comic strip project by niusheng11


									                 Make Beliefs Comix                            Comic Life                      Toon Doo
  Usage        Vocabulary                               engaging in thinking, creating, easy to navigate
               Team Collaboration                       and writing                     use Compleetoons to
               create an autobiographical commix        assessment tool                 finish strips started by the
               create storyboards                       storyboards                     website (story starters)
                                                        sequencing                      multiple features

Restrictions   black and white only-no color            pictures are not available in    Must sign up to explore site
                                                        costs $19.95 for a single
                                                        1000 seat license is $999

 Features      free                                     template support                 free
               printables                               advanced balloon features        private-requires login
               writing prompts                          advanced text flow               earn tokens
                                                        predesigned shapes               panel layouts
                                                        facebook uploader                drag and drop character,
                                                        enhanced user interface          backgrounds, props, and
                                                        fonts included                   speechbubbles
                                                        comic panels included            create your own character
                                                        iPhoto and image browser         using TraitR
                                                        web cam capture

 Targeted      grades 3-5                               grades 6-12                      grades 3-8
               special needs students                   reluctant readers
  users        boys and girls                           gifted learned
Specifications   available for Mac and
                 exports comic as image, pdf,
                 or send to facebook or iPhoto

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