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									                                                                               Financial Statement
PERSONAL FOR:            Wilmington Financial Group                                           Please type in the Tan boxes
See Financial Statement Notice attached                                                       Red Areas auto populated; do not fill in.
SECTION 1 - PERSONAL INFORMATION                                                              SECTION 2 - CORPORATE/EMPLOYMENT INFORMATION
Name                                                                                          Business/Employer Name
Residence Address                                                                             Business Address
City,State,Zip                                                                                City,State,Zip
Phone                                                                                         Phone
DOB                                                                                           Formed Date
SSN                                                                                           Tax ID

SECTION 3 - INCOME                                                                            SECTION 4 - PERSONAL INFORMATION
INCOME                                   2009              2010                YTD                                                  PERSONAL INFORMATION
Salary, Bonuses, Commissions         $                 $                   $                  Do you have a will? If so, provide name of executor.
Dividends / Interest                 $                 $                   $
Real Estate Income                   $                 $                   $                  Are you a partner, owner or officer in any other venture? If so, describe.
Other Income                         $                 $                   $
Other Income                         $                 $                   $                  Are any assets pledged other than as described on schedules? If so, describe
AVERAGE          $0                               $0                  $0                 $0
OTHER DEBTS                                            MONTHLY             BALANCE            Are you a defendant in any suits or legal actions?
Contingent liabilities?                                $                   $                  Have you ever been bankrupt? If so, when? and describe
Endorser, Co-maker or Guarantor                        $                   $
Leases or contracts                                    $                   $                                                CORPORATE INFORMATION
Legal Claims                                           $                   $                  Has the company ever filed bankruptcy?
Alimony, Child support, or Separate Maintenance        $                   $
Tax Liens (Personal & Corp)                            $                   $                  Is the business party to a lawsuit? If so, describe
                                     TOTAL                            $0                 $0

ASSET SNAPSHOT                       In Dollars                                               LIABILITIES SNAPSHOT                                  In Dollars
Schedule A       REO                              $0                                          Schedule A                    REO                                   $0

Schedule B       Assets                           $0                                          Schedule C                    Revolving Debt                        $0

Schedule D       Personal Property                $0                                          Schedule D                    Installment Debt                      $0

Schedule E       Business Venture                 $0

Schedule F       Insurance                        $0

                                                                                              TOTAL LIABILITIES                                                   $0
TOTAL ASSETS                                      $0                                          NET WORTH                                                           $0

                                         ATTACH SEPARATE SCHEDULES IF NECESSARY
SCHEDULE A - REAL ESTATE (Residential, Commercial, Land, Lots, Farms, etc.)
Address & Zip Code                       Titled            Type of         Orig. Price            Investment Property          Present                 Mortgage        Mortgage company holder
Type of Property                                           Property        Year Acq.                 Rent Received            Market Value             Balance         Payment
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                                                                                                                       Per Month
                                                                                              TOTAL                                          $0                   $0                $0 Per Month
                                                                    Financial Statement
SCHEDULE B - ASSETS (Checking, Savings, Stocks, 401k, Roth, IRA, Bonds, CD, Mutual Funds, Pensions, Trusts)
No. Shares or                                                                                           Amount at which                   Present                      L-Listed
Bond Amount                   Description                        Title in Name Of                       Carried on this                  Market Value                  U-Unlisted

                                                                                TOTAL                                  $0                                         $0

SCHEDULE C - Revolving Debts (Credit Cards and non-real estate lines of credit)
                                                Collateral Pledged as Security or                                                                  Personal or
            Name of Bank                        Name of Co-Maker or Endorser                            Payment             Balance                Business

                                                                                TOTAL                   $          -        $             -

SCHEDULE D - Installment Debts (Auto loans, Personal loans, etc.)
                                                                                                                                                   Personal or
        Name of Creditor                                   Collateral                                   Payment             Balance                Business            Value

                                                                                TOTAL                   $          -        $             -                            $            -

SCHEDULE E - BUSINESS VENTURES (Enterprises, Sole Proprietorships, C & S-Corps, LLCs, & Partnerships)
Name                              Type of Business             Experience               Gross Value     Annual Revenue      Debt                   % Ownership         Net Value
                                                                                TOTAL                                  $0                     $0                                        $0

SCHEDULE F - INSURANCE (Term, Whole Life, Annuity, etc)
                  Insurance Company                          Insured                      Beneficiary                       Face Value             Policy Loans        Cash Value

                                                                                TOTAL                                       $             -                            $            -

Signature                                                      Date Signed

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