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Volume 1                                                                                                                        Issue 2

 Upcoming Events           MAPs in Action: Lunar Year 2011
                           By Robert Pastel Jr., MBA
                           Once again, your MAPs members were active in             around the dining tables in the hopes of blessing
 April 9 & 30              the community. On Sunday, February 20, 2011,             those in attendance with good luck and fortune
 Info Sessions             MAPs members Bhavesh Lad, Jesse Loera,                   in the New Year. In addition, guests were
 Doheny Campus, Bldg. 10   Robert Pastel Jr., and Nancy Valdivia helped ring        treated to a Chinese magician who mystified the
 10AM - Noon               in the Chinese Lunar New Year: the year of the           audience with his sleight of hand. With barely a
                           Rabbit at the Ocean Seafood Restaurant in                flinch, the mask on the magician’s face changed
 April 10                  Chinatown. Mount St. Mary’s Faculty members              before one’s very eyes.
                           in attendance included Dr. Peter Antoniou and
 MAPs Monthly Meeting
 Doheny Campus, Bldg. 10   Katherine Whitman, both LAGSCA Board
 10AM – Noon               Members along with Mark Alhanati and his wife,
                           Laura. This spectacular is an annual event of the
 Etiquette Luncheon        Los Angeles – Guangzhou Sister City Association.
 Donahue Center
 12 – 2PM
 RSVP: Gina Perez at

 May 7                                                                              It was also a time of change within the LAGSCA.
 End of Semester Events                                                             Los Angeles City Councilmen Tom LaBonge and
 Doheny Campus                                                                      Dennis Zine honored the contributions of
 Reception: Bldg. 1                                                                 outgoing president David Lee and welcomed his
 4:30 PM                                                                            successor Jeffrey Cheung. Charles Stapleton was
 Dinner: Donahue Center                                                             elected Vice President replacing the position
 6:30 PM                                                                            vacated by Mr. Cheung.
                           Remaining faithful to their name, the Ocean
 RSVP: Janet Robinson at
                           Seafood Restaurant served up delicacies from                                                              Don’t miss out on the fun. Plan to attend the
                           both land and sea. The menu included shrimp,
                           lobster, chicken, and a host of other culinary           LAGSCA 2012 banquet to ring in the year of the
 May 9                     sensations that would please even the most               Dragon.
 Graduation                discerning palate. Not only was the sense of
 Gibson Amphitheatre at                                                             To learn more about the Los Angeles Guangzhou
                           taste entertained, so were the others. The eyes
 Universal Studios                                                                  Sister City Association or to become a member,
                           and ears were treated to some traditional
 3 PM                                                                               visit
                           Chinese culture. Five colorful dragons, danced

                           On Saturday, May 7 , thousands will join the EIF Revlon Run/Walk for Women.
                           Since 1994, this event has raised over $60 million for cancer research, saving lives and creating hope for
                           thousands of women touched by cancer. Make a difference by joining this event or donating to the cause
                           through Mount St. Mary’s Athenians’ Team page:
Page 2                                                                                               MAPs Newsletter

The Broad Residency: Management that Matters
 By Maria Real, MBA
                                                                                                     interested, I would advise candidates to
     70% of 8 graders can’t read or write           how to navigate through an organization.         apply earlier than later.
     at grade level                                 Residents must know how to gain trust, and
     1.2 million students drop out of high          how to get buy-in since; oftentimes, they        Your application process is quite
     school every year                              (residents) are coming into these                comprehensive with six steps. On average,
     $192 billion in lost income and taxes          organizations and doing some kind of             how long does it take between the moment
     due to each cohort of dropouts                 change, changing things that people are          a candidate completes the initial
                                                    very comfortable with. This requires getting     application and the moment he/she knows
The educational system in America is in             to know people very quickly and very well.       they have been accepted into the program
crisis, and this is an issue that affects us all.   3) Problem Solving. Candidates must have a       or not?
The Broad Residency is a 2-year leadership          good analytical skill set. This doesn’t mean
program that places emerging leaders into           candidates must be number crunchers, but         We start accepting applications in
high-level managerial positions in school           they must be good problem solvers,               September and the candidate knows if
districts, CMOs, and federal/state                  individuals who can analyze something and        she/he is accepted by March, so they should
departments of education, with the purpose          say what’s wrong and how to fix it.              be prepared for a long stretch. The good
of having an immediate positive impact on           4) Desire to make an impact. [Individuals        news is that the first few steps (resume,
the education of America’s students.                applying to this program] must be driven by      application, and first-run-interview) are in a
                                                    making an impact, making things better,          rolling basis, so you know very quickly if you
The Broad Residency is a terrific opportunity       improving the world. There must be some          are moving forward. If you apply in
for those Mount St. Mary’s MBA graduates            altruistic quality to what they want to do. If   September, you’ll know by October, early
who are looking to enter the education              they want to just make money or stay in the      November, if you’re moving forward to the
industry and make a difference in the lives         private sector and making an impact doesn’t      next round of interviews. This is then the
of our youth.                                       matter to them, this is not the work they        one place when you have to wait.
                                                    should go into.
We interviewed Chaka Booker, Senior                                                                  The Broad Residency successfully reached
Director of Recruitment and Selection for           Your selection criterion describes a good        its ninth year of operations. What are the
the Broad Center, and asked him questions           Residency candidate as an individual who         plans moving forward to guarantee a
about the program.                                  has private sector experience, but what          sustainability and growth?
                                                    about those candidates from the
Your program’s minimum eligibility                  government and non-profit sectors. Does          The main two things on our plate are:
requirements are a graduate degree, and             their background hinder their chances of         1) How do we accelerate the pace of
four years of experience in one or more             getting into the program?                        change? We see trends in the districts
functional business area. Can you tell us                                                            where we are working at, but none of it is
what additional skills/qualities/traits could       No. It is less about the sector and more         moving fast enough. It has to move faster.
make our graduates stand out from the               about the type of work. People from the          So for the next couple of years we’re going
crowd?                                              private sector are preferred because we          to be partnering more with other
                                                    know that people that come from this             organizations. For example, last year we
There are probably four things that I would         sector have the business skill sets that         partnered with The Bill Gates Foundation,
mention: project management, relationship           organizations we partner with want. But          and with a federal initiative called Raise the
building, problem solving, and desire to            every year we have anywhere between 15-          Top. You’ll see a lot more partnerships with
make an impact.                                     25 percent of the cohort come from the           other organizations to accelerate some
 1) Project management. In the person’s             social/public sector. If you come from           momentum and drive change faster.
work experience they need to have                   outside the private sector, you should make      2) Providing more resources for our alumni.
managed some type of project, even if they          sure to describe your work in a way that         Our alumni is a big piece of the puzzle. They
have yet to manage people. Sometimes                makes it clear that you developed a relevant     are taking on leadership roles and are now
people associate management with direct             business skill set.                              in positions to make decision and hire
supports, but *for our program+ it doesn’t                                                           people. Alumni hire other residents into
matter. Candidates have to have driven              The deadline for this year’s program was         their organizations thus expanding the
some initiative for their organization:             February 15. What is the dateline for next       alumni network. As these people are out
gathering resources, tracing the project            year’s opportunities?                            there driving change, we want them to be
plan, creating a timeline, figuring out what                                                         fully supported by the program.
the milestones are, and pushing the project         We start accepting new applications in
forward. That’s what we think as project            September of every year. I would suggest         For more information go to:
management, and that skill is a must-have.          start visiting the website in July-August
2) Relationship building. Candidates must           because *at that point+ we’ll start having
be good at building relationships and               some new timelines, webinars, and [other]
knowing                                             new information for the summer. If
Page 3                                                                                                 MAPs Newsletter
Networking Naturally
By Shana Quisumbing, MBA                          my behalf due to having known them and              experience too. Are there any tips or rules
                                                  vice-versa.                                         you may have for building a valuable
In the Harvard Business Review article “The                                                           network?
Power of Alumni Networks,” authors Lauren         Though this is a positive example, the              P: It is not a cold, hard, by the numbers
Cohen and Christopher Malloy detailed how         strength of a network is also capable of            process, simply just a process to NOT lose
their analysis of more than 15 years of           breeding negative behavior such as the              touch with people who are important to you
investment data revealed a strong                 fallout of the financial crisis. In another         and who feel that you are important to
correlation between the strength of alumni        article in the Wall Street Journal ‘Harvard         them. Building a valuable network requires
networks and improved investing                   Changes Course’ by Dianna Middleton and             time and you making a concerted effort.
performance. They found that the power of         Joe Light, they discussed how Harvard               The “network” is not separate from friends,
alumni networks leads to better information       Business School is changing their curriculum        they are from the same place but cultivated
sharing and improved investing                    to mirror that of Mount St. Mary’s College          in different categories for the greatest
performance between ‘connected firms’ -           to rewire a culture highly-regarded and             value. With networks, you are working a
where at least one senior official had gone       strictly focused on profits over quality of         little harder with more meaning and
to the same college as the investor - versus      relationships. In examining cases of                intention behind the connection than just
‘nonconnected firms’ – where no college           negligent fiscal practices, Harvard educators       letting it happen.
ties existed. They discovered that the            suspected that their strong culture might           However, if you need to start somewhere, I
strength of the connection was directly           have contributed to the unethical practices         would suggest:
related to the size of the bets and the size of   of recent leaders, which led to the                        Identify people you want to fill three
returns such that the greater the strength of     meltdown of the financial markets.                         categories in your network
the connection, the larger the investment                                                                    Systemize how you want to keep in
involved and the greater their return.            I am a businessman, and not very religious                 touch with them, and
To further understand this power, I had a         at all, but I firmly believe that if you do right          Most importantly, STICK WITH IT!
phone interview with Peter Kendall, Mount         by people, you will win out in the long run         Now you may have more or less categories,
St. Mary’s College Faculty and Executive-In-      regardless of any short term downfalls.             but personally, I have found that three helps
Residence, and discovered a few more              Having a moral and ethical foundation is            to keep things simple. The three categories
things about the source of this power:            critical in conducting business today. The          are:
                                                  moral and ethical foundation of a Mount St.         1. Ones you really want to keep in touch
Shana (S): Thanks again, Pete, for agreeing       Mary’s College MBA is one that you need to          with (also includes close friends who may
to discuss this article and for allowing me       be able to make it in business. Combining           not necessarily be people you deal with
to ask you some questions to understand           this plus a focus on solid basic principles and     professionally)
networking better.                                hard knock rules of engaging in business            2. Ones you spend time with on regular
Peter (P): It’s no problem at all, Shana. Like    results in a valuable education into                basis (including colleagues with whom you
I’ve mentioned to your class and to all the       becoming an influential leader of industry.         deal with professionally but are not
other MBA Cohorts at Mount St. Mary’s             You cannot afford to lose who you are and           necessarily your personal friends)
College, I am happy to share my experience        your values.                                        3. Ones you spend time with on an
and help you understand networking and its                                                            occasional basis (people you’ve met who
benefits.                                         S: Based on this outlook, what would you            have the same interests as you but are not
                                                  say is the best way to cultivate an alumni          necessarily personal or professional friends).
S: We definitely appreciate your guidance.        network?                                            Look for people who are interesting to you
Now, based on the article as well as your         P: Knowing yourself and the people with             and when starting a discussion go beyond
experience, have you found the value of           whom you went to school with is a natural           the “elevator speech” - a premade speech
connected firms versus nonconnected firms         place to cultivate a meaningful and valuable        about titles and job description. Instead,
to be true? Do you pick your own stocks in        network. In essence, the power of alumni            pose a scenario to relate who you are and
the same way Cohen and Malloy                     networking is that it comes from a natural          explain what you do. This exchange
explained?                                        place. Throughout your school and class             provides a more genuine way of showing
P: I actually don’t pick my own stocks; I         experiences, you have to look into                  what you do and who you are.
leave that to my financial adviser. However,      developing a group of relationships
I have found it absolutely true that the          combining professional and personal                 S. Any other thoughts to help us broaden
strength of connection can result to greater      aspirations. Start with the idea in your mind       the way we build and think about
confidence in contacting people within your       to get to know good people and carry that           networks?
network for the things you need. With my          forward by thinking about what you can do           P: Be of the mindset to provide something
own experience as an example, I have              to help them gain their goals. Do not fall          helpful to people instead of just looking
approached a few of the friends my son            into the trap of only calling or getting in         from what they can do for you. Be open to
graduated with from San Diego State for a         touch with them because you need                    talking and sharing your contacts with
variety of services. From mortgage broker         something (be it work or a favor).                  people because you never know the
to real estate agent, I depend on them for                                                            opportunities it may create. NETWORKING
their expertise and feel confident that they      S: I had always thought of networking as a          IS A MINDSET!
will have an extra motivation to do well on       professional improvement tool but never
                                                  really saw it as a personal enrichment
Page 4                                                                                MAPs Newsletter

Welcome Home to the Mount
 By Darcy Stoltz-Burke, ’87, MBA 09                             As busy professionals, not all MBA Alumni have the time to
                                                                participate in many of the MAPs meetings or events. One
Do you remember your first visit to Mount St. Mary’s            area that is very impactful and takes minimal time is MBA
College? Who stood out and made you feel welcome? Did           Information Sessions. These two-hour sessions provide a
you get the feeling that you belonged and had come home?        walking tour of the campus, an overview of the program and
                                                                the personal experiences of the MBA alumni. Ideally, two
My first visit was to the Chalon campus and Sister
                                                                alumni participate in each session. Consider sharing your
Magdalene Coughlin took the time to welcome me and
                                                                personal story and welcoming prospective students to an
share her experiences. The spirit of the campus and the
                                                                excellent graduate program and home to the Mount family.
people made me feel at home - like I belonged. In the end, it
was that feeling that made the choice to go to Mount St.        The next two Information Sessions are scheduled for April 9

Mary’s a very easy decision. It was the same feeling years            th
                                                                and 30 from 10:00 am to 12:00 p.m. To participate, please
later that made choose the Mount for my MBA.                    contact Gina Perez at:

Etiquette Luncheon
Come and welcome Cohort 4 and Cohort 6 at the MBA               development and recognize the academic success of our
Etiquette Luncheon. Proper etiquette is an asset to any         MBA students.
business deal or potential employer and adds value to
networking opportunities.                                       The Event will take place on April 10, from 12 – 2pm at the
                                                                Donahue Conference Center. If you wish to participate,
MAPs presence is important at this event to support our         please contact Gina Perez at:
continued commitment to foster a culture of social

MAPs Updates
Did you recently get a promotion, get married, or changed        If you wish to be included in our subsequent issues, please
industries?                                                     contact Canetana Hurd at:

Do you have an expertise or advice that you wish to             Your contributions are important to us!
communicate to your fellow MBA graduates? Share it with
your MBA colleagues through your very own MAPs

Executive Editors: Canetana Hurd,; Maria Real,
Editor in Chief: Nancy Valdivia Antoniou

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