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									                                    City of Dania Beach
                                  Fire Rescue Department
                            “Advancing Service Through Caring “

To:        J.R. Fernandez, Fire Chief
From: M. Cassano, Deputy Fire Chief
Date: June 24, 2010
Re:     Financial Recovery & Monitoring of Debris Removal Operations


As part of your request to evaluate and assess The City of Dania Beach’s Disaster Response Program for
Debris Management, I conducted a thorough review of both Ashbritt and DRC contractual agreements with
the City of Dania Beach. The assessment looked specifically at their individual and combined; scope of
work, pre-disaster mobilization, timeline for deployment, debris monitoring, and demobilization efforts.

As part of a more global overall assessment regarding disaster system vulnerabilities, I attended a Regional
Disaster Public Assistance Seminar for Emergency Management Leadership, put on by O’Brien’s
Response Management, at the Broward County EOC. The O’Brien’s organization is a consortium of subject
matter experts in the field of disaster preparedness, response, and recovery, most specifically as it relates to
this memorandum, debris monitoring services.

At the seminar, I spoke with recovery personnel from various cities that have acquired their services as an
integral part of their disaster recovery program. Various local emergency managers described the disaster
management programming advantages regarding; coordinated pre-event activities, impending declaration
mobilizations, immediate post impact actions, formalized FEMA certified debris documentation, and debris
demobilization activities, and the specific value of independent debris monitoring services.

I strongly recommend that we to reach out, acquire, and maintain debris monitoring agreements with such
subject matter experts, so that when needed, they can provide the monitoring guidance, specific
documentation, and financial recovery processes necessary for the City of Dania Beach to assure full
reimbursement for haulers’ costs during the recovery efforts, post disaster.

The essential debris monitoring services made accessible to Dania Beach through this agreement will not
result in any negative financial impacts for the city, as the service fees are funded directly as eligible costs
under the PW and FEMA Public Assistance Programs. The agreement will also allow access to additional
enhanced planning, organizing, and training services if the city chooses to pursue the emergency
management program enhancements.

I have thoroughly reviewed the Disaster Management & Recovery Services RFP that Cooper City
processed in 2009. I reviewed the Scope of Services regarding; Disaster Debris Monitoring Services,
Planning and Training, and Public Assistance Consulting Services and find a multitude of reasons why the
City of Dania Beach should pursue a “Piggy Back” agreement off this well vetted and processed local area

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Lastly, I would like to again highlight the broad benefits associated with moving forward with a contractual
agreement with O’Brien’s Response Management. The areas of direct benefit include, but are not limited to;

Disaster Debris Monitoring Services:
     Preparation of specific, certified, Project Worksheets for full applicable FEMA, FHWA debris
     Certify load tickets, digitalization of load ticket documentation
     Develop daily operational reports for debris progress
     Validation of all debris removal contractors, invoices, reconciliations, needed by City of Dania
       Beach Finance

Emergency Management Planning:
   Assist in the review of Debris Management Planning Documents
   Debris Management technical assistance; procurement assistance, task force management
   Mitigation Program interaction and oversight, review and input on CEMP, and COOP document

Public Assistance Consulting Services:
    Identify eligible emergency and permanent work (Category A-G)
    Damage assessments, assistance in attaining Immediate Needs Funding
    Loss measurement and categorization
    Insurance evaluation, documentation and settlement services
    Appeal services and negotiations

In summary, as the Emergency Management Coordinator for the City of Dania Beach, it is my
recommendation that we recognize the necessity to develop partnerships for debris monitoring is an
imperative compliance issue. The City of Dania Beach best services its residents by knowing that in the
aftermath of a disaster there is a consortium of subject matter experts, placing a watchful eye towards
making certain that debris haulers account for all debris removed accurately and that the necessary
certification documentation is developed to assure the full reimbursable amounts are returned to the city
through all applicable agencies.

Michael Cassano, Deputy Fire Chief

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