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									Best Samples Of Successful Social Media Campaigns
Generally speaking, social media marketing could be the process of increasing web site traffic and
also advertising the company through social media sites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and
Google +. Social media influence marketing programs focus on creating original content that catches
the interest of the viewers and encourages these to share it with their friends on different social
support systems. Creating successful social media campaigns means plenty of work and study,
since you need to know your target consumers before creating the information. There are many
social media campaigns that were about effective, but some of the finest will be explained in the
following paragraphs.

The IKEA social media campaign

The IKEA social media marketing campaign in 2007 was brilliant. IKEA is the famous furniture chain
store which is mostly known for the simple design. The company created and launched the Facebook
page for a passing fancy day of starting a store in Sweden. Like other firms would do, they listed their
particular products and submitted photos of furniture so that anyone could remark. After almost 200
photos were uploaded on the website, they allowed local Facebook users to be able to tag
themselves in the photos, with the condition for that furniture piece for free. In only a short while, all
the furniture was sold. Experts believe this is a great idea to make the company popular.

The Crust Gourmet Pizza Campaign

Another one of the very most successful social media campaigns could be the Crust Gourmet
Pizzas campaign. They initially came up with the idea associated with offering five free pizzas that are
worth 100$ to those that tweet every Friday the words: ‘Crust Free Pizzas Friday’. The followers enter
a draw and only the winners could possibly get the pizzas. Although the marketing campaign was
only intended for 2 weeks, it is now a weekly event. The number associated with followers has gone
up to 3, 000 on Twitting and 5, 000 on Myspace, and it was a great way of advertising the company
for such a little price.

Although some people could get bored with all the promotions over the net, if the package is
exclusive, they might be interested. Virgin Blue, an airline business, has decided to complete a social
media campaign as an experiment. They sold 1, 000 tickets about 4 different domestic routes at the
price tag on $9 each. In only a few minutes, all the seats were bought. The company provides
expanded its Twitter account plus they are now using it to offer customer support and exclusive deals.

BlendTec Campaign

A different approach in social media campaigns was obtained by BlendTec. Although the firm was
unknown, they have gain popularity after the advertising director, George Wright, noticed that workers
were doing a workout entitled ‘extreme blending’. Whenever a fresh product appeared in the
marketplace, they would execute a video called ‘Will That Blend’. The most well-known blending
experiment is currently the iPad try out more than 7. 6 million views. It was a really successful
campaign and possesses brought more as compared to $50, 000 in advertising and marketing

Social media campaigns will bring you many benefits at a very low expense. The power of word-of-
mouth is really important and shouldn’t end up being ignored.

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