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      Q ad | pr was founded seven     Over the years, the agency
      years ago by partners, Tim      has evolved and grown to
      and Sharry Quillin. They had    be precisely what they had
      a vision to build a fun and     envisioned - a boutique-sized
      creative advertising and        agency with the capabilities
      public relations agency where   of a global firm while taking
      professionals of diverse        a hands-on approach with
      backgrounds and experience      each and every client.
      would work towards fulfilling
      common goals.

We are a savvy, motivated team of marketing professionals dedicated to creating successful
partnerships with our clients by thoroughly understanding their goals and by producing distinctive
work that brings them desired results. We work in a warm, respectful culture that fosters creative
thinking, best practices and rewarding results.
Q ad | pr is . . .


Passionate strategists that develop and deliver ideas that win
Committed and involved experts that connect with our constituencies
Nimble professionals that stay on top and ahead of trends
                                                         We pride ourselves in the fact that
who                                                      we have a diverse client base.
                                                         From healthcare to gaming,
                                                         we believe in becoming experts
                                                         in our clients’ fields.

“ s a national supplier of health care
products based here in Henderson, NV we have utilized the public
relations, ad placement, and creative services of Q ad | pr for nearly two
years. During that time we have found the team to be creative, dedicated,
and a pleasure to work with. They have generated a great deal of
exposure and publicity for our products across a broad
spectrum of media - from print to radio to the web -
on local, regional, and national stages.”
Darren Krein, Executive Vice President,
Santé Active Inc.

                   “Q ad | pr has assisted our company in achieving greater levels of
                   success by providing us with marketing support, event coordination and
                   ongoing publicity on a local and regional level. Through their execution,
                   we have been able to bring increased awareness of our brand to key
                   influencers, socialites and the general Las Vegas community We look
                                        forward to what 2009 will bring!”
                                        Cherine Cope, Manager   ,
                                        Giuseppe Zanotti Design

“Since I started my partnership with Q ad | pr 1½ years ago, my business
has tripled in volume in large part due to their expert marketing services.
They have essentially become part of the GBI family  .”
Dr James Atkinson, Medical Director   ,
Gastric Band Institute of Las Vegas

                   The Q ad | pr team is professional, detailed, on top of things. The best PR
                   firm I’ve ever worked with! No other PR firm had laid out recommendations
                   and budgets so easy to read or provided proactive updates and
                   accountability The results they have generated don’t get any better! In a
                   nutshell, they get the job done. The NDA will never be the same again.   ”
                   Somer Hollingsworth, President & CEO Nevada Development Authority


       We win recognition
       We win coverage
       We win consumers
       We win mindshare


       We win the hearts of our clients

                                               Whether we’re starting from scratch or retooling
                                               an existing Brand, it’s our business and we take
                                               it seriously. We know that the Brand is the core
                                               of a company. A strong Brand adds value and
                                               consumers choose Brands that are strong.
                                               Customers become loyal to them over time. That’s
                                                                                                        Website and search engine optimization are no
                                               why we undergo a Brand audit where we identify
                                                                                                        longer an option for your business. It’s imperative
                                               the roadmap to create a Brand that will help your
                                                                                                        you have the correct Internet presence to portray
                                               company become memorable and stay memorable.
                                                                                                        the proper image of your company, in addition to
                                               Creative                                                 using the web to promote your product or service.
                                               The look…the feel…the image it evokes. It all stems
                                                                                                        Our firm has designed, written and produced
                                               from the creative process through brainstorms. Our
                                                                                                        websites that inform and sell. We’re also adept at
                                               creative professionals are masters at producing
                                                                                                        creating social media applications on your site,
                                               innovative concepts and designs that communicate
                                                                                                        including blogs, YouTube videos, and podcasts.
                                               you message effectively through any medium
                                               including social media applications.                     Advertising online, whether on search engines or
                                                                                                        specialty sites, is also a strong capability of our firm.
                                               Planning                                                 We are savvy in email marketing and e-newsletters.
                                               Through primary research, secondary research and         Check out our award-winning e-newsletter, Q-tips,
                                               trend analysis, we make recommendations on how           on our website if you haven’t seen it.
A d v e r t i S i n g C A PA B i l i t i e S

                                               to build our clients’ businesses. Together, we agree
                                               upon a plan of action that will help achieve those       Let us design an interactive plan that will help meet
                                               objectives. Planning and strategy are the building       your marketing objectives.
                                               blocks of our creative team.                             Social Media
                                               Media                                                    In today’s media savvy world more and more
                                               Our team negotiates for the best packages and            consumers are going online for more than
                                               prices in print, broadcast and online media. We          information gathering. They are looking to
                                               place media locally, regionally and nationally.          participate in the conversation and create their
                                                                                                        own content. Social media is designed for social
                                               We have phenomenal relationships with media              interactions. At Q ad | pr we are versed at creating
                                               representatives that are constantly making us aware      and integrating Social Media campaigns into your
                                               of deals, last minute specials, remnants and other       current advertising campaigns. Advertising and
                                               special promotions.                                      participating on social media networks is about
                                               We are also savvy in the area of “new” or digital        quickly reaching a huge audience online. In addition,
                                               media – online networks, online video, mobile            it allows you to monitor your brand perception
                                               campaigns and social networking.                         online. Including Social Media in your traditional
                                                                                                        advertising efforts extends the reach of your
                                               Broadcast                                                message.
                                               We work with some of the finest directors and
                                               production companies in the valley and out-of-
                                               market to deliver quality television, radio, corporate
                                               presentations and viral videos. We pride ourselves in
                                               being creative within any budge and style.
                                               Our creative team will concept, write and art direct
                                               the spots from beginning to end.
 P r C A PA B i l i t i e S
 Strategic Pr Campaigns                                         Let us first listen to your goals and then interview some
 It’s important that any campaign start out with a              of your employees and listen to theirs. It’s only then
 strategy behind it, ensuring that your public relations        that a targeted plan can be written and implemented
 efforts work to obtain specific objectives. Our firm           to benefit your organization.
 has team members with vast backgrounds in both
 consumer and business-to-business campaigns, in                Community relations
 addition to experience with some of the largest brands         Attaching your company name to a community
 in the country. We know how to plan and manage                 organization or project can be a great benefit for your
 large and small accounts.                                      public relations campaign.
 What works for one company might not work for                  Whether you’re looking for a local or national
 another; there is no cookie cutter approach. It’s what         organization to partner with, our company can search
 sets Q ad | pr apart from other firms in Las Vegas.            out an organization to meet your objectives, create the
                                                                partnership and maximize its publicity value, if desired.
 Media relations
 Publicity is much more than writing a press release and        We’d be happy to show you some examples of how
 sending it out to the media. These days it’s crafting a        our clients and the organizations have profited from
 story, or a pitch, and knowing the right reporter, blogger     such a partnership.
 or new media to contact and secure the story in an
 instant.                                                       Crisis Communications
                                                                A crisis at your place of business is a lot easier to deal
 Journalists of all kinds are working faster and in a           with when you have a plan that’s ready to implement.
 variety of media forms, in addition to researching stories
                                                                Are you prepared if something happens to one of your
 in ways they never did before. Our firm is aware of the
                                                                employees? Your building? Your product? Your service
 change in landscape and is catering to their needs.
                                                                gone wrong?
 event Marketing & Coordination                                 It’s not just the large hotels, airlines or hospitals that
 Planning and promoting your event is an expertise we           can benefit from a crisis communications plan. We can
 possess. Our team has spearheaded events that have             put something in place so that your company knows
 garnered international attention. Celebrity events are a       how to react should something unfortunate happen.
 mainstay for
 Q ad | pr. Fundraising events, large and small, have           Don’t let bad PR happen to you because you don’t
 raised sizeable proceeds as a result of our assistance.        have a plan.
 From conception to completion, we can plan and                 Social Media
 implement an event to entertain and/or inform and bring        Blogs, RSS feeds, podcasting, YouTube and social
 awareness to your audience.                                    networking all fall under social media and, because
                      Hispanic Marketing                        of the Internet, it’s changing the face of the public
                      In 2008, Las Vegas was officially         relations industry.
                      ranked in the TOP 25 Hispanic             We are in tune with it ourselves, using Facebook,
                      markets, coming in at #20                 LinkedIn and Twitter on a daily basis.
                      with 532,500 estimated 2008
                      population. With Hispanics making         It may or may not work for your business, but let us
                      up 26% of the market in Las Vegas, it     take a look at your company and your customer base
                      is incumbent to address this growing      and determine if social media might be a new way to
                      community and deliver targeted            gain more customers and notoriety for your company,
                      and culturally relevant initiatives via   product or service.
                      marketing programs that speak
                      to their needs, interests and core        viral Marketing
                      values. We take a culturally              For many of our clients, viral marketing is a necessary
                      relevant approach to ensure               component to the marketing mix. In today’s world of
                      that our clients effectively reach        online consumer interaction, having a static presence
                      this audience. This includes the          on the web is no longer viable. When applicable, we
                      “transcreation” of messages, not          recommend viral marketing strategies to our clients
                      just direct translations.                 that encourage their target audiences to pass on their
                      internal Communications                   message to others, creating an opportunity for growth
                      Public relations is just as important     in the message’s exposure, the brand or company
                      inside your business as it is to          and overall influence. Along with the utilization of
                      the outside world. An internal            preexisting social media networks, we have executed
                      communications plan might                 innovative marketing techniques that have maximized
                      consist of newsletters, email blasts,     the publicity generated for our clients’ campaigns that
                      employee events or seminars.              go beyond traditional media results.
       are different

| We work on a national level, not just local or   Advertising and public relations working together
  regional                                         maximizes the strength of your marketing mix.
                                                   However, together or separate, whatever your
| We are involved with a wide range of             needs may be, we strive for excellence and get
  industries and audiences                         results.

| We work to become an extension of your           Please visit www.qapr.com for more information.
  team as contributing partners that provide

8080 W. Sahara., Ave Suite A | Las Vegas, Nevada 89117 | Phone: 702.256.5511 | Fax: 702.838.9899

 gaming industry experience
 Collectively, the staff of Q ad | pr has amassed a considerable amount of
 hands-on experience in all facets of marketing for the gaming industry. We
 have performed work for the following properties and companies:

        >   The Venetian Resort and Casino
        >   Grand Canal Shoppes
        >   Bally’s Las Vegas Hotel Casino
        >   Paris Las Vegas Hotel Casino
        >   TI (Treasure Island) Las Vegas Hotel Casino
        >   The Mirage Las Vegas
        >   Bellagio Las Vegas
        >   Mandalay Bay Hotel & Casino and THEhotel
        >   Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel Casino
        >   Primm Valley Resort Casino Las Vegas
        >   Cache Creek Casino Resort in Brooks, California
        >   Cherokee Casino in Tulsa, Oklahoma
        >   Casino Magic Hotel & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi
        >   L’A u b e rg e du Lac Casino Resort in Lake Charles, Louisiana
        >   Buffalo Thunder Resort & Casino in Sante Fe, New Mexico
        >   Becker Gaming

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