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Mary Jo Dylla

Francisco Arevalo
Ronald Mills
Dwayne Padalecki
Walter Wyrwich
Susann Baker

City Secretary
Barbara Pawelek
                              Minutes of the Regular Council Meeting

                                           April 3, 2008


        Mayor Mary Jo Dylla called the meeting to order at 7:31 pm.


        Roll call was taken. Members present were Councilman Walter Wyrwich, Councilman Ron
Mills, Councilman Dwayne Padalecki, Councilman Francisco Arevalo and Councilwoman Susann
Baker. A quorum was established. Barbara Pawelek presided as City Secretary.


        Council read over the minutes of the regular city council meeting of March 6, 2008.

      Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to accept the minutes as written. Councilman
Walter Wyrwich seconded the motion. All were in favor; the minutes were approved.


         At the last city council meeting, Councilman Ron Mills wanted the line item for
shredding on the January statement to be changed to tree trimming. Council looked over the
corrected January financial statement. Councilman Frank Arevalo moved to approve the
January financial statement. Councilwoman Susann Baker seconded the motion. The January
financial statement was approved.

        Council then looked over the balanced February financial statement. There were no
questions. Councilwoman Susann Baker moved to accept the February financial statement.
Councilman Arevalo seconded the motion. All were in favor; the February financial statement
was approved.

         Finally Council looked over the balanced March financial statement. Councilman Mills
said the line item for tree trimming should be for “potholes”. With that correction, Councilman
Dwayne Padalecki moved to accept the March financial statement. Councilwoman Baker
seconded the motion. All were in favor; the March financial statement was approved.


      Fire Chief Larry Padalecki reported for the St. Hedwig Volunteer Fire Department.

      For January, there was a total of 36 calls; 14 EMS calls, 7 in the City and 7 in the County.
There were a total of 22 Fire calls; 6 in the City, and 16 in the County.

      In February, there were a total of 36 calls; 15 EMS calls, 7 in the City and 8 in the
County. There were a total of 21 Fire calls; 3 in the City, and 18 in the County.

      In March, there were a total of 27 calls; 15 EMS calls; 9 in the City and 6 in the County.
There were a total of 12 Fire calls; 4 in the City, and 8 in the County.

        The Fire Chief reported they held the Public Hearing last month on the ESD (Emergency
Services District) and that would probably be the only hearing. The Fire Chief said it is on the
ballot for the May 10th election.

      Councilwoman Baker asked if they are issuing any one day permits. The Chief replied,
“No, we are still on the burn ban.”


        Kathy Palmer reported for the Planning and Zoning Commission. She said a couple of
citizens expressed interest in reevaluating possible annexation of the ETJ and north side of 1518
near IH10.

       There were a couple of citizens who complained of the junk cars on Graytown Rd,
including other complaints that citizens were not in compliance with the zoning ordinance.

      The Lighting Ordinance is completed and will be discussed later in the meeting.


       Colleen Rodriguez of 15109 E. Lupon Rd, wanted to know what could be done about the
stray dogs. They have been killing her animals, and no one will do anything about it. She said
she made 15 calls to the Sheriff’s Department, but Bexar County will do nothing since St.
Hedwig does not have a contract with them.

         The Mayor said we do have a contract with Bexar County but only if the animal is caught
or rabid. Bexar County charges $45 per animal. The City cannot afford to have animal control
facilities here. The Mayor suggested for her to try talking to her neighbors about the dogs.
Mrs. Rodriguez said they won’t even answer their door.

       Councilman Dwayne Padalecki said when we start discussing having leash laws here in
the City, we will have more citizens complaining that is why they moved to the country so their
dogs have room to run around and they do not want a leash law. Councilman Padalecki said he
wished we could do more, but other than taking care of the problem yourself or try approaching
your neighbors, there is not much more we can do. The Mayor added that if you tried talking to
your neighbors, you can do whatever is necessary to protect your property, if the animal is on
your property.




       Councilman Ron Mills said the first bid we put out for roads with EE Hoods is completed.
They did everything they were suppose to do; the patches, the double seal coat, and the
concrete which they had to do twice. Councilman Mills said he will ride the roads with them in
the morning and if everything looks good, then that job is completed and can be paid. The cost
of the work was $78,500. Lupon and Gable will not be open for driving for another week.
Councilman Mills reported that someone drove through the wet concrete Friday evening
between 7:00 and 7:30 pm. If anyone knows anything about this, please report it to the
Council. The repairs cost $3,000. It will take another week for the patched concrete to adhere
to the first concrete even with the compound they added.

       Councilman Mills said he added to the above project a 93 foot section of Graytown that
was being torn up, along with adding 2 culverts to one driveway, and they seal coated every
driveway we tore up. When EE Hoods gave a price of $7,806 for everything, he had them fix
everything. Councilwoman Baker asked if this included the repair to Lupon and Gable.
Councilman Mills said until we approve the work, its not turned over to the City, so EE Hoods is
out the $3,000 on the repair work for Lupon and Gable.

                    a.) Tree Trimming

         Ewald Tractor is still waiting on one more hose to come in before we get the tractor and
tree trimmer back. We may have it back by next week. Once we get it back, Councilman Mills
will have Seiler trim Miller Road and North Lupon. Councilman Mills said to notify him or the
City if they know of any other roads that need trimming.

                    b.) Pittman Road Project

        Councilman Ron Mills tried to get 3 bids for the Pittman Road Project. He received two
back; once again EE Hoods being the cheapest at $21,780. They did 5,710 square feet of
patch. They did the same as on Graytown, they dug it out, they put 6 inches of black base,
compacted, and double seal coat. He was told that was completed. They will check this out
also when they drive the roads. If everything is completed, EE Hoods will be out of here, they
will just come back next Friday to pick up the barricades at Lupon and Gable. Councilman Mills
said they were nice enough to donate the good base to the American Legion and made a base
pad by the dumpsters and the Bingo stand. Council agreed they did a very nice job.

      Councilwoman Susann Baker wanted to comment on the intersection of Lupon and Gable
Road. People are going around the barricades onto private property to bypass the road block.
She feels this is inappropriate since this is private property and asked citizens not to do this.


        Kathy Palmer reported for the TTC. She wanted to let everyone know there is a Citizens
Advisory Committee in the newspaper about TexDot forming their own Citizens Advisory
Committee with 2 citizens from Bexar County, Wilson County, etc. She just wanted to let
citizens know that is TexDot’s way of trying to let people think they actually want your input or
opinion. They asked us to participate but we declined because once you’re on the committee
you must abide by their wishes by not having negative input. However, City Council passed an
ordinance last year with South Central Texas Regional Sub Planning Committee. We have
actively been pursuing a partner in that to make it an actual commission to where we are on
equal playing field with the state government coordination on any project that directly impacts
the City. Mrs. Palmer stated they have some very positive conversations going on right now and
she hopes to have some really good news for council at the next meeting. If it turns out the
way she is hoping, then we will be able to communicate directly with TexDot, EPA, with any
state government on a level playing field for any project, any road expansion, anything that
affects the health and welfare of our citizens. For example, if they want to do an expansion of
1604 or 1518, they would have to coordinate with us prior to final plans, prior to public hearings
and we will actually have an equal say to TexDot to help them understand why their ideas will
or will not work well in our area.

        This commission would be a long term commission. It’s not just for or against the Texas
Trans Corridor. It allows us to communicate to understand well in advance of anything that
may come down that will impact the City; any project from any state government that would
affect the City.


        Councilman Padalecki announced the trees that were donated from CPS Energy are
planted thanks with the help of Edward Cielencki who dug the wholes, Mike Stolowoski and
Warren James who helped Councilman Wyrwich and Councilman Padalecki plant the trees. The
five trees planted were 3 live oaks, 1 Monterey Oak, and 1 Mexican Sycamore. They were
planted next to the base pad.


       Kathy Palmer said council should have received in their packets a copy of the final draft
of the lighting ordinance that was recommended by the Planning and Zoning Commission.
Basically summed up in a nutshell are ‘Shielded lights facing down’ is the jest of the lighting
ordinance. The Planning Commission tried to keep it simple, stating basically it has to be
shielded and it has to be facing down. She asked council to review it and hopefully pass it at
the next city council meeting.


       Kathy Palmer said the commission is still discussing the zoning map and with members of
city council changing over in June, they will wait until further recommendations to council until
June or July.



       In Council’s packet is a ‘Fraud Prevention and Detection Policy’ required by the Auditors
and was looked over by our City Attorney. Basically it states that we are attempting to prevent
fraud. Council would like to take time to read over it and vote on passing it at the next city
council meeting.

          b. MUNICIPAL COURT

       The Mayor brought up the idea of a municipal court. She stated as Kathy Palmer had
mentioned earlier, there are five issues that have some sort of zoning violation. One of the
things we need to think about is forming a municipal court, having a judge, and a code
compliance officer. There are a lot of new people are moving out here, and it’s impossible to
keep up with what’s going on where. The Mayor said since more people want to move out to
the country, they think they don’t have to follow any rules. She said St. Hedwig is a very
beautiful City and she’s proud to live here and we would like it to stay that way. She asked
council to think about a municipal court and asked council for their input. In the meantime, the
Mayor will do some research. She understands that there are retired judges who are willing to
be a municipal judge on a part time basis.

       She once again asked council to jot down some ideas either for or against it.

       Councilman Padalecki wanted to check into how much it would cost to contract it out to
Precinct 4.

       Councilwoman Baker asked if we could find a code compliance officer that may work on
commission for more than one small city. The Mayor said we would check with Robert
Packheiser from Bureau Veritas, our inspection company. He mentioned before that there are
retired code compliance officers that will do it on a part time commission basis.


      Bexar County Runoff Elections will be held here at the City Hall on Tuesday, April 8th from
       7:00 am till 7:00 pm

      There will be no City Election, but elections for school and the fire department will be
       held at the City Hall; Early Voting will be held here from April 28th thru May 6th and
       Election Day will be on May 10th

      The San Antonio River Authority held a presentation on the new FEMA maps at the City
       Hall on April 1st. If you would like to check your property you can go on the website at

       They will be sending us paper maps where you can find your property and see if it is in
       flood zone. If you disagree with the maps, you must submit an appeal. You can call the
       San Antonio River Authority or visit the website on how to file a protest.

      April 12th is Casino Night at the American Legion Hall. Doors open at 6:00 pm. Tickets
       are $30 each which includes a meal. Proceeds will benefit the kitchen fund. See Ted
       Dziedzic or EJ Cielencki for tickets. Please contact Councilwoman Susann Baker for
       donations for the silent auction.

      Also on April 12th the East Central Foundation will be holding their annual gala at LaVillita
       Assembly Hall. Tickets are $30 each, or you can buy raffle tickets from the Mayor for $5
       each or 5 for $20. 1st prize is a $5,000 VISA gift card.

AGENDA FOR NEXT REGULAR COUNCIL MEETING                      May 1, 2008 at 7:30 PM

   1. Call Meeting to Order
   1. Roll call & Establish a Quorum
   2. Reading and Approval of Minutes
   3. Approval of Financial Summary
   4. Report from VFD

  5.   Report from Planning & Zoning Commission
  6.   Citizens to be Heard
  7.   Old Business
          a. Roads
                       1. General Road Maintenance
                       2. Update on Trans Texas Corridor
          b. Waste Contract Renewal – Open and Award Bid
          c. City Park
          d. Lighting Ordinance
          e. Fraud & Prevention Ordinance
          f. Municipal Court
  8.   New Business
          a. Beyer and Company Audit Report
          b. Annexation
          c. Election News
                       1. Cancel May City Election
  9.   Determine Agenda for next meeting.

The meeting was adjourned at 8:45 pm.


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