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                                      SPRING 2009
Volume MMIX, Issue 1                                                                        March, 2009

                         President’s Message
The Secretariat
                         Dear Cursillistas,       cause of that I have beenyears of her life, I was
Spiritual Director:                               blessed.                 privileged to take Holy
Fr. Modesto Perez      We are well into 2009                               Communion to Mrs.
                       and as you read this     Carmen was always          Godinez at her home. I
Assistant Spiritual    newsletter, we are well  “Mrs. Godinez” to me, as loved those times and
                       on our way to our Lenten I knew her since I was     cherish the memories of
Fr. Leo Baysinger
                       journey for 2009. Spring about eleven years old.    being with her. When I
President:             is upon us – the rebirth She is the mother of one left, her parting words
Kathleen Ambrosi       of the earth as the win- of my dearest friend and were always, “Paz y
                       ter ends of blossoms     whenever I was with her, Bien” just as they were
Vice President:        spring forth. Just like  I knew holiness. I think to anyone who spent
Paul Machuca           the arrival of January   I recognized this even as time with her. I am sure
                       First, Lent and spring   a child but I did not      that when named for the
Secretary: Mary Rivera
                       encourage thoughts       know how to name what honor of
Treasurer:             about what we can do or I sensed. Mrs. Godinez      “Benemerenti,” Mrs.
Cathy Daoust           how we can change to be- was so humble, so trust- Godinez felt certain that
                       come as in Matthew       ing in God’s goodness      there was someone more
Leaders School:        Kelly’s words, “the best and so faithful to him     deserving. Everything
Victor and Alice       versions” of ourselves.  throughout her life.       about her spoke of the
                                                During her last years,     humble, holy person that
Pre Cursillo:          During 2008 I had the    she faced health chal-     she was, or should I say
Pat Martin             privilege of celebrating lenges that allowed her    that she is, for I know
                       the lives of some very   to leave her home only     she is in heaven.
Cursillo Chairperson:  good friends who entered on rare occasions. As a
Adolfo Gamez           into eternity with our   young wife and mother,     Veronica Giannini,
                       Lord, whom they loved    she was devoted to serv- “Vera” to all who knew
Post Cursillo: George
                       and served faithfully    ing her parish, St. An-    her, lived a humble and
and Frances Martin
                       throughout their time on thony of Padua in          simple life of service, as
Team and Applica-      this earth. Two of them, Gardena. She went          well. When diagnosed in
tions: Pat Martin      Carmen Godinez (a Cur- about the work quietly       the early 1930s with tu-
                       sillista!) and Veronica  and faithfully of          berculosis and given only
Communications:        Gianinni, were recog-    “preparing the way for     a few months to live, she
Dolores Gamez          nized by Pope John Paul the Lord” as a long time    left the doctor deter-
                       II as “Benemerenti,”     member of the Altar So-    mined to live whatever
Frank Marrone          that is, “Doer of Good   ciety, Catechist and Eu-   time she had as a faith-
                       Deeds.” Both of these    charistic Minister.        ful servant of God.
Celebration & Fellow-  women in some way                                   Knowing that the doctor
ship Coordinator:      touched my life, and be- Very often in the last two was an atheist, her last
Kathy Diaz
PAGE 2                                           SPRING 2009                                 VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

President’s Message continue
words to him were still, “I will      Vera’s hero!                          Both Carmen and Vera were
pray for us both.” Vera lived                                               mothers, grandmothers, great
another 73 years.                     In reflecting on the lives of         grandmothers, and witnesses of
                                      these two, holy women, I can-         God’s love, friends, mentors and
Like Carmen, Vera also served         not help but think of that lit-       comforters to all whom they met.
her God as His humble servant         tle piece I received on the           They knew, loved and served God
at St. Anthony parish but in El       internet, “The Dash.” For             in their lives, they were indeed,
Segundo. Like Carmen, Vera            those who have received and           “Doers of Good Deeds” as they
kept His house clean and pre-         read it, you know already             humbly lived their lives in re-
pared His way as a member of          what it is about. For those           sponse to God’s grace always ac-
the parish Altar Society. She         who have not, it simply states        cepting His will for them. I hope
was even given the title              that at the end of our lives          one day that I will be remem-
“Keeper of the Sacred Linens”         there will be two dates – the         bered as one who did good deeds,
by her pastor. Her parting            date of our birth into our            who loved and served God and
words to family and friends           earthly lives and the date of         who left this world a better place.
upon any visit with them were         our birth into eternal life –
a promise to pray for them.           and the dates are separated           Lent.... spring....This is a time
When given the honor of               by a “dash.” The question is,         when each of us can reflect on
“Benemerenti,” she too felt           “What does that dash repre-           our “dash” and renew our com-
that surely there was someone         sent?” It represents our years        mitments to be doers of good
more deserving than she. The          on this earth. The greater            deeds in the name of the Lord.
plaque she received along with        question though is, “How are          Let us pray for the Cursillo
other symbols honoring her            we living these years?” Who           Movement, pray for one another,
humble but devoted work was           is your “hero” and role model?        and pray for those who do not
stacked in a closet. If asked         What will people remember             know God, pray for peace in our
about them, she would say,            about you? How are you liv-           world.
“You know, Mother Teresa does
not have a wall to hang those
                                      ing your “dash?” Will you be
                                      remembered as a “doer of good
                                                                            De Colores,   Kathleen
things on”! Mother Teresa was         deeds?”

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                                      De Colores!
PAGE 3                                                      SPRING 2009                                         VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

Spiritual Director’s Message
                           CURSILLO HOUSE
In the Gospel for the Seventh Sunday in Ordinary Time [B], Mark the Evangelist recounts that wonderful story of the four men
who, moved by their friend’s dire need, brings him to Jesus. The man was paralyzed – his body misshapen and racked with pain.
Brought down low, lying prostrate on his sick bed, he could neither help himself nor come to Jesus on his own. So, his friends
carried him, opened a hole in the roof and lowered him, placing him at the feet of Jesus. Touched by the faith of those men and
moved with compassion for the suffering of the paralytic, Jesus forgave him his sins; and, as a sign of his power, because he
sensed the lack of faith of the observers, he invited the paralytic to stand, take up his mat and walk.

In Cursillo, we often quote the phrase repeated time and again by our founder, Eduardo Bonnín and his companions: “Before
speaking to men about God, we must speak to God about men.” And, everyday we encourage one another to: “Make a friend, be
a friend,” and “bring a friend to Jesus.”

We need to be a friend to others as those four men in the Gospel account were friends to the paralytic. There are many men and
women in this world who feel alone, who are paralyzed by sin and the futility of their lives – people who are overcome by pain
and sorrow; people who need to be healed and made whole; people, stooped over by the burdens of their life, who need a friend
to help them stand erect and walk, head high.

There is an old hymn which goes like this: “What a friend we have in Jesus, all our sins and griefs to bear!” And, in its last
verses, it says:

                                                 Blessed Savior, Thou hast promised
                                                   Thou wilt all our burdens bear;
                                                   May we ever, Lord, be bringing
                                                    All to Thee in earnest prayer.

Once, someone cared enough to bring you and me to Jesus! Having met our Lord and experienced his love and his forgiveness,
we can do no less for others! For if we know and love the Lord, if we are truly his friend we want what he wants and love whom
he loves. We want others to meet him and share our joy.

On a certain occasion, as Jesus was walking by, Saint Andrew and another disciple heard John the Baptist say, "Behold, the Lamb
of God." And so, out of curiosity, they began to follow him. Jesus turned and saw them following him and said to them, "What
are you looking for?" They said to him, "Rabbi, where are you staying?" He said to them, “Come, and you will see." So they went
and saw where he was staying, and they stayed with him that day. Andrew, filled with excitement, went right away to find his
brother, Simon Peter, and told him, "We have found the Messiah" Then he brought him to Jesus. (John 1:36-42)

Like Andrew, we are called to bring others to Jesus, not merely in prayer but by our concern, our care, our forgiveness, our com-
passion, our charity and, above all, our loving friendship. We need to invite our friends to stay with Jesus for a few days - days
that will forever change their lives and the lives of those they love!

This is the mission and unique charism of Cursillos in Christianity. We want to be a friend to the many men and women who
need to discover that God loves them! We want to invite them to stay with our Lord for a blessed weekend that will lead them to
experience a personal encounter with self, with Jesus and with that Christ who continues his saving work in human history: His
Body, the Church. As a community of faith and as friends we commit ourselves to journey with them in our “fourth day.”

What does Cursillo want to accomplish? It wants what our Lord wants, namely, that every day more men and women may find
meaning and purpose in their life; that as many people as possible may come to a profound, personal conviction that they are
loved by God just as they are; that, because they are loved so unconditionally, they may want to be better; and that they under-
stand that they are not alone – that they can journey through this wonderful adventure that is life in the company of friends.
Then, like our founder, they will be able to joyfully proclaim: “Life is beautiful, people are important, and life is worth living!”

Fifteen years ago, this ideal is what led a small group of Cursillistas to begin to plan, to organize and to raise funds to establish a
“Cursillo House.” Their dream was to have a place that Cursillos could call its own – one that did not force us to adapt (and
sometimes do violence to) our method because of the physical and administrative constraints of the facilities we used, or the
whim of those who allowed us to use them. They wanted a place where Cursillos could be held as the Holy Spirit had inspired
them; where it could thrive as a center for evangelization no longer administered by a religious community or a diocese but by an
PAGE 4                                                     SPRING 2009                                        VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

Spiritual Director’s Message
empowered laity. They wanted a place that would not only be Cursillo’s home but a retreat center where other Catholic groups,
with different charisms but the same ideal, could find a welcoming friend. In sum, they wanted a home where they could take
their friends to stay a while with Jesus.

I must confess that as Spiritual Director I was dragged “kicking and screaming” into the project. They were certain that, even if
they did not live to see it, their dream one day would come true; I could not see how we would ever make that dream a reality
selling tamales and champurrado. They were confident that the Lord, in his providence, had kicked us in the rear and pushed us
out of our comfort zone – first taking our beloved Cardinal Manning with him and then our home at Mission San Fernando. I, on
the other hand, let my trained, logical mind coldly calculate and worry about the cost, the legalities and the complexities of such a
project. Yet, as time passed, their faith and trust became both humbling and infectious.

How could I ever forget that old man – a poor field laborer from Santa Barbara – who before he died entrusted to me a beautiful
crucifix, the only thing he had, in hopes that I would one day hang it in the home of the Movement that he loved? How could I
possibly not be moved by the unwavering faith of that woman who, with hands crippled by arthritis, painfully made crafts so that
they might be sold to raise money for “Our Cursillo House?” How could I turn my back on that little seamstress who every year,
for ten years, has donated a thousand dollars – even when it looked as if the dream had died? How could I ignore the unwavering
commitment of so many men and women who through all the disappointments and false starts did not give up on the dream, did
not cease to give and to work and to pray for our “Cursillo House”? Every time I wanted to quit; every time that I was discour-
aged by the cynicism and negativity of a few; every time I wanted to tell them it was time to give up and pack up, I saw their
faces and I felt ashamed.

You see, even if at times I forgot what “Cursillo House” was about and who it was for, they did not! They had not forgotten what
they had felt and what they found during their Cursillo weekend. They knew that they needed to share that with as many people
as they could. They know that the work of Cursillo has only just begun. They hope that countless generations – their own great,
great grandchildren – will one day make a weekend and know that their ancestor had made it possible for them to meet Christ.

And so, it was their faith, their prayers, their commitment and their generosity that has brought us to where we are. Cursillos in
Christianity finally has a home. Most of us never dreamt that the Lord would bless us with such a beautiful place! Will we fore-
close on that dream? Will we let present financial circumstances and our own fears and doubts make us shy away from support-
ing “Cursillo House” with our time, talent and treasure? Or, will we join those who have taken us this far? Will we continue to
build on the foundations that they laid? I, for my part, shall continue to give and to serve as long as the Lord gives me strength
and health. For, how could we ever put a price on what God has given us? “How can I repay the LORD for all the good he has
done for me?” (Psalm 116:12)

Eduardo Bonnín used to say that Cursillos was like one of those beautiful European Gothic Cathedrals. Looking upon them,
most people only see the massive walls, the beautiful high arches, and tall columns. They admire the statuary and the parapets,
and the lacy spires that make us look up, raising our eyes to the heavens from where our help comes. But most of us do not look
down or spare a thought about the “hidden stones,” the ones that hold up the weight of the entire edifice. So it is in Cursillos: the
prayers and sacrifices of those “living stones” – hidden below the surface and out of sight – are what have always and will always
bear the weight of the beautiful work of God that is Cursillos. These very stones are the ones that the Lord used to lay the foun-
dation for our “Cursillo House.” Let us then also put ourselves in God’s hands; let us trust in his providence and let him com-
plete the work that he began. For it is the Lord that wants to build us as living stones, into a beautiful spiritual house (1 Peter
2:5); and, if the Lord does not build the house, in vain do we labor. (Psalm 127:1).

God Bless You.
De Colores
Your Spiritual Director
Rev. Modesto Lewis Perez
PAGE 5                                              SPRING 2009                                   VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

Spiritual Rewards
I want to talk to you about voluntary contribution or Tithing. The word tithe (from Old English teogoþa
"tenth") is a one-tenth part of something, in this case our income earned. That is what comes in, not what is left

From the First book of the Bible to the last book, God speaks to us about giving to others. In Genesis 4:1-7 Cain
killed Abel over jealousy as Cain gave of the fruits of the soil while Abel gave his Firstlings of his flock the best
of what he had. In Revelation 21:5-8 God reminds us that everything flows from him as a gift. Thus every thing
belongs to God and we only use it while we are here on earth. With that in mind we have an obligation to pay a
fair rent for the use of what belongs to God. We pay 30% in taxes to Ceaser or in this case the Government, yet
we have trouble giving God his 10% of which the government lets us write off against our income.

Render unto Caesar what is Caesars and to God what is God’s
Malachi 3:6-10 warns: I the Lord do not change. So you, O descendant of Jacob, are not destroyed. Ever since the
time of your forefathers you have turned away from my decrees and have not kept them. Return to me, and I will
return to you,' says the Lord Almighty.

         But you ask, 'How are we to return? Will a man rob God? Yet you rob me. But you ask,
         'How do we rob you?'

         In tithes and offerings. You are under a curse–the whole nation of you–because you are robbing
         me. Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,'
         says the Lord Almighty, 'and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so
         much blessing that you will not have room enough for it.

Old Testament: “Glorify the Lord generously, and do not stint the first fruits of your hands. With every
gift show a cheerful face, and dedicate your tithe with gladness.” - Sirach 35:8-9

New Testament: “In everything I did, I showed you that by this kind of hard work we must help the
weak, remembering the words the Lord Jesus himself said: 'It is more blessed to give than to receive.'” -
Acts 20:35

Tobit 12:8-10 Prayer and Fasting are good, but better than either is almsgiving accompanied by

Four Principles of Tithing:

    1. Give back to the Lord in gratitude a portion of everything God has given, whether through paychecks,
       dividends, unexpected windfalls, Social Security payments, allowances or gifts.

    2. See the tithe as a sacrifice, a donation that seems almost more than affordable, an offering that “makes
       holy” (the literal meaning of the word “sacrifice”).

    3. Manifesting to others your commitment to regular support of the Community and actively participating
       in the collection as part of the Community's Mass worship.

    4. Consider the biblical norm of tithing in determining the amount of your sacrificial gift.

Guidelines for Tithing

a) The word "tithe" originally meant ten percent (10%). The "tithe," however, is only a barometer or guideline to
help determine one's sacrificial giving. Some can and should offer more than a 10% tithe; others may have cir-
cumstances that warrant them paying less than a 10% tithe.

b) If a tithe (10%) is legitimately too much for one's current budget, a member may begin with a lower percent-
age that will be both sacrificial and yet possible. Then the member may gradually raise the level of giving until
the full tithe is reached. In this way brothers and sisters and families are making a decision for the Lord first
PAGE 6                                              SPRING 2009                                VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

and only afterward considering their own needs and wants.

c) Families should involve their children in tithing by teaching them through word and by example the priority
of returning to God a portion of the blessing He has given us. Children may do this through tithing their allow-
ances or income from part-time jobs.

d) Those faithful Christians who do tithe (give sacrificially) report how remarkably their material needs have
been met. Moreover, they will cite these blessings as even greater spiritual rewards:

Putting God first will give you:

    •    a sense of serenity and satisfaction that comes from generosity

    •    an awareness that God comes first, even in decisions about money

    •    a recognition that one has eliminated the practice of making contributions that are mere leftovers or
         contributions of habit

    •    a deep sense of satisfaction in the progress made by the Order due to the amount of tithing by its mem-

    •    an ability to distinguish between wants and needs

    •    a deeper consciousness of society's materialism and consumerism

    •    a keener appreciation of the world's poor and how we should and can alleviate their pain and poverty

    •    a quiet confidence in the Lord's protective care

God Bless You.
De Colores

                                        foundation as a child) to see if it   follower of Christ. By the power
         The Journey                    would help. But just going back       of the Holy Spirit, my walls of
        My name is David Nieto.         to church didn't help. You see, I     Jericho came tumbling down
I made my Cursillo in July of           didn't have the tools necessary       during open mike at the
2002. The person I was before           to help myself.                       Clausura. Yes, I almost made it
Cursillo was a lost soul and a                  One day a friend of mine      out the door thinking this was
broken man. The funny thing is          invited me to a Cursillo week-        just a very nice retreat, but at
that I didn't even realize it at        end. I accepted the invitation        that moment, God touched my
the time. I was living my life          without knowing exactly what          heart, softening it. He removed
my way, doing what was con-             a Cursillo weekend was about.         the scales from my eyes, opened
venient and pleasing to me, and         I just thought it would be a          my ears, and let me know He
not caring who I hurt in the            regular retreat and I had no ob-      had a mission for me. At the
process. I was serving myself.          jections. During the course of        time I did not know what this
Through this way of life, I lost        the weekend, I struggled to           mission was or where it would
amongst many things, a 20 year          stay, but I saw and felt an un-       lead me. Throughout the years,
marriage and my children. As I          conditional love by the men           it has taken me many places in-
continued to live my life like          who were serving me. I heard          cluding the Los Angeles County
this, with this mentality (in es-       heartwarming and painful tes-         Jail, Victorville, and Lompoc
sence Godlessness), I was over-         timonies from the talks these         Federal Prison bringing hope,
come by my struggles, my pains,         men gave. I was given informa-        forgiveness, and the love of
and my feeling of being alone. I        tion and tools necessary for me       Christ to the incarcerated
decided to go back to church (my        to become a true Christian, and       there. These are things, I my-
PAGE 7                                          SPRING 2009                               VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

self, would never have chosen         port of my Cursillo community        want to change their lives and
to do. God leads me in many           and other Christian people I         follow Him. If I can do it, any-
ways and I follow. I also do          gather with                          one can do it. Have you been us-
other ministries on my own and                frequently to share my       ing the tools you received from
within my church and Cursillo         struggles, my failures, and my       Cursillo in your daily life, or
community.                            successes. My communication          have you put them away? Out of
        Although I have gone          with them is not always in per-      site is out of mind..
through this metanoia, this           son. We have also shared                    De Colores
transformation or change in           through email or over the                   David Nieto
mentality, my life has not got-       phone. These are the same peo-
ten easier. I still have strug-       ple that pray with me and for
gles, weaknesses, and tempta-         me.
tions, but I am not overcome or               I pray every day that
overwhelmed by them. It is not        God continue to work through
unbearable. I am not alone. I         me and to share His love and
have closeness and a relation-        His message wherever I go, and
ship with God. I have the sup-        that by my example, others will

     My Fourth Day Journey            ten to the radio or even play out-   came a central figure in our
My name is Lupe Salas and I           side (there was no television in     lives.
lived my Cursillo Weekend in          Ensenada back in the 60’s).          Like most people, Cursillo had a
March/1991.                           But on Easter Sunday it was          profound impact on me. I can
I was born in Ensenada, B.C.          truly a day filled with joy and      still remember how grudgingly I
Mexico and this is where my           hope.                                arrived at San Fernando on that
faith journey began. One of my        I first came to the U.S in 1962      particular Thursday and by
earliest memories of my journey       and in traveling back and forth      Sunday I did not want to leave.
is accompanying my grand-             from Ensenada to the States; my      The love that I felt during the
mother (Nana Pilar) to church         religion somehow became secon-       weekend and the desire to
during Easter vigil. On Holy          dary due to the constant             change the world through God’s
Thursday and Good Friday, we          changes in living arrangements       love is something I will never
would spend most of the after-        and unstable family life. But        forget.
noon in church. Even now, I can       somehow my love for God never        Prior to my Cursillo experience,
still feel that peacefulness in-      waned. Even though we were           life was easygoing and without
vade me. These were peaceful          not always able to attend mass,      any real hardships. I often won-
carefree times and it was easy        my mother always instilled           dered why life appeared so easy
for me to have this child-like        God’s love to me through             while those around me strug-
mentality love for our Lord. I        prayers, books and a favorite of     gled. I counted my blessings be-
would sit in the pew for hours        hers, the daily Rosary. After        cause I knew that life is not al-
while my grandmother prayed,          graduating Catholic High School      ways easy. I feared the day
meditated and heard the preach-       back in Ensenada, religion and       when trials and hardship would
ing from missionaries that            attending Sunday mass became         come my way. How would I deal
would visit our parish during         hit and miss and as time went        with the situation? Would I
that time of the year. I would        on eventually it just became         handle it my way or turn to God
just sit and watch people come        missing. That is until I met the     for guidance and wisdom?
and go dressed in their mourn-        man of my dreams here in the         Little did I know or understand
ing attire, filled with true heart-   States. Yes that’s right, “Jimmy     that Cursillo was preparing me
felt sorrow for what our dear         Salas”, however, I won’t bore        for what was to come, “my true
Lord had endured. I also re-          you with the details of our court-   test of faith”.
member that during Holy week,         ship. Only to say that as our        I can say that in the years that
we were not even allowed to lis-      relationship developed, God be-      followed Cursillo my struggles
PAGE 8                                           SPRING 2009                                VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

began to affect my life as I knew     both legs amputated. I could         ing God to let this Cup of suffer-
it. To begin with, we almost lost     not understand why God would         ing pass. I have now come to
our home to foreclosure in the        not answer my prayers in the         understand that we are
mid 90’s but this ordeal was          way that I wanted them an-           strengthened through our suf-
overcome through prayer and           swered to the point where I be-      fering and God is always with
rosaries. Needless to say, we         came angry and in a fit of rage      us, our community, family and
were able to keep our home al-        cursed God. I am confident He        friends help us to stand firm in
though we were ready and will-        understood my frustrations was       the face of adversity. I want to
ing to accept God’s will.             patient with me.                     leave you with this final
Soon after this hurdle… guess         Realizing now that I was at a        thought and that is: It is not a
what? There was another.              crossroads in my life, this is       question of if but when suffer-
Dealing with my husband’s             where God forged me and              ing comes we should embrace it
health issues: diabetes, kidney       strengthened my faith (for it is     and through it all, in the end,
disease and peripheral vascular       said that what doesn’t kill you      God will be glorified.
disease, it was more than I           makes you stronger). I can say
could handle and that was just        this because prior to this crisis,   GOD KNOWS
the beginning. It seemed as           I had never experienced such a
though my life was unraveling         dark period in my life. It was as      At times it seems no answers come
and I was finding it hard to          though I was in this deep valley      Although we’ve said our prayers—
cope. I recall asking God for a       with no way out, running from         We wonder, “Why, Lord?”
miracle. I wanted a quick heal-       this cross that seemed too much        And we ask if Jesus really cares.
ing for my husband, because up        to bear. But God in His infinite       We need not doubt if we may trust
to this point, God had always         wisdom made known to me that              The Master’s loving plan—
answered my prayers and I was         as Christians, we must all ac-       He sees the whole, He hears our
confident that He would answer        cept the crosses that come to us     prayers,
this prayer, but the miracle          and ultimately embrace them as            And holds us in His hand.
never came. Instead the situa-        Christ embraced His. It wasn’t
tion became worse. My hus-            easy and it didn’t happen over-      DE COLORES!
band lost his kidneys and had         night. In retrospect, I was ask-

         Readings of the Week
                                                               The Cursillo House
Gn 4:1-15, 25, Mk 8:11-13
                                                         needs your commitment
Gn 6:5-8; 7:1-5, 10: Mk8:14-21
                                          Brothers & Sisters in-Christ we need to come together to achieve
                                          our ultimate goal to pay off the mortgage of $3.3 million, this way
Wednesday:                                Cursillo and others using our House will not be burdened with ex-
Gn 8:6-13, 20-22; Mk8:22-26
                                          cessive fees.
Thursday:                                 Please send in your donation to:
Gn 9:1-13; Mk 8:27-33                     The Cursillo House,
Friday:                                   Cala Figeura Foundation
Gn11:1-9; Mk 8:34-9:1                     11911 Artesia Blvd., Suite 206
                                          Cerritos, California 90701
                                          Make checks payable to Cala Figuera Foundation (write in the
Heb 11:1-7; Mk9:2-13
                                          memo: Cursillo House)
Is 43:18-19, 21-22, 24b-25; Ps41; 2       May God write it on your heart that everyday is the best day of
Cor 1:18-22; Mk2:1-12                     your life, for you are blessed!
PAGE 9                                                SPRING 2009                                      VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

                                                              No fundraiser is possible without the help of many willing
Tea Time With Friends Fundraiser                              volunteers. We need you to make this event a success!
                                                              You can help by:
Our Cursillo Community is having its first fundraiser in
quite a long time. Please come and enjoy a relaxing after-            Sponsoring a table (Requires “setting” a table,
noon tea! Bring a family member, your best friend or a                info upon request)
perspective candidate for a Cursillo Weekend. It is a                 Being a Culinary Sponsor (To defray the ex-
chance to be with friends, to relax and to be pampered just           penses of the event)
a bit!                                                                Buying and selling tickets for the raffle of the
Included in the afternoon event will be a boutique featur-            Helping with “creating a tea room” at De Sales
ing homemade items, costume jewelry, baked goods, knic-               (Evenings, April 1 – 3)
knacs and tea-related items. The boutique will be open                Helping with the boutique (Set up or cashier)
before and after the tea. A homemade quilt (queen size)               Contributing item/s for the boutique
will be raffled.                                                      Assisting with clean up

Here are the particulars:                                     The proceeds from this event will go to the English Cur-
Date: April 4, 2009                                           sillo Community to help defray the expenses of Cursillo
Time: The Boutique opens at noon and tea follows              Weekends. If you are unable to attend, please contribute
Place: De Sales Hall “Tea Room,” Bellflower                   in whatever way you can. To volunteer your time and tal-
Cost: $25 per person                                          ent, to make a reservation, to request raffle tickets, to ac-
Seating is limited and tickets are advance-sale only.         cept a sponsorship, to ask questions, to make a donation
No tickets will be sold at the door.                          of any kind – please call Alice at the number/email above.

To make a reservation, contact Alice Contildes at

                                           OMCC IV WORLD ULTREYA
                                                                 AUGUST 1, 2009
                                                             12:00 NOON to 9:00 P.M.
                                                          ANAHEIM CONVENTION CENTER
                                                            800 WEST KATELLA AVE.
Picnic at the Cursillo                                       ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA
House on July 12, 2009
Its official, July 12th is the Picnic       The ticket price to the IV World Ultreya is $25.00.
for all the languages and raffle            Full payment is required at the time of purchase.
date at the Cursillo House. New
tickets have been printed. Please
exchange any old ticket for a new                Order Form for Tickets (USA Orders Only)
one. Please contact your local Cur-                            https://www.natl-cursillo.org/world/
sillistas for redistributions and
start selling them again.                                     Submit completed form to:
Place: 1233 E. Kingsley Ave.                                   National Cursillo® Center
         Pomona, CA 91767
For information and tickets contact:
                                                                   P.O. Box 210226
Frank L. Marrone                                                Dallas, TX 75211-0226
Millennium Corporate Solutions                                   Phone: 214-339-6321
Managing Partner
Direct line:818-844-4120
                                                                 FAX: 214-339-6322
Cell phone:562-706-0048
VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1                             SPRING 2009                                                        PAGE 10

      Many Hands Make                  Yes, I would like to help out Cursillo:           A Post Cursillo ?
                                       ______ The Cursillo House Campaign
         Light Work:                   ______ with Ultreya preparation
     Cursillo Needs You!               ______ with the Refreshments                    What is the most
                                       ______ with the Holy Hours                   important element of
                                       ______ with Agape
We always need help. If you feel
                                       ______ with the Environment Team            the Cursillo Movement ?
you are                                ______ as a Parish Representative
being called in any way to serve,      ______ with the Rollo Room Supplies        The Post Cursillo, because as
we have                                ______ with Cursillo Shed upkeep
provided a list below for you to       ______ with Kitchen staples
                                                                                  Bonnin, the founder, noted, it is
check off . We cannot do it with-      ______ with Las Posadas at Christmas       easy to convert people to Christ,
out you. For more information on       ______ with the Cursillo Picnic            but it is much harder to get them
the categories below, please give                                                 to follow Him. The Cursillo
                                       NAME: __________________________
Kathleen Ambrosi a call at (310)                                                  Movement is basically a
                                       CELL PHONE:_____________________
543-1283 or contact her via e-mail     HOME PHONE:____________________            program of perseverance. The
at kambrosi@jtc.org                    WORK PHONE:____________________            forms of the Post Cursillo,
Other contacts available to call are   EMAIL:___________________________
Connie Villarreal at                   ADDRESS:________________________           group reunion and Ultreya are
(714)523-4520,                         _________________________________          meant to help people persevere
Sharon Bell at (626)797-2211,          _________________________________          in living the Christian life in an
Alice Ramirez at (310)320-7565         Please give above contact                  ongoing way. But it is a choice;
Frank Marrone at (562) 706-0048        information when you call or               all the Cursillo Movement can
                                       e-mail.                                    do is offer them.
Thank you for your consideration!
“Many Hands”
                                                                                  From the National Secretariat website

       BORN LEADERS                    a vision came to me of a line of          Sergio all had potential qualities
                                       mighty warriors lined up ready to         of leadership before they had been
By Sam Shafer                          go to battle. I could sense the reac-     felled.
                                       tion of the prince of this world.
Gary’s letter inspired me to put       These were warriors with their            What a remarkable thing to real-
down a few thoughts regarding          great leadership skills could do          ize that these men are much like
Kairos 28. Gary and I were at the      great damage to his kingdom. Sa-          Paul on the road to Damascus.
same table and on two ends of the      tan’s response? They had to be            Here was a man breathing threats
spectrum when it came to working       locked up or put to sleep with their      of death to any Christian in his
with inmates. He was seeing            addictions. They were too much of         path. Then out of the clear blue
through the eyes of someone enter-     a threat to his kingdom.                  God looks down and says, “I want
ing the prison world for the first                                               that man.” And He got him: a
time; while I came to the weekend      It was at this time I fully realized      charismatic man with leadership
having been involved in prison         that most of the inmates with             coming out of every pore of his
ministry since around 1985. He         which I had contact over the years        skin; and a man who would write
came away with remarkable reve-        in Colorado and California had            the most profound theology to be
lations, and I, as well, came away     great potential as leaders. Smart,        found in the New Testament. How
with new insight and understand-       able to think creatively – way out-       exhilarating to think that God is
ing of prison inmates.                 side the box, and charismatic. All        looking at each of these men and
                                       these qualities combined with a           saying, “I want him for my king-
It was during our second chapel        willingness to take great risks to        dom work. For in as much as he
time when one of the inmates at        pursue their own rebellious ways.         once led men into darkness – he
our table was sharing visions that     And behind all of their exteriors a       will now lead many into my mar-
at times sounded like something        great deal of innocence and purity        velous light.”
straight out of Revelation, and at     and a yearning for a love that had
other times right out of the pit of    never been found. Our group at the        Amen
hell. It was during his sharing that   Peter table was no exception. Alex,       De Colores
                                       Terry, Enrique, Carlos, Jesus, and
PAGE 11                                           SPRING 2009                                   VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

Prayer Requests
Dear Jesus,                           bies, especially for those conceived      you have a prayer request,
 Divine Physician and Healer of       by unwed mothers, May God and             please send them to me by Sun-
the sick, we turn to you in this      Our Lady hold them in the palms of        day night. Any request sent after
time of illness.                      their hands and may they give the         Monday will appear in the follow-
                                      mothers the courage they need to          ing week unless the request is ur-
O dearest comforter of the trou-      make the best choice for their un-        gent.
bled, alleviate our worry and sor-    born baby.
row with your gentle love,                                                      Send all request to:
and grant us the grace and            The list server is dedicated to the       rick-terrazas@charter.net
strength to accept this burden.       Los Angeles English Cursillo Move-
                                      ment. The purpose of the list server
Dear God, we place our worries in
                                      is to serve the people of God by pro-
                                                                                De Colores,
your hands. We place our sick un-
der your care and humbly ask that     viding information concerning the
                                      happenings within the Cursillo
you restore your
                                      Community and to provide for the
                                                                                Rick Terrazas
servant to health again. Above all,
grant us the grace to acknowledge     Community a means to share their
your will and know                    needs for prayer and thanksgiving.
that whatever you do, you do for      There are usually two mailings per
the love of us. Amen.                 week, one for prayer requests
Special prayers for all unborn ba-    and one for announcements. If

                                      We have Leader's School
So Why should I attend Leader         every Monday 7pm-10pm                   LA Leader School Has
School?                               starting with mass at All               Blog
Leader school enhances our            Souls' Parish.                          Get the word out and keep
knowledge and                                                                 blogging!
understanding of the Cursillo         29 S. Electric Avenue
movement as envisioned by             Alhambra, Ca 91801                      http://www.lacursilloleaderschool.
the founders. We will receive                                                 blogspot.com/
tools to help us strengthen
                                                                              Would you Like to share
our foundation to evangelize
                                           Make a friend,                     your 4th day journey?
as strong catholic leaders.                                                   Email it to mglean@roadrunner.com
De Colores,                                  Be a friend,                     It will be published in future issues.
                                       Bring a friend to Christ

CHRIST COUNTS ON YOU!                 Women’s Weekend                          Upcoming Weekends
                                      Thu. Mar. 19th-Sun 22nd                  Men's weekend
Palanca                               Holy Hour, Fri. Mar. 20th,               Thu. Oct. 8th-Sun 11th
request for the March Men’s and       Adoration all night Sat. Mar. 21th,
                                      Sun. Mar. 22th, Clausura                 Women’s Weekend
Women's Cursillo weekend at
De Sales Hall                                                                  Thu. Oct. 15th-Sun 18th
Men's weekend
Thu. Mar. 12th-Sun 15th                                                        Location to be announced.
Holy Hour: Fri. Mar. 13th,                                                     Please get your applications in
Adoration all night Sat. Mar. 14th,                                            early
Men's weekend Clausura
Sun. Mar. 15th
PAGE 12                                    SPRING 2009                             VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

                 March 2009 Team List                               A LIFE OF GRACE

                                                               “Go today and sit in front of the
                 WOMEN               MEN                                  tabernacle..
                                                             Tell Me about all your worries and
Rector/a            Ana Machuca          Glenn Bell            fears, and I will remove all your
Sub Rector/a        Mary Rivera          Gene Gleason                      anxieties.
Head Cook           Cathy Daoust         Robert Molina
                                                            Tell Me about your plans for the day
Asst Head Cook      Teri Molina          Roman Mendoza
Ideal               Liz Huston           Art Campos          the joys and problems you expect to
Laity               Gilda Sanchez        Daniel Castro                     encounter.
Piety               Josie Zamora         Tony Zamora        Too many of you only tell Me of your
Study               Marva Glean          Mike Hidalgo                      problems.
Action              Sharon Bell          Danny Mosqueda     Many beautiful things are happening;
Leaders             Maribel Gomez        Edwin Recinos      Share them with Me in prayer. Speak
Environment         Alice Ramirez        Paul Machuca           to Me about everything that is
CC in Action        Frances Martin       Victor Ramirez             happening in your life
Total Security      Mary Rivera          Gene Gleason           As your friend I want to know”
Auxiliary 1         Kathy Diaz           David Nieto                         Jesus
Auxiliary 2         Lydia Corral         Sean Caonguyen
Auxiliary 3         Flower Nguyen
Cook 1              Josephine Espinosa   Armando Burciaga                  Study
Cook 2              Rita Ferrell                                If you want to get to know me
Cook 3              Peggy Gleason        Bruno Galliadi               Give but 15 minutes
Cook 4              Susan Singh          Doug Kim                    of your time everyday.
Cook 5              Martha Hidalgo       Mario Majano       Pick up your Bible open it to any page
Cook 6              Sukie Majano         Ernest Mistrik     and allow me the opportunity to speak
Cook 7              Rose Mendoza         Noah Munoz
                                                              to you in the silence of your heart.
Cook 8              Maciel Nevarez       Tim O’Brien
Cook 9              Mary Ann Parra       Jimmy Salas                         Jesus
Cook 10             Rachel Peregrina     Chino Sanchez
Cook 11             Liz Van Ness         Raymond Valiente                 Action
Cook 12             Vanessa Rosas        Tom Nolan            Pick up your cross and follow me!
Cook 13             Sylvia Mistrik                                 Feed Me—I am hungry
                                                                    Clothe Me– I am cold
                                                                     Love Me– I despair
Please pray for our Team and candidates                             Visit Me– I am shut in
                                                                 Serve Me—Do not complain
                                                                Bloom where you are planted
                                                                  Come Holy Spirit
                                                              Come Holy Spirit fill the Hearts of
                                                            your faithful, enkindle in them the fire
                                                                           of your love.
                                                             Send forth your Spirit and they shall
                                                              be created, and you shall renew the
                                                                        face of the earth.
                                                              O’ God who by the light of the Holy
                                                                Spirit instructs the hearts of the
                                                            faithful, grant by the same Holy Spirit
                                                             we may be truly wise and ever rejoice
                                                                  in His consolation through
                                                                        Christ Our Lord
                                 Please submit applications as soon as possible – space is limited

Cursillo Application
Los Angeles Archdiocese - English Cursillo

Name _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Phone _______________________________________________________________________________________________
Address ____________________________________________ City ________________ Zip __________
Parish_____________________________________ Business/Occupation ____________________________________
Religion__________________________________________ Married ______ Single ______ Divorced _____
Age ________ Name of Spouse ____________________________________ Number of children ________
Educational Background: High School ________ College ________ Other ___________________________________
Any health problems that you think might affect your attendance on the weekend? ______________________________________
Have you had a nervous breakdown? NO_____ YES_____ When? _______________________________
Has your sponsor answered all your questions and been available in your preparation for Cursillo? Yes _____ No _____
Please state why you wish to attend Cursillo: ___________________________________________________________________
What Cursillo date are you available to attend? ________________________________________________________________
Signature__________________________________________________________ Date______________________________

   * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * THIS SECTION TO BE COMPLETED BY YOUR SPONSOR * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Sponsor's Name _____________________________________________ Phone ________________________________
City____________________ Zip Code __________
Parish___________________________ Date of your Cursillo ____________________________________
Have you attended a Post Cursillo? __________________ Do you group regularly? ___________________
Please give some endorsement of candidate: _________________________________________________
Mail application to: Cursillos in Christianity, Los Angeles English Cursillo 29 S. Electric Avenue Alhambra, CA 91801
or FAX to: (626) 458-6654
For questions concerning the Cursillo Applications, please call: (626) 626-281-0466 ext. 231
Cursillos in Christianity               Instrument of Renewal                     The Church and Cursillo

                                        The Cursillo is a powerful                The Cursillo movement was given
Cursillo (pronounced kur-see-yo) is
                                        instrument of renewal in the              Church approval in December
a Spanish word meaning "short
                                        Church. Its aim is to concentrate         1963. On that occasion, Pope
course". It begins on a Thursday
                                        closely on the Person and                 Paul VI said in part: "This method
evening and ends Sunday
                                        teachings of Jesus Christ. The            of Christian teaching commonly
evening. During those three days
                                        Cursillo gives those who attend a         called Cursillos in Christianity
the Cursillistas (those attending
                                        living understanding of basic             extends already over a great number
the weekend) live and work
                                        Christian truths and a desire to          of the faithful and it has produced
together, listening to talks given by
                                        serve the Church. What's more it          abundant fruit: Christian renewal
priests and laypeople. They also
                                        provides a means to continue the          of family life...and the vitalization of
attend Mass, receive Communion
                                        Christian formation which is just         parishes."
and visit the Blessed Sacrament
                                        begun in the three-day weekend.           In March of 1971, after making his
                                                                                  Cursillo weekend, then Archbishop
The priest, who is the "spiritual
                                        The Fourth Day                            Timothy Manning was quoted in
director" and the laity who make up
                                                                                  the Tidings as saying, "From my
the Cursillo "team" spend weeks
                                        The "after" activity of the Cursillo is   experience I must say this has my
working and praying together in
                                        known as the "fourth day", that is        100% plus...not only approval but
preparation for the weekend. The
                                        the balance of the Cursillista's life     enthusiasm."
Cursillo takes careful planning
                                        on earth. During this time
because the time is short and the
                                        perseverance is important just as         Christianizing Environments
subject extensive. The titles of the
                                        in any method of renewal. In the
talks indicate their content: Ideal,
                                        Cursillo Movement the community           The Cursillo is an encounter with
Sanctifying Grace, Laypeople in
                                        spirit is continued after the three       Christ. Correctly applied and
the Church, Actual Grace, Piety,
                                        days through the "ultreyas" or            overseen the Cursillo Movement
Study, The Sacraments, Action,
                                        reunions of the community. These          can have very positive results in
Obstacles to Grace, Leaders,
                                        are available as a means of growth        the spiritual revitalization of the
Study of the Environment, Life in
                                        in understanding and zeal within          world. The Christ-likeness in a few
Grace, Community in Action and
                                        the Christian community. Smaller          people is contagious. The
                                        groups of friends also come               transference of Christ's values to
                                        together regularly to encourage           others in one's family, school,
Not A Retreat
                                        and support one another in                place of business, etc., is the
                                        spiritual growth and the Christian        Christianizing of environments the
A Cursillo can be made only once
                                        apostolate.                               Cursillo promotes. The goal of the
in a lifetime, therefore it is not a
                                                                                  movement is that Christ be the
substitute for a retreat. Actually
                                        History of Cursillo                       prime influence in society. So it is
the Cursillo makes succeeding
                                                                                  said the PRIMARY OBJECTIVES
retreats more profitable and
                                        The movement began in 1944 on             of the Cursillo Movement are to
Cursillistas are encouraged to
                                        the island of Majorca, birthplace of      develop in adult Christians a
make regular retreats. The basic
                                        Father Junipero Serra. Under              consciousness of their ability and
atmosphere of a Cursillo differs
                                        leadership of a Spanish layman,           mission to become leaders in the
greatly from the individual solitude
                                        Eduardo Bonnin, a group of some           work of Christian renewal, and to
of a retreat. The Cursillo weekend
                                        30 priests and laymen met to              sustain them as they provide a
is not silent. The teachings of
                                        organize some means of                    Christian leaven in civic, social and
Christ are experienced and shared
                                        countering immorality and                 economic life. This "Christianizing
in a climate of joy and a spirit of
                                        indifference to religion. The             of environments" is what the
community. During the talks the
                                        Bishop of Majorca, Juan Hervas,           Cursillo movement is about.
Cursillistas take notes and each
                                        suggested the program that was
talk is followed by a discussion
                                        finally developed carefully into the
period within a small group.
                                        Cursillo. The first Cursillo took
                                        place in the United States in 1957.
                                        It was originated by two Spanish
                                        Air Force pilots who were training
                                        with the U.S. Air Force in Texas.
   PAGE 15                                                SPRING 2009                                         VOLUM E M MI X, I S S UE 1

                                              Cursillo Calendar
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Pomona
March 2009                                 Mon. Jun. 8th, Leader School                   Thu. Oct, 15th, to Sun. Oct 18th,
Mon. Mar. 2nd, Leader School               (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Women’s Weekend Cursillo House
Wed. Mar. 4th, Team Meeting                Tue. Jun. 16th, Board Meeting                  Pomona
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)                                                    Fri. Oct. 16th, Holy Hour Cursillo House
Fri. Mar. 6th, Pre– Cursillo               July 2009                                      Pomona 7:00 pm
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)                                                    Sat. Oct. 17th, Adoration all night Cursillo
Mon. Mar. 9th, Leader School               Sun. Jul. 12th, Cursillo Picnic at Cursillo    House Pomona
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)     House                                          Sun. Oct. 18th, Clausura Cursillo House
Thu. Mar. 12th-Sun 15th , Men’s Week-      Wed. Jul. 15th Team Meeting                    Pomona
end                                        (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Mon. Oct. 19th, Leader School, Post Cur-
Fri. Mar. 13th, Holy Hour                  (Tue. Jul. 21st, Board Meeting                 sillo (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00
Sat. Mar. 14th, Adoration all night        Wed. Jul. 22nd Team Meeting                    pm)
Sun. Mar. 15th, Men's weekend Clausura     (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Tue. Oct. 20th, Board Meeting
Mon. Mar. 16th, Leader School               Wed. Jul. 29th Team Meeting                   Thu. Oct. 23h-Sun 25th , Region XI Re-
Tue. Mar. 17th, Board Meeting              (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         gional Encounter
Thu. Mar. 19th-Sun 22nd , Women’s          Thu. Jul. 30th-Fri . Aug 2nd World Ul-         Fri. Oct. 30th, Ultreya (All Souls Parish—
Weekend                                    treya National Cursillo Riverside              7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
Fri. Mar. 20th, Holy Hour
Sat. Mar. 21st, Adoration all night        August 2009                                    November 2009
Sun. Mar. 22nd, Clausura                                                                  Mon. Nov. 2nd, Leader School, (All Souls
Fri. Mar. 27th, Ultreya (All Souls Par-    Sat. Aug. 1st– Sun. Aug 2nd, World Ul-         Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
ish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)                   treya National Cursillo Riverside              Mon. Nov. 9th, Leader School
Mon. Mar. 30th, Leader School Post Cur-    Wed. Aug. 5th Team Meeting                     (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
sillo (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00   (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Fri. Nov. 14th, Ultreya
pm)                                        Wed. Aug. 12th Team Meeting                    Mon. Nov. 16th, Leader School
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
April 2009                                 (Tue. Aug. 18th Board Meeting                  Tue. Nov. 17th, Board Meeting Team
Wed. Apr. 1st-Apr. 3rd Setup for Tea De    Wed. Aug. 19th Team Meeting
Sales Hall                                 (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         December 2009
Sat. Apr. 4th, Tea time with friends De    Wed. Aug. 26th Team Meeting
Sales Hall                                 (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)         Tue. Dec. 22nd, Board Meeting
Mon. Apr. 13th, Leader School
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)     September 2009
Mon. Apr. 20th, Leader School
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)     Wed. Sep. 2nd Team Meeting
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
Tue. Apr. 21st, Board Meeting
Fri. Apr. 24 - 26
                                           Wed. Sep. 9th Team Meeting                      Christ counts on you!
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
RYAN PASTORAL CENTER                       (Tue. Sep. 15th Board Meeting
FRESNO                                     Wed. Sep. 16th Team Meeting
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
Mon. Apr. 27th, Leader School
                                           Wed. Sep. 23rd Team Meeting
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
May 2009
Mon. May. 4th, Leader School
                                           October 2009
                                           Fri. Oct. 2nd, Pre-Cursillo
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
                                           Mon. Oct. 5th, Leader School
Mon. May. 11th, Leader School
                                           (All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
                                           Thu. Oct. 8th-Sun 11th , Men’s Weekend
Mon. May. 18th, Leader School
                                           Cursillo House Pomona
(All Souls Parish—7:00 pm to 10:00 pm)
                                           Fri. Oct 9th, Holy Hour 7:00 pm Cursillo
Tue. May. 19th, Board Meeting
                                           House Pomona
                                           Sat. Oct. 10th, Adoration all night Cursillo
June 2009                                  House Pomona
Mon. Jun. 1st, Leader School               Sun. Oct. 11th, Clausura Cursillo House
Cursillos in Christianity                                                              PRESORT
Los Angeles English Cursillo                                                           STANDARD
                                                                                       U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                       INDUSTRY, CA
29 S. Electric Avenue                                                                  PERMIT 4317
Alhambra, Ca 91801
Phone: 626-281-0466 ext 231
Fax: 626-281-2163
Email: englishcursillo@allsouls-la.org

  Cursillo Committee                                         Cursillo Website
                                                             Come by and check out the Los
Environment                                                 Angeles English Cursillo website at
Alice Contildes and Lourdes
Tovalin                                                  www.cursillo-losangeles.org
Building Maintenance
Steve Gonzalez                           Website contains information on all parts of the Cursillo
Sacristan                                Movement like the Pre-Cursillo, Cursillo, Post-
                                         Cursillo, Group Reunion and Ultreya; phone and contact
Marva A. Glean                           information, monthly calendars to stick up on your refrigera-
Rollo Room                               tor, as well as an archive of old flyers, newsletters, and pic-
Sandy Lambert                            tures of past events. Links are listed to other related Cursillo
Kitchen                                  websites. Happy exploring!
Josie Zamora
Shed Maintenance                         The Cursillo Movement of the Los Angeles
Kathy Diaz                               Archdiocese
                                         In the Archdiocese of Los Angeles, the Cursillo is offered in
Lydia Corral                             Chinese, English, Filipino, Korean, Portuguese, Spanish, and
Agape                                    Vietnamese. The English Cursillo weekend will take place at
Connie Villarreal                        the new Cursillo House in Pomona, CA. For more information
Holy Spirit Team                         about the Cursillo, contact the English Cursillo of Los Angeles
Bernie Nacionales                        at All Souls Parish at 626-281-0466 or via email:

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