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					GRAFFITI : The Unspoken
“Graffiti”.A vast number of people exploit this term, using the
general definition, as follows: ".. the illegal or unauthorized
defacing of a building, wall or other edifice or object by
painting or otherwise marking it with words, pictures or

It is evident, that the use of this definition causes the general
public to hold a bias against the Graffiti movement. By doing so
it limits the scope of graffiti in spheres that promote individual
artistic endeavors, social and political awareness, and opinions
held by today’s youth on war, peace and popular culture.
Graffiti has the ability to shape the minds and views of today’s
youth by directing them in a positive manner and promoting
originality in their creations.

   The term Graffiti has been derived from
    the Italian word “Graffiato” which
    translates into scratched.

   In the past the primary use of graffiti
    was to make political statements, by
    activists, or mark the turf of street
    gangs. This was done by the use of
    inscriptions or drawings etched into
    walls or pillars of buildings and ruins.

   Even though it has not been determined
    when exactly these “Graffiti” were
    created, it was during the 1970’s that
    graffiti was first recognized as a form of
                                 As an Expression…

    Graffiti as an art form provides an outlet
     for an individuals creative abilities and
     emotions in a unique manner.

    Since the idea of art is so subjective, the
     perspective held by the viewer can range
     from a regular piece of art to a magnum

    "Sometimes you just don't know how to
     express yourself correctly until you get
     your hands on your first can [of spray
     paint]," said Robert, a 16-year-old Paly
     student and graffiti artist.

    A 3-Day mission of self-expression:
                Social and Political Significance

   The use of Graffiti has shown promise of becoming a potentially powerful medium to express
    views held on certain controversial, social and political dimensions of society.

   Graffiti is an art form that breaks the conventional barriers of expression and creates
    awareness amongst youth while providing them with a way to convey their stance on
    substantial issues.
 Graffiti is a prominent source of political protest used to communicate
  worldwide messages on anti-war...

  socially sensitive
             ...and International activism.

                                   Middle East

                                   Translation: Save money! Bypass the
                                   middle man! Fill the tank of your car
                                   directly with human blood.

                Advertising through Graffiti

   Over the past few decades advertising has evolved into this mass media culture that
    has been shaping the minds of our youth. And since visual forms of advertising are
    the most impressionable, Graffiti has been adopted by advertisers and designers as a
    modern and innovative approach to market their products.

        Louis Vitton                                       Adidas
        In Remembrance...

   Graffiti provides an outlet to channel feelings and emotions related
    to personal and public tragedies, experiences and significant

   The educational value of Graffiti has often been undermined, while in
    reality graffiti is able to promote valuable learning amongst its
    creators and audience

   Graffiti is able to help create attachment between youth and their
    urban neighborhoods by providing them with the opportunity to
    contribute and participate rather then accepting the flaws in their

   Graffiti provides youth with constructive diversions to steer them
    away from negative influences such as violence and drugs.
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