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									IN                         may/june 2010 • volume 37 • issue 5


  No tax credit?
   No problem!
  Central Ohio’s market remains
     strong even as home buyer
               tax credits expire

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                                               • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
Columbus Board of REALTORS®
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   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                                                                 No tax credit? No problem!
                                                                                                                                 The homebuyer tax credits have expired,
                                                                                                                                 but that’s no problem for us, with home
                                                                                                                                 prices continuing to show steady increases,
                                                                                                                                 an affordable market and interest rates
                                                                                                                                 that are expected to remain around five
                                                                                                                                 percent, the outlook for central Ohio’s
                                                                                                                                 housing market remains strong. And, it’s
                                                                                                                                 up to us to show prospective buyers that
                                                                                                                                 homeownership is still the best investment
                                                                                                                                 and now remains the best time to buy!

                         In Contract is the
                         Official Publication of
                                                                                                                            4    Recommended Reading for REALTORS®
                                                                                                                                 President Sue is an avid reader with varied interest.
                         the Columbus Board                                                                                      Here she shares with you a few of her favorite
                         of REALTORS®
                                                                                                                                 books and authors.
Sue Lusk-Gleich, President
Rick Benjamin, President-Elect
Jim Coridan, Treasurer
                                                                                                                                 Making a difference!
Chris Pedon, Secretary                                                                                                           REALTORS®, affiliates, family and friends will
Stan E. Collins, RCE, CEO                                                                                                        come together on June 9, REALTOR® Care Day,
DIRECTORS                                                                                                                        to tackle several ambitious community service
Terry Bryant                                                                                                                     projects across the city. Are you on board?
Ben Calhoon
Mic Gordon

1908 - 2008
Rob Hobelman
Jan Jedlinsky
Rick Lemmons
Bob McCarthy
Stacy McVey
                                                                                                                        21       All Hands on Deck!
                                                                                                                                 Time to Board the SS CORPAC!
Lorri Molnar                                                                                                                     Boarding passes are available for an evening of bid-
Chip Parrish                                                                                                                     ding, fun and fine dining at CBR’s CORPAC Auction
Jill Rudler
Kathy Shiflet
                                                                                                                                 set to sail along the Scioto River on May 27.
Gary Parsons, Immediate Past President
Don Roberts, C/I Section Chair
Bonnie Lustnauer, Affiliate Director

Marqué L. Bressler, Editor
                                                                                                                        48       Awards Night
                                                                                                                                 More than 260 attendees were on hand to honor
Lynn Hackworth, Copy Editor                                                                                                      CBR’s best and brightest of 2010, recognized for
Becky Haltermon, Staff Writer                                                                                                    their outstanding commitment to the real estate
Rebecca Ryan, Layout and Design, EnCompass
Media Group                                                                                                                      industry and to the central Ohio community.
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                                                                                                   • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •       
President’s Perspective

                                                  Recommended Reading
                                                  for REALTORS®
                                                                                                                  By Sue Lusk-Gleich

I remember growing up with all those expressions         hear either of these authors speak, go! They are       A must-have for me is Stefan Swanepoel’s Trends
of wisdom our parents and teachers would say to          incredibly dynamic.                                    Report. Published every year, it is a comprehen-
us. Quotes like “Don’t talk to strangers,” “Practice                                                            sive guide to the trends occurring now and in the
makes perfect,” “Never wear white shoes before           The Traveler’s Gift and Mastering the Seven            future as well as the challenges and opportunities
Easter or after Labor Day,” and “Books are your          Decisions, both by Andy Andrews, are inspirational     facing our industry. It is an outstanding resource.
friends… Read!” That last one is something I took        works that could also be considered self-help.
to heart. (I was not very compliant with “never talk     What I appreciate most about these two books           I am always on the hunt for great biographies and
to strangers” and I seldom checked the calendar          is that the concepts are based on solid choices        autobiographies. My American Journey by Colin
before putting on white shoes.) I spent my school        that are completely within the reach of anyone.        Powell not only offers insight to the life and his
years and adult life immersed in reading and it          Reading is passive but changing your attitude and      humble beginnings of this historical figure, it also
remains one of my favorite pastimes.                     behavior is active and more difficult. These books     presented an insider’s view of Washington’s politi-
                                                         give the reader techniques to master these deci-       cal and military culture.
Being an avid reader with varied interest, I am          sions and transformations.
in the middle of three or four books at any given                                                               Another great read is Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest
time. It depends on the day and mood as to which         On the lighter side, I recommend Before You Leap:      Generation. Each chapter is its own short story,
one gets my attention. As a result of this passion, I    A Frog’s-Eye View of Life’s Greatest Lessons,          giving a broad view of the times and people who
could produce a very long recommended reading            a book written by the lovable green amphibian          came of age in the 1940s. Through their honor,
list. Instead, I will share with you a handful of my     Kermit the Frog. To quote Kermit: “If this book can    integrity, courage, commitment, duty, sacrifice
favorites from across categories.                        drive you and those around you crazy with ridicu-      and patriotism, they made America the nation it is
                                                         lous optimism, then it has done its job.” Kermit       today.
There are books that apply to our business and           shares his lessons in chapters titled “The Seven
then there are those that are useful in a business       Dreams of Highly Effective Amphibians,” “When          For me, the most fun reads feature colorful, ec-
context as well as in everyday life. These are           Bad Things Happen to Good Frogs,” “It’s Not            centric characters and laugh-out-loud storylines.
among of my favorites because they have multiple         Easy Eating Greens,” “Finding Your Inner Tadpole”      Recommendations from my list include John
applications. Two come to mind.                          and “Fridays with Fozzie.” Of course, the book         Brandt’s Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil,
                                                         would not be complete without a chapter to Miss        any Fannie Flagg book including Fried Green
Fierce Conversations by Susan Scott is filled with       Piggy called “Love Amphibian Style.” Ridiculous        Tomatoes, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk
simple strategies to make our communications             optimism indeed! Couldn’t we all use some?             Kidd and another great southern author, Lolly
more meaningful and memorable. The word                                                                         Winston and her first novel, Good Grief. Each of
‘fierce’ in the title does not indicate violent or       If your interest lies in improving your business,      these confirms my belief that books are always
demanding behavior but how to make conversa-             then I highly recommend Jim Collins’ Good to           better than the movies!
tions more robust, powerful and meaningful all with      Great. The best thing about this book is how
the goal of crafting interactions that are productive,   simple it is to understand, making it easy to re-      Jodi Picoult is also among my favorite writers. Her
honest and real.                                         member. It details how to go from good company         can’t-put-down books usually revolve around a
                                                         to a great one, not what it takes to get there.        moral issue and all offer great storytelling. I am just
I am partial to most anything written by John Max-       These principles apply to even a single agent’s        waiting for her next one to arrive on the bookstore
well and his book Everyone Communicates, Few             business.                                              shelf.
Connect is no exception. Mr. Maxwell points out
that there is more to connecting than just speak-        There is much to be learned from the mistakes          Speaking of bookshelves, CBR’s Paul Falco Li-
ing. His guiding principles urge you to forget your      and poor performance of others and on that topic, I    brary at the Board is brimming with rows and rows
agenda, remove the focus from yourself and value         recommend Billion Dollar Lessons by Paul Carroll       of great business, motivational, inspirational and
others. It is a simple message, almost common            and Chunka Mui. It is an easy read that describes      sales training books, CDs and tapes. Next time
sense, but it is not always easily accomplished.         corporate contretemps, focusing on lessons that        you are at the Board stop in, browse and borrow.
With this foundational wisdom, Maxwell includes          can be learned about avoiding failure within a
practices you can use to better connect with             context of important business history. Though I        I would be remiss if I ended this article without
others. Practical tips help you forge connections        am only halfway through this book to date, I still     mentioning one of my favorite reads every
one-on-one, in groups and in front of audiences.         recommend it. It is especially valuable to investors   month so turn the page and enjoy this month’s In
                                                         who must make informed decisions about infusing        Contract!
On a side note, if you ever have the opportunity to      companies with funds.

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
        No tax credit?
         No problem!
       Central Ohio’s market remains
          strong even as home buyer
                    tax credits expire

The home buyer tax credits are no longer with us.                       While great news, this rush of buyers led to speculation that
To take advantage of the $6,500 to $8,000 credits, home                 a surge in home buying was fueled by the impending tax
buyers must have been in contract by April 30. That is lead-            credit expiration, implying that sales will atrophy once the
ing many to wonder what May 1 – not to mention the rest of              credits had gone.
2010 – will look like.
                                                                        “There’s no question the home buyer tax credits have a lot
Did the tax credit create an ‘early spring’?                            to do with our market activity,” said Sue Lusk-Gleich, CBR
March home sales surged 27 percent across the nation, the               President. “But the significant increase in listings as well as
U.S. Commerce Department reported, pointing out that that               rising sale prices are clear evidence that our local market is
was the largest monthly gain since April 1963. In central               regaining its strength.”
Ohio, home sales were 54.1 percent higher than the previous
month and 25.3 percent higher than March of 2009.                       “The appreciating home sales reflected in March’s numbers
                                                                        will counterbalance the loss of the tax credit,” confirmed
                                                                        CBR Director Ben Calhoon. “I’m hopeful for a good sum-
                          “The appreciating home sales
                          reflected in March’s numbers                  Ohio Association of REALTORS® president Doug McCloud
                          will counterbalance the loss of               offered a regional perspective. He explained that the tax
                                                                        savings is only one of a long list of reasons people chose
                          the tax credit. I’m hopeful for a
                                                                        to buy a home. Mortgage interest rates are at a historic low
                          good summer.” – CBR Director                  and pent-up demand is high.
                          Ben Calhoon, Prudential
                                                                        “Over the last couple of years, people weren’t getting into
                          Calhoon Company
                                                                        the market, they weren’t buying, but they were still getting

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
married, they were still having kids. Life was going on and,         Brian Bethune, chief U.S. financial economist at HIS Global
due to the fact that the unemployment rate has pretty well           Insight said that the economy is experiencing solid growth but,
stabilized, that gives a little bit more consumer confidence.”       “will still have to expand at a decent rate for several more
                                                                     quarters before we get decent job growth.”
Gretchen McKay, CBR CORPAC Co-Chair, agreed. “Most
home buyers I meet are of the mindset that they were not             Interest rates remain at historic lows
going to let the looming tax credit expiration pressure them.        As inflation declines and economic indicators improve, the
While the credits pushed some buyers off the fence, others           Federal Reserve will look for a falling unemployment rate in
will take their time and take advantage of the great deals           coming months. The Fed has noted that low interest rates are
out there. The spring and summer home buying season is               likely to remain for an extended period and Freddie Mac
going to be just fine.”                                              reports that they continue to hover around five percent.

Kathy Shiflet, CBR Board of Directors member, echoed
Gretchen’s statement, adding, “I’ve been polling buyers in                                      “The reasons people buy and
my open houses and about 70 percent don’t care about the
tax credits. They don’t want to be rushed. They’re still going
                                                                                                sell homes don’t change so we’re
to buy a home but they’re doing it on their own timeline.”                                      not worried at all. There are
                                                                                                still great houses on the market.
Unemployment is easing
While many buyers may be willing, their fiscal situation
                                                                                                Now is still a great time to buy
is key. Sustained job gains are vital to encouraging more                                       a home.” – Sue Parrish, Keller
people to buy home.                                                                             Williams Classic Properties
For most of 2010, the unemployment rate has remained steady
at 9.7 percent after peaking at 10.1 percent in October.             Foreclosures still have impact
                                                                     However, foreclosures continue to trouble the market. Realty-
The Labor Department reported that March saw initial claims          Trac Inc. reported that nationwide, filings rose 16 percent in
for unemployment benefits fall by 24,000 to a seasonally             the first quarter from a year earlier and the number of bank
adjusted 456,000. Applications for jobless benefits reached          seizures was at a record high. A glut of foreclosures depress-
a high point in March 2009 and since then, have slowly               es home prices and adds to inventory.
trended down over the past year.
                                                                     But in central Ohio, the average home sale price has actu-
At the same time, NAR reported that March saw national               ally risen 5.9 percent in the past year to $151,719. “Home
home purchases jump 6.8 percent to a seasonally adjusted             prices have shown steady increases for the last few months,”
annual rate of 5.35 million. This led Stuart Hoffman, chief          said Lusk-Gleich, “Another key factor in any market recovery.”
economist at PNC Financial Services Group, to predict that
“the spring selling season will be a success and probably            While hurting some home owners by driving down property
the most active we’ve seen in years.”                                values, foreclosures also make the market affordable to more
                                                                     buyers. The average home sale price in Columbus is nearly
                                                                     $20,000 lower than the national median, making central
 Households unfazed by                                               Ohio an incredibly affordable place to buy a home.
 expiring tax credits                                                Overall, central Ohio is optimistic
                                                                     “The reasons people buy and sell homes don’t change,” said
 The expiration of the home buyer tax credits won’t deter optimis-
                                                                     Sue Parrish of Keller Williams Classic Properties, “so we’re
 tic households who believe the market is improving, according
                                                                     not worried at all. There are still great houses on the market.
 to a recent survey by Prudential Real Estate and Relocation
                                                                     Now is still a great time to buy a home. I’ve survived three
 Services. More than 90 percent of those surveyed believe the
                                                                     downturns in the market and it always bounces back.”
 home buyer tax credits have helped both first-time buyers and
 the overall housing market but 65 percent say that the end
                                                                     Added CBR Director Chip Parrish, “We owe it to our clients to show
 of tax credits won’t reduce their personal interest in buying a
                                                                     them that now is a still a great time to buy, tax credits or not.”
 home. Over the next five years, 79 percent expect real estate
 prices to increase and 20% expect prices to rise substantially.
                                                                     Sources: WCPN, “Ohio Housing Sales Rebounding,” Rick
 Only 12% believe prices will decrease. Among renters, 75
                                                                     Jackson, April 22, 2010; Bloomberg BusinessWeek, “Sales of
 percent believe owning a home is a better long-term choice for
                                                                     New Homes in U.S. Climb by Most Since 1963,” Courtney
 them than renting. The majority of consumers also believe that
                                                                     Schlisserman, April 23, 2010; The Associated Press, “Home
 homeownership is a good investment, with 75% saying it is bet-
                                                                     sales rise as unemployment claims fall,” Christopher S. Rugaber,
 ter than stocks or bonds, 72% preferring it to mutual funds and
                                                                     April 22, 2010; MarketWatch, “Fed remains cautious despite
 74% saying it surpasses savings accounts. (Source: Prudential
                                                                     good economic news,” Greg Robb, April 28, 2010.
 Real Estate and Relocation Services, Inc.)
                                                                   • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
     April 2010 • • In Contract Magazine •
    • May/June 2010 In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
                                                                                           REALTOR® Care Day
                                                                                                 June 9, 2010

Making a difference!
                                 By Gloria Cannon, Jeff Murray and Shad Phipps
                                             2010 REALTOR® Care Day Co-Chairs

The sixth annual REALTOR® Care Day on June 9 will be a memo-                driveway sealing, landscaping, address plates and mailbox standardiza-
rable one as REALTORS®, affiliates, family and friends gather to-           tion.
gether to help improve central Ohio’s neighborhoods. With extensive
planning and preparation, the projects are completed in one day, of-        In addition to the CBR main project, several area realty associations will
fering amazing views of the before and after. The immediate impact          again be holding REALTOR® Care Day projects in the communities in
of REALTOR® Care Day is the product of hard work by dedicated               which they live and work every day.
volunteers, proving what a difference a day makes!
                                                                            A list of participating realty associations is on the opposite page.
The main REALTOR® Care Day project will be at Framingham
Village on the south side of Innis Road between Westerville and             Whether you want to work on the CBR main project or participate in one
Sunbury Roads.                                                              held in a local community, we urge you to get involved. Working together
                                                                            we can make a difference!
CBR is again partnering with the Columbus Housing Partnership to
tackle several ambitious projects, including landscaping around the entry   Morning (9 a.m. – noon) and afternoon (1-4 p.m.) shifts are available or
features and community center and painting the neighborhood hydrants.       you can volunteer for the entire day! For more information, or to sign up,
There are also 22 homes converting from rental to ownership under           visit
CHP’s Lease Option Program that will be receiving power washing,

0   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
CCIIR – Outside clean up at the Heinzerling             city ready itself for Hilliard Fun Day on June 12.     Meige (614) 832-1195,
Foundation on Columbus’ west side, a non-profit         Contact: Sue Van Woerkom (614) 582-6616
organization which serves clients with mental                               Northwest Area Realty Association – We will
retardation. Contact: Chris Bell (614) 374-4557,                                                               be revitalizing a home in Upper Arlington. This                                       Madison County Area Realty Association                 includes yard work, landscaping, mulching and
                                                        – “Operation Curb Appeal” - MCARA will choose          outside painting. Contact: Kate Wilkes (614) 270-
Delaware County Board of REALTORS® – #1                 two blocks to improve (one in West Jefferson and       2589,
- Delaware City Bike Path - litter/debris cleanup.      one in London.) Improvements will include mulch-
#2 - Landscaping, house cleaning, painting for a        ing, painting and cleaning to help those in need       Southeast Area Suburban Realty Association
Delaware homeowner. #3 - 50 one-day passes              and increase property values. Contact: Amber           – Members will visit and deliver gifts (slippers,
to the public pool for underprivileged kids - to be     Booghier (614) 314-0919, abooghie@columbus.            flowers, plants, etc.) to each of the inbound
dispersed through the schools. Contact: Staci  or Phil Gilliam (614) 738-6102, philgilliam@    patients at the Winchester Place and Altercare
Henderson (740) 417-6139, staci.henderson@                                             Nursing Homes. There are about 225 patients in or Cheryl Inscho (740) 363-3227,                                                                these two facilities. Contact: Greg Bruce (614)                                  Midtown Area Realty Association – Working at           483-8494,
                                                        the Central Ohio Furniture Bank (formerly MAP
Delaware-Knox-Licking Morrow Suburban Re-               Furniture Bank) located on the near west side.         Southern Delaware County Realty Association
alty Association – Staining decks, landscaping,         This charitable organization warehouses new            – #1 - Powell-Liberty Historical Society - Clean up
painting, general clean up for a Sunbury resident       and used home goods and furniture and makes            landscaping, mulch, trim trees, plant new bushes
(the grandmother of a DKLM member.) Contact:            it available to those in the central Ohio area who     and one new tree, clean up sidewalks, weed,
Tom Nippert (614) 776-2152, tomnippert@hotmail.         have a need for replacement due to unforeseen          mow, clean up. Start replacing rear deck, etc. #2
com                                                     circumstances or disasters. For this project,          - Powell Cemetary - General mowing and clean
                                                        MAREA members will be assembling, sanding,             up. Take out overgrown bushes, remove parts of
Fayette County Real Estate Association                  painting coffee tables, kitchen tables and dressers    broken pillars, clean up hill, dispose of waste.
– Working with their local Community Action Cen-        that will be placed in homes of those in need within   Contact: Larry Coolidge (614) 436-2000, larry@
ter to select a senior homeowner in need of yard        a day or two of finishing them. Contact: Sharon
clean up, trash removal, weeding, painting, plant-      Young (614) 783-1945,,
ing, mulching, etc. Contact: Ronda Turner (740)         or Andy Schiffman (614) 496-2930, Andy.Schiff-         Tri-County East Area Association – #1 - Tri-
606-1611,                                            County members will help a single Reynoldsburg
                                                                                                               mother with chronic health problems by clean-
Gahanna Area Realty Association – Beauti-               New Albany Realty Association – Extensive              ing her apartment and aiding her in finding new
fication of Gahanna Swimming Pool to include            yard work for a New Albany resident in need.           housing that will better suit her health conditions.
signage, flower beds and other grounds improve-         Contact: Sherri Resnick (614) 286-4481, sresn-         The group is also working on a care package to
ments. Contact: Teresa Butler (614) 565-8161,  or Abe Godinez (614) 403-6973,              include a much needed washer and dryer. #2 - For                                                     the Pataskala LEADS, Tri-County members plan
                                                                                                               to remove the old/dead plant material and replace
Greater Dublin Realty Association – Landscap-           North Area Real Estate Association – #1 -              with fresh soil, mulch, plants and flowers. They will
ing clean up, edging, trimming, weeding, mulching,      Whetstone Park of Roses – rebuilding/painting the      also replace the rotting landscape timbers, weed
painting flowers, gutter cleaning, etc. for senior      gazebo. #2 - Painting the home of a REALTOR®           the gravel path and repair a park bench and picnic
resident. Contact: Jack Curtis (614) 893-8337,          suffering from cancer. Contact: Michele Cleary         table. Since this center provides so many services                            (614) 774-5139,          to the community, they also plan to hold food and
                                                                                                               clothing drives to help stock their supplies. Con-
Greater Worthington Area Real Estate Associa-           Northeast Suburban Realty Association                  tact: Dani Patterson (614) 406-9068, Dpatterson@
tion – United Methodist Children’s Home - Will          – Working to “beautify” the bike trail/parking area
work on the cottage for art therapy, specifically       of the bike trail from Johnstown to Granville.
remodelling and refurbishing two rooms - the pot-       Contact: Jean Wright (740) 973-4939, jwright@          West/Southwest Area Realty Association
tery and exhibition group rooms. These rooms are                                                – Add flowers and landscape area in front of the
utilized by all children in residence. Contact: Susan                                                          Big Splash at Evans Park, a seasonal, municipal,
Dilworth (614) 309-8070              Northeast/Westerville Area Realty Association          family aquatic facility. Contact: Jerry Hunt (614)
                                                        – Paint, landscape, caulk, fixtures, windows, de-      571-2673,
Hilliard Area Realty Association – Painting pic-        ferred maintenance repairs, stain deck for elderly
nic tables at Veterans’ Memorial Park to help the       couple in Alexandria, Ohio. Contact: Pamela

                                                                                   • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
     Member Perspective:
What has been your most unique REALTOR® experience?
Was it meeting an interesting person? Having an issue at an open house? Selling a one-of-a-kind property? Making a
discovery about a client? Discovering something about yourself through a client? Share one of your most interesting
memories in real estate.

                  Shawn Parker                       vulnerable we are as REALTORS® when we                              Terri Webb
                  New Perspective Realty             are invited into someone’s home.                                    Street Sotheby’s Interna-
                  and Property Management                                                                                tional Realty
                                                                         Sharon L. “Sue” Andreas
                   A few years back, I had an                            Coldwell Banker King                               I love the movie Funny Farm
                   evening showing of a rental                           Thompson                                           starring Chevy Chase. I now
                   property in Bexley and ar-                                                                               have a new respect for, “Cue
rived shortly after a heavy lightning storm.                            I was finishing up at an open   the deer,” a saying used in the movie to help
The electrical power was out in the entire                              house and as I was crossing     sell a property. During a showing of a prop-
neighborhood. The prospect arrived with                                 the street, I fell. I managed   erty on the river, we discovered an incredible
a very tall friend and they stepped inside           to break my elbow and knock myself uncon-          deer outside a window snuggled up next to
the open door and left it ajar to let in more        scious. When I woke up, there was a little boy     the house in the snow. I was thinking, “This is
light. I came up from the basement where I           standing over me yelling, “Daddy, Daddy,           great! ‘Cue the deer!’” It was just like in the
was checking the fuse box and asked if they          come quick! Some old lady fell down in the         movie… Until we discovered that the animal
would like to reschedule. The person said            road and she can’t get up!” As much pain as I      had a broken leg. The prospective buyers left
they would be heading back out of town so            was in, I think that comment hurt the worst!       rather quickly after that. I called Animal Con-
they would try to see what they could. We                                                               trol for help and instead, they sent a police
went through the unit for about ten minutes                              Sheila M. Straub               officer. He proceeded to get out of his car
in almost pitch dark. When we finished, we                               Coldwell Banker King           with a large rifle and walk to the back of the
stepped outside where a glimmer of dusk still                            Thompson                       house where the deer was lying. At the same
lit the sky and I instantly recognized the tall                                                         time, another REALTOR® who was showing
friend as Ohio State and Dallas Maverick star                           My most unique and              the property next arrived and asked, “Where
Jimmy Jackson! He was on his way out of town                            interesting experience hap-     is Rambo going?” The deer’s leg was so ter-
so I missed my opportunity to talk basketball                           pened in the mid 1980s.         ribly broken that it needed to be put down.
with him. It just goes to show that you never        I was working with a buyer who wanted to           I had never met this REALTOR® before but
know what interesting experiences await you          live on Drexel Avenue in Bexley. His claim         even so, I quickly buried my head in his chest
in the pursuit of our business!                      to fame was that he was Les Wexner’s head          so that I would not hear the gun go off. It was
                                                     of personal security. He was engaged to            pretty awkward! The officer left and I was in
                  Tara Bebinger                      a beautiful woman and about to begin his           charge of hauling the carcass away since the
                  Keller Williams Consul-            fairy tale life with his princess. I showed        homeowners were snowbirds. So much for
                  tants Realty and TNT Real          him many fine homes and he finally chose           “Cue the deer”!
                  Estate Group, LLC                  a very handsome one with beautiful archi-
                                                     tectural features. The excitement began to                          Teresa M. Beckley
                  My most unique experience          build once we were in contract. I met the                           Exit Trinity REALToR®
                  as a REALTOR® was when             decorator, the china and crystal expert, the
I showed up at a listing for a seller I’d never      furniture designer, the landscape architect                           Looking back over my 20-
met before. The seller greeted me and we             and many others. His offer was in cash                                plus years of selling homes,
walked to the kitchen table where I proceed-         so things seemed to be moving along                                   I must say that my most
ed to set up my presentation folder. He then         smoothly and in perfect harmony. Then,                                unique experience was when
asked me to wait just a moment. I noticed he         boom! We found out privately that Les              I had the pleasure of being referred to an
was gone for a while and soon heard water            Wexner did not have a head of personal             incredible couple who were both physically
running from the bathroom. He came out 20            security. This man was simply lonely and           impaired. At our first meeting, they asked if I
minutes later in only a towel wrapped around         loved to make appointments with me so              could video the inside of the properties for
his waist. At that point, I realized he had          he would have someone to talk to while he          them and bring it back so they could choose
taken a shower and just before he was getting        dreamed about his new home, bride and              their new home. They thought it would be too
ready to sit down and ask me to proceed              life. I was very green then and believed           much trouble trying to get in and out with
with my presentation, I told him I needed to         everything anyone would tell me. I am a bit        their walkers and traveling, they explained,
leave. It was the most awkward I’ve ever felt        wiser now and a lot more careful. We still         would be as difficult. Although the husband
with a potential client. I quickly realized how      chuckle about that experience.                     did drive, the wife couldn’t walk without assis-

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
tance. That said, my greatest joy was helping      in high school and did the very same thing.       and was told that the sellers had a pedestal
the husband carry his wife in and out of the       I asked her name and, you guessed it, his         bed in the master bedroom and didn’t think
properties. We did, after about three tours,       mother and my mother played the accor-            a buyer would mind if it wasn’t filled in. My
locate that perfect home. The rest is history. I   dion side by side in the 1940s. My mother         buyers immediately requested remedy for the
keep in touch with them often to make sure all     even had a photo of the both of them that I       sellers to fill in the pit so that there wouldn’t
is well. What an amazing couple!                   shared with my buyers. Good golly, our moms       be any potential weight-bearing issues later
                                                   were friends in high school! From that point      for them. The sellers agreed to remedy the
                 Stephanie Scheu Coss              on, communication flourished and looking          situation and we did end up closing on time.
                 Keller Williams Classic           at properties became much easier because          It was an unexpected find for the property
                 Properties                        now they felt they knew me. Their trust in our    inspector, my buyer and me as well. That was
                                                   relationship finally developed. The moral of      the first and hopefully last time I come across
                  My most memorable experi-        the story for me: Be real with people. Share      something like that. I now listen to the sound
                  ence of last year occurred       yourself and your interests with them. You        of the flooring as I walk across it.
                  when I was showing some          will find common ground if you look for it and
of the old mansions in downtown Columbus.          once they know you, the trust and friendship                         Sherry Looney
There, all alone in the basement of one of         begin. At that point, you will have earned the                       Keller Williams Greater
these buildings, was an antique Lionel train       privilege of being their REALTOR® for life.                          ohio
set! It was down in the cellar, just waiting for
someone to turn it on. The sign read “Wel-                          Terri L. Jones                                     One time many years ago,
come to Magic Mountain.” It was unbeliev-                           Signature Real Estate                              I showed a home to a
able! I thought how much my children would                                                                             gentleman and his mother.
love to see this and the joy this train set had                       In sharing stories with new    This was a phone call appointment and
brought to the children who lived in this                             agents I always reflect on     for some reason, I had an uneasy feeling
mansion many years ago. It was truly a “wow”                          the time I listed a mobile     about it. I asked my husband to take me
experience for me and my clients.                                     home for $30,000. I had        to this showing, something I’d never done
                                                   recently sold one for $9,500 and had gotten       before. When we arrived, the buyer, his
                 Shari D. Carroll, CRS             the title of “the Trailer Queen” among a few      mother and I looked through the home
                 Keller Williams Capital           agents. Upon completing the sale of the mo-       together. In the master bedroom, we walked
                 Partners                          bile home, the daughter of the seller referred    out onto the balcony to take a look at the
                                                   me to her employer, who in turn bought a          view. As the buyer’s mom went back inside,
                  When I have my first buyer       $51 5,000 new build property. Needless to         I turned around to very quickly (but not
                  or seller consultation, I work   say, you never know where your next lead will     quick enough) ask her not to shut the door
                  at finding commonality with      come from when you treat everyone equally!        just as it went “click.” I knew the door was
them. I ask a lot of questions and in those an-                                                      locked. I tried the handle and, sure enough,
swers, usually find something in common with                        Sherri Fowler                    it was locked shut. I started to laugh. What
them. I ask the city they are from, what side                       Dickey-Beckley Team              else could I have done? I tried to see if
of Columbus they grew up on and what high                           REALToRS®                        my husband was still waiting out in the
school or college they attended. The most                                                            road but I couldn’t see his car so instead,
fun question for married couples is, “How                             The most memorable event       I looked at the buyer and said, “Well, how
did the both of you meet?” That usually gets                          in my real estate career       do you like the view?” I was in a skirt, high
the best response and conversation. So I was                          so far has been during an      heels and hose so I suggested that he was
working with this really nice, very quiet cou-     inspection with my buyer on a single family       more appropriately dressed to shimmy
ple many years ago as a rookie agent. Neither      home on which he and his wife had made            down the wood posts. He did not find that
one of them said much or offered many              an offer. During the inspection, the prop-        humorous. My husband came driving down
details when I tried the question thing with       erty inspector found a patch of carpeting in      the road so I leaned over the balcony as far
them. With that, I decide to just move on and      the master bedroom that was replaced. He          as I could and waived my hands and yelled
start working with them. Weeks of looking at       checked the seam of the carpeting and found       for him. I was making quite a scene. He
properties pass and still there is not much        the carpeting hadn’t been pieced in. It was       finally looked up through the windshield
conversation about even the homes we are           just laid to look that way. Once he pulled up     and noticed me. Then, with a very puzzled
viewing. One day, we walked into a home that       the pieced carpeting, he found wood that          look on his face, he got out of the car so he
had an accordion case sitting in the living        we surmised was laid over a concrete slab         could hear our dilemma. Thank Heaven the
room. I commented that my mother played            foundation. The wood was loose, so the            front door was open. Needless to say, he
the accordion in high school with a group          inspector pulled it up to make sure there         came in and released us from the balcony. I
of students who would go around Ohio to            weren’t any potential problems for my buyer.      learned there are many people in this world
various veterans’ organizations and hospitals      Underneath the wood flooring was an open          with absolutely no sense of humor. I never
during World War II to entertain soldiers and      concrete pit about six feet by eight feet. I      spoke to that buyer again. The funny thing
their families. She always spoke of it proudly     immediately looked at the Sellers Property        was, it was his mother that shut the door
and continued to play the accordion when we        Disclosure and nothing was mentioned about        and had us locked out on the balcony!
were kids at home. The buyer spoke up and          this concrete pit in the middle of the master     Oh well. That is what makes this business
said his mother also played the accordion          bedroom floor. I contacted the listing agent      interesting!

                                                                         • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
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         are subject to change without notice. Federal tax credit available for a limited time. Seller match to be given in the form of a discount to the purchase price.
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   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                                                 Committee Report

         Are you aware of what’s going on politically?

                                                                           By Louise Potter, REALTOR® Chair
                                                                              Governmental Affairs Committee

Is there anyone who has not discussed         free, easy and very important. We can and       our own Ted Celeste, who represents
politics lately? From healthcare on the       do make a difference.                           Ohio’s 24th District.
national level to local issues, awareness
has definitely risen.                         Our local political network took on new         We look forward to our next meeting in
                                              importance with Gavin’s trip to Wash-           May where we will be bringing back the
The Columbus Board of REALTORS®’              ington D.C. late last year. With NAR’s          latest from Washington following the
Governmental Affairs Committee has also       Get Active program, we can drill down           NAR Mid-Year Legislative Meetings.
set its sights on raising that awareness.     and create a REALTOR® Call to Action
This year we have set some new goals          on even the most local level – alerting         Governmental Affairs is also looking to
and are utilizing programs available to us    REALTORS® in specific areas when                increase its support and presence with
through our associations to make us the       issues of interest or concern need ad-          CORPAC. These funds are critical in cre-
leader of policy in central Ohio.             dressed.                                        ating and supporting good public policy
                                                                                              and REALTOR® friendly candidates.
In this mid-term election year, the pres-     We as a committee are also looking to           If you have not yet given to CORPAC,
ence of Gavin Blair as CBR’s Govern-          identify the REALTOR® leaders in all            please do so and attend the upcoming
mental Affairs Director is helping us move    our central Ohio communities to help            Auction on May 27 at the new Audu-
quickly toward that goal. Gavin works         us monitor important issues that affect         bon Center on the Whittier Peninsula.
closely with the CBR, OAR and NAR on          property rights and are good policy, while      It should be a great evening of fun in a
the political front and is in constant con-   noticing candidates of either party that        beautiful setting for a worthwhile cause!
tact with the statehouse, Capitol Hill and    support the mission of the Columbus             Call CBR for details or register online at
the candidates who we support through         Board of REALTORS®.                   
our CORPAC efforts and donations.
                                              Other action items include a Govern-            And, last but not least, is our fall Legisla-
Your dues and contributions do make a         mental Affairs Steering committee. This         tive Reception on October 14 at the Capi-
difference. One example of this is that       group, approved by the Board of Direc-          tal Club. This is one of the most popular
Gavin is currently working closely with       tors, is comprised of an appointed mix of       events in central Ohio political circles.
the City of Columbus on their vacant          leadership, committee chairs, residential       Our goal this year is to increase atten-
housing legislation which, in its pres-       and commercial REALTORS®. The role              dance by both the invitees and by our own
ent form, would be highly detrimental to      of this committee is to act on issues of im-    members who are hosts for the evening.
property owners, investors and the real       mediate concern, increasing our respon-         It is always something to look forward to
estate community in general. NAR has          siveness and, therefore, effectiveness.         and a great way to personally meet those
a program called the Land Use Initiative                                                      who represent us on every level.
which Gavin is using to assist the city.      In addition, our meetings will be informa-
By working with NAR attorneys and staff       tive and timely. They will include presen-      The role of the Governmental Affairs
as well as with the city, they are close to   tations by our REALTOR® members who             committee is growing and taking on a
drafting more viable and fair legislation.    currently hold office as well as updates        new importance. It is an exciting time and
                                              from OAR and NAR lobbyists, commer-             we encourage you to join us. Come and
All of you should be a part of NAR’s          cial issues, mortgage industry updates and      play a part in making our industry and
REALTOR® Party and Action Center. If          topics that affect us and our industry.         community the best it can be. We are well
you have not yet joined, you need to do so                                                    on our way to our goal as policy leader in
today! It is as simple as going to Real-      At our first meeting we were fortunate to       central Ohio. and signing up. It is     include a very informative session with

                                                                  • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   

                March home sales up 54 percent!
There were 1,704 central Ohio homes sold             A parallel NAR practitioner survey shows       of transactions in March, unchanged from
during March of 2010 – 54.1 percent more             first-time buyers purchased 44 percent of      February; the remaining sales were to repeat
than the previous month (Feb – 1,106)                homes in March, up from 42 percent in          buyers. All-cash sales remain elevated at 27
and 25.3 percent more than March 2009                February. Investors accounted for 19 percent   percent in March, the same as in February.
(1,360). First quarter saw 3,873 homes sell
in central Ohio which is 12.5 percent more
than home sales during January through
March of 2009.

There were 4,949 residential homes put
on the market last month – a 44.3 percent
increase over new listings the previous
month and 32.8 percent higher than homes
listed in March of 2009.

There’s no question the home buyer tax
credits have a lot to do with our market
activity. But the significant increase in
listings as well as rising sale prices are clear
evidence that our local market is regaining
its strength.

The average central Ohio home is selling
for $149,277 this year which is 7.8 percent
higher than the sale price of a home sold
between January and March of 2009. Homes
sold during the month of March for an
average of $151,719 – a 5.9 increase over
last year.

Home prices have shown steady increases
for the last few months – another key factor
in any market recovery. However, when you
consider that the national median price of a
home is over $170,000, central Ohio housing
remains a very affordable market.

Statewide sales in March reached 8,660
– 15.5 percent more than the 7,501 sales
posted during the month a year ago. Sales
for the first quarter are up 4.1 percent over
last year. The average sale price in Ohio for
the first three months of 2010 is $124,011
which is 13.2 percent higher than the same
period last year.

Nationwide home sales in March were 5.35
million – up 6.8 percent over the previous
month and up 16.1 percent from March
of 2009. The median price of a home
nationwide was $170,700 in March – up 0.4
percent from March 2009.

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
       Eileen Howard                           Sheri Watkins                      Ron Morr               Lisa Bookheimer
 Senior Mortgage Consultant              Senior Mortgage Consultant             Branch Manager          Senior Loan Specialist
        614.568.1964                                                             614.568.1961               614.568.1966

                         Shelia Chambers                         Brett Rigney                    Debra Kelly                     Danyelle Hall
                     Senior Mortgage Consultant            Senior Mortgage Consultant        Senior Loan Expeditor          Senior Underwriter
                            614.568.1963                          614.568.1962                   614.568.1970


                110 Polaris Parkway Suite 305, Westerville, OH 43082 | 614.568.1960
0   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                                                        Committee Report

Time to board the SS CORPAC!
                                            By Anthony Masci, Karen Lambert
                                             and Gretchen McKay, Co-Chairs
                                            CORPAC Fundraising Committee

CORPAC Auction                                    of trees and plants in full bloom. Cozy             being marketed for sale or rent).
Thursday May 27                                   up by the indoor or outdoor fireplace and         • have liability insurance.
Grange Insurance Audubon Center                   indulge in the unique offerings of locally        • have a property management company
505 W. Whittier Street                            grown and prepared organic cuisine. Most            or person located within the city limits to
Columbus, OH 43215                                importantly, there will be a wide range of          manage the property.
Doors open at 5:30pm                              silent and live auction items ready for your      • board up the property
                                                  bid. Complimentary valet service will be          • post a sign on the property saying that it
Spring is upon us, and that means the             provided for those who don’t choose to              was “vacant” – pretty much an invitation
CORPAC Auction is right around the                sail down the Scioto!                               for theft and vandalism.
corner! As chairs of your CORPAC fund-
raising committee, we’d like to introduce         Get on Board by becoming a sponsor or             Although this situation was averted, it is just
you to this year’s venue and take a mo-           by donating auction items. Don’t forget           one more example of your membership dues
ment to remind you of the importance of           that you provide essential support to             and CORPAC working to protect you and
CORPAC.                                           CORPAC just by purchasing a ticket! If            the rights of property owners.
                                                  you would like to Get on Board by attend-
This year, the CORPAC auction will be held        ing the aution and/or by donating an item.        Still unsure why we need ALL HANDS ON
at the Grange Insurance Audubon Center,           Please contact us or CBR’s Kelly Lavelle          DECK TO SUPPORT CORPAC and our
located on the Whittier Peninsula just south      at (614) 475-4000. For more information           industry? Then read on.
of downtown. The facility, which opened           about the Audubon Center as well as the
its doors in August 2009, is situated within      auction itself, please visit ColumbusReal-        Tax credit for first time homebuyers and
the Scioto Audubon Metro Park along the                                   repeat sellers: Fought for an adequate tax
Scioto River with breathtaking views of our                                                         credit for both first time homebuyers and
downtown skyline. The Center is the focus         What does CORPAC do for me?                       existing homeowners and extended the dead-
of a major urban reclamation and redevelop-       Here are a few issues that CORPAC moni-           line for the benefits.
ment project.                                     tors and influences, which directly impact
                                                  not only your business, but also the per-         Keeping banks out of real estate: Defeated
The Audubon Center serves our community           sonal and business lives of those we serve:       the movement for banks to have the ability
as a hub for environmental education and                                                            to provide real estate brokerage services.
awareness and as a model for sustainable de-      Proposed Vacant Property Legislation              This is a fight that will likely resurface.
sign thereby promoting the economic, health       replaced
and aesthetic benefits of green building. It is   Last month, a damaging piece of proposed          Seventy-two hour cooling off period for
a green facility of 18,000 net useable square     legislation was pulled due to the efforts of      real property sales: “Let me sleep on it”
feet built with recycled construction materi-     CBR members, staff, the BIA and the Co-           is a saying and should not pertain to a real
als. Heating and cooling are provided by al-      lumbus Apartment Association – and others.        estate contract that has closed. Defeated
ternative energy sources. Every detail down                                                         legislation would have allowed buyers a 72
to the placement of windows was designed          The proposed legislation inflicted overly         hour cooling off period after closing.
to maximize the efficiency of the building.       harsh obligations on all property vacant
                                                  for more than 30 days – which would have          Mortgage Interest Deduction: Chatter
The landscape and backdrop are sure to            included listings, properties being renovated     arises again about eliminating or modifying
provide for a enchanting night for all.           and rentals, if vacant for more than 30 days!     the mortgage interest deduction. CORPAC
Enjoy the views of our city’s skyline and                                                           dollars were used in the efforts to defeat the
the peninsula from the observation deck           The legislation would have required the           elimination or modification of the Mortgage
and terrace, as well as from inside. The          property owner to:                                Interest Deduction. CORPAC protects you.
surrounding gardens will feature a variety        • file with the city and pay $100 fee (even if    Help protect CORPAC.

                                                                        • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
What is NAR’s RPR (REALTORS® Property Resource)?
A national database of every property in the United States

This spring/early summer, NAR will roll          advanced user profile features and social       • when RPR™ becomes profitable, the
out its newest member benefit – the REAL-        networking components will help REAL-             possibility of profit sharing with MLSs
TORS® Property Resource (RPR™) – a               TORS® create referral communities with            will be discussed.
national data base of public and private         REALTORS® across the U.S.
information on every single property in the    • The RPR™ system will include online             Rollout
United States pulled together into a single      training and contextual help, along with        Beta testing is ongoing and once concluded
product.                                         support through e-mail, online chat and         (late spring/early summer) and changes
                                                 toll-free telephone.                            implemented, members of the MLSs that
This $25 million dollar initiative is cur-                                                       beta tested the program will be the first to
rently being beta tested across the country    The RPR™ is designed to integrate with            get access. As other MLSs come onboard,
by 20 MLSs, ranging in size from 800 to        the Multiple Listing Services, but will not       their data will be integrated with the system
30,000 members. The overall feedback has       take the place of the MLS. Each of the 900        and made available to their members
been positive and expectations are high that   or so MLSs in the country can enter an            once the integration process is complete.
the RPR™ could be one of the most impor-       agreement with RPR™ and provide access            RPR’s™ standalone interface (i.e., the one
tant real estate resources to come along in    to integrate their data. If a MLS declines to     not integrated with MLSs) will be rolled
a decade.                                      participate, their members will still have ac-    out region-by-region for members whose
                                               cess to RPR™ data through RPR’s™ Web              MLSs haven’t signed access agreements
Here are some of the highlights:               site (, but the preferred method       during the third quarter this year.
• There will be no public access to the        of delivery is through the MLS.
  RPR™, and the database and its data                                                            NAR anticipates that the RPR™ will
  cannot be shared through consumer Web        Money Maker                                       empower REALTORS® as the go-to source
  sites.                                       NAR plans to sell two small pieces of in-         for trusted, complete and reliable data about
• Provide unmatched access to a single-        formation – the value of a portfolio of prop-     real estate and homeownership. For more
  source data base of tax assessments and      erties (using the RPR™) and, whether or           information on the RPR™, call (888) 914-
  comparable data, liens, zoning, permits,     not individual properties are on the market       7771 or visit
  environment and neighborhoods, school        (using the MLS data) – to lenders and other       tors_property_resource.
  districts, community demographics and        institutions that own mortgages directly or
  psychographic information; maps, trends      through mortgage-backed securities and            Where is CBR?
  and reports exclusive to NAR members.        anticipates making a profit of $40 million        The RPR is a somewhat controversial
• Members will register with their NRDS        per year.                                         topic. Our own Board of Directors will
  ID and have access to non-proprietary,                                                         need to decide, after evaluating pros, cons
  non-MLS/CIE sourced data; only MLS/          Concerns                                          and competing requests from other entities,
  CIE subscribers/participants will be able    As noted above, beta-testers and those who        whether or not CBR will be providing our
  to view MLS/CIE sourced information.         have seen demonstrations of the product           MLS data to the RPR and whether or not
• With this new technology acquisition         see it as a valuable tool, but do have some       that will be on an exclusive basis.
  and data licensing, RPR™ will provide        concerns with how the data it provides
  tax and assessment data coverage in 92       would be used, limiting the use of that data,     A task force of AEs from around the state
  percent of the U.S. counties and has an      and that there are no provisions to share         attended a meeting, arranged by OAR
  aggressive plan to provide coverage for      potential revenues with the MLSs.                 President Doug McCloud, held earlier this
  as close to 100 percent of the country as                                                      year to see demonstrations of the RPR and
  possible within two years.                   In response to these concerns, NAR and            the competitive First American resource.
• The RPR’s™ national demographic              RPR™ recently announced the following             At the request of that task force, the Ohio
  information, along with enhanced search      changes to the contract:                          Association of REALTORS® has arranged
  capabilities, will allow a REALTOR®          • Safeguards will be put in place to protect      for a repeat of those demos during the
  anywhere in the country to provide             the listing data from unauthorized use;         upcoming OAR Spring Meeting, where the
  more information to their clients. The       • MLSs will be allowed to restrict the use        leadership of more boards around Ohio and
  enhanced search features will allow            of their content;                               their members will be able to learn, first
  nationwide depth of property searches, as    • MLSs and REALTORS® will never have              hand, more information about the RPR.
  well as market-to-market comparisons;          their own content sold back to them; and

                                                                     • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
Commercial News

                                               Meet the Team

                     By Catherine Erney

By now you should be familiar with                   her to prepare the most complete com-                      Jessica Kabler, Client Ser-
me and Angie – the COCIE team that                   parables possible. For that she extends a                  vices Representative, started
supports the Columbus commercial real                heartfelt “thanks” to each and every one                   in Xceligent’s Customer
estate market. We also have fantastic                of them!                                                   Care Department three years
and capable support from our Xceligent                                                                          ago, where she worked the
offices in Kansas City and Sedalia, Mis-             Julie holds an Associates of Arts degree                   Dallas/San Antonio metro
souri. Our group has a combined tenure               in Environmental Science and a Bache-        area. As the department grew, she began
of 18 years with the company and 35                  lor’s degree in English Literature, with     working the Nashville, Memphis and Lit-
years working in commercial real estate.             a minor in Creative Writing. She is the      tle Rock areas and, eventually, took over
Here we share a little insight about our             mother of two, a sixteen-year-old daugh-     Columbus, Oklahoma City, New Mexico,
other team members.                                  ter and eight-year-old son, and is a wife,   and the recently launched, Omaha.
                                                     sister and daughter.
             Julie Miller, Sale Compa-                                                            She trains brokers and their administrative
             rables Researcher, began                If you have sales comparable informa-        assistants on how to use the data base, re-
             her career with Xceligent               tion for the database, you can reach Julie   views new listings, runs a brochure report
             in September 2007 and is                at (816) 559-5966 or jmiller@xceligent.      and checks to make sure that the building
             a stand-out employee. Just              com.                                         is mapped properly. She then searches for
             check out our COMPS to                                                               potential tenants, runs a sales comp count
see what a good job she does.                                     Suzy Brooks, Business           and sends this information to the listing
                                                                  Development Analyst, has        agent, where she verifies the information
Julie says she approaches each property                           studied business develop-       with the agent for accuracy. She shows
record – whether it be for the sale of a                          ment and Psychology at          the agent how to run reports, view tenants
$250,000 Class C Office Building, or                              Penn Valley in Kansas City,     that suit their needs and pull comps that
a multi-million dollar sale of a group                            and has over 10 years of        are of value in their area. She also answers
of Industrial Buildings just east of the             great customer service and sales experi-     phone calls and e-mails and is the best in
Arena District – the same way. Her                   ence. She joined the Xceligent/COCIE         our company at what she does. Do you see
research of each property begins on the              team last September and works with           a trend here?
Auditor’s Web site, takes her through the            regional sales representatives.
county Recorder’s site, the Ohio Secre-                                                           Jessica has taken several real estate courses
tary of State’s office, Business First of            Suzy enjoys competitive volleyball,          at the local community college and plans to
Columbus, a variety of press releases                boating and is dedicated to volunteering     take an appraisal course next. She has a five-
and, hopefully, culminates with a phone              her time to build her community. She         year-old daughter who will be starting her
call/e-mail to a listing broker.                     also enjoys her two daughters and all        first year of school this August.
                                                     the joy they bring to life. “To love life
Columbus is hands down her favorite                  is to live it, and live it with passion.”    Jessica can help you with tricky database
market because brokers here are so                                                                issues and answer any questions you might
forthcoming with information, allowing                                                            have about how the system works. You

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
can reach her toll free at (877) 628-5300,   providing able support to our market.
ext. 972, by fax (888) 350-1116 or e-mail    Feel free to call on this team with any                       of your questions or problems. You can            COCIE Classes
                                             also call Customer Care at (877) 628-
We are very lucky in the Columbus            5300 for assistance.
market to have Xceligent’s “A” team                                                            INTRO – COCIE (CDX) Training
                                                                                               May 11 • 9a-12p
                                                                                               June 8 • 1-4p

  Did you know . . .                                                                           3 credit hrs. • $30 if CE is requested
  The Ohio Business Development Corporation (OBDC) recently conducted a study of Ohio          Instructor Catherine Erney, Xceligent
  economic development Web sites and ranked the Columbus Chamber of Commerce’s
  Web site ( the best and most used site of any economic development        Learn how to: search and report on commercial
  organization in the state. COCIE data is used by both the Columbus Chamber and the           availabilities; use advanced search techniques
  Ohio Chamber of Commerce (                                                     such as map search; produce tour packages for
                                                                                               client tours; send CDX Mails; add, edit and man-
                                                                                               age listing inventories.

                                                                                               COCIE Statistics
                                                                                                                    National         Columbus
                                                                                               # buildings          508,555          16,327
                                                                                               Total SF             3,941,105,196 472,427,256
                                                                                               For lease            81,048           2,605
                                                                                               For sale             60,728           2,515
                                                                                               # members            16,431           563
                                                                                               # verified sales     49,516           1,988
                                                                                               # soft sale comps    77,207           3,702
                                                                                               # soft lease comps   234,998          7,077
                                                                                               # of tenants          5,003,220       85,951
                                                                                               CDXMail recipients   26,128           1,322

                                                                   • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
                                 Save $400 - $800 dollars per closing*
                                             No Closing Fee to Buyers or Sellers      No Wire Fee
                                             No Courier Fee                           No Document Preparation Fee
                                             No Title Update Fee                      No Additional Record Charge Fee
                                             No E-Doc Download Fee                    No Bogus Add-On’s or “Junk” Fees

                               EAGLE LAND TITLE AGENCY, INC.
                                                      Serving Central Ohio for over 30 years

                                                  216 Bradenton Avenue, Dublin, OH 43017
                                                Phone: (614) 763-5263 Fax: (614) 763-5264
                                *Certain limitation and conditions apply - visit our website at:

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                              MEMBERDiscounts / Services
1-800-GOT-JUNK? – Joe Gillotti, (614) 499-3461;            Ecoquest – Diana Hoffman (614) 873-6622. Six            Professional Computer Forms – (800) 955-6284
fax (614) 210-0244. North America’s largest junk re-       and a half percent discount on FreshAir machines;       CBR standard forms on-line with autofill capability.
moval service. Ten percent discount for CBR members        $50/day machine rental.                                 Internet version - $70 per year; Desktop version - $75
and their clients.                                                                                                 per year.
                                                           Feazel Roofing – Ryan Grissinger, (614) 898-7663
All American Moving & Storage – Sales Depart-              REALTORS® Express program available to members          Pro-Source, Inc. – Rich Williams, (614) 751-8451
ment, (614) 224-0077 or freeestimate@all-american-         and clients.                                            Discount on carpet (fifty percent) and hard-floor Free storage, free boxes, free valuation,                                                              covering (thirty percent).
or discounts! Local and now interstate moving.             The Harrison Agency/MetLife Auto and Home
                                                           – Greg Harrison, (614) 539-5192. Competitive rates      Riterug – Steve Peck, (614) 402-9666. Wholesale
America’s Floor Source – Todd Sweeney, (614)               on home and auto insurance.                             prices on carpet/flooring through their mobile
237-3181 ext. 111; fax (614) 237-3405. REALTORS®                                                                   showroom (not available at retail stores). Call and
clients get thirty percent discount off products and       Interior Surfaces – Don Penrod, (614) 761-7856;         they’ll come to you!
services and can save an additional five percent off all   fax (614) 764-3821. Interior Surfaces will provide
products in-stock.                                         REALTOR® clients with a complementary one-hour          Sprint – Jackie Notestone, (614) 267-2585. Special
                                                           redesign consultation, a list of recommended            savings for new and existing wireless customers and
Blazer & Associates – (614) 487-8601. Health in-           changes and goals for the home and will work with       Smartphone programs.
surance plans including Anthem’s two person groups.        in-house flooring installers, painters and handymen
ADT Home Security - James Holland, (614) 679-4482          to negotiate the best pricing on work that needs to     Sugardaddy’s – Beth Rose, (614) 888-4491. Ten
Free premium security system for members and their         be completed.                                           percent discount on all orders. Hand baked sumptu-
clients. CBR members also receive a $75 referral fee                                                               ous sweeties in silk gift bags (monogramming
for each client that signs up.                             Kemba Financial Credit Union – (614) 235-2395.          available) with next day delivery.
                                                           A full range of financial products and services with
CBR Member Service Center – Tracey Lynch, (614)            great rates.                                            TNT Powerwash, Inc. – Nate Williams, (614) 444-
475-4000. An array of Real Estate related materials                                                                8686. $30 off regular price for clients and twenty-five
for REALTOR® members.                                      The Laptop Guy – Todd Feit, (614) 487-9674 ext.         percet discount for members.
                                                           71. CBR members can receive a twenty percent
CBR Printing Services – Erin Scaia, (614) 475-             discount on all hardware upgrades; a twenty percent     Twin Horizons Travel – Susan Schneider, (614)
4000. Low cost, high quality design and printing for       discount coupon on any accessory sold in their retail   793-8855. Spa, resort, cruise, European tour, ski
members only. Color Copies - $.65/copy ($.40/copy          stores; and $50 off completed laptop repair or the      trip, or family vacation, Twin Horizons will create a
for 100+)                                                  purchase of a refurbished laptop from their store.      getaway exactly right for you.
                                                           There is also a member price of $79 for a bundle of
The Cellular Connection – Paul Kilzer, (614) 398-          protection services.                                    Two Men And A Truck – Stephanie Clarey, (614)
3000; Office (614) 885-2355; Retail (614) 299-0750;                                                                224-6683 (MOVE). Call us and earn gift cards for your
Fax (614) 410-1678. Free account and rate reviews          Leaders Moving – Jayson Foust, (614) 785-9595.          referrals!
for CBR members; free phonebook transfers and              “Ask me about our free box loan program” I can also
number porting; twenty-five percent CBR accessory          give you a $50 gift card to give to your clients.       UFAX – Brian Hoy, (877) 329-8329. Send and receive
discount; and $25 and $10 cash credits referrals.                                                                  faxes online or via email! Signup at Use
                                                           McCloy Financial – Lynn Hanna, CLU, ChFC, (614)         promo code “CBR” to get $9.99/month pricing!
Cheryl’s Cookies & Gifts – Natalie Wise, (614) 776-        442-4569. Long Term Care Insurance.
1546. Discounts on tasty client gifts with personaliza-                                                            Vernon Sales Promotion – David “O” Oliva, (614)
tion and enclosures available.                             Merkel Financial Services – Michelle Merkel, CFP,       471-4602. Reach clients and prospects with targeted
                                                           (614) 481-4455. Discounts up to 30 percent on long-     advertising. Visit
E.E. Ward Moving & Storage – Brian Brooks,                 term individual disability insurance.                   and click on the special REALTORS® link.
(614) 298-8414; fax (614) 298-8346. Free in-home
estimates; CBR members will receive $100 off local         PODS – Adina Pelletier, (614) 539-7747; (866) 846-
residential/office move; $200 off any out-of-state         0900. Local moving and storage - ten percent dis-
residential move; and clients can receive $25 off of       count. Long distance moves - five percent discount.
pick-up and two free months of storage (restrictions       (Promo code: Real).

                                                                                         • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •          
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                               Education Classes
                                                                                               Education Classes
                                    Classes at aaglance...
                                    Classes at glance...
                                     Classes glance...
  May-June 2010
  November 2009
   November 2009
The Columbus Board of
 The Columbus Board of
                                    Classes at a glance...
                                        May T1 (Tempo 1) – Computer Lab                 June
                                                                                                                    1 Fair Housing for the Information Age
                                        4 MLS Policy Violation Class – Computer Lab (no CE SearchT1Computer Lab the Information Age
    Novemberoffers a of
    The Columbus 2009  Board                                    – Computer Lab
                                           3 T1T1 (Tempo 1)Computer Lab
                                                  (Tempo 1) –                           1 FOCUS: Map 1 1 – Fair Housing for
 REALTORS® offers
REALTORS® offers aa
    REALTORS®                           November Policy Violation Class – Computer Lab (no CE December(Tempo 1) Computer Lab
                                           4 Commercial Civil Rights Course
                                        6 credit)MLS                                                                  1 T1
                                                                                                                              (Tempo 1) –
                                                                                                                                             – Computer Lab
 wide variety of educa-
         variety of educa-
wide variety of educa-                  3 T1credit) 1) – Computer Lab
                                                                                        2 NEW! FOCUS: Choosing Housing for the Information Age Lab (no CE
                                                                                                                    2 Fair the Right Search
                                                                                                                          MLS Policy Violation Class – Computer
                                                                                                                   1 2 MLS Policy Violation Class – Computer Lab (no CE
The Columbus Board of
tional courses to to meet
 tional courses tomeet
    tional courses meet
REALTORS®today’sa  offers               4 5 (required)Home Inspections:–How They Help(Tempo 1) – Computer Lab 1) – Computer Lab
                                         5 MLS Policy Violation ClassHow They Help the Real
                                              NEW! Home Inspections: Computer Lab (no CE
                                                 NEW!                                   3 T1 the Real 1 T1credit)         credit)
 the needs of today’s
the variety of educa-
    the        of
wide needs of today’s
                                              credit) Agent
                                        6 NEW! FOCUS: Choosing the
                                                 Estate Agent
                                                                                                                          Ethics for Real Estate (required)
                                                                                        7 NEW! C/I Lunch:8Incentives – Reducing the Cost of Real Estate (no CE
                                                                                                                   2 8 MLS Policy Violation Class – Computer Lab
                                                                                                                             Ethics for Real Estate (required)
REALTOR®. to meet
tional courses                                FOCUS: Map
                                         5 NEW! Home Search
                                                 FOCUS: Map Search                            Development 8 8 credit) Wireless – Computer Lab
                                        5 5 Right Search Inspections: How They Help the Real Through Traditional and Green Incentives
                                                                                                                             Tempo Wireless – Computer Lab
the needsitof today’s
 Whether it be a required
                                              T2 (Tempo 2) – Computer Lab
                                         10 COCIEAgent – Computer Lab
                                        11 10 Estate (Intro)2) – Computer Lab
                                                 T2 (Tempo                                                         8 8 COCIE (Intro) Estate (required)
                                                                                                                    8 Ethics for Real– Computer Lab
                                                                                        8 COCIE (Intro) – Computer Lab (Intro) – Computer Lab
REALTOR®. be required
Whether be a a required
    Whether it
course onon ethics or a
 course on ethics or aa                 5 FOCUS:the Senior Market: Reverse Mortgages Map SearchTempoRealist classes
                                         11 Serving Map Search
                                        11 11 Web Strategies for Real Estate
                                                 Serving the Senior Market: Reverse Mortgages
                                                                                        10 FOCUS:
                                                                                                                   8 9 NEW! Wireless classes
                                                                                                                           – NEW! Realist – Computer Lab
                                                                                                                             Computer Lab
    course ethics or                    1012 Agents (Intro)– Computer Lab
                                         12 T2 (Tempo 2) – Computer Lab
                                              COCIE                                                                 10 NEW! Realist classes
 computer course on
computer course on
    computer course on
                                                 COCIE (Intro) – Computer Lab                                         10 With Realist Computer
                                                                                        11 Special Event! At15 COCIE (Intro) – Computer Lab
                                                                                                                   8HomeNEW!Diversityclasses Lab
                                                                                                                                           – (civil
                                                                                                                          T2 (Tempo 2) classes rights)
 new software, required
Whether it be athe CBR
new software, the CBR
                                              Realist the Senior Market: Reverse Mortgages
                                         12 Serving .com –
                                        1112 C/IRealist .com Computer Lab
                                                               – Computer Lab
                                        13 Tempo Wireless – Computer Lab 14 FREE! Facing Facebook:
                                                  Lunch: “Legends” (Featuring                                                     Realist
                                                                                                                   9 15 NEW!(Tempo 2) – Computer Lab
                                                                                                                             T2Social Media for Beginners (no CE credit)
    new on            the CBR
course software,topics at
 presents ethics or a                    17                                                                         16 FOCUS: Map Search
presents timely topics at               1217 COCIE (Intro) – Computer Lab Lab
                                                 Tempo Wireless – Computer                                         1016 NEW! Realist classes
                                                                                                                             FOCUS: Map Search
computer timely on theat
    presents timely topics
              course                     17 Frank Kass) – Search Lab
 reasonable prices for
reasonable pricesCBRthe
new software, prices for the
    reasonable           for
                                              FOCUS: Map Computer
                                        1217 Realist .com Search
                                                 FOCUS: Map
                                                                                                                    17 T3 (Tempo 3) –
                                                                                                                   1517 T2T3 (Tempo – Computer Lab
                                                                                        15 T2 (Tempo 2) – Computer Lab 2) 3) Computer Lab    – Computer Lab
 participant. the                             Commercial Search – Computer
                                        1318 FOCUS: MapCore Law (required) 17 T1 (Tempo 1) – Computer Lab Map Search
                                         18 Tempo Wireless – Computer Lab
                                        17       Commercial Core Law (required)                                    16 FOCUS:
participant. topics at
presents timely
reasonable prices for the
                                         19 FOCUS: Map Search
                                              T3              –
                                        1719 Lab(Tempo 3)3) Computer Lab
                                                 T3 (Tempo – Computer Lab                                          17 T3 For further Computer Lab the above
                                                                                        22 Realist – Computer Lab (Tempofurther information on the above
                                                                                                                                  For 3) –
                                                                                                                                            information on
 The CBR classrooms                                                                                                              classes, please continue reading.
    The CBR
participant. classrooms
The CBR classrooms of-                  18 Commercial – Computer Lab
                                        18 T2 (Tempo 2)Core Law (required)                                                         classes, please Computer Lab
                                                                                        23 Tempo FOCUS: Real Estate Data Accuracy – continue reading.
 offer state-of-the-art
feroffer state-of-the-art
      state-of-the-art learn-
 learning facilities that               19 T3 (Tempo 3) – Computer Lab
                                        20 FOCUS: Map Search – Computer 24 Special Event! Jeff Elias Seminar – How to Attract Moreabove & Create
                                                                                                                               For further information on the Buyers
        CBR facilities lab
inglearningcomputer that
 include a classrooms
Thefacilities that include                    Lab                                             More Sales                         classes, please continue reading.
    include a lab with lab
a computer computer24a
 with state-of-the-art
offer 24 computers and
                                        20 FOCUS: Tempo Wireless                        24 T2 (Tempo 2) – Computer Lab
computers and athat can a
learning facilities that and
    with 24 computers
 large classroom large
    large classroom hold
include a computerthat can
 hold up to that canlab
classroom125 people.
                                    CBR adds The CE Shop as online education provider
                                     CBR adds The CE Shop as online education provider
                                        26 Tempo FOCUS: Real Estate Data 28 OAR’s Industry Update Seminar 2010 (core law)
uphold up to 125 people.
with 24 computers and a
     to 125 people.                           Accuracy                                  29 T3 (Tempo 3) – Computer Lab
large classroom that can
                                    CBR adds The CE Shop as online education provider
                                        27 Residential Education Committee formed an Online Education Task Force, headed by Dennis Swartz, to look at the
                                      CBR’sT3 (Tempo 3) – Computer Lab formed an Online Education Task Force, headed by Dennis Swartz, to look at the
                                         CBR’s Residential Education Committee
hold up
Specialto 125 people.
 Accommodations                                                                                                               For of developing our own the above
                                      online education options available for our members and the feasibility and costsfurther information on online courses.
    Accommodations                       online education options available for our members and the feasibility and costs of developing our own online courses.
                                                                                                                                classes, please continue reading.
 Anyone who has disabili-             CBR’s Residential Education Committee formed an Online Education Task Force, headed by Dennis Swartz, to look at the
    Anyone who has disabili-
Special who has dis-
 ties that
Anyone require special
    ties that require special
 accommodations,                      onlinemuch research theavailable for recommended thetheCE Shop as the online developingvendor that would fulfill our
                                                                                                             Shop as the costs education vendor thatonline courses.
                                      After education options Task Force our members and CEfeasibility and onlineof
                                         After much research the Task Force recommended the                                            education our own
                                                                                                                                                            would fulfill our
abilities that requireinclud-
    accommodations,                   member’s needs. The CE Shop is a featured vendor for all of the large boards in Ohio. They do not market to individual
 ing the who for disabili-
Anyoneneed hasauxiliary
                                         member’s needs. The CE Shop is a featured vendor for all of the large boards in Ohio. They do not market to individual
                                      REALTORS® and/or individual Real Estate Special Event! Jeff Elias Seminar – wouldincome.
special accommoda-
    ing the need special
ties that requirefor auxiliary
 aids and services, should
tions, including the need             After much research the Task Force recommended the CE allowing the local boards to benefit with How toincome.
                                           The CE Shop                                  Companies, allowing the local boards to benefit with non-dues fulfill our
                                         REALTORS® and/or individual Real Estate Companies, Shop as the online education vendor that                     non-dues
    aids and services, should
accommodations, includ-
 indicate requirements at
forindicate requirements at
ing auxiliary aids and
 the the need for auxiliary
                                      member’s(May Promotion)                           Attract More Buyers & Create More Sales
                                                   needs. The CE Shop is a featured vendor for all of the large boards in Ohio. They do not market to individual
       time registration.
services,of of registration.
    the timeshould should
aids and services,indicate
                                                                                                           which the been “test-driven” by
                                      At the same time, they offer a Real of courses, some allowinghavelocal boards to benefit Task non-dues income.
                                      REALTORS® and/orthey offer varietyEstate Companies,ofof which have been “test-driven” by• Task Force members.
                                         At the same time, individuala variety of courses,24, 2010 • 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. with
                                                                                                                                                       Force members.
requirements at the time              The Moms raise from kids and Force
                                                                                        June some                                                    four credit hours
                                    Great consensus great the Task make was that the CE Shop offers quality continuing education courses at a competitive
indicate requirements at
 Cancellation Policy                     The consensus from the Task Force was that the CE Shop offers quality continuing education courses at a competitive
                                                                                        Instructor: Jeff Elias, Nationally Recognized Real Estate Finance Guru
of Cancellation Policy
the timewill registration. if       great REALTORS®! Save 20 percent for of courses, some of whichdevelop our “test-driven”courses. Force members. Com-
                                          the same members, and a
                                      price for our time, they offer it variety                               to 23; $35 day own online by Task In the future, the
                                      At price for our members, and was not deemed cost-effectiveJunehave been of class online courses. In the future, the Com-
 Tuition of be refunded
                                       limited time. As from the Task it was was that the CE ShopShop indevelop our own education courses course curriculum.
                                    aThe consensus a valued member of thenot deemed cost-effective to quality continuinga commercial onlineat a competitive
                                                                                        Just $25 if paid by
    Tuition will be refunded if                                          will be
                                      mercial Education Committee Force working with the CE offers helping develop
 cancellation is received
CancellationPolicy at at
Cancellation Policy the
    cancellation is received        Columbus Board of REALTORS®, thewill be working Elias is this country’s in helping develop aestate finance, online of five books on
                                         mercial Education Committee CE                      with the CE Shop                                commercial         course curriculum.
 least 24 hours prior to
Tuition will hours prior toifthe
    least 24 be refunded
Tuition willbe refunded if
                                                                                        Jeff                         premier teacher online
                                      price for our members, and it was not deemed cost-effective to develop our own of real courses. In author           the future, the Com-
                                    Shop would like to offer you a special promo- privately ownedfinance and publishes a in Fargo, ND. estate finance and real estate tax
                                                                                        real estate CE Shop in helping develop a on real
 start of the class.
cancellation isreceived at
    start of the received
cancellationisclass.                  Incorporated in 2005, the                                 the and headquartered newsletter commercial online course curriculum.
                                      mercial Education2005, CE Shop isworking withowned and headquartered
                                                            Committee will be
                                          on your online in                                                                       an active ND.
                                    tionIncorporated continuingthe CE Shop is privatelycalled “Mortgage Note$.” Jeff is in Fargo,real estate investor and currently owns ap-
                                                                   education            laws
at least 24 hours prior to
 All CBR classes & to the
least 24 hours priorevents    for the month of May. In honor of Mother’s         proximately $3 million dollars worth of residential properties. Jeff Elias provides tools and
    All CBR the
the start ofclasses & events
startcancelled if class.
 are of the class.             Incorporatedis is The the CE Shop focus and they are ARELLO/IDECC Certified. The company publishes new courses on
                                Real Estate The CE Shop’s only privately                                             in Fargo, ND.
                              Day, this special in 2005,CE Shop’sthe is focus andowned and headquartered Certified. The company publishes new courses on
                                  Real Estatepromotion gives you only
    are cancelled if Franklin
                                                                                      they to help
                                                                                 strategies are ARELLO/IDECC successful. Topics covered in the seminar:
                                                                                                    education more
                                a regular basis and all courses are approved for continuingyou become by the Ohio Division of Real Estate.
 County issues a Level 2          a regular basis 20 percent off your            • for to help buyers improve their the scores and loan qualifications
                              opportunity to receiveand all courses are approvedHow continuing education by creditOhio Division of Real Estate.
     CBR classes a If CBR
     CBR classes Level
AllCounty issues&&events2
 Snow Emergency.
    Snow Emergency. If CBR
are cancelled if Franklin
events are cancelled if
                               Real Estate you enroll Shop’s only focus and they are ARELLO/IDECC Certified. The company publishes in force
                              purchase whenis The CEin any online CE             • How to overcome lenders’ more stringent underwriting guidelines now new courses on
 cancels a class, tuition
    cancels a class, tuition
Franklin CountyLevel 2
Countyapplied a issues        course taken through thecourse completion, The• CE continuing buyer studentsthe Ohioelectronicof Real Estate.course Certificate
                                Immediately upon course completion, The CE Shop will provide                         with an
                               a regular basis uponall courses are approved for Shop will provide students with anDivision copy fullof the        of the course Certificate
                                  Immediately and CE Shop online                    How to get the education byterms while getting the seller price
                                                                                                                                electronic copy
 will be issues to a future                                    will remain
                                                                                              for minimum of five concessions in you price additional
                                of Completion. Certificates one year to in your accountselleracan advertise “cash” years, shouldlieu of needreductions copies at a
Snow or refundedtoIfaCBR
    will be Snow
a Level 2applied Emer-
 class Emergency. upon
                           future of catalog! Note: You have
                              courseCompletion. Certificates will remain in your account for a minimum of five years, should you need additional copies at a
                                                                                 • How the
    class orclass, tuition
               refunded upon
cancelsIfaCBR cancels a         later time.
                               Immediately work after ordering. Take
                              completetime. upon course completion, The CE Shop will provide students with an electronic copy of the course Certificate
                                  later course                                   • How relatives can act as co-borrowers to help buyers qualify and provide down payments
will be applied to be ap-
class, tuition will a future   of Completion. Certificates will remain           • How to for a minimum financing when buyer’s credit score is too low for
                              advantage of the great savings. Enroll today! in your accountuse VA and FHA of five years, should you need additional copies at a
class to a future class or
plied or refunded upon         laterthe past few years CBR has Enter online continuing education from CBR Web site portal with Hondros College and
                                For visit:                                            continuing loans
                     onlineconventionaleducation from CBR Web site portal with Hondros College and
refunded upon request.
                                  For the past few years CBR has offered
    This brochure provides      continues to offer that option, as well          • How real from investors and real estateof REALTORS® and NAR’s REAL-
                              promotional code MOTHER upon checkout. as, online coursesestate the Ohio Association of REALTORS® and$25,000REAL-            NAR’s yearly
       This brochure provides
   details and descriptions       continues to offer that option, as well as, online courses from the Ohio Association agents can shelter
      details and descriptions For to University.
                              Or and click online from federal education from CBR Web site portal with Hondros College and
                                TOR® past few years CBR has offered                  continuing taxes
  Thisupcoming courses.
     of brochure provides         TOR® University.
        of upcoming courses.
   This brochure provides      continues to offer that option, CE Shop.
                              to online education. Then click The as well as, online courses from the Ohio Associationmonth so they can and NAR’s REAL-
                                                                                 • How to get your clients $50-$500 per of REALTORS® budget a move up
  details and descriptions    Enter theUniversity. code MOTHER upon from CBR’s or – go to “Classes and Events”
   details and descriptions
   ofPlease feel courses.
        upcoming free to        The CEpromotional
                               TOR® CE Shop is already up and running fromhome Web site, home
                                          Shop is already up and running
    ofcopy thisfeel free to
         Please courses.
        upcominglist and          The
                              checkout. Enjoying theEducation.savings                 CBR’s Web site, – go to “Classes and Events”
                                and select Online 20 percent                     • How to provide “annual reviews” to generate listings, move-up sales and vaca-
          copy this list and            select Online Education.
                                  and satisfaction of knowing you are one
                              and the                                               tion home sales.
      post in yourfree to
     Please in your office.
         post feel
      Please feel free to      The CE Shop is already up and running from CBR’s Web site, – go to “Classes and Events”
                              step closer to completing your CE require-
      copy this list and                                                         Who should attend this program? Anyone who desires a substantial increase in com-
      copy this list and       and It’s easy! This Education.
                              ment! select Onlinepromotion expires May
    post in your office.
     post in your office.
                                                                                 mission income. Can you afford to miss this info packed session? Only $25 for four
                              31, 2010!                               call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka information.
                                                                                 hours of CE         and
             Register online oror call (614) 475-4000 creditask a course packed with(x246) oror Lucy Buzzee (x240)
              Registerotherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®,Karen Sobotka (x246) Lucy OH 43219
                        online                                        and       for
                                                                                                               2700 Airport Drive, Columbus,
                                                                                                                                                    Buzzee (x240)
                  Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
             Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240) Classes
                                                                                            November 2009 Issue -- Columbus board of realtors® ®Education
                Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, board of realtors Education Classes
                                                                                               November 2009 Issue -- Columbus Columbus, OH 43219

                                                                                                 November 2009 Issue -- Columbus board of realtors® Education Classes
                                                                                          • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •          
Education Classes
Education Classes
MAY                                                                                  DECEMBER at noon. No lunches may be consumed after the program
                                                                                        gram will begin
                                                                                           starts. Participants must arrive by 11:30 a.m. and no one will be admitted
5 Commercial Civil How They Help
6 NEW! Inspections:Rights Course the Real                                            DECEMBER starts. the Information Age (civil
                                                                                          after the program
                                                                                     1 Fair Housing for
  9:00 a.m. to noon. 3 credit hours
  NEW! Agent and How They Help the Real
5 EstateInspections: Elizabeth Watters, attorneys (Chester,
  Instructors: Jim Maniace
     9:00 a.m.Saxbe) • 3 hours of CE credit                                          1 rights) to noon • for the Information Age (civil
                                                                                        Fair Housing 3 credit hrs.
     Wilcox & to noon                                                                   9:00 a.m.
     Estate Agent$40 day(Criterium-Liszkay Engineers)
     Instructor: Art Wickerham
     $30 if paid by 5/05;           of class
                                                                                          C/I Lunch: Swartz ABR, CRS, GRI (Buyers & Sellers Realty/
                                                                                      7 Instructor: DennisIncentives – Reducing the Cost of
                    non-members) paid credit
     $30 ($40 for noon • 3 hoursifof CEby 11/04; $40 ($50 for non-mem-
     9:00 a.m. course taught b Jim Maniace, attorney with Chester, Wilcox &               Real
                                                                                        9:00 a.m. to noon Development Through Traditional
                                                                                        GMAC) Estate • 3 credit hrs.
           This to
     Instructor:of class state of(Criterium-Liszkay Engineers)
     bers) day Art Wickerham                                                            Instructor:for non-members) if paid by GRI (Buyers & Sellers Realty/
                                                                                        $30 ($40 Dennis Swartz ABR, CRS, 11/30; $40 ($50 for non-
     Saxbe satisfies the
           The for non-members) if how torights courseinspection, but
                                   Ohio’s civil perform an requirement. This
     $30 ($40 class does not teachpaid by 11/04; $40 ($50 for non-mem-
                                                                                          and Green Incentives (one credit hour)
                                                                                        GMAC) day of class
                geared for the real estate agent who transacts inspections
     course is what’s included along with when and why thecommercial are
     explains of class                                                                   This 3-hour CE course satisfies 11/30; rights 1:00 p.m.
                                                                                     11:30 a.m. (boxed lunch served); Program - Noon torequirement.
     bers) day                                                                     $30 ($40 for non-members) if paid bythe civil$40 ($50 for non- The
     real estate. Topics REALTORS® have had home inspections done
     used. While most include: Constitutional underpinning to fair housing
           The class does not teach how to perform an inspection, but
                                                                                     Presenters: Mark Blawas (Tax Senior Manager, Ernst & Young) and
                                                                                   course focuses on the
                                                                                   members) day of classhistory of fair housing and recent changes,
     laws, useful familiar with typical problems, the first the inspections are
     explains be definitions common to all fair housing laws, overview of the
     and may what’s included along with when and why portion of the class                This Brook construction, making rental
                                                                                     Dominickin new (Tax Senior, Ernst & Young) units requirement. The
                                                                                   guidelines3-hour CE course satisfies the civil rights handicap
     used. While Act, advertising andfound. had home inspectionslearn in
     Fair Housing most REALTORS® have Participants will also done
     discusses the top ten problems enforcement, the Fair Housing Act              course focuses on the2:00 p.m. Junehousing and recent changes,
                                                                                     $20 must selective history of fair 6
                                                                                   accessible, be paid byuse of advertising, blogs and content, web
     and maymanagement. Case studiesHouse Bill 135 for condominium
     property requirements typical in and ADA issues will be of the class
     about thebe familiar withincludedproblems, the first portion discussed.       advertising, web units handicap and
                                                                                     Register in new construction, making rental or how to avoid,
                                                                                   guidelines online: sites and content violations andphone Karen Sobotka,
     discusses the top ten problems found. Participants Reserve Funds.
     associations dealing with adequately funding of theirwill also learn            (614) 475-4000 x 246.
                                                                                   recent case selectiveaboutof advertising,fair housing.
                                                                                   accessible, studies use the web and blogs and content, web
     In addition, the purpose and use of a Property Condition Assessment
     about the requirements included in House Bill 135 for condominium                      You Swartz has been a this informative and timely topic and
                                                                                         Dennis web sites join content violations since 1988, an instructor
                                                                                   advertising,will want to and us for REALTOR® and how to avoid, given by
11   Web Strategies adequately Estate Agents
     associations dealing withfor Real funding inspections are available
     (PCA) will be discussed. Knowing what type of their Reserve Funds.               Hondros studies about currently an Mark Blawas
                                                                                   recent caseCollege from is the & Young. adjunct instructor cover traditional
                                                                                   attwo tax managers and Ernst web and fair housing. will at Columbus
     9:00 a.m. tonoon 3 hours of CE credit allow Condition Assessment
     and whento the purpose and use of a PropertyREALTORS® to better
     In addition, recommend each type will                                           incentives, Swartz has been well as, a National Instructor for Better
                                                                                   StateDennis business implications on going green and Ohio climate change
                                                                                          Community College, as a REALTOR® since 1988, an instructor
     Larry Schottenstein (REALTOR® with to type inspections are available
     advise their clients of what they needRevealty)
     (PCA) will be discussed. Knowing what examine before selecting and            atand sustainability incentives. Dominickadjunctwill cover Federal climate
                                                                                   Homes and College and is currently an Brook instructor at Columbus
                                                                                      Hondros Gardens Real Estate.
     purchasing non-members) if paid by 5/10; $40 ($50 for non-members)
     $30 when to home.
     and ($40 forarecommend each type will allow REALTORS® to better                 change and sustainability as well as, a National Instructor LEED build-
                                                                                   State Community College, incentives and local incentives for for Better
     day of their
     adviseclass clients of what they need to examine before selecting and         HomesBecauseRealrulesEstate.(required) Ohio Division of Real
                                                                                     ings. and Gardens Real and regulations from
                                                                                8 Ethics for of thecontinuing education coursethe a meal function,
11         Over home.
     Servingathe Senior are using have a strategy on how to use
     purchasing80% of consumersMarketthe Internet during their home
                                                  – Reverse                          Estate prohibiting requirement, as well as, the mandated quadrennial
                                                                                   (Satisfies the Ohio a                                  during
     purchase. Most real estate agents don’t                                                                            before the program
                                                                                     the boxed lunch will be serveddue 12/31/2012) at 11:30 a.m. The pro-
     Mortgages Senior Market This course will cover how to                         Ethics for Real Estate (required)
                                                                                8 ethics requirement noon.NAR,lunches may be consumed after the program
11   the Internet thetheir            business.
     Servinginnoon real estate of Internet– how toTurner, your current
     9:00 a.m.for new business on theCE credit •Reverse Reverse
     prospect to           • 3 hours              and Keith support
                                                                                     gram will begin at           No
                                                                                   (Satisfies thenoon requirement, as well as, the mandated quadrennial
                                                                                   9:00 a.m. to Ohio 3 credit hours (ethics)
                                                                                     starts. Participants must arrive by 11:30 with Chuck Warner &
                                                                                   Instructor: Belinda Ohlinger (REALTOR®a.m. and no one will be admitted
                                                                                   ethics requirement from NAR, due 12/31/2012)
     Mortgagesyour web sites. AfterHome Mortgage)
     Mortgage Consultant (Wells Fargo completing this course, you should
     client base with                                                                after the program 3 credit
                                                                                   Associates, noon starts. hours (ethics)
                                                                                   9:00 a.m. to and CBR’s 2002 Instructor of the Year)
     $30 ($40 for noon an3 hoursifof CEby 11/10; $40use the Internet in your
     be able to develop • effective paid credit • Keith Turner, Reverse
     9:00 a.m. to non-members) strategy on how to ($50 for non-                    $30 ($40 for non-members) (REALTOR® with Chuck Warner &
                                                                                   Instructor: Belinda Ohlinger if paid by 12/07; $40 ($50 for non-
     Mortgage learn of class • of waysis Home Mortgage)leads from web
     members)Consultant (Wells Fargo limited purchase 50 paid
     business; day the variety Space one can to the first                            At Home With
                                                                                 11Associates,day ofCBR’sDiversity Certification Course
                                                                                   members) and class 2002 Instructor of the Year)
     participants understand the hurdles of getting new businessnon- the
     $30 ($40 for non-members) if paid by 11/10; $40 ($50 for using
     companies;                                                                       (six hours of CE designed paid by therights Canons of Ethics
                                                                                         This course is credit; Satisfies civil Ohio requirement)
                                                                                   $30 ($40 for non-members) ifto cover 12/07; $40 ($50 for non- and
     Internet; learn howclass • goal to issite long, satisfying life in activities
           Isn’t most to use Space limited to the first business
     members)itday ofpeople’syour weblive ato support your 50 paid the
     place where to getting new comfortable? If use the Internet and web
                                                                                     [Ohio Realtist of class
                                                                                   members) day Association’s 61st Annual State Conference]
                                                                                   the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and is geared
     participants they feel most business; how to someone is 62 years
     as compared                                                                     8:30for course is who transactson your ownreal estate. a.m. to 1:00 p.m.)
                                                                                           a.m. to 4:00 designed to residential from 11:30 Ethics and
                                                                                   moreThisthe agentp.m. (Lunch iscover the Ohio Canons ofCase studies
     or older, aitgovernment-backed to live a long, satisfyinghelp in the
           to position yourself in goal reverse mortgage can life them
     sites Isn’t most people’s the market; review practical strategies for         the the Residential REALTOR® will be North to identifyAve., Columbus,
                                                                                     Columbus Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics and and
                                                                                   for NationalAirport Marriott Hotel, 1375 used Cassady ethical is geared
     place where they and how thetheir legacy and promoteis 62 years
     manage expenses, preserve                                   their peace
     guerilla marketing feel most comfortable? If someone more!
                                        web can support that; plus                 more for behavior who transacts residential real estate. Case studies
                                                                                   unethicalthe agent and to determine which articles of the state Canon
     of older, And now,
     or mind. ainstructor, with the latest FHA changes, REALTORS® can
                                                 mortgage can help them
                  government-backed reverse is President of Revealty, the
     help theirexpenses, Larry Schottenstein, to finance a NEW HOME
           The                                                                     of$50 for and members who of will be used tothe Ohio Realtistand
                                                                                   forEthics CBRthe NAR Code areEthics are being violated. Discussion
                                                                                       the Residential REALTOR® not attending identify ethical Association
                            preserve mortgages
     manage clients use reverse their legacy and promote their peace
     largest firm in Central Ohio that exclusively the history homebuyers. Larry
                                                   represents and the basics         State Conference the to determine which articles of the state Canon
                                                                                   will revolve around (registration and payment must be received by June
                                                                                   unethical behavior and grievance process and understanding how 4)
     PURCHASE. In this class, latest FHA changes, REALTORS® can
     of mind. And now, with the you will learn                                     complaints are evaluated. The Ethics are being violated. mediation,
     also has been an instructorwell realthe latest legislative changes. years
     of reverse mortgages, as      for as estate agents for the past four This        Ethics is limited to the first of process of arbitration and Discussion
                                                                                   ofSeatingand the NAR Code 20 paid registrants
     help their clients use reverse mortgages to finance a NEW HOME                as revolve Columbus the possibleprocess and proud to be one of the
     seminar authoredthis instructionalstudies, exercises and discussion on
                                                                                            as, around the grievance penalties is ethic violations will
                                                                                   willwellThe identifying Board of REALTORS® forunderstanding how be
     and has will allow time for you book to the history to new basics
     PURCHASE. In an class,case will learnbe marketedand the agents and            covered, also. evaluated. will include steps an agent might take when
     people use reverse mortgages.
     of reverse mortgages, as estate career.
     how to interested in a real well as the latest legislative changes. This        sponsors are Discussion The process REALTORS®’ certification
                                                                                   complaints for the National Association of of arbitration and mediation,
                                                                                   faced with an ethical dilemma.
                                                                                     program identifying the possible penalties for ethic violations will be
                                                                                   as well as,At Home with Diversity, being held in conjunction with the Ohio
     seminar will allow time for case studies, exercises and discussion on
                                                                                     Realtist Association’s Annual include steps an agent might at the Co-
                                                                                   covered, also. Discussion willState Conference (June 10-12) take when
18   Commercial mortgages.
     how to use reverseCore Law Course
13   C/I Lunch: “Legends” in Commercial Real                                       faced with an ethical dilemma. This program, taught by Edward Sanchez,
                                                                                     lumbus Airport Marriott Hotel.
                   (featuring Frank Kass)
     EstateKarl Schneider (Attorney, Maguire & Schneider LLP)
     9:00 a.m. to noon • 3 credit hrs. (fulfills core law CE requirement)            Columbus REALTOR® and an approved NAR At Home with Diversity
18   Commercial Core Law Course Program - Noon to 1:00
     1 credit hour 11:30 a.m. (boxed lunch served);                                  instructor, is an award-winning certification course that will empower
     9:00 a.m. to non-members) paid by 11/17; law CE for non-
     $30 ($40 for noon • 3 creditifhrs. (fulfills core$40 ($50requirement)
     p.m.                                                                            real estate professionals to reach out and serve the increasingly diverse
     members) day of class
     Instructor Karl Schneider (Attorney, Continental Schneider LLP)
     Presenter: Frank Kass (Chairman of Maguire & Real Estate Companies)             population. It is an educational experience designed to present a picture
            This current legal issues paid by 11/17; will ($50 on real
                     non-members) if update
     $30 must for paid by 2:00 p.m. May 12 course $40 focusfor non- estate
     $20 ($40 be due diligence issues; common pitfalls of real estate                of the changing face of the real estate industry. More importantly, the
     license law; of class
     members) day or phone Karen Sobotka,
     Register online: to better manage risk of litigation exposure,
     licensees current legal issues update course will focus on real estate          course teaches how real estate professionals can increase their sensitivity
            This and how
     614-475-4000 x 246. proceedings; and procuring cause as they                    and adaptability to future market trends. This training provides partici-
     liability, and due diligence
     license law; disciplinary issues; common pitfalls of real estate
              to C/I Education Committee has established an annual luncheon
     relateThecommercial real estate. Recent of litigation exposure,
     licensees and how to better manage risk       case studies and updates          pants with tools to build diversity into their business plans to best serve a
                 devoted as a legendarycourse satisfies the Ohioreal as they
                         to well. This figure and commercial Division of
     meetingand disciplinary proceedings;in theprocuring cause estate field
     will be
     liability,featured,                                                             dynamic and growing market. In addition to receiving an At Home With
     in Central Ohio. The second “Legends” luncheon will feature Frank Kass,
     Real to commercial real estate. Recent case include a 3-hour core
     relateEstate’s requirement for each licensee to studies and updates             Diversity Certificate of completion, six hours of Ohio continuing education
     whocourse in theas well. Learned in Commercial Real Estate.” You
           will discuss 30 hours of course satisfies the credit every of
     law be featured, “Lessons Thiscontinuing educationOhio Divisionthree
     will                                                                            credit will be awarded, which satisfies the state of Ohio’s requirement for
     Real Estate’smiss this special opportunity to hear the legendary, Frank
     years.want to requirement for each licensee to include a 3-hour core            three hours of civil rights education every three years. The entire six hours
     law course in the 30 hours of continuing education credit every three           of class time must be attended in order to receive the certificate of comple-
     years. Because of the rules and regulations from the Ohio Division of Real      tion as well as the civil rights continuing education credit. To register for
     Estate prohibiting a continuing education course during a meal function,        the At Home With Diversity Certification Course, you may register and pay
             Register online a.m. (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or by phone with Karen Sobotka at
     the boxed lunch will be served before the program at 11:30or callThe pro-       online at or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
          Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
  Education Classes Columbus board of realtors® -- November 2009 issue
                Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
 Education Classes
0 • May/June 2010 •Columbus board of realtors -- November 2009 issue
                     In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                                              Education Classes
 NEW! 475-4000 ext. 246. For information on attending the Ohio Realtist
    (614) Major upgrade to Realist! Realist Training
                                                                                                              Education Classes
    State Conference, contact Jennifer Rodgers at (330) 472-7028 or Jennifer.                                             NEW!
 (being Major upgradeor Christina BurchRealist Training
NEW! offered for two days, only!) at (330) 962-3902 or christi- to Realist!
 Come to CBR and learn the many new features in Realist (a tax and                 Tempo FOCUS: Real Estate Data Accuracy                                                                                                  NEW!
 public records system two days, only!)
(being offered fordesigned for Multiple Listing Services and their mem-            May 26 – 2 p.m. (1 hour of CE credit)
14 Facingand two classes being offered on twofor Beginnersand
 bers). CBR Facebook: Social Media days, December
Come toThere are learn the many new features in Realist (a tax and9                 FOCUS: Map Search Class
                                                                                   June 23 (10-11a) (1 Nov. 17 CE credit)• Dec. 16 (2-3p)
                                                                                       Nov. 5 – 2 p.m. • hour of (11a-12p)
  10. 10:00 a.m.comprehensive 2-hour class willbring your own!) (no CE mem-
        records – 12:30 p.m. (Brown Multiple – cover all Realist their credit)
public The full, system designed for bag lunchListing Services andfunctionality
  including the new features. being offered on twoMedia Coordinator)9 and
bers). There are two classes The(CBR, Interactiveintended for members who
                                                                                           Worried Map Search Class
                                                                                     FOCUS: about MLS a creditThis “Real Estate Data Accuracy” class
                                                                                       1 credit hour • $10 -- fines? card is required to reserve your
      Facilitator: Becky Haltermon 1-hour class is days, December                    Nov. 5 (10-11a) •you understand the fines process and
                                                                                       designed to help Nov. or (11a-12p) • Dec. 16 (2-3p)
                                                                                   is place in class (whether 17 not you want CE credit) avoid fineable
  are Free! comprehensive 2-hour will cover only all new features that
10. The full,familiar with Realist andclass will cover theRealist functionality
including the new features.classes will be media fray?mainfor members who
  were recently added.dived into the social heldis intended classroom and will       1 credit on MLS listings. The card is required encourage more
                                                                                   violationshour • $10 -- a creditultimate goal is to to reserve your
            Haven’t yet All The 1-hour class in the Unsure about the                             Unsure This Map you taught by Matt Geocode?
                                                                                   accurate MLS data.about or notSearch? Polygons? Warren (Senior
                                                                                     place in class (whether new class, want CE credit)
  be demonstration with Realist and will cover only theyou may bring that
are already of socialclasses (not hands-on). However, to Facebook, Twitter
      basics familiar media? Join us for an introduction new features
were recently added.the class. Note: be held ina limited number of outlets in
  laptop computer to All classes will there are the main classroom and will                               Then this new class is for YOU!
                                                                                   Trainer) and assisted by Heather Martinsen (MLS Fines Assessment
      and LinkedIn taught by CBR’s own Interactive Media Coordinator: Becky                     Unsure about Map Search? Polygons? Geocode?
  the classroom. classes (not hands-on). However, you may bring your
be demonstrationCourse descriptions:                                               Coordinator), will provide a detailed overview of MLS violations that are
      Haltermon. You’ll learn how to set up these accounts, connect with friends
laptop computer to the class. Note: there are a limited number of outlets in                             Then this not comfortable with
                                                                                       CBR Tempo users who arenew class is for YOU! polygon searching
                                                                                       or re-geocoding their MLS properties are about of the fine and
                                                                                   fineable offenses, how fines are assessed, paymentto have a new the
  Comprehensive Realist Training settingsClass (2-hours of CE credit):
      and colleagues and change the
the classroom. Course descriptions: - Full so that your professional connec-       process to appeal a fine. are not comfortable with level withsearching
  Understanding howbut use Realist -- life remains, ahem, personal! Tempo,
      tions are strong to your personal (Connecting to Realist from The class        CBR Tempo users who Beginning January 1, 2010 any member who
                                                                                       learning opportunity. “Jump start” your comfort polygon a class
      will be at CBR on June 14 from Full Class (2-hours Help Pages; Ad-
  Homepage, Navigation, Training 10:00 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. Bring a brown
Comprehensive Realist Frequently- Asked Questions and of CE credit):                   that focuses on mapping an geocode issues take this new
                                                                                     or re-geocoding – a MLS properties are about to the MLS. This
                                                                                   incurs – and pays theirfine forand MLS violation canon have aclass (within
  dress, Street, Owner Name, but please note that to Realistoutlets are limited.
Understanding and your laptopAPN,--General Query, Foreclosure &Tempo,
      bag lunch how to use Realist (Connecting electrical from Polygon                 new class receive refund of their fine up to $100 by demystify
                                                                                     learning opportunity.offered start” your to explain andmail class the
                                                                                   90 days) andis being a“Jump specificallycomfort level with a(one time
Homepage,will beCompset aside Neighborhoodand questions. Pages; Ad-
        Searches; time Frequently Asked Questions Assessor
  MapThere Navigation,Report, for discussion Profile,and Help Maps,                    map search and geocode process. It issues on the credit This
                                                                                   only).focuses onoffers one and geocodewill offer a 1-hour hands- if
                                                                                     that The class mapping hour of continuing education MLS. ($10
  Neighbor Search)
dress, Street, Owner Name, APN, General Query, Foreclosure & Polygon                   on class desired). The class is held in the CBR and search by
                                                                                     new and is is being offered will teach members how todemystify the
                                                                                   CE credit lecture class that specifically to explain Computer Lab. (It
Map Searches; CE credit (a credit card is required Assessor Maps, place
  Cost: $20 for Comp Report, Neighborhood Profile, to reserve your                     not search CBR Tempo process. well class to use attended
                                                                                     map a “hands-on”geocodeThe full one-houroffer a must bethe map for
                                                                                   is polygons inand class). maps, as It willas how 1-hour hands-
  in OAR’s Industry Update Seminar
28 class,Search) or not you want CE credit) 2010
Neighbor whether                                                                       tool in Add/Edit to relocate teach members listing search by
                                                                                     on and lecture class that will(re-geocode) the how toproperty’s map
                                                                                   CE and/or refund eligibility.maps, as well 30 minutesusequestions and
      (The for Estate Market, Industry Trends, Legislation and Legal Cases
Cost: $20RealCE credit (a credit card is required to reserve your place              polygons in CBR Tempo An additional as how to for the map
                                                                                     tool in Add/Edit to relocate (re-geocode) class time. Reservations
                                                                                   answers will immediately follow the regular the listing property’s map
  December 9 –You and 11:00 want CE
      That Affect 9:00 not you a.m.
in class, whether or to Your Business) credit)
  December 10 –12:15 to 4:30 credit hours (Satisfies core law requirement)
                                                                                   and payment to secure your place in the class can be made on CBR’s
      9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 3 p.m.
December 9 – 9:00 to 11:00 a.m. J.D. (OAR, CEO), Peg Ritenour, J.D. (OAR,
      Instructors: Robert E. Fletcher,                                             website, or by contacting Karen Sobotka,
December 10 Services) and Lorie Garland, Only(OAR, Assistant VP Legal
  RealistLegal – 2:30 to 4:30 p.m.
      VP Training Class – New Features J.D. (1 hour of CE credit):                 614-475-4000 x 246. You will not be considered registered for the class,
  Understanding how to use Realist – (Basic Realist overview; Foreclosures,
      Services)                                                                    unless you give your credit card information. For cancellation prior to the
Realist Training Class – Airport Dr., Columbus, Functionality) credit):
  Advanced, Polygon Mapping & ReverseOnly OHhour of CE
      Location: CBR, 2700 New Features Link (1 43219                               class date, contact Karen Sobotka (614-475-4000 x 246).          NEW!
  Cost: $10 for CE to Member by June 14); required June 14 your place
      $59 (REALTOR® use Realist (Basic $69 after to reserve
Understanding howcredit (a credit–card is Realist overview; Foreclosures,
Advanced,whether or or by phone at (614) 228-6675
  in class, Polygon Mapping & want CE Link Functionality)
      Register with OAR at you Reverse credit)                                       MLS Policy Violation Class                                   NEW!
Cost: $10ThisCE credit (a CBR Membership Headquarters, 2700 Airport
             for class held at credit card is required to reserve your place         (No CE credit available)
in class, whether orthea.m. towant CE Appraisal Management Companies,
  December 9 – 11:30 following topics: credit)
      Drive, will cover not you 12:30 p.m.                                         MLS Policy Violation Class
                                                                             (No CE November 4 (2:00 to 4:00 p.m.) New MLS Class!
                                                                                     • credit available)
      Regulation; 2:00 to 3:00 p.m. of Private Transfer Fee Covenants; Mort-
                    Statutory Prohibition
      gage 9 – 11:30to 4:30 12:30 p.m.
DecemberForeclosure a.m. top.m.State Budget Implications; Taxation; Federal
                    3:30 Legislation;                                                • December 2 (10:00 the Right Search
                                                                           FOCUS: Choosingto Noon)
                                                                                    • November 4 (2:00 to 4:00 p.m.)
                  2:00 to 3:00 p.m.
      Housing Administration Programs, Reforms; REALTORS® Property         June 2 – 2 p.m. (1 hour of CE credit)
                   – 9:00 4:30 p.m.
  December 103:30 to to 10:00 a.m.                                             This• new class being taught by Heather Martinsen (MLS, Fines
                                                                                      December 2 (10:00 to Noon)
      Resource; RESPA; Short Sales; REO Issues; Foreclosure (Tenant Rights)    Assessment card is required to reserve your place in class
                                                                           $10 – a credit Coordinator) gives a detailed overview of all potential
                    10:30 to 11:30 a.m.
      and Legal Case Updates. Contact OAR for more information.
December 10 – 1:00 to 2:00 p.m.
                    9:00 to 10:00 a.m.                                         MLS violations that taught credit)
                                                                             This new class you want CEby offenses, as well as how Fines
                                                                           (whether or not beingare finable Heather Martinsen (MLS, the fines
                  10:30 to 11:30 a.m.                                               assessed and the the Right appeal fine and/or payment one
                                                                               are“FOCUS: Choosingprocess aSearch” isoverview in a potential
                                                                             Assessment Coordinator) gives to detaileda the latestof allseries ofof
                  1:00 to 2:00 p.m.                                            the violations that are finable offenses, as well if how the fines
                                                                             MLS fine.
                                                                           hour MLS “FOCUS” classes. Questions like “What asmy client wants to
                                                                     NEW!    are assessed and the workplace” or “they want and/or this subdivi-
                                                                           live within a mile of their process to appeal a fine to live inpayment of
                                                                             the butcompletion of the class, any licensed answered. The diverse
                                                                           sion,fine.not too close to the power plant” will beagent who attends
  FOCUS: Map Search Class                                                      the class will receive
                                                                                                         in the MLS a first daunting to after the date
                                                                           search options availablea waiver of can befine incurrednew and old.
  May 13 (2-3p) • May 20 (10-11a)                                              of attendance of the class (one waiver per agent, up attends
                                                                             Upon completion of the class, any licensed agent whoto $100 fine
  June 1 (10-11a) • June 10 (2-3p)                                           the class will receive a of search helps fine incurred after the date
                                                                           Choosing the “right” type waiver of a first the agent get accurate results
  1 credit hour • $10 – a credit card is required to reserve your place in quickly and efficiently. This class will explore the connection between the
                                                                             of attendance of the class (one waiver per agent, up to $100 fine
  class (whether or not you want CE credit)              WINNER!             assessment). designed for 12 students needs and in the computer
                                                                           words spoken by the client regarding theirand is held the actual database
                                                                               The class is
                                                                               lab. conducted by the agent. Suggestions for best results
                                                                           search Some hands-on exercises will be a part of the class.and poten-
         Unsure about Map Search? Polygons? Geocode? Then this new
      Congratulations to Brian Abrass of Century 21 Joe Walker
                                                                             The class some types of 12 students be is held in as computer
                                                                           tial pitfalls ofis designed for searches willandhighlightedthe well. This class
  class is for YOU! CBR Tempo users who are not comfortable with
      & Associates for being selected to win a FREE CBR Educa-
                                                                               There is no hour and education be April of demonstration only
                                                                             lab. Some hands-on exercises willcredit for as a class. However, a
                                                                           will run for onecontinuingwill be offered in a partthis the class.
  polygon searching or re-geocoding their MLS properties are about to
    Congratulations to Brian Abrass of Century 21October course
      tional class. Brian’s name was drawn from the Joe Walker
                                                                               credit card in the amount of $10 is class will be offered your seat in
                                                                           class, not available for CE credit. The required to reserve for 1 hour of
  have a new learning opportunity. “Jump start” your comfort level the a
                                                                     with      the class. continuing education credit for this class. to the class
                                                                             There is noIf you do not cancel your reservation prior However, a
    &evaluations. Attend a CBR classto win a FREEand fillEduca-
        Associates for being selected in November CBR out                      date, your credit from 10:00 charged.
                                                                           CE credit on May 6,card will be to 11:00 a.m. Reservations and payment
  class that focuses on mapping anddrawn from the October course             credit card in the amount of $10 is required to reserve your seat in
      evaluation Brian’s that you have a chance to on a MLS. This
    tional class. form so name was geocode issues wintheFREE CBR             the class. If you do not cancel can reservation prior to the class
                                                                           to secure your place in the class yourbe made on CBR’s website, www.
    evaluations. Attend a CBR class in November and fill out the
  new class is being offered specifically to explain and demystify the map
      Educational class!                                                                 Class size is or be charged.
                                                                           ColumbusRealtors.comwillby contacting Karen Sobotka, 614-475-4000
                                                                             date, your credit card limited. Make your reservation, today.
    evaluation form so that you will a chance to win a FREE lecture
  search and geocode process. Ithaveoffer a 1-hour hands-on andCBR
  class that will teach members how to search by polygons in CBR Tempo     x 246. You will not be considered registered for the class, unless you
    Educational class!                                                                  credit card information. For your reservation, today.
                                                                           give yourClass size is limited. Make cancellation prior to the class date,
  maps, as well as how to use the map tool in Add/Edit to relocate (re-
  geocode) the listing property’s map location.                            contact Karen Sobotka (614-475-4000 x 246).
             Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                 Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
          Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) orof realtors® Education Classes
                                                                           November 2009 Issue -- Columbus board
                                                                                                                 Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
                                                                                    November 2009 Issue -- Columbus board of realtors® Education Classes
                                                                             • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •      
Education Classes
  Education Classes
Education Classes
Education Classes
Tempo™ Wireless $10$10 1 1 credit hr.
Focus: Tempo™ Wirelesscredit hr. • 1 credit hour
      Tempo™ Wireless • • $10
      Nov. 9-10am
May 20 •• 17 • 9-10am
Nov. 17 2-3p
Tempo™ • Wireless •Using CBR hr.
Tempo™Wireless $10$10 creditcreditTEMPO™ Wireless on a
      Dec. 8 10-11am
Dec. 8 • covered will include: 1 • 1 hr.
  Topics 10-11am
Nov. 17 • •9-10am will include: Using CBR TEMPO™ Wireless on a handheld
 TopicsTopics covered
Nov.17covered will include: Using CBR TEMPO™ Wireless on a handheld
Dec.88device to Quick Search, MLS # MLSRoster Search, and contrasting
Dec. •to10-11am to
               device                               Search, Roster contrasting
handheld 10-11am Quick Search,Search,#Roster Search, andSearch, and
 device • Quick Search, MLS # Search,
Topics covered willfeatures of Tempo Wireless eKey Supra on a Pro.
         the features include: Using CBR TEMPO™ WirelessPro.a handheld
                                              Supra and on
contrasting thewillof Tempo Wireless andTEMPO™ WirelesseKeyhandheld
                         include: Using CBR
Topics covered Tempo Wireless and Supra eKey Pro.
 the features ofSearch, MLS # Search, Roster Search, and contrasting
    Students should haveMLSa#basic familiarity with a Palm OS handheld,
device to Students should havebasic familiarity with a Palm OS handheld,
           to Quick Search, aabasic or other cellPro. or smart contrasting
     Studentsofshould Wireless andSearch, Roster a Palm andhandheld,
deviceWindows Mobile, Blackberry,Supra eKey withSearch, OSphone with
the features Tempo                      familiarity phone
 Windows should Blackberry, or other cell Palm or
               Mobile, data Wireless other cell of Internet navigation
                        Blackberry,or knowledge phone or smart phone
Windowsunlimitedhave a basic familiarity with phone Pro.handheld, and with
the features of Tempo plan, basicand SupraaeKey OSsmart phone with
Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or knowledge ofwith amust have an HTML
 an unlimited datathehavebasic knowledgedevices Palm OS handheld,
                           real a basic cell phone Internet navigation
anStudents shouldplan, basicotherfamiliarityof Internet navigation and
     unlimited data plan, estate industry. All or smart phone with and
an unlimited the real estateindustry. ofcellTempo must have an HTML
 understand the real basic compatible Alldevices or smart
                                                   phone must and
Windows Mobile, Blackberry, or otherwithdevicesWireless. phone with
understanddata plan, estateknowledge AllInternet navigationhave an HTML
         browser in order to be industry.
understand the real plan, basic knowledge of Internet navigation and
an unlimited data to be compatible with Tempo™Wireless.
             in order You industry. All for Tempo Wireless
 browser Required:estatecompatibledevices must have an HTML
browserinin order to be must registerwithTempo Wireless. at wireless.                   CBR TempoTM 5 Classes
understand theto be estate industry. All devices must haveat wireless.
browser order real compatible withfor priorWireless.
     Required: You must register Tempo to attending the class. This Tempo™ Wireless an HTML                          CBR TEMPO™ 5 Classes
                                                                                           CBRTschopp, MLS Technical Support/Asst. Trainer
                                                                                        Instructors TempoTM 5 Classes
                                                                                                    Matt Warren, CBR Systems Analyst
    Required: You must registerwith Tempo™ at wireless. wireless.
         site order to be compatible for to attending the at
browser inwill get mustregisteredfor Tempo™ WirelessWirelessfor the This CBR TempoTM 5 Classes CBR Systems Analyst or Jason Tschopp, MLS
    Required: You you register for priorTempo Wireless.™ Wirelessonly, notclass.                                Jason
                                                                                        or Instructors Matt Warren, CBR Systems Analyst
                                                                                        Instructors Matt Warren, prior to attendingnotat class. This prior toTempo™ Wireless This      the
    Required: Wireless register for attending the class. wireless. Instructors Matt hours • CBR(if 5 Classes
 site will get You mustclass.                                                             CBR MLS firstTM CE isregistrants Support/Asst. Trainer
site will getWireless class. Tempo™ Wirelessattending thenot for the or Jason Tschopp, Tempo 15MLS Technical Trainer
                                                                                        3 credit Warren, $30 Systems Analyst
                                                    only, only,
site will get you registered for Tempo™ Wirelessnotonly, for the                        Technical Support/Asst. Trainer desired)
               you registered for for Tempo™ Wireless for the
                 you registered                                                            or Jason Tschopp, paid
                                                                                        Space limited toTechnical Support/Asst. prior to
 Tempo™                                                            class. This          3 Instructors Matt$30 (if CECBR desired)
Tempo™ Wireless class.                                                                     credit hours • desired)
                                                                                           3 credit hours Warren, is desired) Space limited to first 15 paid
                                                                               3 credit hours • $30 (if CE•is$30 (if CE is Systems Analyst
Tempo™ Wireless class. for Tempo™ Wireless only, not for the
site will get you registered                                                            registrants 15 paid first 15 paid registrants
                                                                                          or Jason
                                                                               Space limited to firstTschopp, MLS Technical Support/Asst. Trainer
                                                                                           Space limited to registrants
Tempo™ Wireless class.$20 • 2 credit hrs                                                  3 credit hours • $30 (if CE is desired)
         Nov. 12 • 2-4p$20$20 •creditcredit hours record service that $20 credit full featured,web-based public
         Realist is a         • 2 • 22 hrs hrs                                            Space
                                                                                                    Tempo™ 5 registrants
                                                                                          CBRlimited to first 15 paidClasses
Nov. 12 2-4p
June12 • •• 2-4pour CBR Tempo system with public record features,
 Nov. 22 2-3p
         integrates featured,and transactionpublic record service that CBR November 2009 Classes
               is featured,web-based public record
    Realist fulla featured,web-basedpublic service that
 Realistisis a fullfull $20 • web-based record CMA reports,
Realist including property data 2 credit hrs histories,service that farming
                                           public                                         CBR TEMPO™ 5 Classes T2
                                                                                             Tempo™ 5
                                                                                             CBR Tempo™ 5 Classes         T1                               T3
integrates parcel Tempo system with and record features,
Nov. 12 •our CBRmaps, streetsystemwithflood maps. Registrations are
         lists, our CBR Tempo system
 integrates     2-4p                 maps,
                                           withpublic record features,
integrates our CBR Tempo                          public reports, farming
including property data and transaction histories, CMArecord features, including  November 2009 Tues T1 9a-Noon T2
                                                                                             May 2010                           T1                 T2
                                                                                                                                                   T3             T3
Realist is property transaction histories, CMA reports, reports, farming
 including a full featured,web-based public record CMA that
property data and data and transaction histories, serviceare
lists, parcel maps, street maps, and flood maps. Registrations farming lists,                CBR Tempo™ 5 T1 9a-Noon T2
                                                                                               November 2009
                                                                                              10Tues Tues                         Classes                        T3
integrates our CBRstreet maps, and flood maps. Registrations are
necessary. maps, Tempo system with public record features,
 lists, parcel                                                                       3          4            9a-Noon 9a-Noon
including property data and transaction foreclosures, reports, farming
parcel maps, street maps, flood maps,histories, CMA distressed sales
 necessary.                                                                                       3
                                                                                    10 19Tues Thur2009
                                                                                                                               9a-Noon             T2 9a-Noon T3
and polygon search functionality. Registrations are necessary.                                 18          Tues                                 9a-Noon
lists, parcel maps, street maps, and flood maps. Registrations are                  19       December 2009
                                                                                                 10         Tues          T1                T2 9a-Noon T3
necessary.                                                                                     27Thur Thurs
                                                                                                  3         Tues             9a-Noon                           9a-Noon
                                                                                  December 2009 Tues T1 9a-Noon T2
                                                                                               1 19
                                                                                             June 2010 Tues
                                                                                                 10         Thur
                                                                                                                                T1 9a-Noon T2      T3
                                                                                                                                               9a-Noon        9a-Noon
                                                                                     1        15Tues Tues2009
                                                                                               December9a-Noon                   T1                T2            T3
                                                                                                319         Thur
                                                                                                          Thurs              9a-Noon                          9a-Noon
                                                                                    15 17Tues Thur                             9a-Noon
                                                                                               15             2009
                                                                                                           Tues                  T1                T2
                                                                                                                                                9a-Noon          T3
                                                                                    17            Thur
                                                                                                 15         Tues                               9a-Noon
                                                                                               171          Tues
                                                                                                          Thurs              9a-Noon
                                                                                        T1 24    17         Thur
                                                                                               Beginner Thurs - Part 1                                        9a-Noon
                                                                                                 15         Tues                               9a-Noon
                                                                                        Prerequisites: Basic familiarity of the internet, how to use a mouse/
                                                                                                            - Part
                                                                               T1 Beginner courseTues 1 of the real estate industry. Topics Covered:
                                                                                               2917         Thur
                                                                                        keyboard, and understanding                                           9a-Noon
                                                                                       Quick Basic familiarity of the Archive Search, Tax mouse/
                                                                              Prerequisites: Search, MLS# Search,internet, how to use a Records, and Add/Edit
     INTRO – COCIE (CDX)                                                                  and
                                                                              keyboard, T1understanding of the real estate industry. Topics Covered:
                                                                                       Listings. Beginner course - Part 1
                                                                              Quick Search, MLS# Search, Archive Search, Tax Records, and Add/Edit a mouse/
INTRO–– COCIE (CDX) Training
INTRO COCIE (CDX)                                                                        Prerequisites: Basic familiarity of the internet, how to use
                                                                                       T1 Beginner course - PartPart 1
                                                                              Listings.T2 Beginner course - Part 1
May 11 • 9a-12p                                                                          T1 Beginner course - 2
                                                                                       keyboard, and understanding of the real estate industry. Topics Covered:
Training 12• 1-4p
     Dec. 8
June 8 • 1-4p
             • 9a-12p                                                                Prerequisites: Basic familiarity of of the Search, Tax to use mouse/keyboard,
                                                                                       Prerequisites: MLS# Search, the internet, how to use a a
                                                                                     Prerequisites: T1 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics and Add/Edit
                                                                              T2 BeginnerSearch,Basic familiarityArchiveinternet, how Records,mouse/
                                                                                        Quick course - Part 2
Nov. 12 • 9a-12p           (CDX)
         3 credit hrs. • if CE is is requested
3 credit 1-4p • $30 $30 if CErequested
          • hrs.
Dec. 8 Instructor Catherine Erney, Xceligent
                                                                                     Covered: Hotsheetunderstanding ofSearch, Prospects, and CMA. Quick Search,
                                                                                       keyboard, and Reports, Custom the real estate industry. Topics
                                                                              Prerequisites: T1 (or equivalent the real estate industry. Topics
                                                                                     and understanding of knowledge and experience). TopicsCovered: Covered:
                                                                                       Quick Search, MLS# Search, Archive Search, Tax
                                                                              Covered: Hotsheet Reports, Custom Search, Prospects, and CMA.Records, and Add/Edit
                                                                                     MLS# Search, Archive Search, Tax Records, and Add/Edit Listings.
 Training COCIE requested
INTRO – $30 ifErney, Xceligent
3 creditLearn •how to: CE is (CDX) on commercial availabilities; use
Instructor Catherine Erney, Xceligent
                         search and report
                                                                                     T3 Intermediate/Advanced
                                                                                          T2 Beginner course - Part 2
Instructor Catherine
 Nov. 12 • 9a-12p techniques such as map search; produce tour                           Prerequisites: T1 and T2 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics
         advanced search and report on commercial availabilities; use           T3 Intermediate/AdvancedClient Listing Site, Downloads, Statistics, Topics
                                                                                          Prerequisites: Reports,
                                                                                        Covered: Custom T1 (or equivalent knowledge and experience).
    Learn howsearch and
Learn 8 • 1-4p to: searchreport on commercial availabilities; use
Training for client tours; send CDX Mails; add, edit and manage                         T2 T1Beginnercourse -Customand experience). Topics
                                                                                Prerequisites:Beginner equivalent knowledge2Search, Prospects, and CMA.
        how to:
 Dec. packages
advanced• search techniques suchmapmap search; produce tour packages
advanced search$30 if CE such as as                                                       Covered: T2 (or Reports, Part
                                                                                          T2 andHotsheetcourse - Part 2
Nov. 12 hrs.inventories. is requested search; produce tour
 3 credit 9a-12p
         listing •                                                                      Financial Reports, Client Listing Site, Reports.
                                                                                Covered: Custom Functions, and Agent/BrokerDownloads, Statistics,
                                                                                        Prerequisites: T1 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics Covered:
                                                                                          Prerequisites: T1 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics
packages for client
 Instructor Catherine Erney, CDX Mails;
Dec. 8 • tours; tours; send Xceligent add, edit and manage
for client 1-4p send CDX Mails; add, edit and manage listing inventories.
                                                                                        Hotsheet Reports, Custom Reports. Search, Prospects,
                                                                                Financial Functions, and Agent/Broker Search, Prospects, and CMA. and CMA.
listing inventories.
3 credit searchCE isreport on commercial availabilities; use
                                                                                          T3 Intermediate/Advanced
                                                                                          Covered: Hotsheet Reports, Custom
 Learn how • $30 if and requested                                                         Prerequisites: T1 and T2 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics
Instructor Catherine Erney, Xceligent map search; produce tour
 advanced search techniques such as                                                       T3 Intermediate/Advanced
                                                                                          Covered: Custom Reports, Client Listing Site, Downloads, Statistics,
Learn howfor client tours; send CDXcommercial availabilities; use
 packages to: search and report on Mails; add, edit and manage
                                                        WINNER!                         T3 Intermediate/Advanced Reports. and experience). Topics
                                                                                          Financial Functions, T2 (or equivalent
                                                                                          Prerequisites: T1 andand Agent/Broker knowledge
advanced search techniques such as map search; produce tour
 listing inventories.                                                                   Prerequisites: T1 and T2 (or equivalent knowledge and experience). Topics
                                                                                          Covered: Custom Reports, Client Listing Site, Downloads, Statistics,
packages for client tours; send CDX Mails; add, edit and manage                         Covered: Custom Reports, Agent/Broker Reports.
listing inventories. to Lucy Wolfe of Keller Williams Capital
     Congratulations                                                                      Financial Functions, and Client Listing Site, Downloads, Statistics, Financial
                                                                                        Functions, and Agent/Broker Reports.
     Partners for being or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                    Register online to win a FREE CBR Educational
              Lucy’s name was drawn noted...the April course evalu- Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                          Unless otherwise from All classes
     class.Register online www.ColumbusRealtors.comare held (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen SobotkaAirport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
                                                                 or call at the
                  Unless otherwise noted... All classes are -- the the Columbus
                        a CBR class in oard and fill out November 2009 issue
     ations. AttendClasses Columbus bMayof realtors® held at evaluation Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
     form so that you can have a chance ® -- November 2009 issue
   Education Classes Columbus board of realtorsto win a FREE CBR
     Educational class!
           Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
                 Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held at the Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219
           Register online or call (614) 475-4000 and ask for Karen Sobotka (x246) or Lucy Buzzee (x240)
  Education Classes Columbus board of realtors -- Novemberat the issue
               Unless otherwise noted... All classes are held 2009 Columbus Board of REALTORS®, 2700 Airport Drive, Columbus, OH 43219

  Education Classes Columbus board of realtors® -- November 2009 issue
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
  May 10-15, 2010                                                           May 23-25, 2010
NAR MidYear Legislative Conference                                        OAR Spring Conference
                                                                          The Ohio Association of REALTORS® (OAR) will host its
and Trade Show                                                            annual Spring Conference at the Hilton at Easton, May 23-
The National Association of REALTORS® Midyear Legislative                 25. For more information and to register, visit OhioRealtors.
Conference and Trade Expo will be held May 10 -15 in Washington           com/Meetings/index.aspx.
D.C. At this annual event, governance meetings are conducted and
real estate professionals address legislative and political issues fac-
ing the real estate industry. More than 100 exhibitors will also pres-
ent top real estate products and services at the Midyear Trade Expo.          Thursday, May 27, 2010
There is no cost for members to attend this event and registration
can be made online at Reservations will be
assigned on a first-come, first-served basis. Note: OAR will be host-       AUCTION
ing a reception during the NAR Midyear Meetings which is open               5:30 p.m. Reception
to all Ohioans on Friday, May 14, 2010, 6:30-7:30 p.m. at Marriott          6:00 p.m. Silent Auction
Wardman Park, Coolidge Room-Mezzanine Level.                                7:00 p.m. Live Auction

  Friday, May 14, 2010                                                      The CORPAC Auction, held this year at the Grange Insurance
                                                                            Audubon Center, located at 505 W. Whittier Street, is one of
All About 203(k)’s                                                          CBR’s most popular events offering an evening of networking and
This Affordable Housing Roundtable is set for Friday, May 14, 11            bidding, while supporting your industry PAC! Supporting the Cen-
a.m. - noon and will feature a discussion on the 203k Program with          tral Ohio REALTORS® Political Action Committee (CORPAC) is
Chris Healy, Union Savings Bank. Steve Stock will also be on                your right and responsibility. Contributions to CORPAC are given
hand to talk about materials available through Grossman’s Bargain           to local, state and national issues of relevance to the housing
Outlet. There is no charge to attend and registration is not required,      industry and to candidates favorable to those issues. REALTOR®
but appreciated. Register online at                   grassroots lobbying along with PAC contributions have effectively
                                                                            served to protect private property rights and your industry for
                                                                            many years.
     May 15-16, 2010
  BIA Showcase of                                                           Donate an auction item, become a sponsor, advertise in the
                                                                            program or order tickets using the registration form on page 43.
  Remodeled Homes                                                           Questions, call Kelly Lavelle at (614) 475-4000 ext. 247.
  Hours: Saturday, 11 a.m.-6 p.m.
  and Sunday, noon - 5 p.m.
  Celebrate National Home Remodeling Month by attending the
  BIA’s 21st Annual Showcase of Remodeled Homes sponsored
  by the BIA Remodeler’s Council. This scattered site tour will
  feature several homes showcasing extraordinary craftsmanship,
  whole house renovations, two-story additions, indoor/outdoor
  living areas and landscaping projects and upgrades, such as
  kitchens, bathrooms and family rooms from central Ohio’s most             June 9, 2010
  highly regarded remodelers. For ticket and location information,
  contact the BIA at (614) 891-0575 or                  REALTOR® Care Day
                                                                            The sixth annual REALTOR® Care Day is set for Thurs-
                                                                            day, June 9, 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and is your opportunity to
  Thursday, May 20, 2010                                                    celebrate National Homeownership Month by participating
                                                                            in a worthwhile community service project.
Successful Open Houses/Safety Issues
This Mentoring Session is set for Thursday, May 20, 9 -10:30 a.m. at        In addition to CBR’s main project at Columbus Housing
CRR and will feature a discussion led by Joe Evans, RE/MAX Town             Partnership’s Framingham Village on Innis Road, there will
Center, LLC, on the following talking points: Open house safety tips;       be 20 area realty associations participating in community
how to prepare for a successful open house; how to execute a suc-           service projects citywide.
cessful open house; how to get nine out of 10 people to sign in and
provide accurate information; and how to follow up with potential           For more information on participating with the CBR proj-
buyers. There is no charge to attend and registration is not required,      ect or with any of the other area realty association projects,
but appreciated. Register online at                   see page 10.

                                                                     • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
  June 11, 2010                                                                June 17, 2010
Short Sales                                                                 Working with Buyers
This Affordable Housing Roundtable is set for Friday, June 11, 11 a.m.-     This Mentoring Session is set for Thursday, June 17,
noon and will feature a discussion on Short Sales. There is no charge to    9-10:30 a.m. and will feature a discussion led by P.J.
attend the Roundtables and registration is not required, but appreciated.   Connor and Joe Evans, RE/MAX Town Center, LLC,
Register online at                                    on how to work with buyers.

                                                                            Talking points for this session will include agency
      June 11, 2010                                                         representation, the home buying process, services
  At Home With Diversity                                                    provided, home search, MLS, scheduling showings,
                                                                            financing alternatives, purchase contract and closings.
  Certification Course                                                      There is no charge to attend the Mentoring Sessions
                                                                            and registration is not required, but appreciated. Reg-
  (Six hours of CE credit; satisfies civil rights requirement)
  Ohio Realtist Association’s 61st Annual State Conference                  ister online at
  8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. (lunch is on your own from 11:30 a.m.-1 p.m.)
                                                                              June 17, 2010
  The Columbus Board of REALTORS® along with the Ohio Re-
  altists Association will co-host the National Association of RE-          Bricks, Brats and Beers Festival!
  ALTORS®’ (NAR) At Home with Diversity certification course                Join in the fun of the Columbus Board of REALTORS®
  on Friday, June 11, 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m., at the Columbus Airport             Foundation Fund’s Third Annual Bricks, Brats and
  Marriott Hotel, 1375 North Cassady Avenue. This award winning             Beers Festival! The festival is set for Thursday, June 17,
  course, held during the Ohio Realtist Association’s Annual State          5:30-7:30 p.m. at CBR. A rededication of the Charitable
  Conference (June 10-12), will be taught by Columbus REAL-                 Foundation Walk will also be celebrated. Cost is $20,
  TOR® Edward Sanchez and an approved NAR At Home with                      with dinner being provided by Schmidt’s of German
  Diversity instructor. Cost is $50 for CBR members who are not             Village. The event will include a 50/50 raffle, a chance to
  attending the Ohio Realtist Association State Conference. Regis-          win door prizes and a cornhole tournament. Cost for the
  tration and payment must be received by June 4. To register, visit        cornhole tournament is $10 for CBR member and $20 for or call, Karen Sobotka, (614) 475-4000               non-members. All proceeds (100 percent) from the sale of
  ext. 246.                                                                 pavers or other donations to the Foundation Fund go di-
                                                                            rectly to support real estate-related programs and qualified
  For information on attending the Ohio Realtist State Conference,          entities whose goals are to improve the overall real estate
  contact Jennifer Rodgers at (330) 472-7028, Jennifer.Rodgers@             environment in central Ohio. For more information and to or Christina Burch, (330) 962-3902, christinaR-          register, complete and return form on page 15, or contact Seating is limited to the first 20 paid regis-           Kelly Lavelle at (614) 475-4000 ext. 247.

     June 12, 2010
                                                                                 Mark your calendar...
City Hop Self Guided Walking Tour                                             July 20, 2010 – CBR Tech Fair

                                                                              July 24-August 8, 2010 – BIA Parade of Homes

                                                                              September 9, 2010 – CORPAC Golf Outing

                                                                              September 12-15, 2010 – OAR Annual Convention
                                                                                – Cincinnati
Hours: Saturday – 10am – 6pm
The Tenth Annual City Hop Tour of Downtown Living is set for Satur-           October 8, 2010 – Celebrity Waiters Luncheon
day, June 12, and will feature a self-guided walking tour of downtown
residential buildings nestled among the Columbus skyline. The tour            October 21, 2010 – CBR Sales Associates Day/Annual
features owner-occupied units, units for-sale and for-rent, downtown            Business Meeting – Aladdin Shrine Center
residents to answer questions on the urban living experience, and ac-
                                                                              October 27, 2010 – Affiliate Appreciation Luncheon
tivities and entertainment that highlight “the downtown way of life.”
                                                                              November 11-16, 2009 – NAR Convention – New Orleans
For more information or to purchase tickets, visit ColumbusLand- or call the Columbus Land-                December 4, 2010 – CBR President’s Ball – Columbus
marks office at (614) 221-0227.                                                 Hilton Easton

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
  June 27, 2010
Super Sunday Affordable
Housing Open House
In celebration of June being National Hom-
eownership Month, the annual Super Sunday
Affordable Housing Open House will be held
on Sunday, June 27, 1-4 p.m., with the first
250 affordably priced ($150,000 and below)
homes registered featured on the Super Sun-
day Open House tour.

As a participant in this event, you’ll get your
open house advertised in The Columbus Dis-
patch and at AffordableHousingSuperSunday.
com, special promotion of Super Sunday in
The Real Estate Book and on Insight Cable/
The Real Estate Show, Craig’s List and Face-
book. PSAs will also be sent to all area media.

You’ll also be provided with a Super Sunday
Open House yard sign, with convenient sign
pick-up and drop-off locations (courtesy Title
First Agency), and there will be prize give-
aways to entice the public to your open house.

If you have a listing that falls in this afford-
able housing price range and would like to be
a part of Super Sunday, complete and return
the registration form on page 53 or download
the form at Ques-
tions should be directed to Lynn Hackworth
at (614) 475-4000 ext. 248 or Lhackworth@

Again, please note that only the first 250 list-
ings will be featured and accepted on a first
come, first served basis, and the deadline to
register your listing is Friday, June 18. Cost is
$10 per listing.

Event sponsors: Columbus Board of REAL-
TORS®, Coldwell Banker King Thompson,
Concord Mortgage & The Brader Group,
Fifth Third Bank, Grossman’s Bargain Outlet,
Northwest Title, PNC Mortgage, Quality
Choice Title, Real Living Mortgage, Real
Living Title, Talon Title Agency, Title First
Agency and Wells Fargo Home Mortgage

Media sponsors: The Columbus Dispatch,
Insight Cable/Real Estate Show and The Real
Estate Book.
                                           • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
Walk the Foundation Walk                                                       NAR launches its Heart of the
The CBR Charitable Foundation Fund is again selling brick pavers to be
installed in time for the rededication of the walkway and the Third Annual     Market Program
Bricks, Brats & Beer Festival on Thursday, June 17! The REALTOR®               NAR’s Marketing Group has recently launched its Heart of
Foundation Walk is located at the main west entrance to CBR and com-           the Market program to engage members in an activity that
memorates those who have made donations to the CBR Foundation Fund.            will foster the positive relationship between members, State
Show your REALTOR® pride and become part of CBR history where you              and Local Associations and NAR, as well as with their cli-
know your paver symbolizes your enduring support of the fund that helps        ents and communities. A series of Web pages have been cre-
build the future of central Ohio real estate! Brick orders must be received    ated on where members can submit personal
by May 7 in order to be installed in time! Bricks start at only $100 and 100   stories on how being a member of the Association has made
percent of the proceeds from the pavers go directly to the CBR Charitable      a difference to them, their clients and their community. Once
Foundation Fund, supporting real estate-related programs and qualified         the stories are posted to the ‘Gallery,’ members will be able
entities whose goals are to improve the overall real estate environment in     to easily share their story via their personal Facebook page,
central Ohio. For more information, contact Kelly Lavelle at (614) 475-        Twitter and e-mail. Association staff may also participate
4000 ext. 247, e-mail Klavelle@ColumbusRealtors or for a copy of the           in this program; focusing on how being part of the REAL-
order form, visit               TOR® family has made a difference to them, their members
Fund. The completed form can be faxed to Kelly at (614) 475-4091.              and their community. The site (
                                                                               will remain open through 2010. Check it out!

Post-License Real Estate Grant Applications                                    $172 million for Ohio homeowners
being accepted                                                                 facing foreclosure
CBR’s Equal Opportunity Committee is accepting applications for the
CBR Multi-Cultural Post Licensing Grant. These grants are awarded to           Recently the Ohio Department of Commerce announced
newly licensed REALTORS® to help with start-up costs, i.e., annual             that the state will receive $172 million in federal assistance
CBR membership fees, classes, business cards, etc. Grants are awarded          for Ohio homeowners facing foreclosure. The Ohio Hous-
twice a year, with the next funding period set for July with an application    ing Finance Agency (OHFA) will receive the funds and will
deadline of June 30. The grant is not a loan; therefore repayment is not       work with Save the Dream Ohio partners and organizations
required. For a copy of the grant application, go to www.ColumbusReal-         throughout the state to administer funds. This follows the an- or if you have questions about the grant, call Lynn         nouncement by the Obama Administration that Ohio is one
Hackworth (614) 475-4000 ext. 248.                                             of five additional states to receive a total of nearly $600 mil-
                                                                               lion from the federal government’s Housing Finance Agency
                                                                               Innovation Fund for the Hardest Hit Housing Markets. For
KeyCard update needed for showing                                              more information, visit
Licking County listings
If you plan to show properties in Licking County, you must first have
your SuperKey or e-Card updated for that area. To do so, contact CBR’s         First-ever REALTOR® Nationwide
KeyBox Administrator Tammy Foor at (614) 475-4000 ext. 282 with your
Key’s serial number and your four-digit PIN. The process requires 24 to        Open House event a real success!
48 hours for the changes to take effect, but once this has been done the       Last month the board participated in the first-ever REAL-
Key will update for both the Columbus Board of REALTORS® as well as            TOR® Nationwide Open House. Participation nationwide
the Licking County Board of REALTORS®.                                         included 32 states and Ohio had 33 participating boards
                                                                               including Cleveland, Cincinnati, Dayton, and Toledo. Here
                                                                               in central Ohio, we had 1,616 open houses on Sunday, April
CBR and Hondros College offers online                                          11! (We had 989 open houses in 2008 and 398 open houses
                                                                               in 2009 during the Open House Extravaganza events.) We
CE specials                                                                    surveyed participants and here’s what you said…
Register now for online CE through Hondros College and save money              • Over 40% of you had 2 or more open houses
while enjoying the flexibility to complete courses when and where it’s            o 15% had 4 or more open houses
convenient for you. Through May 31, CBR members can take $20 off               • Over 1/3 of you had 7 or more visitors at your open house
a 30 Hour Package and get 30 hours of CE for just $179 or take $5 off          • 3/4 s put up the blue balloons
any single course. Simply use discount code CBRP39 during checkout to          • 85% thought the REALTOR® Nationwide Open House
receive the package discount and discount code CBRS39 to save on one              was a success
course. When you choose Hondros College for your CE, you gain imme-            • And 95% said we should do it again.
diate access to your certificate as soon as you complete your course. You
can start your course as soon as you register or when you have time and all    …So we are – August 1. But we also have a Super Sunday
of the courses are relevant, easy, engaging and educational.                   Open House on June 27 for homes that are $150,000 or less.

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                                                           Area Association Golf Outings
Thursday, May 13, 2010 – West/Southwest               full practice facilities (includes driving range),   and includes greens fees, cart, continental
Area Realty Association (WSWARA) Golf                 locker room facilities, breakfast, executive         breakfast, buffet lunch, soft drinks and prizes.
Outing: Mentel Memorial, 6005 Alkire Road,            box lunch, BBQ buffet dinner and door prizes.        Proceeds from the outing will go to the SEARA
Columbus. The outing begins with a 9 a.m.             Prizes will be awarded for best scores: men,         scholarship fund for three graduating seniors
shotgun start. Cost is $65. There will be a           women and mixed teams. There will also be            continuing on to college. For more information
50/50 raffle, door prizes and burgers and brats       a 50/50 raffle. Sponsorship opportunities are        and to register, contact Kathleen Novak at
immediately following golf. For more informa-         available and volunteers are welcome to help         (614) 561-8133 or
tion and to register, call Kristin Collins (614)      with the event. To register, contact Teresa
738-0588 or Marie Smith (614) 403-0013.               Butler at (614) 565-8161 or teresabutler@            Friday, August 6, 2010 – New Albany Realty
                                                                                 Association Golf Outing: New Albany Links,
Monday, May 17, 2010 – Hilliard Area Realty                                                                7100 New Albany Links Drive, New Albany.
Association and Northwest Area Realty                 Wednesday, July 14, 2010 – Tri-County                The day begins with an 11 a.m. start. Cost
Association (HARA/NWARA) Golf Outing:                 Realty Association Golf Outing: The Links at         is $100 and includes raffle items, box lunch
Heritage Golf Club, 3525 Heritage Club Drive,         Groveport, 1005 Richardson Road, Groveport.          and dinner. There are still hole and supporting
Hilliard. The outing begins with an 11 a.m.           Registration begins at 8:30 a.m., followed by        sponsorship opportunities available. For more
shotgun start and ends with dinner at 5 p.m.          a shotgun start at 9:30 a.m., scramble format.       information and to register, call Ron Kendle
Cost is $89 per person and includes 18 holes of       Cost is $50 per person and includes lunch and        (614) 325-6295 or Scott Miller (614) 306-6007.
golf with two drink tickets while on the course,      dinner. There will also be an Euchre Tourna-
box lunch, dinner and free use of the practice        ment. To register for the golf outing, call Karen    Monday, August 9, 2010 – Greater Worthing-
area. For our non golfers, there will be games        Edwards (614) 439-8586 or Myndi Zipf (614)           ton Area Real Estate Association Golf
and we will be at dinner together. By partnering      554-7690. For the Euchre Tournament, call            Outing: Worthington Hills Golf Course. 920
with our good friends in Upper Arlington we are       Judi Brenning (614) 273-6493.                        Clubview Boulevard South, Columbus. For
able to have a great fundraiser and a wonderful                                                            more information, call Mike Mason (614) 390-
time so that we can continue to be philanthropic      Thursday, July 15, 2010 – Greater Dublin             1816 or Marilyn Mason (614) 668-6043.
in our own back yard. For more information,           Realty Association (GDRA) and Southern
call Bonnie Lustnauer (614) 273-0421 or Pam           Delaware County Realty Association (SD-              Monday, August 30, 2010 – Society of Office
Cinelli (614) 419-0963.                               CRA) Golf Outing: Scioto Reserve Country             and Industrial REALTORS® (SIOR) Chapter
                                                      Club, 7383 Scioto Parkway, Powell. The outing        Meeting and Golf Outing: The Lakes Golf and
Tuesday, May 18, 2010 – Northeast/Wester-             begins at 11:30 a.m., with a shotgun start at        Country Club, 6740 Worthington Road, Wester-
ville Realty Association (NEWRA) Golf                 1 p.m. Cost is $75 per person or $300 for a          ville, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Members and guest only.
Outing: Royal American Links, 3300 Miller             foursome and includes golf with cart, dinner         For more information and to register, call Dick
Paul Road, Galena. Registration begins at 8           and one free round of golf with cart for each        Elosh (614) 371-9779.
a.m., with a shotgun start at 9 a.m. and Euchre       participant redeemable at Scioto Reserve for
Tournament starting at 10 a.m. Cost is $60 per        future use. Family and friends are welcome to        Thursday, September 9, 2010 – CORPAC
golf player and $20 per euchre player and in-         come enjoy the pool and stay for dinner and          Golf Outing – Players Club: Foxfire Golf
cludes lunch. Send payment by May 13 to Ken           the awards presentation. Cost is $30 ($15 for        Club, 10799 State Route 104, Lockbourne,
Kress c/o Third Federal, 6235 Perimeter Drive,        dinner reservations only). For more informa-         10:00 a.m. start. Cost is $125 for the Players
Dublin, Ohio 43017. For more information, call        tion and to register, contact Brent at (614)         course and $100 for Foxfire. Cost includes
Tricia Nunemaker (614) 530-1480.                      395-2922 or             lunch and dinner. For more information and to
                                                      Registration deadline is July 1.                     register, call Kelly Lavelle (614) 475 4000 ext.
Thursday, June 10, 2010 – Columbus Re-                                                                     247.
altist Association Scholarship Golf Outing            Monday, July 26, 2010 – Columbus Com-
& State Conference: Willow Run Golf Course,           mercial Industrial Investment, REALTORS®             Monday, September 13, 2010 – Institute of
9 a.m. start. Cost is $75 and includes 18 holes       (CCIIR): Little Turtle Golf Club, 1500 Little        Real Estate Management (IREM) Columbus
of golf and dinner. There will be prizes for first,   Turtle Way, Westerville. The outing begins           Chapter No 42nd Annual Fundraiser and
second and third place winners. For more              at 11 a.m., with tee-off at noon. Four person        Golf Outing: The Lakes Golf and Country
information and to register, call Darryl Isabel       teams scramble format. Cost is $125 per              Club, 6740 Worthington Road, Westerville.
(614) 374-3108.                                       person and includes golf cart, range, bag            Registration begins at 9 a.m., followed by a
                                                      tags, cart signs, lunch, dinner and networking.      10 a.m. golf scramble start. Cost is $100 per
Wednesday, June 16, 2010 – Gahanna Area               Entries due by July 12. For more information,        golfer and $400 for a foursome. Cost includes
Realty Association (GARA) Golf Outing:                call Chris Salomone (614) 410-5604 or Debbie         golf and cart, full practice facilities (driving
East Golf Club, 6140 Babbitt Road, New                Lee Dougherty (614) 891-4644.                        range) locker room facilities, box lunch and
Albany. Registration & breakfast begins at 8:30                                                            afternoon award ceremony. Proceeds will be
a.m., followed by a shotgun start at 10 a.m.          Thursday, August 5, 2010 – Southeast Area            used to sponsor a scholarship for a student
Cost is $85 per person /$340 per foursome if          Suburban Realty Association (SAREA) Golf             that is studying Real Estate at The Ohio State
paid by May 14; and $90 per person/$360 per           Outing: Upper Landsdowne Golf Course,                University. For more information and to regis-
foursome if paid after May 14. Dinner only is         17565 Winchester Road, Ashville. The outing          ter, call Roger Heckel (614) 228-7553 or Lori
$15. Included is a valet bag drop, golf & cart,       begins with a 9 a.m. shotgun start. Cost is $65      Tillis (614) 224-8446.
                                                                               • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
Member News                                                                                                                 In Memoriam
                  Linda Schmidt, Coldwell                                  Philip P. Brown (affectionately known as Prince Philip and Pappa),
                  Banker King Thompson, has                                passed away on Tuesday, April 27, 2010 at the Kobacker House. Phil
                  been awarded the Columbus                                had a long standing career in the Land Title Insurance Industry, where he
                  Board of REALTORS®                                       began his career with Chicago Title Insurance Company and Buckeye
                  Certified Affordable Housing                             Federal Savings and Loan. In 1981, he started Title First Agency. He
                  REALTOR® (CAHR) Cer-                                     was a member of YMCA and Exchange Club (Painesville), a lifetime
tification. This certification recognizes those           member of Mortgage Bankers and the Ohio Land Title Association (Columbus), and a
REALTORS® who have committed their                        volunteer with Habitat for Humanity (Naples). Phil is survived by his wife of 52 years,
time and obtained experience in working the               Mary; son, Breck (Holly); daughters, Bridget (Jay) and Brenda (Serf.); nine beloved
                                                          grandchildren, seven brothers and sisters; and many nieces and nephews. Memorial con-
affordable housing ($150,000 and below)
                                                          tributions may be made in his memory to HomeReach Hospice, Ohio Health Foundation,
market. To qualify for the certification, cri-
                                                          180 E. Broad St., Columbus, Ohio 43215 or American Lung Cancer Association.
teria must be met in the areas of affordable
housing transactions, association activities,
                                                                         Susan Dusz Burns, R.N., Columbus, passed away Tuesday, April 27,
education and community involvement.
                                                                         2010 at her home. Susan was a REALTOR® with Real Living HER, and
                                                                         a graduate of Linden McKinley High School and of the Riverside/White
Rusty Bucket giving back to area
                                                                         Cross School of Nursing (1964). She was also a member of the Order of
                                                                         the Eastern Star. Sue is survived by her husband Richard; sons Michael
The Rusty Bucket has made available four
                                                                         (Amber) and Matthew (Ashley); grandson Jacob; granddaughter Ad-
of their restaurants at no charge for regu-
                                                          dison; and many other relatives and friends. Contributions may be made in her memory
lar area association meetings for Bexley
                                                          to the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Development Department, 9990 Riverside Drive,
Eastmoor Berwick, New Albany, North-
                                                          Powell, OH 43065 or Charity Newsies, 4300 Indianola Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43214.
east/Westerville and Greater Worthington.
Their generosity is saving these associations
money, which enables them to lower meet-

ing costs and/or increase donations to area
worthy causes. Next time you are dining at a
local Rusty Bucket, ask for the manager and                KeyBox
thank them for their generosity to the local
real estate community.
                                                                  Using CBS Codes
                                                           Every KeyBox contains a Call Before Showing (CBS) code that your As-
      Feature of the Month                                 sociation/Board/MLS can activate.

             May                                           The CBS code allows the listing agent to control KeyBox access by requiring the showing
                                                           agent to call for authorization before opening the KeyBox.
             Sprinkler Key Hiders
             $5.50 each                                    If the CBS code is active in a KeyBox then every showing agent must enter the CBS code
                                                           into their key before accessing the KeyBox.

                                                           If the CBS code is active in a KeyBox, it will show as CBS on KIM Web, under the ‘View
                                                           Existing KeyBoxes’ screen for that KeyBox.

                                                           All Sustaining keyholders ALWAYS need a CBS code to access the KeyBox, even if CBS
                                                           is set to off.

                                                           Entering CBS Code Into Your DisplayKEY

                                                           1.   Press enter to turn your DisplayKEY on.
                                                           2.   Scroll to the INPUT UPDATE OR CBS option and press enter.
       Check out the REALTOR® Online Store                 3.   Press 2 to select INPUT CBS.                    4.   Enter the CBS code and press enter.
                                                           5.   Once you’ve entered the CBS code for a particular KeyBox into your DisplayKEY,
               Member Service Center                            follow the standard procedure for releasing the key container.
               CBR Headquarters, 2700 Airport Drive        6.   You can access the KeyBox until the following day, or until you enter a CBS code for
               475-4000 x230                                    a different KeyBox.

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                                Nancy W. Botti          Coldwell Banker King Thompson
                                                                                                                                   Mentoring Sessions
                                                                Glen Scott Braumille    RE/MAX Affiliates, Inc.
                                                                Pamela Castle           RE/MAX Elite Services
                                                                                                                                   May 20, 2010
                                                                Teresa Courter          Columbus Realty Professionals            Successful Open Houses/
                 approved in February
                                                                John J. Crowl           4 Real Estate                            Safety Issues
                                                                Venetia C. Davis-Rice   Carleton Realty
                                                                Tirza A. Delamo         Keller Williams Consultants Realty       Time:     9-10:30 a.m.
                                                                Lori Doles-Manges       Roger C. Perry & Company                 Location: CBR Membership Headquarters
RS Broker Members                                               Rhonda L. Duke          iHome, REALTORS®
                                                                                                                                 Mentor: Joe Evans, RE/MAX Town
                                                                                                                                           Centre, LLC
                                                                Monica L. Dunn          Equity Central
Matthew D. Cochrell
Assist 2 Sell                                                   Cynthia A. Farley       RE/MAX Consultant Group                  Talking Points will include:
                                                                Lorie A. Fearing        Obvious Choice Realty                    • Open house safety tips
Marie Foeller                                                   Michael J. Funtjar      Coldwell Banker King Thompson            • How to prepare for a successful
Buyers & Sellers Realty                                         Elsa A. Galla           RE/MAX Connection                          open house
                                                                Tania Glover            Real Living HER                          • How to execute a successful open
George Mantzoros                                                Kam L. Gorman           Real Living HER                            house
Pagam Properties Realty                                         Valerie L. Greene       Obvious Choice Realty                    • How to get 9 out of 10 people to
                                                                Kyle Hamilton           Keller Williams Greater Columbus           sign in and provide accurate infor-
Dennis H. Swartz                                                Christina M. Harney     Real Living HER
First Service Residential Realty                                                                                                   mation
                                                                Marie Hunter            Coldwell Banker King Thompson            • How to follow up with potential
                                                                Timothy J. Humphrey     Solutions for Real Estate                  Buyers
                                                                Penny S. Jones          Keller Williams Capital Partners
Affiliate Members                                               Holly K. Lockett        Coldwell Banker King Thompson
                                                                                                                                   June 17, 2010
                                                                Jeremy R. Macroy        Equity Central
E. Grier Allen                                                  Nicolette R. McNary     Real Living HER
                                                                                                                                 Working with Buyers
BoomTown                                                        Nancy B. Musci          Coldwell Banker King Thompson            Time:     9-10:30 a.m.
                                                                Nick L. Pinotti         Real Living HER                          Location: CBR Membership Headquarters
Ahmad Saadeh
                                                                Ann M. Price            Century 21 Joe Walker & Associates       Mentors: P.J. Connor and Joe Evans,
Terabitz Inc.
                                                                Kurt M. Ruen            Peak Property Group                                RE/MAX Town Centre, LLC
William H. Shaw                                                 Thomas Schaumleffel     Saxton Real Estate
                                                                Suzanne Carol Schmandt USA-1 Real Estate
                                                                                                                                 Talking Points will include:
Market Mortgage Co.                                                                                                              • Open house safety tips
                                                                Sarah Schofield         Coldwell Banker King Thompson
                                                                                                                                 • How to prepare for a successful
J. Scott Stevenson                                              Tana A. Showalter       Coldwell Banker King Thompson
Northwest Title                                                 Taria Sheppard          Sage Real Estate
                                                                                                                                   open house
                                                                Jessica L. Shrider      Coldwell Banker King Thompson
                                                                                                                                 • How to execute a successful open
Steve Watson                                                    Timothy W. Shriner      RE/MAX Champions
The State Bank & Trust Co.                                      Pamela A. Snow          Real Living HER
                                                                                                                                 • How to get 9 out of 10 people to
                                                                Robin N. Streaty        Keller Williams Consultants
                                                                                                                                   sign in and provide accurate infor-
                                                                Lauren A. Swieterman    Assist 2 Sell
                                                                Edwin H. Taylor         Coldwell Banker King Thompson
                                                                                                                                 • How to follow up with potential
RS Salespeople approved in February                                                                                                Buyers
                                                                E. Cotton Tarr          The Bray Company
Rebecca R. Acree          Prudential Platinum Realty            Lorenzo P. Thompkins    Carleton Realty
Abdulkadir J. Aden        Kent Amlin Realty                     Amanda Titus            Real Living HER                            The Mentoring Sessions offer a great opportunity
                                                                Katherine L. Ulm        Keller Williams Consultants                for both new and seasoned REALTORS® to learn
Timothy A. Alford         Ross Realtors®
                                                                                                                                   about and share ideas on topics related to our
David M. Allen            Keller Williams Consultants Realty    Michael T. Wurster      Revealty
                                                                                                                                   careers. There is no cost to attend and registration
Melissa S. Bedolla        Wagenbrenner Company                  Andrew J. Zink          Baker Realty Group                         is appreciated, but not required.

Post-License Real Estate Grant Applications being accepted
CBR’s Equal Opportunity Committee is                           Grants are awarded twice a year, with                         For a copy of the grant application, go to
accepting applications for the CBR Multi-                      the next funding period set for July with           
Cultural Post Licensing Grant. These                           an application deadline of June 30. The                       or if you have questions about the grant,
grants are awarded to newly licensed                           grant is not a loan; therefore repayment                      call Lynn Hackworth (614) 475-4000
REALTORS® to help with start-up costs,                         is not required                                               ext. 248.
i.e., annual CBR membership fees, classes,
business cards, etc.

                                                                                               • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •                 
                          New Class! FOCUS: Choosing the Right Search
                          CBR is excited about a new class that is being offered to MLS                Does “Gahanna area” mean corporation limit or vicin-
                          members. The FOCUS: Choosing the Right Search class is                       ity of Gahanna?
                          designed to provide a starting point for creating viable and efficient
                          MLS database searches.                                                       When a client says they want to live in Gahanna, do
                                                                                                       they mean Gahanna Corporate limits?
                          The 1-hour class will help students translate “client-speak”, that is, the
                          words that the buyer says in describing where they want to live and          Do they mean any mailing address that lists Gahanna
                          what type of home they want to purchase. Students can take the class         as the city? Do they mean the general vicinity of
                          for free or pay $10 to get one hour of continuing education credit.          Gahanna, which may actually be a Columbus or New
                                                                                                       Albany mailing address? Knowing EXACTLY what
                          So many agents get started in real estate and “learn the ropes” us-          your client wants is the key. If they say “Gahanna
                          ing the “hunt and peck” method. While many agents have success-              area” it is very uncertain that they mean MLS Area
                          fully made the transition from “newbie” to “seasoned professional”,          GA, which is the Gahanna corporate limits only. You
                          there are a lot of pitfalls and errors that could be avoided.                many need to explain the difference to them.

                          This is particularly true when a new agent (and even some who aren’t
                          so new) goes about the tricky business of translation. Trans-lating
                          what the client says into a viable and efficient search is the starting
                          point for the entire transaction. Unfortunately, any small error in that
                          translation can turn into a big misunderstanding very quickly.

                          This is precisely the point this new class will address. The class
                          is a one house “jump start” into this “client-speak” translation. We
                          will talk about some of the tough questions and tough logic that
                          is required to make a client’s various requests work as a precise
                          database search.

                          We will also highlight the dangers of ambiguous and “fuzzy” criteria
                          as well as some data fields that pose particularly risky searches.

 Tech Support             Students are highly encouraged to bring their “How would I search            Criteria that is too precise or excludes too much may
 2010 Member              for THIS?” questions with them. Class participation and real world           accidentally remove desirable areas from the search.
  e-mails/calls           examples of “client-speak” will help all who attend.
   received:                                                                                           For years, MLS Area MP (Minerva Park) has been
                          Following are just a few of the examples we will look at during              susceptible to being skipped when agents search
January 1,393             this new class.                                                              by MLS Areas. Homes in Delaware county but in
February 1,634                                                                                         MLS Area 31 have also been excluded. MP and 31
 March 1,727                                                                                           Delaware County listings are “tucked away” in larger
                                                                                                       areas that may not seem intuitive or obvious when
                                                                                                       doing searches. This can make it harder for agents
                                                                                                       in those areas to get showings and could lead to a
                                                                                                       buyer asking “Why didn’t you show me that house
                                                                                                       right there?” Polygons and other geographical bound-
                                                                                                       aries help eliminate accidental pockets of obscurity.

0   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
                                                      Survey: How do you feel about the elimination
                                                      of ‘MLS Areas’?
                                                      When the Columbus Board of REALTORS®              consideration and system preparation, voted
                                                      first computerized the listings of its members    to discontinue what they determined is a
                                                      over 30 years ago, the only way to search         cumbersome, controversial and expensive
                                                      properties geographically was to create a         use of “Area” within the MLS system.
                                                      number of unique areas, giving them search-
                                                      able codes such as UA, 21, 31, 97, etc.           However, this decision has met with some
Exclude an area inside a larger area using a                                                            resistance from members.
“Donut Search”                                        Over the years, CBR has worked hard
                                                      to keep these unique areas as functional          Because leadership places a high value on
If a client says, “I want Southwest Columbus,         as possible despite the high incidence of         input from the members, a survey was e-
but I don’t want to live too close to Bolton          changing boundaries and uses of Area. With        mailed to MLS members (early May) so that
Field, especially in the flight path.” You can        the increased integrity of data and technical     you can provide your input on the current
create a “Donut Polygon” around Bolton Field,         advances, our MLS is now able to move to          and future use of “Area” in our MLS.
carefully making sure the client’s “unwanted          more efficient property search methods.
location” is not highlighted in green when you                                                          If you have not received your survey, please
are done.                                             Therefore, the MLS Committee and Board            contact Bryan Dean at (614) 475-4000 ext.
                                                      of Directors, after years of research, careful    222.
These and many other examples and ques-
tions will be answered. Students are highly
encouraged to bring examples of real world             CBR TEMPO™ 5 Classes
“client-speak” that they are currently trying to
figure out.                                               May 2010                              T1                  T2                 T3
There is also a video and PDF handout from                   4             Thurs             9a-Noon
the FOCUS: Choosing the Right Search class                  18             Tues                                  9a-Noon
available on the MLS video training website.
Visit for video and PDF train-                27             Thurs                                                    9a-Noon
ing materials from all of our MLS classes here            June 2010                             T1                  T2                 T3
at CBR.
                                                             3             Thurs             9a-Noon
And don’t forget about our other search class               15             Tues                                  9a-Noon
– FOCUS: Map Search which addresses                         17             Thurs             9a-Noon
polygon and geocode searches.
                                                            24             Thurs                                 9a-Noon
See the sidebar for upcoming classes.                       29             Tues                                                     9a-Noon

More New MLS Classes!
FOCUS: Map Search Class                            FOCUS: Choosing the Right                           Tempo FOCUS: Real Estate
May 13 (2-3p) • May 20 (10-11a)                    Search                                              Data Accuracy
June 1 (10-11a) • June 10 (2-3p)                   June 2 – 2 p.m. (1 hour of CE credit)               May 26 – 2 p.m. (1 hour of CE credit)
1 credit hour • $10 – a credit card is             $10 – a credit card is required to reserve          June 23 – 2 p.m. (1 hour of CE credit)
required to reserve your place in class            your place in class (whether or not you
(whether or not you want CE credit)                want CE credit)

                                                                                • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
                       Title First is on the move.....
                                                                         Our corporate office is now located
                                                                                   downtown at:
                                                                                 170 E. Town Street
                                                                                Columbus, OH 43215

                                                                         We’ve also opened 2 new satellite offices in
                                                                               Granville at 1919 Lancaster Rd
                                                                           & Canal Winchester at 36 N. High St.

                                Offering you:                                That gives you 14 convenient closing
                                • Residential Services
                                • Foreclosure & Short Sale Services        locations from which to choose from in
                                • Commercial Services                                    Central Ohio
                                • Multiple Locations in Central Ohio
                                • National Operations
                                • Multiple Underwriters

                                                                         Visit to see all that
                                                                         we have to offer and to find a closing
An Affiliate of CBC Companies, Inc.                                               location near you.

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
                               Awards Night honors CBR’s
                               outstanding members
                               The Board honored some of its most outstanding members on April 28 during its annual Awards Night celebration.
                               The event, held at the Bridgewater Conference Center, was attended by more than 260.

                               CBR President Sue Lusk-Gleich officiated and recognized those who have been members of the REALTOR® organi-
                               zation for 25 years. They are:

                               Madan Aggarwal *                Paula Egbert              Stephen Kuss *               Joseph Schmitz *
                               Douglas Antle *                 Donald Epler              David Lindsey *              Mary Schulze
                               Joanne Bango *                  Jeffrey Foley *           Robert Long *                Sherry Segna *
                               Susan Dickey Beckley *          Juanita Furuta *          Stan Malatesta *             Jack Seith *
                               Rodney Bennett *                Dennis Gadda *            Ray Massa *                  Mary Shea *
                               Susan Blaies *                  Lucy Golowin *            Virgil Mathias               Andrew Siers *
                               Jeri Block *                    William Gordon            Tony Mesi *                  James Simpson *
                               Gretchen Bonnie                 Richard Graff *           Nancy Miller *               Peg Smith
                               Brenda Bowshier *               Gregg Hadder              Robert Monahan *             Penny Smith
                               Robert Broadley *               John Hall *               Carolyn Nash *               Dan South *
                               Ted Celeste                     Stephen Handler *         Daniel O’Rourke *            Rodney Sparks *
                               Richard Chaffin *               Perry Hannah *            Fred Owens *                 Michael Stickney
                               Harvey Chastain *               Wayne Harer *             Charles Pardi *              John Stomps *
                               Pat Collins                     Patricia Hartman          David Patch *                Frederick Swanson *
                               Jane Coughlin *                 James Hendrix *           John Peterson *              Tim Taylor *
                               Barbara Cranston *              Michael Hessenauer *      Richard Pizzuti *            Trenton Thorson *
                               Cynthia Crist *                 Ron Hobelman              Carl Rechner                 Richard Underman *
                               James Darfus *                  Robert Howard *           Donald Roberts               Sue Yenichek *
                               Linda DePetro *                 Nora Huber *              Delores Richardson *         Gerald Ziglar *
                               S. J. Dickerson *               Brad Johnson *            Kathleen Ruoff
                               Barbara Dick                    Grover Johnson *          Linda Ruzicka *              * not pictured
                               Todd Dodderer                   Edmond Joseph *           Lori Santello *

   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
Recipients of the NAR REALTOR® Emeritus award (NAR members for 40 continuous years) recognized this year
were (L to R) Ann Salyer, John Peck, Betty McEnery and Jerry White. Not pictured: William Fannin, Ray Harris, and
Pat Mollica.

Nine years ago, CBR instituted the REALTOR® Emeritus status to those who have been members of CBR for 50 years or
more. This year CBR recognized (L to R) Tom Anders, Margie Holzer and Max Holzer. Not pictured: Don Kelley

                                                                  • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   49
                               2009 Instructor of the Year – Jack Wiese
                               Dennis Swartz, 2010 Chair of the Education Committee, had
                               the honor of introducing Jack Wiese, the Instructor of the Year.
                               Wiese is an attorney and manager for the Upper Arlington of-
                               fice of the Talon Group. With 40 years experience in the legal
                               profession and more than 25 in the real estate industry, he is a
                               member of the Ohio State Bar Association and the Columbus
                               Bar Association and was awarded CBR’s Affiliate of the Year
                               award in 2001.

                               Wiese donates many hours to lecturing on real estate law and
                               title insurance for continuing education courses. He is active
                               with his church and serves on numerous committees.

                               Wiese and his wife Kari raised three daughters in Dublin, their
                               current home.

                                                                                    2010 Citizen of the Year – Clarence E. Mingo, II

                                                                                    Sylvia Efta, Chair of the 2010 Awards Night Committee, was
                                                                                    then asked to introduce the first of the annual awards. Clarence E.
                                                                                    Mingo II, Franklin County Auditor, humbly accepted the honor of
                                                                                    Citizen of the Year. He noted that it was the support of his family
                                                                                    and community that propelled him to his current position. He also
                                                                                    emphasized the importance of serving others with distinction.

                                                                                    Named to the Commissioners on the Ohio Court of Claims in
                                                                                    2007, Mingo serves on the Franklin County Juvenile Court Advi-
                                                                                    sory Board. He and his wife Angela have two young daughters.

                                                                                    Started in 1973, the CBR Citizen of the Year Award recognizes
                                                                                    local leaders who exhibit dedication to community service and to
                                                                                    bettering the image and future of central Ohio. Past recipients of
                                                                                    the award include John McConnell, Jimmy Crum, Melvin Schot-
                                                                                    tenstein and Ann Wolfe.

                               2010 Affiliate of the Year – Linda Beckner

                               Efta went on to announce Linda Beckner as Affiliate of the Year.
                               Beckner, of Columbus Title Agency of Westerville, has been in
                               the title business for 16 years. A member of several area realty
                               associations and many CBR committees, Linda was chosen as
                               WCR’s Affiliate of the Year in 2009, and has also received the
                               Captain’s Club, Ohio and RPAC Capital Club Awards and CBR’s
                               “100 Acts of Kindness” Award.

                               Her community service includes volunteering for the Westerville
                               Area Chamber of Commerce, the American Cancer Society and
                               Habitat for Humanity, among others. For 25 years, Linda has
                               served on two auxiliaries at Children’s Hospital.

                               A Columbus native, she resides in Westerville with Dick, her
                               husband of 40 years. They have two daughters.

0   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine •
2010 REALTOR® Salesperson of the Year
– Brad Bennett

The Salesperson of the Year was introduced by Jerry Lux of
Real Living HER who was more than happy to speak about his
longtime colleague and friend, Brad Bennett. Brad’s wife Linda
also took a turn at the podium, enjoying the opportunity to
describe Bennett’s character in one thousand words exactly.

Brad Bennett of Real Living HER has been licensed since
1972. With over $100 million in residential and commercial
real estate transactions, Bennett is active in several CBR, OAR
and NAR committees. He is on the Boards of Directors of
OAR and NAR as well as serving as Chairman of OAR RE-
ALTOR® Political Action Committee (RPAC) Trustees and
CBR CORPAC Governing Board.

He also supports the Ohio Early Care and Education Cam-
paign, the Columbus Housing Partnership and the Homeless
Families Foundation, among others.

Bennett’s father, John Bennett, was honored with CBR’s Sales-
person of the Year Award in 1968. Bennett and his wife Linda
have four sons and live in Upper Arlington.

                                                             2010 Broker of the Year – Connie Salts

                                                       Barbara Lach had the honor of introducing the Broker of the Year,
                                                       Connie Salts. Salts is broker/owner of S.A.L.T. Realty, which she
                                                       founded in 1990. An OAR director for the past five years, she is
                                                       also a recipient of CBR’s 10 Million Dollar Award and OAR’s
                                                       Presidential Sales Club Award every year since 1994.

                                                       An active supporter of the Central Ohio REALTORS® Political
                                                       Action Committee (CORPAC), Salts also contributes to causes
                                                       ranging from women’s health research at Ohio State University,
                                                       Franklin County Soil and Conservation District, Upper Arlington
                                                       Lutheran Church and support groups for the caregivers of criti-
                                                       cally ill patients.

                                                       Salts and her husband Dean have been married for more than 40
                                                       years and reside in Hilliard.

                                                                     • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   51
   • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
                                  MAY 2010                                                                                           JUNE 2010

CBR CALENDAR                      3
                                             Budget, Finance and Investment Committee
                                             Tempo I
                                             Real Estate Grants
                                             Residential Education Committee
                                                                                                                                              Memorial Tournment
                                                                                                                                              FOCUS: Map Search
                                                                                                                                              YPN Meeting
                                  5          BRAC (NE Area Bus Tour)                                                   2p            2        Residential Education Committee                                        1:30p
                                  5          New Member Orientation                                                 5:30p            2        FOCUS: Choosing the right search                                          2p
                                  6          Professional Standards Committee                                       8:30a            3        Tempo I                                                                   9a
                                  6          Commercial Civil Rights                                                   9a            7        C/I Lunch: Incentives                                                    11a
                                  6          FOCUS: Choosing the right search                                         10a            8        COCIE: Introduction                                                       1p
                                  6          CORPAC Fundraising Committee                                           1:30p            8        Member Service Committee                                                  1p
                                  7          CBR Blood Drive                                                           9a            8        Residential Standard Forms Committee                                      2p
                                  10-15      NAR Mid-Year Conference (Washington D.C.)                                               9        REALTOR® Care Day
                                  10         Communication Committee                                                   1p            9        MLS Policy Violation & Review Panel                                       Nn
                                  11         COCIE: Introduction                                                       9a            9        MLS Committee                                                             1p
                                  11         Web Strategies for Real Estate Agents                                     9a            9        MLS Subcommittee Meeting (large conference room)                          1p
                                  11         Residential Standard Forms Committee                                      2p            9        MLS Subcommittee Meeting (computer lab)                                   1p
                                  12         MLS Policy Violation & Review Panel                                       Nn            10       Foundation Fundraising Committee                                      11:30a
                                  12         MLS Committee                                                             1p            10       Sales Advisory Committee                                                  2p
                                  12         MLS Subcommittee Meeting (large conference room)                          1p            10       FOCUS: Map Search                                                         2p
                                  12         MLS Subcommittee Meeting (computer lab)                                   1p            11       At Home with Diversity (civil rights) – Marriott Airport – Ohio Realtists 9a
                                  12         Equal Opportunity Committee                                            1:30p            11       Affordable Housing Leadership Team Meeting                                9a
                                  13         C/I Luncheon – “Legends”                                              11:30a            11       Affordable Housing Committee                                             10a
                                  13         Foundation Fundraising Committee                                      11:30a            11       Affordable Housing Roundtable – Short Sales                              11a
                                  13         Sales Advisory Committee                                                  2p            14       Facebook                                                                 10a
                                  13         FOCUS: Map Search                                                         2p            14       Communication Committee                                                   1p
                                  14         Scholarship Committee                                                     8a            15       Professional Standards Committee                                       8:30a
                                  14         Affordable Housing Leadership Team Meetimg                                9a            15       Tempo II                                                                  9a
                                  14         Affordable Housing Committee                                             10a            15       Technology Users Forum                                                    1p
                                  14         Affordable Housing Roundtable – All about 203(k)’s                       11a            15       COCIE Super Users                                                         3p
                                  17         REALTOR® Care Day Committee                                               1p            16       BRAC                                                                     10a
                                  18         CBR Officers Meeting                                                   8:30a            17       Tempo I                                                                   9a
                                  18         Tempo II                                                                  9a            17       Mentoring Session – Working with Buyers                                   9a
                                  18         Technology Users Forum                                                    1p            17       Grievance Committee                                                       2p
                                  18         COCIE Super Users                                                         3p            17       Bricks, Brats & Beer Festival                                             5p
                                  19         CBR Directors Meeting                                                 11:30a            21       New Member Orientation                                                    9a
                                  20         Mentoring Session – Successful Open Houses/Safety Issues                  9a            21       REALTOR® Care Day                                                         1p
                                  20         FOCUS: Map Search                                                        10a            22       CBR Officers Meeting                                                   8:30a
                                  20         Foundation Advisory Board                                                10a            22       Realtist Class                                                            2p
                                  20         CORPAC                                                                 1:30p            23       CBR Directors Meeting                                                 11:30a
                                  20         Grievance Committee                                                       2p            23       FOCUS: Real Estate Data Accuracy                                          2p
                                  20         FOCUS: Tempo Wireless                                                     2p            24       C/I Education Committee                                                8:30a
                                  21         Governmental Affairs Committee                                         9:30a            24       Jeff Elias Seminar – How to Attract Buyers                                9a
                                  23-25      OAR Spring Conference (Hilton Easton)                                                   24       Tempo II                                                                  9a
                                  25         C/I Steering Committee                                                    Nn            28       OAR Industry Update                                                       9a
                                  25         C/I Membership Committee                                               1:30p            29       Tempo III                                                                 9a
                                  26         FOCUS: Real Estate Data Accuracy                                          2p            29       C/I Steering Committee                                                    Nn
                                  27         C/I Education Committee                                                8:30a            29       C/I Membership Committee                                               1:30p
                                  27         Tempo III                                                                 9a
                                  27         CORPAC Auction/Dinner (Grange Insurance Audubon Center)                   5p                  • Programs/Education classes approved for
                                  31         Memorial Golf Tournament (start)                                                                or pending C.E. credit are indicated in BOLD
                                  31         Memorial Day (CBR office closed)                                                              • Above dates are subject to change

                                           ADVERTISER INDEX
ABC Gas Repair ............................................................. 42        Lifestyle Communities .................................................... 55
America’s Floor Source .................................................... 2          Maronda Homes ............................................................. 46
ASHI Certified Insector ....................................................26
CBR Print Shop .............................................................. 14
                                                                                       Northwest Title ................................................................ 22
                                                                                       Olentangy Eye & Laser Associates ................................ 35
                                                                                                                                                                                  In Contract Magazine is a
                                                                                                                                                                                  great way to target 6,200         th
Chicago Title ....................................................................52   Parkvale Mortgage ......................................................... 28             real estate professionals!
Columbus Dispatch .......................................................... 5         The Pizzuti Companies ................................................... 14               In Contract is published 10 times
Columbus Housing Partnership ...................................... 35                 Rite Rug REALTOR® Direct ........................................... 56                    a year. Advertisers who sign
Concord Mortgage Group ............................................... 44              Schottenstein Real Estate Group ................................... 16                     10 or 5 time contracts receive
                                                                                                                                                                                  discounts for frequency.
Eagle Land Title .............................................................. 26     Title First ......................................................................... 44
Fischer Homes ............................................................... 45       Village Communities ......................................................... 8            In Contract has several ad sizes
The Glass Guru .............................................................. 25       Wayne Homes .................................................................. 9                 1908 - 2008
                                                                                                                                                                                  to fit all advertising needs. To
                                                                                                                                                                                  receive an advertising rate card,
Hallmark Home Mortgage ............................................... 20              WCR ..................................................................................8    contact Marqué Bressler or Lynn
Jamie Zitesman, Attorney ............................................... 18                                                                                                       Hackworth at (614) 475-4000.

    • May/June 2010 • In Contract Magazine • • In Contract Magazine • May/June 2010 •   
Columbus Board of REALTORS®
May/June 2010

      open House Tomorrow?
             We’ve got you covered

     Rite Rug Mobile ShowRooM will bRing the StoRe to youR ClientS!

      next-day inStallation on all in-StoCk pRoduCtS
      wholeSale pRiCeS (not available in Retail StoReS)
      12 MonthS SaMe-aS-CaSh
      48 houR ReSponSe tiMe
      100’S of flooRing SaMpleS bRought to you!

                                                        For an appointment, call or email:
                                                        Bill Luallen (614) 778-9006 _
                                                        Steve Peck (614) 402-9666 _
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