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					                      2012 WEST JACKRABBIT USER CONFERENCE
                       Excalibur Conference Center – Third Floor
                                       Las Vegas, Nevada
                                      October 24, 25, 26, 2012

                      WHO SHOULD ATTEND!
The Jackrabbit West Conference: Designed for Users who are set up in Jackrabbit Systems as:
       New Users who are set up in the system and have explored the Getting Started Guide and Video
       Veteran Users who wish to learn more comprehensive details about Jackrabbit systems.
       Businesses not yet Jackrabbit clients that are interested in seeing the Jackrabbit Systems in action.
       All Users looking for expert training, excellent refreshments and meals, loads of learning and Fun!
       Advisory Alert! Brand New Users who are NOT YET SET UP may wish to come to the conference with
       the understanding that NO TOPICS will be presented for “GETTING STARTED” Users. Auditing topics
       may give you a proactive opportunity to see the systems through the eyes of Jackrabbit Users.

West Coast User Conference Fee: $95 per person: Includes everything on the following pages.
Conference Day 1: Small Group Consultation: (Wed Oct 24 - By appointment only – limited space - first reservation basis)
Small Group Consultations put you face to face with a Jackrabbit Expert. You direct the consultation through
topics and questions submitted prior to your consultation time.

Conference Days 2-3: Devoted to Group and Breakout Topics: West User Conference days two and three will be
packed with the latest training on Jackrabbit basics and enhancements through brand new sessions on convenient
Jackrabbit features. Jackrabbit plans each session toward helping you make the most out of your business
Jackrabbit Software. Group Topics challenge both Veteran Users and those who are just getting started. During

Breakouts Users can mix and match the topics to attend. In Breakouts, are you a Veteran User in some Jackrabbit
features who might like more basic information on our newer features or are you a New User? View breakout
descriptions at!

By popular demand: Small Group Consultations (by appointment), featured speakers, Jackrabbit User Stories,
catered breaks and a extended lunch break, along with loads of fun and relaxation during our Thursday Evening
Jackrabbit Reception and Mixer. Please read the session descriptions detailed in the Jackrabbit Conference Guide: . They will help you determine the best level to fit your needs.

For best prices on travel and hotel, and to guarantee your space in the conference, we recommend that you
register very early, and book your travel with lodging as soon as you receive a Jackrabbit Conference Confirmation
Email. Confirmation will be sent to the lead contact email on your Jackrabbit Conference Registration Form within
48 hours of receipt of your registration. Please direct all registration questions to!
West Coast User Conference Cancellation/Refund: The last date to cancel and receive a refund is October 1, 2012
                 2012 WEST USER CONFERENCE VENUE
                             EXCALIBUR HOTEL AND CASINO
                               3850 Las Vegas Blvd South
                                Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
       To receive EXCALIBUR Hotel lowest rate email updates via *GUESTBOOK* register at

      For a selection of nearby hotels within 5-15 minute walking distance of the
                       Excalibur 3RD Floor Conference Center visit

TRAVEL BY AIR                                    CONFERENCE VENUE
Most airlines fly non-stop into Las Vegas        EXCALIBUR HOTEL AND CASINO
McCarren International Airport (LAS)             3rd Floor Conference Center
on convenient schedules daily.                   8550 Las Vegas Blvd
                                                 Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Airport to Hotel Transfer
                                                 HOTEL BOOKING
      Airport->Venue 2.0 miles                   Please note: Jackrabbit does not hold a hotel block

After retrieving your luggage follow the signs   The Excalibur 3rd Floor Conference Center is
                                                 conveniently located within a 5-15 minute walk from
to the cab line. Ask the driver to take you to
                                                 a selection of famous Las Vegas Hotels including:
your hotel via Tropicana Blvd.
                                                 Excalibur: Jackrabbit Conference Venue on Site
                                                 Luxor: 5 minutes
WEATHER    October average temperatures:
                                                 New York- New York: 5 minutes
                                                 Tropicana: 5 minutes
      Day Time high: 82 degrees                  MGM Grand: 10 minutes
      Night Time Low: 54 degrees                 Mandalay Bay: 15 minutes
      Chance of Rain: 0.25%
                                                 To compare the best internet rates for these hotels
      Indoor Conference Rooms are chilly.        click on the yellow dot next to the hotels of your
      Please bring warm clothing to layer.       choice at:
          2012 West User Conference Information

ONSITE ATTENDEE CHECK-IN: Registration Packet Pick-up in the Excalibur 3rd Floor Conference Room Lobby
~ Day 1: Check-in will be held on Wednesday during Small Group Topics starting at 09:00am
~ Day 2: Check-In prior to Conference Opening Remarks right outside the Group Session Room starting at 7:30am.

       ATTENDEE PACKET: Each attendee will receive a packet which includes your nametag, feedback form, roster of
       conference attendee businesses, and a tabletop name placard to place on the table in front of you. Also included is a
       Jackrabbit User Conference Handout Guide. Subject to change, this Guide follows the conference sessions as they
       are scheduled over Days 2 & 3. You’ll find plenty of space for notes on the pages of your booklet.

       CONFERENCE ATTIRE: Air-conditioning! We encourage you to dress in layered warm and comfortable clothing.
       INTERNET: Wireless internet connection in the conference meeting rooms is included in your registration fee.
       PERSONAL COMPUTERS AND TABLETS: Please bring your pad and/or personal computer for use during the
       POWER OUTLETS AND EQUIPMENT SECURITY: Outlets will be placed under your tables for convenient power access.
       For maximum security, please keep your computer with you at all times.
       BREAKOUT SESSIONS – TIP TO DETERMINE YOUR USER LEVEL: As you know Jackrabbit has included numerous
       offerings and enhancements in the Software. To help you determine which level of user you are, please read the
       User Conference Handout Guide posted online at The Guide may
       help you decide which level of BREAKOUT to attend. If you have trouble deciding, we suggest that you make two
       columns on a sheet of paper. List sub-categories, by topic, where you feel comfortable, in one column. List sub-
       categories where you have less experience, and/or feel uncomfortable, in the other column. Also consider listing
       sub-categories featuring new enhancements interested in trying. Feel free to move between rooms if you realize
       you may learn more effectively at a different level.
       POTENTIAL DISTRACTIONS: Your User Conference is an intense learning environment. As a courtesy to all attendees
       please keep your cell phone on vibrate and step out of the meeting rooms and move to a quiet location to make or
       take important phone calls. We request that you keep side conversation and other noises to a minimum. Noise
       tends to interfere with the overall conference learning environment. To avoid interruptions in classmate
       concentration, take private conversations outside the meeting room, move away from the doorways, and keep your
       vocal levels moderate. Many thanks for your understanding!


       BREAKS: Jackrabbit Conference attendees will enjoy two refreshing beverages and light snacks break on Thurs & Fri
       LUNCH: Lunchtime: Leisurely 75 minute lunch period gives attendees time to enjoy a meal on your own & regroup.
       JACKRABBIT SOCIAL MIXER: At the 2012 Jackrabbit User Conference Social Mixer you’ll unwind with new friends.
       THURSDAY, OCT 25: 5:30pm – 7:45pm: Immediately following the last Topic of the Day
           o   Social Attire:   Layered Casual for Warmth and Comfort. Feel free to say in your conference clothes
           o   5:30pm- 7:45pm: Attendees & the Jackrabbit Team will enjoy a wide variety of gourmet Luxor appetizers,
               cash bar, networking, and friendly conversation. You’ll have plenty of time to relax & have fun!
                                              2012 JACKRABBIT
                                                              West User
                                                     TOPICS and
Topics are Presented Through
Small Group Consultations: (Wed Oct 24 - By appointment only – limited space - first reservation basis)
    Small Group Consultations put you face to face with a Jackrabbit Expert. You direct the consultation through topics and
questions submitted prior to your consultation time. Register for a Small Group Consultation by checking “yes” to Question
6 and completing Questions 7 & 8 of the Online Registration Form. Be sure to list topics you would like to cover during your
Consultation. You will receive an email confirming your request for small groups within 48 hours of registration.
Please note: You will receive your Small Group Consultation appointment time, via email no earlier than Wed Oct 17th.

Group Topics:
    Group topics are held in the Jackrabbit general meeting room. They feature a mixture of quick review followed by
discussion of new material. During Group Topics, Veteran and New Users combine as topics are presented. Jackrabbit
embraces the concepts that Users learn at their own pace while diverse levels of brainpower yield higher overall levels of
learning. Skilled Users may be called upon to describe their learning curves, Software experiences, unique ways they have
put their Software to use, and overall results.

Breakout Topics:
     Breakout Topic Sessions are unique in challenging your individual User level. The style and pace of presentations are
dependent upon the room you choose. Your Jackrabbit skills in the “Veteran” and “New” featured categories may vary.
Please feel free to consider yourself a “Skilled User” in some topics and a “New User” in others. During Breakout Topics you
will cover important Jackrabbit features designed to help increase and sustain the health of your business. Each Breakout
Topic will be led by select Jackrabbit Team Experts. Consider your level of mastery in the Breakout Topics shown below.
During Breakouts, the User level Topics run in parallel. Feel free to move between rooms to adjust to your needs.
                        DAY 1: Wednesday (Optional)
       SMALL GROUP CONSULTATIONS - 9:00am-5:00pm

   Day 1 features Extremely Popular 45 minute Small Group Consultations!
   Custom Consultations start on the hour starting at 9:00am and ending at 5:00pm

   Here’s your opportunity to have a Jackrabbit team member focus on your pre-requested topic(s) and hear
detailed response to your particular questions and challenges. These popular sessions are made by reservation
only, assigned on a first come basis, and adhere to a tight schedule. Register Early to guarantee your Reservation.
You will be notified of your Small Group Consultation appointment time via email by midnight on Wed Oct 17th.
To gain maximum benefit from your small group reservation, plan to arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your
assigned time, check in at the registration desk and pick up your attendee packet. Please bring your pad,
computer, a pen or pencil, and note paper.

  In the event that you cannot attend your assigned Small Group timeslot, please cancel at least 24 hours prior to
your appointment time by email to Nancy at This will act as courtesy to attendees
who are wait-listed for Small Group Reservations and to the Jackrabbit Team Leader assigned to your group.

                     DAY 2: Thursday 8:00am – 5:00pm
                                      Doors Open at 7:30am
             Pour a cup of coffee or tea from the Jackrabbit Coffee Service and settle in!

                                       08:00am – 08:15am

            GOOD MORNING! WELCOME! Meet the Jackrabbit Team!

                 Twice annually, on the East and West Coasts, Jackrabbit Users and
           Jackrabbit Team Members enjoy the opportunity to meet each other in person!

   Your Jackrabbit team will be waiting to greet you!
Thursday Oct 25                    “Designing            Your Personal and Professional Technology Hub!”
 2:55pm-3:55pm                                                         Presented by Frank Sahlein

       Stay efficient In today's ever-changing technology environment by harnessing & organizing combined powers of your
online resources. Together we will "map out" your technologies in the areas of Calendars, Communications, Domains, Web
sites, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) databases, Financial tracking, Marketing and Social Media tools etc.
Frank Sahlein has been involved with the Children’s Activity Center industry since 1967 – as gymnast, martial artist, coach, business owner, consultant and business broker. He
is a native of San Mateo, California and graduated from San Jose State University in 1975. Frank and his wife Shauna pioneer ed the Children’s Learning Opportunity Center
concept – a unique blend of Sports Instruction, Child Care/Education, Entertainment and Outreach. The amazing WINGS Center has been a 35,000 square foot industry working
lab since 1976. Frank’s reputation as a renowned business management innovator has inspired audiences worldwide, delivering over 1,000 presentations for a variety of
children’s activity center industries and organizations. 3 Level Consulting is currently a Business Development Partner for USA Gymnastics, the U.S. Swim School Association,
several Dance associations, JamBrands Cheerleading group, and several Australian states and Canadian provinces. Frank travels internationally to review and consult on best
practices for individual clients. A member of both the International Business Broker’s Association and the Institute of Business Appraisers, he received his Certified Business
Intermediary (CBI) designation in 2003. Two-time recipient of the National Business Leader Award from USA Gymnastics, Frank is the author of “Building Your Business
Potential” (using the BusinessGrades® system), an industry standard rating system for service-based businesses. Frank is married with two children and two grandchildren. His
hobbies include fitness training, reading and motorcycle touring.
Franklin B. Sahlein: Certified Business Intermediary - 3 Level Consulting and Business Brokerage. Cell (208)869-3656

                          Jackrabbit Social Mixer – Excalibur Conference Center
                                                          Thursday 5:30pm-7:15pm
                                  Zippy and the gang love to party! Join Zippy and
                           Team Jackrabbit for a full range of fabulous Luxor appetizers.
                          Indulge in a delightful mix of alcohol or non-alcoholic beverages
                      cash bar interesting conversation with fellow users and Team Jackrabbit.
                                    Enjoy the Social and make many new friends!
                      The social starts right after closing remarks. Come dressed in your conference attire.
                           Stay as long as you like! Feel free to grab some appetizers and head out to
                         explore the Las Vegas strip, try your hand at gaming or take in a Vegas show.

                                             Friday October 26 - 4:15pm – 4:30pm

    Please leave your green feedback form in the Bunny Box at the Information Desk!

                                 Questions: Please contact
                          Register:              Visit

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