Texas Syndicate Gang Members and Associates Sentenced to Prison

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					Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers                        Wednesday, August 31, 2011               

Texas Syndicate Gang Members and Associates
Sentenced to Prison
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   in-law of the kidnapping victim, sought a      designated in the near future.
                                                    monetary reward to turn over Pinales-           All 13 charged in this case have been
Submitted at 8:29 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    Garcia to unknown subjects in Mexico.          convicted and sentenced to prison. Juan
 U.S. Attorneys Office Southern District            Pinales-Garcia was shot several times in       Pablo Hinojosa, who was convicted by a
of Texas on August 30, 2011 released the            the low torso during the struggle and          federal jury of racketeering and violent
following:                                          subsequently died in Mexico. Rosales           crimes in aid of racketeering, was
“McALLEN, Texas – Six Texas Syndicate               pleaded guilty to kidnapping Pinales-          sentenced to life imprisonment on Jan. 5,
members and associates have been                    Garcia on March 3, 2009.                       2011. On Jan. 28, 2010, Benjamin Piedra
sentenced to prison for racketeering,                Noel De Los Santos, 33, of Donna, Texas       pleaded guilty to violent crimes in aid of
violent crimes in aid of racketeering,              was sentenced to 240 months                    racketeering and was sentenced to 120
kidnapping and possession with intent               imprisonment for violent crimes in aid of      months confinement and three years of
distribute cocaine, United States Attorney          racketeering, that is, for the murder of       supervised release on Feb. 22, 2011. Adan
Jose Angel Moreno announced today.                  Crisantos Moran on March 20, 2003.             Roberto Ruiz pleaded guilty to criminal
 At a hearing on Monday, Aug. 29, 2011,             According to trial testimony, Moran had        information charging him with conspiracy
Chief U.S. District Judge Ricardo                   been ordered by the Texas Syndicate to         to possess with intent to distribute less
Hinojosa sentenced the chairman of the              kill a rival gang member who lived near        than 50 kilograms of marijuana, while
Texas Syndicate in the Rio Grande                   Penitas, Texas. De Los Santos and Jose         Jorge Puga pleaded to a criminal
Valley, Jose Ismael Salas, 40 of Edinburg,          Armando Garcia, both Texas Syndicate           information charging him with possession
Texas, to 20 years in federal prison                gang members, agreed to accompany              with intent to distribute 39 kilograms of
without parole for drug trafficking                 Moran to commit the murder. However,           marijuana. Ruiz and Puga received 52 and
offenses in violation of the racketeering           Moran failed to carry out the order as         37 months, respectively. Joel Carcano Jr.
statute. Salas pleaded guilty on April 2,           given. Instead, De Los Santos and Garcia       pleaded guilty providing false statements
2009, admitting to committing two acts of           shot and killed Moran for failing to carry     – admitting he lied to Bureau of Alcohol,
racketeering, namely two separate acts of           out the order. On Aug. 10, 2010, Garcia        Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF)
possession with intent to distribute a              was convicted of racketeering and violent      agents when he falsely stated he did not
controlled substance – six kilograms of             crimes in aid of racketeering and was          provide a copy of downward departure
cocaine on Aug. 12, 2004, and 39                    sentenced to life in prison on Jan. 5, 2011.   motion to Texas Syndicate members. This
kilograms of marijuana on March 28,                  Cristobal Hernandez, 31, and Arturo           document was used as the basis to order
2003, intending to further the goals of the         Rodriguez, 28, both of Brownsville,            the murder of the government’s informant.
gang.                                               Texas, were sentenced to 120 and 240           On Feb. 22, 2011, Carcano was sentenced
 Five other members or associates of the            months imprisonment, respectively, for         to 52 months custody and a three-year-
gang were also sentenced yesterday by               violent crimes in aid of racketeering          term of supervised release.
Judge Hinojosa including Fidel Valle, 45            arising from the murder of Marcelino            The investigation leading to the federal
of Donna, Texas – the source of drug                Rodriguez in June 2007. After members          charges and subsequent conviction of
supply to the gang who employed gang                of the Texas Syndicate obtained a copy of      these admitted Texas Syndicate gang
members to assist in his drug distribution          a sealed court document from an                members was conducted by the Bureau of
business. He received 126 months                    employee of a McAllen area law firm            Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and
imprisonment for possession with intent to          which represented Marcelino Rodriguez in       Explosives, the Texas Department of
distribute six kilograms of cocaine. On             a federal case, the murder of Marcelino        Public Safety and the Hidalgo County
July 28, 2009,Valle pleaded guilty to the           Rodriguez was approved by the leadership       Sheriff’s Office. Assistant United States
federal felony drug charge acknowledging            of the Texas Syndicate. Hernandez and          Attorney Robert Wells, Jr. prosecuted the
that on Aug. 12, 2004, upon being                   Arturo Rodriguez were recruited by Raul        case.”
contacted by Salas, Valle agreed to sell            Galindo to commit the murder. Galindo           To find additional federal criminal news,
approximately six kilograms                         shot Marcelino Rodriguez in the back of        please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.
(approximately 13 pounds) of cocaine to             the head while Arturo Rodriguez set the         Douglas McNabb and other members of
Salas’s associates. That drug load was              vehicle on fire with gasoline. On Aug. 10,     the U.S. law firm practice and write
found and seized by law enforcement                 2010, Galindo was convicted of violent         extensively on matters involving Federal
officers during a traffic stop of a Ford            crimes in aid of racketeering and              Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red
pickup seen leaving Valle’s residence in            tampering with a witness, victim or an         Notice Removal, International Extradition
Donna on Aug. 12, 2004.                             informant. On Jan. 5, 2011, Galindo was        and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
 Romeo Rosales, 41 of Raymondville,                 sentenced to life imprisonment.                 The author of this blog is Douglas
Texas – an admitted Texas Syndicate gang             All six of the defendants sentenced           McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
member who was convicted of kidnapping              yesterday are in federal custody and will      directly at
Amancio Pinales-Garcia – was sentenced              remain in custody pending transfer to or at one
to 151 months imprisonment. Reyes, son-             Bureau of Prisons facilities to be             of the offices listed above.
2                Federal Criminal                                                                     Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Inside the spy unit that NYPD says doesn’t exist
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   profiling techniques has been hotly            information indicating the possibility of
                                                    debated since 9/11. Singling out               unlawful activity,” Browne wrote.
Submitted at 9:23 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    minorities for extra scrutiny without           That issue has legal significance. The
 The Associated Press (AP) on August 31,            evidence of wrongdoing has been                NYPD says it follows the same guidelines
2011 released the following:                        criticized as discriminatory. Not focusing     as the FBI, which cannot use undercover
“By MATT APUZZO and ADAM                            on Muslim neighborhoods has been               agents to monitor communities without
GOLDMAN                                             equally criticized as political correctness    first receiving an allegation or indication
 Associated Press                                   run amok. The documents describe how           of criminal activity.
 NEW YORK (AP) — Working with the                   the nation’s largest police force has come      After the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks,
CIA, the New York Police Department                 down on that issue.                            the CIA sent a respected veteran officer,
maintained a list of “ancestries of interest”        Working out of the police department’s        Lawrence Sanchez, to New York, where
and dispatched undercover officers to               offices at the Brooklyn Army Terminal,         he worked closely with the NYPD.
monitor Muslim businesses and social                the Demographics Unit maintained a list        Officials said he was instrumental in
groups, according to new documents that             of 28 countries that, along with               creating programs such as the
offer a rare glimpse inside an intelligence         “American Black Muslim,” it considered         Demographics Unit and met regularly
program the NYPD insists doesn’t exist.             “ancestries of interest.” Nearly all are       with unit supervisors to guide the effort.
 The documents add new details to an                Muslim countries.                              After a two-year rotation in New York,
Associated Press investigation that                  Police used census data and government        Sanchez took a leave of absence, came off
explained how undercover NYPD officers              databases to map areas it considered “hot      the agency’s payroll and became the
singled out Muslim communities for                  spots” as well as the ethnic neighborhoods     NYPD’s second-ranking intelligence
surveillance and infiltration.                      of New York’s tri-state area, the              official. He formally left the agency in
 The Demographics Unit, a squad of 16               documents show.                                2007 and stayed with the NYPD until last
officers fluent in a total of at least five          Undercover officers known as “rakers” –       year.
languages, was told to map ethnic                   a term the NYPD also denied existed –           The CIA recently dispatched another
communities in New York, New Jersey                 were then told to participate in social        officer to work in the Intelligence
and Connecticut and identify where                  activities such as cricket matches and visit   Division for what officials described as a
people socialize, shop and pray.                    cafes and clubs, the documents show.           management sabbatical. A U.S. official
 Once that analysis was complete,                    Police had a list of “key indicators” of      familiar with the NYPD-CIA partnership
according to documents obtained by the              problems. It included obvious signs of         said Sanchez’s time in New York was a
AP, the NYPD would “deploy officers in              trouble such as criminal activity and          unique assignment created in the wake of
civilian clothes throughout the ethnic              extremist rhetoric by imams. But it also       the 9/11 attacks. But the official said the
communities.”                                       included things commonly seen in               current officer’s job was much different
 The architect of this and other programs           neighborhoods, such as community               and was an opportunity for him to learn
was a veteran CIA officer who oversaw               centers, religious schools and “community      from an organization outside the CIA.
the program while working with the                  bulletin boards (located in houses of           Both the CIA said and the NYPD have
NYPD on the CIA payroll. It was an                  worship).”                                     said the agency is not involved in
unusual arrangement for the CIA, which is            At least one lawyer inside the police         domestic spying and said the partnership
prohibited from spying inside the U.S.              department has raised concerns about the       is the kind of counterterrorism
 After the AP report, New York Mayor                Demographics Unit, current and former          collaboration Americans expect.
Michael Bloomberg said the NYPD has                 officials told the AP. Because of those         The NYPD Intelligence Division has
kept the city safe and does not take                concerns, the officials said, the              unquestionably been essential to the city’s
religion into account in its policing. The          information gathered from the unit is kept     best counterterrorism successes, including
NYPD denied the Demographics Unit                   on a computer at the Brooklyn Army             the thwarted plot to bomb the subway
exists.                                             Terminal, not in the department’s normal       system in 2004. Undercover officers also
“There is no such unit,” police spokesman           intelligence database. The officials spoke     helped lead to the guilty plea of two men
Paul Browne said before the first AP story          on condition of anonymity because they         arrested on their way to receive terrorism
ran. “There is nothing called the                   were not authorized to discuss the             training in Somalia.
Demographics Unit.”                                 intelligence programs.                         “We throw 1,200 police officers into the
 Internal police documents show                      The AP independently authenticated the        fight every day to make sure the same
otherwise. An NYPD presentation,                    NYPD presentation through an interview         people or similarly inspired people who
delivered inside the department, described          with one official who saw it and by            killed 3,000 New Yorkers a decade ago
the mission and makeup of the                       reviewing electronic data embedded in the      don’t come back and do it again,” Browne
Demographics Unit. Undercover officers              file. A former official who had not seen       said earlier this month when asked about
were told to look not only for evidence of          the presentation said the content of the       the NYPD’s intelligence tactics.
terrorism and crimes but also to determine          presentation was correct. For the internal      The Demographics Unit had officers who
the ethnicity of business owners and                memo, the AP verified the names and            spoke Arabic, Bengali, Hindi, Punjabi and
eavesdrop on conversations inside cafes.            locations mentioned in the document, and       Urdu, according to the police presentation.
 A police memorandum from 2006                      the content is consistent with a program       The undercover officers were divided into
described an NYPD supervisor rebuking               described by numerous current and former       teams based on ethnicity. Arab officers
an undercover detective for not doing a             officials.                                     could blend into Arab neighborhoods and
good enough job reporting on community               In an email Tuesday night, Browne             Southwest Asian officers, those from
events and “rhetoric heard in cafes and             disputed the AP’s original story, saying       Pakistan and Afghanistan, could more
hotspot locations.”                                 the NYPD only follows leads and does not       easily blend into those neighborhoods.
 How law enforcement agencies, both                 simply trawl communities.                       Rep. Yvette Clarke, a Democrat who
local and federal, can stay ahead of                “We do not employ undercovers or                              INSIDE page 3
Islamic terrorists without using racial             confidential informants unless there is
Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers                                                                                                   Federal Criminal FBI   3

Judges consider Jared Lee Loughner’s
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   policies for dealing with dangerous             eventually put on trial.
                                                    inmates apply to pretrial detainees, like        In court, defense attorney Reuben
Submitted at 8:46 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    Loughner, who was sent to a hospital in         Camper Cahn urged the judges to require
 The Los Angeles Times on August 31,                Springfield, Mo., on a federal judge’s          prison officials to get federal court
2011 released the following:                        order to try to restore his mental              approval for their involuntary treatment
“Lawyers for the Tucson shooting suspect            competency so he can stand trial.               plans.
say his involuntary treatment with anti-             Prison medical officials have rejected the      One of the panelists, Judge J. Clifford
psychotic drugs is a violation of his rights.       defense’s calls for using tranquilizers or      Wallace, observed that Loughner might
 By Carol J. Williams, Los Angeles Times            physical restraints, arguing that they need     have a “liberty interest” in not being
 Prison doctors are violating the rights of         to treat Loughner’s underlying mental           rendered competent to face charges that
Tucson shooting suspect Jared Lee                   illness to prevent him from being a danger      could lead to a death penalty.
Loughner by forcibly medicating him with            to himself or others.                            Another U.S. 9th Circuit Court of
drugs more powerful than needed to                   Loughner was diagnosed with                    Appeals panel last month issued a
control his outbursts, defense lawyers told         schizophrenia during an initial                 temporary injunction against forcing the
a federal appeals court Tuesday.                    confinement at the Missouri hospital and        drugs on Loughner, but prison doctors
 The three-judge panel weighing                     deemed incompetent to stand trial in May        resumed them on July 18, citing
Loughner’s plea for an end to the                   by U.S. District Judge Larry A. Burns.          emergency circumstances.
involuntary medication with anti-                    Assistant U.S. Atty. Christina M.               Tuesday’s panel, on which Wallace was
psychotic drugs appeared sensitive to the           Cabanillas told the panel that Supreme          joined by Judges Marsha S. Berzon and
defendant’s legal arguments that, as he             Court case law obliged them to defer to         Jay S. Bybee, isn’t expected to rule for
hasn’t been tried on the 49 felony counts           the prison administration’s judgment on         several weeks.”
against him, he should retain the right to          what medication was necessary and                To find additional federal criminal news,
decide what drugs go into his body.                 appropriate to “mitigate his                    please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.
 At a hearing that could determine                  dangerousness.” Loughner has reportedly          Douglas McNabb and other members of
whether Loughner is ever rendered                   thrown the chair in his cell against the        the U.S. law firm practice and write
competent to stand trial in the Jan. 8              wall, spat at one of his attorneys and          extensively on matters involving Federal
attack that killed six and injured 13,              shouted expletives and unintelligible           Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red
including Rep. Gabrielle Giffords (D-               rants.                                          Notice Removal, International Extradition
Ariz.), the judges peppered the                      In legal papers filed with the court,          and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
government’s lawyer with questions,                 Loughner’s attorneys argued that his             The author of this blog is Douglas
suggesting they look askance at the                 behavior didn’t justify treatment with          McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
prison’s practice of forcing psychotropic           powerful anti-psychotic drugs, and that         directly at
drugs on Loughner when mild sedatives               the medications could have long-term   or at one
would suffice.                                      negative health effects and damage his          of the offices listed above.
 At issue is whether Bureau of Prison               ability to assist in his own defense if he is
INSIDE                                                                                              Timothy J. Delaney Named
continued from page 2
                                                                                                    Special Agent in Charge of the
represents much of Brooklyn and sits on             interning all the Japanese-Americans who        Criminal Division at the Los
the House Homeland Security Committee,              are living here,’” Clarke said. “But we
said the NYPD can protect the city                  look back on that period with disdain.”"        Angeles Field Office
without singling out specific ethnic and             To find additional federal criminal news,      fbi (Current)
religious groups. She joined Muslim                 please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.         Submitted at 6:00 AM August 31, 2011

organizations in calling for a Justice               Douglas McNabb and other members of            — Washington, D.C.
Department investigation into the NYPD              the U.S. law firm practice and write
Intelligence Division. The department said          extensively on matters involving Federal
it would review the request for an                  Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red
investigation.                                      Notice Removal, International Extradition
 Clarke acknowledged that the 2001                  and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
terrorist attacks made Americans more                The author of this blog is Douglas
willing to accept aggressive tactics,               McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
particularly involving Muslims. But she             directly at
said Americans would be outraged if        or at one
police infiltrated Baptist churches looking         of the offices listed above.
for evangelical Christian extremists.
“There were those who, during World
War II, said, `Good, I’m glad they’re
4                Federal Criminal                                                                   Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers

Jeffrey Wallace Edwards, and his Corporation, Frontier Holdings,
Inc., Found Guilty by a Federal Jury in Federal District Court on
Charges of Mail Fraud, Wire Fraud, and Money Laundering
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   substantial term in federal prison.”         each carry a maximum sentence of 10
                                                     According to United States Attorney         years in prison and a fine of $250,000 per
Submitted at 9:12 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    Yates, the charges and the evidence          count. Sentencing will be December 1,
 The Federal Bureau of Investigation                presented at trial: The jury found           2011, at 10:00 a.m. before Senior United
(FBI) on August 30, 2011 released the               EDWARDS and Frontier Holdings guilty         States District Judge Robert L. Vining. In
following:                                          on two counts of mail fraud, 17 counts of    determining the actual sentence, the Court
“Bremen Man Convicted of Running an                 wire fraud, and eleven counts of money       will consider the United States Sentencing
Investment Scam                                     laundering. EDWARDS and his                  Guidelines, which are not binding but
 Edwards Netted Over $7 Million by                  corporation were originally indicted on      provide appropriate sentencing ranges for
Promising a Special “High Yield” Return             May 6, 2009; a superseding indictment        most offenders.
 ROME, GA—A jury in federal district                was returned on February 15, 2011. The        This case was investigated by Special
court late this afternoon returned a guilty         evidence at trial showed that between        Agents of the Internal Revenue Service-
verdict against JEFFREY WALLACE                     February 2006 and February 2007,             Criminal Investigation and the Federal
EDWARDS, 46, of Bremen, Georgia, and                EDWARDS promised investors they              Bureau of Investigation, United States
his corporation, “Frontier Holdings, Inc.,”         would receive returns of between 41 and      Marshals Service, and the Carrollton
on charges of mail and wire fraud and               1066 percent on the money they placed in     Police Department.
money laundering.                                   the “high yield” investment programs that     Assistant United States Attorneys
 United States Attorney Sally Quillian              he had with the Federal Reserve Bank.        William G. Traynor, Alana R. Black, and
Yates said, “Financial and investment                The evidence showed that EDWARDS            Michael J. Brown are prosecuting the
fraud claims victims from all parts of our          also claimed to own a bank, to have          case.”
community. In this case, the jury found             access to lucrative but confidential          To find additional federal criminal news,
that a man from a small town in west                investment opportunities, or to be a         please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.
Georgia successfully persuaded investors            “special agent” of the Federal Reserve.       Douglas McNabb and other members of
from around the country that with his               Thirty-one victims mailed or                 the U.S. law firm practice and write
supposed contacts with a former Vice                electronically transferred over $7 million   extensively on matters involving Federal
President and a Federal Reserve                     to EDWARDS. He spent the money               Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red
Chairman, he could make their money                 quickly, and when the victims started        Notice Removal, International Extradition
multiply into millions. He persuaded                demanding payment, he blamed “the            and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
retired teachers and dental hygienists to           banking industry” and “the powers that        The author of this blog is Douglas
give them the equity in their homes and             be” for delaying payment from his            McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
retirement plans. Then he spent the                 phantom investments.                         directly at
victims’ hard-earned money on lavish                 The mail and wire fraud charges each or at one
vacation cruises, real estate, fur coats, tiki      carry a maximum sentence of 30 years in      of the offices listed above.
carvings, and luxury cars. With the jury’s          prison and a fine of up to $250,000 per
verdict, EDWARDS is now facing a                    count, and the money laundering charges

Stanley Needleman, a Baltimore Criminal Defense
Attorney, Charged in Federal Court with Allegedly
Committing Tax Evasion and Other Financial Crimes
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   criminal information on Aug. 16. It is       them. The documents allege Needleman
                                                    common for prosecutors to charge a           failed to pay more than $660,000 in taxes,
Submitted at 8:58 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    person by criminal information if they       and the government is seeking to seize the
 The Baltimore Sun on August 30, 2011               expect the defendant to plead guilty.        balance of the cash found in the safes.
released the following:                              Needleman’s attorney, Kenneth W.             According to court filings, all of the
“Prosecutors allege Needleman ‘hoarded’             Ravenell, said he has been a “great lawyer   judges in Baltimore District Court have
more than $1 million in cash to conceal             for a long time, and helped countless        recused themselves from the case and it
income                                              individuals in their own serious matters.”   will be heard in Greenbelt.
 By Justin Fenton, The Baltimore Sun                He said Needleman will “answer the            Separately, Needleman was charged in
 A Baltimore criminal defense attorney              charges on Thursday, and we expect to        May in Baltimore County District Court
has been charged in U.S. District Court             have more to say about the charges at that   with stealing a textbook belonging to a
with tax evasion and other financial                time.”                                       judge’s law clerk. The theft case is
crimes, according to records unsealed                Federal agents raided Needleman’s           scheduled to go to trial in October.
Tuesday, more than four months after his            downtown law office and Pikesville home       Ravenell said the theft charge was
home and office were raided.                        in April, and court records show more        “without merit” and he expects
 Stanley Needleman, 69, is accused of               than $1.15 million was found inside two      Needleman to be exonerated.
“hoarding” $1.3 million in cash payments            safes.                                        If convicted on the tax evasion charge,
from criminal defense clients over a six-            Authorities also accuse him of breaking     Needleman could face up to five years in
year period in order to conceal his income          down cash payments into smaller amounts
from the IRS. Needleman was charged by              to help prevent the IRS from detecting                   STANLEY page 5
Federal Criminal Defense Lawyers                                                                                   Federal Criminal       5

Manuel Ivan Castillo-Estrada Pled Guilty to a
Criminal Information Charging Him with Knowingly
Concealing and Harboring an Illegal Alien for Profit
McNabb Associates, P.C. (Federal Criminal Defense   on a house in Edinburg, Texas, and saw a     Judge Crane. Castillo-Estrada faces up to
                                                    white Ford Expedition leave the residence.   10 years in federal prison without parole
Submitted at 8:16 AM August 31, 2011
                                                    A Hidalgo County Sheriff’s deputy            and a fine of up to $250,000 for the
 U.S. Attorneys Office Southern District            stopped the Expedition for a traffic         conviction.
of Texas on August 30, 2011 released the            violation and identified the driver as        BP investigated the case with the
following:                                          Castillo. BP agents responded and            assistance of the Hidalgo County Sheriff’s
“Mexican Man Convicted of Harboring                 determined that Castillo was an illegal      Office. Assistant U.S. Attorney
Illegal Aliens                                      alien from Mexico. The agents then           Christopher Sully is prosecuting the case.”
 McALLEN, Texas – Manuel Ivan                       obtained consent to search the residence      To find additional federal criminal news,
Castillo-Estrada, 22, of Mexico, has                from an individual there and found a total   please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.
pleaded guilty today to a criminal                  of 23 undocumented aliens lying all over      Douglas McNabb and other members of
information charging him with knowingly             the floor in the residence and hidden in     the U.S. law firm practice and write
concealing and harboring an illegal alien           one of the bedrooms and the attic. The       extensively on matters involving Federal
for profit, United States Attorney José             allegations in the complaint also alleged    Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red
Angel Moreno announced today.                       that Castillo beat several of the            Notice Removal, International Extradition
 At a hearing before U.S. District Judge            undocumented immigrants with a baseball      and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
Randy Crane today, Castillo-Estrada                 bat.                                          The author of this blog is Douglas
admitted he was being paid for being in              At a detention hearing on Aug. 23, 2011,    McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
charge of a stash house and taking illegal          U.S. Magistrate Judge Dorina Ramos           directly at
aliens there for approximately a month.             ordered Castillo to remain in detention or at one
 On Aug. 16, 2011, according the criminal           without bond. He will remain in custody      of the offices listed above.
complaint filed in this case, Border Patrol         pending his sentencing hearing presently
(BP) agents were conducting surveillance            set for Nov. 8, 2011, at 2:00 p.m. before
continued from page 4

prison and a fine up to $100,000. The               Notice Removal, International Extradition
structuring payments charge could result            and OFAC SDN Sanctions Removal.
in up to 10 years in prison and a fine up to         The author of this blog is Douglas
$500,000.”                                          McNabb. Please feel free to contact him
 To find additional federal criminal news,          directly at
please read Federal Crimes Watch Daily.    or at one
 Douglas McNabb and other members of                of the offices listed above.
the U.S. law firm practice and write
extensively on matters involving Federal
Criminal Defense, INTERPOL Red

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