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					                                              “Together We Can…”

                   SANBORN YELLOW PAGES online at
The Newsletter of the Henry C Sanborn Elementary School PTO                                         November 2006
Dear Parents,                                                                                 The Yellow Pages are published
         Fall is a busy time at Sanborn School! Many of you attended our Spooky Fun Fair      as a service to keep you informed
with authentic howling winds. Now we are gearing up for our annual Harvest Festival           of news & events at Sanborn
Celebration. Meanwhile we’ve all eaten too much candy and Thanksgiving is just around         School. Each issue will be posted
                                                                                              online at and
the corner. It’s time to start training for the Feaster Five!
                                                                                              hardcopies will be available in the
         To thank everyone involved with our Spooky Fun Fair would be practically our         school office.
whole school, from all the donations and time spent setting up and attending the fair, to     Articles may be emailed to:
cleaning up and counting the money, we see hundreds of faces. However, we certainly 
need to recognize our first-time co-chairs Leslie Burte and Andrea Lyons, who went as far
as dressing up for all 3 of our back-to-school nights to promote the event! The fifth grade   For more information, questions
Disney themed haunted house was an enormous success led by Deb Begos and Rushna               or suggestions regarding the
Heneghan, fabulous games organized by Lisa Slattery and Amy Primak, awesome                   Sanborn YP please contact:
decorations by Cindy Weeks, always popular Cake Walk coordinated by Jodi MacDonald,           Kim Perry at 978-749-2711
Lisa Durbeck on Monster Chairs, Maureen Mullen for coordinating the crafts and face
painting, Lisa McDonald for handling the 50/50 raffle and Tom and Elise Brassil for           Deadline for December
running the Spooky Café (It was their first year for tackling this big job, but you’d never   Submissions: 11/27/06
know it by the professional job they did!). Of course the event wouldn’t be a success
without the help of Charlie (our custodian) and his staff and Terri our cafeteria manager.
Anne Ogden had the important job of counting money. Of course all of these people had         President
an amazing amount of helping hands. Kudos to you!                                             Tracy Callahan 474-0575
         The PTO membership drive finished up in late October. We have almost 200   
families in our directory and raised over $5500 in membership dues and other donations.
                                                                                              1st Vice President
This is up from last year and will certainly help to support our PTO budget for 06-07. The    Lisa Slattery 470-4549
directories are at the printer and should be sent home soon. Many thanks to Mary    
Sakellarious for coordinating our membership drive. Our Wrapping Paper fundraiser also
raised over $4500 for Sanborn. You can expect to see your orders in mid November.             2nd Vice President
Thanks again to Kimberly Taylor for organizing this fundraiser.                               Lisa Starkweather 475-0920
         The PTO has also recently purchased two items that were high on our teacher’s
wish lists. You can expect to see new area rugs and kidney shaped tables (which support
our literacy program) in all classrooms soon.                                                 Treasurer
         On November 17th, our fifth graders will be delivering bountiful gift bags to        Anne Ogden 623-8116
approximately 250 seniors in Andover. Please do your part in sending in donations to
make this Harvest Festival experience a success. Each grade’s contribution is listed on the   Recording Secretary
following pages. Also on November 21st our 4th graders, joined by the Andover Senior          Janet Swartz 470-3630
Center Chorus, will be putting on a musical assembly for seniors and special invited guests
from the town. All grades are involved in this project which teaches the children about
giving to those in need and sharing their youth with the seniors of Andover.                  Corresponding Secretary
         Our second board meeting of the year will be held on November 14th at 7:00 pm.       Kim Perry 749-2711
We encourage everyone to attend, but hope that each classroom will have at least one
representative. An agenda for the meeting will be sent out via list –serve a few days
before. Dick Collins from the school committee will be on hand to answer any questions
you may have.
         The PTO periodically sends out important information and reminders via our email
distribution list. If you are not receiving these updates and would like to, please email, so your name can be added to the list.
Tracy Callahan
                                                           Sanborn News

From the Principal’s Desk:                                                   Straight from the Bulldogs:
~ Tracy and I have agreed to combine some of our work on these               The Sanborn Student Council is up and running!!! We have over
newsletter articles whenever possible. One of the roles that she has         115 members this term and are excited about the many different
assumed is to thank all of the parents who are so helpful with all of our    committees. Listed below is a brief description of the committees,
school wide events. The staff and I appreciate all that is generously        which is reported by the Newscasters.
donated through the school through your financial contributions and the
generous gift of your time. Spooky Fun Fair was successful because of        *The Color Guard Committee is responsible for putting the flag
the many parents who worked tirelessly behind the scenes, attended with      up, reciting the Pledge of Allegiance over the intercom every
their children or made generous donations. I enjoyed seeing all of you       morning, and taking the flag down at the end of the day.
there and sharing in the good spirit of the event.
~ During the course of the next week, you should be getting an e-mail        *The Pep Club is responsible for leading the school in the school
from our PTO website asking you to respond to a School Improvement           song at our monthly school meetings. The Pep Club is also
Council Survey. The 2006-07 School Year is the second year of our            planning a Crazy Hat day for October 31.
five-year rebuilding plan to restore the cuts made in school services
during FY 2003. Last year many parents attended Town Meeting that            *The Goodwill Ambassadors are involved in the Coats for Kids
ended with support for a compromise of the School Committee gaining          collection drive. This committee is asking people to donate good
$379,000 instead of the approximately $750,000 in initial requests. That     quality coats for mothers, fathers, and children. These coats will be
additional money allowed Sanborn to increase our adjustment counselor        cleaned by Anton’s Cleaners and will be distributed to needy
time to four days per week, added an additional period of physical           children and adults throughout New England.
education for our fifth grade students, and expanded the third grade
instrumental music program that was piloted at Sanborn last spring to all    *The Theater Group is responsible for performing a skit at the
of the elementary schools. The Improvement Council Survey will ask           school meeting. After Safety Officer Cronin made a presentation
you to choose your top two priorities from a list of twelve choices of       about how students can be safe in the walking patrol, riding the bus
services to be restored to the schools next year. I hope that each of you    or in the car this group performed a skit about safety. The skit was
will take the time to respond to the survey and thank you in advance for     called Together We Can Be Safe.
your cooperation.
~ Incidents of violent acts taking place in schools have become more         *The Office Temps work in the office helping Mrs. Traub and
widespread in recent years. Here at Sanborn, our response has been to        delivering mail.
lock our doors, issue staff identification badges and be diligent in
requiring parents and visitors to sign in when they enter the building.      *The Recyling Committee is responsible for collecting the
Behind the scenes we have been working on a school wide crisis plan for      recycling bins every Tuesday. This helps keep the school clean.
the past two years. The plan identifies roles and responsibilities for all   We could use a parent to help with this task. Please call the office
staff using a variety of crisis scenarios. I have met with the PTO board     if you can help.
to describe our plans in more detail and to let them know that I will be
sharing our plan for lock-down with all students at a school meeting on      *The Senior Pen Pal Committee has the job of writing to the
November 8th. We’ll also be conducting a lock-down practice that             many senior citizens who attend the Harvest Festival or volunteer in
afternoon just as we practice for fire drills on a regular basis and our     the school.
dismissal procedures on the first day of every school year. The practice
will allow us to test our plan and make the required adjustments.            *The School Store is up and running!!! The store is open during
Members of the crisis team will be available to make a brief presentation    lunch on Mondays for Kindergarteners and Grade 1, Wednesdays
and answer your questions at the PTO meeting on Tuesday, November            for Grades 2 and 3 and Fridays for Grades 4 and 5. Mrs. O’Leary
14th.                                                                        helps on Mondays and Mrs. Ricciardelli helps out on Fridays. We
~ Recently the school system has contracted for a reverse 911 emergency      could use a parent volunteer on Wednesdays. Please call the school
calling system named Connect Ed. The system is linked to our                 if you are able to volunteer for about 30 minutes on Wednesdays
electronic files and allows us to place simultaneous phone calls to all      from 11:50-12:20.
Sanborn parents and staff. The system will be used in emergency
situations requiring rapid and targeted communication. It will also be       *The Department of Sanborn Works has already planted bulbs
used across town to announce school closings due to snow or other            and has other plans to help keep Sanborn School clean. Look for
natural causes. Dr. Bach will be making an initial contact with all          the table of lost and found items on conference day. It will be
families to introduce this communication tool and to help us identify        located in the main corridor.
inaccurate telephone numbers.
~ Later in this newsletter you will be reading a letter from physical        *The Newscasters Committee is responsible for gathering
education teacher Daryl Arsenault announcing her retirement on               information about the school and submitting the news to the Yellow
November 3rd of this year. It’s hard to imagine Sanborn without Daryl,       Pages, the cable news channel and the Sanborn website.
but we can appreciate her desire to spend more time with her family,
especially her twin grandsons. I hope that you’ll all join me in wishing
her many happy and healthy years ahead.
Steve Jankauskas,

                                           Sanborn News

          MCAS Schedule 2007                              Please donate any gently used clothes to
                                                          the Nurse’s Office. Track or sweat pants
Please be aware of the MCAS schedule for
students in grades 3-5. Specific testing dates will       with elastic waistbands are especially
be set by March 1, 2007. It is important that your        needed.
child be in school during these testing dates.            New underpants are also appreciated.
Please make note of these important dates.
                                                          Thank you,
If you have any questions please call ~
Barbara Bunn, Learning Specialist 623-8862                Nancy Vogler, RN

Grade 3:
      Reading                                             ******************************
            March 19-April 4           3 sessions
            May 14-May 31              2 sessions
                                                                        GIRL SCOUTS
                                                          I am the Sanborn Troop Organizer for the Girl
Grade 4:
                                                          Scouts. If you have any questions, feel free
      English Language and Literature
                                                          to call me at 978 474-0724 or send an e-mail
             March 19-April 4     3 sessions
      ELA Composition
             March 20             2 sessions
                                                          Thank you,
                                                          Frances Stein
             May 14-May 31        2 sessions

Grade 5:                                                  ******************************
      English Language and Literature
             March 27-April 7     3 sessions
             May 14-May 31        2 sessions
      Science and Technology                                        YP Advertisements
             May 14-May 31        2 sessions
      History and Social Science                          If you would like to place an advertisement in the Sanborn
             May 14-May 31        1 session               Yellow Pages, please contact Kim Perry at
                                                          978 749-2711 or

                                                          All ads need to be submitted via email and should be about
                                                          the size of a business card. Cost is $50 for the year and this
                                                          service is open to all Sanborn families.

                                         Sanborn News

Curriculum Enrichment Events 2006
                                                       I’ll miss you…
Asia Fantasia
                                                              You’ve probably heard the rumors by
                                                       now, and I just want to let you know that
Nov. 6        9-9:45am Grades 3, 4 & 5
Nov. 9th      1-1:45pm Grades K, 1 & 2                 they’re true. (Well, at least one of them.)
                                                       Yes, I will be retiring in November. It’s
San Francisco’s master storyteller Robert
Kikuchi-Yngojo introduces students to folk             with mixed emotions that I leave; however,
tales and myths from Asian cultures. Robert            I am so looking forward to spending time
performs stories that feature positive role            with my family and my one-year-old twin
models, encourages truth and honesty, and              grandsons.
builds a sense of both the individual and
                                                              I have always felt that your children
community. Robert also shares his life
experience growing up as an Asian in                   were my children too, and I am going to
America, and conveys a positive role model             miss them terribly. I’ve watched so many
for bicultural pride and inclusivity. During the       students grow from Kindergarten through
program, Robert plays several bamboo                   Grade 5 and I firsthand rejoiced in their
instruments from various Asian cultures.
                                                       accomplishments. I’ll never forget the
                                                       many voices shouting, “Mrs. Arsenault, I’ve
Star Party                                             got it! Come watch!” It’s hard to believe I
                                                       have been at this for almost thirty-five
Nov. 29th                    Grade 4                   years. I believe even some of you were my
                                                       students at one time.
On Wed evening November 29th, Sanborn is
having a Star Party for the 4th graders.                      I have enjoyed my teaching career
Members of the North Shore Amateur                     immensely, especially my time here at
Astronomy Club will bring their telescopes             Sanborn. We have a wonderful group of
and expertise to share with us. The children           kids that you can be very proud of. I’m
will have an opportunity to view planets, the
                                                       hoping I have left your children with some
moon and constellations as well as learn
about astronomy. There will be a                       fond memories and some values to take
presentation, star viewing and hot cocoa. The          with them. May they always try their
first session begins at 7:00pm. Thursday               best…be kind, be happy, be healthy, and
November 30th is the cloud date.                       stay active.
                                                                            Daryl Arsenault
                                                                          Physical Education

                                 Sanborn Events

              28th Annual Harvest Festival 2006

Once again, it’s time for Sanborn School’s Harvest Festival. This is a wonderful
opportunity for the entire Sanborn School community to reach-out to the senior
citizens of Andover. Last year over 250 gift bags were distributed to those in private
homes, elderly housing, assisted living complexes and nursing homes throughout
Andover. We are striving to deliver the same amount this year. The Harvest Festival
is in its 28th year. It’s amazing that this wonderful tradition is more alive than ever at

We depend on many parent volunteers to make all this possible. In order to meet our
goal of 250 gift bags, we need your donations. On the next page you will find all the
items needed and important due dates, as well as volunteer opportunities. In addition
to the items listed, the children also make bookmarks, cards, and stationary to add to
the bountiful bags. The Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts also contribute by wrapping tea
bag bundles and potting plants. The gift bags will be delivered on Friday, November
17th by the fifth grade students and parent volunteers.

 As a culmination to Harvest Festival, there will be a special musical presentation by
the students for seniors and special guests on Tuesday, November 21st. Performing
with us again at this year’s assembly will be the Senior Center Chorus.

Thank you in advance for your support, time and generosity. If you have any
questions, please contact Tracy Callahan at 978-474-0575 or email

                                                       Sanborn Events

                                          What are you going to do with
                                          your extra Halloween Candy?
                                        How about donating it to charity!!

                                Candy will be used for the Harvest Festival Gift Bags
                                       and given to other grateful charities.

                                   Just bring your candy to school between
                              Wednesday, November 1st and Friday, November 10th,
                               and place it in the cauldron in front of the office.

                            PLEASE DONATE YOUR HALLOWEEN CANDY TODAY!!!

                  Harvest Festival 2006: GRADE LEVEL CONTRIBUTIONS
                         5th Grade                                                                   4th Grade
          Gift Bags. Due by Tues., 11/14/06                                         Fruit Cocktail. Due by Tues., 11/14/06
                5 per family. Size 10 x 12.                                          6-8 individual serving size cans or cups
                  Fall colors if possible.                                             with pull-off tops. Non-perishable.

                          3rd Grade                                                               2nd & 1st Grade
         Pre-packaged Cheese & Cracker Snacks                                        Baked Bread (pumpkin, cranberry, etc.)
                 Due by Tues., 11/14/06                                                     Due on Thurs., 11/16/06
            8 individual snack size packages of                                        (3-4) Small/Mini Baked Breads per
             cheese & cracker sandwiches or                                          family. Please wrap in foil or saran wrap
           Kraft Handi-Snacks (non-perishable)                                                 and tie with a ribbon.

                                                Juice Boxes. Due by Tues., 11/14/06
                                                     6-8 juice boxes. Any flavor.
     We are also looking for donations of gallon size food storage bags – ziploc or twist tie.
        PARENT VOLUNTEERS NEEDED: (Please return form to the office by 11/10/06)
I am able to help with the following (please circle):
5th GRADE          Drivers needed on Friday morning, 11/17/06 to deliver gift bags with
                   5th graders from 8:45-11:30. I can seat ________kids in my car.
                                                                             (Do not include front seat)
4th GRADE          Parents needed to oversee the assembly of gift bags with 4th grade classes
                    on Thurs., Nov. 16th from appx 12:45-2:30 in the cafeteria.

ANY GRADE Parents needed to help sort and count donations for gift bags on Tuesday,
                11/14/06 from 1:15-2:45 p.m. on the cafeteria stage.
                    Questions? Please contact Tracy Callahan at 978 474-0575 or

                      Parent Workshops & Discussion Groups

                                                          Parent Discussion Group
                                                       Sanborn School will be hosting a monthly “Friday

Basic Rights Workshop
                                                       Parent Discussion Group” facilitated by Susan
                                                       Hunter-Jones, LICSW. The group will be aimed
                                                       at the social/emotional development of elementary
On Wednesday, November 15th, Attorney                  aged children and will involve watching a video
Matthew MacAvoy will speak about the basic             with a follow up discussion on the presented topic.
legal rights of children with disabilities under the
Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA).    The schedule for the first half of the year is
The goal of Mr. MacAvoy’s presentation is to           as follows:
educate parents on the basic rights that protect
children with special needs as they progress
through the school system. The workshop will be        November 17th: “Odd Girl Out: The
held at 10:00 a.m. in the school administration        Hidden Culture of Aggression in Girls”
building which is located at 36 Bartlett Street in
Andover.                                               December 15th: “All Kinds of Minds” by
                                                       Mel Levine; This program offers tools and
Matthew MacAvoy has specialized in disability
law for the past thirteen years. He has served as      strategies to help parents and teachers
a federal Mental Health Protection & Advocacy          better understand and manage each child’s
attorney, an attorney for the Massachusetts            learning profile.
Commission on Judicial Conduct, and as a
Hearing Officer with the Massachusetts Bureau of       Location: Meetings will take place in the
Special Education Appeals. Since leaving the
Bureau of Special Education Appeals, Attorney
                                                       portable wing from 8:30 -10:30.
MacAvoy has maintained a successful private            Refreshments will be served.
practice providing representation in educational
disputes throughout the Commonwealth.                  For those working parents who are unable
                                                       to attend, media materials and discussion
                                                       questions will be available for loan after
Coming December….                                      each program.
Approaching the Explosive Child
December 4 7:30pm at Temple Emanuel                    Register: Please call Susan Hunter-Jones
Ross Greene will discuss creative and effective        at 978-623-7713 to register for one, or all
options in handling the confrontational or             of the sessions.
oppositional child.

                                             SANBORN TO SANBORN
                                                        Business Connection

        > Sanborn Families May Advertise Here: Please contact Kim Perry at 978 749-2711 or

               Cindy Payne, REALTOR®
          Serving Your Real Estate Needs in the                                        MaryAnn Comparato
                   Merrimack Valley!                                                        978.886.2419
Present this ad when you close a transaction with me, and I will               
             make a donation to the Sanborn PTO!
           978.270.5088 ~
                                                                                 ARBONNE INTERNATIONAL
         Prudential Howe & Doherty Realtors                                          PURE SWISS SKIN CARE
______________________________________                                           Formulated in Switzerland * Made in the USA
Lisa McDonald                                                                   * Mention Sanborn and receive a 40% discount –
Lauren Frei                                                                       I will also donate 5% of the order to Sanborn
                  Silent Partners
         Event & Fundraising Consultants
  Great events do not happen, they are planned

                                                 P.O. Box 493
                                         Andover, MA 01810
                                              (978) 474-1784

                    PET SITTING
                                                                                          Elegant Clutter
                           by Frances                                                          Specializing in
                                                                                       Window Treatments, Reupholstery,
                        Frances Stein                                                 Hunter Douglas Blinds and Shutters
                                                                                             Paula Bakies
                                                                                               19 Acorn Drive
                                                                                             Andover, MA 01810

Wednesdays, Beginner Forrest Yoga                                                   Welcome Home Interiors
6:30-7:30 PM
6 Locke St., Andover, MA                                                      Decorating for Today’s Lifestyle
Forrest Yoga awakens the core of your body with a strong focus on
breath and body alignment. After class, every cell in your body will be
alive and energized.
                                                                                              Penny Cox
                                                                                        16 Algonquin Avenue
Chris Miyachi, Forrest Yoga Associate                                                    Andover, MA 01810
                                                                                            (978) 475-3028

                            Sanborn Calendar for November 2006

                       The Calendar is also available on-line at .
                           Please refer to it for the most up-to-date information.

       *Please note that the submission deadline for the December Yellow Pages is November 27, 2006.*

     Sunday         Monday            Tuesday         Wednesday             Thursday          Friday             Saturday
29             30                31                 01                 02                03                 04

05             06                07                 08                 09                10                 11
               9:00am -                                                1:00pm -
                                                    9:00am -
               9:45am                                                  1:45pm
               Asia Fantasia ~   No School                             Asia Fantasia ~
                                                    School Meeting
               Storyteller                                             Storyteller

12             13                14                 15                 16                17                 18
                                 12:00pm -
                                 League of Women
                                 Voters Community
                                                                       School Picture
                                                                                         Harvest Festival
                                                                                         Bag Delivery
                                 7:00pm -                              Day

                                 PTO Meeting

19             20                21                 22                 23                24                 25
                                 11:00am -
                                 12:00pm            School Dismissed   Thanksgiving      Thanksgiving
                                 Harvest Festival   for Thanksgiving   Recess ~ No       Recess ~ No
                                 Musical Assembly   Recess             School            School

26             27                28                 29                 30                01                 02
               Dec YP Deadline                       Star Party 7pm


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