Having children may reduce the risk of heart disease by nody201195


									         Having children may reduce the risk of heart disease

A new study shows that women who give birth to more than 4 children are
less likely to experience heart disease at older ages.

  The results of previous studies that addressed the subject are conflicting and
inconclusive, some suggested that pregnancy and birth may increase the risk
for heart attacks and strokes, others proved otherwise.

The new study began in the mid-eighties of the last century, which included
more than 1300 women, aged over fifty years, and in most of them belonging
to the middle class of society, in the region of Southern California in the United
States of America.

Asked in the study to give sufficient information on the dates reproductive
them, in terms of number of pregnancies that lasted for more than 3 months
and number of children present and other information about their use of
contraceptives containing estrogen and the symptoms and time of
interruption of their periods, as identify the factors that increase the risk of
heart disease in each post separately, and the average number of children at
posts in the study is two children.

The study lasted for two decades, during which he died almost half posts for
reasons related to heart disease or strokes, but the incidence of these diseases
were lower in women who have given birth to 4 children or more compared
with women who did not give birth at all.

Scientists did not reach at the moment how to protect the process of
pregnancy and reproduction of heart disease or strokes, but believed that the
body is exposed to the hormone estrogen which is secreted during pregnancy
helps protect the heart.

On the other hand, commented other scientists on the results of the study that
they were not accurate in that it included a specific category of society is a
class of the middle class in the state of California, which has usually healthier
and exercising, when women are healthy habits better, such as to maintain the
weight and stay away smoking and exercise and other habits that help
strengthen and protect the heart and arteries, more than the minimum class
of society, or women in the cities or even other countries, which means the
inability to present the results.

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