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    The National T-Bucket Alliance Newsletter
   January 2006
Inside This Issue
                                    The President’s Corner
                         Well gang, here we are, 2006. We have picked up quite a few new members in
                         the last few months. I want to welcome you all again if this is your first newslet-
                         ter. I gotta do my reminders: If you haven't got your copy of the Nats video, you
  The President’s        need to call Curt or Shawn at 877-CAR-DVDS and get your very own
       Corner            copy. Love showing mine to all my other friends and street rod buddies. Also
                         Sos's calendars are FANTASTIC and make great gifts as well. I am pretty sure
                         Sos will have an order form in this newsletter. All of these guys have donated a
  Advertisements         lot of time and expense to make these two things available, so if you would,
                         please support them. Time is running out on those of you that would like to hold
                         an office. If you are wanting to run please contact me as soon as possible.
  T-Bucket News
                               At this time we have several members and members families that are have
                         some health problems. Because of the laws I can't go into details, but it is my
  Product Review         hope that if you can keep them in your thoughts. If you know of members that
                         are "under the weather", don't forget our "Sunshine Lady" aka: Robyn "Toollady"
                         Taylor. You might want to let her know who might need a little sunshine sent
T-Bucket Kitchens        their way.
                                Speaking of under the weather.....our Secretary and her computer have
Buckethead Of The        both been under the weather. My computer has been a little sick as well. In
     Month               any case, we do the best we can with what we have. As you know we are all
                         volunteers and it takes a little bit to get everything accomplished. If we are a
                         little slow, please hang in there. "We are getting older every minute and I think
     Tech Files          we slow down the older we get."
                               Another reminder: Nats are only a few months away and for the new
   Hall Of Fame          members and those of you that lost your last newsletter : ) We are going back
                         to Mountain Home, Arkansas July 20, 21, and 22nd. If you are planning on at-
                         tending, I want to remind you to get your rooms as soon as possible. Rooms go
                         fast! You can see what's available, cost, and phone number for the hotels and
                         RV park. Bob Recktenwald, Bob Chester, their helpers, the city of Mountain
  Managing Editor
                         Home, and the local law enforcement did a lot of work and gave us a great
                         time. I highly recommend you try to attend the 2006 Nats.
 “Sostan “Humidi-T”
     Babineaux                 Need to get this wrapped up, but before I do. This last month for me has
Humidi_t@yahoo.com       really been a heart ache. In less then 2 weeks I lost 3 very close friends. 2 of
                         which I knew longer then I have known Melinda. One, I have street rodded
   Chief Publisher
                         with since 1976. Why am I telling you this? I know life is extremely short and it
Clarence “Big Dog” Lee   seems that when a friend takes the very high road, it always seems too
    calee@srt.com        soon. Take some time out of your busy life to keep track of your buddies. Be
                         careful while working on your ride and on the roads while winter is upon
                         us. Catch ya all next month.
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                         As Always, Your Friend and Fellow Buckethead
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           Personal Image Transfers by:                                         Refab January Special
                                                                          Congratulations To Mark Hoffman!
                                                                                                              Refab delivered his
                                                                                                              new turn key ’23 “T”
                                                                                                              on Aug. 1, 2005.
                                                                                                              Since then he has
                                                                                                              been to 3 shows, and
                                                                                                              has had 3 wins.
                                                                                                               Refab’s Spe-
                                                                                     cial This Month Is:
                                                                 Starter Kit- All fiber glass (body, bed, grill shell), frame,
                                                                 NEW 9” ford rear end, front axle, 4 wheel disk brakes, and
                                                                 complete front end assembly. $4,600.00 (We can fit any
                                                                 motor/tranny mt. combo to frame)
Your car, grandchildren, or any image place                        We manufacture components, to turn key cars. All brack-
on T-shirts, Coffee cups, display tiles, tile                    ets are laser cut for the best looking and fitting part available!
murals, license plate frames etc.                                              You deserve to drive the best!!
Ron Henningsen
NTBA Member
1267 W Royal Oaks Dr
                        E-mail image to:
                                                                                   Refab Inc.
                        for a price quote or call for details.
Shoreview MN 55126
                                                                 1-800-392-7223 www.refabinc.com


         This space could be yours!                               A proud Sponsor of the                   Herman’s Fast
                                                                  NTBA!                                    Glass of Sey-
                                                                  Bodies starting at $380                  mour, Tennes-
Call Sostan Babineaux (337) 519-6131                                                                       see has over 40
                                                                  Frames starting at $425
                                                                                                           years of fiber-
                                                                  Pro T Wiring kit Only $130               glass body pro-
  Or e-mail to: humidi_t@yahoo.com                                Rear Disk Brake Kit $245                 duction experi-
                                                                                                           ence. Herman’s
        For more information.                                     Front Disk Brake Kit                     can help you re-
                                                                  $105.00                                  gardless of your
                                                                  Give Rick a call to request a price      car-building ex-
                                                                  list, compare his prices, or order       pertise, be it a
                 CAMPER EXCHANGE INC                              that custom part. Or visit them at       special part or a
                                                                  www.hermansfastglass.com                 turn key car. Re-
                     1401 S ILLINOIS ST
                                                                  Visa, MasterCard, and Discover           alize your street-
         BELLEVILLE IL 62220 1800-879-2161                        accepted.                                rodding dreams!
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                                        T-Bucket News

Did you know the NTBA gives an award just      Current members of the Tough T’s Are:
for driving your bucket? That’s right! An
award just for doing what we all love to         1000 mile           Gary Winn
do! It’s called the toughest T award and                             Dennis Bynum
                                               Russ and Kathy Gore   Gary Hotchkin
actually has two divisions, 500 mile and
                                              Yvonne & Bill Parisho  Kenneth long
1000 mile. A patch is given for each di-
                                                   Rolla Hessel      Gene Carey
vision that can be proudly worn on any
jacket. Now before you start jumping up            Kenneth long      Bernie Stegmaier
and down because you have 12,000 miles on   Howard (T-Bopper) Ander- Howard (T-Bopper)
the clock, there are a few rules. The 500               son          Anderson
mile trip has to be completed in less              500 mile          Kevin Seward
than 12 hours and the 1000 mile trip in                              Tim (Toolman) and
30 hours.                                   Russ & Kathy Gore        Robin Taylor
                                            Yvonne & Bill Parisho    Don (TNT) Ebert
There are five steps to earning a Patch.    Rolla Hessel
They are:                                                            Al Carpenter
                                                                     Don Hoffmeier
1. Choose a Safe Route
2. Get a Start Witness (someone who will
document your start time)
3. Collect and Track your Receipts (your    2005 T-Bucket Nationals in Mountain Home,
fuel receipts will accompany a log of       AR $25 plus $3 S&H
other information)
                                            2004 T-Bucket Nationals in Omaha, NE $20
4. Get an End Witness (someone who will     plus $3 S&H.
document your finish time)
5. Copy and submit your documentation to    2003 T-Bucket Nationals in Overland Park,
the Audit Committee                         KS $15 plus $3 S&H.
Any takers? You can view the entire rules   2002 T-Bucket Nationals in Grapevine, TX
and download the forms needed at:           $10 plus $3 S&H.
les/miles.asp                               Save $10 and get the 2003, 2004, and 2005
Or contact the St. Louis Chapter for more   DVDs together (three disc
information.                                set!) for $50 plus $4.50 S&H! All videos
NTBA, St. Louis Chapter                     are on DVD only. Sorry, no VHS tapes are
3002 Woodbridge Creek Dr.
                                            Anyone who wishes to pay by check or
St. Louis, MO   63129                       Postal money order, make payable to:
                                            CarDVDs. Mail your order to: CarDVDs, PO
                                            Box 891, Palatine, IL 60078-0891. Be sure
            TUBULAR DYNAMICS                to specify exactly which DVD, and how many
                                            of each you would like.
         1207 NE COOKINGHAM DR
                                                  We also accept PayPal from members
           KANSAS CITY MO 64155
                                            and non-members. PayPal payments should
      1-816-734-8211 gab1207@toto.net       be made to: cwz@mc.net

          OLD DOG STREETRODS                            HERMANS FAST GLASS
             11435 DORSETT RD                               567 BAKER ST
      MARYLAND HEIGHTS MO 63043                           SEYMORE TN 37865
1-314-291-7637 www.olddogstreetrods                          1-865-577-1941
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                                                 T-Bucket News

Jason Brown, hailing from San Luis Obispo, CA sent in these pictures of his clean bucket before and
after sharing his holiday spirit. Nice ride Jason!

                                           Supplies are limited so please don’t hesitate to order yours
                                          The price of the calendars are $12.50 (US) which includes
                                  US Postage and packaging. Overseas orders will be shipped at cost
                                  and need to be communicated prior to ordering.
                                          For US orders please complete the order form below, and
                                  mail it to the address on the form with payment. Sorry, checks or
                                  money orders only and no call in orders please. I still have a day
                                  job. Please give me a little time to get the calendars back to you
                                  before asking where the calendars are. At the time of this newslet-
                                  ter going to print, I expect the calendars within the week.

                                                 ORDER FORM

   Delivery Address:

      Qty Ordered:                Price of the calendar includes packaging and shipping by U.S. Mail
      @ $12.50 each    X $12.50   Please pay with check or Money Order, Sorry no cash, credit cards
              Total:              or PayPal this year. Send completed order form and payment to:
                                  S. Babineaux P.O. Box 311 Broussard, LA 70518
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E       veryone has their vision of their bucket long before they begin
        construction. For many of us, that vision often changes as we
        realize that certain items are more practical than others. That is
the case for me, anyhow. My dream bucket had a blown big block and
                                                                              I didn’t even have to disconnect the fuel line or remove the air
                                                                              cleaner. I then dropped on the first new gasket, the plate, and the
                                                                              second gasket and remounted my carb. Install time took about 5 min-
                                                                              utes (three spent looking for my 1/2” wrench before I found it in my
Muncie four speed transmission. While I still want the cubic inch beast,      back pocket) then moved on to the throttle linkage adapters.
my choice of transmissions has changed. I’d rather have the practicality
of an auto trans (not to mention the cramped quarters of the floor            A little brown envelope held a stack up of machined plates and screws.
boards and frame areas) than the “fun” of the manual transmission.            Following the instructions, I disassembled the outer plate from the
Since I’m being more practical why not an overdrive transmission?             inner plates (the inner plates are pinned together) and slid the inner
                                                                              plates onto the throttle arm on the carb, This little adapter was bril-
I’ve heard the horror stories of burnt TH700R4 transmissions, and             liantly designed! With minimal effort, the plate snapped into place on
known folks who got rid of the 700 because of goofy shift patterns, we        the carb arm, then the outer plate is bolted to the inner plate. The
probably all have heard these tales. From my period as a mechanic in a        adapter is now positively locked onto the carb with zero slack or
GM dealership, I knew the 700R4 as a relatively tough, dependable             movement. The outer plate has a small adjustment slot that allows fine
transmission. I also know that the key to getting this trans to shift right   tuning the shift characteristics of the transmission later on. I set it to
and live a long life is the Throttle Valve setting. The geometry on the       the default position shown on the instructions. Install time here was
TV cable and linkage must be correct in order for the transmission to         less than 5 minutes (the kit includes the correct sized Allen wrenches,
function properly. The more commonly used TH350 uses a cable that             so I didn’t have to hunt them down. Sweet!)
is a simple detent or downshift controller. The 700 cable actually con-
                                                                        Now to the messy part! I drained the trans oil and removed the pan (I
trols shift pressures, clutch apply pressures, as well as detent points and
shift points. A bit more complicated.                                                                       did not need instructions for
                                                                                                            this!) and located the TV lever as
But who can resist the lower 3.06                     Carb throttle plates and base plate depicted depicted in the instructions. I
to 1 first gear ratio, a higher .70:1                 below.                                                removed the two 10mm head
final gear ratio and a cooler running                                                                       screws and a roll pin then pulled
transmission when the converter is                                                                          the Part Throttle Detent Valve
locked up. NOT I! (Plus a known                                                                             out. I swapped out the stock
good 700R4 was given to me with                                                                             spring with the BTO supplied
low mileage) Hence my search be-                                                                            spring. The replacement spring is
gan for a system that would cor-                                                                            longer and heavier than the GM
rectly set up my TV cable. An inter-                                                                        original.
net search brought me to Bowtie
Overdrives. Their website was                                                                                          The transmission internal harness
packed with information about the                                                                                      and electrical components were
700R4 transmission, and their                                                                                          next. Again, a simple install that I
TV101 article and TV MADE EZ                                                                                           made longer by double checking
system seemed to fit the bill per-                                                                                     continuity of the external case
fectly. As an added bonus, BTO was                                                                                     plug to the pressure switch. Bet-
highly recommended by LOKAR.                                                                                           ter safe than sorry. Anyhow, the
                                                                                                                       kit comes with a 4th gear pres-
When ordering from BTO, you                                                                                            sure switch and a new solenoid,
specify the carb type that you have (a Demon in my case) and the type         with very easy instructions. Once all this was completed I popped in a
of TV cable you would like to use. You have the option of buying a kit        new filter and reinstalled the pan. About an hour and a half install time
with a black stock type TV cable or upgrading to a braided stainless          for this part, but I had the kids fighting in the driveway, phone ringing,
cable for the billet folks ( the cables are specially designed for the BTO    and was working on my back in the dark. I recommend checking the
kits). Once an order is complete, BTO gives you access to special set         connection between the outer case plug and the internal wiring to be
up and testing procedures. I ordered a TV MADE EZ system for my               sure you have continuity before refilling the transmission with oil.
Demon, with a new factory type TV cable, an optional throttle cable
mount, and the torque converter control package (TCC lock up kit).            At this point my bucket building time ran out. I plan to complete this
                                                                              review in the upcoming months, as I still have the pressure test, test
A few days later I received my box. Carefully bubble wrapped inside           drive, and converter lock-up electrical kit to install. I was very im-
were all the goods I ordered, as well as full color instructions for the      pressed with the kit, the instructions, and the information that BTO
installation of the carb parts, the internal transmission harness, a re-      has on their website. This seems to be the best set-up for taking care
placement Throttle Valve spring, and the TCC lock up kit. The instruc-        of the TV system that I have found. Bowtie Overdrives has patented
tions really impressed me as they were very clear and easy to follow,         their kit and go through a lot of effort to ensure their customers get
and included instructions for installation, testing, and even test drive      the tech support they require to make their transmission work cor-
instructions! Time to grab the creeper and get some Dexron 3 in my            rectly and do not hesitate to provide as much information as you need
hair!                                                                         to make a decision.
The first thing I installed was the carb plate. The kit comes with a plate    If you are installing or planning to install a 700R4 or a 2004R transmis-
designed for your carb application, as well as two new base gaskets.          sion, I urge you to either visit their website at www.700r4.com or
Installation was a snap! I removed the four nuts, then lifted the carb        give them a call at 760-947-5240
over the studs and removed the old gasket.
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                                                       T-Bucket Kitchen
                                       Submitted by Doug “Old Fart” Mager

               1 can (4 oz.) chopped green chilies                             4 boneless chicken breast halves
                         1 tsp. lime juice                                    2 tsp. Creole OR Cajun seasoning
                       1/4 cup sour cream                                               1 tbsp. olive oil
                         Hot cooked rice                                  1 can (10 3/4 oz.) Cream of Chicken Soup
                                                                                        1/2 cup water

Season chicken with Creole seasoning, Heat oil in skillet, then add chicken and cook until browned.
Add soup, water, chilies and lime juice. Heat to a boil. Cook over low heat 5 min. or until done.
Stir in sour cream and heat through.
Serve over rice.
Serves 4.
Be sure to cook rice in chicken broth instead of water.
Stir in some frozen green peas just before it's finished cooking

               T-BUCKETS & HOTRODS                                                SPEEDWAY MOTORS
        3320 ELDON DR IMPERIAL MO 63052                                PO BOX 81906 LINCOLN NE 68501-1906
   1-636-282-4216 www.t-bucketsandhotrods.com                         1-402-323-3200 www.speedwaymotors.com

                                                 CHROME SPECIALTY CAR INS
                                                          1949 E SUNSHINE
                                             SPRINGFIELD MO 65899 1-800-227-2833

                                                          Editor’s Note
  Hey Members,
  Another year has snuck on by! It’s been an adventure and a year to remember! I’ve made my first Nationals, my
  wife got her first ride in a bucket (thanks sTreTch T!), my kids got their first rides in a bucket (thanks again to
  Dennis Bynum) and I’ve made enough progress on my own bucket to say it’s a car, finally! For that last one, I
  have simply too many members to be able to thank within this box!
  The winter season is full upon us and it’s time to break out the old crusty wallet. Lots of us will be turning that
  gas money into parts money for the next few months. Before you order, take a second to see if one of our spon-
  sors or advertisers has what you need. After all, they help support the paper that you are reading right now.
  The February issue will arrive to you late. Big Dog is taking a vacation and I’ll be on vacation as well. So expect
  next month to be late and then quickly look forward to another copy.
  This issue brings in a few new items. I’ve made a foray into a product review article, we have a great tech arti-
  cle, a Hall of Fame series of articles penned by “Pile of Parts” and other new article ideas are in the works.
  Hope you like the changes!
            Thanks, Humidi-T
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                               This month it is with great pleasure that the BHOM staff announce Winfield
                               Scott – known by many as SS-T – as our NTBA Buckethead of the Month.

                               Windy, his wife Jodie and 2 children, son Jonathon 19, and daughter Jordan 18,
 hail from Marcellus, Michigan. SS-T and Jodie have always lived in Michigan and have been in Marcellus for
 the last 12 years. They have shared 25 years together and are looking forward to a whole bunch more …SS-
 T has been a union sheet metal worker for 31 years. During that time he has worked for a number of shops,
 including a Nuclear Plant in Texas. He currently works at one of the biggest shops in Michigan and does a lot
 of work with stainless steel – hmmmm….

 Windy is also a member of the NSRA and attends their Nationals in Kalamazoo. Besides his T, he enjoys
 motorcycles, radio-controlled airplanes and boats. He started to build his T in 2003 and took about 1.5 years
 to get her on the road. He won’t say it is complete because, “… are you ever done?” He runs a 350 SBC,
 400 trans and Jag rearend. It sports a CCR long T body. His greatest source of information when he was
 building his T was from all the great people on the NTBA BBS.

 When asked what advice he would give anyone wanting to get into T Buckets he says, “I would say build
 whatever you like, shiny or not, it’s all about what you like; there are absolutely no rules.”

 SS-T puts about 2500 miles per year on his T. Last year he built a custom tunnel ram intake – out of
 stainless. (Also of note; Windy built a totally awesome Stainless front axle out of square tube! Ed.) This year
 he hopes to build some stainless valve covers and whatever else he can find the time to complete.

 Some of his favorite times in his T were when he took his kids to their graduation. He loves to take Jodie
 cruising – feel like a 1 car parade. He did take a 150 mile trip to a car show in Indiana. SS-T was at the 2005
 Nationals and already has his room reserved for 2006.

 SS-T you have a GREAT looking T and you definitely are a true hot rodder. Congratulations on being this
 month’s “Buckethead of the Month.”

 Kraf T
                                                       Tech Files
                                                                                                         By Dean Jones

Part One:                                                     I like to use old-style stainless-jacketed small bumper
DO NOT PAINT YOUR BODY BEFORE DOING ALL FIT AND               bolts for this application. The heads are smooth, polished
FINISH WORK FOR ANYTHING THAT ATTACHES TO IT OR               and look great. The heads are slightly larger than OEM
GOES THROUGH IT!!!                                            Ford bolts and even modern carriage bolts but they look
                                                              great on painted or plated posts and they are hell-for-
Part Two:                                                     strong.
Assemble your windshield assembly and set it up on the        Of course there as many options for you to use as there
body finding the ideal mounting position. Ideal means,        are fastener styles so do what you like just make sure
hopefully, the mounting ears are not overlapping the cowl what you choose are a good fit in the mounting holes.
or door beads and the windshield frame bottom edge is
parallel on the top edge of the cowl without a dip (smile)* Part Four:
in the middle. Any space under the frame 3/8" or hope-        If everything looks good and you have determined where
fully less can be filled with sewn up beading or stock        the body needs building up mark your cowl with the final
Model T frame bedding rubber stripping.                       location around the posts with either a grease pencil or a
*[we'll not deal with this problem here. we'll assume you common lead pencil. Do not use a "MajicMarker",
have a body from a manufacturer that has kept up their        "Marksalot", "Sharpie" or other of this style of marker.
moulds and eliminated this age-old problem}                   (Chances are good is you do, the ink will bleed right
You may or may not be able to use the rear mounting           through your primer, Bondo, finish paint and clear and
bolt on the rearward ear of the post into the dash de-        totally ruin your afternoon that day.)
pending on your body construction and whether you have Roughen up the body post mounting area and use your
aftermarket posts which often don't have this original        favorite filler (Bondo, White Magic, fibrefill, cat's whisk-
feature.                                                      ers, corvette repair kit) to build up the areas necessary
Once you have the frame positioned where you believe it for your posts to fit well. You can put saran wrap inside
belongs secure it in position with duct tape or bracing.      your posts and mount the windshield assembly over the
                                                              uncured filler, wait for it to kick off, and then remove the
Part Three:                                                   posts. This will give you a good start on the fitting proc-
Step back and look at the assembly? Is it straight and        ess.
square from every angle? YES? GOOOOOOD!                       Do your fitting work carefully and note how the posts fit
                                                              on the body. What you're looking for is a nice flush fit of
Part 3 1/2:                                                   the mounting ears to the body posts and a nice even fit
Let's talk about posts for a second or two. There are         up from the ear to the windshield frame in the front and
original Ford steel short posts in varying configurations     the back.
(various shapes of mounting ears and with or without          You may want be real tricky and "sink" the posts into the
side lamp mounting pads), and various aftermarket             body by building up around them and such as that. Have
manufactured short posts (Speedway and others) which          fun.
are made from various metal alloys. Some of the after-        The important thing for our purposes, a good solid wind-
market posts have body mounting holes drilled                 shield mount, is under the posts and inside the body.
(sometimes even all three, 2 bottom and 1 rear), most
have windshield frame mounting holes drilled. Some            Part Five:
come in a raw state, some polished, some plated.              OK, your exterior work is done, your post/frame assem-
If your posts are already plated hopefully they have all      bly fits well, and your mounting holes have been drilled
the mounting holes drilled and or squared up (the two         through the body. Now let's look INSIDE the cowl and see
lower ones). If not you'll have to drill the posts as well as what we can do.
the body. Best bet to "save" plating, use a large c-clamp First, make a couple of steel or aluminum plates say
(and a good friend) to hold post/windshield assembly in       about 1/16 to 1/8" thick drilled with matching holes to
position. Tape over the plating where the holes are to be the mounting ear holes on each side. Make 'em shaped
drilled with some good quality masking tape. Mark your        kinda like the lower part of the mounting ears of the
holes and drill through the posts and on through the          posts. Mix up some filler, butter the plates nicely and in-
body. We'll talk about this more later.                       stall them inside the body over the mounting bolts. Use
                                                              flat washers and split lock washers and tighten the bolts
Windshield Post mounting hardware:                            lightly. Let the filler harden overnight.
Original posts use a variant of the carriage bolt, works      These reinforcement plates serve to spread the mounting
great. If you find carriage bolts that fit well into the      pressure over a larger area and give your mounting bolts
square holes that's super. Do yourself a favor and sand or a "parallel and square" surface to tighten to.
grind (carefully) any markings, letters, numerals, etc. you Now let's talk about the rear mounting ear. If it is sitting
may find on the head of these bolts and make them             flush with the back of the cowl and you feel up inside and
smooth. The plating on these bolts is usually junk anyway think there's room for the end of a bolt, flat washer, lock
so you'll either paint 'em or have them chromed or            washer and nut....GREAT.
brassed or whatever.
                                                                                         …..Continued on page 9
                                                    Page 8
                                                         Tech Files
                                                                                                           By Dean Jones

Continued from page 8….                                         Hope I haven't left anything out this time and you can
                                                                see the "pictures" I've drawn while you read this. If I can
Drill that hole and use whatever fastener you choose to
                                                                ever really figure out this scanner I'll try some crude but
                                                                effective drawings. Enjoy.
If the original style mounting just ain't gonna happen,
you'll need to make an extension from a piece of strap
                                                                The thrilling conclusion: Rodder makes trip to Mountain
iron which will go from the mounting ear over further on
                                                                Home for NTBA Nationals. Has great time, many admirers
the "dash" area to be bolted up. You can weld this ex-
                                                                of the car are impressed by solid windshield mounting,
tension to original steel Ford posts or attach it to bronze
                                                                wins mini-T drawing, Poker Run and donation drawing for
or aluminum posts by rivets or small bolts/screws.
                                                                Mullins trailer, friend has trailer hitch and helps him out
This rear ear and/or extension mount is important as it
                                                                getting the goodies home, kids behave during whole trip
helps stabilize the post/frame assembly on the body and
                                                                like angels, wife is happy, and when Momma's happy,
prevent rocking/racking from wind resistance on the
                                                                Daddy is VERY HAPPY!
road. Even if you have windshield stay rods in front run-
                                                                The End
ning down to the frame, this original style support is ad-

Part Six:
                                                                                 CUSTOM CRAFT INC
Take the post/frame assembly off the body and spray
some primer or whatever over your bodywork. Rattle                                  714 TAFT LANE
can is fine, you'll be sanding it off anyway.
                                                                                  MIDLAND AR 72945
Now, reinstall the assembly and tighten everything up.
Only tighten the carriage bolts and other fasteners until                  1-479-639-2742 ccracing@gte.net
the split lock washers are flush, you don't want to crush
your pretty new work, do you?
Stand back and check everything out. Are you happy
with fit and finish? GREAT!
                                                                           FAT PAT’S HOT FLASH POLISH
Now jump in the car, or climb in, or fall in, whatever
your entry style happens to be.                                                FOR PAINT,GLASS & CHROME
                                                                      YA CAN’T GET PAINT ANY BRIGHTER THAN THIS
How do things look from inside the cab? Is the wind-
shield obstructing your vision in any way? Do you feel             1-816-228-3639 brakemanandeson@netscape.net
comfortable looking around? Pretend the wind is hitting
you in the face for 16 hours on the road to Mountain
Home........do you give a happy damn? I thought not.
Get back out of the car. Grab the posts and either side
and see if you can shake 'em around. NO? That's what
we're looking' for.
A properly mounted windshield assembly will feel solid
and be solid, and now you have one on your car. Take
the assembly off and wrap it back up in Grandma's quilt
and set it back in the closet till you're ready for final as-
sembly. (Hey, don't really use Granny's quilts for parts
storage, use a cheap blanket. Granny's quilts are part of
family history and need to be treated with loving respect
and used, not stored in the cedar chest for a day that
never comes or used as packing rags.)

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                                                      Page 9
  Page 10                                   Hall Of Fame

Recently I was contacted by Humidi-T.      I'm excited to get to know these people
                                           who have made such a difference to our
He asked if I might be willing to contrib- organization. But first a little background
ute some articles to the newsletter on on the NTBA HOF. The Hall of fame
"the Hall of Fame inductees".              was founded in 1999 to recognize the
                                           efforts of those who make significant
The Hall of Fame... hmm... There are       contributions to the National T-Bucket
dozens of motor sports organizations       Alliance, as well as furthering the hobby.
who maintain a HOF. NHRA, Rod &
Custom Assoc, Peterson Publishing and                        The nomination process
many others have a Hall of Fame                               is simple: club members
program.                                                         are asked to nominate
                                                                    someone they be-
I responded to                                                        lieve is a strong
Humidi-T                                                               asset to the or-
that I would                                                       ganization. The club
be very happy                                                      officers review the
to write about                                                       nominees between
the Hall of                                                            January and June,
Fame... but                                                                when a selec-
which one? "The                                                            tion is made,
NTBA Buckethead                                                     and announced at
Hall of Fame!" he                                             the NTBA Nationals.
responded. I think I
was blushing when I                             If you'd like to nominate someone
read his e-mailed re-                      for the Buckethead Hall of Fame, please
sponse.                                    forward your nominations to club Presi-
I was embarrassed that I didn't even       dent Richard "Punkun" Johnson or any
know there WAS an NTBA Hall of             of the elected officers.
Fame. But what a great way to find out!
                                             Stay tuned for more information about
Over the next few months I'll be con-        the Buckethead Hall of Fame and the
tacting each of the Buckethead Hall of       current inductees!
Fame inductees, collecting information
                                             David “Pile of Parts” Duhigg
and writing articles for this newsletter.

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