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									  Acer Laptops Are a World Known Brand

Acer, a top laptop company, is leading the control of reliable and
high end PC technology in over a hundred nations. Let us look at
a few of their best and renowned technologies. Acer is better
recognized for their number of laptops, such as the Acer
TravelMate and Acer Tablet. The technology behind these laptops
is first rate and they are available at great discounts.
Some of the top advantages of these new laptops have fascinated
customers from all over the world. The innovative Tablet laptop
features a screen that may not just be rotated in most directions
but can also be written directly on. Another captivating model is
the Acer Ferrari 4000 laptop, which has a huge AMD Turion 64
processor in addition to integrated Bluetooth. The huge 5600
series also boasts Apple Core Duo processing in addition to a
selection of optical drives as well as widescreens of various sizes.
Next out there is the 1600 series, which has a 2-funnel memory.
The 3000 series features AMD Power Now Technology. The 3100
series does not just feature the most recent optical drives but also
wireless options like Bluetooth technology. The compact 3610
model is well-liked by vacationers because of its portability. Also
well-liked by individuals on the go is the 5000 series, with its
speed and long battery life. The 5100 series comes like a
standard 64 bit machine, with 1 gig of memory. The 7100 Acer
laptop is exclusive because of its massive 17-inch screen while
Acer 9100 has a TV tuner, never to forget the 17-inch crystalbrite
widescreen from the Acer Aspire 9500. However, the greatest for
all time is the Acer Aspire 9800 laptop. This laptop includes a
massive 20-inch widescreen as well as an integrated camcorder.
With a huge selection of models, there's certain to be series that
meet nearly everybody’s needs, from the home user who
considers cost, to the businessman who desires energy and
speed, to the traveler who desires portability and extended battery
life. Whatever benefits you seek, you're certain to find a model
that best suits you among the new selection of Acer Laptops.

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