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									                The samples of general sales promotion letters

When your business launch a new product then you have to write the letter to your
partners, buyers or customers. So you need a good skill of writing.

                                    (Introduction a New product)
                  Dear Sir,
                  This is to inform you about our new revolutionary
                  concept in safety locks that we have recently
                  marketed. We have taken the liberty of sending you a
                  sample of this product for your comments and
                  reactions. We can offer special terms even for trial
                  order provided they reach us before the end of this
                  month. So kindly send us a word by return mail.

                  Thanking you,
                  Yours faithfully,

                                      (Soliciting a Customer for a Product)

                  Dear Sir,
                  Do you want to buy the latest exquisite variety
                  of best south Indian silk cloth? Come to“Silkalaya”
                  our emporium, and see them all in a breath-taking
                  display. All the cloths are for you if you can make a
                  choice. Just one visit is all you need to be fascinated.

                  Thanking you,
                  Yours faithfully,

                                      (Soliciting a Customer for a Service)

                  Dear Sir,
                  I have been told by friend, Mr. Suresh Jain, who is
                  your Chartered Account that you are on the look-out
                  for a representative with good contacts to handle your
liaison work with the Government Departments in
Delhi. You will be glad to know that I have been
liaison officer with the DCM for more than 10 years.
And, I am sure you can entrust me with your Delhi
work. My contacts in this field have been profitably
used by many leading
business concerns. So, may I express the confidence
that our association would prove
mutually beneficial?

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

                       (Manufacturer’s Offer to Retailers)

Dear Sir,
We are happy to announce that our increased
production capacity has now enable us to offer you
our quality cosmetics at reduced rates for large
orders. Details of the price reduction are enclosed
herewith which show an average reduction of five
per cent. Immediate dispatch is guaranteed, as we
have sample stocks. We are sure that the new prices
will encourage you to place still bigger orders with

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,

                       (Notifying Price Increase to Retailers)

Dear sir,
With effect from the 1st of next month the prices of all
our products are being raised by 10%. We are
extremely sorry for enhancing our products prices but
a steep rise in essential raw materials cost has forced
us to take this unpleasant step. However, you can
rest assured that there will be no change in the high
quality of our products. We hope that this slight
increase in prices won’t make any differences to our
cordial relations.
                         (General Sales Letter)

Dear Sir,
We are large scale manufacturers of leaf springs and coil springs and are
taking the liberty of sending you a copy of our latest catalogue and
price-list. We are offering you articles of the highest quality at a very
reasonable price and hope you will take the opportunity to try it out.
Hoping to hear soon from you.

With thanks,
Yours truly,

                     (A follow-up Letter)

Dear Sir,
It has been more than two months since we sent you our catalogue in
response to your enquiry dated July9,2011. We still have not heard from
you regarding any order. Our new mixer is a product of latest and highly
developed technology. With the help of its accessories you can mix or
grind a large number of food items. And in our bargain offer we are
allowing 15% discount on large purchases. We hope you will avail of
this opportunity. Assuring you of best services.

With thanks,
Yours truly,

                     (Letter to Save a lost customer)

Dear Sir,
It has been more than three months since we heard from you last. As our
business has been fairly-regular for the last two years we have been
wondering about this silence from your end. We hope this does not
reflect your dissatisfaction with our quality or prices. However, we shall
appreciate a frank reply in this regard and wish to know where we lack
in satisfying our become much easier than before, on account of
withdrawal of Government’s duty on aluminum. Assuring you of best

With thanks,
Yours truly,
                (Buyers Request for company’s salesmen to call)

Dear Sir,
We have read with interest your advertisement of
plastic goods like toys, buckets, etc.. in the latest issue
of Femina. We are general merchant dealing in
household items and feel that a market exists sale in
our district. Please, therefore, ask your representative
to call on us when he visits this area. Please, also send
with him a good selection of your manufactures.

                  (Reply to letter requesting Salesman’s visit)

Dear Sir,
We are pleased to receive your letter dated March9,2011, and have
arranged for Mr. Bharat Bhushan, our sales officer, to call on you in the
beginning of the next month. You will be glad to learn that our plastic
buckets and Tiffin-boxes have been highly appreciated by our customers
and are constantly in demand. Once you have examined the samples you
will find that their quality speaks for themselves. As a result we have
been generally finding it difficult to meet the current demand. Thus, we
suggest that you place the order at least three weeks before you require
the goods. We hope this is the beginning of a lasting relationship
between us.

Thanking you,
Yours truly,

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