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									Vehicle          Hire

                                                                                                                                                                 Transport Services
Transport Services Vehicle Hire
               BOAB BOAT HIRE
                      Boab Boat Hire                                           Broome Boat Hire
               Boats occasions. • 4.5m Polycraft
            Boats for all catering for all occasions.                   Our polycraft range includes the 4.1m
               • 4.5m Polycraft All safety
            • 6.5m Centre Cab 6 seater. 4 seater • 4.8m Kimberley 6m custom centre cab. Boat only hire
            4 seater • 4.8m Kimberley 5 seater                          side console, 4.5m centre console and

            equipment included plus esky, fish                          or full driveway packages, bait, esky, ice
               5 seater • & shade. Plan your
            finder, hand lines 6.5m Centre Cab 6 seater. All            and fishing rods. Explore all the beauty
            own adventure - fishing, sightseeing,                       the Kimberley has to offer. Launch and
               safety equipment creek
            crabbing, whale watching or included plus esky, fish retrieve available.
                                                        BOAB BOAT HIRE
                                                        Boats catering for all occasions.
                                                        • 4.5m Polycraft 4 seater • 4.8m Kimberley
            exploring. Launch & retrieve available.     5 seater • 6.5m Centre Cab 6 seater. All

            w:finder, hand lines & shade. Plan your own
                                                        safety equipment included plus esky, fish
                       finder, hand lines & shade. Plan your own
                                                        adventure - fishing, sightseeing, crabbing,
            a: 91a Guy Street, Broome - fishing, sightseeing, crabbing, e: Broome
                                                        whale watching or creek exploring. If you
                                                        don’t have a vehicle, we can launch &
                                                        retrieve for you.
            p: 1300 00 BOAB/ 0429 887 798               Phone: 1300 00 BOAB Mobile: 0429 88 77 98
                                                                                                     Boat Hire
               whale watching or creek exploring. If you p: 0419 258 256/ 0419 000 035

               don’t have a vehicle, we can launch &
                     Broome you.
               retrieve forBroome                                                Broome Cycles
             Phone:CarlocallyBOAB Mobile: 0429 88 77 98
            The largest
                        1300 00 owned and                                                                         Broome Cycles hire bikes from 2
            operated car hire company in Broome.
            Vehicles range from scooters to small
                                                                                                                  easy to find locations, in Chinatown
                                                                                                                  and Cable Beach. The showroom
            town cars, beach jeeps to large 4WD’s.                                                                offers a fantastic range of the latest
            Free hotel pick up and drop off,                                                                      bicycles and accessories and an
            comprehensive touring advice, safe &                                                                  extensive workshop with experienced
            reliable vehicles plus extras – Broome                                                                mechanics. Broome’s wonderful flat
            Broome is your key to a great escape!                                                                 terrain makes an ideal place for riding.
            a: 3/15 Napier Terrace, Broome
                                                                                                    HOT DEALS!    w:
                                                                                                                  a: Crn Cable Beach Rd & Sanctuary Drive
                                                                                                                  a: 2 Hamersley Street, Broome
            p: 08 9192 2210                                                                                       p: 08 9192 1871

               Broome Scooter Hire                                                                                      Budget Rent a Car
                                                                                                         LetBUSES - the
                                                                                                            Budget put you in 4WD’s
                                                                                                    CARS - experience the Colours ofdrivers seat
                                                                                                         to                          Broome at
                                                                                                      Call us now to find out about our HOT DEALS on all
                                                                                                                   your own pace.
                                                                                                       vehicles and experience the Colours of Broome
                                                                                                                       at your own pace!
                                                                                                                   Whether it’s Cars, Buses, Trucks or

                                                                                                                 13 27 27
                                                                                                                   4WD’s, you can be sure that Budget
                                                                                                                   always drives your dollar further.
                                                                                                                 Toll Free: 1300 308 888
            e:                                                                      e:
            a: 2/1 Coughlan St, Broome                                                                            a: Broome Airport, Broome
            p: 08 9193 5626/0409 880 188 SCOOTER HIRE                                                             p: 08 9193 5355

   Need to book? - - +61 8 9195 2277                                                                                         11
                                               Europcar Broome                                                      Hook Up Adventures
                                          Europcar offer a wide range of                                         Hook Up Adventures offers 4WD
                                          latest model vehicles from small                                       camping experiences from Broome,
                                          cars for getting around town, to the                                   Darwin and Perth and everywhere
                                          comfort of large 4WD’s to explore                                      in between. Our camping packages
                                          the magnificent Kimberley region.                                      offer more than just 4WD hire. We
                                          Europcar is conveniently based                                         include information on where to go,
                                          at the arrivals section of Broome                                      what to do, suggested itineraries,
                                          Airport and are open 7 days a week.                                    maps and more.
                                          w:                                                 w:
                                          e:                                        e: info@
Transport Services

                                          a: Broome Airport, Broome                                              p: 1800 780 325
                                          p: 08 9193 7788

                                            Just Broome Hire Cars                                                     Topless Car Rentals
                                          Just Good Value. Locally owned &                                       With a range of vehicles and open
                                          operated. Cars are clean, second hand                                  7 days, we offer complimentary
                                          air conditioned vehicles. 2WD from                                     transfers, flexibility to suit your
                                          $38 per day, includes 75kms per day,                                   needs and no hidden fees. We
                                          delivery to your hotel, local maps and                                 take pride in our integrity,
                                          tourist guides. Cost includes GST, stamp                               values and commitment to
                                          duty and 3rd party insurance. We also                                  our customers. So remember
                                          rent 8 seaters and 4WD vehicles.                                       ‘While in Broome ~ Go Topless’.
                                                                                                                 a: 31 Hunter Street, Broome
                                          a: 4 Farrell Street, Broome
                                                                                                                 p: 08 9193 5017
                                          p: 08 9193 5557/0437 935 555

                                                     Travelabout                                                        Wicked Campers
                                                     Camper Hire
                                          We are a family owned, Broome based                                    Comes with a fully equipped
                                          business. Our fully equipped, off road                                 kitchen,  table for easy meals and
                                          camper trailers sleep up to 6 people in                                cosy van talk, large cupboards
                                          off ground comfort. We look forward                                    under the seats and a huge bed
                                          to making your holiday perfect - in the                                for a perfectly Wicked night!
                                          Kimberley, or around Australia.
                                                                                                                 4X4 Campers and 4WD’s also
                                          e:                                w:
                                          a: 3 Lucas St, Broome                                                  e:
                                          p:08 9192 8303/0417602702                                              p: 1800 246 869

                                                                                     If you are looking for a real and authentic
                                                                                     holiday, why not get back to basics and
                                                                                     hire a Britz Campervan? Britz gives you the
                                                                                     freedom and flexibility to travel around
                                                                                     Australia. Pack up the family or grab your
                                                                                     mates and head to the coast, the outback
                                                                                     or the bush – it’s your holiday…
                                                                                     go your own way.

                                                                                     For bookings call 08 9195 2200
                                                                                     Or visit the Broome Visitor Centre
                                                                                     at 1 Hamersley Street, Broome

                     12        Need to book? - - +61 8 9195 2277
                                 the colours
                                 of Broome?
                                     We’ll show you the
                                         easy way.

                            Thrifty Car Rental                    The Broome Visitor Centre is a non government,
                                                                  not for profit organisation. By booking through
                     With their expertise and local
                     knowledge, Thrifty can offer                  us, you are helping to keep our doors open so
                     customers a full range of vehicles            we can continue to provide local information
                     that suit the unique conditions of
                     the Kimberley 1800 626 515                              and services to all visitors.
                                 Call Region of Western
                                 Call now for a range
                     Australia. of
                                       • 4WD specialists
                                                                     For a FREE booking service,
                                   • Maps & touring advice
                     w: & long term rentals
                                • One way                                  call our friendly
                                                                  Kimberley Experience Consultants

                                                                                                                               Transport Services
                               Airport, Airport
                     a: Broome BroomeBroome
                                                                           on 08 9195 2277
                                 That’s Thrifty
                     p: 08 9193 7712 Thinking!

Transport Services Local Providers
                               Daz Johnson’s                                                    Broome Taxis
                              Transit Services
                     For all your transit requirements                                In addition to our fleet of modern
                     with the highest quality of service                              air conditioned taxis we also offer a
                     • Airport/Hotel Transfers                                        shuttle bus service from the airport
                     • Weddings/Parties/Conferences                                   to all Hotels and Resorts. There is no
                     • All general transportation                                     need to make prior reservation just
                     • Great Voucher offers                                           check at our desk located inside the
                     • Port Transfers                                                 arrivals terminal where you will see
                     • Sightseeing                                                    the name of your accommodation
                     e:                                       w:
                     p: 0458 130 777                                                  e:
                                                                                      p: 131 008

                             Chinatown Taxis                                                Derby Bus Service
                     Chinatown Taxis are a professional
                     team with a sound local knowledge
                     and a passion for service. The
                     fleet consists of maxi cabs, with
                     maximum capacity of 11 passengers,
                     a wheelchair taxi with hoist, and a
                     21 seater available for charters and
                     tours. Calls answered locally for
                     prompt and efficient service.                                    w:
                     p: 08 9192 3316                                                  a; Loch St, Derby
                     freecall:1800 811 772                                            p: 08 9193 1550

                      Pearl Town Bus Service                                                 Pearl Town Taxis
                     While in Broome, travel on the
                     friendly local town bus service - 7                              • Air Conditioned VehiCles
                     days a week from 7.10am to 7.10pm.
                     This service passes accommodation                                • smAll And lArge Buses
  Please supply a    areas,    shopping centres, Cable                                • 24 hours A dAy 7 dAys A week.
 higher resolution   Beach and more. Purchase your
                     ticket from the driver on the bus.
                     e:                                        e:
                     a: PO Box 5914, Broome                                           p: 1800 622 433
                     p: 08 9193 6585

       Need to book? - - +61 8 9195 2277                                                  13

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