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									                     The Houston Herald
                             Houston High School                                                                                            March 2011

Coaches                                  Houston's 5th Annual Poetry Slam delivers
                                                                                          A poetry slam is a gathering of people who have written a
encourage                                                                                 poem to "slam" onstage with emotional effect. At Houston
                                                                                          High, the English III students recite traditonal poetry, while
students to                                                                               a few students from the poetry class "slam" their own poems.
                                                                                                                                   Far Left: Taylor Holen won
fight for a cure                                                                                                                   first place with "Let America
                                                                                                                                   Be America Again" by Langs-
By SHELBY BROWN                                                                                                                    ton Hughes.
                                                                                                                                   Left: Brandon Owens took
     Cancer is a deadly disease                                                                                                    second place with "Genius"
that manifests in the body and                                                                                                     by Mark Twain.
is something many people fear.                                                                                                     Below Left: Poetry Slam
February 15th through the 18th was                                                                                                 competitors.
Alaska Cancer Week.                                                                                                                Below: Kim Jones placed
     David Porter, president of                                                                                                    third with "I Know Why the
Alaska Association of Basketball                                                                                                   Caged Bird Sings" by Maya
Coaches and head coach of the
Houston boys basketball team,
feels cancer doesn’t affect one
person; it affects a community.
This is why Porter and the Alaska
Association of Basketball Coaches
decided to create a fund raiser to
benefit cancer patients in Alaska.
     Porter and other coaches
at Houston High School urged
students to donate money because
it gives students a way to give back
to the community. “Doing the right
thing is important,” says Porter,
“and 100% of the money raised by
the students goes to Alaskans in
need.”                                  Changes are in store for the upcoming school year
     Even though this is a new event    By KYLIE BOEPPLE
across the state, Porter is hoping to        As the 2010-2011 school year       schedule will allow a total of          the district decides to adopt. For
raise over $10,000, and he expects      comes closer to its end, big plans      28 credits to be earned in four         the longer block classes, this will
five hundred to a thousand dollars      for the 2011-2012 school year have      years; however, the district has        decrease class time by about seven
to come from Houston High               already begun, and students are         yet to determine the new credit         minutes per period.
School. Each student on both the        more than willing to share their        requirement.                                When it comes to adding an
boys and girls basketball teams         opinions about the changes they’re           For students who take classes      extra class, students are in a split
brought in ten dollars or more.         going to face.                          at other locations, like the CNA        decision. Some would like a change,
     “Any type of fundraising for a          The fall of 2011 may bring         classes at the Career and Technical     and with that, they would like to see
cancer association is important,”       Mat-Su School District high             High School, the seven period           new electives offered at Houston.
stated Colton Conner, science           schools a new seven class period        schedule gives safe travel-time and     Others lean more towards keeping
teacher, basketball coach, and          schedule. Although the district is      is even workable with extended-         the current schedule and find it as
soccer coach at Houston. As a           still perfecting the plans, many are    time courses which require more         a nice balance between homework
coach, he feels events such as          talking about the proposals.            time to cover lessons daily.            and extra curricular activities. With
these get kids involved with the             According Houston Principal             The new schedule really            the current schedule, the class load
community. Conner says, “Since          Bill Johnson, the reason behind         benefits the at-risk students, as       isn’t too overwhelming, and many
it’s not a fundraiser for them,         this new transition is to maximize      they have a bigger opportunity          students have enough time after
it gets them out of the selfish         course offerings and minimize           to take required core classes and       finishing homework to take part in
mode because they’re doing it for       the impact of budget decreases          not miss out on taking electives,       sports or other clubs at Houston.
someone else in need.”                  throughout the district.                yet the students must be willing            Anessa Katzenberger, a junior
     During Alaska Cancer Week,              Several questions arose from       to put forth the effort to take full    at Houston, explains, “It depends
Houston High School had their           students such as how it would           advantage of the benefit. However,      on the person, you know. If you’re
first basketball home games             work with the credit requirements,      at risk or not, students may have a     a very academically successful
against Lathrop. Conner said            whether it would still be possible to   wider variety of classes to take.       person then you might just have
Coaches placed a jar for donations      take classes at other locations, and         Adding an extra class won’t        fun having more to do. If you’re
at the gate, and during the half        how it might affect academically        necessarily mean that students will     the kind of person who tends to
time of both varsity games, half        “at-risk” students. At risk students    miss out on time spent learning.        not do their work much anyways,
the proceeds from the free throw        are those who have lost credit          Currently, a student spends about       then it might hurt [your] grades.”
competition and the split the pot       throughout their high school            256 minutes in a single class every         Katzenberger also said the
went to the cancer center.              career.                                 week. With the new schedule,            schedule would be beneficial as
     As a way to encourage students          The district F.A.Q. sheet states   the student will spend about 240        long as students apply themselves,
to raise even more money, coaches       that the current credit requirement     minutes in each class a week,           but new classes would also make
FUND RAISER Continued on page 6         is 22, but the new seven period         depending on the schedule that            CHANGES Continued on page 2

   Student Views                                     Musicians abound                                    Index
   Nurturing creativity and freedom of               Talented Houston students excel in choir            Community News................................2
   expression and choice are vital                   and musical instruments.                            Student Life.......................................3-5
   components for a healthy society.                                            -Pages 4 & 5             Student Views...................................6-7
                              -Pages 6 & 7                                                               Entertainment......................................8
2 Community                                                                                                                      The Houston Herald
                                                                                                                                             March 2011

Luck, it ain't just for the Irish anymore                                                                                 The
   Some people say that March is
the luck season. With St. Patrick’s
                                        be Houston front desk secretary,
                                        Shelley Ax, who has worked at
                                                                               in the life of a South American
                                                                               woman recently. On January 24,
Day rolling around, does everyone
believe that luck comes from
the Irish, or is it something else
                                        Houston for almost eleven years
                                        now. Ax considers herself to be
                                        one of the lucky ones having won
                                                                               2011, a woman jumped from the
                                                                               top of a hotel building in Central
                                                                               Buenos Aires and landed on a taxi
   Norm Bouchard, the Activities
Director at Houston High School,
                                        a trip to Hawaii through a raffle
                                        by the girls’ basketball program in
                                        2006, a car at a motorcycle rally in
                                                                               cab. The taxi driver had gotten out
                                                                               just in time to save his own life,
                                                                               but what was more shocking was
thinks that luck is all based on        1992, and a deacon’s bench from        that the woman who had jumped
motives. “Lucky is more attitude        the shop by helping sponsor a          23 stories survived. When asked                    Advisor:
than luck,” Bouchard said. This         school activity in 2007. According     if this was luck, Bouchard said,
means that people who put               to Ax, the luck of the Irish runs in   “It just wasn’t their time, and they
                                                                                                                                  Mrs. Helle
themselves in a good position           her blood. Ax says, “Your luck is      should recognize that.” Bouchard
and work hard are more prone to         your own, you make it; what you        concluded that these people                          Staff:
be the ones with luck rather than       do in life comes back around in a      should take their time and go do             Christina Bargabos
others who sit around and wait for      full circle.” Ax said that if you’re   something for the world.
                                                                                                                              Kylie Boepple
something to happen.                    always good to people and treat            Some students think differently
   Thomas Jefferson would agree         them well and with respect, then it    about this case. Senior David Prahl              Holly Brett
with Bouchard. He once said, “The       will all come back to you. She said    said, “It has to be luck; most people          Shelby Brown
harder I work the luckier I get.”       it’s like karma.                       who jump from 23 story buildings               Melissa Dodds
   One hard working person would             Perhaps karma was at work                 LUCK Continued on page 3                Nicole Gilbert
                                                                                                                            Margaret Koeneman
Changes are in store for the upcoming school year                                                                            Brandy Malidore
Continued from page 1                                                                                                           Casey Rau
going to school more fun.               at Houston are fun and interesting,    Corps       (ROTC),     swimming,
     Nick Blattler, also a junior,      many students would rather sit         photography, aerobics, astronomy,        Please direct comments and
states that the extra class would       through a long period of art or        forensics, debate, and archery are       submissions to Mrs. Helle in
be great for students who need to       foreign language, which are based      a few others that students would          Room 126. All submissions
make up credits, but students need      around expression and cultural         like to have for the upcoming              are subject to Editor and
initiative in order to get their work   diversity, rather than a core class    year. Since Houston doesn’t have         Advisor approval and may be
done. However, considering the          that takes more concentration and      a pool, those who were interested        edited for content and length.
class time would be cut on certain      dedication to homework.                in taking a swimming class would
days he states, “You wouldn’t get            Currently at Houston, Spanish     need to look into nearby schools        highly educational future for the
a lot of class time to do work.”        is the only language offered. Theis,   who offer swimming and accept           current and upcoming high school
     Maggie Theis, sophomore from       Katzenberger, and Blattler all agree   students from a different school.       students. Until then, students
Houston, would rather keep the          that more foreign language classes         Those at Houston trust district     will continue to dream about the
current six class period schedule.      such as Italian and French would       officials to make beneficial choices    endless possibilities the 2011-2012
“Personally I have trouble keeping      be high-interest courses for them.     that will promise a bright, fun, and    school year will bring.
track of all my work in just those      However, Blattler would like to
six classes! So throwing [another]
class in there would just make
                                        see Russian and German offered at
                                        Houston as well.
                                                                                                       Thank you
things more complicated for me,”             Katzenberger explained how            to the community distribution sites for
she explains.                           she would like to see more types
     Theis’ main concern would          of art classes that would allow
                                                                                            The Houston Herald.
be the extra homework load, and         students to express themselves in                                         Big Lake Library
like many other students, more          ways other than painting or crafts,                                       Big Lake Super Store
homework leads to more stress.          which are both currently offered.                                         Cadillac Cafe
     Many        students     believe        Katzenberger also commented                                          Chepo’s
shorter classes would be better,        that she would like more options                                          First Choice Physical Therapy
but the long blocks still seemed        with athletics than just gym or                                           Houston Lodge
unappealing until the possibility       weight training such as dance and                                         Miller’s Market
of new electives became known.          yoga.                                                                     Newman’s Hilltop
Although classes already offered             Reserved Officer Training                                            Steve’s Food Boy

   2nd Annual Houston/Big Lake
                                                                                                                  Wasilla Sports Complex
                                                                                                                  Willow Community Center

     Community Garage Sale                                                         If you would like to serve as a distribution site or would like
                                                                                     to advertise in The Houston Herald, contact Magy Helle at
                                                                                             892-9427 or at magy.helle@matsuk12.us.

                                                  May 7th
                                                9 a.m. - 4 p.m.                                             District registration
                                                                                                              is going online
    Parking spaces will be pre-sold prior to the                                                               March 15th!
   day of the event. $25 for two parking spaces.
  * Food for sale by the Houston Business Professionals of America.
                                                                                 All students will register online for school next year. Parents
     Contact Kristopher Wagoner at 892-9426 or e-mail at                             need to sign up NOW at Houston High School for an
     kristopher.wagoner@matsuk12.us to reserve space.
                                                                                     I-parent account so it is active for online registration.
The Houston Herald
March 2011                                                                                    Student Life 3
A new Little chapter in life                                                    Thank you Poetry Slam competitors
                                                                                   for an amazing performance!
    Liz Little, attendance secre-
tary at Houston High School, has
decided that it is time to spread                                                                  Academic Slam Winners:
her wings and fly. Little has                                                                             1st Place:
been working for Houston High
School for the last seven years
                                                                                        Taylor Holen - “Let America Be America Again”
and has recently decided to retire.                                                                  by Langston Hughes
    After working 26 years in the
                                                                                                          2nd Place:
Mat-Su School District, Little who
has decided to end this chapter                                                             Brandon Owen - “Genius” by Mark Twain
in her life, stated, “I’m ready to                                                                        3rd Place:
move on, to stretch my wings,
and do something different.”                                                    Kim Jones - “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” by Maya Angelou
Little has worked in the Mat-Su
School District as a playground
and instructional aide at Tanaina                                                      Academic Slam - Additional Competitors:
Elementary, as a special educa-                                                           Sienna Rodgers - “Courage” by Anne Sexton
tion aide and clerk at Wasilla High
                                                                                    Alexa Mendigorin - “Sympathy” by Paul Laurence Dunbar
School, as an instructional aide
at Valley Pathways, office aide at                                                        Kyle Robinson - “Chicago” by Carl Sandburg
Burchell High School, and final-            One of her fondest memories of       Tamara Noratuk - “We Wear the Mask” by Paul Laurence Dunbar
ly here at Houston High School.         HHS was when she returned after
    Before working for the Mat Su       six weeks due to having surgery. “I                   Terry Keel - “Grass” by Carl Sandburg
School District, Little had numer-      was working in the front office at               Phillip Pease & Scott Kramer - “Buzzer Beater”
ous jobs varying from working           the time, and when I got back, I was
for a large insurance company,          greeted by students and staff who
a lumber corporation, a medical         told me how much I was missed             Poetry Class participants with their own poems:
center, and a law firm. She took        and that they were so happy to
a couple of years off of work to        have me back,” Little said. “That
                                                                                                     Irene Attungana - “Judgment”
travel to Europe in the 1970s.          warm welcome touched me deep-                               Attera Heckathorne - “Who Am I”
    According to Little, she trav-      ly and enhanced my recovery.”
eled to a variety of places in Europe       Janelle Maki, the librarian at
such as England, Scotland, Germa-       HHS, says she will miss Little’s        Lucky people
ny, and Spain. “I met my husband        knack for being on top of things        Continued from page 1
in Spain,” Little said. “We got         the most. “She plans things in
married on the Rock of Gibraltar.”      advance, always keeps you in-           don’t survive.” Sophomore Kelsey        is not in control of anything, which
    After her time in Europe, Little    formed of what’s happening, and         Lucas said she thinks it was a little   is impossible.”
and her husband went to Florida         always checks in to make sure           bit of both. According to Lucas,            Senior Neil Walsh agrees with
for a brief time before driving         things are going right,” Maki said.     the woman was lucky because             Garrett Elder and says, “I don’t
across the country to Alaska. They          Shelley Ax, office secretary,       she didn’t hit her head and she         believe in luck because God has
decided to move to Alaska because       said her fondest memory of Little       survived, but “the guy up in the        everything planned out.”
her husband’s brother had started       was the day that she got hired.         sky” was looking out for her.               On the other hand, some
a business in Anchorage. Little’s       “She seemed like she’d be a                 Similarly, other students don’t     students are fully convinced luck
husband had been raised in south-       fun, interesting person to work         believe in pure luck; they don’t        exists. Justin Beaty, also a senior
east Alaska and had wanted to try       with,” Ax said. The two have            believe that things just happen         at Houston High School said,
living in Alaska again. Little lived    been working together for seven         randomly. They think that things        “I believe in luck because any
and worked in Anchorage for four        years. Mrs. Ax said that one of the     happen for a reason and that            number of bad things can happen,
years before moving to Wasilla          things she’ll miss the most about       someone or something has it all         but there is a smaller number of
and getting involved in working         Little is her dry sense of humor.       planned out.                            good things that can happen and
for the Mat-Su School District.             Little claims to have no par-           Garrett Elder, a senior at          when they do, I believe it’s luck.”
    Even though Little is ready         ticular plans once she retires. “I’m    Houston High School, said that he           Whether it’s the “guy up in
to move on to bigger and bet-           just going to be open to any and        doesn’t believe in luck. Elder says,    the sky,” karma, hard work, or
ter things, there are some things       all opportunities that arise. I’m go-   “With luck, it’s based on the reason    just dumb luck, some people like
she will miss about HHS. “I’ll          ing to do a little bit of everything,   that things happen by chance,           Ax and the Buenos Aires woman
miss the kids, their politeness,        including spending more time            and nothing happens by chance           seem to get an extraordinary dose
and sense of fun,” Little said.         with my grandkids,” Little said.        because then that means that God        at just the right time.

 Houston High Event Calendar                                                     Land & Cabins                                            Renting
 Date        Time       Event                                    Location        For Sale Or Rent • 6637 W. Parks Hwy.                  Information
 3/14-3/18              Spring Break
                                                                                                                                    Mike & Twana Stephan
 3/17-3/19              Varsity ASAA State Basketball Championships                                                                 Phone: (907) 376-6478
 4/5-4/7                HSGQE Testing                                                                                               Fax: (907) 373-7404
 4/8-4/9     TBA        Varsity Track Big “C”                    Grace & ACS                                                        Cell: (907) 775-6479

 4/21-4/23   TBA        Region II Music Festival                 Su Valley       Mile 48.5 Parks Hwy. on right before Pittman Rd.   Jay Metz
                                                                                 Mailing: HC 34 Box 2105 • Wasilla, Alaska 99654    Phone: (907) 775-9793
 4/22                   Professional Development (No School)
 4/22-4/2    TBA        Track vs. Skyview Invitational           Skyview
 4/28        4:00 pm    Girls Varsity Soccer vs. North Pole      Houston
 4/28        8:00 pm    Boys Varsity Soccer vs. North Pole       Houston
 4/29        4:00 pm    Girls Varsity Soccer vs. West Valley     Houston
 4/29        6:00 pm    Boys Varsity Soccer vs. West Valley HS   Houston
 4/29-4/30   TBA        Coed Varsity Track vs. Palmer Relays     Houston
 4/30        12:00 pm   Girls Varsity Soccer vs. Grace Christian Houston
 4/30        2:00 pm    Boys Varsity Soccer vs. Grace Christian Houston
 4/30        8:00 pm    Houston High School Prom                 Lake Lucille
4 Student Life                                                                                                                               The Houston Herald
                                                                                                                                                          March 2011

Houston choir students sing their hearts out
    Laughter is widely known to be a universal           easiest piece of music was Dona Nobis Pacem,              the choir teacher for Grace Christian School in
language that many are able to understand                and the hardest piece was Let Everything That             Anchorage.
without problems. However, music, another                Hath Breath. Included in the program were                     “I liked how I got to sing in falsetto a lot,”
form of nonverbal communication, can be                  worldly folksongs, spirituals, a classical choral         says Chris Hagensieker, a senior Houston
understood by those who possess the right                piece, and an African song called Bones Aba.              Honor Choir attendee. “I also found it amazing
listening ear. To the choir students of Houston          Some of the music even had instrumental                   to learn a whole song in two days and see how
High, music is the lifeblood that flows through          accompaniments of congas, bass, and piano,                much I can achieve in such a short time span.”
their veins daily.                                       which added emphasis to the respective songs.             This means that Hagensieker, who usually
    On February 7th and 8th, eight students from             “I liked Bonse Aba because it was in an               sings tenor for Houston’s Symphonic choir, was
Houston’s Concert and Symphonic choirs                   African language much different from what                 allowed to sing in a higher range with the altos
attended Honor Choir at Colony High School.              we’re used to speaking,” says Sienna Rodgers,             and sopranos to match their required pitches
Honor Choir is a yearly gathering of choir               a junior HHS Honor Choir student. “Singing                for whichever piece they were producing.
students from selected high schools to broaden           it made me feel like we were in another world                 This year, students who never attended
their musical knowledge and in the end, to put           with other people.” According to Rodgers,                 Honor Choir were prompted to participate
on a concert to show what they have learned              while performing Bonse Aba, the students were             in order to gain the experience. Students
in a short span of two days. The schools that            to sway with the tempo to give it a mystique              who expressed interest were picked by Webb
attended the event were Wasilla, Palmer,                 beneficial for the deliverance of the song.               instead of following the traditional method of
Colony, Glacier View, and Houston High                       As stated by Webb, one of the other reasons           creating audition CDs and sending them off to
School.                                                  for sending her selected students to Honor Choir          be judged by complete strangers.
    HHS choir teacher, Megan Webb, says,                 every year is so they have the opportunity to                 “Honor Choir improves my outlook
“Honor Choir is the perfect opportunity to               learn from another teacher other than herself.            on music, and it helps me become a better
enrich the students’ minds with new techniques.          Since instructional methods vary, it challenges           musician,” says Attera Heckathorn, a junior
It also allows them to try more difficult music          the students to learn music from another point            Houston High Honor Choir student. “By
than what school choirs have to offer,” states           of view. This year, the director who helped the           singing with other people who are as equally
Webb.                                                    students procure further knowledge relating               talented as I or more advanced, I can learn new
    According to Webb, the Honor Choir’s                 to musical performance was Margaret Brown,                things from others and them from me.”

Students and staff show their school spirit during WACKO week
    WACKO Week is a Houston
tradition that pits classes against
each other and the staff to see who
has the most school spirit. The
week includes spirit dress up days
including retro day and pajama day
and ends with a WACKO assembly
with an array of wacky games and
competitions. This year, the staff
racked up the most points winning
the overall competition.

                                             Scott Kramer supervises as Alyssa Weiss feeds Colton
                                             Conner delicious pudding.

Sean Seamands and staff battle against the

                                                                                                    Tierra Lee and fellow juniors race to complete their pyramid.

Colton Buzby, Jake Daniels, Phillip Pease, and
Tyler Barron help the juniors dominate the staff in Timmy Benson waits to see if the tape will hold
tug-o-war.                                          Kendra Johnson.                                 Colton Buzby and Christina Bargabos go retro.

              A Red CarpetProm 2011                                                                                                Thank you
                                                                                                                               Gorilla Fireworks
               Date: April 30, 2011
               Time: 8 p.m. to midnight                                                                                       for your continued
               Location: Best Western/Lake Lucille                                                                              support of the
                      Tickets will be sold in Mrs. Reese’s office
                                                                                                                             Houston High School
                     $55.00 for a Couple $30.00 for a Single                                                                 journalism program!
The Houston Herald
March 2011                                                                                   Student Life 5
Houston musician pursues her talent                                                                                    Congratulations to
                                                                                                                        Honor Choir and
    Band, choir, drama, and art are     this one guy who was like sixty-
                                                                                                                        Band Members!
all things that many people do in       nine years old,” she explained.
school to be creative or to excel            Her favorite saxophone is                                                         Honor Choir:
in their talents. But that’s usually    called The Black Pearl. “It’s the                                                       Allyssa Miller
where the effort stops. For some,       most beautiful thing you will ever                                                  1st Chair Soprano 1
going out of their way to work on       see,” states McCamon wistfully.                                                      Attera Heckathorn
what they love outside of school is         McCamon’s most memorable                                                             Soprano 1
simply too much work.                   performance was when she went                                                           Lacie Wright
    But not everyone feels that         to JazzFest last year with JPJ (Just                                                     Soprano 1
way. Some feel so passionately          Playn Jazz). She said, “We played                                                  Anessa Katzenberger
about their craft that it’s enough to   three songs and had choreography.                                                     1st Chair Alto 1
amaze you.                              It was awesome.” She said for                                                            Kim Jones
    Houston High School Senior          more loud and obnoxious songs,                                                        1st Chair Alto 2
Chelsea McCamon loves to play the       the musicians just moved their                                                        Anna Sandefur
saxophone. “I started out dancing       upper bodies and instruments                                                          Alto 2 Alternate
when I was in kindergarten at           in sync with each other, keeping       My music I create can change                   Timmy Benson
Sonja’s Studio of Dance. Then           their feet in the same formation.      for my mood. So even when I’m                        Bass 1
Ms. Dalby introduced me to the          She was all smiles as she recalled     performing, if I’m in a very bad               Jamison Richey
recorder. I fell in love. I then        this performance and stated that       mood, the music can cheer me up.                     Bass 2
alternated from the recorder to         people react well to the music.        As weird as it sounds, all I have
clarinet, and finally to saxophone in       JPJ is a professional jazz group   to do is play ‘happy.’ If that even              Honor Band:
middle school,” says McCamon.           with a combination of kids all         makes sense.”                                     Ali Magee
    McCamon plays the baritone          throughout the valley. The group            And it did make sense. After                  Clarinet
saxophone in a professional jazz        usually consists of seventeen to       all, don’t we all have that one thing          Laurena Crosslin
band and also in a community            eighteen kids, some awesome            that never fails to make us happy?                 Clarinet
college band on Fridays and             and some learning. “I’m actually       That one activity, hobby, or skill
Saturdays. McCamon practices            the only chick in the band,” states    that is honestly the love of life…as    Honor Steel Drum Band:
roughly sixteen hours a week for        McCamon. But she doesn’t seem to       weird as it sounds?                              Martin Budde
the Thursday performances.              mind because she says JPJ makes             McCamon says, “I plan to
    In the college band she performs    those involved stronger.               become a music director to help            All HHS music students will
in, there are roughly forty five to         “When I perform, I feel            students who want to learn music        participate in the festival on April
fifty members with ages ranging         complete. I feel that no matter        but need the extra help to reach          21st to 23rd at Su-Valley High
from fifteen to seventy. “There was     what, music will always be there.      their dreams.”                            School. Students not in honor
                                                                                                                       groups participate in mass band
                                                                                                                        or mass choir, and all students

  Don't miss the Houston High School prom on April 30th!                                                               perform with their school band or
                                                                                                                        choir and in solo and ensemble

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                                                            tuxedo                                              Pageant
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6 Student Views                                                                                                                       The Houston Herald
                                                                                                                                                   March 2011

Nurturing the creative mind                                                                                                 Fund raiser
By BRANDY MALIDORE                                                                                                          aims to provide
     Albert Einstein once said,
“Imagination is more important
                                         based reaction. “People would say
                                         ‘ aren’t you afraid that you’re not
                                                                                  divine, creative, unknowable,
                                                                                  eternal mystery is just a smidge
                                                                                                                            funds for Alaska
than knowledge, for knowledge
is limited to all we now know and
                                         going to have any success, that the
                                         humiliation of rejection will kill
                                                                                  too much responsibility to put
                                                                                  on fragile human psyche. It’s like
                                                                                                                            cancer patients
understand, while imagination            you, or that you’re going to work        asking someone to swallow the             Continued from page 1
embraces the entire world.”              your whole life at this craft and        sun,” said Gilbert. This mindset          promised to reward the class period
Creativity is a great tool, and some     nothing is ever going to come of it?”    contributes to the unstable               that donated the most money with
people love it so much that they         stated Gilbert. When people ask          environment for the artist. Gilbert       a pizza party.
make it a profession while others        these questions towards creative         seems to think that this pressure is          As a part of the basketball team,
are satisfied keeping it a hobby.        minds, they create an unstable           what has been killing off artists for     junior Theo Stone knew he needed
     Creativity and artistry can come    environment for creativity.              the last 500 years, and I agree.          to donate because of 8th grader,
in many forms such as painting,                The presence of an unstable            When artists believe they are         Cody Dennis, who will join the
drawing,      writing,      sculpting,   environment can cause an artist to       the source of creativity, that’s          Houston High School basketball
reading, dancing, acting, music,         stutter in their work by providing       when they become afraid they              team next season. Dennis was
and many others. Creativity can          an unrealistic expectation to live       won’t create something satisfying         recently diagnosed with bone
range from dark and inspirational        up to. The expectation is that the       because they make themselves the          cancer. After months of trying to
to exotic and beautiful.                 artist should already know the           center of creative knowledge.             heal a broken knee, Dennis learned
      Elizabeth Gilbert, the author      outcome of their future work.                According to Gilbert, creative        that his condition was much more
of Eat, Pray, Love, talked about             So, how do artists contend           people across all genres have a           serious.
her creative instinct at a TED           with the idea that their creativity      reputation for being enormously               Dennis is now at Seattle’s
conference in February 2009 in           is solely based on their own             and mentally unstable. Gilbert            Children’s Hospital in Seattle,
Long Beach, California.                  knowledge, and how do we deal            said,     “Somehow        we      have    Washington, where he is being
     Gilbert spoke about how her         with the pressure society puts on        completely       internalized      and    treated. The team sends him letters,
book became a “freakish” success,        creative people? Gilbert looked to       accepted collectively this notion         footage of the games, travel gear,
but after that, people came to the       other cultures to find answers.          that creativity and suffering             and recently, the game ball from
assumption that her best work was            Gilbert looked to Ancient            are somehow inherently linked             the 22nd Annual Nikiski Tip-Off
now behind her.                          Greece and found that people             and that artistry in the end will         Tournament.
     “I’m a writer. Writing books is     did not believe creativity came          ultimately lead to anguish.”                  “So he’s pretty much the main
my profession, but it’s more than        from human beings alone. Greeks              People should strive to create        reason I think it’s important to
that of course; it’s also my great       believed that creativity was an          their best work, but society              do this,” stated Stone who had a
lifelong love and fascination,”          inspirational attendant spirit that      shouldn’t drain the artist to the         special caring look in his eyes as he
said Gilbert. Many creative              came to human beings from some           point of suffering. Although great        spoke. “It’s a big deal; people are
people have great successes, but         distant and unknowable source.           art can result from suffering,            diagnosed with cancer every day,
once they produce a great work,              Most creative people have            sometimes society gives artists a         so we need to raise awareness and
why do people assume that they           experienced a rush of inspiration        fear that they can’t create anything      give back,” said Stone.
are basically finished? Gilbert          that gives them an idea to create.       better. This type of suffering stifles        Mathematics       teacher     and
said that when her book hit the          Artists sometimes take this              creativity rather than releasing          basketball coach, Curt Youngberg,
stores, it became a phenomenon,          inspiration as their own, but            it. Gilbert said that we need to          decided that donating money
but everywhere she went, people          where does it really come from?          encourage great minds.                    to a cancer research program is
treated her like she was doomed.         In Ancient Rome, people believed               So, maybe to do this, artists       important also. He said, “Doing
     “They [people] come up to           in something called a genius. This       shouldn’t take all the credit for         community service is a part of
me now all worried and they say          genius was not necessarily a clever      imagination but rather continue           being a coach, so this week was a
‘aren’t you afraid that you’re never     individual but a divine entity that      working hard and capitalize on            great week to be a good member.”
going to top that?” said Gilbert.        lived in the walls of an artist’s        the genius when it strikes.                   Nicky Richter, a math teacher
The point is that we place this          studio. This genius assisted the             Gilbert said, “Maybe if you just      and girl’s basketball coach,
responsibility on creative people        artist in their work and shaped          believe that [creativity is] on loan      said raising money helps the
to keep creating things bigger and       the outcome. This belief creates a       to you from some unimaginable             community, and it’s a good cause.
bigger, when in reality it builds        distance to protect the artist from      source for some exquisite part            “You never know if it will happen
pressure on them, giving them the        the results of the work so that the      of your life,” then process of art        to you.”
feeling of fear. This fear is drawn      artist couldn’t take all the credit if   doesn’t need to be full of anguish.           As of March 3rd, the Alaska
towards their work; they become          the work was great, and it wasn’t            Nurturing        creativity      is   Association of Basketball Coaches
afraid that their work is no longer      entirely their fault if the work was     important because no one knows            has raised over $2,000, and
worthy. Instead of nurturing             bad. Now there’s a pressure lift.        when that genius is going to show         Houston High School raised $640
creativity, we are draining them.            Centuries later, people started      up to help create a glorious piece        for this worthy cause.
     When Gilbert was a teenager         referring to themselves as a             of art. So, continue to strive at your
and she first started to tell people     geniuses. “ Allowing somebody,...        work and never give up because
that she wanted to be a writer, she      to believe that he or she is the         you never know when that rush of
was met with this same kind of fear      vessel,... and the source of all         inspiration will hit you.

                                                                                                                                 open from
                                                                                                                            April 1st to July 1st

                           Wasilla’s Sprint Triathlon
             400 Meter Swim • 9 Mile Bike • 5K Run
             Limited to                         Saturday, August 6, 2011                                                           $90 Team Fee
           300 participants                                                                                                        $45 Individual
                                                       10:00 a.m.                                                                     Ages 15 & up
                 Go to www.whynottriwasilla.net for rules, contact information, and registration form.
                         All proceeds donated to the ALS Association (Lou Gehrig’s Disease).
The Houston Herald
March 2011                                                                           Student Views 7
Changing lives while changing the community
    Whether it’s taking a few hours to care for      stand after service for a half hour. With our        is generous and motivated enough to donate
the dogs at the pound or helping pick up the         experience, my mom, best friend, and I decided       their time to any type of organization, it shows
garbage along the road in your community,            to step up.                                          their positive characteristics and dedication to
volunteering is one the most beneficial activities       Becoming part of the espresso ministry is        help make their community a better place.
for people at any age.                               something I’m never going to forget. I was able           Even if a person doesn’t have any
    Not only that, but volunteering is what          to make people smile, help my church, and even       work experience, having a list of volunteer
makes many of the great organizations such           teach others how to make espresso drinks.            experiences on a resume will quite possibly
as the Alaska Dog and Puppy Rescue and                   Volunteering at my church gave me                persuade an employer to take a second look at
the Spring Clean-Up possible, and those who          motivation to find other places that I could offer   them and their resume.
volunteer reap many benefits. Volunteering           my time to and the next step was becoming                 One of the most incredible examples of a
gives a person many skills and characteristics       a kindergarten assistant at Meadow Lakes             community coming together and volunteering
that make them an eligible candidate for great       Elementary. My hope is that the kids I helped        happened this year and involved the Alaska
jobs and even better assets to the community.        and taught will follow in the footsteps of many      Dog and Puppy Rescue. Recently, the Mat-
    You may see the Live United commercials          and volunteer when they’re older.                    Su Animal Control, partnered with the ADPR
on television trying to persuade people to               My time in the classroom was spent helping       rescued 157 dogs and puppies and moved
volunteer more. According to their website, the      the students learn how to read and write, as         them to their facility where many people came
benefits include many things such as making          well as teaching them to solve simple math           together to donate time and items that were
important networking contacts for future             problems. Making a difference in their life          vital for keeping the dogs alive and healthy.
careers, enhancing your resume, building self-       has made a difference in mine because while               So it doesn’t matter where you volunteer
esteem and self-confidence, and allowing you         teaching those students things people take for       your time. As long as you are helping, you’re
to make a difference in someone’s life.              granted on a daily basis I realized that being a     making a change in the community, and it just
    I never knew that volunteering could offer       teacher is something that I’d enjoy later in life.   might be the much-needed change in someone’s
so much until the opportunity to donate my               Aside from the well known benefits of            life.
time was in front of me. My church was looking       volunteering, the experience is something
for a small group of people to run the espresso      that many employers value. When a person

Art and the public school Freedom of expression
By MARGARET KOENEMAN                                                  By NICOLE GILBERT
    When schools face budget cuts, the first programs to go are         We are told from a very early age that we have certain freedoms which we
usually the ones that deal with art. These classes aren’t just art   expect to be given to us without a second thought. And we should, but as all
in the form of paints and paper mache but also in music, dance,      things are, this is not always the case. Students should be able to write, or draw,
and literature. This is not acceptable as art is just as important   or paint whatever it is we want. After all, it’s art.
as sports or other core classes to the well being of students.          Art is something that’s completely left up to interpretation and something that
     According to the Edutopia website, art in any shape helps       we should be able to make for other people to wonder about. Art that makes you
expand a person’s creativity and understanding of the world          think is the only kind of good art. If we are starved of creativity and told to never
around them. Also, art, just like sports, helps keep students        stray from our happy mind-set and explore different emotions, then what are we
occupied with their free time and helps keep them from               doing? Art should cause a deep feeling of some kind in a person.
negative choices.                                                       If this is taken away from us, our originality will melt away as we get older,
     Art education is crucial in this day and age because when       and without imaginative originality, we are reduced to little more than monotone
such aspects are greatly lacking, people tend to favor cheap,        robots that are too afraid to push at what society expects from us to really make
modern excuses for dance or music. Examples of this are              a difference.
slapped together club beats or “grind dancing” which is more            Look around you. How many people have written a sad poem or a song
like second-rate imitation rather than art.                          or have created a piece of art of any kind because they were upset for only a
       One might argue that sports are the better choice for         moment? Parents, teachers, and other members of society see these things, and
extracurricular activity, but not everyone possesses the physical    sometimes without a moment’s hesitation, they judge that whoever wrote it
dexterity for basketball, football, or wrestling. By engaging        had to be depressed. They may generalize everyone into the same group. And
in activities that exercise the left side of the brain, teens can    because of this, teens may be too scared to show anyone because what was made
heighten photographic memory and coordination just as well           was ‘wrong.’
as playing ball.                                                        Sometimes these things are just a sad lyric made in a moment of weakness,
     In any case, if one is to assume that future generations of     but for some people, these things are a cry for help and they are shushed up
artists are to come forth, then it must be thought to keep art in    before they can open their metaphorical mouths. It’s the only way they know to
schools to inspire those students who wish to take that path in      be heard, and those freedoms are sometimes taken away or limited.
life; therefore, districts should give more funding to choir, art,      Either way, we have a right to make art however we see fit. We are born with
and dance departments as well.                                       that freedom. The world isn’t all sunshine and flowers; there are shadows and
                                                                     shadings which add beauty to what was already breathtaking.

                                                                                 Making Smiles That
                                                                                 Last For A Lifetime

                                                                                     Free Whitening for Life
                                                                                     Open on Saturday
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                                                       High School                   Emergencies Welcome
                                                       and receive                   Bill All Insurance Plans        357-6684
                                                         $25 off!                    Oral Surgery & Pediatric Dentists
                                                                                   Please call for your appointment today!
                                                                                  Dr. Scott Methven      Dr. Ned Imlach
                                                                                        Dr. Nick Methven        Dr. Drue Pickens
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                                                                                      visit us online at www.akdental.com
8 Entertainment                                                                                                        The Houston Herald
                                                                                                                                 March 2011

Robbins brings war to life                                                       If you could do anything this
    “For six months, Stalingrad is the   and vivid human depth in the
                                                                               spring break, what would you do?
center of a titanic struggle between     novel adds to the historical
the Russian and German armies, the       events that took place in the                              "Go to see
bloodiest campaign in mankind’s long     turning battle for Stalingrad and                          As I Lay
history of warfare. The outcome is
                                         turns them into something more                             Dying in
pivotal. If Hitler’s forces                                                                         concert."
                                                  than cold dates and
are not stopped, Russia                                                                             John Brass,
will fall. And with it, the                       facts. The characters,
                                                  both fictional and non                            sophomore
                                                  fictional, and settings
   War of the Rats, a                             were so realistic; one
1999 war fiction novel                            could have thought
written by David L.                               they would pop out of                                           "Probably go to Hawaii."
Robbins, is a thrilling                           the pages in a frenzy                                            Kelsey Lucas, sophomore
recount of the Russian                                                         "Hang out
                                                  of bullets, dust, and
and German sniper                                                              with my
                                                  blazing cinders. Also,
duals inside the city of                                                       boyfriend
                                                  the way the book was
Stalingrad. Set during                                                         and my
                                                  written was nearly
World War II at the                                                            friends,
                                                  seamless and flowed
Battle of Stalingrad, the novel                                                and go
                                         very well, which made the story
mainly focuses on Chief Master                                                 snow
                                         easy to keep track of through
Sergeant Vasily Zaytsev of                                                     boarding."
                                         all the tense moments when a
the Red Army and SS Colonel                                                    Laurena
                                         sniper took aim at a target and
Heinz Thorvald of the German                                                   Crosslin,
                                         faster paced ambushes on either
Army. The two, both expert                                                     sophomore
                                         side’s soldiers.
snipers for each opposing side,             War of the Rats is definitely an
are equally matched and have             enjoyable book for any WWII           "I would
the single intent on killing one         fanatic, and if one likes the book    swim
another. The story intensifies           enough, it is then suggested to       underwater
as a female American sniper              also watch the 2001 film based        the length of
from Zaytsev’s unit, Tania               after the book, Enemy at the Gates,   the Panama                                "I’d go to the
Chernova, becomes one of his             starring Jude Law as Zaytsev,         Canal."                                Galapagos Islands."
most valuable assistants and his         Joseph Fiennes as commissar           Willy Styken,                            Heather Hanes,
battlefield lover.                       Danilov, and Ed Harris as             sophomore                                   sophomore
   The        gritty     content,        Major Erwin König, the movie’s
meticulously researched detail,          equivalent to Thorvald.

                                                                      Prom Night
                                                      Houston Lodge
                                                                    Complete Dinners
           Dinner Choices
                                                                     for Two $60.00
                   Prime Rib of Beef                             Dinner includes: Choice of two dinner entrees plus
           Slow Oven Roast Prime Rib of Beef                      a frozen tropical daiquiri beverage, garden salad,
                  Cajun Rib Eye Steak                                   chef’s choice of two accompaniments,
       Seasoned to Perfection and Char Broiled                     hot chocolate, caramel laval cake turtle for two.
                   Chicken Fettuccini
                Tender Chicken Fettuccini
          Served with Grilled Bruchetta Bread              Reservations Recommended
                  Seafood Fettuccini
              Succulent Shellfish Fettuccini                          (limited seating)
          Served with Grilled Bruchetta Bread

                  Champaign Chicken
               Boneless Breast of Chicken
     Sauteed in a Delicate Champaign Cream Sauce

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