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1.1 The once-off entry affiliation fee for Affiliated Clubs or Associations
shall be set by the AGM. It is not redeemable.

1.2 The annual affiliation fee for Affiliated Clubs or Associations shall
be set by the Executive Committee.


2.1 Additional club members are to be registered by the Executive
Committee from time to time.

2.2 Social players who do not wish to play league matches regularly,
shall be registered separately and clubs may use these players as
substitutes for a maximum of two (2) matches, provided, however that
such players shall not be eligible to playing a third match he/she shall
be registered as a player and he/she shall be eligible to play in

2.3 No person, other than a social player is being used as a substitute,
shall play in league matches unless he/she has been registered as a

               Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

2.4 No transfer will be considered by the Executive Committee unless
the player concerned is in good standing with his/her club.

2.5 No player shall play in any league match unless he/she has resided
seven (7) days in the Boland or in a neighboring municipality within
the past 10 years.

2.6 No player registered outside the Boland shall be permitted to play
in Boland leagues unless special permission has been obtained from
the Executive Committee.

2.7 Any club playing an ineligible player shall forfeit to the opposing
team all points in respect of games in which such player participated.

2.8 Registration fees per annum shall be:

Team registration

Senior League R 100 per team
Junior League R 50 per team

Player registration

Senior Player R 40 per year (over 40 years on 1st January of that year)
Junior Player R 20 per year (under 17 on 1st January of that year)
Development player R 10 per year (this registration must be
accompanied by a written motivation)

             Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

2.9 Clubs are required to pay the Team Registration IN FULL at the
Registration Meeting. Player Registration fees will be due by the Friday
of the week prior to the start of the league season but completed
forms and fees MUST be received by the Union BEFORE that player
participates or League points for that match will be forfeit.


3.1 Each league shall consist of a maximum of twelve (12) teams,
playing each other on a ‘’home and away’’ basis.

3.2 No club shall enter more than two (2) teams in any league.

3.3 There shall be automatic promotion/relegation between leagues,
the two top teams in each league annually replacing the bottom two
teams in the league above.

3.4 In the event of two or more teams trying for the top or bottom
positions of any league, then the games won and lost shall be taken
into consideration to determine which teams are to be promoted and
relegated. If a further tie then results, a play-off fixture shall decide
the issue. If the play-off ends in five (5) games and in the events of a
tie at this stage, play–offs shall take place until a decision is reached.

3.5 In the event of a vacancy in the league, the Match and
Registration secretary may, at his discretion, fill such a vacancy.

3.6 Should a team fail to fulfill more than three (3) fixtures, the Match
and Registration Secretary shall have the authority to withdraw the

              Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

team and to adjust the points scored by all teams in the league
involved. In deciding whether and at what stage action should be
taken in terms of this clause, the Match and Registration Secretary
shall take into account all the circumstances prevailing, including the
team’s situation regarding transport for away fixtures, the Union’s
desire to encourage and assist underprivileged players and that the
team will lose points for fixtures not fulfilled.


4.1   Clubs shall play all fixtures on the date and at the place set down
in the official fixtures of the Union. Postponement of fixtures is to be
allowed only on permission of the Match and Registration Secretary.

4.2 A team shall consist of no more than five (5) players, three (3) of
whom shall play three (3) single matches each, and any two (2) of
whom shall play one (1) doubles match.

4.3 Before the start of play the opposing captains shall hand to each
other the ordure of play and the doubles combinations, without
reference to the order of the opposing team, except with the consent
of that team’s captain.

4.4 Each fixture shall consist of ten (10) matches, each match being
the best of three (3) games.

4.5 The winner shall be that team which wins a majority of the
matches, should the matches be equal (5-all) the fixture shall be a

              Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

4.6 The result of each fixture shall be noted on the Union’s official
score cards and mailed to the Match and Registration Secretary within
24 hours of the fixture being played. Both the home and away teams
are to fill in separate score cards.

4.7 Two (2) points shall be awarded to the teams which wins the
fixture, in the event of a draw each team shall be awarded one (1)

4.8 Commencement of league play:

4.8.1 The scheduled time for the commencement of league fixtures
shall be fixed by the Match and Registration Secretary and there shall
be no delay, except in the case where a team is unable to be present
on time and such team has advised its opponents timeously of the
season therefore and its opponents have agreed to delay the start of
the fixture.

4.8.2 Should an entire team arrive without having advised its
opponent in terms of the previous clause it shall be penalized by
forfeiting one (1) match for every completed period of fifteen (15)
minutes commencing from the scheduled time.

4.8.3 Should a team arrive without its full complement of players,
those present shall commence play at the scheduled time and play
their single matches until the other member(s) arrive, notwithstanding
the order of play on the score-card.

               Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union
                                         -6- If only one (1) member of a team be present such team shall
forfeit the fixtures. I f only two (2) members be present such a team shall forfeit
the single matches which the third player would have played.

4.9 Any player having appeared in a team of two (2) or more
successive fixtures and who is subsequently dropped to a lower team,
must not return to the higher team the week after the second fixtures
of the lower team has been played, a week being regarded as Monday
to Saturday.

4.10 No player may be dropped for the first fixtures of the season, or
for any fixture of play-off or relegation nature, nor may any player
play in two different teams for the first fixture of the season.

4.11 A player can only be dropped to the next lower team for his/her

4.12 No player shall play in two different teams in one week, unless
that player has been used as a substitute in a higher team, in which
case the player may play in the team of his/her original selection
during the same week. Notwithstanding the aforesaid, no player shall
be allowed to play in more than one team on the same night.

4.13 Clubs having more than one (1) team in any league may rotate
the players in such teams for the first three (3) fixtures of the season
and the players shall thereafter be eligible for only one of the teams
for the remainder of the season.

               Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

4.14 Substitutes shall be players form a lower league only and
consequently where a club has more than one team in a league the
players in those teams shall not be used as substitutes in that league.


5.1 No open tournament shall be taken for the purpose of grading
without the sanction of the Executive Committee.

5.2 Seeding for all open tournaments shall be in accordance with the
official grading list.

5.3. Clubs shall be held responsible for the non-payments of all entry
fees by members of their clubs.

5.4 Entries for tournaments shall be forwarded to the organizing
official at least seven (7) days before the evening of play; entries may,
however be accepted on the night of play; at the discretion of the
tournament organizer.

5.5 For junior, veteran and super-veteran events, competition may not
be older to younger, respectively, than the ages laid down by the
South African Table Tennis Board.

5.6 The Executive Committee may appoint a judicial committee for
tournaments under the auspices of the Union; this committee of three
(3) members, which shall include the tournament organizer as
convener, is to adjudicate in any dispute not involving the laws of

               Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

table tennis which might arise during the tournament. The decision of
the judicial Committee shall be final.


6.1 Players shall play league matches in their club colours, which shall
be registered with the Union.

6.2 Players in individual competitions shall wear dress in accordance
with the regulations laid down by the SATTB and the ITTF.


7.1 Only balls approved by the ITTF shall be used in league matches
and open championship.


Fines for the following will be levied:

8.1 Should any Affiliated Club or Association fail to its annual fee by
the date stipulated on the account, or fail to submit a written
application for financial relief before the date on which the account is
due, or fail to make arrangement s satisfactory to the Executive
Committee for payment of its fee by an amended due date, the
secretary shall give such a club or association ten (10) days notice to
pay. Apply for relief or make arrangements for an amended due date.
Should any Affiliated Club or Association fail to respond to such notice
it shall be automatically suspended for the remainder of the season.

              Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

The Executive Committee shall have no further discretion in the matter
and the Secretary shall advice the club or association in writing of its
suspension and all other members of the position. No application for
membership for any subsequent season by such a club or association
shall be considered until the outstanding fee has been paid in full.

8.2 Clubs which fail to attend General Meeting shall be fined in
accordance with the following schedule:

Annual General Meeting           R30
Other General Meetings           R20

             Bye-laws to the Constitution of BOLAND Table Tennis Union

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