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									Inaugural Event
Thursday, March 31, 2011
          Trenton Marriott
  The YWCA of Trenton Proudly Presents the

                       Inaugural Event
                       Thursday, March 31, 2011
                                       Trenton Marriott

                 To honor remarkable women who have made
     invaluable contributions to society and who embrace the
YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women

     Dear Friends,

     Thank you for joining us tonight for the inaugural event of the New
     Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame.

     Your participation not only helps us to induct remarkable women into
     the New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame; it also helps us further the
     YWCA’s mission of eliminating racism and empowering women.

     We created the New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame for the purpose of
     highlighting, honoring, and celebrating the accomplishment of women in
     New Jersey’s Capital City. This virtual hall, www.NJWomenHallofFame.
     org, will serve as a sanctuary where women’s accomplishments will be
     remembered and young women will be inspired.

     We are grateful for your presence here this evening. Whether you
     are here to support one of the inductees or to support the YWCA,
     we thank you for your participation.

     Jose A. Hernandez                    Willie Colon
     Chief Executive Officer              President of the Board

2   | New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                New Jersey Women’s
             Hall of Fame
              Inaugural Event
               March 31, 2011
                  Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
                      Mary Jo Abbondanza
                       Brenda Ross-Dulan
                  Meta Griffith (posthumously)
                     Edith Savage Jennings
                          Christina Seix
                           Elise Tretola

                 Event Committee

             Jacqueline Aviles      Michele Siekerka
                 Co-Chair              Co-Chair
      Willie Colon, President             Brian Haney
     Jose A. Hernandez, CEO              Tennille McCoy
        Christine Curnan                   April Sette
            Hal English                  Donald Tretola
          Janet Fannery

“The special genius of women…is to be electrical in movement,
         intuitive in function, spiritual in tendency.”
                       ~ Margaret Fuller

                                                   YWCA of Trenton | 3
                        New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame

           The YWCA of Trenton gratefully acknowledges
            the friendship and support of our sponsors.

                     Gold Sponsors

           George Link, Jr. Foundation

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4   | New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame

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                                         YWCA of Trenton | 5
                                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame

                         Young Women’s
                       Leadership Initiative
    Developing strong confident competent women leaders
                                                          for the 21st century and beyond…

                                                               The YWCA of Trenton proudly announces the formation
                                                               of the Young Women’s Leadership Initiative (YWLI) to
                                                               provide young women and girls with the tools to become
                                                               confident competent leaders poised to change the social,
                                                               political and professional realities of women and girls
                                                               across the globe.
                                                         This program was created for young women who have
                                                         dreams of owning their own business or running a large
                                                         corporation; becoming the Mayor of their town or a rep-
                                                         resentative for their city or state; leading in their own
industry to create a better society for all, or simply changing the world by being an empowered woman leader.
The YWCA’s Young Women’s Leadership Initiative is bringing together girls of different races, classes, cultures,
sexual orientations, and abilities to:
    • Build strong bonds and nurturing relationships with each other;
    • Develop a positive image of self – physically and emotionally;
    • Build strong civic and socially-responsible attitudes;
    • Learn how to navigate the social, economic and occupational changes of the global society;
    • Explore education and career choices beyond high school

    Today, domestic violence and date rape are the leading causes of death and injury to young women and girls in the United
    States – and regrettably, in the world. 50,000 US women and girls live with HIV-Aids. Despite decades of civil rights
    legislation and affirmative action programs - sexism, racism and discrimination continue to thrive in the United States.
    We continue to hear stories of women who face discrimination in employment, housing, health care or are denied equal
    access to critical services. Nationally woman’s pay is still just slightly over 75% of men. For Latina and African American
    women–the gaps are distinctly larger and pay considerably less. Sadly, our girls will be addressing the same issues in
    their grown-up future unless we empower them to challenge us and the unfair systems that will influence that future.

How You Can Help
You can help us empower young women by:
- Volunteering your time to make a difference
    (email us at
- Purchasing a Gerber Daisy (see page 7)
- Making a donation to the YWCA

6     | New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                               New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame

                       The Gerber Daisy
 Buy a Gerber Daisy,
                      and Empower a Young Woman…
The YWCA’s Gerber Daisy, created in 2011 by Trenton’s own and world-renown Boehm Porcelain,
is the Official New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame Award. Boehm Porcelain pieces have been
presented to Queen Elizabeth II, Pope John Paul II, every U.S. President since Dwight Eisenhower,
and is showcased in the world’s foremost museums and galleries such as the Metropolitan
Museum of Art, the Smithsonian, the Tokyo National Museum, the Singapore Art Museum
and the Abdine Palace in Cairo.
Commissioned for the YWCA of Trenton’s New Jersey Women Hall of Fame, this Gerber Daisy
piece is meant to highlight not only the beauty of the gerbera daisy, but acknowledge its strength
                                                  and resilience. Every year, inductees of the New
                                                              Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame receive
                                                                           The Gerber Daisy Award
                                                                                  as a celebration of
                                                                                     women’s beauty,
                                                                                      strength and

                                                                              Buy a
                                                                       Gerber Daisy
                                                                         $200 plus shipping
    Decorate your home or office with the stunning YWCA’s Gerber Daisy and empower the life
    of a young woman in Trenton! You can own the same Gerber Daisy porcelain that the New
       Jersey Women Hall of Fame inductees receive, while at the same time you can help the
          YWCA’s Young Women’s Leadership Initiative with the proceeds from your purchase.
                               To order yours please call the YWCA at (609) 396-8291 ext. 401
                                      or email us for more information:

                                                                         YWCA of Trenton | 7
                        New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                  Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno
                         State of New Jersey

8   | In Celebration of Women
                           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Kim Guadagno was elected New Jersey’s first Lieutenant Governor in November
2009. As Governor Chris Christie’s running mate, she was sworn into office on
January 19, 2010. In addition to serving as the Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno serves
as the 33rd Secretary of State. Lt. Governor Guadagno has been a lawyer for more
than 28 years and began her career in public service as a federal prosecutor with
the Organized Crime & Racketeering Strike Force in Brooklyn, New York. When she
married a native of New Jersey, Kim Guadagno and her husband decided to move to
Monmouth County to raise a family. At that time, Guadagno became an Assistant
United States Attorney in Newark. As a federal prosecutor in New Jersey, she
was awarded the nation’s highest honor for her prosecutions of two separate
corrupt public officials in New Jersey. In 2001, Kim Guadagno left the public sector
to practice law closer to home. At that time, she also became a teacher at Rutgers
University School of Law-Newark. In her hometown of Monmouth Beach, she was
appointed a volunteer planning board member and in 2005 was elected a Borough
Commissioner in Monmouth Beach.

In 2007, Kim Guadagno was elected the 75th Sheriff of Monmouth County, the first
woman elected as sheriff in that county’s history.

As Lt. Governor, Kim Guadagno has led the Christie Administration’s efforts to
improve New Jersey’s economic vitality, to streamline government, and to make
business feel welcome again in New Jersey. The Lt. Governor chairs the Red Tape
Review Commission, which is engaged in an ongoing review and reform of the
State’s regulatory process. In her first year in Office, the state saw a 66% decrease
in the number of proposed regulations over the same period the year before.

Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno was born in Waterloo, Iowa. She received her juris
doctorate degree, cum laude, from the American University Washington College
of Law in Washington, D.C. Lt. Governor Guadagno and her husband, Superior
Court Judge Michael Guadagno, currently reside in Monmouth Beach with their
three sons.

                                                              YWCA of Trenton | 9
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                       Mary Jo Abbondanza
                    Saint Francis Medical Center

10 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Mary Jo Abbondanza, RN, BS, has served as the Executive Director of Health
Promotions at St. Francis Medical Center for the past seven years. Her role has
encompassed Marketing, Public Relations and Community Outreach. Her special
focus involves the formation of community partnerships to enhance the access and
delivery of healthcare to the area population. She was instrumental in establishing
a weekly Farmers Market at the Medical Center to provide healthy fruits and
vegetables for the community and hospital employees.

She holds an RN degree from St. Francis School of Nursing, a Bachelor of Science
degree from St. Joseph’s College and is currently pursuing a Master’s Degree in
Health Care Administration.

She serves on many boards in the Trenton community, such as the American Heart
Association, the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce, the Mercer Advisory Arts&
Business Council and the NJ State Occupational Safety Advisory Board. She is
also a member of the Healthcare Planning and Marketing Society of New Jersey
(HPMSNJ) and the New Jersey Hospital Association Public Relations Constituency

Ms. Abbondanza has bylined numerous articles for various publications, including
the Nursing Spectrum. She resides in Ewing Township with her husband, John and
has three grown daughters and four grandchildren. She is very active in the Saint
Ann’s Catholic Church in Lawrenceville and has been a member of the Adult Choir
for the past 25 years.

                                                             YWCA of Trenton | 11
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                      Meta Griffith (posthumously)
                             Griffith Electric

12 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Seventy-one years ago William and Meta Griffith opened a small business in
Trenton, NJ. Starting with one employee in 1938, Griffith Electric Supply Company,
Inc. would become one of the largest independent electric supply distributors in
New Jersey. Bill and Meta had experience in the electric supply business and
used that experience to build a strong foundation for their company.

The company prospered and grew for 33 years, under their leadership. Then in
1971 Bill Griffith passed away, leaving Meta to follow in his footsteps. Meta had
been his business partner from the beginning and became Chairman of the Board,
as well as President of Griffith Electric Supply Co., Inc.

By 1974 Meta Griffith made a name for herself, not just in the electrical industry,
but in the greater Trenton area as well. That year she was named the first woman
to sit on the Board of Directors for the Mercer County Chamber of Commerce.
Then in 1983, Meta was elected as the first woman president of the Mercer
County Chamber of Commerce.

Meta was active in the community and served many organizations. She served
on the Board of Trustees of the YWCA of Trenton for many years. She was also
involved with the Zonta Club of Trenton, The Children’s Home Society of New
Jersey and People to People Chapter of Greater Trenton. One of her special
interests was The YMCAs’ Camp Meta, in Crosswicks, NJ. Camp Meta was built
on 32 acres of land donated by Meta and Bill Griffith, for the purpose of starting
a day camp for inner city children. The only request Bill Griffith made in donating
the land was that the camp be named for his wife, Meta Griffith.

She died peacefully in her home on September 30, 2010. Her final act of kindness
was that she made provisions for Griffith Electric Supply Co. to continue, so that
she could continue the legacy of her beloved husband Bill.

                                                             YWCA of Trenton | 13
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                         Brenda Ross-Dulan
                           Wells Fargo Bank

14 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                          New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Brenda Ross-Dulan is Executive Vice President and Regional President for Wells
Fargo’s Southern New Jersey Region, responsible for 150 banking stores, with
$12 billion deposits.

Ms. Ross-Dulan also serves as national spokesperson for Wells Fargo’s African
American Business Services program. Prior to moving to New Jersey in April 2009,
she served as the Regional President for Wells Fargo’s Los Angeles/San Gabriel
Valley Region.

Ms. Ross-Dulan was introduced to banking after working as a corporate finance
intern at JPMorgan in New York. She joined First Interstate in 1990 as a financial
analyst and has been with Wells Fargo since it acquired First Interstate in 1990.
Over the past 20 years, she has worked in a variety of roles from Corporate
Banking to Commercial Real Estate and Community Development. A committed
champion of the community, Ms. Ross-Dulan has been recognized as one of the
Top 100 Most Influential Blacks in Corporate America and as an Executive Making
a Difference by the Los Angeles Times. She has also received the Martin Luther
King, Jr. Economic Justice award.

Ms. Ross-Dulan has been recognized by the Executive Women of New Jersey and
was recently appointed to the board of the Coopers Ferry Community Development
Corporation and New Jersey State Chamber of Commerce.

Ms. Ross-Dulan holds a BA in Business Administration from Howard University
in Washington, D.C. and an MBA from the Anderson School of Management at
UCLA. She is married and has two children.

                                                            YWCA of Trenton | 15
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                      Edith Savage Jennings
                             Civil Rights Icon

16 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                          New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


A pioneer in the civil rights movement, Edith Johnson Savage-Jennings has been
involved in numerous national, state and local political campaigns and has been a
friend, advisor, lobbyist and fundraiser for numerous community, civic and service
organizations; a guest speaker at schools, colleges and churches. She has been a
White House guest in the administrations of Presidents Kennedy, Carter, Reagan,
Bush and Clinton and the driving force behind the appearance of outstanding
speakers in the Trenton area. Mrs. Savage-Jennings served as the coordinator of
the Mid-Atlantic States Poor People’s Campaign of SCLC in 1968, organized the
New Jersey Democratic Coalition in 1964 and in 1977 was appointed by President
James Carter to be a U.S. Delegate at the World Women’s Conference in Houston,

For over 25 years, Mrs. Savage-Jennings was a board member of the Martin
Luther King, Jr. Center for Nonviolence and Social Change in Atlanta. She lobbied
to make Trenton the first city and New Jersey among the first states to declare
Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and lobbied for legislation to create the New
Jersey Martin Luther King Jr. Commemorative Commission where she serves as a
permanent commissioner, first appointed by Governor Thomas Kean.

Mrs. Savage Jennings is the recipient of now over 100 awards and honors her
commitment to civil rights and community service. She was presented with the
Congressional Medal of Honor that was given to Rosa Parks in 1999 by President
George W. Bush. In 2008, she received the Humanitarian Award from the American
Conference on Diversity of New Jersey and was honored by the Princeton, New
Jersey Public Library for her social justice activism with a photographic exhibit.
In 2009 Mrs. Jennings was inducted into the National Civil Rights Museum in
Memphis, Tennessee for her lifelong commitment to civil rights. On February
17, 2011 Mrs. Jennings was honored by the City of Trenton in their celebration of
outstanding community people and organizations.

                                                            YWCA of Trenton | 17
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                             Christina Seix
                        Christina Seix Academy

18 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Christina Seix was born in New York City in 1950 and moved to Lawrenceville, NJ
in 2004. She attended Fordham University and received a BA in Mathematics in
1972. She was awarded a fellowship to continue her study of Mathematics at
the State University of NY at Stony Brook, where she completed an MA in 1973.
In 2008, the President and Trustees of Fordham University bestowed an Honorary
Doctorate degree upon Christina, for exemplifying the dual core Jesuit values of
intellectual achievement and service to the less fortunate.

Christina began her career in 1973, with an entry level position at a NYC insurance
company. Over time, she developed a highly successful career. By the age of 36,
she became Chairman & CEO of Mackay-Shields, an established NYC investment
management firm. At 41, she founded her own company in New Jersey, Seix
Investment Advisors. The firm grew into one of the leading investment managers
in the financial industry. In 2004, she sold it to Sun Trust Banks in Atlanta. The
proceeds from the sale enabled the realization of Christina’s life-long dream—the
founding of Christina Seix Academy (CSA), a prep school for underserved kids.

Christina is blessed with a wonderful family – a loyal and supportive husband,
Bob, of 28 years, and a bright and dedicated 20 year old daughter, Lindsay.
Christina grew up in a single adult household with her mother, Irma Rivera, who
had very limited resources. She deeply believes that having one enlightened adult
in a child’s life during his formative years is an essential component of academic,
career, and life success. In setting forth the core values of CSA, Christina aims to
capture the important teachings from her youth. Her goal is to graduate resilient,
self-motivated, highly prepared young adults, from similar backgrounds, who will
realize their full potential at first-rate four year high schools and colleges.

                                                             YWCA of Trenton | 19
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


                              Elise Tretola
                                 Allies, Inc.

20 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
                           New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame


Elise Tretola is the Vice President and COO of Allies, Inc. She has a diverse
background which includes advocating and supporting people with special needs
for the past twelve years. Prior to entering the social service field Elise owned a
Homemade Pasta & Catering Company but was looking for a career change. After
participating in a trip to Brazil to develop programs for street children through
the Hamilton/Washington Rotary Elise knew that helping others was what she
wanted to do. Shortly after the trip she took a job developing housing for people
with developmental disabilities. When starting her career in housing development
for people with disabilities she immediately fell in love with the people she was

In 1999 Elise joined Krystal Odell and started Allies, Inc. Allies is a national non-
profit with operations in New Jersey and Colorado serving over 1,700 people
with disabilities. Since 1999, Allies, Inc. has enriched the lives of people with
special needs by promoting their greater independence with dignity, respect and
understanding. As Chief Operating Officer Elise has enjoyed being active in all
areas of the services they provide; residential, employment, transition, community
integration, case management, and recreation to name just a few. Providing a
vast array of quality services that offer people with disabilities an opportunity to
lead fulfilling lives in the community has become a lifelong goal of Elise’s and she
is thankful to have that chance through Allies.

In addition to her professional accomplishments Elise is a past Rotarian and
recipient of the Paul Harris Award for the Hamilton/Washington Rotary, and was
honored as Woman of the Year by Women Helping Women in 2009.

                                                              YWCA of Trenton | 21
                        In Celebration of Women Honorees
    Prior to 2011, the YWCA of Trenton honored outstanding women through the In Celebration of Women Gala

2010                                                           1999
Rachel L. Stark, Esq., Woman of Achievement                    Eileen Thornton, Woman of Achievement
Alysia Welch-Chester, Meta A. Griffith Community Service       Delores Baker, Woman of Inspiration
Patricia C. Donohue, PhD, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial       Molly Merlino, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
                                                               Gwendolyn I. Long, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
2009                                                           Contempo Press Inc., Organizational Commitment
Susanne Svizeny, Woman of Achievement
Jerri L. Morrison, Meta A. Griffith Community Service          1998
Michele N. Siekerka, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial            Marcy Maguire, Woman of Achievement
                                                               Edith M. Savage-Jennings, Woman of Inspiration
2008                                                           Sally Lane, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Phyllis Stoolmacher, Woman of Achievement                      Allison Accurso, Esq., Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
Andrea Sussman, Meta A. Griffith Community Service             Summit Bancorp, Organizational Commitment
Diane Marshall, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
2007                                                           Judith L. Shaw, Woman of Achievement
Melinda Green, Woman of Achievement                            Rosa Rosado, Woman of Inspiration
Christiana Foglio-Palmer, Meta A. Griffith Community Service   Marie M. Cascone, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Rev. Karen Hernandez-Granzen, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial   Kathleen Smallwood-Johnson, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
2006                                                           Mercer County Community College, Organizational
Jeannine LaRue, Woman of Achievement                           Commitment
Debby D’Arcangelo, Meta A. Griffith Community Service          1996
Sonia Delgado, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial                  Judith M. Persichilli, Woman of Achievement
2005                                                           Alicia Diaz, Woman of Inspiration
Christy Stevenson, Woman of Achievement                        Eleanor V. Horne, Meta Griffith Community Service
Susan Bass Levin, Woman of Inspiration                         Beth G. Baldinger, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
Ana I. Berdicia, Meta A. Griffith Community Service            1995
Marguerite L. Mount, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial            Emily Mann, Woman of Achievement
Bianca Taylor, Young Woman of Merit                            Mary M. Reeves, Woman of Inspiration
New Jersery Wildcats, Organizational Commitment                Betty V. Coles, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
2004                                                           Valorie Y. Caffee, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
Jill Hallie Edwards, Woman of Achievement                      New Jersey Network, Organizational Commitment
Rhonda Berry, Woman of Inspiration                             1994
Valerie Rushmore, Meta A. Griffith Community Service           Jerri Lynn Morrison, Woman of Achievement
Connie Mercer Myers, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial            Mary M. Inzana, Woman of Inspiration
Lindsey Tippett, Young Woman of Merit                          Marlene Lao Collins, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
WIMG, Organizational Commitment                                Evelyn Mason, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
2003                                                           CoreStates New Jersey Ntl. Bank, Organizational Commitment
Mary Gay Abbot-Young, Woman of Achievement                     1993
Linda Greenstein, Woman of Inspiration                         Dr. Anntarie Sims, Woman of Achievement
Francis Blanco, Meta A. Griffith Community Service             Audrey Stockman, Woman of Inspiration
Jane L. Rohlf, M.D., Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial            Ida Julian Cahill, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Jessica Lane, Young Woman of Merit                             Sandy Ewell, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
PSE&G, Organizational Commitment                               St. Francis Medical Center, Organizational Commitment
2002                                                           Mother Laura Goss Steward, Special Citation
Senator Shirley H. Turner, Woman of Achievement                1992
Jessica E. Melore, Woman of Inspiration                        Deborah Aguiar-Velez, Woman of Achievement
Irene D. Farley, Meta A. Griffith Community Service            Barbara T. Cooper, Woman of Inspiration
Sherise D. Ritter, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial              Helen Jackson Lee, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Sovereign Bank, Organizational Commitment                      Janssen Pharmaceutica, Organizational Commitment
2001                                                           1991
Susan N. Wilson, Woman of Achievement                          Lisa Tomasulo Forrester, Woman of Achievement
Pearl Grace, Woman of Inspiration                               H. Joan Pennington, Woman of Inspiration
Cathy DiCostanzo, Meta A. Griffith Community Service           Joan Livingston, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Debbie Ayres, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial                   Smith, Stratton, Wise, Heher & Brennan,
Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at Hamilton,           Organizational Commitment
Organizational Commitment
2000                                                           Judith A. Yaskin, Woman of Achievement
Dr. Amelia Blyden, Woman of Achievement                        Laurice R. Reynolds, Woman of Inspiration
Suzanne Dunn, Woman of Inspiration                             Courtney N. Esposito, Meta A. Griffith Community Service
Bonnie Watson Coleman, Meta A. Griffith Community Service      Mercer Medical Center, Organizational Commitment
Christine O’Brien, Ethel Downing Johnson Memorial
Four Girls Catering, Organizational Commitment
22 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
         Prior to 1990, the YWCA of Trenton honored outstanding area women through the TWIN awards

1989 HONOREES                        Helen C. Fenske                     Barbara P. Kern
Eleanore Colston                     Phyllis M. Frakt                    Hermia M. Leclmer
Catherine Farley                     Sandra Freeman                      Melissa Magee
Annette A. Heil                      Audrey H. Green                     Peggy Marshall
Kathleen R. Pappano                  Ruthe O. Guyton                     Riby I. Martin
Rebecca Radmussen                    Edna B. Harris                      Helen G. McKee
Judith V. Sands                      S. Joan Headman                     Kay McPherson
Linda Shaw                           Susan A. Hummel                     Waltraut L. Muldrow
Jacqueline Ann Swaney                Isabella O. Isitoro                 Diane M. Paulaski
Adrienne Hayling                     Mary Ann Jolmson                    Kerry M. Perretta
Jean M. Turano                       Norma F. Krajczar                   Diedre A. Rosier
                                     Beverly A. Maimstone                Sally Suchevits
1987 HONOREES                        Theresa M. McCoy                    Patricia M. Sudnick
Stacy C. Bevis                       Donna A. Moore                      Nancy L. Tmdall
Leigh B. Bienen                      Judith Mella Persichilli            Shirley K. Turner
Katherine Grant-Davis                Pamela S. Poff                      Barbara F. Weaver
Judith C. Peter                      Deborah T. Poritz                   Valerie E. Wolensky
Betty Jo Webb                        Sylvia M. Roberts                   Geraldine Yorks
                                     Linda G. Rosenzweig
1986 HONOREES                        Patricia Nevius Sancho              1983 HONOREES
Mary Claffey                         Susan Bailey Schramm                Diedree O’Neil
Linda Grist Cunningham               Anne M. Sears                       Ida Julian
Barbara A. Draper                    Virginia M. Sternhagen              Rose M. Binkowski
Sheila Z. Goldstein                  Marilyn Seyler                      Louise Schloenbach
Christine M. Grant                   Annette B. Strickland               Elaine C. Pental
Natalie P. Havran                    Lynn Taggart                        Irene T. Graham
Judith B. Larsen                     Susan M. Toth                       Gail A. Maguire
Janice K. Leonowicz                  Annette Wertheimer                  Sandra W. Ortega
Ruth L. Margu1es                     Majorie M. Westerman                Guiliana Sangiorgio
Meredith M. Martin                   Martha L. Wright                    Arlene A. Suydam
Verice M. Mason                                                          Paulette M. Sapp
Lois H. Miller                       1984 HONOREES                       Barbara J. Kelly
Tamerra Moeller                      Toni Alexander                      Helen Borne
Agnes Moore                          M.C. (Peggy) Amar                   Carolyn Giovannini
Merry L. Morris                      Dorothy L. Andres                   Barbara L. Ware
Marilyn E. Murto                     Alwayne B. Blechar                  Brenda S. Davis
Rose C. Nini                         Tonja M. Brickhouse                 Leah Z. Ziskin
Margaret T. Norton                   Barbara L. Britton                  Charlotte Kitler
Christina B. Petruska                Mary Ann Burgess                    Laura M. LeWinn
Patricia M. Rodeawald                Marie H. Cleary                     Carolyn S. McCallum
Bernice Rydell                       Susan M. Connell                    Cynthia Huffstodt
Joan B. Shiruski                     Fran Corbett                        Deborah A. Antolino
Jacqueline Verduchi                  Margaret S. Dano                    Gail Ruderman
Elaine C. Zindel                     Lois DeJulio                        Marilyn A. Dillion
                                     Rosemary B. Esham                   Joanne M. Lockwood
1985 HONOREES                        Lillian A. Geiger                   Joyce B. Elliott
Nancy C. Alles                       Faith P. Goldstein                  Gerda M. Carroll
Linda M. Anselmini                   Audrey Harvey-Harris                Roberta M. Sutton
Debbie Bazemore                      Elizabeth Harrison                  Kathleen Mule
Joan B. Bertles                      Karen A. Hogan                      Mary L. Clark
Christine R. Cox                     Joan Kakascik                       Amelia H. Gallo
Rosemarie Evans                      Barbara A. Kauffman                 Connie Hensley

                                                                            YWCA of Trenton | 23
                          The YWCA’s Board of Trustees
 Willie Colon (President) Web Developer/Technical Support Specialist for the New Jersey Division
 of Gaming Enforcement. Currently serving as Chair of the Technology Committee for the Harvest Moon
 Auction for Notre Dame. Currently serving on the Technology Committee for St. Ann’s School. A New
 Jersey Real Estate licensed agent.
 Jacqueline Avilés Currently with Wells Fargo & Co. and has over a decade of banking experience
 specializing in providing extraordinary service to the business community in Mercer County. In the
 community she serves on the Board of Trustees for the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce as well
 as Co-Chair of the Diversity Council. She is a native of the City of Trenton and a participant of the YWCA’s
 Afterschool Program in the 1980’s.
 Ellen M. Christoffersen, Esq. Attorney with Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery in Trenton.
 Former law clerk to the Honorable James P. Hurley, Superior Court of New Jersey, Law Division. Member
 of the New Jersey and New York Bar Associations.
 Christiana Foglio-Palmer Chris is Founder and CEO of Community Investment Strategies, Inc., an
 affordable housing developer. Chris has developed over 350 million dollars of affordable housing in
 New Jersey, and served as an advisor to Governor Corzine, State of NJ, regarding Housing, Economic
 Development and planning issues.
 Shenette Gray Shenette has served in varying administrative capacities within the charter school
 world, responsible for managing the daily operations of schools and ensuring that all students receive
 an outstanding education. She has served on many community organizations and boards throughout
 the northeast.
 Kelly Ingram Twenty plus years experience running her own decorative painting and gilding
 business. Served on the board of Friends of Homeless Animals, volunteered with the New Visions after
 school program in Trenton, Noah’s Wish emergency animal rescue in Louisiana and active with regional
 community and city organizations. In addition to the YWCA board and YW’s Young Women’s Leadership
 Committee, Kelly is a board member of the I Am Trenton Community Foundation.
 Elizabeth Janota Liz has over 15 years’ experience in banking and economic development. An
 accounting and tax professional, she was the manager of financial services with the Nonprofit Finance
 Fund. She also served as the managing director of the Camden Empowerment Zone and previously
 headed the Regional Business Assistance Corporation in Trenton. Prior to joining the nonprofit field
 in economic development, she was a vice president with Wachovia Bank. Master in International
 Judith Lindenberger President, The Lindenberger Group, LLC, a full service human capital
 consulting firm. Former senior international human resources consultant for a Fortune 500 company,
 AVP/Manager, Management Development for Mellon Bank and Administrative/HR Director for a
 nonprofit organization. Earned an MBA in Human Resource Management from Drexel University and
 a BA in Communications from the University of Pittsburgh. Immediate Past President for the SERV
 Achievement Centers Board and current Vice President, Hopewell Valley Regional Board of Education.
 Trained community mediator and child advocate.

24 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
Catherine Milone-Richards Catherine has 19 years of business experience, including Junior
Achievement of New York; ADP; and Junior Achievement of New Jersey, where she was named
President in 2004. Headquartered in Princeton, Catherine oversees statewide operations that impact
39,000 students annually. Catherine is Co-chair of the Education Committee for New Jersey Business
and Industry Association (NJBIA). Most recently, Catherine served on the Steering Committee for
the New Jersey Department of Education’s Financial Literacy Summit and was inducted to the 2011
Class for Leadership New Jersey. Formally of Rockville Centre, New York and a graduate of Syracuse
University, Catherine resides in historic Mill Hill, a community of Trenton, NJ.
Kris Muse A community banker for more than 22 years, Kris Muse joined the Bank of Princeton
in March 2007 as a Senior Vice President and Commercial Lending Officer. Prior, Kris worked for
Commerce Bank N.A for 13 years and was responsible for small business relationships and most
recently working with the Healthcare Group. Besides her involvement with the YWCA of Trenton,
Kris maintains a community presence as a member and Board Member of the Princeton Rotary Club.
Mamta Patel Executive Board Member, Senior Deputy Attorney General, Department of Law and
Public Safety. Former law clerk, Ocean County Superior Court of New Jersey. Earned a B.A. at Purdue
University and Juris Doctorate at Duquesne University School of Law; Member of the New Jersey
and Asian Pacific Bar Associations.
Diana Rogers A native of the City of Trenton, Diana has spent the past 16 years working in the
affordable housing industry and human services. In addition to her professional experience her civic
involvement include graduate of the Neighborhood Leadership Initiative, volunteer (Troop Leader
and Co-Service Unit Director) for the Delaware Raritan Girl Scouts and former community organizer
with Family Housing Solution (advocacy organization for homeless families) and committee
member with Jobs With Justice. Graduate of North Carolina Central University with a B.S. in Political
Michele N. Siekerka, Esq. Michele is the Assistant Commissioner for Economic Growth and Green
Energy for the State’s Department of Environmental Protection. Prior to joining DEP, Michele was
president and CEO of the Mercer Regional Chamber of Commerce. She recently completed a year-
long Ford Foundation Fellowship for Regional Sustainable Development and served on Governor
Chris Christie’s Red Tape Review Group. Prior to to the Chamber of Commerce, Siekerka worked with
the Automobile Association of America as a senior legal consultant and vice president of human
resources. She earned a BA in Political Science and German from Rutgers University and a JD from
Temple University School of Law.
Soyini Wilson Soyini currently performs regulatory and legal functions for Coty, Inc. a leading
company in the cosmetics and fragrances industry. Soyini is a native of Trenton and, in her youth,
attended the YWCA-Trenton’s summer enrichment and after school programs. She has an extensive
volunteer history particularly with programs that are dedicated to youth and women.

                                                                           YWCA of Trenton | 25
26 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
YWCA of Trenton | 27
28 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
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30 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
  Congratulations to this year’s
New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
    Your work in our communities
       is greatly appreciated!
     Jack Blair, Greg Blair & Peter Toft

                                     YWCA of Trenton | 31
32 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
Congratulations to the Honorees
   and the YWCA of Trenton


   We salute your dedication
       to the community

    James and Sharon Maida

                       YWCA of Trenton | 33
34 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
YWCA of Trenton | 35
36 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
YWCA of Trenton | 37
                                           Mary Jo Abbondanza
                                                  As always...
                                               We are so very proud!
                                               John, Kathleen, Melissa, Jennifer,
                                          Bob, Jill, Maggie, Mia, Johnny and Caroline

             Mrs. EDITH sAVAGE JENNINGs
         May your outstanding contributions and tireless work in the
             CIVIL RIGHTS ARENA continue to speak for you.

            May your Passion for Justice and Equal Opportunies
                 for all continue to reach the highest levels.

         May you continue to Lead, Teach and Share your experiences
            that provided change during the ‘60’s MOVEMENT!
             YOU are Acclaimed Locally, State and Nationally.

           You Deserve this Distinguished HONOR

               Dr. Harriet Green Richardson

38 |   New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame
YWCA of Trenton | 39
YWCA of Trenton | 39
                         New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame

                       Thank You

                           The YWCA of Trenton
                   thanks you for joining us this evening.
               We hope you enjoyed the Inaugural Event of the
                    New Jersey Women’s Hall of Fame.

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                 Simply visit
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                   and approved by the YWCA of Trenton’s
                              Board of Trustees.

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