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									Ryan Amrine

Com 460

26 January 2009

                    “Discount” Commercial

       This commercial is set in a white space, with shelves as in a supermarket. On the shelves

are boxes resembling computer programs or games and represent certain kinds of insurance. A

worker in the store asks a man if he needs help and he is looking for discounts on his car

insurance. The worker explains to him he gets discounts for being a safe driver, being a

homeowner and by buying the insurance online. The customer gets very excited and in a high

pitched voice yells out, “Yes!” This is followed by the worker explaining that there is no

discount for agreeing with her.

       This commercial is aimed at middle aged people, who own a car and a home. It tells us

that it is good to try and save money whenever possible, especially when it comes to insurance

and that if you are responsible enough to own a house then you can be trusted to not get in as

many car accidents.

       The byproducts of these messages encourage people to be safe drivers if for no

motivation than to save money. It enforces the idea that the average American is a safe driver

and they want to be rewarded with cheap car insurance. It also appeals to that same citizen that

feels like he only has car insurance because it’s the law and wants the cheapest insurance


        Ultra clean white room indicates a business doing well and someone you can trust to

cover you if you do have an accident, a company that won’t bail on you. This quells the fear of

Just the part about the helpful attendant in the store, who in this case you that reappears in the
series of commercials for, represents their helpful service that may be all too

willing to help and you will deal with the same people every time you get in a car accident.

       By putting all of their different insurance packages in different neatly packaged boxes it

shows just how easy it is to “shop” for what you really want out of your car insurance policy.

       At the end of the commercial, the customer becomes really excited and yells, something

that the workers usually does and she says there is no discount for agreeing with her and he

admits to getting overexcited. This could play on the fact that adults should not be that excited

about just getting car insurance and it should always be that good of a price, and at the same time

underlying that their prices are low enough that you might break out of normal social behavior.

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