6400 F_A Presentation to Budget Review Council by niusheng11


									      Finance & Accounting
Budget Review Council Presentation
        February 23, 2012

Division of Finance and Accounting

Our Mission

The primary purpose of the Division of Finance and Accounting is to maintain public trust and confidence in
the University of Florida by safeguarding institutional resources and providing quality financial, accounting,
and operational support to vested stakeholders and to consistently advance the vision and core missions of
the University. Additionally F&A is the “keeper” of sound University business processes and good internal
control systems and is available to consult on these topics. Under the direction of the Assistant Vice President
and University Controller, Finance and Accounting (F&A) maintains accounting records, collects and disburses
University funds, is responsible for and consults on the University’s systems of internal controls and business
processes and prepares various reports, including the Annual Financial Report.

Guiding Principles

F&A follows the guiding principles of financial management adopted by the Board of Trustees in their
September, 2006 meeting. Among other things, these principles require the University to maintain accounting
records, maintain an internal control environment which enhances sound business practices and
accountability, provides adequate financial reports and ensures all employees of their fiduciary

The Board of Trustees’ Audit Committee has also adopted Internal Control Principles. These principles require
University administrators and managers to establish a network of processes with the objective of providing
good internal controls over University data and resources in order to comply with laws, rules and regulations
in an efficient and quality manner. F&A assists Campus in implementing sound internal controls by providing
directives and procedures, training, internal control checklists and departmental visits.

F&A’s Historical Staffing Levels (in FTE)

Over the last five years, F&A has made a concerted effort to identify the mission-critical support functions in
our area so we could evaluate the costs and benefits of the other programs and functions. Because of this
conscious effort, the number of FTEs for F&A as been reduced as shown below:

Division of Finance and Accounting

                                              2011-12          2010-11          2009-10           2008-09
6410 - Administration/Operational
Controls and Efficiencies                           10.35            10.10             12.53            12.00
6420 - Payroll and Tax Services                     20.00            20.00             21.00            21.00
64300100 - GBAS                                      0.80             0.60              0.60             0.00
64300200-Shared Service Center                       4.00             0.00              0.00             0.00
6440-Disbursements/Asset Management                 55.00            60.00             60.00            67.00
6450-Financial Reporting                             4.00             4.00              4.00             4.00
6460-General Accounting                              9.00             8.00              8.00             8.00
6470-Treasury Management                            18.00            18.00             21.00            21.00
6480-University Financial Services                  28.25            30.50             30.50            34.50
6490-Cost Analysis                                   5.00             5.00              6.00             6.00

Total F&A                                          154.40           156.20           163.63            173.50

# FTE Change from 2008-09                          -19.10            -17.30            -9.87

% FTE Change from 2008-09                         -11.01%           -9.97%           -5.69%

Below is a summary of the position changes, steps to affect these changes and the impact on customer service
over this five year period:

      Administration/Operational Controls and Analysis (-2.15) – transferred of two positions to Operational
       Analysis and re-evaluation and restructuring of job duties.
      Payroll and Tax Services (-1) – Reorganized and reassigned duties.
      GBAS/Shared Services Center (+4.8) – Used existing F&A resources to staff the Tigert Hall Shared
       Services Center and the GBAS Program.
      Disbursements/Asset Management (-11) – Reorganized and restructured through the use of new tools
       and by streamlining processes.
      6470 - Treasury Management (-3.0) – eliminated taking student payments in person; were able to
       reduce three FTE.
      University Financial Services (-5.25) – Outsourced student loan and accounts receivable billing and
       implemented Peoplesoft Student Financial system.
      Cost Analysis (-1.0) – Re-evaluated Service Center threshold levels and re-assigned duties allowing this
       position to be eliminated in 2010.

Division of Finance and Accounting

F&A Organization Chart

Division of Finance and Accounting

2013 Budget Submission- Total 64XX (All Finance and Accounting)

                                            FY 2013
                                           Proposed      FY 2013          FY 2012
                                            Budget       Proposed          Budget
                                              (5%         Budget         (FY13 Flat    FY 2011      FY 2010
                                           Reduction)   (Optimized)       Budget)       Actual       Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits             9,356,397        9,827,199    9,774,266    9,667,952    9,421,033

Total OPS & Additional Pay                     60,041          60,138        73,554      35,292       88,539

  Total Salaries & Benefits                 9,416,439        9,887,337    9,847,820    9,703,244    9,509,572

Total Operating Expenses                      740,917         907,137      832,889      680,003      677,763

Total Other                                    59,221         103,084        73,584        7,887     195,578

Total All                                  10,216,577       10,897,558   10,754,293   10,391,134   10,382,913

Increases in expenses are primarily the result of University-wide salaries increases and benefit changes.

Finance and Accounting – Controller’s Office

6410 – Controller’s Office – F&A Administration and Operational Controls and Efficiencies
Programs and Services

Management of Finance and Accounting
   Management of budget and staffing of F&A
   University Controller; Sr. Assoc. Controller for UFS and Treasury; Sr. Assoc. Controller for General
     Accounting and Reporting, Payroll and Tax Services; Sr. Assoc. Controller for Disbursement Services and
     Asset Management; Sr. Assoc. Controller (.6 FTE) for Operational Controls and Efficiencies, Cost
     Analysis, Budget
   Continual review of F&A department business processes and organizational structure to achieve
   Work with Strategic Planning Teams for F&A covering Leadership, Customer Service, Communications,
     and Employee Well-Being
   Periodic meetings with VP/CFO (weekly), Sr. Associate Controllers (weekly), Associate and Assistant
     Controllers/Directors (monthly and semi-annual), F&A Managers (annual)

Accounting, Auditing, Reporting, Internal Control, Business Process Guidance and Support to Customers
    Represent users of the MyUFL system for Finance (FI), Payroll (HRMS/PR), and Student Financials
      modules with Enterprise Systems
    Review and evaluation of university business processes to determine more efficient and effective
      delivery of services (i.e., cell phone reimbursement, research participant payments, administrative
      services delivery models, etc.)
    Treasurer of UFRF, and Chair of Finance Committee
    Reporting for UF Investment Committee
    Sponsor Quarterly CFO Roundtable
    Contribute to Quarterly CFO Newsletter
    Quarterly Financial Statement for BOT
    Staff support to VP/CFO to BOT Finance and Facilities Committee and the Audit and Operations
    Staff for RCM Budget Review Council
    Subject matter experts/trainers for Color of Money, Departmental Reconciliations and Internal Control
    Participate in the monthly Business Officer’s Forum (College business administrators)
    Participate in Faculty and Staff Benefits committee
    Chair of Property Management Committee
    P-Card Committee representative
    University Village Apartments (Maguire), Vice-President
    Auxiliary Committee, staff
    Preparation and distribution of monthly scorecards to campus
    Departmental visits for business process improvements and consulting
    Bond financing services
    Assist with F&A Rate proposal; Fringe Benefit Pool calculations; Effort Reporting; DS-2 Revisions
    Participated in Peoplesoft 9.1 Upgrade

Finance and Accounting – Controller’s Office

      Participate in HRMS Priorities Committee
      Participate in MyUFL upgrade
      (Invitation to Negotiate) ITN for Shared Services Center

   Audit Liaison
    Coordinate/prepare responses to audit memos and preliminary and tentative findings for external
      Federal, Financial and Operational audits.
    Coordinate and respond to IRS audit of executive compensation, unrelated business income tax and UF
      organizational alignment
    Participate in all other external audit entrance and exit conferences and in the Office of Audit and
      Compliance (OACR) audit exit conferences of the university operations

Organization Chart – Controller’s Office

Finance and Accounting – Controller’s Office

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

University Controller's Office Benchmark

                            Controller's                  Financial    GBAS             Student     Asset    General     Tax     Payroll    Cost    Management Vendor Total FTE -
University Name               Office       A/P   Travel   Reporting   and SSC Treasury Financials   Mgmt    Accounting Services Services Accounting /Retention Relations F&A
University of Florida          10.35       a       a         a          a        a         a         a          a         a        a         a           a        a       154.4
University of Texas              7         a                 a                   a         a                    a                            a           a                    43
University of Michigan           8         a                 a                   a         a                                       a                                         108
Ohio State                       7         a      a          a                                       a          a         a        a         a                                47
University of Wisconsin         10         a      a          a                   a                   a          a         a        a                              a           46
Universtiy of Georgia           10         a      a          a                   a         a         a          a                  a         a           a        a           44
University of South Florida      5         a      a          a                   a         a                    a         a                  a           a                    28


     Function/Major Activity                      FTE                        Measure                                                      Comments
Managerial and                                   4.0        Manages F&A Area with 154.4                             Administrative Staff 2.0
Administrative Support                                      FTEs and budget of approximately
                                                            $11 million

External/Internal Audit                          0.65       Liaison for Internal and External                       Internal Revenue Service; Auditor
Oversight and Coordination                                  Audits                                                  General

                                                            o Auditor General – 23                                  Financial, Operational and Federal audits
                                                                    Numbered Memorandums for
                                                                    Financial and Operational                       Other Various Audits
                                                            o       Auditor General Federal Audit
                                                            o       Internal Revenue Service – 18
                                                                    month duration
                                                                     Approximately 200 Requests
                                                                      for Information Coordinated
                                                                      with Campus
                                                                     Review and negotiate Audit
                                                                      close process
                                                            o       HHS Audit
                                                            o       Other miscellaneous –
                                                                    approximately 15 a year

Staffing on Committees,                          0.75       Participation in numerous campus                        Treasurer, UFRF, Member, UF
Teaching Classes                                            committees including the FI 9.1                         Investment Committee
                                                            Upgrade, HRMS upgrade                                   Teaching of three PRO3 classes, HRMS
                                                            Teach several PRO3 Classes to                           9.1 Upgrade, etc.
                                                            campus – Departmental
                                                            Reconciliation, Color of Money and
                                                            Internal Controls

Finance and Accounting – Controller’s Office

   Function/Major Activity     FTE                  Measure                               Comments
IT Support                     1.25   Maintain and Support:                Support of IT needs in F&A and
                                      Desktop Computers – 180              coordination with Operations Analysis on
                                      Laptop Computers – 70                support of other administrative areas.
                                      Servers – 6
                                      Printers – 37
                                      Copiers – 5
                                      Projectors - 7

SSC Invitation to Selection    0.50   Responses currently being
and Development and                   evaluated with goal of award by
Implementation of Rollout             end of February, 2012

Bond Financings                0.30   Bond Financing                       JW Reitz Union; Central Bank Loans
                                          Clinical Translational
                                             Research Building - $30
                                          Hough MBA/Harn Asian
                                             Wing refinancing - $20
                                          J Wayne Reitz Union - $50
                                             million pending

Assist with F&A proposal,      0.60   DS-2 Revision, Effort Reporting,     Includes negotiations with Federal
Effort Reporting and similar          Assistance with FnA Indirect Cost    Agencies on FnA rates, revisions of DS-2
costing functions                     Proposal

Monthly and Annual             0.30   Accumulate data for and send out     Includes annual scorecard summary
Scorecards to Campus                  monthly departmental scorecards
                                      to 77 Departments/Centers

                                      Prepare and distribute annual
                                      scorecard summaries

                                          o   Based on those
                                              summaries, offered to do
                                              departmental visits for 37

Departmental Visits and        0.60   Numerous departmental visits        As requested or need demonstrated by
Other Assistance to Campus            including Vet Med, PURC (Public     scorecard results
                                      Utility Regulatory Center), J Wayne
                                      Reitz Union, Department of
                                      Ophthalmology, 9.1 Upgrade visits,

Finance and Accounting – Controller’s Office

    Function/Major Activity         FTE                 Measure                                           Comments
Other                               1.40    Quarterly attendance &                     Includes responding to phone calls,
                                            presentation at F&A Roundtable             presentations to campus groups & staff
                                            HR Forum, Misc Meetings                    Includes teaching of three Pro3 Series
                                                                                       classes multiple times a year.
Total FTE                           10.35

2013 Budget Submission- 6410

                                                   FY 2013
                                                  Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                                   Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                     (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat        FY 2011       FY 2010
                                                  Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)           Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                   $1,142,551        $1,142,551        $1,199,090       $1,348,621    $1,328,426

Total OPS & Additional Pay                                     -                  -                -        2,724       29,341

  Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                  1,142,551            1,142,551      1,199,090        1,351,345     1,357,767

Total Operating Expenses                             145,368             145,368        145,368          161,766       123,695

Total Other                                           59,221              73,584          73,584            1,588       38,445

Total All                                          1,347,140            1,361,503      1,418,042        1,514,699     1,519,907


           Review of administrative operations, both centrally and within academic units
           Shared Services Centers
           Expanded use of Scorecards
           Departmental visits
           Gain a better understanding of campus operations


           Limited budgets
           Departments not being aware of availability of departmental visits
           Campus’ perceived lack of “trust” of core offices.
           Multiple and increasing demands on employees in F&A and across campus

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

6420 – University Payroll and Tax Services


University Payroll & Tax Services' commitment to UF is to perform our responsibilities in a timely, accurate,
and confidential manner. Our goal is to empower and educate students, staff, and faculty with the ability to
understand the payroll process and tax laws through diligence, impeccable customer service, respect and
effective communication. University Payroll & Tax Services also aims to assist the University community to
achieve compliance with local, state, and federal agencies' laws and regulations, while offering assistance to
operate in confidence and understanding.

Programs and Services

Following is a description of the key programs and methods utilized in University Payroll and Tax Services

Payroll Processing
    Biweekly Payroll and Related Off-Cycles
    Time & Labor (T&L) Reporting System Corrections and Support
    Vendor Payments
    Wage Refund Calculations
    Collections
    Garnishments
    Direct Deposits
    Other Off-Cycle Processing
    Teach Advanced Topics in Payroll and Leave, a PRO3 credit course three times a year

Commitment Accounting (Distributions)
    Provide support to campus via email, phone, one-on-one training
    Teach Payroll Distributions, a PRO3 credit course five times a year
    Cross-college distributions
    Prior year retro distributions

Tax Services
    Employment Taxation
    Form W-2
    Form 1042-S
    Employee Social Security and Medicare Taxes (FICA) Monitoring
    SSN Matching
    Independent Contractor/Employee Determination
    Self-Move Expense Reimbursements
    Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)
    Florida Sales and Use Tax

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

Payments to Foreign Nationals
    Form 1042-S
    Nonresident Aliens (NRA) and Tax Treaties
    Payments to Foreign Organizations (IRS regulation 1442)
    Foreign Research Participants Review
    Teach Nonresident Alien Training, a PRO3 credit course three times a year

Other Services
    Campus Departmental Training-Annual Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT) Workshop, UBIT
       departmental visits, and Florida Sales Tax training provided on an as-needed basis
    Audits and Other Requests for Payroll or Tax Data

Organization Chart – University Payroll and Tax Services

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

Payroll & Tax Service's Benchmark
                                                                                                                       Commitment      W-2,               NRA and
                                                        Payroll  Time &    Vendor Wage Refund     Garnish-    Direct    Account-ing Employ-                 Tax              Sales &
             Institution                 FTE          Processing Labor    Payments Overpayments    ments     Deposits (Distributions) ment Tax   1042-S   Treaties   990-T   Use Tax                   Other
University of Florida
                                               20        a         a         a          a            a         a            a           a         a          a        a        a
Indiana University-Bloomington                                                                                                                                                         Voluntary deductions, A21,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Employment verifications,
                                                                                                                                                                                       Retirement contributions, Staff
                                                                                                                                                                                       terminations & retirement, Social
                                                                                                                                                                                       Security statement of wages,
                                               19        a         a                    a            a         a                        a         a          a                 a       Workstudy procedures, 1098-T
Ohio State University-Main Campus
                                                                                                                                                                                       General deductions, savings
                                                                                                                                                                                       programs (e.g. savings bonds),
                                               14        a                              a            a         a                        a         a          a
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor               35        a         a                    a                      a            a           a         a          a                         State and local taxes
University of North Carolina at
                                                         a         a                    a            a         a                        a         a          a
Chapel Hill                                    15
University of Texas                                                                                                                                                                    Insurance; Retirement;
                                     21 (includes 4      a                              a            a         a            a           a         a          a                         Miscellaneous deductions; State tax
                                    IT staff)
University of Wisconsin                                                                                                                                                                Payroll & Benefits is combined under
                                                         a         a                                           a            a           a         a          a                         HR
University of Georgia                          13        a         a         a          a            a         a                        a         a          a                         Retirement
University of South Florida                                                                                                                                                            Benefits, health insurance and
                                                         a                              a                      a            a           a         a          a                         general deductions; Name changes;
                                               19                                                                                                                                      Savings bonds


    Function/Major Activity                                     FTE                       Measure                                                                    Comments
General Management &                                           1.30                                                                      Provided documentation for audits,
Administration                                                                                                                           including, DHHS, FRS and A133; key
                                                                                                                                         involvement in IRS audit

Biweekly Payroll                                               1.45         653,230 EE payments totaling                                 870 Annual Cashouts of Overtime &
                                                                            $1,241,691,569 - 99.9% EFT                                   Special Compensatory Time, 2960 Leave
                                                                                                                                         Adjustments entered, 247 Moving
                                                                                                                                         Expense paylines entered, 113 Workers
                                                                                                                                         Comp. paylines entered

Testing Tax Updates, Campus                                    0.40         6 tax updates/year applied to
Payroll Training Delivered,                                                 system, 11 training sessions
Financial Statement                                                         taught, 312 Payroll Report
Preparation Fund 194,                                                       Registers analyzed
Analyze Payroll Registers

Emergency Checks                                               0.44         699 checks totaling $1,514,706                               Requests processed weekly

Vacation & Sick Leave                                          0.46         1464 checks totaling                                         Requests processed weekly
Cashouts at Termination                                                     $11,374,266

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

  Function/Major Activity       FTE               Measure                                 Comments
Other Payments                  0.27   166 Make Whole payments, 169
                                       Awards, 10 Beneficiary
                                       payments, 47 Contract Buyout

Direct Deposit Authorizations   1.31   8,939 authorizations processed;     Processed Daily
                                       3,588 duplicates reviewed;
                                       10,056 Inactivated after
                                       employee's termination

Reception Area/Customer         0.16   @7,500 phone calls, @17600          Respond daily to phone calls, walk-ins, e-
Services                               Payroll faxes                       mails and faxes

Vendor Payments Excluding       0.29   522 EFT payments $44,374,288;       Biweekly
Garnishments                           977 Checks $16,102,098

Reversals Due To Wage           0.35   486 Cancellations                   Processed Weekly
Overpayments or
Cancellations; MIScellaneous
Off-Cycle Processing

Wage Refund Calculations        0.83   508 wage refunds for $465,636       Processed Daily

Garnishments: Child Support     0.68   157 new orders received; 121        Processed Daily, Garnishment Fee
Orders, Writs & Levies, New            garnishment stop orders             Income collected $13,726
Orders, Stop Orders                    received; 363 garnishment
                                       payments each biweekly paid to
                                       61 garnishment vendors;

Collections & Stale-dated       0.36    Stale-dated checks: 64             Collections done daily, Stale-dated checks
Checks                                 replaced for $12,657; 24            worked monthly
                                       escheated to State of Florida for

Time & Leave Reporting          1.35   Daily support provided to
System Corrections and                 departments

Insurance and Retirement        0.23   1501 Insurance refund               Processed Weekly
Deduction Adjustments                  transactions, $256,765
                                       processed. 2498 Retirement
                                       transactions processed, $472K
                                       in charges, $528K in refunds.

Off-Cycle Management            0.25   190 off-cycles with calendars       Processed Weekly

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

  Function/Major Activity        FTE                 Measure                               Comments
Payroll Cost Transfers          1.48     1826 payroll cost transfers        Processed Daily
(Distributions) & Customer               manually entered, 5 Additional
Support for Departments                  Pay corrections manually

Journal Entries, Missing        0.10     254 Journal Entries for Payroll    JE Daily, Biweekly
Payroll HR Account Code                  Cost Transfers not done via
(Distribution) List,                     system, 495 Missing Payroll HR
Adjustments Processing                   Account Code (Distribution)

Banking: ACH Returns, NOCs,     0.31     236 ACH Returns $98,011; 175    Daily & Biweekly
Positive Pay, AP Checks,                 EFT Cancellations $477,383; 284
Direct Deposit Cancellations,            NOCs processed; 12
etc.                                     replacement (AP checks)

Reconciliations: Payroll, AR,   0.23     160 reconciliations completed      Monthly & Quarterly
Liabilities, Garn. Fees, etc.

Email and phone call volume -   Includ   10,999 phone calls, 64388          Daily
Payroll Area                     ed in   emails

NRAs, Foreign Vendors,          1.48     2,247 NRAs analyzed and input
Foreign Nationals-                       into Windstar and PS; 849 NRA
Monitoring, Reconciliation &             Scholarships Approved; 708 IRS
Research                                 Form 8233s prepared; 298
                                         Foreign Vendors approved; 71
                                         Foreign research participants

IRS Forms 941/941X              0.61     105 941 deposits made, 27
                                         reconciliations completed,94
                                         941/941x forms prepared and

Tax Adjustments: FICA,          2.03     3,386 Student FICA records
Student FICA, Collections, W-            analyzed; 20 FICA queries
2Cs, Vouchers                            analyzed bi-weekly; 4755
                                         refunds; 1050 collections;
                                         11,557 manual balance
                                         adjustments; 209 W-2Cs issued;
                                         32 Supplemental vouchers

Customer Service & Training -   2.14     7,656 phone calls, 20,913
Tax Area                                 emails, @ 98 walk-ins; 3 classes

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

  Function/Major Activity    FTE                 Measure                Comments
Job Actions, Employee        0.38    3650 e-PAFs approved; 199
Payments & SSN Matching              Moving Expense
                                     Reimbursements approved; 279
                                     Additional Pay Approved; 125
                                     SSN corrections

State Sales Tax              0.43    292 departments reviewed, 12
                                     consolidated returns filed

Other State Returns &        0.17    12 Utility Tax Returns filed; 12
Reports                              State Fuel Tax Returns filed; 4
                                     UCT-6 and 34 UCT-8A returns
                                     filed; 16 State Employment
                                     Statistical Reports filed; 1
                                     Florida Corporate Return filed

IRS Form W-2                 0.06    35,193 W-2 forms provided to
                                     employees (18,634 W-2
                                     electronic W-2 forms and 16,559
                                     paper W-2 forms); analyzed 139
                                     1099s to W-2s for discrepancies

IRS Form 990-T & Unrelated   0.29    33 departments reviewed; 1 IRS
Business Income                      990-T filed; 4 State returns and
                                     1 City return filed

IRS Forms 1042 & 1042-S      0.52    1,335 forms mailed directly to
                                     employee and compared to
                                     1098-Ts; xx tax deposits

                                     20 1.0 FTE employees in Payroll
                                     & Tax and 2 student assistants
Total FTE                    20.37   totaling .37 FTE

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services

2013 Budget Submission – 6420

                                           FY 2013
                                          Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                           Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                             (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                          Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits            1,230,245            1,274,152     1,274,152        1,307,209     1,188,407

Total OPS & Additional Pay                     2,062               2,062           2,062                 -             -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                1,232,307            1,276,214     1,276,214        1,307,209     1,188,407

Total Operating Expenses                      56,468              75,344          67,865         44,071        34,007
Total Other                                            -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                  1,288,775            1,351,558     1,344,079        1,351,280     1,222,414


HRMS 9.1 Upgrade
   Employees able to see year to date balances for earnings, taxes, deductions, and leave usage
   Emergency check processing:
       Direct deposit available
       Use of Time & Labor data which will be a time-saving measure for departments

TALX Onboarding
    Provide new electronic enhancements to departments and new hires.

Process Automation
    Automate leave balance adjustments for terminated employees.
    Automate inactivation of direct deposit one year after termination.

Windstar-PeopleSoft (myUFL) Interface
    Timely updates to FICA status and treaty benefits.
    Transfer of tax and demographic data for the annual 1042 and 1042-S forms.
    Reduces duplicate entry and manual data entry errors.

ePAF Approval of Job Changes for Nonresident Alien (NRA) Employees
    Verify FICA status and potential tax treaty benefit impacts, reducing the need for refund or collection
      of taxes.

Finance and Accounting – Payroll and Tax Services


System Issues
     40 hour rule
     Commitment Accounting

Emergency Checks
   The primary reasons for emergency checks are unapproved employees’ time, cancellation of gross
      overpayments replaced by emergency checks, and late hires.

Wage Overpayments
   In FY 2011, we calculated 508 wage refunds for $465,636.
   Employees are not terminated timely.

    University’s largest expenditure, it is included in many audits. Considerable time spent with various
       auditors, including the Auditor General, Florida Retirement System, and Department of Health and
       Human Services.
    The recent IRS audit of the University’s 2008 unrelated business income, executive compensation and
       controlled entities lasted 21 months. Coordinated the requests of data from campus, prepared the
       responses for the IRS, and prepared in-depth data analysis.

Access to Employee Workgroup and FICA Status
    Need access to update these fields directly, and reduce manual adjustments, collections, and refunds

Finance and Accounting – Gator Business Administrator Services

6430100 – Gator Business Administrator Services (GBAS)


Gator Business Administrator Services, or GBAS, is an initiative of the University Controller's Office, in
partnership with Training and Organizational Development to provide training and professional development
which targets business administrators on campus. This includes clearly defining institutional expectations
associated with the role of the business administrator—from the beginning of the person’s time in the role.
Providing ongoing professional development for existing business administrators is another goal of the GBAS
program. In combination, these goals are designed to improve and increase the consistency of business
management practices and stewardship of UF funds. To this end GBAS will:
    Identify and facilitate initial and on-going training in all areas of finance and administration
    Ensure that Business Administrators and staff have a comprehensive understanding of policies,
       directives and procedures, rules (State, Federal, university, other) and that they are applied fairly and
       consistently across units
    Partner Business Administrators across campus with core office leaders on a regular, on-going basis to
       actively engage in discussing current issues, providing input into new and existing policies and
       procedures, sharing information and best practices, and suggesting and implementing process

       In the December, 2010 Office of Audit and Compliance Review newsletter, GBAS was endorsed with
       the following statement:
       “Participating in the GBAS professional development program can provide campus business
       administrators with an opportunity to discuss issues they face with other experienced business

Programs and Services

     Designed to introduce newly hired business administrators (new to the role, and possibly new to UF)
       to the University of Florida’s financial, HR, and administrative environment
     Composed of 12 online modules that focus on information such as budget preparation, contracts and
       grants, accounting fundamentals, budget monitoring, purchasing, etc.
     First phase of the overall GBAS professional development program and it is available to anyone who
       might benefit from the curriculum; however, it is targeted to employees in administrative roles.
   The mentoring opportunity is available via a competitive application process.
   Selected participants will be paired with a more experienced business administrator on campus.
   One-year commitment.
    The Pro3 curriculum is being utilized to cultivate needed competencies in the fiscal/HR management
      area for employees in fiscal and administrative roles. Research administration is an elective.
    This curriculum is composed of three broad tracks: Fiscal Management, HR/Payroll Management, and
      Academic Department Support.

Finance and Accounting – Gator Business Administrator Services

GBAS Institutes
    Designed to further explore and develop administrative competencies—GBAS Institutes will typically
       be held twice a year.
    Participants will review key concepts and have an opportunity to apply what they learned in
       Orientation and Foundation. The institutes will include campus-leader presentations and integrate
       case-study discussions to enable problem solving, to create big-picture awareness of how the
       financial system works from “start to finish,” and to prompt discussions about complex (though
       common) problems and ethical dilemmas.
Ongoing Professional Development
    Ensure business officers “stay current,” are provided opportunities to network among peers and
      experts, and are supported in a culture of continuous learning. Therefore, as noted below for the
      GBAS credential, participants will be provided opportunities for professional development activities
      even after initial credentialing.
GBAS Credential
By the end of 2012, a GBAS credential will be available. To achieve the GBAS credential, participants will
complete three elements of the GBAS program structure:
     Orientation—Includes online training
     Mentoring—Work with an assigned mentor; participants selected by competitive application process
     Foundation—Pro3 curriculum; participants complete at least one track in the Pro3 certification series
     GBAS Institute—Held twice each year; to receive the GBAS credential, the participant attends at least

To retain the GBAS credential, participants will be asked to meet one of the following expectations over the
course of a two-year period following initial credentialing:
     Be an active mentor and attend two designated GBAS professional development workshops
     Attend one GBAS Institute meeting and two designated GBAS professional development workshops
     Attend two GBAS Institute meetings

Organizational Chart - Gator Business Administrator Services (GBAS)

Finance and Accounting – Gator Business Administrator Services


.8 FTE position (goes to .60 FTE in 2013 budget) works with Training Coordinator in HR.

   Function/Major Activity      FTE                 Measure                                Comments
Orientation Modules GBAS100     .10    12 on-line modules created,           On-going -Though targeting BAs, anyone
                                       piloted Summer 2011; launched         can take the orientation
                                       to campus September 2011
                                       41 employees currently
                                       registered; 7 completed

GBAS Institute                  .20    The inaugural institute entitled      Semi-annually; expanded reach to BAs in
                                       "Making Informed Decisions            administrative units and large
                                       Driven by Data,” held on              centers/institutes
                                       November 8, 2011. There were
                                       40 participants for the day-long
                                       session. Feedback was very
                                       Upcoming GBAS Institutes: April
                                       18 and November 15, 2012.

Mentoring Program               .20    After an application and              Year-long mentorship commitment;
                                       recommendation process, 10            Training provided to mentors
                                       mentees were recently paired
                                       with 9 mentors from around
                                       campus. The mentors are
                                       business administrators from the
                                       Colleges of Law, Veterinary
                                       Medicine, Fine Arts, Public
                                       Health and Health Professions
                                       and Health and Human
                                       Performance as well as the
                                       Libraries, CIO's Office, VP Student
                                       Affairs Office and the Controller's
                                       Office. The Kick Off Meeting was
                                       held on February 2, 2012.

Finance and Accounting – Gator Business Administrator Services

    Function/Major Activity         FTE                  Measure                                      Comments
Professional Development            .40    After receiving feedback from             GBAS is working with the new
Workshops                                  business administrators that              leadership of the CSI group to provide
                                           clarification of reporting tools          professional development opportunities
                                           and applied training on Query             when needed.
                                           Studio was needed, GBAS
                                           created a workshop on Reporting
                                           Tools and Applied Query Studio
                                           to be held on February 22, 2012.
                                           Lee Catledge of ES and Andrea
                                           Burne, Director of Finance and
                                           Human Resources, PHHP, will be

                                           The next GBAS Workshop:
                                           September 13, 2012.

GBAS Credential                     .10    Launch of GBAS Credential to be
                                           launched by December 31, 2012.
Total FTE                          1.00

2013 Budget Submission – 64300100

                                                FY 2013
                                               Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                                Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                  (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                               Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                  111,522             148,649         148,649                  -             -
Total OPS & Additional Pay                                  -                  -                -             -             -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                      111,522             148,649         148,649                  -             -

Total Operating Expenses                           10,000             10,000            4,000                 -             -
Total Other                                                 -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                        121,522             158,649         152,649                  -             -


           Expansion from original Academic Business Administrators group to all Business Administrators
            (including those in administrative units)
           GBAS Credential


Retirement of Current GBAS Acting Director

Finance and Accounting – Shared Services Center

64300200 – Shared Services Center (SSC)

      Provide financial and administrative services and solutions focused on unit level needs and university-
       wide objectives by:
       1. Integrating top quality people, processes and technology
       2. Reviewing and streamlining processes and procedures
       3. Ensuring proper internal controls and compliance with applicable requirements.


The Tigert Hall Shared Services Center offers transactional processing services for Accounts Payable and
Human Resources activities. Our mission is to work in partnership with the academic and administrative
management of the University of Florida to provide efficient and effective financial and administrative services
and solutions, focused on unit level needs and university-wide objectives.

Programs and Services

      Financial and Human Resources transaction processing.
      Cross Coverage - Highly trained staff members are available to assist units during employee absences
       and peak periods of activity.
      Training – Unit training support may be provided to insure compliance with internal and external
       Assist units with analyzing FTE needs and opportunities to streamline administrative transactions
       targeted at cost savings and improving efficiency.

Organization Chart - Shared Services Center

Finance and Accounting – Shared Services Center

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

The Shared Service Center concept is currently being developed at a number of Universities across the country
such as, UC – Berkley, UC Davis, UNC – Chapel Hill, Yale, Cornell, University of Michigan, but none have
completed their transition at this date.

      SSC Tigert Hall - Go Live Date – October 26, 2010
      Total Units Serviced - 16
      Total AP Transactions Processed – 2419
      Total HR Transactions Processed – 326


   Function/Major Activity      FTE         Measure Frequency                         Comments
Accounts Payable/Journal        0.30   Ongoing                         Analyze each transaction for compliance
Analysis and Creation                                                  with applicable regulations, and insure
                                                                       chartfield, business purpose and internal
                                                                       approval are provided. Process Payable
                                                                       transactions in MyUFL and upload
                                                                       sufficient and appropriate documentation
                                                                       into the UF Imaging System

PCard Reconciliation and        0.50   Ongoing                         Analyze, reconcile and approve Pcard
Approval Transaction                                                   charges for customer units based on
Processing                                                             chartfield information, descriptions,
                                                                       explanations and documentation provided
                                                                       by the customers.

Query Analysis                  0.30   Ongoing                         Execute queries to generate Pcard
                                                                       transactions needed for processing and
                                                                       match with the corresponding voucher
                                                                       numbers. Annotate voucher numbers onto
                                                                       images and upload documentation into
                                                                       the University’s imaging system.

Matrix Reporting                0.10   Ongoing                         Create and generate queries for all
                                                                       accounts payable and other financial
                                                                       transactions for metrics reports
                                                                       maintained on the SharePoint site. Utilize
                                                                       Enterprise Reporting to provide Unit
                                                                       Management with critical data needed for
                                                                       effective operational management.

Travel Authorization            0.10   Ongoing                         Create and Input Travel Authorizations
                                                                       and Expense Reports based upon
                                                                       information approved by the units.

Finance and Accounting – Shared Services Center

  Function/Major Activity      FTE        Measure Frequency                   Comments
Travel Expense Reports         0.10   Ongoing

Transaction Analysis/Error     0.10   Ongoing                 Research operational problems and errors
Resolution                                                    related to accounts payable and journals
                                                              and recommend/implement solutions in a
                                                              timely manner. Serve as liaison between
                                                              the unit and Purchasing Services,
                                                              Disbursement Services or General
                                                              Accounting when budget errors, chartfield
                                                              errors, journal entries, etc. occur and
                                                              follow through with resolving the issue.

Unit Training                  0.20   Ongoing                 Train unit employees on transactional
                                                              processes as needed to insure compliance
                                                              with policies and procedures in order to
                                                              maximize efficiency and minimize risk.
                                                              Train other SSC staff members on business
                                                              and administrative processes. Staff in the
                                                              SSC will be cross-trained and able to fill in
                                                              for each other.

Traveling Team Member -        0.20   As Needed               Assisted College of Journalism during staff
Staffing Shortage Support                                     shortages.
                                                              Assisted Privacy Office during staff
                                                              Assisted Cost Analysis with Effort Audit.

General Unit Inquiries -       0.20   Ongoing                 FMLA Research
Research and Resolution                                       Unit Payroll Inquiries
                                                              Complex Expense Process - Unit Inquires
                                                              Recurring Lease Payments - Complex E2E's

HR – New Hire/Replacement      0.15   Ongoing                 Coordinate and execute all new hire and
Coordination                                                  position replacement activities.

HR - Applicant Pre-Screening   0.20   Ongoing                 Review all applicant resumes.
Process                                                       Verify eligibility criteria.

HR – Personnel Actions -       0.50   Ongoing                 Examples of HR personnel transactions are
Paperwork and Transactions                                    request for Special Pay Increase,
                                                              Terminations/Resignations, Non-
                                                              Renewals, Retirement, Leave Cash-Outs,
                                                              Additional Pay, FTE changes, etc.

Finance and Accounting – Shared Services Center

    Function/Major Activity        FTE        Measure Frequency                                     Comments
 HR – Visa Processing              0.05   As Needed
 Administration - Tigert Hall      0.20   Ongoing
 Shared Services Center

 Business Development - Tigert
                                   0.10   Ongoing
 Hall Shared Services Center

 FTE Analysis - Prospective Unit
                                   0.10   Ongoing

 ITN Consultant Project
 Analysis for Shared Services      0.30   Ongoing
 Model at UF

 Networking - Higher Education
                                   0.15   Ongoing
 Existing Shared Services

 Grants Support - For College of
                                   0.10   Ongoing
 Liberal Arts and Sciences

 Budget Preparation - Unit
                                   0.05   As Needed
 Client Support

                                                                                   4 1.0 FTE employees in the Shared
 Total FTE                         4.00                                            Services Center.

2013 Budget Submission – 64300200

                                              FY 2013
                                             Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                              Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                             Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                275,597             275,597         315,398                  -             -
Total OPS & Additional Pay                                -                  -                -             -             -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                    275,597             275,597         315,398                  -             -

Total Operating Expenses                            1,200            1,200                    -             -             -
Total Other                                               -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                      276,797             276,797         315,398                  -             -

Finance and Accounting – Shared Services Center


Enhancement of SSC services lies in the networking opportunities with other universities that have
implemented shared services, in order to understand best practices and learn from obstacles others have
encountered in the implementation of a shared services center. Networking calls are currently being
conducted to speak with directors of SSC’s at: University of Michigan, Miami of Ohio State University, Yale
University, Johns Hopkins University, Oregon State University, Cornell University, University of North Carolina
– Chapel Hill, and University of California – Berkeley.


The Tigert Hall Shared Services Center is not experiencing constraints at this time. The SSC is in a growth stage
and continues to add units to its client list and expand services offered based on client needs. Personal service
is provided to clients and most client feedback indicates that the services provided by the SSC add value and
improve efficiencies to their operation.

Finance and Accounting – Financial Reporting

6450 - University Financial Reporting


Financial Reporting provides reporting for both external and internal uses.

We provide value by producing accurate and timely financial reports in accordance with generally accepted
accounting principles (GAAP) and the Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB).

Programs and Services

Annual Reports
    University of Florida Annual Financial Report
    SUS Consolidated Statements
    Inter-institutional Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS)
    UF Fact Book
    US News and World Report
    Voluntary Survey of Education
    WUFT Functional Expense Data
    Division of Housing and Residence Education
    SACS
    Various reports to credit agencies:
    Moody’s
    S&P
    Merritt

Quarterly Financial Reports
    University of Florida Board of Trustees
      Bureau of Economic Analysis BEA-125 Foreign Services Expenditures

Report Writing
    Assist Auxiliaries with nVision reports to create financial statements
    Assist F&A departments with queries

Assistance to Campus
     Teach the Departmental Reconciliation Class 8 times a year
     Teach the Basic Accounting Concepts Class 8 times a year
     Assist with journal entries

Finance and Accounting – Financial Reporting

Organizational Chart - University Financial Reporting

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

Financial Reporting's Benchmark
                                                                    Quarterly Financial Reports including             Moodys
Institution                         FTE Annual Financial Report     BE-125                                      IPEDS Etc)   A-133 990-T
University of Florida               5.00 Yes                        Yes                                        Yes    Yes    No    No

University of Texas                 2.00 Yes, unaudited because No                                             Yes    No      No    No
                                         UT is a part of the State
                                         University system audit.
Indiana University-Bloomington      1.33 Yes                       No                                          Yes    Yes     No    No

Ohio State University-Main Campus   8.00 Yes                        Internal quarterly not done by this office. Yes   Yes     Yes   No

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor    9.00 Yes                        No                                         Yes    Yes     No    No
                                    5.00 Yes                        No                                         Yes    No      Yes   yes
University of Wisconsin
University of Georgia               3.00 Yes but UGA is part of the No Quarterlies, but they feed their data to Yes   Yes     yes +1 yes
                                         State University System the state from a data warehouse monthly                      FTE
University of South Florida         3.00 Yes                        Yes                                        Yes    Yes     No    No
University of North Carolina at     5.00 Yes                        No                                         Yes    Yes     No    Yes
Chapel Hill

Finance and Accounting – Financial Reporting


   Function/Major Activity     FTE                 Measure                            Comments
University of Florida Annual   1.70 Annual; 2 Blended component units; Due 9/15 to Board of Governors
Financial Report                    28 component units; more than 200
                                    79 folders of workpapers submitted Workpapers are electronic
                                    by 25 UF campus preparers;
                                    23 notes to statements, including 2
                                    segment notes
                                    3 annual workshops: component
                                    units preparers, UF campus
                                    preparers, and a shakedown for
                                    lessons learned
                                    9000 lines of journal entries
                                    including entries by Financial
                                    Reporting: Accounts payable,
                                    Compensated Absences, Other
                                    Postemployment Benefits,
                                    Inventory, Investment and
                                    Investment Interest Allocation,
                                    Investment Fair Value Adjustment,
                                    Salary Accrual, and Transfer Journals

Other External Reporting       0.60 Usually annual;                       Due Dates:
                                    IPEDS                                 4/11/2012
                                    Moody's, S&P and other Ratings
                                    Agencies                              11/14/2011
                                    Fact Book                             4/15/2012
                                    SACS                                  7/13/2012
                                    WUFT Operating Expenses by
                                    Function                              9/1/2011
                                    Voluntary Survey of Education         8/15/2011
                                    SUS Consolidated Statements           1/15/2012
                                    US News and World Report              4/6/2012
                                    Division of Housing                   10/15/2012

Quarterly Financial Report for 0.50
                                    4 times a year;                       Due 11/10, 2/10, 5/10, 8/10
the Board of Trustees
                                    Reports include Statement of Net
                                    Assets, Statement of Revenues,        Prepared on accrual basis
                                    and Changes in Net Assets, variance
                                    reports, and notes explaining
                                    significant variances
                                    14,450 lines of journal entries

Finance and Accounting – Financial Reporting

     Function/Major Activity      FTE               Measure                                           Comments
 Quarterly Report for BEA-125     0.10 Bureau of Economic Analysis                   Submitted Electronically on 1/15, 4/15,
                                       requires reports on sales and                 7/15 & 10/15
                                       purchases from foreign vendors.

 Other Internal Reports &         1.00 Periodic; reports for Controller &
 Assistance                            VPs, account reviews to insure
                                       Queries for all areas in Finance and

                             0.10 Primary Instructor for Basic                       Each class meets 8 months of the year.
 Training Classes with Human      Accounting and Departmental
 Resources     Training  and      Reconciliation; backup instructor for
 Development                      Color of Money

 Total FTE                        4.00

2013 Budget Submission – 6450

                                               FY 2013
                                              Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                               Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                 (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                              Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                  306,378            306,378         306,378         310,702        302,553
Total OPS & Additional Pay                                 -                  -                -             -             -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                      306,378            306,378         306,378         310,702        302,553

Total Operating Expenses                           3,000              3,000            3,000          1,029          2,862
Total Other                                                -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                        309,378            309,378         309,378         311,731        305,415


Drill Down Statements:
     Eliminates running additional queries and saves time.

Data Warehouse for the Adjustment Ledger:
    Use the data warehouse rather than production to create reports.
    More efficient use of the accounting system, with no impact on production and saves time.

Finance and Accounting – Financial Reporting


The following queries time out due to the volume of data:
    Statement of Net Assets Detail
    Statement of Revenues, Expenses, and Changes in Net Assets Detail
    Accounts Payable accrual query

Quest (A Query Testing Software):
    Need access for more efficient use of time (quicker query results).

Incorrect Journal Entries:
     Inefficient use of resources. Continue training. We meet personally with preparers prior to year end
       and continually review our procedures.

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

6460 – University General Accounting Services


General Accounting is responsible for maintaining the integrity of the University's accounting records. This
includes the maintenance of Chartfields and HR account codes, the review of general ledger activities and the
timely closing of accounting periods. General Accounting is also responsible for processing GL journal entries
for inter-departmental transactions and expense corrections, reviewing the accuracy of monthly financial
reports, and overseeing auxiliary/educational business activities.

Programs and Services

Maintain the Integrity of the University’s Accounting Records
    Create and Maintain all Chartfields in PeopleSoft
    Create and Maintain PeopleSoft Trees
    Create and Maintain Combo-Edits
    Create and Maintain Human Resource Account Codes
    Review and Correct General Ledger balances
    Review and Post General Ledger journals
    Review, Correct and Post sub-system journals
    Correct Payroll Budget Errors
    Keep sub-systems and GL in sync
    Research and Correct GL/KK variances
    Generate sub-system journals as needed
    Create and Maintain Allocations
    Close General Ledger and Sub-Systems at Month and Year-End
    Monitor Negative Balances

Auxiliary/Educational Business Activity
    New Requests and Ongoing Support
    Prepare various reports for internal and external users
    Auxiliary Enterprise Committee Meetings (3/year) and related reports
    Quarterly Auxiliary Financial Statements Support and Annual training
    Annual Service Center Rate Review

    Review Monthly Financial Reports and Data Warehouse
    Financial Reporting - Prepare 9 Fund Level Financial Statements

Support to Campus
    Financial Services (FI) User Group
    Monitor the Fringe Benefit Pool Assessment
      o Maintain the Rate Table
      o Monitor Journal Entries, Combo Edits and Accounts Used

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

      Accounting and Reporting Support to UF and 11 DSOs
      Training via Human Resources Online courses and Instruction Guides

Other Services
    Agency Fund Requests
    Unclaimed Property
       o Search & Claim UF’s property from the State
       o Prepare Annual Unclaimed Property Report to the State
    myUFL Upgrade Testing Support

Organizational Chart – University General Accounting Services

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

General Accounting Benchmark

                                                                                   configurations                                                                          Monthly
                                                                                   (Combo Edits,                                                              Auxiliary/Se Financial      Allocations and
                                                                   Chartfields &    Ledgers, KK                                   Sub-systems. Month and Year rvice        Reporting/Data Fringe Benefit Unclaimed
University Name                 # of Students            FTE          Trees          Attributes)    HRAC   GL Review   GL Jounals KK, GL in Sync End Closing  Centers      Warehouse      Pool            Property
University of Florida                           50,116         9        a                 a          a         a           a           a                a           a             a               a             a
University of Texas                             50,000         5        a                                      a                       a                a                         a
University of Michigan (Ann Arbor)              41,924         4        a                                      a           a                            a                         a
Ohio State University                           64,435         6        a                                      a           a                            a                         a
University of Wisconsin                         42,099         6        a               a                      a           a                            a                         a
University of Georgia                           34,677         4        a                                      a           a                            a                         a
Indiana University                              40,456         4        a                                      a           a                            a                         a


     Function/Major Activity                                          FTE                        Measure                                                                        Comments
  Maintain integrity of UF’s                                          0.58          147 exceptions for Auxiliary and                               Research errors, contact and advise users
  General Ledger                                                                    Incidental funds and 613 for all                               for corrections and follow up to verify.
                                                                                    others funds (Approp, Grant,                                   Auxiliary funds are also reviewed at
                                                                                    Construction, etc.)                                            department level and errors are

  Create and maintain all                                             0.28          Added in FY 11: 126 DeptIDs, 11                                Maintain 3,822 Dept ID's, 171 Funds,
  ChartField values in                                                              Funds, 23 GL Accounts and 10                                   18,007 Flex, 16,432 SOF's, 157 Programs
  PeopleSoft                                                                        Programs                                                       and 2,166 Accounts (including DSOs).
                                                                                    Modified in FY11: 74 DeptIDs, 1
                                                                                    Fund, 22 GL Accounts, 10

  Create and maintain                                                 0.17          Maintain 96 Trees for UFLOR                                    Trees depict hierarchical structures for
  PeopleSoft Trees                                                                  and 9 DSO's. 19,350 actions or                                 group summarization. Project trees are
                                                                                    reviews for Project Combo Edit                                 updated when new projects are added or
                                                                                    trees                                                          corrected

  Create and maintain                                                 0.17          5788 HRAC's                                                    Currently there are over 70,000 HRAC's
  Human Resource Account                                                            created/activated/inactivated in
  Codes                                                                             FY 11

  Review and post General                                             2.00          30,134 journals reviewed and                                   Journal Sources ONL, UPL, E2E, E2R, ISP
  Ledger journals                                                                   posted in FY 11

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

  Function/Major Activity   FTE                 Measure                                   Comments
Period End Closing          0.34   Monthly and annually Close 10        Maintain FYE Closing Schedule, Conduct
                                   Business Units, 11 subsystems        FYE Workshops. Close Ledgers,
                                   and interfaces (AP, AM, AR           Subsystems, Direct Support
                                   Direct, AR Worksheet, PR, PC,        Organizations, 3 environments:
                                   EX, LOA, BI, SF, FBP) and 9 DSOs     Production, Beta, Test
                                   in 3 system environments

Accounting support to UF    1.03   Respond to e-mails, phone calls      Since all sub-systems update the GL, GA
and DSO’s                          for questions related to GL          provides support on a variety of issues
                                   accounts and other chartfield,
                                   GL journal transactions,
                                   Enterprise Reporting, etc.
                                   Maintain General Accounting
                                   information on website

System Configuration and    0.25   Review and corrected 1060 sub-
Issues Solving                     system journal errors. Corrected
                                   677 payroll budget errors with
                                   963 zero dollar budget entries,
                                   maintain over 200 combo edits,
                                   keep sub-systems and GL in
                                   sync, correct GL/KK variances,
                                   create, run, and maintain

Monthly Financial Reports   0.06   Review 74 different MFR's            Quality Control
and Data Warehouse                 monthly

Training Support            0.08   Update online training and           Provide one on one training to
                                   instruction guides for journals      departments as requested

Auxiliary Support           0.54   Support of all types of
                                   transactions (internal sales, cash
                                   transfers, revenue classification,
                                   sales tax, etc.); New Educational
                                   Business Activity requests;
                                   Closing and opening cost
                                   centers; Prepare reports for
                                   Financial Reporting and other
                                   core offices.

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

 Function/Major Activity     FTE              Measure                                  Comments
Auxiliary Committee          0.14   Three meetings per year             Prepare a TB balance report with
Meeting                                                                 explanations of any signification cash
                                                                        variations; Report Accounts Receivable
                                                                        and Payable information; Report a list of
                                                                        submitted auxiliary financial statements;
                                                                        Report new and approved auxiliaries;
                                                                        Propose, if any, changes to Directives and
                                                                        Procedures related to auxiliaries.

Auxiliary Financial          0.27   28 auxiliaries with annual
Statements                          revenues greater than $1M
                                    were required to prepare
                                    quarterly financial statements in

Services Center Rate         0.11   12 Service Centers rates            Internal revenues in excess of $1M or
Review                              reviewed for compliance with        internal sales in excess of $200,000
                                    OMB Circular A-21                   charged to federal grants.

Monitor Negative Cash        0.05   Negative balances notifications     Notify departments and assist in
Balances                            were sent for 5,766 cost centers    corrections
                                    in FY11

Financial Reporting - Fund   0.05   Prepared nine fund level            Fund level statements are rolled up to
Reports                             financial statements in FY11        prepare UF's Annual Financial Report

Unclaimed Property           0.02   Claimed over $17,000 of UF's        Reviewed and claimed monthly
                                    cash from State's Unclaimed
                                    Property Website

MyUFL Upgrades               1.12   Worked with ES and other core       Test through out the year for various
                                    offices on FI 9.1 Upgrade and       other upgrades such as PeopleTools and
                                    Cognos (Reporting Tool)             Maintenance Packs in three
                                    Upgrade                             environments: Test, Beta, and Production

General Management and       1.24   Recurring meetings monthly/bi-      Manage/supervise staff, department
Administration                      weekly/weekly with various          budget, gather facts, analyze data,
                                    groups                              recommend solutions and coordinate

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services

   Function/Major Activity         FTE                 Measure                                       Comments
 Professional Development          0.14   A combinded total of 70 HR                HR Training and NACUBO, HEUG, SECA,
                                          training classes completed by             Internal Auditor Fraudfest conferences.

 Other                             0.37   Created FI User group to help             FI User Group monthly meetings
                                          users communicate issues and              attended by approximately 40-50 people.
                                          construct solutions relating to           Fringe rates updated annually.
                                          system and business processes.
                                          Manage Fringe Pool rates,
                                          allocations and tables. Manage
                                          Agency Funds.
 Total FTE                        9.00

2013 Budget Submission - 6460

                                                 FY 2013
                                                Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                                 Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                   (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                                Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                    632,289            632,289          632,289        631,327       573,561

Total OPS & Additional Pay                                   -                  -                -      5,121                -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                        632,289            632,289          632,289        636,448       573,561

Total Operating Expenses                             8,695              8,695            8,695          7,635         7,452
Total Other                                                  -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                          640,984            640,984          640,984        644,083       581,013


           Update the website and add more information for campus users.
           Implement Journal Workflow to increase efficiency and save time.
           Develop Life To Date KK GL Comparison for Cash Based Cost Centers.
           Prepare Auxiliary Committee Reports from the Data Warehouse.
           Utilize Attachment Functionality for Budget Journal Support.
           Add Transaction Detail for Budget on the Monthly Financial Reports.
           Expand Text Boxes in PeopleSoft so all content is displayed.

Finance and Accounting – General Accounting Services


      System resources are limited; difficult to enhance the accounting systems or take advantage of
       delivered functionality in PeopleSoft.
      Fiscal personnel in departments with various skill sets.
      Departments’ understanding of the different rules for various funds.
      Additional administrative costs to core office and departments for small service centers.
      Decentralized organization.

Finance and Accounting – Cost Analysis

Cost Analysis - 6490


Cost Analysis provides accurate, timely and relevant data, surveys and reports to support the needs of internal
customers, supplies information to external entities and enables the University to demonstrate compliance
with Federal, State and other requirements.

Programs and Services

      Responsible for maintaining the Effort Reporting system required by Circular A-21
      Prepares various reports for agencies such as the annual NSF report
      Prepares the annual Schedule of Financial Expenditures (SEFA) report required under Circular A-133.
      Prepares the University-wide indirect cost study
      Conducts Annual Campus Space Study
      Assists campus and core offices on questions regarding grantor awards and compliance issues.

Organizational Chart – Cost Analysis

Finance and Accounting – Cost Analysis

Performance Indicators and Benchmarks

                                            Cost                                   Cost      NSF, Other   Pre/Post Other
Institution                   FTE         Proposal      Space        Effort      Transfers   Reporting     Award Compliance
University of Florida         5.0             √           √            √                          √                  √
University of Texas           2.0             √                                                               √
University of South Florida   4.0             √                                     √                                √
University of Wisconsin       2.0             √           √
Ohio State University         2.0             √                                                                          √


   Function/Major Activity          FTE               Measure                                     Comments
Effort Reporting: Training,         2.00 18 training sessions over 3 terms       Additional sessions as needed
Processing & Review                      Define, develop, test
                                         enhancement ea. Term                    Enhancements require significant time
                                         ~28,000 records each term/3
                                         terms for ~16,000 employees             Significant extra work has occurred with
                                         3 terms per year/ 9 weeks per           the new Effort system implementation
                                         (exclusive of time for

Space Allocation Work               0.75 935 buildings with 40,000 rooms         UF also keeps track of space that is owned,
                                         on main campus in the annual            leased or used in all 67 Florida counties, as
                                         space survey                            well as space throughout the nation and
                                         20M square feet for main campus         world.
                                         >550 departments, main & off            Indirect Cost Proposal base year requires
                                         campus, report space usage              more work.
                                         12 departments included in
                                         verification of space usage
                                         6 two-hour training sessions

SEFA, A133 requests, NSF            0.60 Annual for SEFA; Over $500              Large data file - over 3,500 lines
Survey; Other Surveys                    Million
                                         Expenditures, 250+ CFDA #s              Data from many sources; over 21,000 lines

                                            Annual NSF R&D; >$592M               Sponsored Research, NIH, COGR, and GAO
                                            Throughout the year for A-133
                                            requests; 500+ responses
                                            Periodic, usually annual for other

Finance and Accounting – Cost Analysis

    Function/Major Activity       FTE               Measure                                          Comments
F&A Rate Proposal                 0.70 Every 4 or 5 years for submission           Work is also done during non-base years
                                       for F&A Rate Proposal
                                       (Additionally, we do limited off-
                                       year proposals)

Audit Requests & Financial        0.40 Audit request as received                   Responses to audit requests related to
Statement Work                                                                     Federal programs

Costing Issues                    0.30 DS-2 Revision, New Effort System,           Full review of DS-2 will be filed in 2011-12
                                       Ad-hoc responses                            year

Management/Administration         0.25 Quarterly attendance &                      Includes responding to phone calls,
                                       presentation at F&A Roundtable              presentations to campus groups & staff
                                         As needed attendance at HR
                                         Forums & Deans meetings

                                         Presenter for other admin
Total FTE                         5.00

2013 Budget Submission – 6490

                                                FY 2013
                                               Proposed           FY 2013           FY 2012
                                                Budget            Proposed           Budget
                                                  (5%              Budget          (FY13 Flat       FY 2011       FY 2010
                                               Reduction)        (Optimized)        Budget)          Actual        Actual

Total Teams Salaries & Benefits                   302,667            400,167         405,861         365,028       389,125
Total OPS & Additional Pay                                  -                  -                -             -             -

  Total Salaries & Benefits                       302,667            400,167         405,861         365,028       389,125

Total Operating Expenses                            9,665              7,191            7,191         10,979                -
Total Other                                                 -                  -                -             -             -

Total All                                         312,332            407,358         413,052         376,007       389,125


           Continued improvements to new Effort Reporting System
           Cross-training for FnA Indirect Cost Proposal
           Opportunities for training of campus users

Finance and Accounting – Cost Analysis


      New Effort System included a large change and learning curve. We need to work with campus to
       increase understanding and efficiency of system.
      Large amounts of time and effort is required across campus to conduct Effort Certifications and annual
       Space Surveys.


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