NYC Police Foundation Crime Stoppers by jianghongl


									              NYC Police Foundation: Crime Stoppers
                                             March 10, 2009

Background: The assignment

Create a strategic / conceptual media plan addressing the following:
    - The media challenge

    - The key insight
    - Strategy used to overcome the challenge and definition of the Big Idea

    - The media activity, describing the creative use of the media channels selected and giving a general
      budget rationale

    - Let private citizens and businesses in NYC know that they can help the NYPD keep New York City safe by
      contributing to the Police Foundation’s Crime Stoppers Reward Fund

Target Audience
    - Concerned citizens seeking a safer New York (mainly upper income, supporters of causes)

    - Businesses with an interest in maintaining public safety in NYC (e.g. real estate firms, corporate
      headquarters, law firms, hotel & restaurant groups)

What action do we want them to take?
   - Drive people to to make contributions to the Crime Stoppers Reward Fund

Background: The charity landscape in NYC

Competition: New York is the 7th most charitable city
   in the country and home to the most large, high-                                                                  Size and Wealth: NYC Charitable Market
    profile nonprofit organizations. As such, Crime                                          $10,000,000
    Stoppers must create a relevant and compelling
 reason for New Yorkers to consider supporting it vs.
other organizations that may have a larger amount of                                         $7,500,000
    core supporters, advocates and even marketing

   The Safest Big City: New York’s crime rate has                                            $2,500,000
    decreased by 77% over the past 20 years, far
outpacing the national average, making New York the
 safest big city in the United States. Because of this,                                                 $0
  New Yorkers might be less likely to support crime                                                              Revenue          Expenses           Assets   Contributions
  prevention initiatives over other more seemingly                                                                                New York              National
                     pressing issues.

A Note on the Economy: Although the down economy is a major challenge facing organizations such as Crime
Stoppers, 70% of high net business owners agree that "even if there is an economic downturn that moderately
   affects my business, I plan to keep my current level of nonprofit or charitable giving in the coming year."
 Because of this, Crime Stoppers should not be overly concerned with the target audience’s ability to give, but
                   more with increasing the likelihood that they will give to Crime Stoppers.

        Source: SunTrust Bank Private Wealth Management Study on Businesses, New York City Economic Development Corporation, Charity Navigator's May 2008
        Metro Market Charitable Analysis Study: New York
Target: Who should we really be talking to?
                                                     Day in the life of a typical New Yorker

      6 am                                                                Route                                       12 am

                Target Definition:                                                                Who She Is:
            Live in New York City DMA                                                “I am a workaholic” - 35% / 144 Index
& Made Charitable Contribution of $200+, last 12 mo                              “I feel secure financially” - 48% / 143 Index
      & Concerned about Violence and Crime                              “It is important to juggle various tasks” - 82% / 132 Index

                  Demographics:                                                           Connection Points:
       Audience Size: 2MM, 13% of NY DMA                                            Quintile 1: Outdoor and Online
                 Age: 35-65 (73%)                                               “Often notice taxi ads” - 19% / 186 Index
     Median HHI: $142k (Median NY HHI: $75k)                                           92% own a mobile phone
             Employed, Homeowners                                           Web browsing on mobile phone - 24% / 128 Index
                 Married with Kids

                                      Meet Samantha: Samantha is an ideal target because of her access to corporate
                                        funding. It’s not just about her personal wealth, but the summation of her
                                                            wealth and the wealth of her network.

                                                                          Samantha = $
                                                                     Samantha + Friends = $$
                                                                Samantha + Corporate Network= $$$
      Source: 2008 SIMMONS Spring Adults Full Year
              Key Challenges: Irrelevance & lack of empowerment
                     Irrelevance: Samantha is too busy during the day to be worried about anything besides her
                     priorities. Crime is not top of mind for her and donating money to combat crime is even further
                     from her mind. As a decision maker, Samantha is often approached to donate money. Although she
                     gives to charities, crime continues to be irrelevant while she is in the safety of her home and office.
                     Empowerment: When Samantha is in a situation where crime is of concern, she feels helpless in her
                     ability to have an impact. In these situations her immediate need is to protect herself in the
                     moment, and she is rarely faced with the opportunity to have an impact on the long-term solution.

                                                           Day in the life of Samantha
Concern for Safety

                       6 am                                                                                             12 am
                                                                    Samantha’s route

                                  Target Insight: Samantha doesn’t think about crime until it’s dark and she is in
                                  a place where she is vulnerable
Strategy: How do we overcome these challenges?
Building the Crime Stoppers Brand: Although one of our key goals is to get New
Yorkers to donate to Crime Stoppers, it’s a lot to ask Samantha to go from
irrelevance and disengagement to an advocate and donator of large corporate
sums overnight.
So, rather than planning a quick fix, let’s consider a long-term strategy that starts
with creating relevancy and focuses on building a relationship with Samantha.
Although this relationship may take some time, it will nevertheless end in
advocacy, loyalty and a fat corporate check.

Objective: Make Crime Stoppers more relevant and make
Samantha feel empowered to have an impact.

Strategies: Reach Samantha with Crime Stoppers
message after dark, in places where she is most                                       Empowerment
vulnerable and hypersensitive to the crime around her.
Empower Samantha to see Crime Stoppers as a means to
have an impact on crime.


                                          Irrelevance and
                                               Lack of
Focus: Create a meaningful & impactful connection
Media Insight: Samantha and New Yorkers alike utilize various forms of transportation to get to and from
where they are going, sometimes to avoid unsafe situations.

The Plan of Attack: Leverage transportation to break through the ‘marketing noise’ by triggering a
meaningful association between Samantha’s immediate concerns about crime and her ability to have a
positive impact.

The Desired Response: Increase relevancy and, in turn, engagement by empowering Samantha to make a
difference. Messaging will provide an opportunity to further engage with Crime Stoppers by driving to for more information, or by acting on behalf of Crime Stoppers and sharing the
message with her network. On top of this, the immediacy of small donations will remind Samantha that every
little bit helps stop crime in NYC.

Why It Will Work: By delivering a timely and relevant message to Samantha when she is most vulnerable and
out of her safety zone, making the association between crime, Crime Stoppers and her ability to have an
impact is that much easier.

     Point A                                                                                 Point B

The “Vehicles”
Digital Maps:
    -   Partner with Google Maps to create an application which helps residents map out the safest
        walking routes in NYC. The system will work with city and police department data to map the
        safest and most well-lit walking routes. Maps will be available on mobile devices and through the
    -   This program, sponsored by Crime Stoppers, will create awareness surrounding crime in NYC,
        teach residents tips on how to prevent crime, and position Crime Stoppers as a solution that
        needs support.

Virtual Buddy System:
    -   Create a virtual Crime Stoppers “Buddy System” within existing social networks, such as Facebook
        and LinkedIn, grouping people together who work and live in the same areas. Members of these
        groups will have the opportunity to not only network with each other, but stay safer by not
        commuting alone.
    -   This program creates relevancy and leads to advocacy as consumers begin to see Crime Stoppers
        as a partner in keeping NYC safe.

Digital Storefronts:
    -   Leverage the fear of walking alone at night as an opportunity to captivate the target in high-
        traffic areas of NYC. Store windows will be equipped with motion-sensor video and audio. As
        people walk by, the sound of footsteps will begin and shadows will reveal Crime Stoppers
        messaging and drive to the Digital Maps website.

    -   Generate attention and PR buzz by staging a police chase outside of a high-profile NYC event.
        The stunt will conclude with an announcement about Crime Stoppers, highlighting facts such as
        the 5,000 crimes it has helped the NYPD solve since its inception.
    -   Branded giveaways such as whistles, mini flashlights and ID cards, will be handed out to
        onlookers, encouraging them to support Crime Stoppers.

The “Vehicles”
    -   Partner with NYC taxi services to deliver a timely message to the target audience regarding crime
        prevention. A video will play on taxi screens, followed by a prompt with the options to support
        Crime Stoppers by immediately donating money, texting to sign up for weekly safety tips, or
        passing along a personalized message to friends via the screen.

Valet & Parking Garages:
    -   Utilize parking garages to engage commuters and those visiting downtown areas of NYC.
    -   Backlit signage and wrapped poles in and around the garage will create awareness, while
        messaging on valet tickets and receipts will drive consumers to the Crime Stoppers website.

Subways & Buses:
    -   Target commuters on high-traffic routes with impactful messaging on digital screens. Digital
        messages in subways and on bus kings will create awareness and drive people to the website,
        while pay stations will give commuters the opportunity for immediate donations.

Town Cars:
    -   Offer upscale hotels and restaurants the opportunity to partner with Crime Stoppers by donating
        proceeds from their car services to the cause.
    -   By collaborating with major players in the hospitality industry, this program will specifically target
        mid and uptown visitors, socialites and business decision makers. This will not only result in PR
        and buzz for Crime Stoppers and its partners, but will engage these decision makers to become
        partners themselves.

The Event:
    -   Utilize the network of contacts who have opted-in as supporters of Crime Stoppers through the
        various interactive media touchpoints. Each guest will be encouraged to invite business
        colleagues to help grow the network.
    -   This fundraising event will culminate in the end of the campaign, encourage Foundation loyalty
        and provide an opportunity for a long-term commitment of support.

Maximizing the campaign impact
Creating a dialogue: Programs such as Digital Map and Virtual Buddy System will encourage
dialogue between consumers and Crime Stoppers. Ultimately, this relationship will engage and
empower consumers to make a difference, as well as create a database of loyalists for future

Spreading the word, organically: The overall campaign is designed to garner buzz and PR,
maximizing the campaign effectiveness. Elements such as Storefronts and Stunts will work to
create a ripple effect long after initial execution.

Timing: The campaign will launch during spring when the weather is warming up, more people are
out and about and, thus, more vulnerable and concerned about street crime.

     Vehicle                                       May                    June   July   August
     Taxi                                                                                          25%
     Digital Map                                                                                   15%
     Subway & Bus                                                                                  15%
     Digital Storefronts                                                                           15%
     Parking Garage                                                                                15%
     Virtual Buddy System                                                                          10%
     Stunts                                                                                         5%
     Town Cars                                                                                     co-op
     The Event                                                                                     co-op
     Total                                                                                         100%

     Cost Sources: Titan Worldwide, Posterscope, ClearChannel, Facebook
Looking ahead toward success
From Relevancy to Advocacy:
As relevancy of Crime Stoppers increases and Samantha begins to feel empowered to have an impact
on the fight against crime, the campaign will evolve to further engage her so that she feels more and
more compelled to support the organization.

This support could come in the form of monetary donations, or via other avenues such as her
willingness to associate with Crime Stoppers, the increased likelihood that she will spread the word
to friends, and of course her commitment to rally her network of corporate philanthropists. As such,
media and creative will continue to provide her avenues to engage, share and advocate moving
                                                                                                                Samantha +
Measuring Effectiveness:                                                                                         Corporate
Given the long-term strategy of                                                                                Network =$$$
building a relationship with Samantha
so that she will become a true
                                              Influence on Others
                                               Level of Support &
advocate for Crime Stoppers, initial
metrics for success will be more
                                                                                         Samantha +
focused on her levels of engagement                                                      Friends =$$
and participation than the amount of
money she donates.

Similar to the media and creative,
these metrics will evolve with the                                  Samantha =$
campaign over time.

                                      Irrelevance &
                                          Lack of                   Relevancy     Engagement     Empowerment      Loyalty     Advocacy
                                                                                  Relationship with Crime Stoppers                10

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