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									Customer Management in Arabian
     Automobiles AWR-A
     C        Feedback Pl tf    A
     Consumer F db k Platforms As A
     Key Continuous Improvement Tool

            Hani Masgidi
  Old Days

• Limited number of choices
• Slower Base
•Focus Purely on the Features
•Focus Purely on the Functions

  Todays’ Market

• Clients Loyalty is Fading
• Customers Expectations
  are Soaring
• Market is Increasingly
• Increasing pressure on
  Gross Profit Margin GPM
• Cluttered media ,High
  Cost & Low ROI

AWR-                       g
AWR-A Answer To The Challenges
           p                  g                q
CMU can help AWR-A in achieving its customer acquisition and retention
                        objectives through:

     Robust marketing & sales approach to acquire new customers
       obust a et g sa es app oac          acqu e e custo e s
A centralized CRM strategy and team that contributes in retaining existing
       CRM Umbrella Concept                         6

              CRM Integration


Showroom                         f    S     ( S)
                                After Sales (AS)-
(SR) Sales
( )
(SR)-                               Support
                                    S pport
             Marketing Strategy
M&S/CRM operation overview -
                     customer lifecycle
                                               Referral / Share-of-
                                                wallet marketing

▪ Contact Center /
        ▪ Visit      Warm   ▪Examining Warm
                            ▪Quotation           Purchase Loyalty Program
  ▪ Visit Event                                             Promotion
    1st contact      Hot              Hot        Repurchase
                                                             Delivery    Loyalty Program starts

  ?                                                  Lifecycle
                             Repurchase                oya ty og a
                                                      Loyalty Program
                              M k ti
  CRM Organization Structure

                                                            Head Of CMU
                                                               H.M.                                      P.A.

                                        Contact                                          Customer                                    Customer
     CRM                                                                                Information
Implementation                          Center                                         Quality Analyst
   Manager                              Manager

                                                                                                                        Digital      Customer
                          AWR CC                                           Quality                          MIS
                                        AAC CC           AAC CC                                                       Engagement    Relationship
 CRM analyst            Team Leader                                       Supervisor                     Supervisor                   Officers
                                      Team Leader      Team Leader                                                      planner

                                 AWR                AAC
                   AWR                                             AAC
                               OutBound           Inbound
               Inbound Team                                      Outbound
                                 Team               Team
The inputs we have for Customer Needs

     Attribute          Sales                    Attribute      Service
     Length of tim e spent waiting at delivery   Cost of labor
     E l       ti     f
     Explanation of warranty t                   Speed of delivery of vehicle at pick-up
     Dem onstration of features & controls       Time for vehicle to be taken
     Explanation of after-sales                  Ease of making an appointment
     Product Inform ation in Showroom
                                                 Explanation of work done & charges
     Expalantion of m aintenance schedule
                                                 Promptness in handling at reception
     Explanation of Finance and Insurance
                                                 Cost f
                                                 C t of parts t
     Ability to listen and understand needs
     O n-tim e delivery                          Quality of work
     Fulfilm ent of com m itm ents               Clear explanation of work to be done
     Explanation of Cost                         Service advisor listening
     Convenience of business hours               Service advisor knowledge / ability
     Appearance of Showroom
     A                 f Sh                      Availability of parts
     Exterior cleanliness                        Convenient Service Hours
     T im e from order to delivery               Delivery at promised date / time
     Interior cleanliness                        Cleanliness after service work
     Q uality of vehicle post-delivery           Cleanliness of Service Facilities
     Easy to find / access to showroom           Length of wait before being attended
     Com fort of showroom                        Easy to find reception
     W illingness to sort problem s              Service Advisor Appearance
     Product Knowledge
                                                 Availability of parking
     Follow-up contact
                                                 Comfort of lounge / waiting area
     Courtesy and Friendliness
     Availability of parking                     Easy to find location
     Appearance                                  Amenities in waiting area / lounge
     T est D rive                                Courtesy and friendliness
                                      Syndicated research customers         Ogilvy customers      AAC view of custom er needs

Charge me     Recognise      Know what     M ake it easy     Give m e       Be easily      Impress me   Impress me    M ake parking    Make any        Let m e drive
  fairly    that I am busy you are talking to buy from     quality work   accessible for    with your    with your     easy for m e   waiting tim e   the car I want
                               about           you                             me           prem ises     people                       bearable           to buy

scaling of AWRA performance against the needs areas
                                                                                                   Customer view of importance   Customer view of performance
    The chart below indicates the customer needs
    areas (in orange) in decreasing order of                       Be easily accessible for me
    importance. It then indicates (in dark blue) how
    well AAC is performing against each need based              Impress me with your premises
                                      p ,         p
    on a combination of customer input, staff input
    and observed input from CRM.                                Know what you're talking about

                                                                  Make it easy to buy from you

                                                                   Give me somewhere to park

                                                                  Impress me with your people

                                                                       Recognise that I'm busy

                                                                          Give me quality work

                                                                               Charge me fairly

                                                               Make any waiting time bearable

                                                                             Reward my loyalty

                                                              Let me drive the car I want to buy

                                                       Have people that can speak my language

                                                                                Recognise me

                                                              Give me confidence in your brand

                                                                   Let me deal with you on-line

                                                           Don t
                                                           Don’t keep asking how satisfied I am

                                                                        Keep in touch with me
Conclusion & Findings

  Importance of SALES attributes                                       Importance of SERVICE attributes

 Attribute                                  Weighting     Less      Attribute                                 Weighting
 Length of time spent waiting at delivery     59.6                  Cost of labor                               56.0
 Explanation of warranty                      52.4                  Speed of delivery of vehicle at pick-up     48.9
 Demonstration of features & controls         47.1                  Time for vehicle to be taken                48.6
 Explanation of after-sales
 E l       ti    f ft     l                   47 0
                                                                    Ease of making an appointment               47.3
 Product Information in Showroom              45.3
 Expalantion of maintenance schedule          44.4
                                                                    Explanation of work done & charges          43.9
 Explanation of Finance and Insurance         43.8                  Promptness in handling at reception         43.1
 Ability to listen and understand needs       43.6                  Cost of parts                               42.7
 On-time delivery                             42.2                  Quality of work                             42.5
 Fulfilment of commitments                    41.4
                                              41 4                  Clear explanation of work to be done        42 4
 Explanation of Cost                          41.1                  Service advisor listening                   41.6
 Convenience of business hours                38.5                  Service advisor knowledge / ability         40.9
 Appearance of Showroom                       38.0                  Availability of parts                       38.0
 Exterior cleanliness                         36.9                  Convenient Service Hours                    37.7
 Time from order to delivery                  36.1
                                                                    Delivery at promised date / time            37.2
 Interior cleanliness                         35 3
                                                                    Cleanliness after service work              36.5
 Quality of vehicle post-delivery             35.3
 Easy to find / access to showroom            33.2                  Cleanliness of Service Facilities           35.8
 Comfort of showroom                          33.0                  Length of wait before being attended        33.9
 Willingness to sort problems                 32.6                  Easy to find reception                      33.0
 Product Knowledge                            32.4                  Service Advisor Appearance                  29.4
 Follow-up contact
 Follow up                                    32.1                  Availability of parking                     28.3
                                                                                                                28 3
 Courtesy and Friendliness                    29.8                  Comfort of lounge / waiting area            28.3
 Availability of parking                      28.6                  Easy to find location                       27.4
 Appearance                                   28.2                  Amenities in waiting area / lounge          27.3      13
 Test Drive                                   22.0
                                                                    Courtesy and friendliness                   24.8
       CRM Umbrella CFT’s                        14

             CRM Integration


Sales CFT                      After Sales CFT

            Marketing Strategy
Awareness Campaign
Ease of taking an Appointment
Economic Maintenance

Smoothing The Delivery Process


Loyalty Program
Social Media

Analysis and MIS

                   Period                     Q1 2008                 Outlet                        All                        Fleet / Retail               All                     CCC Person                      All

                          New Customer Acquisition                         Current Customer Retention                                 Average Customer Value                                     Enquiry Efficiency

                                       50%                                                 50%                                                     5000                                                   50%
                            25%                                                                                                      2500                                                                                 75%
                                                    75%                    25%                                                                                     7500                   25%

                      0                                   2,000       0%                                         100%            0                                        10000      0%                                           100%

                            Measure             Perf.     Target                 Measure             Perf.        Target                 Measure              Perf.       Target                Measure               Perf.       Target

                                    Key Indicator                                     Key Indicator                                             Key Indicator                                         Key Indicator
                   CCC conquest leads                                 CCC retention leads                                      Average value added to car                           Enquiries dealt with on first
                                                    25%       28%                                         29%           40%                                       8,250     8,312                                          81%       70%
                   conversion ratio                                   conversion ratio                                         sales                                                contact
                                  Support Indicators                               Support Indicators                                       Support Indicators                                    Support Indicators
                   Walk-in conquest leads                             Walk-in retention leads                             Average Total Customer
                                                    38%       45%                                         48%           60%                                   12,345       12,500 Contact centre abandon rate             4.23%    5.00%
                   conversion ratio                                   conversion ratio                                    Value
                                                                                                                          Average annual service visits
                   Total conquest sales          1,245       1,500 Total retention sales              2,325         3,000                                          4.70       5.10 Time to answer                          82%       80%
                                                                                                                          per vehicle
                   CCC conquest leads
                                                    243           200 CCC retention leads created         397           400 Customer Data Quality             8.43%        10.00% Web / Mail handling                      79%       75%
                   Walk-in conquest leads                             Walk-in retention leads
                                                 2,040       2,200                                    2,324         2,850                                                           CCC lead results recorded              49%       50%
                   added                                              added
                   New service customers             95           100 Lost service customers              243           200                                                         Low quality CCC leads            12.20% 10.00%

                   Prospects contacted by                          Existing customers
                                                 1,435       1,200                                    1,654         1,550
                   CCC                                             contacted outbound
                   New prospect records
                                                 2,430       2,000 Average cars per customer              1.78          1.85
                                                                      No. of complaints received          178           150

                                                                      No. of complaints closed            165           160

                                                                      Complaints recovered                154           130

          Failure to Achieve Business Benefits
            22%                                    Organization
        p y
Politics /Inertia                                   al Change
                                                      3      4%
                                                      4   Othe
                                                      5   r
       20%                                                Advice
  Lack of CRM                                         9 2%
                      12%         6%          4%
                                                     S ft
                      Poor      Lack of      Budget Problem
                    Planning   CRM Skills   Problems     s
Internet marketing As enabler for
Consumer Feedback oriented
Continues Improvement
What Exactly Is Internet

• Internet marketing
  is the practice of
  using all facets of
  advertising to
  generate a
  response from
  your audience.
Internet Marketing methods

 •   Search engine marketing
 •   Display advertising
 •   e-mail
     e mail marketing
 •   Affiliate marketing
 •   Interactive advertising
 •   Social marketing
AIM of marketing in General

 1 Find the right
 2 Ask people what
    they want
 3 Give it to them
Internet Users Growth
Internet Users Growth M.E.
Internet Users Growth GCC

       GCC           Population- 2010 Est Usage, in Dec 00 Internet Usage % Population User Growth 2000-2010
Bahrain                    738,004            40,000           649,300      88.00%           1523.30%
Kuwait                    2,789,132          150,000          1,100,000     39.40%            633.30%
Oman                      2,967,717           90,000          1,236,700     41.70%           1274.10%
Q t
Qatar                      840,926
                           840 926            30,000
                                              30 000           436 000
                                                               436,000      51.80%
                                                                            51 80%           1353 30%
Saudi Arabia             25,731,776          200,000          9,800,000     38.10%           4800.00%
United Arab Emirates      4,975,593          735,000          3,777,900     75.90%            414.00%
Total                     38,043,148         1,245,000        16,999,900
Offline Marketing Vs. Online Marketing
         Offline Marketing                   Online Marketing
High Cost                            Very Low Cost
Limited audience                     World Wide audience
Mass Approach
M    A      h                        Targeted Approach
                                     T    t dA       h
Difficult to measure effectiveness   Measurable effectiveness and ROI
and ROI
Short term Impact                    Long term Impact
Difficult to modify                  Easy To Modify
Case Studies

               1-Arabian Automobiles – Infiniti

      “ Made a revenue of Dhs. 2,145,000
                   Dhs.      Only!
          Spending Dhs 3312 Only!”
AWRostamani Holdings Group


           Other Co.s          Other Co.s
1-Arabian Automobiles – Infiniti
• Average Auto Market Cost Per Lead =
  Dhs 250
• Using PPC targeted Campaign
• Budget 30 $ / Day
  Generating 11 – 17 L d P d
• G      ti          Leads Per day
• Cost Per Lead Dhs 6 – 10
• Converted Leads = 11
• Total Sales = 11 X Dhs. 195,000 = Dhs
infiniti Leads Daily Update

    No          Car Model                          Name                                       Email      Mobile         Action Taken   Lead number      Forwarded to
1        Infiniti G Sedan         Issa Fallouh                          issafallouh@hotmail.com            506409994                   18765293      Nataly Akil
2        Infiniti FX                 y
                                  yahya alkoumaim                       yahyagara@hotmail.com
                                                                        y  y g                             506409994
3        Infiniti G Convertible   ALAA MALIK                            alimm85@yahoo.com                 7807677331                   18765298      Tony C. Joy
4        Infiniti G Convertible   ABDULLA AL ZOUBI                      abod_zoubi@hotmail.c om          566943037                     18765297      Nataly Akil
5        Infiniti FX              Joe T homas                           joey81@gmail.c om                506595772                     18765294      Tony C. Joy
6        Infiniti G Sedan         MOHAMMED ALTAYEB                      altayb4488@hotmail.c om          501734440
7        Infiniti M45             Khamis Al Kayani                      al7azin_799@hotmail.com          509899343                     18765295      Ziad Gholmieh
8        Infiniti M45             yusanputra yusan                      yusanputra@hotmail.com           509899343
9        Infiniti FX              Ramachandran Padmanabhan              Ramachandran.P@alfuttaim.ae        502818192                   18765296      Musaab A Ibrahim
11       Infiniti FX              Ahmed Rashwan                         ahmed_rashwan_22@yahoo.com       050 7587 335                  18752297      Lilian Ali Ahmad
12       Infiniti G Convertible   Muhammad Faisal Zameer                f_zameer@hotmail.com              51 7587 335
13       Infiniti FX              asem abadla                           asem_abadla@hotmail.com            507363648                   18747299      Lilian Ali Ahmad
14       Infiniti G Coupe         asem abadla                           asem_abadla@hotmail.com            507363648                   18747299      Lilian Ali Ahmad
15       Infiniti G Sedan         Ahmad Al Mulla                        almulla87@gmail.com                507363648
16       Infiniti G Convertible   rasan mamkak                          rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com             507363648
17       Infiniti FX              rasan mamkak                          rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com             507363648
18       Infiniti FX              ali hassa                             alihassan132@gmail.com             507363648
19       Infiniti FX              Mahesh Malkani                        krisheshm@gmail.com                504575438                   18765299      Ziad Gholmieh
20         f
         Infiniti EX              JUM AA SHEIBA                         m_jomha@yahoo.com                  504575438
21       Infiniti FX              SAIF ALAZZAM                          saiif_alazzam@live.com             508023811                   18727316      Tony C. Joy
22       Infiniti FX              husam ismaeel                         husam2k@gmail.com                  506168432                   18727317      Lilian Ali Ahmad
23       Infiniti FX              AWAD ALKAREEM YOUSUF                  ahyousof@hotmail.com               505201251                   18727318      Ziad Gholmieh
24       Infiniti M45             tiesto nasir                          tiesto2500@yahoo.com               505201251
25       Infiniti FX              YAHYA AL ZAROONI                      y.uae@hotmail.com                  505201251
26       Infiniti EX              MOHAMMED SHAKER ALMOFLIH              shaker70@hotmail.com               505201251
27       Infiniti M45             IHAB IBRAHIM ELMET WALLI BAIH         heremarco@yahoo.com                509262105                   18734254      Nataly Akil
28       Infiniti FX              shadi matrud                          shadimat@yahoo com
                                                                        shadimat@yahoo.com                 502960708                   18765302      Musaab A Ibrahim
29       Infiniti EX              AHMED ASHOOR SABIR HASSAN ALMAT ARI   ahmedachouras@yahoo.com            506767031                   18765303      Musaab A Ibrahim
31       Infiniti EX              m rezaei                              sepantamino_vision@hotmail.com
32       Infiniti FX              BASHAR ABDULLAH                       bshar_abdalla@yaho.com
33       Infiniti G Convertible   nadiya djouad                         nadiya.djouad@gmil.com             502259669                   18752293      Tony C. Joy
34       Infiniti G Sedan         M V                                   V@GMAIL.C OM
35       Infiniti G Sedan         RIMA MOHAMMED                         rima.kd@dwtc.com
36       Infiniti FX              AHMED SHEHAT A                        ahmad.v.i.p@hotmail.com            506266053                   18752300      Ziad Gholmieh
37       Infiniti G Convertible               y
                                  Bravo Initony                                @g
38       Infiniti FX              AMAL MOHAMMED                         amall_2008@hotmail.com             504754116                   18747306      Nataly Akil
39       Infiniti M45             NADEEM ALANI                          nadeem_alani@yahoo.com             964234545                   18765304      Musaab A Ibrahim
40       Infiniti FX              shadia alim                           shadia-alim@hotmail.com            503301070                   18747308      Lilian Ali Ahmad
41       Infiniti FX              rasan mamkak                          rasan_mamkak@yahoo.com
42       Infiniti G Convertible   WAJD EL SHOOF                         wajd-sh@hotmail.com                507321051                   18737271      Ziad Gholmieh
43       Infiniti FX              MOHAMMED NAJI                         www.ziko842010@yahoo.com           501380285                   18765305      Musaab A Ibrahim
44       Infiniti G Convertible   Arpit Joshi                           arpit@eim.ae
45       Infiniti G Convertible   AMER ALSHOFI                          amersameer21@yahoo.com             501974652                   18727351      Lilian Ali Ahmad
46       Infiniti QX              S G                                   123@123.com
47       Infiniti FX              JUM AA SHEIBA                         m_jomha@yahoo.com
48       Infiniti QX              JUM AA SHEIBA                         m_jomha@yahoo.com
49       Infiniti FX              Azmat Beyg                            tamzab@hotmail.com
50       Infiniti FX              Obaid Saleem                          obiadsaleem14@hotmail.com        558888888                     18765306      Musaab A Ibrahim
51       Infiniti G Sedan         Obaid Saleem                          obiadsaleem14@hotmail.com        558888888                     18765306      Musaab A Ibrahim
52       Infiniti FX              Pingkan Rampen                        pingkanr@hotmail.com             558867393                     18765308      Tony C. Joy
53       Infiniti G Coupe         Gaven Jones                           gaven.jones@supreme-group.net    566833731                     18765309      Tony C. Joy
The Never Ending Journey


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