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									                                                             DESERT SANDS UNIFIED SCHOOL                                    INTERNATIONAL STUDIES
FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS                                        DISTRICT’S MISSION                                           MAGNET SCHOOLS

What is an International Baccalaureate                       Our mission is to ensure that all students acquire the
World School?                                                skills and knowledge to succeed as independent
A. An International Baccalaureate (IB) school offers
                                                                                                                          Schools of International Studies
                                                             thinkers, lifelong learners, and productive, responsible
specialized curriculum and programs geared toward            global citizens by assuring equal access to innovative,
                                                                                                                           Amelia Earhart Elementary School
developing the individual talents of young people and        student-centered learning environments through caring,              Primary Years Programme
teaching them to relate the experience of the classroom      committed, qualified staff, working in partnership with
to the realities of the world outside. Beyond intellectual   families and our diverse community.                              John Glenn Middle School
rigour and high academic standards, an IB school
                                                                                                                               La Quinta Middle School
places strong emphasis on the ideals of international        The Desert Sands Unified School District International               Middle Years Programme
understanding and responsible citizenship, to the end        Studies Magnet Schools and International Baccalaureate
that IB students may become critical and compassionate       High School offer a comprehensive curriculum for
thinkers, lifelong learners and informed participants in     students from kindergarten through twelfth grade.
local and world affairs.                                     Across all grade levels, the curriculum will challenge
                                                             them not only academically, but also teach them to relate
Q. What is a magnet school program?                          their experiences in the classroom to an international      International Baccalaureate School
A. A specialized educational program that enables            level. All students will be challenged to become critical          La Quinta High School
students to take advantage of additional resources and       thinkers who construct meaning through inquiry.                Middle/Certificate/Diploma Programmes
innovative teaching techniques directed at particular        District and state academic requirements will be met, if
student interests.                                           not exceeded. Within this K-12 academic opportunity, all
                                                             students will have an opportunity to develop and
Q. How do students apply for magnet programs?                strengthen their individual talents.
A. Students who wish to attend a magnet school must
submit a transfer request between November 1st and           Desert Sands Unified School District
February 1st of each school year at Child Welfare &          District Education Center
Attendance at Desert Sands Unified School District.          47-950 Dune Palms Road
                                                             La Quinta, CA 92253
Q. Will a student’s traditional educational require-         (760) 777-4200
ments suffer if accepted into a magnet program?
A. Absolutely not! The magnet school program only
enhances and adds to the educational experience. Every
student receives instruction in those subject areas
required for promotion and/or graduation.
                                                          John Glenn Middle School
Amelia Earhart Elementary School                          La Quinta Middle School                                    La Quinta High School

Primary Years Programme                                   Middle Years Programme                                     Middle/Certificate/Diploma Programmes

Amelia Earhart Elementary School of International          The Middle Years Programme (MYP) offers an enriched       La Quinta High School is an authorized International
Studies is a neighborhood/magnet school seeking           academic experience through knowledgeable, dynamic,        Baccalaureate (IB) School as of May 2001. La Quinta
authorization in the International Baccalaureate (IB)     and innovative teaching. John Glenn Middle School          High School offers pre-university courses of study to
Primary Years Programme (PYP) status. The PYP             of International Studies is an authorized magnet school    highly motivated students aged 16-19. La Quinta
integrates the IB philosophy into the curriculum of       in the International Baccalaureate Middle Years            High School offers the Middle, Certificate, and
Desert Sands Unified School District and the California   Programme, and La Quinta Middle School is currently        Diploma Programmes. These programs offer a
                                                          seeking authorization in the MYP. These teaching
State Standards. The intent is to create a school com-                                                               rigorous comprehensive international curriculum
                                                          strategies encourage interaction not only between
munity of international awareness and responsibility.                                                                and assessments.
                                                          student and teacher but among classroom peers.
Amelia Earhart’s Spanish language program is only one                                                                As an authorized IB school, La Quinta offers many
                                                          Instruction organized around projects, group research
of the facets of this early preparation. The curriculum                                                              IB course options including English A-1 HL, Spanish
                                                          inquiries, and collaborative study groups will make all
provides for the development of the whole child,                                                                     B SL & HL, History of the Americas HL, Economics
                                                          students full and contributing members of this unique
encompassing the social, physical, emotional, and                                                                    SL, Math Studies SL, Chemistry HL, Chemistry SL,
                                                          learning community. Students of all grade levels will
cultural needs of the child. Earhart students will be                                                                Visual Arts HL, Visual Arts SL, Theater HL & SL,
                                                          be involved in a rigorous and challenging program:
networking with children all over the world sharing                                                                  Music HL & SL, French SL, Biology HL & SL, and
                                                          the study of a foreign language, integrated technology
ideas, concepts, and curriculum.                                                                                     Environmental Science HL & SL.
                                                          and computer use, physical education, fine arts, music,
 Students will come away with not only an international                                                              La Quinta High School offers regularly scheduled
                                                          drama, school and community service. The theme of
perspective that relates to their world in California                                                                meetings to meet the diverse and individual needs of all
                                                          international studies is ideal for our diverse student
and the United States to the larger global community,     population. Students will learn that there are different   International Baccalaureate candidates. A highly trained
but will begin their progression towards completing       ways of looking at the same concepts and issues, that      International Baccalaureate coordinator provides a
the Diploma Programme at La Quinta High School            all peoples have contributed to the world as we know       wide range of services to support the International
should they wish to pursue that.                          it, and that, despite areas of difference, we all share    Baccalaureate candidate. It is La Quinta High School’s
                                                          much in common.                                            goal to build a successful International Baccalaureate
45-250 Dune Palms, Indio, CA 92201                                                                                   Programme that will prepare International Baccalaureate
(760) 200-3720                                            John Glenn Middle School                                   candidates for university work.
                                                          79-655 Miles Avenue, Indio, CA 92201
                                                          (760) 200-3700                                             79-255 Westward Ho Drive
                                                                                                                     La Quinta, CA 92253
                                                          La Quinta Middle School                                    (760) 772-4150
                                                          78-900 Avenue 50, La Quinta, CA 92253
                                                          (760) 777-4220

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