Bomb Searching and Threat Prevention by xiuliliaofz


									    TERRORISM AND TERRORIST                              PREPARING FOR TERRORIST
            ATTACK                                               ATTACK

• Terrorism is the use of force or violence        • Wherever you are, be aware of your
  against persons or property in violation           surroundings. The very nature of terrorism
  of the criminal laws of a state or nation          suggests there may be little or no warning.
  for purposes of intimidation, coercion or
  ransom.                                          • Take precautions when traveling. Be
                                                     aware of conspicuous or unusual
                                                                                                      SAFETY TIPS
• Terrorist often use threats to create fear         behavior. Do not accept packages from
  among the public , to try to convince
  citizens that their government is
                                                     strangers. Do not leave luggage
                                                     unattended. Unusual behavior, suspicious        ON BOMB SEARCH,
  powerless to prevent terrorism, and to             packages and strange devices should be

                                                                                                         BOMB THREAT
  get immediate publicity for their causes.          promptly reported to the police or security
• Acts of terrorism range from threat of
  assassinations, kidnappings, hijackings          • Do not be afraid to move or leave if you
  bomb scares and bombings, cyber
  attacks (computer-based), to the used of
                                                     feel uncomfortable or if something does
                                                     not seem right.
  chemical, biological and nuclear
  weapons.                                         • Learn where emergency exits are located
                                                     in buildings you frequent. Notice where           AND TERRORIST
• High-risk targets include military and             exits are when you enter unfamiliar
  civilian       government          facilities,
  international airports, large cities and
                                                     buildings. Plan how to get out of a
                                                     building,      transportation     terminals,
  high profile land marks. Terrorists might          congested public area or traffic. Note
  also target large public gatherings, water         where staircases are located. Notice           BE ALERT AND BE WATCHFUL
  and food supplies, utilities, and corporate        heavy or breakable objects that could
  centers. Further, they are capable of              move, fall or break in an explosion.
  spreading fear by sending explosives or                                                           PCSUPT JOSE ARNE M DELOS SANTOS, Ph.D.
  chemical and biological agents through           • Assemble a disaster supply kit at home
  the mail.                                          and learn first-aid. Separate the supplies              District Director, SPD
                                                     you would take if you had to evacuate
• In the immediate area of terrorist event,          quickly, and put them in a backpack or
  you would need to rely on police, fire and         ready-to-go container.
  other officials for instructions. However,
  you can prepare in much the same way             • Be familiar with different types of fire
  you would prepare for other crisis                 extinguishers and how to locate them.
  events.                                            Know the location and availability of hard
                                                     hats in buildings in which you spend a lot
                                                     of time.                                                  For Emergency call - 117 or Text 2920
                                                                                                               Isumbong Mo Kay TSIP (09178475757)
                                                                                                                          SPD TOC - Tel. # 519-5525
          SEARCHING FOR BOMBS.                       5.   Suspicious object located:                                     POTENTIAL CONCEALMENT AREAS                          1.    During the inspection of the building, particular attention
                                                                                                                                                                                    should be given to the potential concealment areas
      Authorities are in agreement that the most            NOTE: It is imperative that personnel involved       Buildings and Structures                                          listed above.
effective and fastest search of building can be      in the search be instructed that their mission is only                                                                   2.    Establish and enforce strict procedures for the control
made by the normal occupants of that building.       to search for and report suspicious objects. NOT to            a. Elevator wells and shafts ( Caution: Watch for               and inspection of packages and materials going into
Bombs can be packaged in as many different           move, jar or touch the objects or anything attached               strong winds in elevator shafts)                             critical areas.
ways as the maker’s imagination will allow.          thereto. The removal/ disarming of a bomb must be              b. Nooks, closets, storage rooms, false panels,           3.    Develop and enforce a positive means of identifying
                                                                                                                       walk areas, counterweights, motors, cables,
Some devices may be the size of a cigarette          left to professional bomb technicians.                                                                                         and controlling personnel who have authorized access
                                                                                                                       trash in shafts, all ceiling areas, restrooms,
package, while others may be as large as 2 ½                                                                                                                                        to critical areas and denying access to unauthorized
                                                                                                                       access doors. Crawl space in restrooms and
ton truck. Since the object of the search can             a.    The location and a description of the                  areas used as access to plumbing fixtures,
vary in size and shape, it is a fundamental rule                object as can best be provided, should be              electric fixtures, utility and other closet areas,     4.    Instruct all security and maintenance personnel to be
that search must be made by persons who are                     reported to the floor or area warden. This             space under stairwell, boiler (furnace) rooms,               alert for suspicious individuals and the presence of
familiar with the area in order to notice a                     information is relayed immediately to the              flammable storage areas, main switches and                   foreign or suspicious objects or parcels.
strange or foreign object.                                      personnel in charge of the control center              valves, indoor trash receptacles, storage areas        5.    Instruct all security and maintenance personnel to
                                                                who will call the police, fire department              including record-storage areas, mail rooms,                  increase surveillance throughout the building.
The following search techniques may be                          and rescue squad. When these agencies                  ceiling lights with easily removable panels, fire      6.    Ensure that doors and/or access ways to such areas as
employed:                                                       arrive, they should be met and escorted to             hose tracks, basements, around windows hidden                boiler rooms, mail rooms, computer areas,
                                                                the scene.                                             by drapes or shades, inside desks, inside                    switchboards, elevator, machine rooms and utility
1.   A staff member or supervisor should be               b.    To minimize damage, sandbags or                        storage cabinets and containers, under tables.               closets are surely locked when not in use.
     designated as floor area warden for each                   mattresses, not metal Sheila plates, may                                                                      7.    Check key control procedures to see that all keys to all
     floor of the building or perhaps several                   be placed around the object DO NOT               Auditoriums and Theaters. Searches must be                        locks are accounted for.
     area wardens for single story buildings.                   ATTEMPT TO COVER THE OBJECT.                      conducted under each seat, into cur seat cushions           8.    Check fire exits to make sure they are not obstructed.
     Wardens should be responsible for                    c.    The danger area should be identified, and         as well as the following:                                   9.    Check fire hose racks and fire extinguishers regularly to
     directing the search of their areas,                       blocked off with a clear zone of at least                                                                           assure they have not been damaged.
                                                                                                                    a. Stage area, microphones, speaker platform,
     receiving information from search                          300 feet, including areas below and above                                                                     10.   Increase patrols and surveillance of receiving and
                                                                                                                       crawl ways, tunnels, trapdoors, dressing rooms,
     personnel and relaying it to the control                   the object.                                                                                                         shipping areas, garages and parking areas.
                                                                                                                       restrooms, storage areas, ceilings, props,
     center.                                              d.    Check to see that all doors and windows                hanging decorations, lighting fixtures, sound
                                                                                                                                                                              11.   Assure adequate protection for classified documents,
                                                                are open to minimize primary damage                    system, air-conditioning system, roof, heating               proprietary information and other records essential to
2.   Alert the nearest medical facility to standby              from blast and secondary damage from                   system, projection booths, offices.                          the operation of your plant/establishment.
     during the search to provide immediate                     fragmentation.                                                                                                12.   Check perimeter fences/walls/barriers to assure a good
     medical attention in the event of accidental         e.    Evacuate the building.                           Schools. School bombings are usually directed                     state of maintenance and adequate clear zones.
     or premature detonation.                             f.    Do no permit re-entry into the building           against non student areas.                                  13.   Check all exterior and protective lighting for proper
                                                                until     the     device     has     been                                                                           operation and adequate illumination.
3.   Alert police and fire department personnel                 removed/disarmed, and the building                  a.    Lockers, furnace (boiler) rooms, utility closets,   14.   Protect ground-floor windows with heavy mesh,
     to standby in the event a detonation                       declared safe for re-entry.                               offices, chemistry tabs, auditoriums and                  grillwork or protective glass.
     occurs.                                                                                                              cafeterias.                                         15.   Conduct daily checks for good housekeeping and
                                                     6.   Communications During Search                                                                                              proper disposal of combustible material.
4.   An effective search technique is as follows:                                                                Outside areas.                                              16.   Store or arrange for immediate procurement of sand,
                                                          a.    A rapid two-way communication system is                                                                             sandbags or mattresses to be used as shielding in the
     a.   Security, maintenance and janitorial                  of    utmost importance. Normally,                  a.    Street drainage systems, manholes in street               event an explosive device is located in the building.
          personnel search such areas as                        communications between wardens,                           and sidewalk, trash receptacles, garbage cans,      17.   In the event of electric power shut off, have flashlights
                                                                                                                          dumpsters, incinerators, mailboxes, parked
          hallways, rest rooms, stairwells,                     search teams and the control center can                                                                             or battery powered lanterns available.
                                                                                                                          cars, trucks and carts, storage areas
          elevator shafts, utility closets and                  be accomplished through the existing                                                                          18.   Install closed circuit television to monitor areas where a
          areas outside the building.                           telephone system or the building’s internal                  BOMB THREAT PREVENTION                                 bomb might be placed.
     b.   Office personnel search their                         communication system.                                                                                         19.   Install metal detecting devices.
          immediate areas.                                b.    In many instances, two-way (walkie-talkie)          In order to reduce the potential placement of an          20.   Post signs indicating the use of closed circuit televisions
     c.   As the search of each area is                         radios have been used. CAUTION: The             explosive or incendiary device, you can tighten physical            and other detection devices.
          completed and no suspicious objects                   use of radios could be dangerous. The           security. Not only will you reduce the chances of having a    21.   Entrances and exits to and from buildings could
          are found, a report is given to the                   radio beam could cause premature                bomb brought on to the premises, but you can also                   possibly be modified to channel all personnel entering
          appropriate warden.                                   detonation of an electric initiator (blasting   maximize search efforts by doing the following:                     or leaving the building, by a registration desk.

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