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                                   Northern California Chapter’s
                                Newsletter for the Corvette Enthusiast

Vol. 33, Issue No. 9                                                                      September, 2011
                                             2011 NCC Officers
 Chair                         Glorie McNay            530 662-7951  
 Vice Chair                    Allen Tremain           650-969-1495  
 Secretary                     Roger Hodel             408 823-8771  
 Treasurer                     John Tidwell            530 432-2503  
 CTFA Report                   Art McNay               530 662-7951  
 Judging co-Chairs             John Tidwell            530 432-2503  
                               Mike Ingham             510 420-0968  
 Membership                    Sharyl Ingham           510 420-0968  
 Newsletter Editor             Mike Ingham             510 420-0968  
 Webmaster                     Marci Albers            707 448-4499  
 Refreshments Coordinator      Andy Meyer              510 531-3742  
 Region IX Director            Ed Vignone              949 248-0931  

                                   NCC/NCRS Website

 Glorie “B”                                               Wright on achieving his 300 Club Master Judge, and
 By Glorie McNay                                          wear that golden pin well Larry!
 Welcome back to the regular season. We will start
 this season off with a special presentation by Rick      On a much different note, a very dear and wonderful
 Gower and Don Mullenhoff about the start and early       member of NCRS departed last month. Dave
 days of the Northern California Chapter of the NCRS.     Ferguson (Fergie to all) has flown west. Dave was
 We have quite a history! Can you imagine a chapter       known for so many things, Air Force pilot,
 meet with Zora Arkus Duntov as a guest! Come to          experimental test pilot, ’53-’55 Team Leader,
 the chapter meeting at the church Tuesday,               Corvette owner, doting husband of Jan, and one of
 September 13th and learn all about it.                   the nicest men you could ever meet. If you were
                                                          lucky enough to know him you loved him. Enjoy
 We had an awesome mini meet at The San Francisco         your new wings Dave, you are missed.
 Sports Car Company. Our host Brad Goldstone
 provided us with an elite atmosphere. We judged          Thanks to Janet and Jerry Palmer for hosting a tech
 Sharyl Ingham’s ZR-1 amid a beautiful collection of      session for those who road tour to the SCC meet at
 valuable collector cars and were provided with an        Big Bear. I am writing this prior to the event but
 elegant breakfast. San Carlos is in the heart of our     I’m certain we will have a great time, how could we
 chapter area, I’m surprised more of you did not          not, spending an evening at the home of the
 come to this outstanding event; frankly I don’t know     Palmers, listening to either John or Mike teach us
 what we can do to involve you. Thanks to all who         about paint, and then driving our Corvettes on yet
 participated.                                            another weekend of California sunshine.

 When I mentioned the members who earned awards                     Chapter Meeting Refreshments
 at the National I left someone out. It was not              Refreshments for the September meeting will be
 intentional for this man is often on my mind. He has                provided by Ken & Marci Albers.
 been an NCRS member sooo much longer than I and
 a member of NCC for many years. He is always
                                                          The California Capitol Regional is shaping up. We
 willing to do anything you ask, lately his health has
                                                          have not had the registration we hoped for; there is
 presented him with many challenges but he
                                                          a real lack of flight cars to be judged. If you have
 perseveres. A belated CONGRATULATIONS to Larry
  Regular meetings September through June are the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m. at the First
                       Presbyterian Church, 180 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro.
ever thought of getting your project list in order this   ii. Links have been placed on the Technical
is your chance, there will be master judges oozing        Discussion Board to access the Regional Director
from every corner. Why not bring that Corvette out        Nomination forms.
and get guidance from the experts, they all want          c. Business Manager Report
your car to achieve whatever level you aspire to.         i. 2011 is still in the black.
                                                          ii. Membership renewals are running behind as well
See you at the church on the 13th!                        as store sales.
                                                          iii. The Historic Document program is still working
Verse by the Side of the Road                             well.
LISTEN, BIRDS                                             d. Finance Report
THESE SIGNS COST MONEY                                    i. 2010 was a good financial year due to the
SO ROOST A WHILE                                          continued success of The Historic Document
BUT DON’T GET FUNNY                                       Program and the 2010 National Convention
Burma-­Shave  –  1940                                     performance.
                                                          ii. 2011 performance so far is not as good as 2010.
NCRS Board of Directors Meeting                           1. Need to be conservative in spending.
                                                          2. Historic Document Program orders have slowed
Minutes – July 17, 2011                                   down somewhat.
The NCRS Board of directors Meeting was called to         e. Judging Report
order at 1:20 p.m.                                        i. The Judging Office is well setup for the National.
                                                          ii. The online registration process has worked very
Present were:                                             well.
Vito Cimilluca, Bill Baker, John Ballard, Bill Braun,     f. Restorer Report
Dick Capello, Gary Chesnut (phone), Marilyn               i. Good articles are still coming in.
Heitzman, Larry Colvin, Jeff Cook, Mark Lincoln,          ii. Vito commented that the Corvette Restorer is
Vinnie Peters, and Roy Sinor.                             exceptional and Vinnie is doing an exceptional job as
Various general members were present in the               its editor.
audience.                                                 g. Publications Committee
                                                          i. Vinnie and Eric were commended for their efforts
Vito cited the Saturday, July 23rd event at the GM        in producing the Restorer and The Driveline.
Milford Proving Ground as the reason for holding the      ii. St. Louis Chapter’s Driveline delivery issues
Board meeting today, before the start of the              continue to be monitored.
National Convention.                                      h. Public Relations
                                                          i. Hendricks Performance continues to be one of our
1. Reports to the Board                                   largest contributors for the National Conventions.
a. Vice President’s Report                                ii. GM provided many of their facilities, tours and
i. The Michigan National Convention is going great.       people for several activities in Novi, MI.
All the Team leaders have done a fantastic job
planning and organizing the event. Vito commented         2. Old Business
that the Michigan Chapter has made every effort to        a. NCRS Archives
make this National a big success. There are               i. The NCRS will retain ownership of all current
excellent tours and something to do every night.          materials and store the originals at the AACA.
ii. Road Tour Report
                                                          ii. NCRS will provide copies to the NCM.
The Last Night Out event is in Okemos, at I96, exit
                                                          iii. The NCRS will continue to contribute additional
110. Vito urged all Board members to attend.
                                                          document copies in the future if NCRS is given
iii. 2012 San Diego, CA Convention Status - Darold
                                                          approval by the person donating.
1. Planning for the San Diego National is well            iv. Members will be able to access the documents for
underway.                                                 free at the AACA.
2. Activities are being reviewed. The fireworks           b. NCRS Foundation
display will be added as an additional event on July      i. A proposal to have The Foundation purpose &
4th.                                                      mission statement, along with the Scholarship
3. A presentation will be done at the Tuesday             Program, revisited during the Annual Board meeting
membership meeting.                                       in March, passed unanimously.
b. Secretary’s Report
i. The minutes from the March, 2011, Board meeting        3. New Business
were accepted and passed unanimously.                     a. Restorer Personalized Front Cover Proposal
                                                          i. A proposal to make a personalized Restorer
                                                          simulated cover photograph of a member’s Corvette
available for sale to NCRS members was                    knew it, the skies opened up, dumping a
unanimously passed. Watch for details in The              combination of hail and heavy rain on the airfield.
Restorer.                                                 We adjourned to the airport restaurant for lunch,
b. Publications                                           and watched as the storm grew more intense. After
i. The proposal to have The Restorer cover be             much deliberation, the meet was called, a first of its
printed on UV coated paper passed unanimously.            kind for most of us.
ii. The proposal to print The Driveline
advertisements in color was also passed

The meeting adjourned at 3:10 PM.

Date of the next Board meeting – March, 2012.

August 6 Flight Judging School
We had an excellent turnout for the chapter flight
judging school at San Francisco Sports Cars in San
Carlos. This event was arranged by chapter
member Dana Williams and hosted by Brad
Goldstone, owner of SF Sports Cars. Brad’s
showroom is filled with Corvettes, muscle cars,           California Capital Regional
exotic sports cars, and beautiful Cobra replicas hand     The California Capital Regional will be held in
crafted there onsite.                                     Sacramento October 6-8 at the Red Lion Hotel at
                                                          Arden Fair. A schedule of events for this Regional
We judged one car, Sharyl Ingham’s 1990 ZR-1,             can be found later in this issue. We have set this
pairing up less experienced judges with masters in        meet up to use the new NCRS online registration
each of the areas. As is usually the case, the            process. Online registration is available from a link
judging took most of the day, but in the end the car      that can be found on the NCRS website home page
was awarded a Top Flight ribbon, scoring 96.1, and; just place your cursor on “Member
paving the way for a PV attempt in Sacramento.            Services”, then move it down to “Coming Events”
                                                          when the list appears. “Register for Events” will
                                                          appear to the left, and if you click on that a list of
                                                          events available for online registration will appear;
                                                          just click on “California Capital Regional” and follow
                                                          the instructions for registering. We hope to see
                                                          many of you at this meet and encourage you to use
                                                          the online registration system.

                                                          Chapter Officer Elections
                                                          Chapter officer elections for 2012 will be held at the
                                                          October meeting at the church. Most of the current
                                                          Board is staying on, but as a reminder, Glorie McNay
                                                          is stepping down as chapter Chair. One of you
Thank you to all of you who turned out to help judge      needs to step up and take on some of the
the car and tabulate the results. We hope you found       responsibility for helping to run this chapter. Please
the exercise worthwhile. Thank you as well to Dana        give it some thought, your chapter needs you.
Williams for arranging this opportunity, and to Brad
Goldstone for making us feel so welcome and               NCC Dues
inviting us to hold another event at his business.        NCC membership dues for 2012 are $30; $25 if you
                                                          pay by December 31st. A membership form can be
August 27 SCC Fall Judging Meet                           found on the last page of the Vettecetera. Send
As noted in Glorie’s column, a group of NCC’ers           new/renewal membership form w/check to Sharyl
traveled to Big Bear to participate in SCC’s fall meet.   Ingham at 6047 Lawton Avenue, Oakland, 94618. If
The venue was the local airport, and five cars were       you have changes (e.g., e-mail address), please
to be judged: two C1s and three C2s. The day              send them to me so I can update the roster.
started out quite beautifully, but as noon                Thanks, Sharyl
approached, lightening was observed to the West,
followed some seconds later by thunder. Before we
Trivia Question – Where Am Eye?                             Regular meetings at the First Presbyterian
                                                            Church, 180 Estudillo Avenue, San Leandro, are
                                                            the 2nd Tuesday of the month at 7:30 p.m.

                                                        Parts For Sale
                                                        C5 original transparent roof panel. Never used and
                                                        in new condition with no scratches or blemishes.
                                                        $1295 or best offer. Contact Leo Michaud at 916
                                                        899 9666 or

Technical Articles Wanted
If you have been thinking about writing up some
restoration project you have completed, please do
so and submit it for publication. We can all benefit
from one another’s learning’s. If possible, submit
your article as a Word document, and any
accompanying pictures as .jpg files. As an added        Four reproduction knock-off wheels with mounting
incentive, anyone submitting a technical article will   hardware, 2 lead hammers and center cap puller.
receive a portable computer case like that shown        205/75 R15 Dunlop radials mounted on wheels.
below for the first article they submit in any          Wheels are in excellent condition and tires have
calendar year.                                          about 1500 miles on them. $1400 Contact Leo
                                                        Michaud at 916 899 9666 or

Articles appearing in the Vettecetera are the sole
property of their author(s) and may not be
reproduced without the express written permission
of the author                                           `53-`55 reproduction exhaust tips, both short
                                                        (early) and long (late) styles available. Contact
Pertinent Information                                   Gary Hiltunen at for pricing.
    Send newsletter articles to Mike Ingham either
    by email: or            Parts Wanted
    snail mail: 6047 Lawton Avenue, Oakland,            Used set of 6.70x15 blackwall bias-ply tires suitable
    94618. Either way it needs to be received by the    for judging purposes on my `63. Contact John
    25th of the previous month to make publication.     Gazso at 916-783-4628 or
Original T-10 transmission shifter with or without
linkage for a 1959-1962. Contact Rick Gower at
925-798-7877 or

Car For Sale
1998 Sebring Silver Coupe, black interior, 1 owner,
always stored in garage, great condition, 21,165
mi. $22,500. Options include: Memory Pkg (AAB),
Power Passenger Seat (AG2), Sport Seats (AQ9),
Floor Mats (B35), Body Side Moldings (B84), Dual
Zone Air Conditioning (CJ2), Luggage Shade and
Parcel Net (D42), Selective Real Time Damping
(F45), 6 Speed Manual Transmission (MN6), Fog
Lamps (T96), Delco Stereo System with CD (UN0).
Contact Gary Hiltunen at 530-259-5997 or

                                                      Art McNay and John Tidwell awaiting Glorie McNay’s
                                                      lifting of the clouds at Mount Rushmore during the
                                                      road tour to Novi.

                                                      Jerry Palmer rounds one of the many corners at
                                                      GM’s Milford Proving Grounds, one of the most
                                                      popular tour offerings at the National Convention.

As seen at Hot August Nights, a C1 with the           Trivia Answer
extremely rare drink holder option.                   Bill & Karen Verboon under the watchful eye in
                                                      Sparta, Wisconsin, on the road tour to Novi.
Business Card Ads
In order to encourage advertising from local
businesses, the NCC Board has set rates as follows:
for NCC members, the annual rate for a business
card ad will be $15; for non-NCC members it will be
$25. If you are interested in a business card ad,
please send your business card along with a check
made out to NCC/NCRS to the Vettecetera editor,
Mike Ingham, 6047 Lawton Avenue, Oakland, CA
                                              Event Calendar

    Date                                 Description                                  Location

September 10                          CCC Fall Judging Meet                        Arroyo Grande, CA
September 13                               NCC Meeting                              San Leandro, CA
 October 6-8                    NCRS California Capital Regional                    Sacramento, CA
 October 11                                NCC Meeting                              San Leandro, CA
October 27-29                          NCRS Texas Regional                             Frisco, TX
 November 5      NCC Charitable Participation – Vettes for Vets – CA Auto Museum    Sacramento, CA
 November 8                      NCC Meeting – Fall Book Drive                      San Leandro, CA
 December ?                             NCC Holiday Social
December 14                         Dessert Party @ Ravano’s                        San Carlos, CA

January 25-28                       NCRS Winter Regional                            Kissimmee, FL
  March 8-10                        NCRS Arizona Regional                             Tucson, AZ
   May 3-5                         NCRS Northwest Regional                           Seaside, OR
   June 7-9                       NCRS North Central Regional                       Rochester, MN
June 30-July 4                     NCRS National Convention                         San Diego, CA
September 6-9                      NCRS Pittsburgh Regional                          Altoona, PA
October 18-20                        NCRS Texas Regional                               Frisco, TX
                                        CCC/NCRS Fall Meet Registration
                                        Village Green Park, Nelson X Short
                                                Arroyo Grande CA
                                           Saturday September 10th, 2011
                                            Suggested Local Hotels
                       Hampton Inn – 1400 West Branch St., Arroyo Grande 805-202-7000
                       Abella Garden Inn B&B -­210 Oak St., Arroyo Grande 805-489-5926

Event Information: Ron Bartow 805-481-3343
Judging information: Bruce Fosdike 805-924-1930
Please fill out with complete information including NCRS #.
All car entries also need to fully complete vehicle information section on page 2.

Registration MUST be in by August 31st, 2011

Fees: Family Registration:        $ 20.00                       $ ___________

      Non Member Guest(s)         $ 10.00 ea                    $ ___________

      Flight Judging              $ 50.00                       $ ___________

      Sportsman Award             $ 10.00                       $ ___________

                                                      Total     $ ___________

Make checks payable to CCC/NCRS and mail registration form and fees to:
Bruce Fosdike, 1551 Leonard Place, Cambria, CA 93428

Name/s ___________________________Guest__________________________

Address _________________________________________________________

E-mail: ________________________ Chapter Affiliation (if any):_____________

Phone (include area code) Home: _________________Work_______________

NCRS National Membership Number: __________________________

See page 2
                                                                                                     Page 2
If you wish to help judge please list your preferences below.

Judging Classes are: 53-57, 58-62, 63-67, 68-72, 73-77, 78-82, 84-89, 90-96

First Name ______________ Level___ 1st Choice _______ 2nd Choice _______
                                                 Ops Mech Int Ext Chassis
[ ] Flight Judge [ ] Observer Judge [ ] Tabulate

First Name ______________ Level___ 1st Choice _______ 2nd Choice _______
                                                 Ops Mech Int Ext Chassis
[ ] Flight Judge [ ] Observer Judge [ ] Tabulate

                                               Vehicle Entry
[ ] Flight Judging                                        [ ] Sportsman Award
               [ ] Bowtie display/Special interest Display (no fee).

Year _____ Complete VIN #__________________________________________
Horsepower __________ Build Date___________________________________
Exterior Paint Code______ Interior Trim Code______ Body Number__________
Exterior Paint Color_____________ Interior Color___________ Fabric_______

[ ] Coupe        [ ] Convertible         [ ] Corvette Driven            [ ] Corvette Trailered             [ ] Need trailer parking
*Note – NCRS now requires all vehicle registrations be input into the on-line system. This requires the above form to be complete or it
cannot be inputed. If your car’s model year does not have some of the codes requested, please fill out all that are available. Use
Vehicle Trim Tag or Service Parts Identification Label for Build Date. 63 – 67 vehicles also need Body Number.

All registrants entering vehicles (judged or non-judged) must read and sign the hold harmless agreement as follows: Whereas owner
voluntarily enters his/her vehicle in the NCRS event described above, it is agreed as follows: (1) that in consideration of CCC/NCRS
and NCRS permitting the undersigned owner(s) to participate in this event, the owners(s) will insure his/her vehicle against loss,
damage, and liability and will provide proof of such insurance being in effect at the time of the event. (2) That the owner(s) does hereby
agree to indemnify and hold harmless the CCC/NCRS and NCRS, all its officers, directors, agents, employees or assigns for any such
acts of omissions which may result in the theft, damage, or destruction or injury occurring during or as a consequence of this event,
wherever located. (3) That owner(s) in attending this event does so voluntarily and agrees and assumes the risk of any and all damage
to his/her vehicle or of injury to his/her self or others and hold CCC/NCRS and NCRS harmless there from. (4) The vehicle must be
insured and "registered" to the person showing the vehicle for judging.

You must provide/bring proof of in-force liability insurance and current registration for the
Corvette to be judged.

Insurance Company ____________________ Policy #____________________
Expiration Date ____________

The California Chapters’ California Capital
Regional will be held at the Red Lion Hotel,
1401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA 95815

Thursday, October 6, 2011
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM    Registration Desk Open
                      PV’s by appointment with National Team Leader
                      All cars must be in place on judging field by 5:00 PM
5:00 PM to 6:00 PM    Judging School
6:30 PM to 8:00 PM    Welcome Pizza Party
6:00 PM to 6:00 AM    Security

Friday, October 7, 2011
8:00 AM to 1:00 PM     Registration Desk Open
7:00 AM                Judges and Tabulators Breakfast
8:00 AM                Judges Meeting
8:15 AM                Owners Meeting
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM     Flight Judging: 53-55, 58-60, 63-64, 67 SB, 70-72, 75-77, 80-82,
                       90-93 (subject to change)
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM     Swap Meet Open
9:30 AM to 11:30 AM    Advanced Judging School Part 1
12 Noon                Judges and Tabulators Lunch
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM     Advanced Judging School Part 2
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM     Technical Seminar – C1 Front Suspension w/Joe Calcagno
5:00 PM                Buses depart for Thunder Valley Casino
6:00 PM to 6:00 AM     Security

Saturday, October 8, 2011
7:00 AM                Judges and Tabulators Breakfast
8:00 AM                Judges Meeting
8:15 AM                Owners Meeting
8:30 AM to 4:00 PM     Flight Judging: 56-57, 61-62, 65-66, 67 BB, 68-69, 73-74, 78-79,
                       84-89, 94-96 (subject to change)
9:00 AM to 4:00 PM     Swap Meet Open
9:30 AM to 11:30 AM    Advanced Judging School Part 1
12 Noon                Judges and Tabulators Lunch
1:30 PM to 3:30 PM     Advanced Judging School Part 2
3:00 PM to 4:00 PM     Guest Speaker – Noland Adams
4:00 PM to 4:30 PM     Salute to Dave Ferguson
6:00 PM to 7:00 PM     Cocktail Hour
7:00 PM to 10:00 PM    Awards Banquet
6:00 PM to 6:00 AM     Security

Hotel Information:
The host hotel and the site for the meet is the Red Lion Hotel, 1401 Arden Way, Sacramento, CA
95815. A block of rooms is being held until September 11, 2011 at a rate of $89.95 + tax under
the block name “NCRS.” Please make your reservations by calling the hotel directly at 916-922-
                    NCRS Northern California Chapter Membership Form
                           Send your check payable to NCC/NCRS to:
                   SHARYL INGHAM at 6047 Lawton Avenue, Oakland, CA 94618

Annual Dues
Family: $25.00 if paid by December 31st; $30.00 thereafter
Joining during the year:
After June 30th: $15.00

NCRS Membership Number_________ Expiration Date: ______________
(From Driveline or Restorer Address Label) You must be an NCRS member to be a chapter member.

Check as Applicable:
_______New Member
_______Change of Address

Please Print or Type
Name ________________________________Spouse_______________________
Street___________________________________________ Apt.______________
Home Phone____________________
Cell Phone____________________
Work Phone___________________
Website for Business ___________________________

Please list the Year(s) and Model(s) of your Corvette(s)

This information will be published in the Club’s Roster unless checked that you want it excluded.
________Street Address

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