Reverse engineering - DOC by jianglifang


									                              AGRI 85 Second Exam October 2003

1. The process of copying a piece of hardware by engineers and designers working with only a
written description of what the hardware is supposed to be able to do, best describes which of the
following terms?
        A) Cloning
        B) Reverse Engineering
        C) Ripping
        D) Machine Duplication
        E) Dubbing

2. Which of the following decimal numbers is equivalent to the binary number 11111?
       A) 15
       B) 27
       C) 31
       D) 46
       E) 53

3. Which of the following binary numbers are equivalent to decimal 37?
       A) 101011
       B) 110010
       C) 110101
       D) 100111
       E) 100101

4. Here’s some Quick Basic source code similar to what we saw in lecture last week:

If we ran the above code, which of the following locations would be where on the screen the
circle be drawn?
        A) Upper right corner
        B) Upper left corner
        C) Lower right corner
        D) Lower left corner
        E) In the center of the screen

5. The meaning of “decompiling” or “disassembling” is best explain by which of the following?
       A) taking apart the mother board of PC and removing the chip set
       B) removing the sort order of a column of data in a spreadsheet
       C) figuring out the original programming language source code from the binary
       D) Opening the file allocation table in the boot sector of a disk
       E) Removing the password protection codes on a network firewall
Here’s a graph:

6. Which of the following is the main problem with the above graph?
      A) The data should be sorted in ascending order
      B) The graph should be a bar chart, not a line graph
      C) The graph should be an X-Y scatter plot, not a line graph
      D) The X-axis labels should be alphabetized
      E) Totals should be included

7. Imagine you are interested in the spatial distribution of bicycle ownership in the United States
today. You get data from on the web on the number of bicycles owned for all 50
states. What type of graph would best show the spatial distribution patterns of bicycle
        A) Bar Chart
        B) X-Y scatterplot
        C) Histogram
        D) Boxplot
        E) Choropleth map

8. Which of the following examples of data are examples of Ordinal data?
      A) Gender (female, male)
      B) Tree vigor (healthy, sick, dead)
      C) Number of petals on a flower
      D) Medication type (aspirin, Tylenol, Advil)
      E) Weight in grams
9. You are interested in improving your academic performance at UVM. You wonder if you are
getting enough sleep, and how little sleep you can get away with and still do well in school. You
collect data on the relationship between academic performance and hours of sleep by surveying
first-year students, sophomores, juniors and seniors. For each student you have data on their
GPA and the average hours of sleep they get per night. Which of the following graph types
would best show the relationship between GPA and average hours of sleep?
        A) Pie chart
        B) Line graph
        C) Bar chart
        D) X-Y scatter plot
        E) Histogram

10. Imagine a pixel from a Scanner had this Red-Green-Blue binary code:
11111111 00000000 11111111. Which of the following best matches what color this pixel
would have?
      A) Magenta
      B) Orange
      C) Green
      D) Brown
      E) Cyan

11. According to the online reading about CDs, most CDs have been made by sampling the
sound to be recorded about 44,000 times a second. Each sample measures the strength of the
voltage from the microphone, which in turn measured the strength of the sound wave that is
being recorded. Each sample is converted to a 16-bit number. Which of the following is the
number of possible unique voltages that can be distinguished or coded for with a 16-bit number?
       A) 16
       B) 512
       C) 4096
       D) 65,356
       E) 16,731,136

12. According to the video we watched in class about Bill Gates and Microsoft, which of the
following best describes how Bill Gates and Microsoft made most of their money in the 1980s?
       A) Microsoft’s Operating system DOS was sold with every IBM PC and Microsoft got
           $50 per PC Royalties from every IBM PC sold.
       B) Microsoft made its money from selling DOS to clone makers like Compaq, Dell, and
       C) Microsoft made the microprocessors for all IBM and clone machines.
       D) Microsoft controlled most of the public stock in IBM in the 1980s. As IBM stock
           went up, so did the net worth of Microsoft.
       E) Microsoft had the copyright to the ROM-BIOS chip used in all IBM PCs?
13. Imagine you have the above spreadsheet in Excel. Your active cell is E2. Which of the
following formulae would be correct to enter to calculate the Total Expenses?
       A) =A1+B2+C3+D4
       B) =SUM(A2:D2)
       C) =A1+B1+C1+D1
       D) =SUM(A1:D1)
       E) =ADD(A1:E2)

14. According to the history of the Internet video we have been watching in class, which of the
following was the organization that put up the money to create the first digital network of
computers that later became the Internet?
    A) DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Project Agency)
    B) IBM (International Business Machines)
    C) DEC (Digital Equipment Corportation)
    D) BB&N (Bolt, Beranek, & Newman)
    E) Lucent technologies of Bell Laboratories

15. According to convention which one of the following file extensions would NOT be
considered an ASCII text file?
       A) .txt
       B) .dat
       C) .bas
       D) .xls

16. Imagine you get data from the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources on the elevation of
Lake Champlain, measured at the King Street Ferry Dock every month for the year 2002. Which
of the following graph types would best show the changes in elevation over the year?
        A) Pie chart
        B) Area chart
        C) X-Y scatter plot
        D) Box plot
        E) Dot chart
17. You are interested in how people have voted in the past US presidential elections. You
gather the following data:

Year           Party                  Millions of voters
1994           Democrat                      57
1994           Republican                    54
1994           Independent                    2
1996           Democrat                      62
1996           Republican                    59
1996           Independent                   12
2000           Democrat                      63
2000           Republican                    63
2000           Independent                    4

Which of the following type of graph would best communicate the how the total number of
voters has changed each election year, and how the party affiliations fared in the elections from
        A) Stacked bar chart
        B) X-Y scatter plot
        C) Box plot
        D) Density map
        E) Histogram

18. Which of the following examples of data would be classified as continuous measurements?
      A) Number of pets at home
      B) Country name (Botswana, Australia, Switzerland, Canada, Uruguay)
      C) Income (<$9,999, $10,000-$19,999, $20,000-$49,999, >$50,000)
      D) Religion (Buddhist, Jewish, Catholic, Muslim, None, Zoroastrian, Taoist, etc.)
      E) Weight in grams

19. Imagine you are hired by NASA to help design a high-quality imaging probe to Mars. This
probe is designed to locate potential landing sites for a manned mission in a few decades. The
NASA team at JPL wants you to design an imaging system that can detect 2048 levels of
brightness for each pixel of a 1-million pixel array for each image (1000 X 1000 pixels per
image). Which of the following is the minimum number of bits you can use to code for each
pixel, so that each pixel can have one of 2048 levels of brightness?
        A) 1,000,000
        B) 8,000,000
        C) 8,192
        D) 2,048
        E) 11
20. Imagine you are in the computer lab in Morrill Hall. For some unknown reason, the web
browser is not working. You check your email using pine and discover your friend has attached
an image you really want to see. Which of the following will most likely work to get the image
on the screen in lab?
        A) In pine click on the File Open menu, double click on the image file that is attached
           to your email and the image file will open.
        B) Save or export the image from pine to your home directory on zoo, use FTP to
           download the file the lab computer’s C drive, use paint or Microsoft Office Photo
           editor to open the file.
        C) Open up MS-Word. Use EditInsert Special menu, Click on open, and browse your
           way to zoo and your mail folder. Double click on the image file and the image will
           appear in Word.
        D) Open FTP and find the image file in your public_html sub-directory or folder.
           Double click on the image file and the image will open in PowerPoint.
        E) None of the above methods will work.

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