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									Why a Legal Helpline for                                                         Missouri Seniors’
Seniors                                                                           Legal Helpline
and Their
To equip seniors

		 •	Plan	for		 	
     the future

		 •	Make	good	decisions

		 •	Maintain		independence

	 •	 Prevent	problems                                                            A phoneline and website for seniors
                                                                                 to access for information and
                                     Alternate forms of this publication for
	 •	 Avoid	becoming	victimized     persons with disabilities may be obtained     assistance on legal issues
                                   by	contacting	the	Missouri	Department	of	
The Helpline cannot help with:    Health	and	Senior	Services	at	573-526-3246.	
                                  Hearing-	and	speech-impaired	citizens	can	      1-800-235-5503 toll-free
                                                   dial	711.	                                    or
	 •	 Criminal	cases                                                              www.moaging.com/legalhelp
                                    AN	EQUAL	OPPORTUNITY/AFFIRMATIVE	
	 •	 Fee-generating	cases                   ACTION	EMPLOYER

                                   Services	provided	on	a	nondiscriminatory	
	 •	 Imprisoned	persons                              basis

	 •	 Municipal	or	traffic	cases                  February 2011
Navigating	the	
Legal System                              2           ways to get legal information
Helping	seniors	and	their	caregivers	
                                                                                        1.		Call:	
                                                                                              1-800-235-5503	toll-free
                                                                                        	     Enter	your	home	zip	code	to	connect	to	your		
•	 Power	of	Attorney	and		   	
   Durable	Power	of	Attorney                                                            	     local	Area	Agency	on	Aging.

•	 Guardianship	and	Conservatorship

•	 Living	Wills	and	Advance	Directives
                                                          	 	 	 	 2.	Go	to:
•	 Wills,	Trusts	and	Joint	Tenancy                                                                   For	links,	pamphlets	and	brochures	on:	                 	
                                                          	         	   	   	       	                       •		Benefits
•	 Financial	Exploitation                                 	         	   	   	       	                       •		Consumer	Issues
                                                          	         	   	   	       	                       •		Employment	
•	 Mediation                                              	         	   	   	       	                       •		Financial	Planning
                                                          	         	   	   	       	                       •		Health	Insurance
•	 Obtaining	Public	Benefits	Such	as			                   	         	   	   	       	                       •		Housing	
	 Social	Security	and	Medicare                            	         	   	   	       	                       •		Protection
                                                          	         	   	   	       	                       •		Rights
•	 Civil	Legal	Issues                                     	         	   	   	       	                       •		Tax	Assistance
                                                          	         	   	   	       	                       •		Services	and	Other	Information
•	 Definitions	of	Common	Legal	Terms

                                          The helpline is a service of the Department of Health and Senior Services and Missouri’s Area Agencies on Aging.

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