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                                                                                                                 HIGH SCHOOL
                                                                                                                 2 School Way
                                                                                                                 Watsonville, CA 95076
                                                                                                                 (P) 831-722-8178
                                                                                                                 (F) 831-724-9382

                                                                                                                 ACT/CEEB #053-705
                                                                                                                 PROFILE 2011-2012

Monte Vista Christian School champions students to achieve their
highest potential through Christ-centered educational excellence.
HISTORY AND TRADITION:                  Monte Vista Christian School is an independent, coedu-                   ADMINISTRATION:
cational, selective day and boarding school for young men and women in grades 6 through 12,                      Headmaster
offering a college preparatory education in the Christian tradition and context. MVCS is fully                   Stephen Sharp, MA
accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the Association of
                                                                                                                 Dean of Education, HS
Christian Schools International (ACSI), and the Association of Christian Teachers and Schools
                                                                                                                 Steve Woods, MA
                                                                                                                 Dean of Students, HS
CAMPUS: Monte Vista Christian School is situated on 100 acres in Watsonville, Santa Cruz                         Patricia Gillig, MS in progress
County. The picturesque campus lies just 10 miles from the Pacific Ocean in the Monterey Bay                     Dean of Advancement & Marketing
area. The location is readily accessible to the city of San Jose and the four surrounding counties;              Dave Johnson
our student body commutes daily from 31 different cities in our region.

ADMISSION: Admission is through a competitive assessment and interviewing process. Ap-                           GUIDANCE:
proximately 325 students apply each year. Scholarships for academic achievement, service, and the                College and Career Advisor
arts are available. All are based on merit. Financial aid is also available for those who qualify.               Alexxa Craton, MA, PPS
                                                                                                                 College and Career Advisor
STUDENTS: High school enrollment for the 2011-2012 academic year is 629 students: 511                            Kimberly Frey, MA, PPS
Day and 118 Boarding. The boarding students contribute to the cultural diversity on campus: 34%
from China; 30% from Taiwan; 10% from Korea; 9% from USA; 4% from Japan; 4% from Viet-                           College and Career Advisor
                                                                                                                 Valerie Mooney
nam; 3% from Thailand; and 6% from Macau, Panama, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and Portugal. The
current student-teacher ratio stands at 13 to 1; the average class size is 17.                                   College and Career Advisor
                                                                                                                 Richard Podratz
FACULTY: The high school faculty at Monte Vista numbers 50, all with degrees; 48% hold
advanced degrees, and 32% have taught here 10+ years.                                                            College and Career Advisor
                                                                                                                 Shari Waldinger, MS, PPS
Monte Vista Christian School admits students of any race, color, and national origin to all rights,              College and Career Advisor,
privileges, programs, and activities made available to students in the school. It does not discriminate on the   Resident & International
basis of race, color, national, or ethnic origin in administration of its educational policies, administration   Carolyn Mariot, MA
policies, financial aid, or in any other school-administered program.
                                                                          CLASS OF 2011            SELECTED RECENT
ACT Results 2011                  SAT Results 2011                        NATIONAL MERIT           COLLEGE ACCEPTANCES
Class of 2011                     Class of 2011                           SCHOLARSHIP
                                  Average Critical Math         Writing
                                                                          PROGRAM                  All California State
Average     Composite
                                                                          2 Commended Students     University campuses
MVCS            24.6              MVCS       534          581   553
                                                                                                   All University of
Nat’l           22.1              Nat’l       497         514    489
                                                                          ADVANCED                 California campuses
CA              22.1              CA         499          515   499       PLACEMENT
                                                                          SCHOLARS                 Academy of Arts University
                                                                          1 National               Arizona State University
                                                                          12 Distinction           Azusa Pacific University
GRADUATION REQUIREMENTS                                                   11 Honor
                                                                                                   Baylor University
English                                   4 years (40 credits)            16 Scholars
                                                                                                   Biola University
History/Social Studies                    3 years (30 credits)
                                                                          PERCENTAGE OF 2011       Boston Conservatory
Mathematics                               3 years (30 credits)            GRADUATING CLASS
Science                                   2 years (20 credits)            ON TO COLLEGE:           Boston University
Bible                                     4 years (40 credits)            Day Students: 95%        Butler University
Health & Exercise Science                 2 years (20 credits)            Boarding Students: 97%   Brigham Young University
                                                                          Day & Boarding: 95.5%
Technology                                1 year          (10 credits)                             Brown University
                                                                          Military: 1
Modern Languages                          2 years (20 credits)
                                                                          Olympic Training: 1      Catholic University of America
Visual/Performing Arts                    1 year          (10 credits)
                                                                                                   Chapman University
InterTerm                                 4 years (8 credits)
Electives                                 40 credits
                                                                                                   Cogswell Polytechnical College
                                                                          96 hours of              Concordia University
GRADE SCALE                                                               Community                Culinary Institute of America
Grade         Numerical
                                                Point Equivalent
                                                                          Service                  Dartmouth College
A             100-90        4.0                     5.0                   (24 hrs/yr)              Dominican University of CA
B             89-80         3.0                     4.0                   are required             Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
C             79-70         2.0                     3.0                   to graduate              Emory Oxford College
D             69-60         1.0                     1.0                   from MVCS                Fordham University
F             59-           0.0                     0.0
                                                                                                   George Fox University
                                                                                                   Georgia Tech University
                                                                                                   Gonzaga University
                                                                                                   Harvard University
                                                                                                   Indiana University
                                                                                                   Loyola Marymount
                                                                                                   Master’s College
                                                                                                   New Mexico State University
                                                                                                   New York University
                                                                                                   Northeastern University
                                                                                                   Northern Arizona University
                                                                                                   Oklahoma City University
                                                                                                   Oregon State University
                                                            Recent MVCS graduates
                                                            in schools across the USA              Parsons College
                                                                                                   Pennsylvania State University
                         1st school in
                         the world to
                                 April 13, 2010

1st school in
the world to
        March 13, 2011
                                                                                        Pepperdine University
COURSE                                       HONORS COURSES
WEIGHTING                                    English:                                   Pratt Institute
Courses are weighted according to the          English I (H)                            Purdue University
degree of challenge presented to stu-          English II (H)
dents. Courses classified as Advanced
                                                                                        Rochester Institute of Technology
Placement (AP) or Honors are weighted        Mathematics:
                                                                                        Rutgers University
on the MVCS transcript.                       Algebra II (H)                            San Francisco Art Institute
                                              Geometry (H)                              St. Mary’s College
*Courses recognized on the University         Pre-Calculus/Trig. (H)*
of California a-g course list as weighted.                                              Santa Clara University
                                             Social Science:                            Seattle Pacific University
ADVANCED                                       World History (H)
PLACEMENT                                                                               Southern Oregon University
                                               Economics (H)
COURSES                                                                                 Spelman College
• Offer scope and depth of college courses                                              Stanford University
• 26 Honors & AP courses offered                Biology (H)                             Syracuse University
                                                Chemistry (H)*
                                                                                        United States Air Force Academy
                                                Human Anatomy/Phys. (H)*
ADVANCED                                                                                University of Colorado
EXAMINATIONS 2011                                                                       University of Hawaii
                                             ADVANCED PLACEMENT COURSES
Total Candidates:            201                                                        University of Illinois
Score of 5:                  71
                                               English Language & Composition (AP)*     University of Michigan
Score of 4:                  73                English Literature & Composition (AP)*   University of Nevada, Reno
Score of 3:                  108                                                        University of Oregon
                                             Social Science:
                                               US History (AP)*
                                                                                        University of the Pacific
HONORS                                         American Government (AP)*                University of Southern California
COURSES                                        European History (AP)*                   University of Washington, Seattle
• Offer more in-depth study of subjects        Psychology (AP)*
                                               Macroeconomics (AP)*
                                                                                        University of Wisconsin, Madison
• Proceed at a faster pace
• Expand opportunities for                     Microeconomics (AP)*                     Vanguard University
  independent work                                                                      Washington & Lee University
                                                                                        Wake Forest University
                                              Calculus AB (AP)*
                                              Calculus BC (AP)*                         Waseda University, Japan
MODIFIED BLOCK                                Statistics (AP)*                          Wellesley College
SCHEDULING                                                                              Westmont College
• The school year is divided into              Physics (AP)*                            West Point
  two 18 week semesters
                                                                                        Yonsei University, Korea
• Monday-Wednesday, periods 1-7              Language other than English:
  meet for 44 minutes                          French IV (AP)*
                                               Spanish Language IV (AP)*
• Thursday, odd period classes meet
  (1,3,5,7) for 88 minutes                   Visual/Performing Arts:
                                               Music Theory (AP)*
• Friday, even period classes meet
                                               Studio Art (AP)
  (2,4,6) for 88 minutes

• Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
  there is an Advisory Period–
  providing time for research,
  interaction with instructors, student
  meetings, and community service

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