Capital_One_Support_Affidavit_Sawchuk by wanghonghx


									August 04, 2009

The Private Bank of Denny Ray Hardin
Denny R. Hardin, Agent
2450 Elmwood
Kansas City, Mo. 64127

Certified Mail # 7009 0960 0000 9902 7257
To: Capital One Financial Corp.
   Richard Fairbank President & CEO
   1680 Capitol One Drive
   McLean,VA. 22102

Certified Mail # 7009 0960 0000 9902 7264
To: Capital One Bank (USA) NA.
     P.O. Box 85699
    Richmond,VA. 23285-5699

Subject: Fraud of Claims

Principal: Mary Sawchuk
Account # 5178 0572 7318 0864


                    “Support Affidavit of Denny Ray Hardin”

        Because so many “Mortgage Companies”, “Banks” and “Lending
Institutions” have come under the control of “Foreign Agents” 22 USC 611 that
act in violation of law. It has become necessary, to create a form letter to deal
with all their correspondence. By the addressing of this letter to your
“Corporation” you have been named as a “Defendant” of the “Criminal Complaint
of Racketeering Activity” currently under investigation by federal authorities.
Each and every “Defendant” will be lawfully challenged by the following
common law principles:


“Corporations” have claimed the authority to contract with “foreign agents” to
represent their interest in court. Because a corporation can not write, can not
speak, it can not contract or be represented in court by any “foreign agent”. Every
claim of a “foreign agent” to represent the rights, privileges and immunities of a
“Corporation” is being lawfully challenged as “fraud” 18 USC 1001 in every court
where it is presented against my principals. The challenge is simple, produce the
“Plaintiff” in court, or the filing is barred by the 11th Amendment as a case
commenced by a “Foreign State”. Filing of these cases is “Fraud on the court” by
claiming the authority to violate the Constitution for the United States of America.


“Corporations”, “Banks”, “Foreign Agents” and “Government” have established a
“Conspiracy” to allow bonding of “slaves” in violation of the current 13th
Amendment. This is being carried over to the “Public Offices” of “trust” and
“profit”, whereby all due process of law is being denied. This criminal conduct has
been presented to those invested with the power and responsibility to stop this
“Organized Crime” and our efforts are starting to have results. Governors of all 50
States have been given 60 days “Notice” to abolish their “BAR ASSOCIATIONS”
or remove all “Foreign Agents” from all “Public Offices” of “trust” and “profit”.
Failure to comply with the “Original 13th Amendment”, will constitute
“Insurrection” for “interference with state and federal law” 10 USC 333. “JAG”
will be petitioned in the “Admiralty Jurisdiction” 28 USC 1333 to put down this
insurrection of state government. Every act of a foreign agent and corporation to
violate any right, privilege and/or immunity of the people is “Trespass” and the
crime of “Conspiracy against rights” 18 USC 241. These crimes are being
presented in every court where they occur.


Corporations and foreign agents have been provided full payment for debts, have
kept these payments, refused to credit the accounts and refuse to remove the
obligations. Your letter is clear evidence of “Extortionate Credit Transactions” 18
USC 891-894 to collect debts paid in full. As a “Private Bank”, I have requested
an “Audit” of my account. When it is received, I will have the authority to demand
“Bank Examiners” investigate my “Bank Bonds” that are not accounted for by
crediting my principals’ accounts. The will be asked to investigate the following

   1. Interference with commerce (Bonds not processed)

   Because many corporation have refused to do their lawfully required duty to
   process “Commercial instruments as legal tender for the payment of debt” 31
   USC 5118, I will send “Bank Examiners” to find my “Bank Bonds” 18 USC 8
   last known to be in your possession. Failure to account for these bonds will
   constitute clear “Racketeering Activity” of “interference with commerce” 18
   USC 1951.
   2. Embezzlement ( Bonds processed, not credited to the account)

   It is a major possibility that payments have been processed and not credited to
   accounts. This constitutes embezzlement of funds by the financial institution.
   To establish this crime, I will ask all my principals to send me all their
   statements that reflect the payments have been credited. These will be crossed
   off the ledger and establish all accounts to be investigated.

   3. Extortionate Credit Transaction (still collecting debts paid in full)

   All foreign agents who have been paid in full and are continuing to extort
   money from my principals, will be presented as grounds for investigation of all
   “Foreign Agents” within the “United States of America”. All who do not
   possess a “FAR” (Foreign Agent Registry) six digit number will be deemed
   criminals for failing to comply with federal law, that requires their registry.
   The “BAR” (British Atoned Registry) shows the allegiance of these “foreign
   agents” and their loyalties to “foreign powers”. Their threats, intimidation and
   coercion of the people are evidenced in their letters and is documented
   evidence of their crimes.

   4. Seditious conspiracy (banks, foreign agents, judges and government)

   Because so many have lost their homes, retirement funds, savings and
   livelihood by the criminal acts of “foreign agents”, it is clear to see our
   government has been overthrown by foreign agents. Under the “Original 13th
   Amendment” no “foreign agent” can hold any office of “trust” or “profit”. This
   includes “Public Offices” of “profit” such as banks, corporations, mortgage
   companies and lending institutions. Because of the current state of our nation I
   believe the current state is an organized plot of foreign agents to disrupt our
   economy, our courts, our government and our future. The President will soon
   be present the “CONSPIRACY OF FOREIGN AGENTS”. This conduct is
   clear “Seditious Conspiracy”, “Treason” and “Conspiracy to overthrow
   government”. Banks may own the President, but they don’t own the world. The
   “Hague Convention” may prosecute these crimes of profit against humanity.

Each and every individual must account for criminal conduct. I have been
persecuted by these foreign agents since 1991 and have come to understand my
enemy. The people are understanding these foreign agents and their criminal
practices to enslave us to them or take our property under the color of lawful
action. Accountability is long overdue and soon it will be impossible to stop. Once
prosecution begins all chances for evading our right of “Account” will cease and
the individual will be held to the same due process of law he has denied to others,
in a “Constitutional Court” operating under law, not a “Corporate Court” operating
under rules, codes and regulations.


        You may believe you are above the law, but I assure you, you are not. The
law of commerce requires “NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW”. No “Affidavit” has
been lawfully refuted to date and all stand as “truth in commerce”. You can
continue believing you are invincible, can harm whomever you please without
accountability and continue operating your “Organized Crime”, but sooner or later
justice will come knocking and you will stand alone in front of a jury explaining
your conduct. For a “Public Official” of trust or profit, to be represented by a
“foreign agent” is clear evidence of “incompetence” and grounds for removal from
that “Public Office”. All attorneys are deemed incompetent in law for accepting
the “titles of nobility” of “esquire” in violation of Article I, Section 10 of the
Constitution of the United States of America. You are given the choice, to act
within the law that governs your conduct, or violate it and be forced to defend
your criminal conduct. Every individual is given this choice and each is
accountable for the choices they make.

                                    28 USC 1746

        I, Denny Ray Hardin, declare under the penalty of perjury, under the laws
of the United States of America that the foregoing is true and correct to the best of
my knowledge , understanding and beliefs. This “Affidavit” is made without
purpose of evasion or intent to mislead, if some fact is proved by facts, law and
evidence to be incorrect, I reserve the right to amend it for the “truth” to be clearly
stated. This “Affidavit” must be accepted as “Truth”, unless a “Counter Affidavit”
signed under the penalty of perjury, is presented in dispute. “Truth is the law of
“Commerce”. “Judgment” must follow the “Truth”. This “Affidavit” must be
accepted as “Truth” in all Courts of the United States of America. Failure to do so
is denial of the truth.

God’s will be done.

                                                   Denny Ray Hardin, Agent

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