2007-12-27_093239_DTX_Known_Issues_Report_12-27-07 by shitingting


									DENTRIX G2 Issues Reported by Customers
     ID            Severity                                                           Issue

Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 CU 1
   126524          Critical   An invalid date for a payment table record for insurance estimates results in an error.
   127643          Critical   Error when loading Tx Planner under some conditions: Value was either too large or too small for a Decimal.

   128399          Critical   Using the save button in the Progress notes pane version of Clinical Notes may cause changes to not be saved.

   138082          Critical   When a patient with a long internal id is loaded in the G2 Chart, receive error: 'Unhandled Exception'.
   138696          Critical   Opening Treatment Planner for some patients may cause errors: system argument out of range exception.

   138701          Critical   DX2007 does not print correct specialty code in Box 56A.
   138950          Critical   Treatment Plan printing may show 0.00 for Est. Benefits Remaining YTD when there is still an amount remaining.

   138965          Critical   Treatment Plan reports may print a higher number for Patient Balance than what it should be.
   138975          Critical   After closing & reopening DENTRIX, the Case Note Text is not displayed in the Case Note group in Supporting
   140472          Critical   If the default Continuing Care record is not loaded, No Error message is given and the Interval units and Quantity are
                              not valid.
   141053          Critical   In the Treatment Planner, there are cases where the Deductible is not being used in the estimate calculations
   141314          Critical   Settings for New Case from Treatment Planner panel in Chart do not save in some cases.
   141319          Critical   Refreshing Clinical notes may make it appear that they are not saved when they are saved.
   141504          Critical   Need to include Word 2007 Letter Merge compatibility in Component Update.
   142303          Critical   Error, index out of range, must be non-negative and less than the size of the collection.
   142346          Critical   Clinical Notes - Copy to Clinical Notes can overwrite a note being typed at another computer.
 TOTAL Resolved:       16

Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 CU 1 Remaster
   126011          Critical   After Internet Explorer 7 has been installed you are no longer able to open or run the Month End Wizard Setup.

   126130          Critical   Getting error 'An entry with the same key already exists.' when the Chart is launched from the Ledger.
   126168          Critical   Chart may use the wrong fee schedule when posting procedures.
   126334          Critical   Patient-Friendly Descriptions for Treatment Planner need to be improved.
   126459          Critical   Deductibles are always being calculated whether the switch to Use Dental Plan Maximums and Deductibles is
                              checked or not.
 TOTAL Resolved:       5

Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 Remaster
   127982          Critical   The ResetInstall utility has been replaced with ri.dtx.
   128009          Critical   When the database path is pointing to Tutor, and the ResetInstall is run, then uninstall DENTRIX, the Tutor
                              database is removed.
   128014          Critical   If ResetInstall is run, the InstallShield folder is not deleted and the uninstall can remove the tutor folder.
 TOTAL Resolved:       3

                                                                                     4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 1 of 12
      ID            Severity                                                          Issue
 Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 CU 2
     142722         Critical   Chart. Some Tx Plan procedures should still paint for a tooth when an extraction is later posted as Complete.

     142936         Critical   RX - change needed for NY State Form Full Sheet and NY State Form Individual.
     142942         Critical   Refreshing Clinical Notes causes notes to disappear, until reselected.
     143208         Critical   Practice Assistant reports - Procedure Code Summary and Production Summary Report will not generate.

     143284         Critical   Changes made to the code infrastructure to potentially increase the speed of opening Chart in G2.
     143396         Critical   DX2007 does not check EPSDT/Title XIX box - Louisiana Medicaid requires this to be checked.
  TOTAL Resolved:       6

 Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 CU 3
     128543         Critical   Treatment Planner may display double the deductible required in some cases.
     139137         Critical   Procedures with no selected paint type and/or production type may cause the G2 Chart to launch with errors.

     146685         Critical   Clinical Notes don't append when note record is open on Clinical Note tab.
     147037         Critical   Insurance Estimate may be incorrect at a certain threshold if patient has Secondary Insurance.
     147080         Critical   Trying to sign a Clinical Note gives: Unable to Save Clinical Note message when signing procedure Clinical Notes.

     147720         Critical   Posting a procedure to a patient that has never been used for the Treatment Planner, after a patient who had
                               procedures tx planned causes error.
     147802         Critical   Treatment Planned procedures with a Deductible category of 'None' is still calculating a Deductible.
     148318         Critical   Treatment Planner estimates Patient Portion Incorrectly when Payment Table for Procedure is greater than
                               procedure amount.
     148549         Critical   Open Treatment Planner on some patients in some databases has error: Object Reference not set to an instance of
                               an Obj.
     147001         Critical   Entering an Insurance Override or Payment Table entry when Patient Insurance Coverage is 0 doesn't override
                               when Use Insurance Max is enabled.
     149820         Critical   Clinical Notes automatically appended with procedure posting inserts a time stamp for each procedure's note, when
                               it should not.
     146702         Critical   Letter merge using Word 2007 when the DOC folder is not local causes Letter Creation Failed message.
  TOTAL Resolved:       12

 Issues resolved with DENTRIX G2 CU 4
     151025         Critical   Clearing a patient with an unsaved clinical note causes the note not to save.
     151028         Critical   Clinical note loses Signature Stamp if chart is closed before note is saved.
                    Critical   First 2 characters of each line in 'SHIP TO' box are cutoff on Lab Case RX after Component Update #3 is installed
  TOTAL Resolved:       3

Issues that have not been resolved that are scheduled for resolution in G3
     113275         Medium     RX - Missouri prescription form change request.
     114751         Medium     CLAIM - BCBS of Massachusetts claim change request for dentures.
     115591         Medium     Claim - Kentucky Medicaid requires a 2-digit code to be put in Box #38on the ADA2006 form.
     120877         Low        Right clicking in white area between visits in Treatment Plan generates code.

                                                                                    4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 2 of 12
  ID      Severity                                                           Issue
122210    Low        Perio Chart does not change the default provider for new exams, even thought the patient's Primary Provider has
                     been changed.
125588    High       G2 still slow while meeting system requirements.
125911    Medium     Extraction - Painted should layer over other paint types, not remove them.
126183    Low        Primary Teeth will not move or rotate in the Arch view when a mixed dentition is displayed.
126195    Low        Unable to delete Treatment Planned procedures when Enable Automatic Pre-Payment Allocations is enabled.

126294    Low        Printing Appointment Reminder Label from G2 Chart causes error "Cannot Open Guarantor File(12)".
126297    Low        Running a Select Install removes all versions of .DTX utility files.
126440    High       If an Insurance Coverage % is set to zero & a Payment table exists the Treatment Planner ignores the Payment
                     Table amount.
126502    Low        When the dentition is switched for all teeth in the Arch view switching to the Model view causes the teeth to display
127448    Low        Progress Notes do not display keyboard Tabs.
127551    High       Treatment Planner insurance estimates need to calculate a co-payment as a percentage when the co-pay is < 1.

128439    Low        When the treatment area is changed from Root to Tooth, posting a root canal causes an unhandled exception error.

129027    Medium     When posting a procedure that requires a Quadrant to the Chart, doesn't print correctly on insurance claims.

137937    Medium     Patient Privacy Options not being saved in Print Patient Chart window.
138492    Low        Updating Treatment Plan fees for current patient, does not operate the same for all patients when the patient has a
                     pre-auth claim.
138664    Low        Closing Lab Case Manager on workstation computers with Image installed causes SQL errors.
139827    Low        Unhandled Exception error when a single digit procedure code is used in the Chart.
140929    Low        Procedure Notes print on Patient Chart even though 'Procedure Note' is not selected.

141672    Medium     Claim - Change in claim requirements for CAMED forms.
 141804   High       Login Error message when trying to print from Treatment Planner.

141824    Medium     Unable to post multi codes when they are manually typed into the Procedure Code listing combo box.
141962    High       Extraction paint type paints over Abscess paint type no matter when each is posted.
142192    Low        Posting a procedure when viewing chart notations erases notations and requires refresh.
142345    Medium     Patient Picture replaces a picture when either Yes or No is selected.
142480    High       Treatment Planner is not calculating correctly with a Payment Table between 0.00 and 0.99.
142856    Low        Upgrading database from 11.0 to G2 causes surfaces to appear incorrectly in the progress notes.
142979    High       System.OverflowException: Value was either too large or too small for an Int16, error is received when opening
142987    Low        The flag 'use selected teeth for range' should allow the selection of one tooth as it did in previous versions.

143513    Medium     The Print Patient Chart dialog does not save Patient Privacy settings when Save Options is selected.
143516    Medium     Posting a missing tooth condition to a tooth with Existing , or Existing Other procedures doesn't remove these
146111    Low        Chart, Select Patient doesn't remove NP from name after family is created.
146131    Medium     Setting treatment planned procedure complete changes provider of procedure to provider selected in Select Provider

                                                                           4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 3 of 12
 ID      Severity                                                            Issue
146161   Medium     Co-Payment Options in G2 treatment planner do not work as they used to in DTX 11.0.
146545   Medium     Treatment Planner Printouts can no longer be printed showing only Treatment Plan Totals without also displaying
                    procedure amount.
146562   Low        Entering a Treatment Plan Case Note manually does not make the Save Note button available until the text box is
146587   Medium     Posting a Condition to a tooth with a Crown or Extraction paints behind the crown instead of in front

146630   Medium     Previewing or Printing a claim using the ECSForm prints double when default printed claim form is DX2005.

146642   Low        Print only today's work will not print procedure notes in Chart.
146704   High       Printing a treatment plan when greater than 10,000 it cuts off the first character.

146757   Medium     Claim - DX2007AF claim format does not print the form/lines/boxes.
146790   Low        Installing CU2 for G2 prevents legacy modules from opening Help Contents.
146846   Medium     When you clock in using Identity and DENTRIX G2 it takes you to the Clock In/Out screen instead of clocking you In
                    or Out.
146880   Low        When sorting Progress Notes in the G2 Chart by Amount, it sorts incorrectly.
146896   Medium     Patient education topics moved to new categories do not stay in the new Category when the Presenter is closed
                    unless reassigned from within topic.
146948   Low        Disabled Multi-codes still show in the multi-code list in the procedure codes pane in chart.
146990   High       Errors trying to load Questionnaire from either Treatment Planner or Chart when patient has long id.
147076   Medium     Closing Treatment Planner while a report is being printed causes Object reference not set to an instance of an object
147180   Medium     Claim changes needed Indiana Medicaid- ADA 2006.
147284   High       Reject a Tx Plan insurance authorization and Tx Planner still calculates the procedure amount.
147368   Low        Pinning or unpinning a panel causes Chart Notations to disappear from the screen.
147403   Medium     The TekScan link does not work with DENTRIX G2/G3.
147470   High       Patient Alerts assigned to open on Prescriptions module do not work, when launched from Chart.
147538   Low        When a Case has its status changed to 'Referred' the Referred to Dentist is not listed in the 'Patient Referrals'
147539   Medium     Claim changes needed for South Carolina ADA 2006.
147666   Medium     Patient Walkout Drs Statement is not including Provider's NPI number.
147777   Medium     The Estimate Expire option selected in the "Settings" section is not used by default when a new case is created by
                    posting treatment.
147820   Medium     Trying to print a Medical Claim when a New Facility is used causes DxPrint Application Error (Both 11 and G2 with
                    CDT2007 update).
147828   Medium     Claim North Carolina Medicaid requires Billing Provider's taxonomy code in Box 35 (remarks).
148083   High       Office Journal is not saving the correct Provider and the Note gets removed due to long note_ids.
148136   Critical   When a Case report is attempted to print an OutOfLicenseException error is displayed.

148362   High       Condition procedures not painted in the order they are entered.
148707   Medium     Claim changes needed for Nevada Medicaid.
148807   High       Posting a bridge using a multi code for patients with mixed dentitions post to teeth outside the selected range.

148836   High       Unlinking an alternate case duplicates treatment planned procedures.
148843   Medium     Clinical Notes always print to Windows default printer.

                                                                            4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 4 of 12
  ID      Severity                                                          Issue
148857    Medium     When comparing treatment plan to a fee that has no name the headers will read: 1. Fee instead of the fee schedule
148864    High       When Treatment Plan reprinted when compare fee schedule option selected with fee schedule, compares to wrong
                     fee schedule.
148868    Low        Rejecting a treatment case when there is a pontic or extraction, causes perio to skip the tooth.

149067    Medium     Claim - Medical claims show wrong procedure date on Treatment Planned procedures.
149152    Medium     Print Treatment Case is hiding Finance Status, Patient and Family Balance when Hide Insurance Estimates is
149232    High       Printing Today's Completed Work and Treatment Plan report is being filtered by the progress notes panel filters.

149288    High       Conversion Fails when it should continue due to 4000 plus character procedure notes.
149420    High       Exiting the Chart randomly produces Cannot access disposed object named: chartform when using Dexis integrator.

149550    Medium     Claim - IDMED claim format does not print tooth numbers.
 149557   Medium     The Print Patient Chart 'Patient Privacy' options do not save when saving a new set of options.
149559    Low        Adjusting the default Continuing Care time from the Chart causes an Out of Memory error.

150242    Medium     Opening presenter directly from Chart doesn't select the patient default case as it would when opened from
                     treatment planner.
150238    High       Insurance estimates are incorrect when a payment table entry or override amount divided by coverage is greater
                     than the procedure amount.

150334    Low        Guarantor Portion not including procedures marked Do Not Bill to Dental Ins when View All With Running enabled.

150406    Medium     Exiting Chart after printing Treatment Case causes Object Refference error is closed before job complete.

150434    Low        Printing the Treatment Case Report always prints Entry Date of the procedure instead of Procedure Date
 127947   High       Some treatment plan procedures are flagged for History when they shouldn't be. Remove History flag so that the
                     treatment planned procedure can be deleted or otherwise modified.
149136    High       Change patient and Office Journal updates with wrong patient information.
138937    Medium     Vertical JPG files used on the Flash Player Welcome Page over write the Flash Player 'Welcome' bar.
151001    Medium     Treatment Case report prints a missing tooth if condition is invalidated.
151244    Medium     When previewing the Patient Chart report if you click the Print button the wrong printer is selected by default

151245    Medium     When previewing the Treatment Planner reports if you click the Print button the wrong printer is selected by default

150986    High       Denti-Cal has required that the SSN # should be removed from the CAMED Claim form.
127536    High       The Note column position is not being saved when the Chart is closed then reopened.
          High       Posting a procedure when specifying more than 1 of the same surface still calls multi-surface procedure flags when it
151373               shouldn’t
151344    Medium     Claim Perio Attachments may fail to send if DOC path is not set on workstation.
          Medium     Posting a procedure when specifying more than 1 of the same surface still calls multi-surface procedure flags when it
151373               shouldnt

151552    Medium Chart does not paint dentures if completed on a date before extractions are treatment planned or completed

151566    High       Last Visit Date not updating correctly when posting a Treatment Plan procedure complete in Chart
                                                                           4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 5 of 12
    ID             Severity                                                            Issue
   151768          High       Posting a bridge retainer to a implant prevents perio from skipping it.
   151842          High       DX2007 claim form is printing the ' X ' for missing teeth off the tooth numbers.
                   High       Completed Procedures with Claim Payment Received still display in Treatment Planner and skew patient and
   152020                     insurance amounts
   152081          Critical   Printing numerous reports from Chart or Treatment Planner consecutively causes out of memory error
   152201                     'Estimate expires' date in the treatment planner panel does not match the date in the treatment planner module.
   152213                     The 'Allow Credit Card' option on the Full Credit card billing statement is not saving
   152511                     Extracting a tooth with a Existing or Existing Other crown still shows as Crown in Perio, while Chart paints correctly.

   152513                     Password rights and access is incorrect for pre-estimate insurance claims.
   152538          High       Claim - variation of CMS 1500 needed for BCBS of Minnesota
   152641                     Merging a letter from any location in Dentrix causes an existing open document to get lost
   152694          Low        Printing a Walkout/Dr Statement prints adjustments assigned to "Family", when it should not
   152880                     Completing an appointment uses the HofH insurance details to post the procedure instead of patient insurance.

TOTAL Scheduled:      110

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             4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 7 of 12

Submit claims electronically.
Submit claims electronically.
Submit claims electronically.
Not technically a problem, but user shouldn’t have right-
click function in Treatment Plan details.

                                         4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 8 of 12

This being worked on for every release.

This will probably be resolved with ID 147001, currently
in G2 CU3 project.
Refresh chart using F5.

Double-click the Clinical Note to view it.
Correct percentage on procedure


Post from Ledger, ApptBook, or submit electronically.

Reselect when printing.
Selected all patient, or delete/recreate pre-auth claim.

Install Image 4.5 CU4 to resolve this issue.
Post from Ledger.
Don’t display procedure notes in Progress Notes panel.

Submit claims electronically.
Replace crdb_adoplus.dll from a working computer or
Select from Procedure Codes panel.
This relates to ID 125911.
Refresh chart using F5.
Use $1 or greater.


This relates to ID's 137937 and 149557.
Post instead an Extraction(D7140) as Existing, or
Existing Other.
Verify the correct provider is selected or double-click
the items and manually change the status to completed
and place the complete date in the field.

                                             4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 9 of 12
Right-Click in the details section and select Print, it will
print exactly as displayed.
Click off the note to something else then return to it.

This relates to ID's 143516 and 148362 - Conditions
paint behind everything, except for the extract type

Change the default blank claim selection in office
manager | reports | Blank ADA screen.
Right-Click in the details section and select Print, it will
print exactly as displayed.
Submit claims electronically.
Open .hlp files manually from the Dentrix folder.

Double-Click the Topic and change the category to the
desired option.
Leave Treatment Planner open until all Treatment
Planner print jobs have completed.
Submit claims electronically.
Refresh chart using F5.

Opening the Treatment Planner panel will prevent this
from occurring.
Don’t enter new facility information from within claim,
do it within Procedure Code setup.
Submit claims electronically.
There is no solution available for G2, but has already
been resolved in G3.
Submit claims electronically.


                                           4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 10 of 12

Reselect when printing.

Change the case status to something other than


Manual conversion in-house.
Disable the Dexis Integrator before closing the Dentrix
Submit claims electronically.
This relates to ID's 137937 and 143513.
Adjust the default time from Family File or other
Select a case from the drop-down menu, after opened.

Best thing to do would be to verify payment table entry
is correct, as it is greater than the procedure amount,
when divided by cov%


Don’t close chart prior to completing the print job.

Reject a treatment case with this procedure in it, this
will make it not display.


Move the SSN to OtherID field in Family File
Hide/Show Expanded Notes
Verify all surface entries are not duplicated during
Always send claims from same machine

Don’t duplicate surface entries

Post Treatment Plan procedures complete from either
Treatment Planner or ApptBook.
                                         4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 11 of 12

Once a case is completed, mark it complete.
Reopen Chart or Treatment Planner

Manually set it to the same as Treatment Planner
Uncheck "Allow Credit Card" each time statements are

Only affects pre-estimate claims when user doesn’t
have "Insurance Claim Edit", but do have "Insurance
Claim Open"
If using word outside of Dentrix while using Letter
Merge, save all documents before merging.

None, Only affects "Do Not Bill" Settings.

                                        4/7/2012 b11f45d2-a0a5-428b-bea6-98f5c6e52f62.xls Page 12 of 12

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