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					                                                                                                                       VOLUME XIV ISSUE 1

                                                                                                                                Fall 2011

                                                                                                                            IN THIS ISSUE
Health Science students in Mrs. Weible’s class created the bulletin
      board in October to raise Breast Cancer Awareness.                                                         Celebrations                       1

                                                                                                                 Media Technology News 2-3
                                                                                                                 Education News                     3
                                                                                                                 Civil Engineering News             4
                                                                                                                 Health Science News                4-5
                                                                                                                 Counselor’s Corner                 6
                                                                                                                 Culinary Arts News                 7
                                                                                                                 Cosmetology News                   7-8
                                                                                                                 Miscellaneous                      9-12

          MCTC Students of the six weeks
These students were nominated by their teachers as outstanding students for the 1st or 2nd six weeks grading periods.

Pictured from left: Antonysha Hodge (KHS), Cosmetology II; Alihussain Momin          Pictured from left: John Bailey (CRHS), Computer Maintenance;
(CRHS), Engineering, Design & Development; Lisa Silva (SLHS), Practicum in           Garrett Roberts (SLHS), Algebra II; Jeanette Stagg (CRHS),
Education & Training; Andrew Creppel (CRHS), Veterinary Medicine I; Amal             Cosmetology I; Geoff Bleazard (KHS), Collision & Refinishing; and
Farooq (SLHS), Health Science; Dominique Gasaway (MCHS), Government;                 Frank Morales (MRHS), Advanced Collision & Refinishing.
and Carla Chaname (CRHS), Civil Engineering & Architecture & English III.

Pictured from left: Avery Robicheaux (CRHS), Cosmetology I; Jessica Baugh     Pictured from left: Erin Cominotti (KHS), Practicum in Culinary Arts; Max
(SLHS), Hospitality; Rachel Burton (SLHS), Pharmacy; Taylor Benyak (CRHS),    Healy (KHS), English III; Maryann Shipp (CRHS), English IV; Anna Keen (SLHS),
Veterinary Medicine II; Trey Vega (CRHS), U.S. History; Hatim Rashid          Practicum in Health Science; Evelyn Dominguez (MCHS), Clinical Rotation;
(MCHS), Automotive Technology; Paul Anderson (MRHS), AP English IV;           Brandon Lumsdon (MRHS), Media Technology II; Nicole Lemberg (CRHS),
Kelsey Hart (CRHS), Culinary Arts I; Clayton Ellis (THS), Algebra II; Oscar   Chemistry; Hubert Wojcicki (THS), Automotive Technology; and Rachel
Maldonado (MRHS), Advanced Automotive Technology; and Oscar Leija             Burton (SLHS), AP/GT Environmental Science. Not pictured: Billy Landry
(MCHS), English IV. Not pictured: Francisco Manzano (KHS), Audio              (SLHS), Media Technology and Heather Malhiot (THS), Pre-Calculus.
Engineering and Pruthali Kulkarni (CRHS), PACE.
                MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                        Page 2

MCTC Media technology News ———

                                                   MCTC’s Live Action Media Broadcast System (LAMBS)
                                                   crew has had a busy season and has turned in some of
                                                   the best performances at Rhodes Stadium. This year’s
                                                   crew had some very large shoes to fill following the
                                                   inaugural crew from the 2010 football season, but they
                                                   proved themselves to be professionals early on in the
                                                   season. Board members and many executives from the
                                                   Katy ISD Administration complimented the crew on their
                                                   professionalism in performances this year.

LAMBS has become part of the fabric of football in Katy ISD thanks to the outstanding students who
operate the system. The entire system is operated by Katy ISD students from Miller Career & Technology
Center. They operate five live-action cameras each game, coordinate the instant replays with split second
timing, create the motion graphics, and schedule and run the commercial commitments from the board
sponsors. The LAMBS crew produces a complete, professional production each and every game.

The ground plan for the distinctive LAMBS video style is firmly planted in ESPN sports broadcasts. Football
broadcasts from the network were studied for style, camera angles and shots as well as motion graphics to
introduce instant replays and other graphics. The LAMBS crew has successfully created their own brand
and style of video production which has been commended as the best in the state. Cameras located on the
field level have been able to get up-close and personal with the players on the field and with coaches and
team members on the sidelines. The LAMBS crew has established their signature shot of a close-up of the
football on the line of scrimmage as both teams line up just seconds before the ball is snapped. The LAMBS
crew is able to take the spectators to places they can’t go: high above the action, into the huddles, face-to-
face with the team quarterback as he receives instructions from his coach, and onto the line of scrimmage
just seconds before a play begins proving LAMBS is professional grade football broadcasting. No other high
school or college in the state has a system of this caliber run completely by students.

This year the LAMBS crew has received plaudits from members of the Reliant Center and television and
news stations across Houston for their outstanding work. Sixteen and seventeen year old high school stu-
dents creating professional level video production in a live-action setting is what has set LAMBS apart. The
work these students create was counted as one of the elements that makes Rhodes stadium the number
one stadium in the state that is most difficult for visiting teams by the Houston Chronicle. The LAMBS
crew’s performances have been requested a number of times throughout the season, and are currently
streamed on the internet through The feed is received directly from the LAMBS crew
video board.

This year’s LAMBS crew members are: David Dodd (CRHS), Matthew Dodd (CRHS), Ricky Cooper
(MRHS), Breanna Renard (MRHS), Andrew Estrada ( MRHS), Rachel Fallin (SLHS), Eric Bastidas (MRHS),
Steven Canales (SLHS), Jean Durbin (THS), Trent LeMaster (THS), Austin Lorenzen (THS), Spencer Peters
(THS), Briel Arias (THS), Zach Boone (THS), James Breaux (CRHS), Emil Karlsson (CRHS), Billy Landry
(SLHS), Lee Rudder (CRHS), Carter Taylor (CRHS), Neshme Colmenero (MRHS), and Brett Donohoe
        Page 3                             MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER

MCTC News ———

                       MCTC Food Drive benefitting Katy Christian Ministries

The Miller Career & Technology Center annual food drive ran from November 7th through November 18th.
Career program classes collected a total of 726 items to donate to the Katy Christian Ministry Food Pantry.
The first place winners from the morning group received donuts and the afternoon group received cookies.
Congratulations to the winners! Listed below are the winners from the morning and afternoon groups.

Morning Winners                                              Afternoon Winners
Media Technology – 200 items                                 Media Technology – 4th/5th period 128 items tied
Health Science – 177 items                                                  with 6th/7th period with 128 items
Automotive Technology – 10 items                             Health Science – 77 items


                 Miller Career & Technology Center’s Education & Training Program
                            “Is Wild About Teaching the Hutsell Hornets”

                                                                    Pictured at left: Brandi Ballew (KHS)

The Education & Training class is about students teaching students. Twenty four students are working with
the elementary children at Hutsell Elementary. The students are learning what it is like to be a teacher
through first-hand experiences, observing, and practicing teaching skills. This awesome opportunity allows
the students to actually learn the teaching process by working side-by-side with teachers in the classrooms at
Hutsell Elementary.
The students go to Hutsell Elementary four days a week and assist teachers in grades kindergarten through
4th grade. They experience teaching in as many as 4 different grade levels, which allows them to really see
grade appropriate activities, teaching styles, and strategies for each grade level. One exciting aspect of the
class is that the student interns actually teach the elementary children. They create an actual lesson with their
mentor teacher’s assistance and then teach the lesson. They do this each six weeks in each of the classes.
The Education & Training students are getting real hands-on experience learning many of the aspects of
teaching and will be very well prepared as they begin their education majors in college.
               MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                                              Page 4

MCTC News———

Civil Engineering News:

Christian Cowart (KHS), a former MCTC Culinary Arts student, recently attended the University of
Houston’s Step Forward Engineering Program and won first place in roller coaster design. Christian highly
recommends the camp, saying that it solidified his decision to become an engineer and that the U of H staff,
student assistants, and campers were all “great people.” He gives credit and thanks to Mr. John Sanders, his
Miller Math teacher, for his mentorship and quality instruction that prepared him for the camp. Christian is
currently enrolled in both the Civil Engineering and Computer Maintenance programs at MCTC.


Health Science News:
On October 13, Mrs. Weible's HS II class took a tour of MD Anderson's downtown facility. The students
went to the histology lab, blood bank, and radiology where they were able to see how they pinpoint
radiation for treatment of different cancers. Then they saw the anaplastology lab where noses, eyes and
ears are made for people to replace these parts lost to cancer, accidents, fires and other trauma.

                        Pictured above: Adrianna Adams (MCHS), Salman Ali (THS), Luma Almasri (MCHS), Syd-
                        ney Clayborn (SLHS), Derek Estrada (SLHS), Amal Farooq (SLHS), Pablo Garces (SLHS),
                        Heather Higgerson (SLHS), Brendalyn Iweh (CRHS), Chrystelle Le Roux (SLHS), Nathan
                        Liebig (MCHS), Andres Lopez (SLHS), Rahil Nag (SLHS), Eric Roquemore (SLHS), Caren
                        Sandoval (KHS), Steven Tran-Le (SLHS), and Mario Zuniga (MCHS).

Additionally, 19 students from the 2010-2011 Health Science Pharmacy program passed their certification
exam and have found positions in pharmacies such as CVS and Walgreens. More students plan to take the
certification exam later this year.
     Page 5                         MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER

MCTC Health Science ———

Below are some examples of an in-class assignment that promotes marketing skills. Rachel
Berry and Anna Keen have created brochures showcasing the interesting experiences they
are enjoying and skills they are developing in their internships in the Health Science Career
Prep class this year.
                MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                       Page 6

                             COUNSELOR’S CORNER

News from the counselor:
The websites and data listed below provide information about preparing for college and/or technical schools:
This website allows you to take a career survey, do college searches, and gives you information on the career
of your choice. Come to the Counselor’s office to pick up the Kuder form, it has all the log-in information
you’ll need. Plus, it’s FREE!!
Check this website FREQUENTLY! Click on: Campuses >> High School >> Home campus >> Counselors
>> Click any of these: Juniors, Seniors, Scholarships (volunteer opportunities are usually listed here, along
with Financial workshops, and local scholarships). Also click: “Calendar” to see different events that are
happening with your campus or within the district.

BEFORE Jan. 1st: Create a pin for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
AFTER Jan. 1st: Apply for the FAFSA (EVERY senior should apply).

Review your Junior–Senior Survival Guide for 2011–2012. It has these topics: Choices after Graduation,
Terms to Know, Junior Timeline, Senior Timeline, Important Forms and Procedures, Testing Information,
Money Matters, Resources, College Information Worksheet, and College/University Websites.

The Compendium of Texas Colleges, information on colleges and technical schools in Texas, and Financial
Aid Calendar may be checked out from the Counselor’s office on your home campus.

Bulletin Boards: The MCTC Counselor’s bulletin board has job opportunities posted, and the bulletin boards
in the Commons are updated daily with important home campus information.

I hope this information helps you out! Please come and see me if you have any questions.
Mrs. Swanson

Parents :
Miller Career & Technology Center students come from all of the Katy ISD high schools. Their attendance is
taken at the main campus during the time they are attending classes on their main campus. Attendance is
taken again at MCTC for the time they attend classes at MCTC. This is a separate attendance according to
your student’s schedule.
If your child is absent for any reason the attendance offices for both campuses need to be notified. For your
convenience, you may call Mrs. Benson, the MCTC attendance clerk, at 281-237-6321 or email her ReataL- to let her know when your child is absent. You will then need to follow up with a note
when your child returns to school.
Thank you.
                MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                              Page 7

Culinary arts & Cosmetology news———

Wisconsin Milk Marketing Board (WMMB) Dessert Contest:
Last spring Ryleigh Quintana, a SLHS 2011 graduate, and Mrs. Kenjura entered the Wisconsin Milk Marketing
Board’s Dessert Contest, which required a student and teacher team to create a dessert using cheese.
Ryleigh and Mrs. Kenjura created a fabulous Mozzarella Sabayon & Blueberry Coulis Gâteau. Their team was
chosen as one of thirteen winning teams across the nation to attend an all-inclusive trip to Madison,
Wisconsin July 17–20, 2011. Mrs. Kenjura and Ryleigh toured several companies that specialized in cheese
making, sampling dozens of cheeses. Some of Mrs. Kenjura’s favorites included Tilston Blue, a twist on Stilton,
a 10-year-aged cheddar, gruyere, gran queso and a horseradish & chive havarti.

                                                                       Pictured at left: Sabrina Unterweger
                                                                       & her brother, Joseph Maine

MCTC Cosmetology Success:
Joseph Maine, a 2007 graduate of Katy High School and Miller Career & Technology Center’s Cosmetology
program, where he received his operator license, recently gave back to the Katy community when he visited
MCTC to share his knowledge with the Cosmetology II students. He is currently working at John
Frieda under Serge Normant and Jason Low at both the Los Angles and New York salons. Joseph has been in
the industry since leaving high school in 2007. He spends 2 weeks a month in both cities working in Beverly
Hills and Manhattan.

His sister, Sabrina Unterweger (KHS), is currently a student at MCTC in the cosmetology program. She
plans to join him in Los Angeles once she graduates from Katy High School. Sabrina is looking forward to a
successful career in cosmetology, working beside her brother who is her mentor. Congratulations & best
wishes for continued success to Joseph Maine for following his dreams.

         Cosmetology news ———-

            For appointments, call   281-237-7566
        Page 9                            MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER

        MCtC Library online resources

                    The following online KISD databases can be accessed via the link.

                       To access the district library catalog:
                       Choose Miller Career & Technology Center or your home campus.

                           To access the MCTC eBooks:
                           Password: lonestar

                        To access KISD Databases:
                        Remote user & password: katyisd

                                               KISD Databases
      American Government                              Gale Group
      Ancient History                                         Biography in Context
      American History                                        U.S. History in Context
      World History                                           World History in Context
      World Geography                                         General OneFile
      History Reference Online                                Opposing Viewpoints in Context
                                                              Science in Context
Britannica Online                                             Student Resources in Context
                                                              InfoTrac Newspapers
Britannica Online en Espanol                                  Academic OneFile
Culture Grams                                                 Educator’s Reference Complete
        World Edition
                                                              Literature Resource Center
        Kids Edition
        States Edition                                                 Scribner Writers Series
        Provinces Edition– Canada                                      Writer’s Series Online
                                                                       Twayne Authors Series
Maps 101
                                                       TBEC Achieve Texas
SIRS                                                         Education and Career Planning System
        Discoverer                                     WB Enciclopedia Estudiantil Hallazgos
        Knowledge Source
                 MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                         Page 10

 Miscellaneous ———

     November 23 – November 25                      December 19 – January 3                     January 16

Progress Reports:                             Report Cards:                          Early Dismissal:
Wednesday, November 30                        Friday, January 6                      Friday, December 16
Friday, January 27 Thursday, February 23 Thursday, February 16
                                                Library Buzz
Come by the library…
We have new books and many popular book series in the library. Go to the Miller Career & Technology
Center website & click the library link for up-to-date information. Under the documents tab you can access
the list of new fall titles. This list is updated several times a month. You can also check out the links section
for great websites related to reading or school in general.

You can find the link to Mrs. Trevino’s, the MCTC librarian, blog to find out what she has been reading.

You may also check the library catalog to find books available in the MCTC library.

Remember to stop by the library during finals week, December 13-16, to check out books so you can catch
up on “fun reading” over the winter holidays.
                                           Recycling at MCTC
   Join our recycling program! Blue bins have been placed throughout the school for plastic and aluminum
                         recycling. For larger items, see Mr. Scott in room 909.

                                    What else can you do to help?
   Miller Career & Technology Center wants your paper. Please help us earn money by depositing your
household paper in the Paper Retriever bin every week. If 400 families put their paper in the Paper Retriever
     bin each week, our school would collect more than 4000 pounds or 2.0 tons of paper per week.

                      Deposit your school paper, office paper, newspaper, catalogs,
                       magazines, junk mail, and envelopes in the Paper Retriever
                                       recycling bin every week.
        Page 11                             MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER

                                                                                                          Approved: 10/31/11


                                 Department of Campus Administrative Support

                                         2011 - 2012
                               FALL SEMESTER EXAM SCHEDULE
                                       Each campus develops its own Lunch Schedule.
                                         Each exam period will be 1hr 50 minutes.

Tuesday, Dec. 13 – Full Day (Students must attend classes through 5th period)
Period 1 – Class      7:30 – 8:20
Period 2 – Class      8:27 – 9:17
Period 3 – Class      9:24 – 10:14
Period 3 – Class      12:25 – 12:45 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 3 – EXAM       12:45 – 2:35**

Wednesday, Dec. 14 – Full Day
Period 1 – Class      7:30 – 8:14
PERIOD 1 – EXAM       8:24 – 10:14
Period 6 – Class      12:25 – 12:45 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 6 – EXAM       12:45 – 2:35**

Thursday, Dec. 15 – AM Only
Period 2 – Class      7:30 – 7:37 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 2 – EXAM       7:37 – 9:27
Period 7 – Class      9:37 – 9:45 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 7 – EXAM       9:45 – 11:35**

Friday, Dec. 16 – AM Only
Period 4 – Class      7:30 – 7:37 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 4 – EXAM       7:37 – 9:27
Period 5 – Class      9:37 – 9:45 (No break before exam)
PERIOD 5 – EXAM       9:45 – 11:35**

   Students who are exempt will receive an excused absence for that exam period. This absence will not be used in
       the calculation of exemptions.

   ** BUSES WILL RUN AT 2:35PM on Tuesday-Thursday and 11:35AM on Friday. If a student does not have a way
       to get home, he/she must remain in the Commons area or designated area until buses board.
                                                                                      Campus Administrative Support/odt/cf 11/1/11
                  MILLER CAREER & TECHNOLOGY CENTER                                                  Page 12

                                Procedures to Earn Fall Semester Exam Exemptions

    Semester exam exemptions will be offered during Fall semesters for the 2011 – 2012 school year. Below
                              are exemption procedures for Fall Semester.

Semester exam exemptions will be offered for students who have met the state’s 90% attendance requirement, which
means they must have enrolled on or before Friday, September 2, 2011. If a student has not been in attendance in
any school and enrolls after the above date, he/she is not eligible for first semester credit and exemptions unless he/she
completes the requirements established by the campus attendance committee. For those students enrolling from other
districts/states who have previously attended a school, their attendance for this year will be considered in determining
eligibility. If more than three days of school have been missed for absence and/or moving, the student will not be eligible
for fall semester exemptions.
Students may earn exemption status by reaching the following standards during the first semester:
       meet the district’s grade and attendance standards for the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd six-weeks and application
        requirements (see next section);

       have NO conduct grade of U in any class;

       have no discipline infractions that lead to more than two, three-hour after-school detentions (or the
        equivalent), or more than one Saturday Detention, or any ISS or higher consequences;

       owe no fines or fees.

District grade, attendance and application requirements for earning exemption status:
        Course average of A (90 – 100) with no more than 3 absences
        Course average of B (80 – 89) with no more than 2 absences
        Course average of C (75 – 79) with no more than 1 absence

        -A student may not exempt a class in which he/she has an N in conduct
        -For exemption purposes, three tardies to a class will equal one absence
        -Classes are independent of one another for attendance and grades
        -Students must meet campus requirements related to submission deadlines, verification procedures etc. for
        securing exemptions

        Ninth grade students may exempt one exam*
        Tenth grade students may exempt two exams*
        Eleventh grade students may exempt three exams*
        Senior students may exempt three exams during the fall semester and all exams during the spring semester*

*With the exception of seniors, students cannot exempt the same class both semesters. In other words, spring
semester exam exemption class must be different than the fall semester class, except for seniors.

Students are required to attend school during exam week for all classes / courses (band, choir, study hall,
student assistant, athletics, etc.) unless an exam exemption has been earned in that specific class.

NOTE: HCCS dual-credit courses CANNOT be exempted.
►►►A student who meets all requirements except the attendance requirement may apply for an exception
consideration of 1 – 2 additional absences if the student believes these resulted from extenuating circum-

                                                                                       Campus Administrative Support/odt/cf 11/1/11

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