s Meeting at Coffee Hour
       Bulletin                                                         Rita Reid               11/11   Sunday      West Point Trip
                                                                                                11/13   Tuesday     Session Meeting
If you are a visitor, please sign the guest book in the entrance (narthex) and join us for      11/18   Sunday      5:30 P.M. Palisades Pot-Luck & Picture Show!
coffee hour to learn more about the life of this church. Speakers are installed in the choir    12/2    Sunday      Christmas Wreath-Making; Orders for Christmas Candy Taken
                                                                                                12/8    Saturday    Officer Training 8:30 A.M. – 1:00 P.M. Deacons and Elders
room in the Parish House so parents and guardians of infants and toddlers may hear the
                                                                                                12/9    Sunday      Last day to order Christmas Candy
service.                                                                                        12/16   Sunday      Christmas Pageant
(1)                                                                                             12/23   Sunday      John Garland and Roger Buck perform as part of worship!
    Please email any announcement to Ray at
    For announcements, calendar, sermons, and other information:                  Tai Chi Meets Every Tuesday at 10:00 A.M. Friday at 10:00 A.M.
    Also, please check our Presbytery website at                                Bible Study Returns Every Wednesday at 12:15 P.M.
    Presbytery Church USA web can be found at                                        Choir Rehearsal Every Thursday at 8:00 P.M.
                                                                                                   Play Group: Every Thursday at 10:00 A.M.
                                 Phoebe’s Rides                                                Palisades Presbyterian Church Board of Deacons 2007
Date        Bring to Worship                Return Home                           Dallas Abbott            845 359 0058    Co-Chair                          2009
9/30/07     S. Van Dyk (212-662-0377)       Sue Webb (353-1836)                   Johanna Albin            845 359 8489    At-large                          2010
10/07/07    Marjorie Douglas (359-0665)     Mary Ann Garland (359-3288)           Margaret Allen           845 352 5446    Ride Deacon                       2010
10/14/07    John McKay (627-0448)           Sue Shaw (201-767-6245)
                                                                                  Maria Gagliardi          845 398 8804    Co-Chair                          2009
10/21/07    Richard Hansen (735-8106)       Jack Hoffmeister (613-7238)
                                                                                  Richard Hansen           845 735 8106    Pal Press                         2008
10/28/07    S. Van Dyk (212-662-0377)       Sue Webb (353-1836)
12/30/07    Jayne Ludin (727-0199)          Maria Gagliardi (398-8804)            Catherine Hooper         845 359 1470    Parament Cards                    2008
                                                                                  Cass Ludington           845 398 2621    Casseroles                        2009
                                                                                  Ann McKie                845 398 0069    Communion Wine and Coffee         2008
                           Lay Reader Schedule 2007                               Ellen Roth               845 358 5830    Prayer Chain                      2010
Date           Lay Reader               First Reading            Second Reading   Annemarie Sellinger      201 816 3133    Poinsettia Giving                 2009
*Oct. 7        Ivan Szendro             Psalm 137: 1-9           Luke 17:5-10     Suzanne Shaw             201 767 6245    Nominating                        2008
*Oct. 14       Janice Van Buskirk       Jeremiah 29:1, 4-7       Luke 17:11-19    Nina VonEckardt          201 869 3147    Secretary, Kitchen                2010
*Oct. 21       Annemarie Sellinger      Jeremiah 31: 27-34       Luke 18:1-8
*Oct. 28       Mercy Garland            Joel 2:23-32             Luke 18:9-14
Nov. 04        Ernie Quick              Psalm 119:137-144        Luke 19:1-10
Nov. 11        Richard Hansen           Daniel 7:1-13, 15-18     Luke 6:20-31
                                                                                                       Palisades Presbyterian Prayer Chain
*Online at www.ppc10964.0rg                                                       Ellen Roth                 845-358-0044
                                                                                  Mary Ann Garland           845-359-3288
                                                                                  Jennifer Shapiro           845-359-5660
                  Palisades Presbyterian Church 2007 Session
                   Kim Brainard, Clerk of Session: 845-359-1607
                                                                                  Johanna Albin              845-359-8489
                Mary Ann Garland, Assistant Treasurer: 845-359-3288               Suzanne Shaw               201-767-6245
Member                                  Committee Chair                   Class   Carol McGann               845-359-8509
Karen Consolini       212-569-0602      Parish Life                       2008    Cass Ludington             845-398-2621
Anna Diehl            845-359-3032      Communications Officer            2010    Jayne Ludin                845-727-0199
Wayne Garrison        245-359-5812      Operations                        2010
Bigelow Green         845-359-0069      Treasurer                         2010
                                                                                  Ivan Szendro               845-365-3032
Fred Griffing         845-353-0619      Operations, Co-Chair              2008    Janice Van Buskirk         845-653-1148
Bill Menke            245-304-5381      Personnel; Stewardship            2009    Maria Gagliardi            845-398-8804
Kathie Tiitsman       845-353-0441      Adult & Christian Education       2008    Ray Bagnuolo               914-682-3659
Stephen Van Dyk       201-854-7340      Memorials; Nominating; Worship    2009
                                        and the Arts
Sue Webb              845-353-1836      Mission                           2009        Palisades Presbyterian Church – Pastor Nominating Committee (PNC)
                                                                                  Barbara Algert          Mercy Garland, Chairperson   Beatrice Rasmussen
                               Ushers’ Schedule
                                                                                  Marjorie Douglas        Fred Griffing                Sue Webb
1 Sundays          James Rubenstone & Richard Hansen
2 Sundays          Roger Buck & Robert Rasmussen
3 Sundays          Arnold Finck & Robert Moore                                    Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meets here every Wednesday at 7:30 P.M. for a
4 Sundays          Fred Griffing & Ann McKie                                      Women’s Meeting and at 9:00 PM for a closed meeting in the Parish House.
5 Sundays John McKay & Stephen Van Dyk Next: 12/30/07

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