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					                           Owatonna High School
                            Class of ’56 UPDATE
The newsletter
of the OHS
                            Newcomers at November Class Lunch
                            Notes and pictures by Connie Hogate Abbe
Class of 1956                                                                               Here are the dates for 2011:
March 2011                  Since our September lunch was a ―wash out‖ (Ha! Ha!),           (Time seems to get away from us!)
                            we were glad for the chance to meet in November. (See the
                            feature story on the September Owatonna flood.)                        Tuesday, March 8
                                                                                                    Monday, May 16
Reunion Committee           On November 8 we had 17 come for a visit and to catch up
                            on what’s new. We were surprised by Judy and Peter                   Wednesday, June 15
Connie Hogate Abbe
Wayne Davis
                            Madden popping in. Peter’s sister had been visiting them               Friday, August 19
Tom DeSchane
                            in Pewaukee, Wis., and they timed taking her home to St.                (County Fair time)
Nancy Nietz Goodman
                            Paul so they could come for lunch. They were dreaming of            Friday, September 30
Dewey Hinderman
                            going golfing the next day since the weather has been so                (OHS Homecoming)
Bob Karp
                                                                                                Monday, November 14
Chad Lange
                                                                                                    Time: 11:00 am
Jeri Kruger Mortensen,
  Co-chair                                                                                   Place: Owatonna Pizza Ranch
                                                                                                142 W. Broadway (Old J.C.
Ginny Chambers Sherman
                                                                                              Penney store). Note: Park in the
Sharon Stark                                                                                  back parking lot to avoid parking
Sara Jean Northrop                                                                                        tickets!
  Stewart, Co-chair
Fred Von Ruden
Patsy Hudrlik White

Newsletter Editors
                             Above: At the November lunch, (from left)
Nancy Nietz Goodman
                             Sara Jean Northrop Stewart, Judy Schra-
Connie Hogate Abbe
                             dle Madden, Nancy Nietz Goodman and Pe-
Sara Jean Northrop           ter Madden.
                             Right: Chad Lange, Don Abbe, Fred Von
                             Ruden and Mark Adams examine some
Contact Information          memorabilia
Mail and donations:
Sharon Stark
                                                                         A Visit with Carmen
752 18th St. SE
Owatonna MN 55060                                                        The Reunion Committee met on Monday December 13,
                                                                         2010 for a potluck lunch at Dewey Hinderman’s home
E-mail: Connie Abbe                                                      in Minnetonka, Minn. Six stalwarts braved the after-                                                           math of the deep snowfall the Saturday before: Dewey
Phone (Northrop House):                                                  Hinderman, Bob Karp, Connie Abbe, Sara Jean Stew-
507.451.4040                                                             art, Fred Von Ruden and guest Bob Lindesmith. After
                                                                         the meeting the Owatonnans made a trip to visit Car-
Newsletter articles:
                                                                         men Hinderman at Sunrise Assisted Living of Min-
Nancy Nietz Goodman
                                                                         netonka. Carmen still loves to talk about the ―good old
820 N Owens St
Stillwater MN 55082                                                  Standing, Dewey and Fred: seated,
                                                                          Sara Jean, Carmen, and Connie.
56th Reunion Date for OHS ‘56ers                And We Heard From...
Get this on your calendar now!
                                                Dave Bruels . . .
          Friday and Saturday,
          August 17 & 18, 2012
                                                who included this photo
                                                taken this past year in
        (during the Steele County Fair)
                                                Belgrade, Serbia. Says
Theme: “Moments to Remember – Back to           Dave:
the Future.” More details will be coming in
the newsletters.                                     ―Strangest store I
                                                have ever been in. It is in
                   ***                          the center of Belgrade
                                                across the street from a
Class Updates                                   large farmer's market.
Make these changes to your class Memory         The store only sells eggs and 98% of them were brown chicken
Book and your address book.                     eggs.They actually were priced by the size of the egg: small, medium and
Dewey Nelson – 1000 Park Ave., Morris MN        large priced per each egg. Nothing else for sale except eggs!
   56267                                             ―This past November I was in Tibet and went up to 16,000 feet
Barb (Randall) Peterson – email: peteandbarb    above sea level and spent some time with a family who lives up there by                                 a lake—no trees. My Tibetan friend and I worked together for five days
Patsy (Hudrlik) White – email: pwhite3133@      and I sure learned a lot about Tibetan culture. November was a great time                                  as the nomads come in from the countryside to trade their wares for sup-
Send your address, phone or email change, to    plies. They spend all their money when they are there because they have
Connie Hogate Abbe, PO Box 15, Medford          no use for it out on the plateau so it is Party Time for a couple weeks. It
MN 55049 or email                was warm in the 60s and intense sun every day, even at 16,000 feet.‖

                                                Carol (Matthees) & Earl Schroeder . . .
                                                Carol and Earl drive their motor home to Arizona from their home in
Thanks for Your Support!                        Oregon. We received this note February 7:
                                                    ―After 14 days of being behind the wheel of our motor home we
Thanks to the many classmates (and others!)
                                                have now arrived at our usual destination, Sierra Vista AZ (15 miles
who have donated generously toward Class
                                                from OK Corral in Tombstone). Not a drop of rain fell on us while we
of ’56 projects: Gene Giza, Joe Langer, Dave
                                                drove 1500 miles but did have severe fog while passing thru the Sacra-
Bruels, Art Nott, and some anonymous folks
                                                mento Valley of CA on I-5.
at our luncheons. Art’s note says, ―Love the
                                                    ―On our last night out, we decided to park overnight in at a Truck-
newsletter . . . keep up the good work!‖
If you would like to make a donation, make
                                                Stop. A well-lighted, very large, clean well paved area with room for
your check payable to: ―OHS Class of ’56‖ and   maybe 50 semi trucks. It was almost empty when we pulled in, but by 9
mail to:                                        PM that changed. Truck after truck slowly drove past, selecting 'their
                                                spot'. We thought, 'Oh No! But to our surprise, we slept quite soundly.
        Sharon Stark
                                                The next morning, we analyzed things. All trucks were very quiet con-
        752 18th St. SE
                                                sidering their engines ran all through the night. There appeared to be a
        Owatonna, MN 55060
                                                feeling of courtesy by all drivers, men and women alike. Yes, the ground
                                                vibrated with a gentle rumble, but it really was relaxing. And of all
                                                things, no diesel smell, fumes, aromas.

                                                       Beverly Gaustad Bryce...
                                                       Arlys Dahl Severson (’55), Gary Jacobson and Beverly Gaustad
                                                       Bryce reconnected over lunch last summer after many years. Bev
                                                             ―When Jake found me on Facebook, I thought the email was a
                                                       crank, since he had been on the class deceased list for over a decade.
                                                       Once I found out the boy was alive, we got to talking about old times,
                                                       and how we both were good friends with Arlys and survived lots of
                                                       rides in her great old car, lovingly named Jezebel. We decided to try
                                                       to find her. One call to Sharon Stark gave us the info. Sharon had her
                                                       multi-class list handy and gave me Arlys's contact email right away.
                                                       We were all tickled to find ourselves together again!‖
We Remember . . .                                                         The Bacardi Caper: Another
Thomas G. Ludford – 1938-2010                                             Karp & Hinderman Adventure!
                  Tom died October 5, 2010, of leukemia at Ridgeview                       by Dewey Hinderman
                  Medical Center, Waconia, MN. He is survived by his
                  wife of 51 years, Marian; two sons, Scott (Sue Ellen)                      This was a few years ago in
                  of Winona and J. D. (Chris) of Waconia; and four                           2005, before Carmen was start-
                                                                                             ing on her Alzheimer’s trip.
                  granddaughters. He was born April 22, 1938 in Ma-
                  son City, IA. He was in our class until 5th grade                          The Karps and Hindermans
                  when a bout with polio delayed him into graduating                         were in San Juan, Puerto Rico,
                                                                                             on a cruise liner. Bobby and I
                  in ’57.
                                                                          had heard that the Barcardi Factory was close to
                       Tom served in the U.S. Army then began his law
                                                                          our ship, and so we asked Barb and Carmen if
enforcement career in Owatonna. He achieved his goal of being on
the MN State Highway Patrol in 1968, serving 30 years, retired in         they wanted to get off the ship to visit the Facto-
1998. He returned to the State Patrol to conduct Internal Affairs in-     ry. Neither one of them seemed interested so
vestigations, retiring again in 2005. Marian recalled a close call Tom    Bobby and I left the ship to visit the factory.
had in ’96 on I-35W guiding traffic around construction workers in             There was one little problem. Our ship was
Richfield. His patrol car, parked on the shoulder with lights flashing,   set to sail in an hour or so. Neither of us really
was rear-ended by an impaired driver. The squad car burst into            checked too closely to see when we were going
flames, knocking out Tom. A passing off-duty deputy stopped and           to leave and neither of us was too concerned
pulled Tom out before the car exploded; he escaped with a broken          because we were told that the factory was close
thumb and lingering aches. At his funeral his newer squad car was         to the ship. It was not close. In fact, we had to
parked in front of the church in tribute; State Highway Patrolmen ar-     take two ferries to get there.
rived in force in a parade of squad cars; Tom’s casket bearers were            When we got to the Bacardi Factory it was
members of the Minnesota State Highway Patrol.                            about to close. The ―Greeting Room‖ was still
    (Editor’s Comment: Thanks, Tom, for sharing with us at lunch-         open though and there were plenty of drinks to
eons, reunions, and newsletters. We will miss you!)                       be had. Robert and I had a free drink, and then
                                                                          another, and then another. As we were leaving,
                                                                          the greeter said that there were still some drinks
Vern O. White – 1937-2010                                                 left and since they were closing, why not drink
Vern died at Homestead Hospice House, in                                  the rest of the drinks. WE DID!
Owatonna on October 9, 2010, with his beloved                                  Now, we had a little bit
wife of 51 years, Patsy (Hudrlik), at his side. He                        of a problem. I could hardly
was born April 18, 1937 in Owatonna. Vern is                              see straight, and Bobby was
survived by his wife Patsy; Susan (Thomas) Peter-                         not in much better condition.
son of Lakeville; Michael of Medford; Lisa White                          I remember asking Bobby
(Calvin) Ebeling and Timothy White, all of                                where the ferries were. He
Owatonna; nine grandchildren and one great                                was not sure and neither was
grandchild.                                                               I. We did make the first fer-
     Vern was an Army helicopter pilot, clocking 1,200 hours of flight    ry, but the second one presented a bit of a prob-
time as crew chief. He graduated from St. Louis University with a BS      lem to us. We finally did find it, and as we
in Aeronautical Engineering. In Owatonna, Vern joined the Jaycees,        stepped off the ferry we could hear the ship’s
serving as president in ’67; he was also president of Minnesota Jay-      horn blowing as it announced its departure. Nei-
cees. Vern received his Masters in Business Administration and            ther Bobby nor myself are runners, as all of you
taught grad courses at the University of St. Thomas, St. Paul.            know, but we would have qualified for Eddie
     Vern had 40 plus years of experience in marketing in aerospace,      Keefe’s track team at that moment. They were
education, energy, entertainment, environment, industrial, instrumen-     lifting the boarding plank as we returned to the
tation, performing arts, consulting and printing. He and Patsy owned      ship. We barely made it.
two businesses, and Vern was on the board of directors for: Owatonna
                                                                               Needless to say, the girls were not too happy
Arts Center, Owatonna Homestead Hospice, Learning Zones, and
                                                                          with us that night. Not very many words were
Concepts & Designs, Inc. He was a co-founder of the Owatonna
                                                                          spoken at dinner and neither Bobby nor myself
Business Incubator and executive member of Owatonna Foundation.
                                                                          had a drink that night.
Vern’s legacy to Owatonna included involvement in projects like Jay-
cee Park, Owatonna Arts Center, Central Park Bandshell, and the new                            ***
Aquatic Center. He authored books: The Legend and History of Min-         Did You Know . . .
eral Springs Park, One Man’s Memories of World War II (airplanes,
radar and fascinating people), and an autobiography.                      Our 1956 Totem is on-line at
                                                                          Check it out! It’s cool! Thanks to Dick Raine for
     (Editor’s Comments: we will miss that big smile, strong hand-        the heads up.
shake, and your skills as a master griller at our class picnics.)
Owatonna High School
Class of 1956
752 18th St. SE
Owatonna, MN 55060

State School on National Register
It was a four-year process, but the State     with events that have made a sig-
School Orphanage has been named to            nificant contribution to the broad
the National Register of Historic Places      patterns of our history . . . and be-
as ―Minnesota State Public School for         cause of the role it played in the
Dependent and Neglected Children‖ as          post-Civil War development of the
of February 4, 2011. This includes the        nation’s views of care and welfare
entire state school campus; various por-      of children, especially those that
tions of the campus were inducted as          had been orphaned or neglected.‖
early as 1975.                                     ―It’s the only place like it in
     The State School property is a 42-       the nation where you can look at               Office. ―Five properties in Steele County
acre tract, which includes 31 structures,     the exact grounds and the exact build-         that were once on the National Register
18 of which are original. The final hur-      ings of an orphanage,‖ said Harvey             have been removed – four because the
dle for nomination was completed when         Ronglein. Harvey and wife, Maxine,             structures were demolished and the fifth,
federal approval was granted in Wash-         have been tireless promoters of the            Owatonna High School, because the
ington, D.C. on Dec. 28, 2010.                property, museum, videos, and tours.           substantial remodeling of the building
     Britta Bloomberg, Minnesota deputy            Changes and rehabilitation can con-       adversely affected the historical and ar-
state historic preservation officer, said     tinue to occur on these buildings; how-        chitectural qualities of the building,‖
the property is culturally and historically   ever, the changes need to be monitored         said Susan Roth, National Register His-
significant because it is ―associated         by the U.S. Secretary of Interior’s            torian for Minnesota.

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