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									Charging a fee is now illegal in California. We have done it in the past, but no longer. (Due to my
late response, you probably already know this by now…)

Linda Matthews
Human Resources Director
City of Ontario
(909) 395-2194

We do not charge a filing fee for our firefighter/paramedic recruitments. We do not recruit at the
firefighter only level since 82% of our calls are medic-related.
We use the Biddle firefighter physical agility test that is conducted by one of our local community
college/fire academies (Santa Ana College).

Brigitte Charles
Principal Human Resources Analyst
City of Huntington Beach
(714) 536-5917

At the City of Merced we do not charge a fee. However, I would be interested to
read your responses as we have thought about charging a fee for study material
for other tests.

We conduct an in-house agility test.
Proctor, Deneen []

Dear Rachael - Because all of our applicants have to be EMT's or Paramedics, we don't get the
swarm of firefighter applicants like some cities do. We think it would be detrimental to charge for
Lois Hull []

Rachel, the City of Ventura does not charge a filing fee for any recruitment. For Firefighter-
Paramedic recruitments (all City Firefighters are required to have a paramedic license at time of
hire which reduces the number of applicants), we do require an applicant/final candidate submit
proof of passing a CPAT Physical Agility test dated within the prior 12 months of appointment. We
used to administer this exam in-house, but now require the applicant to take/pass the exam at a
CPAT testing facility (Oxnard College is our closest testing facility) on their own time/dime. Let me
know if you have any other questions. Thanks.

Debbie Walker
HR Analyst

The City of Visalia has never charged an applicant filing fee. We conduct our own agility exam.
Diane Davis []

I just faxed you some information on this issue. You might want to discuss this with yur legal

John Ruiz
Personnel/Risk Manager
City of La Quinta
John Ruiz []

City of Huntington Beach does not charge a fee. I believe there are legal issues that need to be
explored before you go that route.
Also … We use the Biddle PAT.
Vicky Berg
Principal Personnel Analyst
Berg, Vicky []

My responses are below. Thanks-
Sandy Hess
Human Resources Analyst II
City of Vacaville
650 Merchant Street
Vacaville, CA 95688
(707) 449-5311
(707) 449-5306 fax

* Has your city charged a filing fee for firefighter applications? If so, how much do you charge?

* Do you use the CPAT as your firefighter physical agility test? Or do you conduct your own
test? Yes- we used CPAT this year and were very happy with it.

We have just started using FireHire ( They do all the testing and fee
collecting of applicants.

Rebecca M. Kniss
Personnel Analyst I
Employee Services Department
City of Mountain View
PH: 650-903-6052
FX: 650-903-6054
Kniss, Rebecca []


We do not charge a filing fee for Firefighter.

Also as far as the physical agility goes. We are still using our own format, however, will accept
CPAT certification in lieu of our physical agility.
If you need further information, please let me know.


Taj Knudsen
Personnel Technician
City of Redding Personnel Department
P: (530) 225-4066
F: (530) 225-4062
Knudsen, Taj []

Hi Rachael,

We've not charged a filing fee. In terms of the physical agility test, we usually do
our own or piggyback off of another agency.

I hope that helps.

Michelle Fitzer
Personnel Manager
City of Pinole
Michelle Fitzer []

Hi Rachael,
We just started using CPAT, and I questioned whether we would reimburse the candidates or not.
It’s at least $150 and could be more out of their pocket. Since we primarily have PT paid
firefighters, it seems a bit much to me to not reimburse at all. We are still sort of sitting on the
fence on that one, mulling over our best options.
I haven’t heard of the filing fee though.
Dorothy Roadman / Admin Analyst
City of Calistoga
Dorothy Roadman []

No charges here
Dana Waite []

             Has your city charged a filing fee for firefighter applications? If so, how much do you

           Do you use the CPAT as your firefighter physical agility test? Or do you conduct
           your own test?

We conduct our own test. The entire department is sent through the test annually on an untimed
basis, then we use the same test for recruitments with a time of 6 minutes, which exceeds the
time for a majority of department members.

Susan Christie
Personnel Director/Risk Manager
City of Eureka
531 K Street
Eureka, CA 95501
FAX 707-268-1838

Hello Rachel,
Please see below for City of Fairfield's response to your recent
If you need any additional information, please let me know.
Patty Romie
* Has your city charged a filing fee for firefighter applications? If
so, how much do you charge? A filing fee is not charged.
* What was the purpose of charging the fee? (ex. to compensate for the
cost of screening applicants, to reduce the number of applicants) n/a
* Did charging the filing fee meet your purpose? Were there any
problems with charging the fee? n/a
* Do you use the CPAT as your firefighter physical agility test? Or do
you conduct your own test? Yes, we use CPAT for our physical agility
FYI, applicants are responsible for all applicable CPAT fees.

California Labor Code Section 450-452
Says it is a misdemeanor to charge a testing fee or (1) fee for an individual to apply
for employment orally or in writing.

We don’t charge a fee, and we do use CPAT (a recent step in our process.)

Delores Turner
Human Resources Director
(510) 596-4391
(510) 420-1299 - Fax

I think in the end our city attorney said that we could not charge a fee for the
test. We used to belong to a consortium where the local community college
coordinated the test process for us. We charged a nominal fee but also included
a mini orientation class about the job/career. We justified the class as the
reason for charging the fee.

Since this is a very competitive market, we find that we are looking for incentives
for candidates to show up rather making it harder by charging a fee!

Harriet Gerza
Human Resources Manager
City of Carlsbad
1635 Faraday
Carlsbad, CA 92008
Harriet Gerza []

Bertha Guzman []
No fee, no CPAT.

Arroyo Grande has never charged a fee.


The City of Fremont does not charge a filing fee for firefighter
applications or any other positions. We recently started a Firefighter
recruitment (which has since been put on hold). The major requirement
for the position was that a candidate must already be a certified
paramedic. This resulted in 165 applicants for a 4 week filing period.
It had the added bonus that quite a few candidates were already
Firefighter/Paramedics at other smaller agencies. So for us, the
paramedic requirement kept the applications to a manageable number and
the quality (at least on paper) pretty good.

We also required that candidates have CPAT cards to fulfill the
physical agility requirement.
Marcy Teano []

1.   We do not charge a filing fee.
2.   N/A
3.   N/A
4.   We use CPS for written, we do our own agility.


Andrea K. Lueker
Assistant City Manager
City of Morro Bay
805.772.6282 or 6208

In response to your Employee Relations List Serve question, the City of
Fresno does not charge a Firefighter application fee.

Ken Phillips
Labor Relations Manager
City of Fresno
Kenneth Phillips []

We do not charge a filing fee, we use the CPAT as one of our requirements.

Denyce L. Holsey
City of Pleasanton
123 Main Street
POB 520
Pleasanton, CA 94566-0802
(925) 931-5050 - phone
(925) 931-5488 - fax
Denyce Holsey []

We have never charged a fee as we do not want to impact people's ability to
apply for the position.


Judie Sarquiz
Burbank Management Services Department
Sarquiz, Judie []
See responses to your questions in red below…
Melody Lawrence
HR Manager, Recruitment
City of Torrance
* Has your city charged a filing fee for firefighter applications? No If so, how much do you

* Do you use the CPAT as your firefighter physical agility test? Yes and the PAT Or do you
conduct your own test?

we use CPAT. We have never charged firefighters, but we used to charge
$10.00 for public safety dispatchers. We rec'd a legal opinion (might
have been from Liebert Cassidy...can't remember now) stating we should
not charge for candidates as too many potential hazards.

Kim Imboden
Sr. Personnel Analyst
Human Resources Department
City of Benicia
250 East L Street
Benicia, CA 94510
(707) 746-4205 - phone
(707) 746-1196 - fax – email

Hi Rachael: I know this response is delayed, but maybe it will help. We actually do not charge
applicants to test. As you may be aware, we are part of a JAFF with six other local agencies.
However we do use CPAT for the physical agility test, out of Oxnard Jr. College. We send the
candidates after they have been certified to the eligibility list and we pay for it. Let me know if you
have any questions on that part of it.
Alicia Lara

City of Santa Maria

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