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									 Inside                       September 1, 2003                             Oklahoma City Community College

                This Week
  • Alternative school needed, editorial, p. 2.
  • Scholarship recipients named, p. 4.
  • Retention pond work under way, p. 5.
  • Campus clubs recruit members, p. 6.

                                                                                                                   Traffic light
                                                                                                                   to reduce
                                                                                                                                By Caroline Ting
                                                                                                                                  Staff Writer

                                                                                                                     O      KCCC has a new welcome light
                                                                                                                            — the traffic signal at the inter-
                                                                                                                   section of Drexel/Regent’s Blvd. and
                                                                                                                   S.W. 74th Street.
                                                                                                                      Due to heavy traffic at this location,
                                                                                                                   the college has worked toward having
                                                                                                                   the traffic light installed for several
                                                                                                                   years, said Art Bode, vice president for
                                                                                                                   Business and Finance.
                                                                                                                      “As the city did various traffic counts
                                                                                                                   and accidents research,” Bode said, “[the
                                                                                                                   college] had risen to a level of traffic flow
                                                                                                                   that required a signal.”
                                                                                                                      According to the Traffic Commission,
                                                                                                                   certain factors had to exist in order to
                                                                                                                   justify the installation of the light. The
                                                                                                                   conditions were that the signal had to
                                                                                            Photo by Keah Roggow   be for use at a location where the traffic
Enjoying the sun: Student Bryan Huffman relaxes and reads a book between classes outside of the                    is heavy on the main street based on a
library. Temperatures have continued to soar into the ’90s most days as the new semester begins.                   minimum of one hour on an average day.
                                                                                                                      Before a written request was submit-

Computer virus clogs system                                                                                        ted to the Traffic Engineering Division
                                                                                                                   on Jan. 31, the college met with repre-
                                                                                                                   sentatives from the city of Oklahoma
                                                                                                                   City and the Traffic Planning Commis-
         MS Blast, Nachi, SoBig create headaches first week of school                                              sion, as well as city council members
                                                                                                                   regarding the issue, Bode said.
                                                           slowed down the entire network.                            The request was approved by the Traf-
                  By Daniel Lapham                            The third virus attempting to cause havoc to         fic Commission March 17. There was no
                       Editor                              the college was the “SoBig” virus. This virus is pri-   cost involved for OKCCC, Bode said.
                                                           marily an e-mail virus that shows up as a link to          Director of Safety and Security Ernest
                                                           patch a person’s computer, said Dave Anderson,          Machado said the city was “helpful and
                                                                                                                   cooperative” in planning the light.
  T    hree computer viruses thrown in the mix
       with the usual rush week headache — now,
that’s a formula for stress.
                                                           hardware and software specialist. Because it shows
                                                           up through e-mail, Anderson said, it was taken
                                                           care of at the server level.
                                                                                                                      Bode said the college will work with
                                                                                                                   the city in watching traffic flow — espe-
   Students enrolling in classes may have noticed             Davis said they have caught most of these vi-        cially during the first two to three weeks
                                                                                                                   of the semester — to ensure the timers
the systems running slower than usual.                     ruses at the server level but “Nachi” is the one that
                                                                                                                   set on the traffic lights will allow traffic
   According to Lisa Davis, director of technology         hit them hard.
                                                                                                                   to move steadily on and off the campus.
support services, three major viruses have hit the            “That’s the one that someone brought in on a
                                                                                                                      “[The college sees] the benefits as be-
college computer systems network within the past           laptop,” Davis said.
                                                                                                                   ing, first and foremost, safety as it re-
two weeks. She said the first virus to attack the             Anderson explained how this one got in.
                                                                                                                   lates to students, faculty and staff and
system was called the “MS Blast” virus.                       “We get hit by viruses all the time but the server   visitors coming to campus in terms of
   “‘MS Blast’ was the first virus but it didn’t do        takes care of them. This time the virus came from       [a reduction] for potential accidents,”
any damage to our systems,” Davis said. She also           the inside from a laptop,” Anderson said. “So by        Bode explained.
said it was taken care of fairly quickly.                  the time we knew about it, it was already on our           Machado said the traffic light will be
   The second virus called “Nachi” actually started        network.                                                very good for traffic control.
as a good virus designed to patch the hole in the             “What this virus does is, it has all of these           In addition to the ongoing construc-
network created by MS Blast. This worm virus ac-                                                                   tion of the drainage pond project, Bode
tually did the most damage.                                                                                        said, the light will also help control the
   They said the virus itself did not do any damage                         See “Virus,” page 8                    traffic as the dump trucks remove the
to the servers, but the traffic it created significantly                                                           dirt off the campus.
2 • PIONEER • September 1, 2003                                                                                   Editor • Daniel Lapham • 682-1611, ext. 7675

                                                   Editorial and Opinion
                        Editorial                            Another view on discrimination
  Gays receive                                               To the editor:
                                                                This letter is in response
                                                             to the letter to the editor in
                                                                                              you can safely conclude
                                                                                              that both whites and mi-
                                                                                              norities receive the same
                                                                                                                              someone's intelligence
                                                                                                                              based on race that doesn't
                                                                                                                              exist? We may try to slip in

   special ed                                                the July 21 issue regarding
                                                             discrimination "only" being
                                                             illegal for 39 years.
                                                                I beg to differ. Discrimi-
                                                                                                This being the case, then
                                                                                              I must be dumber by being
                                                                                              of a non-white race since
                                                                                                                              that minority communities
                                                                                                                              have poorer education.
                                                                                                                              Sorry to burst your bubble,
                                                                                                                              but there are poor white
     The Harvey Milk High School, in existence for al-       nation against minorities        less is expected of me to       folks in those same com-
  most two decades in New York City, has caused              still exists in affirmative      pass a test. This has noth-     munities. So if you’re going
  lots of talk and controversy.                              action. Is it OK to think of     ing to do with equality, but    to discriminate, do it on
     It is the first school in the nation designed to meet   blacks and other minorities      with intelligence and the       income, not on race.
  the needs of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and       as less capable or less in-      ability to learn.                 Thank you for letting me
  questioning youth (LGBTQ), who are at the high-            telligent than whites? Per-        Next, we must define          have a voice.
  est risk for experiencing harassment and fears in a        sonally the thought sickens      race. How dark does my                    —David Lapham
  mainstream school.                                         me. This is in fact exactly      skin have to be to be “black”              Former OKCCC
     Apparently, some conservatives as well as civil         what affirmative action          or African American or His-                        Student
  libertarians are quite concerned about such a              does.                            panic? In the United States
  school being separate and distinct from other pub-            If I am white, I am re-       we are all a part of interra-
  lic high schools. Comments like “discrimination”
  and “segregation” both have been brought against
                                                             quired to make a higher
                                                             score on the GED, SAT,
                                                                                              cial relations for years dat-
                                                                                              ing back to slavery. There
  Harvey Milk. But the truth is that the Harvey Milk         ACT and many other edu-          are very few pure blood Af-
                                                                                                                                      Vol. 32 No. 2
  School was not established to discriminate against         cational tests to pass or in     ricans that are not recent        Daniel Lapham.................Editor
  straight students.                                         the case of the SAT and          immigrants. As well, there        Caroline Ting.........Staff Writer
     In fact, the admission is open to all, regardless of    ACT, I must score higher to      are few pure blood Europe-        Lacey Lett..............Staff Writer
  race, gender, sexual orientation, religion or physi-                                                                          Keah Roggow.....Photographer
                                                             ensure admission to col-         ans that are not recent im-
  cal abilities. These criteria sound awfully familiar                                                                          Brent Hodges.........Ad Manager
                                                             lege. Now, since public          migrants. We are just one
  because they are the same as any other public                                                                                 Melissa Guice.....Online Editor
                                                             schools have been desegre-       big melting pot.
  institution’s admission requirements. And it is cer-                                                                          Ronna Austin.........Lab Director
                                                             gated for far longer than          Isn't that part of what         Sue Hinton.......Faculty Adviser
  tainly not segregation wanting to place children in        any high school senior           makes America beautiful?
  a safe place where they belong. They deserve a             would be affected by, then         How can we then judge              The PIONEER is a publica-
  chance to learn and identify themselves the way                                                                               tion of Oklahoma City Com-
  they want to.                                                                                                                 munity College through the
     The New York State Conservative Party Chair-                                                                               Division of Arts and Humani-
  man Michael Long made a comment about Harvey                                                                                  ties. It is published weekly
  Milk to CNN. He said: “If you want to protect them                                                                            during the fall and spring se-
  by creating a special school, yank out the bullies                                                                            mesters and the eight-week
  and create a special school for them.”                                                                                        summer session.
     What a rash comment Long had made, without                                                                                    All opinions expressed are
                                                                                                                                those of the author and do not
  thinking straight. Imagine if all the bullies were
                                                                                                                                necessarily represent those of
  really ‘yanked out’ and put into a special school.
                                                                                                                                the publisher.
  What would they all be doing? The bullies would                                                                                  The PIONEER welcomes let-
  probably start fighting with one another for their                                                                            ters to the editor and encour-
  needs to be met.                                                                                                              ages the use of this publica-
     What Harvey Milk is trying to do is help as many                                                                           tion as a community forum.
  students as it can, students that don’t feel safe in                                                                          All letters must include the
  a traditional high school, to achieve their goals in                                                                          author’s name, address,
  a safe learning environment. This doesn’t mean that                                                                           phone number and signature.
  the students are separated from the real world.                                                                               However, the PIONEER will
     Harvey Milk has the same curriculum as any                                                                                 withhold the name if the re-
                                                                                                                                quest is made in writing. The
  other high school, and they also offer a high school
                                                                                                                                PIONEER has the right to edit
  diploma program, which enables students to re-                                                                                all letters and submissions for
  ceive a high school diploma upon completing the                                                                               length, libel and obscenity.
  New York City Department of Education require-                                                                                   Letters to the editor can be
  ments for graduation, according to www.hmi.org.                                                                               delivered in person to the PIO-
     Not only does the school provide a safer place for                                                                         NEER office, mailed to: Pio-
  students to study and learn, but it also provides                                                                             neer Editor, 7777 S. May,
  counseling to help those who might be struggling                                                                              Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
  with any type of behavior and mental health prob-                                                                             73159 or faxed to 682-7568.
                                                                                                                                   Letters may also be e-mailed
  lems, gender identity and much more.
     Even though Harvey Milk is only available to as-
  sist a small portion of at-risk youths, it has made
                                                                       Get your cartoon                                         to editor@okccc.edu. A phone
                                                                                                                                number for verification must
                                                                                                                                be included.
  many students’ lives much better than they would
  have been without the school.
     Some might still think that the existence of Harvey
                                                                        in the Pioneer.                                            The PIONEER can be ac-
                                                                                                                                cessed on the Internet at:
  Milk is a waste of taxpayer money but in an imper-
  fect world today, Harvey Milk actually creates a
  happy family for many LGBTQ youths.
                                                                         e-mail Daniel
                                          —Caroline Ting
                                              Staff Writer             editor@okccc.edu
Lab Director • Ronna Austin • 682-1611, ext. 7307                                                                    September 1, 2003 • PIONEER • 3

                                                    Comments and Reviews
‘Le Divorce’ is le lamest
  Kate Hudson, Naomi               the very next scene.             ture.
Watts, Glenn Close,                  The story is about a             The picture hangs in the
Stockard Channing and              woman named Isabel               home with Roxeanne and
Bebe Neuwirth star in this         (Hudson) who visits France       her husband. It is worth a
French comedy-drama-ro-            to see her sister Roxeanne       bundle because it is
mance film based on a best-        (Watts). When she gets           thought to be a La Tour
selling book by Diane
Johnson, “Le Divorce.”
  The only thing going for
                                   there she finds out that a
                                   pregnant Roxeanne has
                                   been left by her adulterous
                                                                    painting. Everyone on both
                                                                    sides of the family desire
                                                                    the painting, but in the end
                                                                                                       Belief is necessary
this movie is the big names.       husband. Throughout the          only one family gets it.            This country was founded on the premise that
These great actresses didn’t       movie Roxeanne is trying to        The scenery and the Art        everyone should be free to believe what they want,
have the script nor the            persuade her husband to          Nouveau feel in the movie        whether they be atheist, agnostic, Buddhist, Mus-
storyline to let them use          come back to her before she      are beautiful. You actually      lim, Christian or whatever.
their talent to their advan-       signs for a divorce.             get to see the Eiffel Tower         After watching the removal of the Ten Command-
                                                                                                     ments from the Alabama state courthouse on the
tage. Hudson had little per-         As time rapidly passes by,     from the inside. Other than
                                                                                                     news a couple of days ago, I started thinking (I know
sonality and Naomi Watts’          Isabel learns French and         that, I highly recommend         it’s scary, me thinking).
performance seemed rather          immerses herself in the          people to avoid this film.          What has this country come to? Yes, I firmly be-
weak.                              French culture, including          It is rated PG-13 for ma-      lieve that every individual should have the right to
   Time moved by too fast.         being a mistress to her          ture elements and sexual         believe what they want as long as it does not harm
One minute Watts was one           uncle-in-law. The only twist     content.                         another individual. I also believe that there must
month pregnant and then            in the movie has to do with                     —Lacey Lett       be a separation between church and state. But at
seven months pregnant in           the family heirloom, a pic-                     Staff Writer      what point does the separation of any and every
                                                                                                     belief structure from the fabric of our laws become

Second notch in Costner’s gun                                                                        self-destructive? 180 degrees from extreme is still
                                                                                                        I have concerns with this ever increasing plight
   Kevin Costner has aged,         Bening, the rest of the cast     they take a stand.               to completely dissect everything to do with a belief
but he seems quite com-            are relatively unknown.             They come to the small        structure from anything to do with the operation of
fortable with it. His              This also makes the film         town and prepare for a gun       our nation. At what point do the basic principles
wrinkles are not what one          more interesting to watch.       battle. The story might          that allow us to operate as a society become so
pays attention to in the new       Choosing the right actors        sound as if it’d bore you to     skewed, that the only thing to believe in are laws
film presented by Touch-           for the right characters is      tears, but the fight scenes      and government?
                                                                                                        It appears to me that a belief in nothing but gov-
stone, “Open Range.”               definitely a challenge for       are well directed and excit-
                                                                                                     ernment is what our forefathers were trying to es-
   What the viewer sees in         the director as well.            ing to watch.                    cape. The main reason our forefathers came to this
the film is how amazingly            The story is fairly simple        Boss and Charley usually      country was to escape the oppression of their gov-
talented he is both as a di-       and straightforward. Boss        don’t agree on every deci-       ernment. Yes, their government used the Church
rector as well as an actor.        (Duvall) and Charley             sion but their personalities     of England to oppress them. However, do you really
   The film starts at a rather     (Costner) have been riding       do match. Boss is more of        think that a government needs a religion to oppress
slow pace but then the             together for 10 years. Their     a calm person, who doesn’t       its citizens? The exact same thing can and will hap-
story gets you right into it       group includes two other         like to use unnecessary vio-     pen if the entity in power is given the right to decide
without even realizing it.         members, Mose (Abraham           lence. While, Charley was        where, how and what we choose to worship or not
Compared to Costner’s              Benrubi) and Button (Diego       born with a killer attitude,     worship. It is the same thing for a government to
first-directed film, “Dances       Luna).                           which he tries to hide un-       force its citizens to refrain from any sort of religious
                                                                                                     expression in public as it is for the government to
With Wolves,” which is also          Costner meets and forms        der the taming of Boss.
                                                                                                     force its citizens to subscribe to only one religion.
a western, “Open Range”            a romantic relationship             In the making of this film,      Think about this. The absence of all belief is still
probably wouldn’t get as           with Sue (Bening) when           Bening deserves lots of          a belief within itself. The Constitution was originally
much appreciation from             they take Mose to the doc-       credit as well. Even though      intended to protect the rights of the nation’s citi-
the general crowd.                 tor after he gets hurt badly     she seems soft at first, she’s   zens to freely express themselves. We must demand
   But still, “Open Range” is      in a town where he was           tough. The fact that she         the freedoms of all belief structures. To promote
worth viewing for its one-         sent on an errand.               acted the whole film with no     the absence of belief is still promoting a belief. This
of-a-kind beauty.                    Obviously, cowboys like        makeup on impresses me           is a belief in nothing. I am not saying that one reli-
   What strikes the audi-          Boss and Charley ain’t           as well.                         gion is better than another or that those who are
ence the most is how sim-          gonna let nobody tell them          This film was written by      atheist are less than those who believe in a higher
ply each character’s own           what to do or where to go.       Craig Storper and based on       power. All I am saying is that if you as a person
                                                                                                     truly believe in something, why does it matter that
values are expressed               This is why when the             the novel by Lauran Paine.
                                                                                                     someone else believes differently than you?
throughout the film.               Marshall of a small town         It’s rated R for violence.          If you are truly worried about someone telling you
   Except for Costner, Rob-        tries using violence as a tool               —Caroline Ting       what you should believe, then think about the fact
ert Duvall and Annette             to run them out of town,                         Staff Writer     that they are. The citizens of this country are being
                                                                                                     told to believe nothing, or at least don’t show that
                                                                                                     you believe in anything. Just keep it to yourself.
                            Quote of the Week:                                                          I don’t know about you, but I believe that the di-
                                                                                                     versity of cultures and religions in this country is
       "The artist is nothing without the gift, but the                                              what makes it beautiful. I urge you to support ex-
                                                                                                     pression, not oppression. If you don’t like what you
               gift is nothing without work."                                                        see, don’t look.
                                                -—Emile Zola (1840-1902)                                                                 —Daniel Lapham
4 • PIONEER • September 1, 2003                                                                              Staff Writer • Caroline Ting • 682-1611, ext. 7675

Scholarship winners honored at reception
                                                   Justin Ast, Megan Barrett, Matt Caban, Jes-         Straka, Jason Terry, Benjamin, VanNess,
                By Lacey Lett                      sica Carnes, Staycey Chandy, Julie Coker, Der-      Brecca Wells, Trent Williams, Justin Wright and
                 Staff Writer                      rick Cummings, Isaac Dominguez, Daniel              Jessica Zettl.
                                                   Dumbleton, Brenton Ehlinger, Reuben                   Alumni Association Scholarships: Meagen
                                                   Fredricks, Thomas Ha, Brandy Herman, Mat-           Attebery, Heather Condict, Phong Hoang,
  The 2003 to 2004 scholarship reception was       thew Johnston, Garret Aldridge, Brandon             Tracey Medrano and Kim Pham.
held on Aug. 19 to honor current students and      Bales, Melissa Barton, Jennifer Cantrell,             Faculty Association Scholarships: Jeffery
incoming students who received scholarships.       Janetta Carr and Kyle Choate.                       Amos, Laura Arbetello, Kristie Bradley, Gina
  OKCCC President Bob Todd congratulates all         Shaun Cosby, Joshua Curliss, Micah Downey         Casey, Melissa Frazier, Jan Hoepfner, John
the scholarship winners.                           Jonathan Edwards, Jordan Evans, Christy             Mansera, Dustin Perkins, William Rice III, Julie
  “Congratulations to each of our scholarship      Garrison, Jarod Hale, Becky Jackson, Amanda         Shatswell and Mary Vick.
recipients. We are honored that they have cho-     Judkins, Ahsan Ashfaq, Miranda Bandy, Mike            Nursing Scholarships: Kathryn Clarkson
sen Oklahoma City Community College and            Bergstrasser Jr., Christine Cao, Phillip Chan-      and Kelly Hemphill.
wish them every success as they pursue their       dler, Ashlee Church, Jason Crouch, Huong              Jack Cain Memorial Scholarship: Dianne
educational and career goals.”                     Doan, Kendra Draper, Stephen Edwards, Jen-          Wilkes.
  The scholarship recipients are as follows:       nifer Folmar, Jerry George, Krista Hamm, Madi-        Susan Clowers Memorial Scholarship:
  Academic Scholars: David Anderson, Lindi         son Johnson, Leah Kahue, Rachel Kinyon and          Lawrence Atteberry.
Criswell, Craig Hunter, April Brewer, Jacqueline   Lindsey Laurent.                                      Kay Edwards Memorial Scholarships: Jes-
Dake, Wade Mooring, Valerie Carlson and              Jenny Liles, Danah Love, Jeremiah Mattox,         sica Ball, Markisha Gates and Carlos Robinson.
Kristin Dunlap.                                    Chris Miler, Nicole Novotny, Holly Palmer,            Bobby D. Gaines Scholarship: John Brady.
  Regents Scholarship: Amy Banu, Justin            Cheryl Phillips, Jessica Russell, Kira Schmult,       Larry D. Golden Memorial Scholarship: Lori
Feese, Megan Richardson, Charles Beavers,          Jarrod Simmons, Tamra Starr, Lindsey                Lowe.
Shannon Fralish, Robert Simpson, Dewayne           Stratton, Sean Tolbert, Thomas Vasquez, Jana          Mary Ann Merz Memorial Scholarships:
Bell and Lauren Hakim.                             Westberry, Geoff Willis, Monica Wright, Bran-       Michelle Blackwood and Jessica Larson.
  President’s Scholarship: Brenda Arens, Jon       don Laib, Kim Le, Holly Lloyd, Lindsey Love,          Sharon Robinson Memorial Scholarship:
Blice, Heather Condict, John Giles, Chi Huynh,     Fraconda McGregor, Chris Morrow, Ashley             Patrick Billen.
Natalie Pham, Trent Tarp, Daniel Wortham,          Obermeyer, Fonzie Paredes and Dylan Post.             Matt Skvarla Journalism Memorial
Barbara Biggers, Jared Brown, Nicole Dodson,         Randy Sanders, Cara Seikel, David Smith,          Scholarship: Daniel Lapham.
Thanh Hoang, Beth Johnson, Phu Pham and            Sean Stebler, Amber Strong, Jonathan Valen-           Linda Thornton Memorial Scholarship: An-
Jason Waugh.                                       tine, Bethany Warn, Nick Williams, Justin Wil-      gel Owen.
  Melissa Yarbrough, Toby Blair, Christopher       son, Joe Zais, Lindsay Lauderdale, Kara Lee,          Peter Wright Memorial Scholarship: Chris-
Clay, Nicole Estes, Jennifer Horton, Summer        Norma Lopez, Michael Mathew, Jacob Merrill          topher Pitts
Moore, Stephanie Russell and Amanda Will-          Jennifer Nguyen, Ajith Oommen, Jeremy                 Women of the South Scholarships: Jackie
iams.                                              Pearson, Amanda Powders, Scott Sanders,             Alaniz, Casey Close, Marla Copeland, Sojourna
  Freshman Scholarship: Ashley Aldridge,           Selena Seraj, Ashlee Standridge, Chelsie            Henry, Lisa McLain and Teresa Staggs.

Enrollment problems made students unhappy, again
                                      paying her expenses.                   problems college workers were ex-       being processed at the same time,
         By Lacey Lett                  “They said they didn’t get my        periencing.                             we manually placed those students
          Staff Writer                payment.” Owen also said the             “It has to do with the system.        on hold. When you do it manually,
                                      Bursar’s of fice told her they         We’ve had an increasing demand          there is unfortunately always room
                                      couldn’t do anything because she       upon our computer system.               for human error.”
  Disorganization was what stu-       had already been dropped. She had        All the traffic has slowed down         Students who have problems
dents were complaining about last     been waiting for two and a half        things. There are provisions and        with enrollment should talk to the
week.                                 hours. She said she never had          software that should make things        office of Admission and Records to
  Students all over the main build-   problems enrolling before.             considerably better for spring.”        correct the errors, Barton said.
ing were heated about how long it       Raelyn Wilkerson, 19, also said        When asked about the situations
took them to enroll online. Jeremy    she got dropped after paying her       that Owen and Wilkerson were
Thomas, 21, said he sat at the en-    entire payment for the fall semes-     having, Barton said: “We’ve had
rollment computers for one hour       ter. “This is a hassle.                isolated cases. We had a huge
and 45 minutes and was still hav-       This is like the seventh time I’ve   number of payments along with fee
ing problems.                         had to come up here.”                  extensions that students at-                      UPWARD BOUND
  Amanda Owen, 21, said she was         Gloria Barton, dean of admis-        tempted to process.                       Tutors in History and Science. Apply
dropped from classes even after       sions and records, talked about the      “Because of the number of those          in Human resources. Deadline is
                                                                                                                                Septmeber 5, 2003

Mental wellness fair visits OKCCC Sept. 5, 6                                                                                           EOE

                                         Several exhibits will be set up     [Helpline],” she said, “they’re there
        By Caroline Ting              in the conference rooms and the        to listen to you and direct you to            Classified Ads F R E E to
          Staff Writer                general dining area from 9 a.m. to     the people that can really assist                students, faculty,
                                      5 p.m. Friday, and 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.    you with your problems.”                         & staff. Go by the
                                      Saturday.                                 Participants may park in lots D         Pioneer office (2M6) and fill
  The Festival of Hope Mental            Resources on mental health will     and E and enter from entry 6.
Wellness Fair will come back to the   be available at the fair, said Mae        The fair is free and open to the
                                                                                                                          out a classified form by
OKCCC campus for the second           Williams, chair of mental wellness     public.                                           5 p.m. Tuesday
year on Friday and Saturday, Sept.    fair 2003.                                For more information call CON-                for the next issue.
5 and 6.                                 “When you call the CONTACT          TACT at (405) 840-9396.
Photographer • Keah Roggow • 682-1611, ext. 7676
                                                                                                                       September 1, 2003 • PIONEER • 5

Retention Pond construction started
                                                                                                                                              This rendering
                By Daniel Lapham                                                                                                              shows what the
                     Editor                                                                                                                   retention pond,
                                                                                                                                              constructed on
   The montage of dump trucks and heavy dig-
ging equipment on the northeast corner of the                                                                                                 the northeast
OKCCC campus has students wondering what’s                                                                                                    corner of the
going on.                                                                                                                                     campus, will look
    There is a good reason for all the commo-                                                                                                 like after it’s
tion. Wittwer Construction, under contract with                                                                                               completed. The
the city of Oklahoma City, is digging out more                                                                                                area will be home
than 225,000 cubic yards of dirt for the pur-                                                                                                 to the pond, a
pose of constructing a pond on campus.                                                                                                        center island,
    Sean Rosales, psychology major and student                                                                                                jogging and
employee for student development, said he                                                                                                     walking trails and
wasn’t sure what the construction was for at                                                                                                  a fountain.
first but had heard bits and pieces about it.
    “I knew it was for a specific reason,” Rosales
said. “I just wasn’t sure what reason.”
    The pond is designed to hold water runoff
from the campus and its surrounding neigh-                                                                                        Dirt is loaded into a truck to
borhoods during heavy rains, said OKCCC Vice                                                                                      be hauled off to another
President for Business and Finance Art Bode.                                                                                      location as construction takes
    Bode said he thinks the pond will be a beau-                                                                                  place on campus for a
tiful addition to the campus after its comple-                                                                                    retention pond. The pond is
tion, projected for February.                                                                                                     designed to hold water runoff
    “Aesthetically, the pond will have a signifi-
                                                                                                                                  from the campus and its
cant effect on the college,” Bode said. “The area
                                                                                                                                  surrounding neighborhoods
will have a permanent pond that will retain
water at all times and then it will have an area                                                                                  during heavy rains, said
beyond that which detains the water and slows                                                                                     OKCCC Vice President for
the flow off campus [during] severe rains.” The                                                                                   Business and Finance Art
pond will add beauty as well as utility.                                                                                          Bode.
    “There will be the pond, with an island and
a fountain. There will be jogging and walking
trails around the pond as well as around that
entire quadrant,” Bode said.
    Students are excited about the idea of a new
place to relax and exercise.                                                                                                      Photo by Keah Roggow
    “I will definitely use the trails to jog,” Rosales
said. “It’s definitely closer than having to go to
    Bode agreed.
    “I would envision that, after completion of
                                                         Smoking law effective Sept. 1
the pond, not only students, faculty and staff                                              sure how the college will re-       major, said the new law doesn’t
at the college will utilize this area but also mem-            By Daniel Lapham             spond to the legislation.           bother her at all even though
bers of the community will be able to walk and                      Editor                     “I have not yet had the op-      she is a smoker.
jog without having to contend with the traf-                                                portunity to review these new          “It doesn’t bother me be-
fic... in their neighborhoods.”                                                             statutes,” said Ernest Macha-       cause even though I choose to
    Sonography sophomore Gaylynn Dixon also                 Ignoring the signs around       do, director of Safety and Se-      smoke, I don’t feel I have the
agrees the pond will be a very positive addition
                                                         campus that state “Oklahoma        curity. “I will be waiting for      right to infringe upon another’s
to the community.
    “I think it’s a good idea for the community          law requires no smoking be-        some guidance from my supe-         choice not to smoke.”
because people from the neighborhoods can use            yond this point” could hit stu-    riors.                                 Karen Boatmun, diversified
it too,” she said.                                       dents in the pocket book as of        “We will do the best we can      studies major, has a different
    The only thing Rosales is worried about is           Sept. 1.                           to uphold the law and the best      take on the smoking issue.
the safety of the ducks and geese that may de-              Revisions to the Smoking in     interest of the students,” he          “It’s another control issue,”
cide to reside at the pond.                              Public Places and Indoor Work-     said. “It’s going to be interest-   Boatmun said. “You hear [the
    “Hopefully [the college] will do something to        places Act were signed by Gov.     ing to see how this will work       government] saying it’s be-
protect the ducks from traffic,” he said. “I have        Brad Henry on June 6 and go        out.”                               cause smokers are costing
seen some get hit and it’s not pretty.”                  into effect as law Sept. 1.           OKCCC students have              them too much money in
    Although the pond will be excellent for the             The law states in Oklahoma      mixed feelings.                     health care.”
community, Bode said, he does not foresee it             Statute, Title 21. Section 1247,      Business major B. Agha dis-         She countered by explaining
serving the purpose of fishing or swimming.              subsection M: “Any person          agrees with the law and sees        that somebody will have to pay
    “I do not know of there being any plans to           who knowingly violates this act    it as an infringement upon his      for the special task force in
stock the pond with fish but… swimming would
                                                         is guilty of a misdemeanor, and    rights as a smoker.                 charge of enforcing these laws.
definitely not be a proper use of the area,” Bode
said with a chuckle.                                     upon conviction thereof, shall        “I would run away from the          For more information on the
    He said the college executive council would          be punished by a fine of not       cop if he tried to give me a        new Smoking in Public Places
meet later in the year to establish the exact            less than $10 nor more than        ticket for smoking outside,”        and Indoor Workplaces Act, log
procedures of use once the construction nears            $100.”                             Agha said.                          on to www.breatheeasyok
completion.                                                 OKCCC officials are not            Merissa Jackson, undecided       .com.
6 • PIONEER • September 1, 2003                                                                                        Staff Writer • Lacey Lett • 682-1611, ext. 7676

  Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship
     Chi Alpha Christian Fellowship will be meeting in CU7
  this year instead of in the theater lobby. Meetings will
  continue to be on Wednesdays from noon to1 p.m. Special
  speakers Greg Tiffany, the state coordinator of the club,
  the OU campus pastor and Jenean Jones will speak at
  noon on Wednesday, Sept. 3. Snacks will be served and
  new students are welcome. This fellowship is not a
  fraternity or sorority. For more information call LaWanda
  LaVarnway at (405) 682-1611 ext. 7329.

  OKCCC theater auditions
     OKCCC Drama Department will hold auditions from 4
  to 7 p.m. Tuesday and Wednesday, Sept. 2 and Sept. 3
  in the college theater for the first play of the season. “The
  Miss Firecracker Contest” is a comedy with four women
  and two men. All students are encouraged to audition.
  Scripts are necessary and are available in the Arts and
  Humanities office. No experience needed and crew
  positions are also available. The play will be performed
  Thursday through Sunday, Oct. 9 to Oct.11. Contact Ruth
  Charnay at (405) 682-1611, ext. 7246 if you have any                                                                                       Photo by Keah Roggow
                                                                  Newcomers welcome: Director of Baptist Collegiate Ministries Mike Barnett                talks
  Phi Theta Kappa meeting                                         with Reinaldo (Rico) Rivera (second right) and Jahmila Jackson about the club at the Organiza-
    Phi Theta Kappa will meet at 5 p.m. Wednesday, Sept.          tions Fair held Aug. 27 and Aug. 28 in the college union.

                                                                  Free candy for everyone
  3 and at 12:30 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 4 in room CU8.

  Community chorus
    OKCCC Community Chorus for the fall semester is set                                           Awareness Organization
  to perform “Vivaldi’s Gloria” on Tuesday, Nov. 11.                    By Lacey Lett             attended the fair to try and
  Rehearsal starts Tuesday, Sept. 2 from 7 to 9 p.m in room              Staff Writer             get enough new members            “People are receptive
  1C5 by entry 5. No audition is required and people can                                          to be active this year.                  to free stuff...”
  take the class for credit or noncredit for $20. The last day                                       Jessica Martinez-Brooks,                 —Tim Moser
  to join is Tuesday, Sept. 23. For more information, contact        The start of the new         sponsor of the Hispanic                Vice President of
  Jonathon Stewart at Jstewart@okccc.edu or (405) 682-            school year began with          Organization to Promote
                                                                  booths set up all over the
                                                                                                                                       Chi Alpha Christian
  1611 ext. 7249.                                                                                 Education, also known as
                                                                  college union. The Organi-                                                    Fellowship
                                                                                                  H.O.P.E., set up a dance
  Customer service seminar                                        zations Fair was held last      floor in the union and held
    The Training Center at OKCCC has scheduled two                week to sign people up for      a short salsa lesson for
  seminars of paramount importance to the success of              the clubs and organizations     those interested.                dent of Christian Fellow-
  businesses both large and small. The Training Center will       that will be active through-       Even with all the excite-     ship, said they already had
  offer “The FISH! Philosophy: A Guide to World Famous            out the 2003 to 2004 school     ment in the room, there          five pages of sign-ups by
  Customer Service” on Tuesday, Sept. 16, and “WOW Your           year.                           was some seriousness.            noon on Wednesday. He
  Listeners and WIN the Business” on Tuesday, Nov. 4.                Sponsors, current mem-       Third semester student,          said,“ People are receptive
  Both classes are held in The Training Center. For               bers and hopeful members        Kim Kettle, wanted to get        to free stuff...,” Moser said.
  enrollment information, call (405) 682-7562.                    of clubs crowded the union      involved with the Baptist        They gave out books, cds,
                                                                  to share information on or-     Collegiate Ministries, also      and candies.
  Civic-minded website                                            ganizations and clubs. The      known as BCM, to be more           If any student missed the
     Vocal Oklahomans in Civic Engagement is sponsoring           fair let newcomers know         involved with God. “God          Organizations Fair, have no
  a new website to help students gain information about           that OKCCC is full of di-       wants people involved and        fear. Students can sign up
  civic activities on their college campuses. The site will       verse clubs and organiza-       I want to obey him,” She         online all year round. Go to
  allow colleges and universities to post activities on an        tions.                          said. She also helps with        www.okccc.edu and click
  online calendar and participate in online forums. Visit the        Some clubs that partici-     Chi Alpha Christian fellow-      on Student Life. Go to clubs
  site at www.okvoice.org.                                        pated were Abilities Galore,    ship when her time allows.       and e-mail any of the spon-
                                                                  Photography Club, Gay Al-          Tim Moser, Vice Presi-        sors for more information.
  Wheelchairs available                                           liance and Friends, Schol-
    Miracle on Wheels makes power wheelchairs available           ars League, and Christian
                                                                  Fellowship. One brand new
  to nonambulatory senior citizens. The wheelchairs are
  provided to those who cannot walk and cannot self-propel        club this year is called Lit-
                                                                                                                Got club news?
  a manual wheelchair in their home or living quarters. For       erary Excursion, created to                 We want to know!
  information and qualifications call 1-800-749-8778.             promote different literary
                                                                  works from such authors                Call Lacey at 682-1611, ext.
                                                                  as Maya Angelou and An-                         7676 with
         Psst... If you have highlights                           thony Burgess.
             come by room 2M6.                                       Inactive clubs such as the                  the details!
                                                                  Native American Cultural
 Ad Manager • Brent Hodges • 682-1611, ext. 7674                                                                                           September 1, 2003 • PIONEER • 7

Pioneer Classified Advertising         Very nice! New transmission. V-6
is free to all currently enrolled      power windows, power locks,                 Weekly crossword
OKCCC students and employ-             sunroof, 130k miles. Must sell.
ees for any personal classified        $3,000 OBO. Call 799-3412 or
ad. Ads must be submitted in           613-0803.
writing with IDs supplied or             FOR SALE: ’95 Ford Taurus
work area and college exten-           Sedan, white, 3.0 Liter V-6 a/c,
sion included. Deadline for ad-        power seats & windows. $2,800
vertising is 5 p.m. Tuesday            OBO. Call Eddie at 246-2361.
prior to the publication date.           FOR SALE: ’92 Honda Pre-
Call 682-1611, ext. 7674 for           lude, red, alarm, cd, tint, all power,
more information.                      sunroof and very clean. $3,700.
                                       Call 229-3683 or 605-0566.
                                         FOR SALE: ’92 Honda Pre-
                                       lude. Black, tinted windows, all
                                       power, sunroof, runs great.
   FOR SALE: ’98 Dodge 150
                                       $5,500. Call 503-7807.
under 80,000 miles. Asking $8,500
                                         FOR SALE: ’87 Cadillac
OBO 634-6929.
                                       Eldorado. Good tires, runs good,
   FOR SALE: ’97 Toyota, Black,
                                       moonroof. Must sell, have an-
60k miles. $4,150. Call Tina after
                                       other vehicle. $1,550 or best of-
9 p.m. at 579-0542.
                                       fer. 602-8834.
   FOR SALE: ’96 Nissan Quest            FOR SALE: ’76 Monte Carlo.
Minivan. Well kept, teal, fully-       350 engine and transmission
loaded, 174 k, $7,500 OBO. Call        Looks and runs great. $2,500
210-7245.                              OBO. Call 292-7118.
   FOR SALE: ’96 Chrysler Se-            FOR SALE: ’76 Ford Ecoline,
bring LXI. V-6 Automatic, tan with     heavy duty everything. Rebuilt
gray leather interior, fully loaded,   engine, 125k. $1,150 OBO. Call
with sunroof, CD player, power         210-7245.
everything, 105k miles. $4,999
OBO. Call 947-0131.
   FOR SALE: ’95 Nissan
Maxima GLE, automatic, pearl              FOR SALE: TI-89 for $80 in
white, leather, power windows and      good conditon. Call 682-1611, ext
locks, sunroof. 17’ wheels with 4      7269.
new tires. Asking $4,000. Call Moe        WANTED: Calling all parties
408-2753.                              interested in joining a Christian
  FOR SALE: ’95 Ford Mustang,          dance/step team. We conduct all            FOR SALE: 29 ft. Tioga Motor      storage, only 14K. Perfect condi-    with new full mattress $100 also
Loaded with CD player. Automatic       kinds of dance and incorporate           Home. 2000 model 29z, C-class,      tion, perfect for travelers on the   white child’s dresser $65. Call
and new transmission. Runs             stomping, clapping, dancing,             Ford chassis, V-10 engine, gets     go! Must see to appreciate. Only     605-0549.
great. $3800 OBO. Call 210-7909.       singing and chanting. We want            9-10 mpg pulling a tow car, uses    $37,500. See Professor Ludlum            FOR SALE: Full set of Ency-
  FOR SALE: ’95 Ford Escort.           to show that there is more than          unleaded gas, has microwave,        for more details or call at 682-     clopedia Americana through 2002
4-door, 181k miles. New timing         one way to praise God. For more          oven range, heat/air, shower,       1611, ext.7412 or e-mail at          $150. Call 682-1611, ext 7302.
belt, brakes, water pump, and          info. Contact 503-7807.                  bathroom, cable ready, two beds,    mludlum@okccc.edu.                      WANTED: Student asst. for Syl-
tune-up. $1,700. Call 682-1611,           FOR SALE: Refrigerator and            plus a fold down couch, large aw-       FOR SALE: Bunk bed-twin on       van Learning Center near Cross-
ext. 7795 or 364-0924.                 freezer above. Asking $125. Call         ning, exterior stereo, plenty of    top and full on the bottom. Comes    roads Mall. One evening/week( 4
  FOR SALE: ’95 Ford Contour.
                                       745-0961.                                                                                                         hrs.) and Sat. morning (3 hrs.).
                                                                                                                                                         Good people skills, work well with
                                                                                                                                                         children, can multi-task. Start im-
                                                                                                                                                         mediately. 631-0700.

                                                                                                                                                                FOR RENT
                                                                                                                                                            FOR RENT: Roommate
                                                                                                                                                         needed to share a 2-bedroom
                                                                                                                                                         apartment on the northeast side
                                                                                                                                                         of OKC. Bills included in rent. For
                                                                                                                                                         more info call 755-1867.
                                                                                                                                                            FOR      RENT:       Location
                                                                                                                                                         N.W.16th &Young. 15 minute drive
                                                                                                                                                         from OKCCC. Special discount
                                                                                                                                                         for Students. Contact: Moe 818-
                                                                                                                                                         9390/ Liton 681-8366.
                                                                                                                                                            FOR RENT: Free Room &
                                                                                                                                                         Board for live-in nanny 20 hrs. a
                                                                                                                                                         week. Call Sarah or Dan at 205-
                                                                                                                                                         7407 A.S.A.P.
                                                                                                                                                            FOR RENT: 2840 S.W. 78th
                                                                                                                                                         Beautiful 2 Bed, 1 1/2 Bath, living
                                                                                                                                                         room, dining room, covered patio
                                                                                                                                                         and 2 car garage. W/ auto open.
                                                                                                                                                         Walking distance to the college.
                                                                                                                                                         $650 per month. $350 deposit.
                                                                                                                                                         Call 408-1768.
8 • PIONEER • September 1, 2003                                                                       Online Editor • Melissa Guice • 682-1611, ext. 7676

Anti-virus software good investment                                                             DO YOU NEED MONEY?
                                  Davis said an estimated          He said there are some
          “Virus,”             2 to 5 percent of the com-       other virus protection ser-        JOIN THE #1 BEAUTY
     Cont. from page 1         puters did strange things        vices that have free scans          COMPANY — AVON
                               like reboot or freeze but this   too but McAfee is what the
                               was fairly isolated.             college currently uses.                  •Earn up to 50%
computers talking back            Anderson said on-cam-                                         •Your products at reduced prices
and forth to each other. It    pus traffic is not the only
looks for any open ports it    factor slowing down cam-                                                   •Free Training
can find.                      pus computers. Heavier-                                                •Work your own hours
   “It goes through every      than-usual usage also has          Student Position Available                 •Benefits
open IP that it can find and   contributed.                       Position located in Student
                                  “When I checked one of                                          FREE startup kit with this ad
hammers it until it finds an                                       Services area. Contact
open port,” Anderson said.     our ports the other day,”          Human Resources at 682-                       ($10 value)
   Anderson also explained     Anderson said, “there were         7814/7542 for application      For more Information call:
that on a small network,       about 12,000 hits on that
                               one port within a three-
                                                                  and additional information.     Bridget Davis 306-3158
this search for data be-                                                     EOE
tween computers is not as      hour period.”
significant of a problem but      Davis and Anderson said
when there are hundreds of     they encourage students,
computers talking to each      faculty and staff to “bite the
other more than they’re        bullet” and pay the money
supposed to, it starts to      to keep the latest anti-virus
cause problems.                software on their comput-
   Davis said none of these    ers.
viruses were really danger-       “If you just can’t buy the
ous ones meant to crash a      software, you can download
system, but they are defi-     free patches from McAfee at
nite nuisance viruses.         us.mcafee.com.”

  Lg. 1 Topping      Lg. 1 Topping          Sm. 1 Topping
  Carry Out Only   & Two 20 oz. Cokes       & 20 oz. Coke
      $5.99           ONLY $7.99             ONLY $6.49
                    2204 SW 74th


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