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					Supporting and Challenging our
   21st Century Learners

              Toni Theisen
              Loveland High School
              Thompson School District
              Loveland, CO
Jordy as Dogzilla
A Thought…
     “Do not confine
      your children
       to your own
      learning, for
     they were born
        in another
      -Hebrew Proverb
Another Thought…
      “The teacher, if indeed
      wise, does not bid you to
         enter the house of
         her/his wisdom, but
           leads you to the
        threshold of your own
      mind.”     –Kahlil Gibran-Lebanese
               poet, (1883-1931)
   Students who can
 function in real-world
   situations that are
authentic, predictable,
unpredictable and vital.
  Essential Questions
• How do teachers vary instruction
   and assessment in order to be
   responsive to the needs of all

• How do teachers reach learners in
         the 21st century?

What?          How?

Action Plan


  What about rigor?
• Bloom’s Taxonomy
• Higher Level
Bloom’s Taxonomy
    • Evaluation
    • Synthesis       Higher

    • Analysis
    • Application
    • Comprehension
    • Knowledge
               Critical a nd Creative Thinkin g----Questioning Strategies and Products using BloomÕsTaxonomy

Knowledge        Compr ehension                       Applic ation             Analysis                   Synthesis                 Evaluation
(know and aware) (understand)                         (use, transfer)          (examine,relate)           (create, design)          (judge)
Key words                Key words                    Key words                Key words                  Key words                 Key words
 know                    summarize                   apply                   analyze                   create                   judge
 recall                  define                      construct               relationships             design                   evaluate
 name                    restate                     plan                    parts to wh ole           hypothesi e
                                                                                                                     z               critique/criticize
 select                  rewrite                     utilize                 categorize                invent                   justify
 tell                    translate                   interview               connect                   develop                  appraise/assess
 match                   describe                    model                   distinguish               compose                  prioritize
 state                   discuss                     develop                 infer                     assemble                 convince
 recite                  estimate                    organize                compare/constrast         revise                   support
 memorize                illustrate                  construct               investigate               compose                  conclude
 identify                give examples               role-play               diagram                   compile                  defend
 list                    extrapolate                 research                seeing patterns           build                    interpret
 label                   edit                        solve                   diss ect/separate         generate                 give opinion
 choose                  use                         classify                examine                   form                     give viewpoint
 define                                               manipulate              review                    predict                  recommend
 recognize                                            outline                 solve
Sample ques tions        Sample ques  tions           Sample ques tions        Sample ques tions          Sample ques tions         Sample ques  tions
 What isÉ ?              How would you               How would you           What is the               What if..?               How would you
 Where isÉ?                describe..?                  apply this.?             relationship             What might happen if       prioritizeÉ ?
 How did ---happen?      Can you explain what is     What examples can         between..?                 you combined..?         What do you recommend
 Can you recall?           happening?                   you find to..?         What evidence can         How would you              as the solution to the
 Can you list?           How would you               What is significant?      you find..?                create a new ..?          issue?
 Who isÉ?                  summarize..?               What questions          How is ____ related       What solutions might     What criteria woul d you
 Who were the            What is the main idea..?      would you ask in an      to ___?                    you suggest for..?        use to assess?
   mainÉ?                 How would you                 interview with..?      How would you             What ifÉ?                What do you think
 Why didÉ ?                illustrate..?              How would you             distinguish between.?    What would happen          about..?
 How is..?               Where will you useÉ .?        role-play?             How is this similar?        if..?                   How would you j ustify..?
 Can you list all the    Who was main                Can you group by.?      What was the problem                               Do you believe..?
   words for ..?            character?                 How would you             with..?                                            What is your conclusio n?
 How manyÉ?                                             solve this?
Sample products          Sample products              Sample products          Sample products            Sample products           Sample products
 practice exercises      draw p ictures, comic       roleplays               conduct survey            invent a machine         deba te an issue
 vocabulary/grammar        strips, graphics etc.      artwork                 solve the mystery.        design an ad             make a list of criteria to
   quiz zes               defineÉ.                    use map, guide s,       analyze a work of art     devise a way to.           judge a..
 chart.                  summarize the..               charts, menus,         examine a poem..          write a new ending       write a letter advising..
 facts in isolation      retell the story              schedules, etc         create a Venn diagram       for..                   write an editorial
 recite a poem           describe the É              make models               for É                    design a new CD          cite sources to justify
 label the cities        revise, edit                demonstrations          research and compare        cover for a song          your point of v iew
 match the followingÉ    give a presentation         graphic organizers      examine pros/cons         create a lesson for..    rate theÉ .
 Match the foods
• What type of question is it?
• Apply questioning
  techniques to content topic.
• A little creativity and fun….
questions and
            Read the following article.
                           •   Chef cooks £2,000 Valentine pizza

    A chef has flown from Scotland to Italy to create the world's most expensive
    pizza for a St Valentine's Day meal. Award-winning Glasgow restaurateur
    Domenico Crolla will prepare the £2,150 (3,000-euro) feast for lawyer Maurizio
    Morelli and his wife Sabrina in Rome. Mr Morelli, a gastro-expert, bought the
    pizza during a charity auction. The treat named the Pizza Royale 007 is topped
    with edible gold, lobster marinated in the finest cognac and champagne-soaked
    caviar. Other toppings on the organic base, spread with a sunblush tomato sauce,
    include Scottish smoked salmon and medallions of venison.

    Mr. Crolla said: "This is the perfect romantic Valentine's gift. "We Italians are
    experts at amore and I think this pizza will show that the way to a woman's
    heart is definitely through her stomach." The pizza was created to raise funds
    for The Fred Hollows Foundation, which aims to prevent curable blindness in
    developing countries. The title for world's most expensive pizza was previously
    held by a £100 white truffle, mushroom and fontina cheese pizza at Gordon
    Ramsay's Maze restaurant in London.

•   Story from BBC NEWS:
Create questions in the chart below. Answer your
                  own questions.
Question word      Question     Response






What if? ? (If?)
        How Can Teachers Differentiate?

                         Content                              Process                                  Product

                                   According to Students’

                       Readiness                              Interest

Adapted from The Differentiated Classroom: Responding to the Needs of All Learners (Tomlinson, 1999)
Flexible Grouping Practices

Help create a safe and honoring
     learning environment
Some basic strategies
• Menu choice board
• Tiered lesson
• R.A.F.T.
• Learning Centers
    lesson for Readiness
Learning Centers
Choice Board Menu
Verb practice--- Question              Vocabulary
Exercises 2 and 3 practice--Develop    practice--Family
in the workbook a survey to get        tree activity p. 59
                  information          in book
                  about number of
                  brothers, sisters,
                  etc. Ask 5
Question          Vocabulary           Verb practice--
practice--Create practice-Design a     Design a quiz
10 questions you crossword puzzle      using the verbs in
might ask         using the family     this unit.
someone in order and quantity
to get details    vocabulary
about her/his
Vocabulary        Verb practice--      Question
practice--Watch Draw a picture to      practice--Create a
the family video represent each        song that will
clip and do       one of the new       help you
comprehension     verbs.               remember the
exercises 5 and 6                      question words.
   Types of Writing
• Descriptive
• Expository
• Narrative
• Argumentative or
                   Types of Writing

• 1) Narrative: the purpose of a narrative writing is to tell a
  story. Narrative writings are told from a particular point of view,
  make and support a point, are filled with detail, uses vivid
  vocabulary, use conflict and sequence as does any story and may
  use dialogue.

• 2) Descriptive: in a descriptive writing, the purpose is to
  produce a mood or a dominant impression of a person, place, or
  object. The writer tries to make the reader see, hear, or feel
  what the writer saw, heard, or felt.
• 3) Expository: the purpose of the expository writing is to inform,
  clarify, define, explain, or analyze. To accomplish that, the writing
  is best developed by the use of facts and statistical information,
  cause and effect relationships, or examples. The writing should
  include: topic sentence, supporting sentences that make the topic
  understandable and interesting, transitions that create a logical
  order and a conclusion to tie everything together.

• 4) Argumentative or Persuasive: an argumentative or persuasive
  writing attempts to convince, bring about an event, or move the
  reader to action. In an orderly way the writer analyzes a problem,
  offers a solution, acknowledges opposing solutions, and restates
  the one given in the essay. The appeal to the reader may be
  strictly logical or it may involve the reader's emotions. To
  accomplish this, the writer must develop a limited topic, which is
  well defined and debatable. The topic should be a statement of
  position. That position must be clear and direct. Then state the
  reasons that you have to support your position. Uses specific
  evidence, examples, and statistics to persuade the reader that the
  stated position is a valid one. To finish it is important to clearly
  redefine the topic and restate the most compelling evidence.
  Remember, this is the last chance to remind the reader and
  convince her/him to accept the writer's position.
 (provides purpose for writing)

R-role of the writer
T-topic (+strong
     Role         Audience Format                       Topic
Van Gogh          His brothe r      Letter          Plead your case for
                                                    more money.
                                                    Elaborate on your
                                                    lates t work s.

Newspaper         The Fren ch people Newspaper      Lady Liberty in
re porter                            interview      th e Delacroix
                                                    painting, Her
                                                    th oughts and
                                                    actions at this
                                                    mome nt.
Jane Avril        Toulouse Lautrec Note             Complain how you
                                                    th ink his
                                                    paintings do not
                                                    flatter you r talent
                                                    and beauty.

Police office r   Monet             Police report   Charge Monet for
                                                    trespassing on
                                                    private property
                                                    when painting the
                                                    poppy fie lds .

Leonard DeVinci   Mona Lisa         Poem            Convince her that
                                                    you want to paint
                                                    her due to he r
                                                    beauty and
                                                    mysterious smile.

Your choice       Your choice       Your choice     Your choice
       R.A.F.T. Assignment
   French 2--Traveling in France
    Role        Audience           Format           Topic (+
                                                  strong verb)

Customer        Hotel employee   Letter           Make a
                                                  res ervation for
                                                  several nights.
                                                  Include all
Hotel Employee Customer          Reply le tte r   Confirm
                                                  res ervation
                                                  details, and
                                                  include changes.
Customer        Hotel            Complaint        Demand
                management                        compensation
                                                  for proble ms
                                                  and poor service
Parisian Real   Pros pective     Real estate ad   Describe details
estate agency   renters                           of the
                                                  available for
Study Aboard    Students who     Application      Apply for a
Organization    want to study    form for the     rigorous study
                abroad           program          abroad
Student who     Family           Thank you card   Thank the
stayed with a   members          note             family for the
family                                            wonderful
Role   Audience Format       Topic
                         (+ strong verb)

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