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					                                                                                  Nebraska Report
                                                                                            There is no Peace without Justice
        Nebraskans for Peace                                                           MAY / JUNE 2010                                                    VOLUME 38, NUMBER 3

                          (One of the Best-Kept Secrets about Coal…)

            It’s NOT the Cheapest Energy
  Well over half of the electricity generated by Nebraska’s public power system comes           by Hendrik van den Berg                            for the operator of the power plant. But
  from coal. Although coal is far and away the dirtiest fossil fuel, the state’s public power                                                      the market price of coal is not an accurate
                                                                                                In defending the World Bank’s approval             price of the cost of coal. Market prices are
  generators have insisted on using coal transported by rail from Wyoming’s Powder              of financing for a new $3 billion coal-fired
  Basin (rather than developing our own clean, native renewable resources) because                                                                 convenient but often inaccurate. Coal is one
                                                                                                power plant in South Africa, World Bank            of the worst ‘market failures’ because the
  the energy cost of coal was purportedly so cheap.                                             President Robert Zoellick stated that “Coal
        As the following article by UNL Economics Professor Hank van den Berg docu-                                                                market price fails to reflect so many of the
                                                                                                is still the least-cost, most viable, and tech-    costs associated with the mining, transport-
  ments, however, those cheaper costs are illusory. Once the full costs associated with         nically feasible option.” (Quoted by Brooke
  burning coal are calculated in, the price of this toxic fuel becomes economically                                                                ing, processing, burning, and disposing of
                                                                                                Jarvis in Yes! magazine). Most reporters and       the waste of coal. Costs ignored by markets
  prohibitive. Plus, coal produces exorbitant levels of greenhouse gases, which the             commentators blithely took Zoellick’s words
  Pentagon itself now openly states are contributing to global warming. The Pentagon’s                                                             are referred to in economics as externalities.
                                                                                                as fact. But Zoellick, in fact, was not being      Coal has external costs because coal produc-
  2010 “Quadrennial Defense Review” warns that climate change is already exacerbat-             honest. He conveniently left out the many
  ing international instability and conflict—and the more the climate warms, the more                                                              ers and users are not required to pay for
                                                                                                hidden costs of using this dirtiest of dirty       much of the damage their product causes to
  war there will be.                                                                            fuels.
        Preserving the environment—this fragile ecosystem in which we make our                                                                     others, nor do markets account for the pol-
                                                                                                      In the U.S., we use 92 percent of the        lution, global warming and indirect health
  home—goes to the very heart of peacemaking. We cannot ever hope to live in peace              coal we mine to generate 52 percent of our
  when, as Al Gore said in his Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech, “we’re waging                                                                  effects that result from burning coal.
                                                                                                electricity. We use so much coal largely
  war on the planet.”                                                                           because coal is indeed relatively cheap                                        continued on page 3

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                                                                                                          2010 Legislative Wrap-up                     ‘March For America’
                                                                                                            Two Steps Forward...                         in Washington, D.C.             p. 8
                                                                                                            One Step Back                   p. 2
                                                                                                                                                       The Sham of Human Rights
                                                                                                          What’s HOT in Global Warming?     p. 4         in Saudi Arabia                 p. 9
                                                                                                          Rape as a Tool of War             p. 5       Speaking Our Peace               p. 12
                                     Nebraska Report
  The Nebraska Report is published nine times annually by Nebraskans for Peace. Opinions
                                                                                                                             2010 Legislative Wrap-Up
  stated do not necessarily reflect the views of the directors or staff of Nebraskans for Peace.
         Newspaper Committee: Tim Rinne, Editor; Mark Vasina, Christy
             Hargesheimer, Peter Salter, Marsha Fangmeyer, Paul Olson                                                             Two Steps Forward…
         Typesetting and Layout: Michelle Ashley; Printing: Fremont Tribune
         Website: Justin Kemerling                                                                                           #1 Senators Pass Landmark Wind Energy Bill
  Letters, articles, photographs and graphics are welcomed. Deadline is the first of the month                               This session the Nebraska Legislature         have a chance to reduce the amount
  for publication in the following month’s issue. Submit to: Nebraska Report, c/o Nebraskans                                 passed LB 1048, a landmark renewable          of greenhouse gas emissions to have a
  for Peace, 941 ‘O’ Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508.                                                                  energy bill. LB 1048 has the potential        serious impact on climate change. LB
                                                                                                                             to greatly expand wind energy develop-        1048 represents a significant step in this
                             Nebraskans for Peace                                                                            ment in Nebraska by setting up a process      direction. However, it is also important
  NFP is a statewide grassroots advocacy organization working nonviolently for peace with                                    for private developers to export electric-    to be clear about the fact that all energy
  justice through community-building, education and political action.                                                        ity generated by renewable energy while       development has environmental impacts
                                                                                                                             protecting Nebraska’s public utilities.       and wind energy is no exception. The
                                                                                                                             LB 1048 was unanimously passed by             Nebraska Sierra Club worked hard for
                         State Board of Directors                                                                            the Legislature and signed into law by        inclusion of language requiring all pro-
  Kerry Beldin, Leola Bullock, Holly Burns, A’Jamal Byndon, Miguel Carranza, Frank Cordaro,                                  the governor.                                 posed sites to go through the wildlife and
  Henry D’Souza, Bob Epp, Marsha Fangmeyer (Vice President), Candella Foley-Finchem,                                               Nebraska has some of the best wind      habitat process that had been used to site
  Jill Francke (Secretary), Caryl Guisinger, Christy Hargesheimer, Alex Hartmann, Jenny                                      development potential in the United           the existing wind developments in Ne-
  Holm, Patrick Jones, John Krejci, Bill Laird, Frank LaMere, Rich Maciejewski, Rev. Jack                                    States but has moved slowly on wind           braska as it appears to have worked well.
  McCaslin, Patrick Murray, Paul Olson (President), Byron Peterson, Del Roper, Deirdre                                       development, in part because our public       In addition, we intend to monitor devel-
  Routt, Linda Ruchala, Jay Schmidt, Lela Shanks, Nic Swiercek, Hank van den Berg, Mark                                      utilities have limited ability to take ad-    opments to make sure that Nebraska’s
  Vasina (Treasurer), Terry Werner. Tim Rinne (State Coordinator); Brittany Crawford (Office &                               vantage of federal tax incentives in this     unique natural resources are protected
  Fundraising Coordinator); Susan Alleman (Organization Administrator); 941 ‘O’ Street, Suite                                area. In addition, Nebraska’s utilities       in the wind development process.
  1026, Lincoln, NE 68508, Phone 402-475-4620,; Mark                                         do not need much additional electrical             Although LB 1048 represents a his-
                                                                                                                             generation at this time. The process          toric breakthrough for renewable energy
  Welsch (Omaha Coordinator), P.O. Box 6418, Omaha, NE 68106, Phone 402-453-0776,
                                                                                                                             established by LB 1048 would allow            development in Nebraska, there is much; Justin Kemerling (Communications Coordinator).
                                                                                                                             private interests to develop renewable        work to be done. We need to see how the
                                                                                                                             energy facilities that would generate         process works and be ready to modify
                                                                                                                             electricity for export to other states. The   the legislation if needed. In addition, LB
                                                                                                                             private developers can take advantage         1048 is is designed primarily for wind
             Moving? Change of Email Address?                                                                                of the federal tax incentives and in          development. Nebraska also has great
  NAME (print) __________________________________________________________                                                    turn sell the electricity in states where     potential for solar development, which
  Old Address         __________________________________________________________                                             there is greater demand for additional        can be done in many places where wind
  City     State _________________________Zip ___________                                                                    generation capacity. At the present time      development is impractical, such as ur-
                                                                                                                             Nebraska generates only 152 megawatts         ban areas. However, solar development
  NEW ADDRESS _______________________________________________________                                                        of electricity from by wind. Passage of       has moved very slowly, largely due to
  City     State _________________________Zip ___________                                                                    LB 1048 has the potential to increase         issues of cost. Research and incentives
  New Phone # __________________________________________________________                                                     the amount of electricity generated           may be needed to facilitate expanded
                                                                                                                             by wind in Nebraska to thousands of           solar development. We also need public
  NEW EMAIL ____________________________________________________
                                                                                                                             megawatts. This type of expansion will        policies that make it simple and econom-
                                                                                                                             conceivably bring billions of dollars in      ical for people to become more energy
                                                                                                                             investment and thousands of jobs to ru-       efficient, because this has the potential to
                NFP Chapter & Affiliate Contact Information                                                                  ral Nebraska. Wind generation facilities      have the greatest impact on greenhouse
   Crete Chapter.................................................. Pat Wikel..................................402-826-4818   of this magnitude will provide electric-      gas emissions. And finally, the advocates
                                                                                                                             ity for thousands of consumers without        of nuclear energy are starting to push
   Lincoln Chapter ............................................... Jill Francke...............................402-770-1930
                                                                                                                             generating greenhouse gases, and also         new nuclear plants and we need to be
   Omaha Chapter............................................... Mark Welsch ............................402-453-0776
                                                                                                                             do not send toxins like mercury into the      ready to fight these proposals for many
   Scottsbluff Chapter.......................................... Byron Peterson ........................308-783-1412
                                                                                                                             environment or use huge amounts of            reasons, including security, cost and lack
   Southwest Nebraska Chapter ......................... Dennis Demmel .......................308-352-4078                    water, like coal does.                        of disposal facilities.
   Central Nebraska Peace Workers................... Charles Richardson .................402-462-4794                              Most climate scientists believe we                                — Ken Winston,
                                                                                                                             need to develop wind and solar genera-                 Nebraska Sierra Club Lobbyist
   Contact the NFP State Office for information on the UNL, UNO, UNK, Creighton &
   Nebraska Wesleyan University and Hastings, Dana & Doane College Chapters                                                  tion at a rapid pace if we are going to                         conclusion on page 10
It’s NOT the Cheapest Energy, continued
  …Renewable sources of energy, such as wind and solar, are the true least-cost sources of energy.

Internalizing ‘Externalities’                   living in mining communities are 70 per-      Accounting for the Full Costs                   (interestingly, one from the University of
    Government can ‘internalize’ the            cent more likely to develop kidney dis-            When the costs of lost lives and           Wyoming, which is funded in part by tax
externalities associated with using coal        eases, 64 percent more likely to develop      health costs are added, the real cost of        revenue from coal mining in the Powder
by imposing a tax equal to the estimated        chronic lung diseases, and 30 percent         coal rises substantially. Utility commis-       Basin) concludes that “coal is by far
external costs. Granted, such a tax is not      more likely to suffer from hypertension.      sions in many states have been estimating       the most underpriced energy resource.”
easy to determine, because it requires a        Less well known is the fact that people       the total costs of burning coal for electric-   (Todd L. Cherry and Jason F, Shogren
thorough accounting of the external costs       living near coal-fired power plants exhibit   ity generation for as long as 20 years. In      , “The Social Cost of Coal: A Tale of
associated with the burning of coal in the      similar higher health risks.                  the early 1990s, Massachusetts’ utility         Market Failure and Market Solution,”
power industry. The difficulty in setting            There are also the costs to society of   regulator estimated a cost of $24 per ton       working paper, 30 September, 2002.)
such a carbon tax has enabled the power         mountain-top mining and the destruction       of carbon emitted. New proposals for                 In short, at a true price of $150-$200
                                                                                                                                              per ton of coal, coal-fired power plants
                                                                                                                                              are no longer the “least-cost” suppliers
                                                                                                                                              of electricity. In fact, they are among the
                                                                                                                                              very highest-cost producers. Even at
                                                                                                                                              today’s market prices, coal costs more
                                                                                                                                              than natural gas and geothermal power
                                                                                                                                              plants. Of course, natural gas still emits
                                                                                                                                              about two-thirds as much carbon as coal.
                                                                                                                                              Geothermal power is not entirely free of

      Derail this Deadly Energy
                                                                                                                                              external costs either.
                                                                                                                                                   The stunning (at least to those who
                                                                                                                                              have accepted the ‘cheap coal’ myth)
                                                                                                                                              result from studies that internalize the
                                                                                                                                              externalities is that renewable sources of
                                                                                                                                              energy, such as wind and solar, are the
and coal industries to prevent any actual       of natural habitats. Transportation of coal   power plants were required to add these         true least-cost sources of energy. Yes,
application of a carbon tax. Still, the esti-   generates carbon emissions and other          estimated external costs to their cost-ben-     they are more expensive than what we
mates we have available show that coal is       energy usage that have their own external     efit studies. Also in the early 1990s, the      think we are paying for coal. But in truth,
grossly underpriced, and its external costs     costs. Coal causes about half of all acid     California Public Utilities Commission          we are paying much more for coal than
are doing a great deal of damage.               rain. And the 2008 coal ash accident in       used an estimate of $33 per ton of CO2          we—and our future generations—will
     The key elements of the coal cycle—        Kingston, Tennessee, where sludge laced       emitted because Western coal is softer          pay for clean energy alternatives. And
pre-mining, extraction, process and             with arsenic, uranium and mercury broke       and dirtier. California also added the          we have not even factored in the likely
disposal, transportation, utilization and       through a containment dam and flooded         costs of emissions of sulfur dioxide and        reductions in the cost of alternatives if we
waste management—all have real costs            hundreds of nearby acres before seeping       nitrogen oxides, which cause acid rain.         move toward their large-scale adoption.
that markets systematically fail to inter-      into a nearby river, revealed the uncov-            When the lower Massachusetts esti-        Nor have we factored in the relatively
nalize into the listed price. For example,      ered costs of the waste left from burning     mate of external costs of coal is factored      low costs of changing our lifestyles and
the price of coal does not include lives        coal in power plants.                         in, the average $46-per-ton price of coal       using less energy in general.
lost to accidents, such as the recent West           Global warming is, of course, the        delivered to a New England power plant               Also missing from all estimates
Virginia explosion in an inadequately           largest cost of burning coal in power         increases to about $200! Various other          of the full costs of the various energy
ventilated mine that killed nearly 30           plants. In the U.S. the International Ener-   university studies, as well as studies          sources is risk of international conflicts
miners. Between 1900 and 2009, 104,674          gy Agency estimates that about one-third      by the National Research Council and            over finite resources. The myth of cheap
workers died in coal mining accidents in        of all carbon emissions in the U.S. come      GreenPeace, estimate that the true social       coal prevents us from embracing renew-
the U.S., or about 1,000 workers per year.      from coal-fired power plants. Worldwide,      cost of coal (that takes into consideration     able energy sources that can ultimately
We have not tried to count the number of        closer to 40 percent of all carbon emis-      lost lives, health issues, local pollution      replace our need for non-renewable en-
Chinese coal miners that are still dying at     sions originate in coal-fired power plants.   and the most likely global warming              ergy sources like oil. The wind blows and
work a very high rate.                          The future costs of global warming range      scenarios) falls somewhere in the range         the sun shines everywhere. Even cloudy
     There are also many of the health          from 1 or 2 percent of gross domestic         of $150-$200. Another independent
problems associated with mining, air            product (GDP) to the catastrophic demise      study by two environmental economists                               conclusion on page 11
quality, and waste contamination. People        of humanity.
                                                                                                                                     MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 3
      What’s HOT in Global Warming?
                                                                                       by Professor Bruce E. Johansen

Earth to Climate Contrarians: Quit Making Fools of Yourselves
A funny thing happened to the cli-    ground of hundreds of thousands       for many years.                      60 years of National Weather Ser-      and landslides that washed away
mate contrarians on their way to      of harp seals—is “essentially de-          The new analysis in 2010        vice rainfall reports and found that   homes and submerged roads.
driving a stake through the heart     void of both ice and seals.”          describes “an on-going northward     “extreme precipitation events”         About 11 inches of rain fell in
of global warming last winter. It          The Pacific Northwest and        migration of increasing mass loss”   (more than an inch of rain or          36 hours.
was the fifth warmest winter on       Maine also had an unusually           along the western coast from the     equivalent in one day) have be-              As record rains pounded
the instrumental record, accord-      warm winter, but publicity for the    southern tip to the far north. The   come more common in nine               some areas, the United Nations
ing to the National Oceanic and       unusual cold and snow across the      analysis, led by Shfaqat Abbas       Northeast states as temperatures       Development Program’s “2009
Atmospheric Administration’s          eastern half of the United States,    Khan of the National Space In-       have warmed.                           Arab Human Development Re-
National Climatic Data Center.        much of Europe and parts of           stitute of Denmark, was published         This report was released as       port” said that desertification
The average global temperature        Russia led climate contrarians to     late in March, 2010 in Geophysi-     waters receded in Rhode Island,        now threatens about 2.87 million
for the winter was 54.09 degrees      claim that global warming’s back                                                                                  square kilometers of land (1.15
F.—1.08 above average.                had been broken.                         While we here in Nebraska were                                           million square miles)—about a
     While we here in Nebraska             The winter of 2009-2010—                                                                                     fifth of the Middle East and North
were up to our ears in snow and       famously cold and snowy across           up to our ears in snow and ice,                                          Africa. A 2007 U.N. study spoke
ice (I broke an elbow on the          much of the Midwest and Eastern                                                                                   of an “environmental crisis of
stuff!), and as various climate       United States—was mild and dry          2010 was the fifth warmest winter                                         global proportions” that could up-
contrarians (eyeing record snows
in Washington, D.C.) were cheer-
                                      in Glacier National Park, which
                                      lost two more of two-dozen re-
                                                                                 on the instrumental record.                                            root 50 million people from their
                                                                                                                                                        homes by 2010, mostly in Africa.
ing on a new ice age, the winter of   maining glaciers in an area that      cal Research Letters. The study      Massachusetts and Connecticut                Michaels regularly exercises
2009-2010 (December 1 through         160 years ago contained 150           surveyed ice loss between Febru-     from the worst floods in a century.    bragging rights as “state climatol-
March 1) was so tepid worldwide       bodies of moving ice. A glacier       ary 2003 and June 2009.              In March, 2010, Providence, R.I.,      ogist” of Virginia, which is rather
that harp seal pups in Canada’s       is defined as at least 25 acres of         “When we look at the month-     recorded 16.32 inches of rain—a        akin to a ‘Kentucky Colonel’ or an
Gulf of St. Lawrence were starv-      moving ice. Nearby Spokane,           ly values… the ice mass loss has     new record for any month. Bos-         ‘Admiral’ in the ‘Nebraska Navy.’
ing and drowning for lack of          Washington, had its lowest sea-       been very dramatic along the         ton’s total rainfall for March was     The editors at the Wall Street
river ice.                            sonal snowfall on record.             northwest coast of Greenland,”       14.83 inches, the second-wettest       Journal salute every time he runs
     Starving pups were aban-                                               said co-author John Wahr, a physi-   month since weather records be-        his hokum up the flagpole.
doned on beaches along Prince         Ice Loss Spreads in                                                                                                     Pat, please quit making a
                                                                            cist at University of Colorado-      gan there in 1872. Central Park,
Edward Island—victims of the          Greenland                                                                                                         fool of yourself. (During the first
                                                                            Boulder. “This is a phenomenon       New York City’s 10.68 inches was
lowest ice conditions in the 41            Someone should tell the          that was undocumented before         a record for March.                    week of April in the United States,
years that records have been kept.    shrinking glaciers of Greenland       this study. Our speculation is            Climate-change contrarian         1,800 new record highs were set.
Off Newfoundland (another major       that a new ice age has dawned.        that some of the big glaciers in     Patrick Michaels of the “Cato          This is one unusual ‘ice age.’)
seal hunting ground), ice by mid-     They’re not getting with the pro-     this region are sliding downhill     Institute” dismissed the study as
March 2010 had formed only off        gram. Last year, ice loss continued                                                                               Bruce E. Johansen is a profes-
                                                                            faster and dumping more ice in       not indicative of trends outside       sor of Communication at the
the Northern Peninsula at a time      to migrate north and west across      the ocean.”                          that area. Beginning one day later,
when it usually extends along all     Greenland, according to satellite-                                                                                University of Nebraska-Omaha
                                                                                                                 however, record rains killed more      and author, in 2009, of Hot Air
of the island’s northeast coast.      borne sensors. Migration of ice       Deluges and Droughts                 than 200 people in Rio de Janeiro,
Observers from the “International     loss has nearly spread the length                                                                                 and Hard Science: Dissecting
                                                                                 With rising temperatures, the   just after the ink had dried on the
Fund for Animal Welfare” report-      of coastal Greenland since 2005,                                                                                  the Global Warming Debate and
                                                                            hydrological cycle becomes more      newspapers quoting Michaels’
ed in March that the Gulf of St.      enlarging an area in the island’s                                                                                 the two-volume Encyclopedia
                                                                            extreme, provoking both droughts     ‘expertise.’ The deluge was the
Lawrence—the annual birthing          southeast that has been losing ice                                                                                of Global Warming Science and
                                                                            and deluges. The nonprofit group     heaviest ever recorded in the city,    Technology.
MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 4                                       “Clean Air-Cool Planet” surveyed     provoking deadly flash floods
      Rape as a Tool of War
by Marsha Fangmeyer                              ary actions in such cases. Women in the          that we have to wait. Other things, such           the world; honor killings; acid burnings;
Vice President, Nebraskans for Peace             military who report rape are likely to be        as national security, health care, taxes, the      dowry death; genital mutilation; violence
                                                 discharged and are unlikely to see any dis-      recession, financial reform and the spread         based on actual and perceived sexual iden-
I read Susan Brownmiller’s book, Against         ciplinary action against their rapist. Private   of democracy throughout the world, come            tity; and the list goes on. So what do we do?
Our Will: Men, Women and Rape, when it           contractors, such as KBR, even had the           before violence against one-half of the                  Nebraskans for Peace has committed
was first published in 1975. My eyes were        foresight to put a clause in their contracts     world’s population. Programs are funded,           to work on the passage of the “International
opened. I certainly did not read this kind       that calls on prospective hires to sign away     but they still operate with limited budgets        Violence Against Women Act.” I – VAWA
of history in high school, or in college for     their right to court trials on sexual assault,   and resources, and shelters are still full (at     was first introduced in the U.S. House of
that matter.                                     discrimination and harassment charges.           least where the shelters exist). As Brazile        Representatives and in the U.S. Senate
     Although the use of rape as a tool of       So the victims have to slog their way            says, even a decade into the 21st century,         in 2007. It was reintroduced in 2010. I
war dates back to time immemorial, Brown-        through arbitration before ever getting into     the global culture of violence against             –VAWA is a comprehensive international
miller’s study focused on the 20th century,      a courtroom.                                                    women continues unabated.           strategy to address violence against women
on the period from World War I through           Further-                                                                                            and girls. It recognizes that violence against
the Vietnam War. In the 35 years since
Vietnam, however, there’s been enough
                                                 they are
                                                                                                                It is time for                       women and girls is a human rights viola-
                                                                                                                                                     tion, a public health epidemic and a barrier
new horrendous material accumulated for
Brownmiller to pen a sequel. The new book
                                                 unlikely                                                    Nebraskans for                          to solving global challenges—including
                                                 to see                                                                                              armed conflict. It devastates the lives
would include a chapter on gang rapes by         any ac-                                                     Peace to join with                      of girls and women. It devastates entire
Halliburton/KBR co-workers in Iraq and
sexual assaults among active duty U.S.
                                                 tion from
                                                 the De-
                                                                                                             every other orga-                       families.
                                                                                                                                                           We can write to our senators and rep-
troops. She might even update a chapter
she wrote on rape in the Congo—only this
                                                 partment                                                    nization to bring                       resentatives and not only encourage them
                                                 of Justice                                                                                          to vote for I-VAWA, but to sign on as a
time focusing on the fact that Congolese         who could                                                   focus and atten-                        co-sponsor. We can encourage them not
women (once again caught in conflict) are
being raped at the rate of 400 per day. One
                                                 b r i n g
                                                                                                              tion to violence                       only to support I-VAWA, but to fund all
                                                                                                                                                     efforts to address violence against women
out of three women in that country has been
victimized by rape (a statistic, incidentally,
                                                 charges.                                                     against women                          in all of its forms. We can encourage our
                                                 Thirty-five                                                                                         representatives to renew the U.S. “Violence
that parallels the worldwide average of one
of every three women being physically or
                                                 years later,                                                 and girls.                             against Women Act.” We can join the work
                                                 I find my-                                                                                          of Amnesty International and other organi-
sexually abused during her lifetime).            self shaking                                                        Violence against women          zations to work on the passage of I-VAWA.
     Thirty-five years after reading Brown-      my head and                                                    in all its forms is a human                I have thought about this issue for
miller’s book, I found myself reading Don-       feeling like                                                   rights issue. It is a health is-     years, but was content not to make it a front
na Brazile’s “Backtalk” article in the Winter    nothing has                                                    sue. It is a security issue. It is   and center issue for NFP.
2010 issue of Ms. Magazine. In her article       changed.                                                      a financial issue. It is absurd             Until now.
entitled, “The Global Pandemic of Rape:               I have worked with domestic violence        to try to promote democracy around the                   Perhaps I felt discouraged. Perhaps I
Time to end violence against women and           programs for over 30 years. I know we            world without addressing this issue. Take          felt other organizations were addressing the
impunity for their assailants,” she relates      have made some progress. Law enforce-            your pick of the form of violence: rape as         issue sufficiently. But I think Donna Bra-
her horror about the story of the 15-year-       ment officers no longer laugh and make           a weapon of war; the treatment of women            zile’s article and some encouraging words
old girl in suburban San Francisco who,          jokes or question ‘what she did to provoke       in the military; the lack of attention paid to     from Secretary of State Hillary Clinton
last fall, was publicly gang-raped while         him’ when I talk with them about domestic        and the lack of reporting of rape on college       have prompted me to finally get off my
waiting for her dad to pick her up from her      violence. Congress passed the “Violence          campuses; trafficking of women and girls           butt and make this a part of our priorities.
high school homecoming dance. No one             Against Women Act” (though it is set to          for sex trade; domestic violence and date                Secretary Clinton talks about violence
intervened. No one even called the police.       expire in 2011).                                 rape; prison rapes (men and women); the            against women. She actually talks about it
     Brazile goes on to note the incidents            But really, we have not come far at all.    lack of medical care of financial resources        in public.
involving private contractors in Iraq/           Violence against women is still considered       and education for women and girls around                 It is time we do also.
Afghanistan; the high rate of rape in the        a secondary issue. We are constantly told
military and the low incidents of disciplin-                                                                                                MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 5
       United States Strategic Com
    J0 – Office of the Commander –                                                                     Joint Information Operations Warfare Command – Mr. Mark Johnson,
                                                                                                                     Dir. (Army)– Previously known as the ‘Joint Electronic Warfare Center’ and
                                                                                                                     the ‘Joint Command & Control Warfare Center,’ this cryptically named com-
                                    StratCom Commander Kevin Chilton (Air Force) is charged
                                                                                                                     mand exploits information to influence the tide of war. ‘Information Opera-
                                    with overseeing the Pentagon’s ‘triad’ of offensive nuclear
                                                                                                                     tions’ covers everything from fusing the intelligence gathered by different
                                    and conventional weapons; defensive systems (from
                                                                                                                     agencies and sources into unified databases and ‘mining’ it for particular
                                    Missile Defense to Information Operations); and infra-
                                                                                                                     subjects, to conducting ‘psychological warfare’ on targets by means of
                                    structure such as communications and intelligence. This
                                                                                                                     propaganda and deception. The command is headquartered at Lackland
                                    unprecedented mission array—which spans the globe and
                                                                                                                     AFB in San Antonio.
                                    encompasses a good portion of the Pentagon’s duties—ex-
                                    plains why Commander Chilton says Strategic Command                Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) – Lt. Gen. Ronald
                                    would more appropriately be named ‘Global Command.’                              L. Burgess Jr. (Army) – This command coordinates the efforts of Defense
                                    The StratCom command center is located at Offutt AFB in                          Intelligence Agency (DIA), National Security Agency (NSA), National Re-
                                    suburban Omaha, Nebraska.                                                        connaissance Office (NRO) and National Geospatial Intelligence Agency
                                                                                                                     to coordinate intelligence information with the Joint Forces Command.
                                                                                                                     StratCom’s mission responsibility for ISR, however, extends to all sixteen
                                                                                                                     organizations within the U.S. Intelligence Community—including the CIA

     Functional Component Commands                                                                                   and FBI (which StratCom brags are “in our operations center 24/7.” The
                                                                                                                     command is headquartered at Bolling AFB, Washington, D.C.

     Space – Lt. Gen. Larry D. James (Air Force) – StratCom’s Space Command serves as                  Network Warfare – Lt. General Keith B. Alexander (Army) – Based at the National
                    the single point of contact for planning, coordinating and executing space                       Security Agency (NSA) headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland, and shar-
                    military operations. With every function and branch of the U.S. military now                     ing the same ‘dual-hatted’ director, this StratCom component command
                    ‘knit’ together by space technology, StratCom is integrally engaged in the                       plans and executes U.S. operations in cyberspace. Network Warfare’s
                    global fight—whether it’s conducting surveillance of suspected terrorists,                       responsibilities include not only defense of America’s civilian and military
                    piloting drone aircraft by satellite, or providing ‘real time’ communications to                 computer networks, but also offensive cyber attack. The NSA is most famous
                    soldiers in the field. The Space Command is headquartered at Vandenberg                          for directing the Bush/Cheney Administration’s constitutionally suspect
                    AFB on the central coast of California.                                                          ‘warrantless surveillance’ of U.S. citizens during the height of the ‘War on
                                                                                                                     Terror.’ Alexander was just handed yet a third commission early in 2010 as
     Global Strike – Maj. Gen. Floyd L. Carpenter (Air Force) – The war-fighting component                           the official director of Pentagon’s Cyber Command.
                    in StratCom’s mission quiver, Global Strike Command leads the offensive
                    planning operations for both nuclear and conventional attacks and coor-            Global Network Operations, Joint Task Force – Lt. Gen. Carroll F. Pollett
                    dinates the global strike efforts for the six regional Combat Commands                           (Army) – A separate command from Network Warfare whose cyber duties
                    around the world. Tasked with attacking any place on the face of the earth                       inevitably overlap, the Joint Task Force for Global Network Operations is
                    within one hour, global strike (in the words of Commander Chilton) is “the                       charged with the operation and defense of the ‘Global Information Grid’
                    most responsive combatant command in the U.S. arsenal.” Global Strike                            (GIG). A globally interconnected communications project of the Department
                    Command is headquartered at Barksdale AFB in Louisiana.                                          of Defense, the GIG is designed to give U.S. warfighters, policymakers and
                                                                                                                     business interests ‘information superiority’ on demand. The command has its
     Integrated Missile Defense – Lt. Gen. Kevin Campbell (Army) – Billed as a ‘de-                                  headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, but operates worldwide through ‘Theater
                    fensive’ shield to protect the U.S. and it allies from attack, this ‘Star Wars’                  Network Operation Centers.’
                    program is fueling tensions with Russia and China over its ‘dual-use’ as an
                    offensive missile system and anti-satellite weapon. The command’s head-            Center for Combating Weapons of Mass Destruction – Kenneth A. Myers
                    quarters at Schriever AFB near Colorado Springs oversees deployment                              III – In the wake of the 9/11 attacks and the allegations of Iraq’s stockpiles
                    operations, intelligence, logistics and staffing. StratCom’s authority over                      of WMD, StratCom was assigned the mission for ‘Combating Weapons of
                    all of the service branches is particularly in evidence with this command,                       Mass Destruction’ in 2005. Headquartered in Fort Belvoir, Virginia, the center
                    as the Army staffs the ground-based missile defense battalions; the Navy                         is housed with the ‘Defense Threat Reduction Agency,’ with the same ‘dual-
                    operates its fleet of Aegis missile defense vessels; and the Air Force is                        hatted’ director serving both entities. The center is tasked with providing the
                    tasked with making the elements (including the ground- and sea-based                             Department of Defense expertise on containing the threat of the acquisition
                    radars) work together.                                                                           and the use of all types of WMD: nuclear, biological and chemical.

mmand Organization Chart
 Service Components
 Air Force Space Command – Gen. C. Robert Kehler (Air Force) – A remnant of
                                                                                                U.S. Strategic Command
              the former U.S. Space Command, this group provides space and ICBM
              forces to StratCom. Air Force Space Command consists of two numbered                          Official Seal & Slogan
              Air Force wings: the 14th Air Force out of Vandenberg AFB provides space

              warfighting forces to StratCom, while the 20th Air Force provides ICBM
              missile management out of Warren AFB in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Also im-
              portant is the 21st Space Wing at Peterson AFB, Colorado Springs, which
              performs space intelligence and control missions at bases such as Buckley
              AFB in Aurora, Colorado. The command headquarters is at Peterson AFB.                                                                Global
 U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command – Lt. Gen. Kevin Campbell (Army)
               – The Army has its own Space Command which manages Ballistic Missile                                                              Security for
               Defense, but it falls under the authority of this more general group, the
               U.S. Army Forces Strategic Command, that also oversees ‘Stryker Brigade
               Combat Teams’ and some remaining tactical nukes. The command is
               headquartered at Redstone Arsenal near Huntsville, Alabama, and main-
               tains major missile-defense forces at Peterson AFB and missile defense                                                  
               observation facilities at Kwajalein Atoll, Guam, and other Pacific locations.
 Marine Forces Strategic Command – Lt. General George J. Flynn (Marine
               Corp.) – One might have thought the Marines would play a minimal role
               at StratCom, but now that Northern Command includes ‘maritime ops’ in
               defense of the homeland, the Marines and Navy will jointly be playing a         Task Forces
               more global role in policing the seas. The headquarters is co-located at
               Offutt AFB, but also has a large reporting structure at Quantico, Virginia.     These are the ‘hardware management groups’ for weapons and platforms, with dedicated
               Naming General James Cartwright as the first Marine to ever command             task forces for:
               StratCom in 2004 was widely viewed as an effort to integrate the Marines        Airborne Communications (Tinker AFB, Oklahoma) – Management of Navy
               more closely into StratCom.                                                     E-6B Mercury aircraft for presidential emergency communications.
 Fleet Forces Command (FFC) – Adm. John C. Harvey, Jr. (Navy) - Despite                        Aerial Refueling and Tankers – (Scott AFB, Illinois) – Tankers are under the
              its name, this command only exercises space and StratCom duties for the          control of Air Mobility Command at Scott, but operated under 18th Air Force, also at Scott.
              Atlantic and Caribbean areas. (Pacific Command plays a quasi-independent         Land-Based Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (Warren AFB, Wyo-
              role in Global Strike missions in the Asia-Pacific.) But with the bulk of mis-   ming) – All land-based strategic missile crews report to the 20th Air Force at Warren, while
              sile defense missions turning to sea-borne theater missile defense, Fleet        nuclear missile wings are operated out of Warren; Malmstrom AFB, Montana; and Minot
              Forces Command is likely to see a larger role in global Navy operations.         AFB, North Dakota.
              The FFC includes the former Navy Space Command and active elements               Ballistic-Missile Submarines (Norfolk, Virginia and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii) –
              of Naval Security Group, handling everything from the Navy component of          Atlantic Ocean submarines are deployed from Kings Bay, Georgia, under Atlantic Fleet
              missile defense (Aegis cruisers) to global Navy space-based intelligence         command from Norfolk; Pacific Ocean-based submarines are based at Bangor, Washington,
              operations like ‘Ranger’ and ‘Classic Wizard.’ The command is headquar-          and commanded from Pacific Command headquarters in Hawaii.
              tered in Norfolk, Virginia.
                                                                                               Strategic Bombers and Reconnaissance Aircraft – All strategic nuclear
                                                                                               aircraft are assigned to the 8th Air Force at Barksdale AFB, Louisiana. B-52 heavy bombers
                                                                                               are based at Barksdale and Minot; B-2 Stealth Bombers are based at Whiteman AFB, Mis-
     This StratCom organization chart was developed by Loring Wirbel.                          souri (B-1 bombers have been retired); RC-135 Rivet Joint surveillance aircraft are based
 A founding member of “Citizens for Peace in Space” in Colorado Springs,                       out of Offutt AFB; and U-2S Dragon Lady surveillance aircraft are based out of Beale AFB,
 Colorado, he is the author of Star Wars: U.S. Tools of Space Supremacy.                       California.

                                                                                                                                         MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 7
    ‘March For America’ in Washington, D.C.
This past spring, two recent NFP                                                                                      were very young), attended the          border without documentation as
college chapter activists traveled                                                                                    same public schools as you and          ‘illegal immigrants.’ However,
to Washington, D.C. to participate                                                                                    I, but once they graduate college,      we must remember that a human
in a national immigration march.                                                                                      they are still unable to get a job in   being can never be illegal—only
Amanda Godemann, a Nebraska                                                                                           the United States that utilizes their   their actions can be illegal. We
Wesleyan University graduate                                                                                          college degree. Rather, they are        also discussed the fact that un-
with a major in Global Studies,                                                                                       condemned to taking jobs that will      documented immigrants should
was born and raised in Lincoln.                                                                                       not ask them questions regarding        not be referred to as criminals,
UNL graduate and Political Sci-                                                                                       their immigration status, often         because they are not murderers
ence major Maria Moreno was                                                                                           relegating them to jobs in food         or arsonists. Rather, they broke an
born in Venezuela and moved to                                                                                        service rather than utilizing the       administrative law by crossing the
the Lincoln when she was seven                                                                                        specialized skills and knowledge        border without documentation,
years old. Below is their account                                                                                     honed at a university. Instead of       whereas ‘criminals’ are those who
of this history-making experience.                                                                                    forcing these recent graduates to       commit violent crimes.
                                                                                                                      leave the United States in order             We both learned a lot from
We weren’t sure what to expect                                                                                        to find a job, we should encour-        this trip and we are grateful for
as we departed for Washington                                                                                         age them to stay in Nebraska and        Nebraskans for Peace’s support in
D.C. to participate in the “March                                                                                     Iowa to utilize their knowledge         helping to send us to Washington,
For America” on March 21. It                 Aztec group marching and playing music on the way to the
                                              Washington Mall for the immigration rally on March 21.                  and skills.                             D.C. We heard heart-breaking
turned out to be very eye-opening                                                                                          Undocumented students also         stories from undocumented im-
for both of us; Amanda, as a            story involved a boy who was           deported for a minor traffic viola-    face a larger financial obstacle        migrants, from asylees whose
United States citizen and Maria         kicked out of his family home in       tion such as not wearing a seatbelt,   than citizens in order to attend        protective status was suddenly
as a documented immigrant. As           Mexico at age 12 and crossed the       as we heard from one story.            college. First of all, the only jobs    revoked, and from supportive
soon as we departed from Des            border into the United States, only         One girl’s parents were           they can obtain are grossly un-         friends, community organizations
Moines, we began to hear the            to find himself alongside other        thrown in jail after a raid at their   derpaid. Undocumented students          and congregations. These stories
stories of the 53 other people who      undocumented children placed in        workplace when she was only 16         are also unable to get any federal      reinforced our reason for traveling
were on the bus with us and their       shackles and forced to work gruel-     years old. She had to deal with        financial aid, and many scholar-        48 hours in a packed bus.
reasons for taking this trip. Many      ing hours at a sweet potato farm.      the challenges of taking care of       ships are unavailable to them                Our current immigration
of the people on the bus were un-       Along with the back-breaking           her younger siblings and trying        because they are not citizens. In       system makes it difficult for
documented immigrants and had           work, they were subjected to           to find financial means to get         some states like Iowa where they        documented immigrants to jump
heart-wrenching stories to tell.        daily verbal and physical abuse        legal counsel and bail money for       have not adopted the ‘Dream Act’,       through the various bureaucratic
But there were also documented          due to their vulnerability as un-      her parents while working hard to      undocumented students are forced        hoops. It makes it nearly impos-
immigrants who faced their own          documented children. What was          maintain her grades and graduate       to pay the international student        sible for undocumented immi-
difficulties jumping through legal      a young undocumented boy with          from high school. This was clearly     tuition rate (which is often three      grants to seek a legal status. It
hoops in order to stay legal, and       no family to do?                       a difficult challenge to overcome      times the cost of in-state tuition)     allows refugees to suddenly be
American citizens who had seen               The de-humanization and           because she was not legally al-        even if they have lived in Iowa         revoked asylum. And most of all,
the effects of our broken immi-         abuse of undocumented work-            lowed to work.                         since they were young. One girl         our current system hinders immi-
gration system firsthand. It was        ers was a common theme in the               As recent college graduates,      was offered a full-ride scholar-        grants from fully participating and
clear through these stories that        stories of raids on meatpacking        the things that really hit home for    ship to an Iowa college, but was        contributing to our community.
our current immigration system          plants in Nebraska and Iowa.           us were the stories of undocu-         then told she was ineligible for        We hope that President Obama
is cruel and dehumanizing and           Many undocumented immigrants           mented students. These students        the scholarship and would need          and our Congress listened to the
does not reflect the realities of the   spoke of the everyday fear they        had worked hard to attend college      to pay the international tuition        voices of the tens of thousands of
American landscape.                     live in... Fear that their workplace   and have impressive grade-point        rate once they found out she was        marchers that participated in the
     The stories of the undocu-         might be raided and they would         averages. They had more drive          undocumented.                           march for immigration reform
mented immigrants were of hard-         face deportation for not having the    and motivation to get a degree              Aside from hearing a vari-         and that the hundreds of visits
working people trying to build a        correct documents. Fear of what        than we have seen in the average       ety of moving stories, we also          we had with our representatives
better life for themselves and their    would happen to their children         college student. However, they         learned a lot about the impact of       opened their eyes.. We know that
families just as all U.S. citizens      and families if they were forced       faced obstacles most college           negative language regarding im-         together we can make a more
are, but facing obstacles that many     to suddenly leave the country.         students could never imagine.          migration and how to rectify these      just nation that benefits from the
of us are privileged to avoid. One      They even face the fear of being       These students grew up in the          mistakes. Oftentimes we refer to        knowledge, strength and diversity
MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 8                                          United States (most since they         immigrants who came across the          we all bring.
Political Contacts                            The Sham of Human Rights in Saudi Arabia
The White House
Washington, DC 20500                     by Mohammed H. Siddiq                                (Article 18) and the rights to freedom of opinion           Any person who is an advocate for civil
Comment Line: 202-456-1111                                                                    and expression (Article 19). The Saudi rulers        rights—living in such a country where civil rights
202-456-1414; Fax 202-456-2993           Although it enjoys the ardent support of the                                                              are abused with regularity—faces a political
                                                                                              have not been content to ban outright the forma-              world’s most illustrious democracy, Saudi Ara-                                                            environment designed to pinpoint, intimidate
                                                                                              tion of institutions—such as political parties and
                                         bia pays only the faintest lip service to human                                                           and, if necessary, squash dissidents bold
Sen. Ben Nelson                                                                               labor unions, which might become vehicles for
                                         rights and political freedoms. One has only to                                                            enough to question fundamental policies. The
720 Hart Senate Office Bldg.                                                                  freedom of expression and opinion—but have
                                         measure the practices of the royal family of Al                                                           Saudi government, through the various agen-
                                                                                              resolutely attempted to forestall and smother
Washington, D.C. 20510                   Saud against such widely recognized demo-
                                                                                              any inclination by the individual citizen to think   cies of the Interior Ministry (and in an attempt
202-224-6551; Fax 202-228-0012           cratic documents as the United Nations’ 1948
                                                                                              for him or herself.                                  to counter the human yearning for freedom of
402-391-3411 (Omaha)                     “Declaration of Human Rights” to get a sense                                                              opinion, expression and political association),
402-441-4600 (Lincoln)                   of how appalling the government’s record is.                                                              has an active program of domestic spying.         Most people in the Western industrialized           In Saudi Arabia, one                            Agents of the ministry spy on students, teach-
Sen. Mike Johanns                        nations tend to take the U.N. Declaration for                                                             ers, bureaucrats in other government agencies,
1 Russell Courtyard                      granted, as this document reiterates the fun-             can almost taste the                            newspaper reporters, editors and resident aliens
                                         damental propositions and principles that un-
Washington, D.C. 20510
                                         dergird the democratic institutions and cultural
                                                                                                repressive silence which                           working in the country.
202-224-4224                                                                                                                                              When a government of any ideological
402-476-1400 (Lincoln)
                                         traditions in the West. But this has not been the        the people (in fear for                          persuasion actively suppresses individual
                                         case elsewhere on the globe, especially in the                                                            liberties of expression and association, the ef-
402-434-4799 (Fax)                                                                             their personal well-being
                                         developing world, where many a person has                                                                 fect on its citizens is palpable. In Saudi Arabia
                                         found hope and inspiration in the simple state-
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry, District 1        ment of universal rights expressed in that 1948
                                                                                                and that of their family)                          specifically, one can almost taste the repressive
                                                                                                                                                   silence which the people (in fear for their per-
1517 Longworth House Office Bldg.        document. Here we read: “The will of the people         impose on themselves.                             sonal well-being and that of their family) impose
Washington, D.C. 20515                   shall be the basis of the authority of government;                                                        on themselves. The fear and wariness of one
202-225-4806                             this shall be expressed in periodic and genuine                                                           citizen for another literally pervades the air. Are
402-438-1598 (Lincoln)                   elections which shall be universal and equal               The government owns and operates the
                                                                                              radio and television stations in the country, and    my colleagues or my neighbors more than they            suffrage and… secret vote” (Article 21).                                                                  seem? Are they agents for the government on
                                               Sadly, an outside observer will search         officials within the Ministry of Information heavily
Rep. Lee Terry, District 2                                                                    censor what goes over the airwaves. One will         the lookout for dissidents? One can almost taste
                                         in vain for “periodic and genuine elections” in                                                           as well the shame of a good many people who
1524 Longworth HOB                                                                            not find any serious criticism of government
                                         Saudi Arabia. The royal family rules, so they say,                                                        conspire to keep the silence over anxiety about
Washington, DC 20515                                                                          policies or of the Al Saud family on state radio
                                         by the will of God. The only votes cast in Saudi                                                          losing their jobs or possible imprisonment.
202-225-4155; Fax 202-226-5452                                                                and TV. Although the press in Saudi Arabia is
                                         Arabia are those of the preeminent princes of                                                                    Saudi Arabia lacks, thanks to the autocratic
402-397-9944 (Omaha)                     the royal family—interestingly enough, in secret.    privately owned, the industry is strictly controlled                                                                    by the Ministry of Information—in line with the      policies of the royal family and its minions, those
                                         Those who serve in government, be they min-                                                               institutions which give to a society in the modern
Rep. Adrian Smith, District 3            isters in exalted and responsible positions or       provisions of the “Press Establishment Decrees”
                                                                                              of 1964. The ownership of the Saudi publication      world its stability: political parties, labor unions,
503 Cannon House Office Bldg.            teachers in a rural school, do so at the pleasure                                                         and the numerous types of independent associ-
Washington, DC 20515                     of the princes.                                      industry is in the hands of people who owe
                                                                                              their positions in society to the patronage of       ations through which citizens exercise freedom
202-225-6435; Fax 202-225-0207                 Article 20 of the Declaration of Human                                                              and responsibility. In Saudi Arabia, there is an
888-ADRIAN7 (Toll Free)                  Rights proclaims the right of people the world       the royal family.
                                                                                                    Editors of the daily newspapers are ap-        utter lack of representative government. The        over to “freedom of peaceful assembly and                                                                 elite princes and their retainers deliberate all
                                         association.” It is a simple fact of life in Saudi   pointed by the government, and their tenure in
Capitol Hill 202-224-3121                                                                     office depends on the defense of government          affairs of governance in secret. The Saudis are
                                         Arabia that the royal family will tolerate no such                                                        a people without fundamental human liberties
State Capitol 402-471-2311                                                                    policy. The Interior Minister conveniently pub-
                                         assemblies or associations—no matter what                                                                 and responsibilities. It’s a wretched and shame-
State Senator, District #                                                                     lishes guidelines which dictate to the media the
                                         their public agenda, no matter how timid or                                                               ful situation—made even more shameful by the
State Capitol; PO Box 94604              well-meaning. The citizen of Saudi Arabia courts     position to take on controversial political issues.
Lincoln, NE 68509-4604                                                                        Foreign publications which are permitted into the    fact that the preeminent democracy on the face
                                         imprisonment or torture, should he or she gather                                                          of the earth daily sanctions it.
Governor Dave Heineman                   with friends and fellow citizens in the public       country are scrutinized by government censors
PO Box 94848                             forum to discuss the U.N. Declaration.               and ‘offensive’ written and graphic material is NFP member and U.S. citizen Mohammed
Lincoln, NE 68509-4848                         The rights to representative government,       removed before being sent on to subscribers. Siddiq is a native of Medina, Saudi Arabia.
402-471-2244; Fax 402-471-6031           the secret ballot and free association outlined in   The overall effect is that every thought or report He does not dare return to his homeland to
                                                                                                                                                   visit his family for fear of arrest and impris-                          the Declaration are based on other, even more        published for the Saudi readership is first vet-
                                                                                                                                                   onment by the Saudi government.
                                         fundamental rights—for example, the rights to        ted through the government’s ‘thought-control’
                                         freedom of thought, conscience and religion          apparatus.                                    MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 9
 2010 Legislative Wrap-Up                                                                                                                                       DVD copies are
                                                                                                                                                               available from NFP

     Two Steps Forward…                                                                                                                                         for a suggested
                                                                                                                                                                donation of $15.

   #2 Legislature Actually Considers Whiteclay Issue
                                                                                                                                                              Paypal and credit card
  LB 1002, which appropriated $25,000                However, we should be clear about                                                                         payments accepted.
  for “economic development, health            what this bill does not do. Even if fully
  care, and law enforcement needs” in the      funded at the original $250,000, it does
  Whiteclay area, passed the Legislature       not begin to redress the economic and                      Call 402-475-4620, or send written requests to: Whiteclay DVD,
  with 47 of 49 possible votes the last        social harm caused by the failure of Ne-              c/o Nebraskans for Peace, 941 ‘O’ Street, Suite 1026, Lincoln, NE 68508
  week of the session. (Mark Christensen       braska authorities to provide a safe and
  of Imperial voted against it; Tony Fulton    lawful environment in Whiteclay. This
  of Lincoln, running for State Treasurer
  this year, was present but did not vote.)
       The bill also funded a grant admin-
                                               failure, which stems from a lack of po-
                                               litical will to tackle liquor law violations
                                               and other illegal acts by the Whiteclay
                                                                                                    …and One Step Back
  istrator for the Nebraska Commission         beer merchants, is something that many            Senators Refuse to Study Capital Punishment Costs
  on Indian Affairs to leverage the state’s    in our state are coming to recognize.
  $25,000 with private dollars. The origi-     Indeed, the Legislature must someday           On March 25 we saw 22 Nebraska Sena-          person is real. Nebraska has sentenced
  nal bill called for $250,000, but this was   soon acknowledge its historical part in        tors stand up for the average Nebraskan in    innocent people to life in prison with the
  reduced by the Judiciary Committee to        contributing to the shameful condition         support of a bill to identify the financial   threat of the death penalty, and the leading
  $100,000 before advancing it, and was        of Whiteclay.                                  cost of our state’s death penalty system.     crime scene investigator in Douglas County
  further reduced during floor debate.               Stew Magnuson, author of The             While there were not enough votes to pass     was recently convicted of tampering with
       The impact of LB 1002 itself is         Death of Raymond Yellow Thunder: And           LB 1105, the debate around this issue has     evidence in a high-profile murder case.
  modest. Nebraska’s Department of             Other True Stories from the Nebraska-          shown us that we are making progress in       Despite our best intentions, human beings
  Health and Human Services estimates          Pine Ridge Border Towns (2008, Texas           our efforts to end capital punishment—and     simply can’t be right 100 percent of the
  a minimum annual expenditure of              Tech University Press), recounts a tell-       that work must continue.                      time. When a life is on the line, one mistake
  $600,000 to operate an alcohol treatment     ing example of the State of Nebraska’s              As many of you know, the long and        is one too many.
  center. Nevertheless, the bill marks a       culpability in this border town. In the        complicated death penalty process has              The death penalty has failed victims’
  significant milestone in the battle for      1950s, the Nebraska Liquor Control             already cost taxpayers millions of dollars.   families. We continue to work with those
  Whiteclay. It generated over three hours     Commission licensed two liquor out-            More than a dozen states have found that      who have faced the devastating loss of a
  of floor debate, with many senators ex-      lets in Whiteclay. This was followed           the death penalty is up to ten times more     loved one to murder. Time and time again
  pressing support while acknowledging         by a decade of turmoil and tragedy in          expensive than sentences of life without      they describe how the never-ending death
  that LB 1002 can only be viewed as a         that unincorporated village. Respond-          parole. In our neighboring state of Kansas,   penalty process prolongs the pain of their
  beginning.                                   ing to official concerns, in the 1960s         the median cost of a death penalty case is    families, forcing them to relive their trauma
       Thanks deservedly go to Sen. Leroy      the Nebraska Legislature appropriated          $1.26 million, or a staggering 70 percent     as courts repeat trials and hearings in an
  Louden of Ellsworth, who introduced          funds for a state sheriff to be stationed      more than comparable non-death penalty        effort to get it right. These families have
  the bill, and the bill’s four co-sponsors.   in Whiteclay. The Liquor Commission,           cases.                                        learned the hard way that the death penalty
  Special thanks must go to co-sponsor         perhaps imagining a new era of stability            As Nebraska continues to face tough      only adds to their pain and suffering as they
  Sen. Russ Karpisek of Wilbur, who            and order in Whiteclay, then increased         economic times we can better use our          wait years and often decades for an execu-
  added his name to this bill after his        the number of licenses from two to             limited funds on things that truly keep our   tion that never comes.
  own similar bill (LB 1005) was held          four. But a subsequent budget crisis led       communities safe—more effective law                We must all continue to work to
  in committee. As chair of the General        state senators to eliminate the sheriff’s      enforcement, improving the correctional       educate the citizens of Nebraska and our
  Affairs Committee, Sen. Karpisek held        position in the early 1970s, leaving           system, solving cold cases, or even com-      elected officials of the mounting evidence
  two important hearings on Whiteclay          Whiteclay in worse condition than be-          pensating the victims of crime. We must       of waste, inaccuracy and bias that has shat-
  last year prior to the 2010 Legislative      fore. The raging turmoil and tragedy in        continue to show our elected officials that   tered public confidence in Nebraska’s death
  Session. LB 1002 and LB 1005 emerged         Whiteclay resumed, largely ignored by          the death penalty simply is not worth it.     penalty. All across the country states are
  from the outpouring of concern over          the Legislature these many years until              And while it is important that we all    reconsidering their death penalty statutes
  Whiteclay from Nebraska constituents         the 2010 session.                              understand the financial costs of the death   and Nebraskans need to be part of that
  and representatives of the Oglala Sioux                                  — Mark Vasina      penalty, we cannot lose sight of the fact     conversation.
  Tribe from Pine Ridge.                                                   NFP Treasurer      that the true costs of the death penalty go                              — Jill L Francke
                                                                                              far beyond the fiscal.                                             Statewide Coordinator
                                                                                                   The risk of executing an innocent            Nebraskans Against the Death Penalty
Speaking Our Peace,                                                 conclusion                                                                        COMING SOON

no constructive immigration policy beyond        daily lament that Iran may possess a nuclear                                                         Fri, May 7 - Thu, May 13
                                                                                                                                                      AJAMI, Scandar Copti & Yaron Shani
simple amnesty or walls with armed guards.       weapon in two years. We should be equally
      Second, War-creative Manufacture           alarmed that we have possessed thousands                                                             Fri, May 14 - Thu, May 27
                                                                                                                                                      THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN
of Ignorance: After nine years in Af-            of world-destroying nuclear weapons for
                                                                                                                                                      André Téchiné
ghanistan and seven in Iraq, our ignorance       more than 60 years. Iran’s neighbor Israel
                                                                                                                                                      Fri, May 14 - Thu, May 27
factories are goading us into yet another        possesses from 80-400 nuclear weapons.
                                                                                                                                                      THE SECRET OF KELLS
shootout—this on with Iran. We hear regu-        The ignorance-manufacturing factories                                                                Tomm Moore
larly how Ahmadinejad was fraudulently           never discuss the alternatives to our sanc-
                                                                                                                                                      Fri, May 28 - Thu, Jun 3
reelected (I believe he was), how Iran is        tions, to conventional military attacks, or                                                          WHAT’S THE MATTER WITH
a military state (it is), and how a perfectly    to the threat of a nuclear bombing of Iran                                                           KANSAS?, Laura Cohen & Joe Winston
innocent Green group protester was mur-          by Israel. To date, the most authentic chal-                                                         Fri, May 28 - Thu, Jun 3
dered by the “Revolutionary Guard” during        lenge to Ahmadinejad and the power of                                                                H E Y, H E Y I T ’ S E S T H E R
recent post-election protests (she was).         the ayatollahs has come from the Iranian                                                             BLUEBURGER, Cathy Randall
      But Rush Limbaugh never mentions           “Green Movement,” which is is based on                                                               Fri, Jun 4 - Thu, Jun 17
that in 1953 the CIA orchestrated the ouster     the nonviolent theories of Gandhi, Martin                                                            THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE WEIRD
of the democratically elected prime minis-       Luther King and Gene Sharp. But you                                                                  Kim Jee-Woon
ter of Iran to protect international petroleum   don’t hear the ignorance-manufacturers                                                               Fri, Jun 4 - Thu, Jun 17
interests. He fails to note how we imposed       reporting that.                                                                                      MOTHER, Bong Joon-ho
the brutal Shah’s police state there. No              Peace and justice grow from accurate                                                            Fri, Jun 18 - Thu, Jun 24
one recounts how his torture-adept secret        depictions of history. Ignorance cannot                                                              MID-AUGUST LUNCH
                                                 understand the anger of others, and recon-                                                           Gianni Di Gregorio
police, “Savak,” had a permanent secret
U.S. mission attached—how its torture of         ciliation never comes without truth. Given                                                           Fri, Jun 18 - Thu, Jul 1
                                                 our checkered history, we have no business                                                           THE SECRET IN THEIR EYES
putative enemies included shocking their
                                                                                                                                                      Juan José Campanella
genitals, raping them, cooking them in           standing in the role of judge or asking the
                                                 UN or World Court to adjudicate wrongs                                                               Fri, Jun 25 - Thu, Jul 8
electric toaster-like wires, burning them
                                                                                                                                                      MOTHER AND CHILD
everywhere with cigarettes, sodomizing           in which we are complicit.                                                                           Rodrigo Garcia
them, and slicing their bodies apart with             History is not, as Napoleon is reputed
bacon-like slicers. These techniques Savak       to have said, “a set of lies agreed upon.” It
learned from the CIA (see Robert Fisk, The       is events recorded—verified from numer-
Great War for Civilisation).                     ous perspectives. Respect between nations
      Not surprisingly, when the theocracy       and rational problem-solving requires                    Carlton B. Paine, Ph.D. • Clinical Psychologist
of the Ayatollah Khomeini replaced the           nothing less.
                                                                                                           5625 ‘O’ Street, Suite 7 • Lincoln, NE 68510 • Phone: 402-489-8484
Shah, his regime was equally brutal. We

It’s NOT the Cheapest Energy, conclusion
Germany has already shown that solar                 per kilowatt-hour, suddenly become          and industry itself to adjust its invest-      make it happen this year, when industry
energy is viable there.                              competitive, because they carry few or      ments towards non-polluting alternatives.      lobbying is more intense than it was in
      We’ve known this for a long time!              none of the external costs associated       He naively concluded with a study that         1993?
      The examination of all the evidence            with coal.” (Robert Cullen, “The True       predicted renewable resources could by              With people like World Bank Presi-
on the true costs of energy reveals that             Cost of Coal,” The Atlantic, December       the year 2010 account for as much as 50        dent Robert Zoellick perpetuating the
the above conclusions are not new. An                1993.)                                      percent of the country’s new generation        myth of cheap coal and the current eco-
article summarizing the costs of alterna-             So the discussion of externalities         capacity, with coal dropping to ten per-       nomic recession on the minds of nearly
tive sources of energy in The Atlantic           above is nothing new. We knew that coal         cent.” Granted, the author did hedge by        everyone, most people no doubt have the
magazine 17 years ago said:                      was not cheap at least two decades ago.         saying that “Much depends on whether           impression that a carbon tax would be too
    “...under any external-cost scenario,        The coal industry, our political leadership     the federal government imposes on the          costly. Better to stick with the “least-
    coal’s price advantage erodes. Natural       and our so-called ‘free press’ have done a      states some kind of uniform requirements       cost most viable, and technically feasible
    gas becomes a more cost-efficient gen-       marvelous job of hiding that information        for external-cost calculations.”               option!”
    erating fuel, since it emits less sulfur.    from the general public.                             We now know that the government                True, but that option is renewable en-
    More important, renewable resources               The author of the 1993 Atlantic ar-        did not do this. Are we still so naive as to   ergy, and most definitely not coal.
    like geothermal energy, wind and             ticle was convinced that the true relative      think that our Congress and president will
    solar energy, at five to twelve cents        costs of energy would lead policymakers
                                                                                                                                      MAY / JUNE 2010 NEBRASKA REPORT, P. 11
    Your Foundation Speaks                                                                                 BULLETIN BOARD
                 by Loyal Park, Nebraska Peace Foundation President
                                                                                                  May 21         Frank LaMere Talks About Whiteclay
Do you put peace work at the top of your priorities?                                                             6:30 p.m., Goodrich at Dawes Middle School, 5130 Colfax Avenue
                                                                                                                 Sponsored by the LPS Indian Education Program
If you do, then consider a tax-deductible donation to the                                         June   5       World Environment Day
Nebraska Peace Foundation. The Foundation supports                                                June   14      Flag Day
the educational projects of Nebraskans for Peace with                                             June   19      Juneteenth
your tax-deductible dollars. What better deal is there than                                       June   21      Summer Solstice
reducing your taxes and at the same time helping educate
                                                                                                            NFP State Office Hours in Lincoln, 10:00 – 2:00 weekdays
for peace!                                                                                                           941 ‘O’ Street, #1026, Lincoln, NE 68508

                              Speaking                                                             The Wages of History
                                                                                                  The Wages of Ignorance
                              Our Peace                                                                    by Paul Olson, NFP President
Swift in his “Digression on Madness”         Vietnam and Watergate overemphasized?          speaking, this kind of turnabout would be        fought for a set of social protocols, but
speaks bitterly of happiness as the          Was Robin Hood a hero, as the text claimed,    fair play.                                       most Republicans and outfits like the
“possession of being well-deceived;          or a dangerous advocate of income re-               In the 19th century, immigrants from        “Heritage Foundation” vilified it. And
the serene peaceful state of being a fool    distribution?” The Gablers manufactured        the American South settled Mexican Texas         Bill Clinton accordingly caved.
among knaves.”                               creation-science to counter serious study      with the goal of extending slavery (Mexico            As Anuradha Mittal, director of
     If such is felicity, then we have it.   of the genetics of species change. An ig-      had banned the institution there). The U.S.      “Food First,” observed in 2003, on the
Knaves lead us: e.g. the White House         norance factory, they leave their successors   government then annexed this ‘free’ Texas,       tenth anniversary of NAFTA’s passage:
lying us into Iraq, the Bernie Maddow        in present Texas statewide book selections     prompting Mexico to declare war. (Lincoln           Mexico, a country once self sufficient
company stealing millions from Elie          that assure the nation’s ignorance.            and many other Americans knew that the              in basic grains, today imports 95
Weisel’s “Foundation for Humanity,”               Two further examples of ignorance-        Mexican-American War was a war to ex-               percent of its soy, 58 percent of its
Goldman Sachs betting against the de-        manufacture: one related to justice, the       tend slavery.) When the war ended with              rice, 49 percent of its wheat, and 40
rivatives it advised clients to buy; Union   other to peace:                                Mexico’s defeat, slavery not only grew, the         percent of its meat. This has resulted
Pacific energy advertisers touting clean          First, Injustice-related Manufac-         U.S. disallowed the property rights guaran-         in Mexican corn farmers being put
coal as they peddle away life on earth       ture of Ignorance: Racial tensions have        teed to Mexican citizens under the “Treaty          out of business. More than 80 per-
     But what of we fools who follow?        been stirred in Nebraska by the national       of Guadalupe Hidalgo” and the promises to           cent of Mexico’s extreme poor live in
How did we come to linger, innocently        anti-immigrant organization, ‘FAIR.’ Al-       treat them as Caucasians.                           rural areas, and more than 2 million
deceived, in the valley of knaves. Many      though it purports to oppose only illegal           That’s the ‘ancient history’ behind the        are corn farmers. There is no way
kinds of mythmakers fool us—talk ra-         immigration, the organization has been         ‘immigration problem’ that neither FAIR             they can compete with subsidized
dio, 24-hour television, shouted political   designated a ‘hate group’ by the Southern      nor our media and political image-makers            American agribusiness. Everyday,
discourse, lobbyists, political liars. But   Poverty Law Center (SPLC) for demon-           ever bother to share. Here’s something              an estimated 600 peasant farmers
we are complicit.                            izing virtually all Hispanics and conflating   more recent, that’s every bit as historically       are forced off their land.
     We are ignorant of history because      ‘undocumenteds’ with ‘documenteds.’ Ac-        pertinent…
we do not seek to know it; nor do we         cording to the SPLC, FAIR has “promoted             The final version of the North Ameri-            Our manufacturers of ignorance
demand it for our children. Consider the     racist conspiracy theories about Mexico’s      can Free Trade Agreement passed under            ignore these facts. FAIR does not tell
current Texas textbook censors. Thirty       secret designs on the American Southwest       the Clinton Administration in 1993 rejected      us. For them, Hispanics are bacteria
five years ago, the Gablers of Texas, a      and an alternative theory alleging secret      the ‘social protocols’ basic to the charter of   growing in a petri dish. We, happy
fundamentalist husband and wife team         plans to merge the United States, Mexico       the “European Union.” Under EU agree-            fools led by the knavery of corporate
began to shape a generation of history       and Canada.” Such outrageous claims are        ment, the poorer parts of Europe—Por-            image-making—in Fremont, in Arizona,
and science teaching by asking such          clearly intended for their shock value, to     tugal, southern Spain and Italy, and other       at the ‘Tea Parties’ and in Nebraska’s
questions as “Why did a history textbook     rouse white Americans to action. I know of     impoverished zones—received support              government—ignore our history. We do
give more space to the French Revolu-        no significant Hispanic group that presently   from the Union’s more prosperous parts.          not do penance for its evils. We create
tion than to the American…? Were not         proposes such a scheme. But historically       Progressive Democrats in Washington                               conclusion on page 11

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